Longmire s01e10 Episode Script

Unfinished Business

I didn't think you were ever gonna wake up.
- You want a cup of tea? - Uhhh No, no, no.
Tea, no.
No, coffee.
I will get some, uh - it's a - Ok, coffee then.
Yeah it's good coffee, you uh Trust me you don't want that tea, it's a Ok.
No tea.
Excellent salesman there.
Was that a bad idea? Me staying here.
You seem weird.
No, it seemed silly for you to drive all the way home after you You know, you dropped me off, so.
It feels weird.
I mean, last night felt kind of like high school.
Only without the sex.
Oh God.
- Do you want me to leave? - No, uh Do you want to go? No.
- *** - Ok.
Never been out here before.
God, it's amazing.
Is all this yours? Vic, uh, what are you doing here? Uh, Ferg got your bronco fixed.
I'm gonna give him a ride home.
Anyway Thanks for coming by.
So Whose car? I rented it.
[ Door opens ] You rented that? Hi, there! Lizzie, hi.
Vic: Hi, Lizzie.
Hey! [ Chuckles ] What are you, um You want some coffee? Walt says it's really good.
I would love some coffee.
Vic's got to get back to work, so Ferg: Morning, sheriff.
[ Sighs ] So, I, uh, took all the dents out of here.
I buffed up the side.
And I repainted Morning, Ferg! [ Chuckles ] I'll get two cups.
[ Door opens ] Anybody has got something they want to say, I suggest you think twice about it.
[ Telephone rings ] You've reached the Longmire residence.
Sorry we're not here to take your call.
Please leave a message.
[ Beep ] Hello? Walt, it's Branch.
Don't hang up.
This is about work.
Would have called someone else, but I couldn't find anyone.
Branch: Mountain bikers found the body.
You're not gonna believe this.
Is that an arrow? Like, a bow-and-arrow arrow? Graphite shaft, broadhead tip.
Went all the way through and in the back of the chair.
Ferg: Check out this drawing on his forehead.
It looks like sharpie.
That's not coming off.
Got a little pot, probably just for personal use.
Any I.
On him? Don't need it.
We know who this is.
Who? "Greg Morris, Richard Stark, Jake Lennox, and Paul Carter, "on the count of first-degree sexual assault, we find the defendants not guilty.
" [ Murmuring ] You think this is related to the trial? Longmire: It was over a year ago.
Could be any number of things.
What trial? Don't you think it's more than a little odd that the murder weapon's a bow and arrow with an Indian symbol drawn on his forehead? Uh, yeah.
But it doesn't prove anything.
I think we should do our work before we form an opinion about suspects.
You gonna notify Greg's parents? Who's Greg? Is this Greg? I'll tell you later.
I don't think his family's gonna want to hear anything from me, especially news like this.
I think you should take that one.
That's a good idea.
Vic, you and Ferg need to tape this scene off.
Comb over the whole area.
Find out if we're dealing with an amateur or a pro.
I better head to the res.
Uh I still don't know what the hell is going on.
[ knock on door ] Hi, Walt.
I didn't think you were ever gonna come visit again.
I've been very busy, so Catching the bad guys? I'm trying to.
Is your grandma home? She's asleep.
If you wouldn't mind waking her up, I need to talk to all of you.
Do you want me to make lemonade? Why not? Ferg: So, this girl, Ayasha Roundstone, she's got developmental problems.
I guess, uh, she had fetal alcohol syndrome when she was born.
Anyway, she said that these four boys from high school, that they, you know Raped her.
So, then shish-kabob guy down there, our victim Greg.
He was one of the rapists.
So, then this was probably a revenge killing.
There are a lot of people on the res that were pretty angry.
Still are.
Found Greg Morris this morning.
He'd been killed.
One down, three to go.
What? You want me to pretend to be sad? I want you to show respect.
Go ahead and ask your questions.
See, that's why he's here, grandma.
He thinks I did this.
I don't think anything yet, Viho, but I have a job to do.
Well, I hope you do a better job of it this time.
Vic: So, what? Did Walt screw up the trial or something? Ferg: No, no.
He did everything he could.
All while his wife was going through chemo.
Those four boys, they come from Rich families.
