London Kills (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Family Affairs

1 She's been suffocated.
That's what it looks like.
Horrible way to die, fighting for breath.
At least we know who she was.
Ana Bestos.
19 years old.
How'd she end up here, then? I can call 'round later.
Sometime this afternoon.
Gotta go.
Body of a 19-year-old girl found in a loading bay in Kings Cross.
Vivienne and Billie are with the next of kin.
Give me a shout when they get back.
Will do.
-Gabrielo Bestos.
I'm Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald.
This is Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole.
Can we have a word? What's happened? I think it's best we take this inside.
Come on.
Come on.
Noah, I'm just talking to the officers, okay? I'm so sorry to tell you that your cousin Ana Bestos was found dead earlier today.
It must be some mistake.
We found Ana's passport by her body.
You were listed as next of kin.
Where was she? How was she, um Ana was murdered.
Bestos, when was the last time you saw Ana? A couple of nights ago.
She came to use the shower in my room.
Um, the friend she was staying with -- Her shower was broken.
Can you give us the name of Ana's friend? No.
I don't think she mentioned it.
-Or an address? -No.
Ana was only sleeping there for a couple of nights, um, till she found somewhere new.
Ana was an au pair, like me.
She was sacked.
Thrown out on the street.
Who by? Mr.
and Mrs.
Why did they throw her out? The wife, Michelle she hated Ana from the start.
She couldn't wait to get rid of her.
Do you have the Charrs' contact details? Upstairs.
Oh, uh, Mr.
Bestos, one thing.
Was Ana in a relationship? Seeing anyone? No way.
Ana's a good Catholic girl.
No boyfriends before marriage.
I kept thinking how he'd feel if he knew how we'd found her.
It's not our place to tell him.
Not yet.
Thought you might want these.
Crime-scene photos from the young girl we found in Kings Cross.
-Thanks, Rob.
-No problem.
Andrew's at work.
He's -- He's gonna be upset.
He was really fond of Ana.
Where does your husband work? Uh, in his offices in Kings Cross.
-What does he do? -A partner.
In a broking firm.
Charr Can you -- I'm sorry.
Can you call me Michelle? Michelle.
According to Ana's cousin Gabrielo, you terminated her employment about a week ago? Yes, that's -- Yeah, that's right.
Would you mind telling us why? Huh.
Um well, we hired this very sweet, diligent Catholic girl about six months ago, but then, um well, no, we had to let her go, because we couldn't -- We couldn't trust her anymore.
In what way? Well, she'd come home at all hours.
Um, and then she'd fail to get up in the morning.
And then to top it all, she left Jago at school, waiting, for nearly an hour the other day.
When I asked her why she was late, she said -- Well, she made up some lame excuse about being sick, but, I mean, hungover, more like.
Was Ana in a relationship? I'm pretty sure she was, yeah.
Um, she didn't confide in me about him, though.
And where did Ana go when she moved out? I don't know.
Weren't you worried about her? Oh, Andrew said that she could stay here while she got herself together, but she told us to stick our room and stick our job, so Sorry.
It's just that I can't I can't believe she's dead.
According to the forensic medical examiner, Ana Bestos was strangled.
The plastic bag was then tied 'round her head after death.
Her clothes were stripped off postmortem.
I spoke to Interpol.
The Portuguese police have informed the family.
Ana's parents are hoping to get a flight over later on today.
So, what was she? Saint or sinner? Well, whoever killed her obviously wanted us to think she was a sinner.
Billie, chase up any similar sex crimes in the London area over the last six months.
Maybe our perpetrator has an M.
Rob, anything on her phone? No, but we did find this on local CCTV.
It was captured at 9:12 last night.
An hour or two before Ana was murdered.
It's only 'round the corner from where Ana was found.
Trace him.
Billie, that CCTV's crystal clear.
Run it through facial recognition, see if we can find out who this guy is, yeah? Yep, sure.
Did you get David's phone? He walked in, so I had to put it back.
Look, maybe this is a stupid idea.
Look, I need to find out why the detective inspector's lying.
-If you've got cold feet -No.
then I'll do it on my own.
I've gotta take this.
Hello? Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole.
If you'd like to take a seat, Mr.
Thank you.
I'm still in shock.
About Ana.
Could you tell me where you were between 8:00 p.
and midnight last night? I was at the office till nearly 11:00.
Then I went home.
How did you get home? I drove.
I've got a parking space.
Am I some sort of suspect? I just need to ask these questions for elimination purposes.
How did you get on with Ana? She was a lovely girl.
The boys adored her.
And yet your wife sacked her? Ana left Jago standing at the school gate.
Michelle couldn't forgive that.
But you could? Ana had nowhere to go.
Your wife seems to think that Ana had a boyfriend? You don't? Well, she just didn't seem the type.
