Longmire s02e01 Episode Script

Unquiet Mind

Come on Walt.
It's the only song that's come in clear in the last three hours.
It's not the song I object to.
It's the static.
Well, I'm bored.
There's no radio.
Nobody's talking.
You've been in prison for a few years.
You must have heard some good jokes.
Hello? Why do we have to drive this guy, anyway? Everybody else contracts this stuff out to private security companies.
Not a fan of outsourcing.
If a federal prisoner comes through my county, I drive him myself.
Well, how much longer till we get to the drop-off point? Depends.
On what? Traffic.
Get out of the damn road! Vic, wait in the Shit! Best to wait in the truck.
Got it.
I think he's guarding something.
How common is that, Walt? A white buffalo? About one in every It speaks.
It's a sign.
Right, sheriff? Didn't know it was a party.
- You must be Longmire.
- Yeah.
Agent Stanley.
Really didn't have to go to all this trouble.
We could have driven him.
It's no bother.
I feel better doing it myself, so So, who is this wacko, anyway? He doesn't say a word.
All we got was a piece of paper "maximum-security prisoner Final destination Montana State Penitentiary.
" - This is deputy Moretti.
- Deputy.
You know I'm not at liberty to say.
It's Wayne Durrel, isn't it? Yeah, well, he's all yours now.
Got his transfer papers right here.
We'd like to get back down the mountain before the weather turns.
Of course.
You got to sign for him.
I know.
We've got to talk to him first.
You got something you want to tell us, Wayne? You knew who this guy was the whole time, and you didn't say a word? I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of feeling like a celebrity.
Wayne's a serial killer.
Killed Indians across several states in the west, then sold their organs on the black market.
It was all over the news out here a few years back Maybe not in Philly.
Well, I'm glad he's getting out of Wyoming.
Doc! Wayne says he'll only talk to you.
Come on, Wayne.
You can do this.
You promised me.
You always keep your promises, don't you? Whose county is over there? Okay, Montana and Cumberland county's free to go.
Absaroka, you're with me.
Let's go.
Why am I not in a warm truck driving back down this mountain? You local law people are always giving us a hard time about not cooperating with you.
We got a possible case in your county, we invite you along.
But you're in charge.
You have any idea who this victim is? We think it's a kid named Theo Halfmoon.
How do you know it's Theo Halfmoon? We don't for sure, but all the information Wayne gave me suggests that the body is that of a boy from the Cheyenne res he killed four years ago.
It matches the Theo Halfmoon case.
So, you're a shrink? I'm a federal agent with a doctorate in criminal psychology.
Anyway, Wayne used the information for a brief stay of execution and a move to death row in Montana.
How many people did this guy kill? Well, we thought eight, but this kid makes nine.
And, doc, I'll bet you $1,000 Wayne comes up with another name when he gets close to his next execution date.
Agent Stanley.
Our coroner team will stay and work the scene.
Sheriff, I need you to talk to the boy's parents, get some DNA evidence to help us confirm his identity.
Let's all head back to the diner.
Okay, Walt? Come on.
There you go, sheriff.
Progress Prosperity People.
I'm Branch Connally, and I approve this message.
Where did he get the money to run all those ads? Hey, Helen, lunch is on me.
I told you this really isn't necessary.
Think of it as your tax dollars at work.
Sorry, sir.
Machine's down.
You got cash? Yes, I do.
Club sandwiches all around.
Hey, I'll have a ham and cheese.
You get what I ordered.
I can fix him whatever he wants.
That cold air pushing in underneath the warm air and everything moving is going to cause some severe thunderstorms.
The possibility of Why? Theo's family will want to know why.
They said he needed to die.
Who's "they"? I know why you don't like the static.
I've been watching you.
You don't say much, but you have an unquiet mind.
You understand? You hear them, too, don't you? The voices.
Have a nice trip.
It's Ferg.
Ruby was supposed to fly back from Idaho Falls, but her flight got canceled.
Now, I need you to dig up the missing-persons file on Theo Halfmoon.
We're on our way back.
Roger that, Walt.
I just ran into the store just for five minutes.
I told him to stay in the car.
I'm not a bad mother.
How long's it been since you've seen Theo? Three days.
Can you find him? I'll do my best.
What the Ow! Get the wrong sandwich? No, it's just these stupid toothpicks.
It's not a toothpick.
The prison van's gone.
Weapons are all gone.
Check inside.
Walt! There's no sign of the waitress inside or out.
No agent Brooks.
So they got hostages.
And a head start.
We got four escaped convicts in a stolen Armo Prison van.
These men are heavily armed.
What? How? Just listen, Ferg.
They killed the guards and the FBI agents.
They took weapons.
They've got two hostages.
We are in pursuit.
We didn't pass them heading down, so we know they're heading north on State road 36.
State road 36.
But the roads are getting really bad out there.