They had a good lawyer.
Good lawyer, unreliable witness.
They didn't even get probation.
So, where were you last night? I was here.
Can you confirm that, Elsie? I wasn't home.
I work nights.
But Viho is not a liar.
Ask Ayasha.
She was here.
She can vouch for me.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
I forgot.
She's not a credible witness.
He, Ferg, check it out.
Ooh, gum wrapper.
[ Sniffs ] Still minty.
Looks like we found where our shooter was hiding.
Let's measure the distance.
[ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Are you the sheriff? How can I help? I just got into town about an hour ago, and I got a question.
Where are all the black people? [ Laughs ] I'm just messing with you, man.
I'm detective Fales, Denver pd.
[ Laughs ] You know, I've been trying to talk to you for months, but you don't seem to like the phone.
So I thought I'd drive up and talk to you in person.
You're a hard man to find, sheriff Longmire.
Well, you found me.
Yeah, I guess I did.
And I only need a few minutes of your time.
Well, it's, uh It's kind of a bad day.
Things are kind of crazy around here.
I get it.
I grew up in a small town.
Smaller than this.
Appearances can be deceiving.
Hey, how's that hotel right over there? Looks charming.
It is.
I'll go over and see if they got a room and stick around until things calm down for you and you're ready to talk.
Is that a good time for you? Talk to Ruby.
She runs my life.
I've already talked to Ruby, sheriff, plenty of times.
What I need is to talk to you.
Have Ruby call me at the hotel and get me on your calendar.
Just so you know we found the man that killed your wife.
It took you long enough.
[ Door closes ] Henry.
Hat detective from Denver's here, so I think you and I need to talk.
Call me back.
Ah, a little rusty.
That's about 20-yard shot with a recurve bow.
Arrow speeds can get up to about 180 feet per second.
Now, how deep did that arrow go into that boy? It went all the way through him.
Well, then your killer wasn't shooting a recurve.
Probably a compound bow.
Now, those arrow speeds can get up to 300 feet per second.
What's with the pulleys? Compound bow.
Easier to shoot.
So, uh, how far away was your shooter? About 40 yards.
So, how good a shot are we talking about? Well, let's see.
Vicki's never shot bore.
That is the second-to-last time you will ever call me that.
Here you go.
Right through there.
Now, that middle target's about 40 yards out.
Let's see how you do.
See these marks? Yeah.
Those are your aiming pins.
All right, it's got about a 50-pound draw pull, but first few inches are tough, and then [ Grunts ] Yeah, it's like nothing.
You ready? Release.
Longmire: Whoa.
That's pretty good.
Well, that's the great thing about the compound bow a great equalizer.
A little bit of practice, even a girl can make that shot.
So, you're saying just about anybody could be our shooter.
Sheriff, uh, Cady called twice.
No message.
Henry called once.
Uh, said you'd know what that was about.
And, uh, that detective, uh, Fales from the Denver pd stopped by.
Who's detective Fales? Longmire: Thank you, Ruby.
You, uh, notify Greg's parents, Branch? Uh, I did.
Check this out.
It's Greg's car.
About a month ago, someone vandalized it.
Recognize that symbol? Same as on Greg's forehead.
You have any idea who painted that? Uh, they're pretty sure it's Viho Roundstone.
Got any proof of that? No, but apparently Viho's been given all the boys a hard time ever since the trial phone calls, threats.
I think we got to bring him in.
Arrest him? Based on the suspicions of Greg Morris' parents? I don't think so.
I disagree.
Those boys are in danger.
I wanted you to know that, uh We found Greg Morris' body this morning.
Are you screwing with us? I wish I was.
Jake, any reason you know of that, uh, Greg was in the ski basin? It's been closed for the season.
Uh We used to party up there.
A lot of kids go up there still.
Were you up there last night? I don't think I like your tone, sheriff.
It kind of sucks.
I just lost a friend, and you're acting like it's my fault somehow.
If I recall, you were all very tight.
No one made a move without talking to you.
You're freaking me out.
Do you have any leads? We're pursuing all leads and possibilities.
You know what Greg was doing at the ski area last night, Rich? I wouldn't know anything about that.
I was home studying.