Ana's mobile provider came good.
Plenty of calls to her cousin and a fair few to someone called Deniz.
The boyfriend? Maybe.
Michelle Charr supplied me with the name of the language school Ana was attending, so I gave them a ring.
Deniz Kurtar.
Apparently, he's the class Casanova.
That's really bad.
So, you knew her from language school? Was she your girlfriend, Deniz? Just friends.
Language school was boring, so we skipped it together.
Okay, I flirted, but she said no.
She said she was a virgin.
What, and that just came up in conversation? Between friends? She told me things.
Women do that.
Did you and Ana go out drinking? Stay out late? Hey, she was an adult.
She got sacked from her job.
Her boss was difficult.
Like mine.
When did you last see Ana? Uhabout a week ago.
I thought she was busy looking for a new family to work for.
Where were you last night between the hours of 8:00 and midnight? You think it was me? I was here, working.
Go ask the boss.
But maybe don't mention me and the girl or missing language school.
He was paying for me to go.
Postmortem report is back.
No evidence of sexual assault on Ana Bestos, but she certainly wasn't a virgin when she died.
There's a very good reason Deniz Kurtar might have had for killing her.
Ana was pregnant.
Yeah, but I thought Deniz was working at the time of the murder? Well, his boss went out about 9:00, so he can't confirm how long Deniz hung about for.
I've put a call in to the waitress who was working the same shift, though.
Deniz also neglected to tell us that Mr.
Yilmaz isn't just his boss.
He's soon to be his father-in-law.
He's engaged to his boss' daughter? So the news that he got Ana pregnant wouldn't have gone down too well.
Yeah, and he'd lose a lot if Ana spoke out.
Is that motive for murder? Nick him.
We can do a fetal DNA test to determine if the baby's yours, so you might as well tell us the truth now.
Okay, we went to bed -- once.
And the baby? She said it's mine, but who knows? She said she needs £800 for an abortion.
£800? And you didn't give her the money? I can't get that money.
She says borrow it, but who from? - I can't go to my boss.
- Did Ana threaten to tell your fiancée about the relationship? She knew if she did that, I'd contact her family in Portugal.
So you were fine with her threatening your future marriage and your job? You just let that go.
I didn't kill her.
I was at work.
Oh, yeah, the waitress on shift with you said that you left early.
Apparently, you were unwell? Okay.
I was with a girl.
From the language school.
Name? Esma.
Her number's in my phone.
You should be talking to the people Ana worked for.
That crazy cow was following her everywhere.
-What do you mean? -Ana couldn't understand it, how that Michelle knew where she was all the time.
It was obvious.
She put a tracker on Ana's phone.
I ran the index of Michelle Charr's car through the system, and guess what.
She got a parking ticket yesterday a few hundred yards away from where Ana was murdered.
You sure it was Michelle driving? She paid the ticket straightaway using her card.
Michelle claims she hadn't spoken to Ana since she sacked her.
We need to talk to her again.
Uh, we just need to clarify a couple of things, Michelle.
Where were you between the hours of 8:00 and 12:00 last night? I was at home with my kids 'cause Andrew was working late.
And what about yesterday afternoon? Uh Various chores around the house.
I picked the kids up from school.
We have a photograph that shows you clearly following Ana at 2:43 yesterday afternoon.
Um, yeah, I lied.
I was following Ana.
How did you know where she was? I put a tracker on her phone a little while ago.
You do realize that stalking's against the law? I was worried about my kids.
But you sacked her, days ago.
Alright, I wanted to know if she was sleeping with my husband.
What led you to think that? Because he's been secretive and evasive in the last few months, and it's not like him.
Did you know that Ana was pregnant? Of course I did.
Come on.
I've had two kids.
It's obvious.
And you thought that Andrew might be the father? Mm.
I followed her, and I decided to have it straight out and ask her.
And what did she say? Nothing.
She got on the Tube, and I lost her.
I didn't kill Ana.
You have to believe me.
Facial recognition has given us an I.
for the young man from CCTV.
Craig Fleetwood.
He was cautioned last year after a brawl at a music festival.
He's 18 years old, from Motherwell, but he's living in assisted accommodation in East London.
Speak to control.
Take a couple of uniforms as backup.
Yeah, background checks reveal that Fleetwood's a vulnerable young adult with learning difficulties.
So we need to get hold of him without causing harm to himself.
Craig Fleetwood? Get in the cars! I'm on my way.
I've gotta nip out for a bit.
Hold the fort, will you? Of course.
Hi, Craig.
I'm a police officer.
My name's Billie.
I know you're scared.
But you might have some information that could help.
I don't like the uniforms.
And I don't like sirens.
I'll sit in the back of the car with you.
There'll be no sirens.