There's a whole line of storms coming in from the north.
Ferg, I want background checks on the hired guards and all the restaurant employees.
Make sure you alert Montana.
These guys could be headed their way.
Roger that, sheriff.
Clear! Up here.
Get I know you're in there, sheriff! Now come on out, and I won't shoot you! You're not shooting anybody.
There's en enough shooting today.
Lay down your weapon.
Look, I ain't going back to prison! Now, come on out! Good.
Now throw your gun away.
Now, where's your deputy? Damn it! Broke my nose, man! I'm gonna need a doctor! Why don't you tell us where they're going? I don't know.
This was Wayne's show.
He wanted somebody to slow you down so he could get away, and I volunteered.
Anything to get away from that madman.
I ain't trying to die out here.
Now you won't.
You're going back to prison.
And you're taking him.
I'm going after the others.
Like hell you are.
I'm going with you.
I don't have time to argue.
The storm's only getting worse.
No backup can get here.
Wayne gets away by morning, more people die.
Besides, I'm the only one of us who knows these mountains.
So you're gonna go after a snowcat? On foot? If I was a hostage, I'd want to know someone was coming to help.
Then here.
At least take my cellphone.
It'll help me track you.
Not a lot of cell reception where I'm headed.
Damn it, will you just take it? God.
Well, if it makes you feel better.
I'm not happy about this, Walt.
Neither am I.
So, Mr.
Burke, tell me something how long have you, Wayne Durrel, and the other convicts been planning this? It wasn't no plan.
I was planning on being in another prison, and that psycho busted us out.
So, you and your fellow murderers just lucked into a prison escape.
Well, I ain't feeling real lucky right now.
And I ain't no murderer.
I just dealt some drugs is all.
You have 35 years for dealing coke.
Any help might reduce that number.
Where are they going? They going up.
That's what he said, man they going up.
"We going up into the clouds.
" You need to do yourself a favor and just let him go.
Radio says we're gonna get dumped on.
in the next few hours, temperatures going into the teens.
And those cabins where you left Walt? It's at 11,000 feet, which means it's gonna get a lot colder up there, and the weather's gonna get a lot worse.
Why exactly did you let Walt head into that weather alone? I didn't.
He made me.
Well, I don't know what he's trying to prove heading up there without backup.
You guys don't have a backup generator? Does it look like we've got a backup generator? And who the hell are you? I am special agent in charge Towson, FBI.
This is A.
I am looking for Sheriff Longmire.
Uh Sorry about that.
Deputy Branch Connally.
Welcome to Absaroka.
Glad you guys are here.
I need to speak with the sheriff.
Just us deputies.
Walt's up on that mountain.
Well, call him.
Hard to believe, I know, but he doesn't have a cellphone.
Actually, he does.
I gave him me.
So call him on yours.
I did.
He's out of range.
All right, then.
Who's in charge in his absence? A little on the nose.
Two roads diverged in a wood And which one to take? Of course, there is a third road.
I'm not turning back.
It looks like at least one set of these footprints is smaller.
They might belong to a woman.
Right now, I got a better chance of catching up with two people on foot.
That snowcat will eventually run out of gas.
But what about you? That snowcat is up there to groom the cross-country ski trails.
According to what deputy Moretti reported, our fugitive's either following those trails or they're headed up the Mountain on this forest service access road.
How good a road is it? "How bad a road is it?" Might be the better question.
It's a four-wheel-drive situation, even in the summer.
With all this fresh snow? The cavalry has arrived.
We ate.
- Is the sheriff back yet? - No.
All right.
We have agents at the ready, but these are whiteout-blizzard conditions.
The best we can manage at the moment is to contain Wayne and his allies.
When the storm lets up, we will initiate a full-scale search-and-rescue operation.
Now, in the meantime, any request for activities will go through me.
So your policy is to let them all freeze to death? Including Walt? Our policy is caution and common sense.
Wayne and his buddies have an arsenal and a vehicle.
I have two agents dead.
I will not send more people in harm's way.
Come on.
Let's just get some snowmobiles up there.
They would hear you coming a mile away, deputy Ferguson.
Y'all should just let Wayne be, man.
Y'all know how his eye got messed up? Shut up, Burke.
Okay, look, if your sheriff knows what he's doing, he will see the foolishness of walking into the teeth of this storm and he will turn back or he will take shelter.
If we're not gonna do anything, can we at least try and figure out what Walt is walking into? I mean, it seems pretty obvious that this was a setup.
Really? You think? What have you learned about the cook and the waitress? Cook has a record for assault.
Waitress is clean.
What about your guards? We vet all our contractors fully.
Okay, well, this freak, Wayne he killed people and sold their body parts, which means money, which means that he could have paid for his freedom.
Who needs the money? What about your Dr.
Brooks? I don't like your tone.