This wouldn't have anything to do with the case, would it? How do you mean? You know damn well what I mean.
You say what you mean, I promise not to miss it.
The Indians.
They might be coming for us.
My son was found innocent, yet the brother of that girl, he's been harassing my son.
Paul: A few months ago, he spray-painted my car.
Some kind of Indian symbol.
Like a cave painting.
Why didn't you report it? Honestly, we didn't think you'd do anything about it.
Tell me now.
You gonna arrest that Indian? So, this, uh, detective from Denver.
Says they found him.
How does he know it is him? I don't know.
I didn't ask.
You should have.
You should ask him for every bit of information he has.
That is what a normal person would do in your situation.
Nothing normal about my situation, Henry.
I am talking about not attracting unnecessary attention by acting oddly.
Henry, should I be worried? No, you should not.
All the more reason for you to stop avoiding this detective.
I could say the same about Cady.
She told me about Branch you talked to her? Yes.
And I learned many things that I might have learned from you, had you thought to mention them.
It's really none of your concern.
What a Rich inner life you must lead.
From time to time, you should consider sharing some of it with the rest of us.
I got other problems.
I'm getting some pressure to arrest Viho Roundstone for the murder of Greg Morris.
Based on evidence? Circumstantial.
[ Telephone rings ] Well, if circumstantial evidence has become grounds for arrest, that detective might have to take you back to Denver.
It is a beautiful day at the red pony and continual soiree.
Yes, Ruby, he is here.
Branch, come in.
Where do you think you're going? To the res to arrest Viho.
I told you not to go.
You know it's the right thing to do.
Pull over, Branch.
I'm tired of arguing with you.
I'm tired of arguing with you, Walt.
[ Tires screech ] [ Engine revs ] Maybe if you'd done your job better in the first place, those boys would have all been convicted; We wouldn't be in this mess.
You want my job? What do you think? Let's cut the bullshit.
One punch, you knock me over, I retire tomorrow.
Best idea you've had ever.
Go ahead.
Give me your best shot.
I don't think you can even knock me off balance.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
There's no one here.
Just you and me and no badges.
Just two men talking it out.
Experience isn't something you can buy.
It takes time.
Now, slow down.
I'm tired of waiting.
[ Both grunting ] [ Tires screech ] Hey! I should arrest both of you for public stupidity! I got new info on Viho! Found out he works at a hunting store where some fancy compound bow and some arrows went missing last month.
Are you done debating?! Good! Because an arrow just harpooned another kid! [ Camera shutter clicking ] That could have been me.
Rich, what are you doing out here? Paul texted me.
And, um, he he wanted me and Jake and him to come out here and talk about what's been going on.
And when you got here? Paul was already shot.
I was scared, so I just hid in my car and called 911.
Sheriff, he's gonna kill us all, isn't he? Not if I can help it.
Branch, I need you to go see Jake Lennox.
Now, he was supposed to be here, and I want to know why he wasn't.
He's the leader of this bunch.
Maybe thinks one of them was gonna talk.
Why would that matter? They were acquitted, and they can't be tried again for the rape.
Someone could file a civil suit.
If one of these boys flipped, that could cost the Lennox family a tot of money.
What? How many of these kids have to die before we arrest Viho? Excuse me.
Ma'am, we have a warrant to search your house.
[ Sobbing ] Viho! Don't leave! Don't go! Why are you taking him away?! I need to talk to your brother about something important.
You can talk to him here! No, no, no.
Not this time.
[ Sobbing ] You got an election coming up.
So you arrest yourself an Indian.
Longmire: It'd make me very happy if you could convince me you had nothing to do with this, Viho.
Why would I kill those guys? Ayasha.
Ayasha's pregnant.
We just found out.
Ever since the rape, she's got messed-up ideas about about sex.
I can't leave my grandma to take care of both her and the baby.
How do you explain that the same thing you spray-painted on these boys' cars is written on their foreheads? Why should I explain anything to you? You're not gonna believe me.
[ Door closes ] [ Footsteps approach ] [ Sniffs ] You talk to Jake Lennox? Yeah.
He got the same text message to meet at the drive-in.
Why didn't he? His parents wouldn't let him out of the house.