We'll keep you safe.
I came to London for a rugby match, and then -- And then I just didn't go home because I can't live under the same roof as my stepdad.
When did you meet Ana? Uh, last night.
It was about -- Um, it was 8:00 on St.
Jonas Street.
Some big lad was giving her hard times.
Um, Ana said that he was called Deniz.
She said that he was the father of her -- her baby.
Um, but, so, she needed money, and then he came and offered her 50 quid, and then she just threw it back in his face.
How did you get involved? Well, where I come -- Where I come from, you don't just walk by if you see someone mistreating a lady.
You stop 'em.
So, what happened? He thumped me.
I reckon it would have hurt really bad if Ana hadn't have stopped him.
She told him to -- to go away, and then he storms off, and then, um And then she says, "Do you wanna -- Do you wanna go and get coffee to say thank you?" She didn't have anywhere to sleep, so so I showed her a place that I used to go, and it's really easy to get into.
And how was Ana when you left her? Um, she was okay.
I-I told her that she should, um -- I told her that she should go back to her family and let them look after her.
She said she would go back as soon as she'd had the termination.
I think she said that she'd be able to pay for it today.
I Yeah.
Do you know how? She'd been promised the money by her cousin's boyfriend.
Well, you took your time.
I'm here, aren't I? Does Ana have other cousins? Yes.
Back home in Portugal.
Why? Did you know that Ana was pregnant? Yes.
Um, she told me.
She wanted money for, um, a termination.
But she wasn't registered with a doctor, so it was going to cost £800, and I don't have that sort of money.
What about her other cousins in Portugal? They definitely don't have that sort of cash.
One of our witnesses claims that Ana was confident that your boyfriend was gonna give her the money.
Uh, I don't have a boyfriend.
Your witness has made a mistake.
Oh, one last question.
If you could have raised the cash for Ana, would you have helped her out? No.
It might surprise you -- I'm gay, but I'm also a Catholic.
Abortion is a sin.
You lied, Deniz, to a murder inquiry.
Do you know how serious that is? You told us that you hadn't seen Ana for a week.
It's called perverting the course of justice, and that could land you two to three years in jail.
So I suggest you start telling us the truth.
I met Ana at a coffee shop near Kings Cross station last night.
I felt bad for her.
I offered her £50.
She threw it back in my face.
Told me she didn't need my money.
We heard you and Ana had a fight.
Who from? That stupid kid? Sticking his nose in.
I left them to it.
Then I went to work.
Then I left work early to see Esma from the language school.
Esma, who still isn't answering our calls.
Maybe she's waiting for her husband to go out? And you say Ana threw the money back in your face? Mm-hmm.
So where did she get the money from, then? She didn't say, but my guess is that it had something to do with her homo cousin.
She'd just found out he was seeing her boss, Andrew Charr.
And you didn't think to tell us this before? I didn't think it was of any importance.
You can't stay away.
I thought you were gonna be someone else.
We're just checking that the electoral register's up to date.
Do you mind answering a couple of questions about who lives here? Sorry.
I'm just in the middle of something.
I followed him.
I think I know why the detective inspector is being so secretive.
I think he's got another woman.
What, the woman he was with the night Sarah disappeared? Why else would he be so cagey? She's got a kid.
What, David's? You tell me.
Where've you been? Oh, um, I-I checked in on a mate from the rape and serious sexual offenses team.
I wanted to see if the crime scene rang any bells for her.
And did it? No.
Billie's hit pay dirt.
Yeah, I spoke to Deniz Kurtar again, and he reckons Ana's cousin Gabrielo and Andrew Charr were lovers.
Despite the fact that Gabrielo still insists he's single? Well, maybe he wanted to hide the fact that he was seeing a married man? Go on.
Andrew Charr took £1,000 out of the bank yesterday.
Which would more than cover the cost of Ana's termination.
Or shut her up if she was blackmailing him.
Andrew Charr was telling the truth.
He didn't leave his office until nearly 10:30 last night.
And ANPR shows that he drove straight home.
So he couldn't have killed Ana.
No, but he did have a visitor at work.
Here is Gabrielo Bestos, and he visited Andrew's office at 8:49 last night.
Now, this is Gabrielo Bestos leaving, this time with a rucksack on his back, which, I'm assuming, is carrying £1,000 in cash.
Okay, if it was Gabrielo, why all the theatrics? Why "slut"? He told me that he thought that abortion was a sin.
Let's pull them both in.
We can ask them in person.
Okay, guys, let's go through here.
Come on.
Andrew Charr, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand? Was it Gabrielo? Did he kill Ana? Save it for the interview.
So it wasn't Ana that Andrew was having an affair with.
I kind of hoped that it was.
It would have made it easier to bear.
Look after the kid.
How did it start? He called over to see Ana.
He flirted with me.
I'd never been with another man before.
I'd never cheated on Michelle.
I thought I was in love with him.
Not anymore? Recently he'd started pressurizing me to leave Michelle and the boys.
I tried to tell him how important my family is to me, but Gabrielo wouldn't listen.
Look at this.
"To Gabrielo, love you more than I can say.
" This has been through the wars.
So they were lovers, and Ana found out? Well, how is that motive for murder in this day and age? When did Ana find out? Two days ago.
I was at Gabrielo's place.
I was trying to finish with him but we ended up in his shower.
We didn't hear Ana come in.
She threatened to tell Michelle if I didn't give her £1,000.
After she'd gone, Gabrielo discovered that she'd taken a card that I'd written to him that he kept by his bed.
He told me I'd better get hold of the cash.
Why didn't he just give her the cash? She was a nice girl who'd made a mistake.
So you gave Gabrielo the money? I was worried that she'd come back for more.
Gabrielo told me she absolutely would not.
He seemed so certain.
That means he was planning to kill her.
Doesn't it? Here you go, baby.
Five minutes, okay? Hello, Michelle.
Please Gabrielo.
Gabrielo, come on.
The children are here.
You don't want to upset them.
You love children.
It's your fault Ana is dead.
Why couldn't you just let Andrew go? No! You're gonna be sorry you did that.
Okay, thanks.
Someone made an emergency call from the Charr household.
No one spoke, but the CAD operator held the line open, and he heard a disturbance in the background.
Of course he'd go there.
He'd blame Michelle, just like he'd blamed Ana.
- Yep.
- Let's go.
Up there.
He caught her dialing 999.
I think he's got a knife.
There's no sign of the children, and Michelle's car's missing.
Where's he taken them? I've just spoken to control.
Uniform patrol have spotted Michelle's car.
They're heading to Boxing Green.
Over there! Spread out.
Keep in radio contact.
Alright, boys.
You okay? Yeah? Please.
Hi, Gabrielo.
It's Billie.
We met earlier.
You're a police officer.
Go away.
I can't do that, Gabrielo.
Not until you put the knife down.
The children.
It's not Michelle's fault that you and Andrew can't be together.
This doesn't have to end like this.
Look, my colleagues are arriving.
Gabrielo Bestos, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Ana Bestos.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand? When did you decide to kill Ana? Andrew wrote me a card saying he loved me.
Ana took it and threatened to give it to Michelle.
That totally freaked him out.
He said we should stop seeing each other.
So, why take the £1,000 if you knew you were gonna kill her? Maybe to start a new life.
Me and Andrew.
But that was never gonna happen, was it? Hmm? Andrew would have come 'round.
All he needed was time.
How did your family react when they found out that you were gay? They threw me out.
And you just couldn't stand it, could you? That she would get to have her termination and go back home and play the good Catholic girl and the family would be none the wiser.
Abortion is wrong.
She didn't even care she was gonna kill a baby.
But by killing her, you terminated the pregnancy.
She was a whore.
And the family love her.
They don't speak to me, but she was going to be welcomed back.
Why didn't you tell them what she'd done? Because they wouldn't believe me! So you made her look like a prostitute? Yes.
Now they all know.
Her parents know, my parents, everyone.
Perfect little Ana no more.
No more.
Should have seen the sarge.
She was on fire.
Can you and Billie prepare the file for the CPS? I need a word with your sergeant.
What's up now? You went to see an old friend in the rape and serious sexual offenses team this afternoon? Yes.
Where's this friend of yours based? Divisional headquarters? Did you go to divisional headquarters? No.
So, where did you go? I'm -- I'm not prepared to discuss that.
So if I asked you for a duty statement, you'd refuse to make one? I'm sure you're aware that's a gross breach of the code of conduct.
The thing is I know exactly where you were.
This is my fault.
I asked the sarge to help me out.
Help you out with what? I don't know you anymore.
And what's worse, I don't trust you.
You asked me to lie for you about where you were the night your wife disappeared, and when I questioned you about it, you served me up some pile of crap that you've squared it with the misper team.
Go on.
You've got two phones.
What's the second one for? It's none of your business.
What did you see, Sarge? This afternoon.
Uh, the detective inspector with a young woman and a child.
So you think I've got a bit on the side? Another kid.
How would it look to you? Well, I haven't.
Does that satisfy you? Okay, how about this? Detective Constable Brady, you have aided and abetted Detective Sergeant Cole in a gross breach of the code of conduct.
Now, I don't intend to make this matter official -- yet.
But if you two don't get off my back, I will.
And then you can wave goodbye to your jobs and wave goodbye to your pensions.
Do I make myself clear?! Crystal.
That'll be all.
Rob? Close the door after you.