Hasn't been to school or his job since the first murder.
[ Door closes ] Ruby: Hi, Henry.
I understand you are holding but not charging Viho Roundstone.
Longmire: Another one of those boys turned up dead.
And you have an eyewitness or the murder weapon with Viho's prints on it? You recognize that symbol? It appears to be an owl.
An owl.
That's what I thought.
Cheyenne messenger of death.
How do you explain that, uh, the same owl turned up on the foreheads of both our victims? I do not know.
Perhaps to throw suspicion on a young Cheyenne man? Viho, did the sheriff read you your rights? Yeah.
Then you heard the part about getting a lawyer.
Branch: Whoa.
I know you're Walt's friend, Henry, but you don't have any particular rights here.
But he does.
Do not say a word to the sheriff or anyone else here until you have a lawyer.
Young woman: Get that white bitch! Young woman #2: Gonna kick your ass, white skank.
Stop! [ Indistinct shouting ] Hey! All right! All right! Break it up! Hey! Break it up! Come on! Break it up! [ Shouting continues ] Hey! Hey! [ Shouting stops ] Anyone still standing here by the time I count to three goes to detention! Anyone still standing here by the time I get to five, you go to jail! One! Come on! Two! Move it! Get back to class! [ Chatter ] [ Sighs ] Hey, miss.
Hey, sweetie.
Can we talk to you for a second? You okay? Okay.
Longmire: You had problems with these girls before? No.
They hate me because of Rich.
Rich Stark? I used to go out with him, but I didn't know You didn't know what? He and those other boys, they raped that Indian girl.
That was kind of a big deal around here, wasn't it? How'd you not know something like that? My family and I just moved here from Seattle.
I didn't know anybody.
And Rich seemed sweet.
But when I found out what he did God, I can't believe I let him touch me.
He disgusts me.
All those boys disgust me.
When did you break up with Rich? About two weeks ago.
How did he take that? He totally freaked.
He was crying, and he kept saying he didn't want to rape that girl.
He didn't even deny that he did it.
He just said that his friends made him do it.
Did you believe him? Who cares? He's a rapist.
There's no excuse for something like that.
I mean, how can someone seem so normal one day and then they turn out to be a completely different person? Where's this patch from? Archery club.
It's from my old high school.
Me and my friends all got into it after reading "the hunger games.
" You're an archer? Yeah.
Well, I'm okay.
What kind of bow do you shoot with? Uh, compound bow.
Where do you keep it? At home, normally.
But I was teaching Rich how to shoot, and I lent it to him right before we broke up.
I want it back, but I don't want to talk to him.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Has there been another murder? - Did they get Jake? - * what? I want to talk to you about your hobby.
W-what hobby? Archery.
I just spoke to a friend of yours, faith DeWitt.
She, uh, tells me she's teaching you to shoot.
Faith and I broke up.
She didn't leave her bow here? No.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Then how do you explain these? Lizzie, hi.
Lizzie: Hi.
Hey, uh, Walt is actually swamped today.
Oh, I know.
I know.
I read the paper.
I just wanted to poke my head in.
He's, um, he's in a meeting with a murder suspect.
Okay, um, well, um I just, I wanted to give him a little surprise.
Can can you make sure he gets it? It's just a little something-something.
Yeah, sure.
It's Nice.
[ Chuckles ] Um Can I ask you I'm not dealing.
[ Laughs ] Go ahead.
[ Clears throat ] What are your intentions with Walt? What are you talking about? He's just got a lot on his mind, and I don't want him to get hurt.
Oh! [ Chuckling ] You are sweet.
I can assure you, we are not rushing into anything.
It was a g-rated kind of evening.
Although I was hoping for more of a hard-r kind of a night.
[ Chuckles ] Can I ask you something? What are your intentions? Sorry? You pick a career dominated by men, move here, and don't wear a wedding ring.
Well, you're not a cop, so you wouldn't know that you would never wear your wedding ring on duty.
'Cause if you hit someone in the face, you could do some real damage with that wedding ring, so My ex-husband didn't wear his ring a lot.
He wasn't a cop.
What do I know? You look busy.
Uh, if you can see that Walt gets that Yeah.
[ Door closes ] All of this is your fault, sheriff.
You stood up in the courtroom and called us rapists.
Even though we were not guilty, that's how people will always think of us rapists.
And that's why that Cheyenne guy is out there killing us.
I'm not so sure that Cheyenne guy's killing anyone.
In fact, when it comes to actual evidence, most of it's pointing right at you.
Once wasn't enough for you? Now you're accusing me of murder? That doesn't make any sense.
Why would I kill my own friends? Maybe they're not your friends, Rich.
See, I think you blame them for everything bad that's happened to you.
I think you blame them for faith breaking up with you.
She didn't break up with me.
I shut it down.
What did she tell you? That she taught you how to shoot a compound bow, for starters.
Like once or twice.
That was her thing.
I just did it 'cause she liked it.
And I couldn't give a shit sit down, son! Now What'd you do with her bow, Rich? She said you kept it.
Yeah, well, she's lying.
Trying to trash me just like you are right now.
Why do you hate me? I mean, I can tell that you don't want to believe that Indian is guilty.
You want it to be me.
Why? What makes you so sure that I'm such a bad person? Because Ayasha Roundstone told me so.
You remember her, son? 'Cause she remembers you.
I can't believe that Rich Stark has been in our house.
What happened to him? My God! Jake.
[ Glass shatters ] Holy shit! Jake, get down! Dad! [ Grunts ] I'm gonna kill you, you son of a bitch.
Look at me! [ Groans ] Look at me! Now, I will waive all my rights and confess to everything if you just let Rich go.
I'm releasing him right now, Mr.
Along with Viho Roundstone.
Rich is a good boy.
He wouldn't kill anybody.
He never would have raped that girl if it hadn't been for those other boys.
Those boys are bullies.
Rotten to the core.
Walk around this town swaggering like they own the place while my boy's broken.
Rich tried to kill himself.
My boy swallowed pills! Found him on the bathroom floor.
They need to pay for what they've done.
So you decided to kill them.
All of them.
[ Arrow thuds ] [ Grunts ] After the suicide attempt, I started monitoring Rich's e-mails.
Wanted to know what was going on in his life.
I sent Greg an e-mail.
I told him to meet me up the ski basin.
I knew that's where all those kids liked to hang out.
Then after I shot him, II drew that symbol on his forehead.
You're very calm about all this, Warren, for someone who's just murdered two boys.
You'd be surprised, sheriff.
Revenge can bring you A tremendous amount of peace.
[ Engine shuts off ] Hey, punk.
Why? Why what? Why do you treat me like this? I just needed some time to get my head around the whole Branch thing.
Detective Fales came by my house looking for you.
Looking to talk about mom's death.
[ Voice breaking ] How could you? How could you not tell me that?! [ Sobbing ] [ Sobs ] I wanted to tell you, but I I couldn't.
No, you couldn't, 'cause you can't say anything 'cause you bury it! [ Sniffles ] And I'm sick of it! You shut me out when I didn't tell you about Branch and the guilt that I felt! And the whole time, you didn't tell me that mom was murdered?! [ Sniffles ] She was murdered! The whole year has been a lie.
Dad, I had a right to know.
You did.
So why didn't you tell me? She didn't want me to tell you.
It was her wish.
It was your secret.
She didn't want to be a victim.
She wanted to be remembered as a As a wife and a mother to a beautiful daughter.
She wanted you to live your life with Only the best possible memories of her.
I remember her dying from cancer.
It's a better memory than thinking she was murdered.
[ Voice breaking ] Death is always hard, but murder doesn't just create sadness.
It's a deep kind of anger that never goes away! I've seen what it does to people, Cady! You You have my blood.
This case would have consumed you.
It would have infected you, taken over your life.
She didn't want that for you.
I couldn't let that happen.
I just wanted to protect you from the pain.
I'm your father.
That's my job.
Well, let me relieve you of that burden.
[ Car door closes, engine turns over ] You'll never relieve me of that burden.
You'll never relieve me of that burden.
[ Crickets chirping ] [ Engine shuts off ] [ Car door closes ] [ Gasps ] What's going on? Jake Lennox's dad called me at home.
Jake's missing.
What? Vic: Once Mr.
Stark over there confessed, Jake's mom and dad decided to let him resume his normal life.
He went to work tonight.
His boss called an hour ago to say he never showed up.
And, Walt, I had to tell Jake's parents that you released Viho.
They're pretty pissed.
Draw it for me.
What? You said you drew a symbol on those boys' foreheads after you shot them draw it for me.
[ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] I can't remember.
You can't remember or you don't know? 'Cause your son never described it to you.
Now, I understand a father wanting to protect their child.
If you want to protect your son, you tell me where he is.
I don't know.
It's Rich.
We got to find him.
Branch, go to his house.
Vic, the ski basin.
Ferg, drive-in.
You think he'll go to one of the same spots? Maybe.
Maybe he's gone to that other place those guys used to hang out at.
Look, just let me go, okay? I'll do whatever you want.
There's nothing to do.
There's nothing to say.
We may have thought we got away with it, but everybody knows.
And this is the spot that changed everything.
Rich, just cut it out, man.
It's not what you say.
You got to say "stop!" No, stop!" You remember? 'Cause that's what Ayasha said.
[ Distorted ] Stop! No! Stop! [ Screams ] Say it! Okay! Stop.
Okay? Please, just stop.
Didn't work for Ayasha, either, did it, Jake? Help! No one can hear us, Jake! That was the whole point of coming way out here.
She could scream her head off and nobody would hear her.
Longmire: Rich.
Put down that weapon.
Sheriff, thank God.
Don't thank God just yet.
Rich, put down the weapon.
You stay back.
Gonna save everybody the trouble of another trial.
I'll confess to what I did.
I killed Greg and Paul, not my dad! I did it! [ Sniffles ] And now I have to finish it.
Listen to me, Rich.
I know you think the only way you can find peace is by death.
I think that myself.
But there's another way to peace the truth.
Yeah, the truth.
The truth is, we lied last year, but none of us got punished! But I did it, sheriff.
I raped Ayasha! [ Sniffles ] And I didn't want to.
Jake made me, but I still did it.
Rich, what do you mean, he made you? Jake held a gun to my head, and he made me do it.
[ Ayasha screaming ] What didn't you just shoot me?! He's crazy, sheriff! Rich, I'll put Jake away.
I swear to you.
Can't be charged for what he did to Ayasha, but I can put him away for what he did to you.
Now, when someone uses a threat of violence, make you do something you don't want, technically, that's kidnapping.
Now, Jake will get his punishment, Rich, and so will you.
That's what you want, isn't it? [ Gasping ] What, you're arresting me? You can't do this.
Rich: I'm sorry, sheriff.
[ Sniffles ] I'm sorry for everything I've done To Ayasha and Viho they're all innocent.
It's gonna be okay, Rich.
I know it is.
[ Gasping ] [ Gasping ] Why did you stop me? If I let you die, who's gonna testify against Jake? Mr.
Connally? Jacob Nighthorse will be out in just a moment.
Thank you, ma'am.
[ Clears throat ] [ Sighs ] Ahh.
Glad you could finally make it.
Have a seat.
Nice job taking those boys in.
Crazy case, it sounds like.
Well, they're all crazy.
You will not find a chili cheeseburger of this caliber anywhere in Colorado.
I ordered you a beer.
You're a rainier man, right? I said nothing.
Well, you've done your homework.
Well, you're an interesting man.
How so? After your wife died last year, the detective assigned to her case said you wouldn't leave him alone.
You called every day.
You gave him a hard time about not doing his job.
He described you as obsessive.
Then after a month, nothing.
And when I tried to contact you to give you an update Nothing.
Can't dwell on the past.
Then, when I accidentally stopped by your daughter's place, she told me she thought her mother died of cancer.
You never told her about the stabbing, Walt.
Can I call you Walt? We all process grief in our own way.
Now, tell me about the man you found.
White male, mid 30s, meth head, had a knife.
Your wife's DNA was on the blade, so [Sniffs] you know, we think he was the one who did the stabbing.
Well There you go.
But here's the thing.
He's dead.
We found him with a broken neck, buried in a shallow grave.
So I've got to ask you something, Walt.
Did you drive down to Denver last year to hunt down and kill the man who stabbed your wife? No.