Yeah, well, I don't like us sitting here - with our thumbs up our - Vic, Vic.
Agent Towson has the final call here.
It's our job to support him.
Is that what you're gonna tell Cady if her dad doesn't come off that mountain? I missed that one on purpose.
Not gonna happen a second time.
Omar? Walt? You shouldn't sneak up on me like that.
I expected someone else to answer the door.
Who? Him? Yeah, well, he can't answer much anymore.
There were two sets of footprints.
- The girl? - Yeah, she's alive.
Hey, Henry.
Closed up early tonight, huh? Weather is bad.
Business is slow.
That saddle got anything to do with the horse trailer out in the parking lot? Horses are the only all-terrain vehicle that can go anywhere in the snow.
Quiet, too.
I'm going with you.
I thought you would be back there Supporting the FBI.
No point in trying to fight against the FBI.
They got their way of doing things.
I got mine.
Ah, and the voters of Absaroka can see the young hero come to the rescue.
Nobody's gonna see this, Henry.
I'm pretty sure you're not gonna tell anybody about it.
There will be nothing to tell.
I saw two horses in that trailer.
One horse is for the sheriff.
Right now, I am the sheriff.
It's alright Helen, take your time.
When the snowcat was headed up the Mountain and the convicts were starting to argue, the leader they called him Wayne he wanted to go higher up.
Finally, that guy Wayne just stopped the snowcat and forced another guy out, and he took me as a hostage.
I just want to go home.
Don't worry, Helen.
You're safe now.
You hurt in any way? You you warm enough? I'm fine.
You must be the first hostage that ever had time to grab warm boots and a coat.
So, y was the leader, Wayne, so nice to you? Give you time to get dressed for the elements.
I mean, I'm sorry, but he doesn't strike me as a gentleman.
In fact, between that coat on your back And this, I'd say you're the reason we're all traipsing around these woods.
You helped Wayne escape.
Why? I know everybody wants me to hate him, but I don't.
We're supposed to be together.
He promised me we would have a future together, a better life, and we will.
I don't see that happening, Helen.
That's because you don't understand Wayne Not like I do.
We met a year ago at the prison.
I brought in dogs for therapy to help rehabilitate the prison population, and he was so good with the animals.
Wayne told me that he would be transported through here, and this was our chance to be together, the way we were meant to be.
So I moved up here four months ago and got a job at the diner.
He doesn't love you, Helen.
All he cares about is himself, or he wouldn't have left you behind.
That psychiatrist turned him against me.
But he'll get rid of her and come back for me.
He'll miss my dogs too much.
That snowcat is gonna run out of gas in the middle of the wilderness, and he's gonna freeze to death.
Where's Wayne going? If I tell you, you'll go after him, and he'll kill you.
I don't want you to die, sheriff.
Someone dropped an ammo clip.
You think it was the hostage or the convict? Sometimes it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, so I guess that's why you and I make the big bucks.
Why are you doing this, Walt? Going up this mountain without backup.
You're chasing a bad guy Or you're running from something.
You running from me? Are you looking to get yourself killed? Think that will stop me? That's not going to stop me any more than you lying to me about that tweaker in Denver.
I didn't lie.
Keep telling yourself that.
I want to be on the first helicopter out of here.
Do you hear me? I did.
So, when do we take off? Our nearest chopper is in Montana being slammed by the storm that just passed through here.
We don't have clearance to send it up.
What is that? It's a map.
The marks what are the marks? Where is sheriff Connally? He's a deputy, and I have no idea where branch is.
He went awol, but it means I'm in charge, so what is going on? Deputy Our agent, who is still in the field, has a tracking device hidden inside her jacket, which we've been monitoring.
You had a tracking device up there and you didn't tell me? What the hell the GPS is spotty given the storm, and we don't want any of you going up there half-cocked and getting yourselves or the hostages kill.
We are doing all we can at this moment.
So, I give you a complete debrief on everything I got, and you don't even tell me you know where Walt is? We can't get there.
You can't or you won't? Because I just got a weather report that says it is totally clear at the top of that mountain.
So what? These are trees and power lines blocking every road up.
The cloud ceiling is at 7,000 feet.
Helicopters are grounded.
And even if we could fly, your sheriff and my agent are at an altitude that would make it too damn dangerous.
So until we come up with a plan that has a chance of success, I got to ask you to do the hardest thing of all Be patient! Shit.
You and Walt have been friends a long time.
Has he always had a death wish or is he just trying to prove he's still young and tough enough to get the bad guys? Maybe he is not trying to prove anything.
Maybe Walt just thinks of his job as a duty rather than a game.
This way.
What are you doing out here? I got kicked out.
What? They can't do that.
I hit Towson.
And he made it very clear that if I didn't leave, he would press charges.
That is awesome.
No, it sucks.
I am mad at letting Walt go by himself.
I am pissed at branch for disappearing.
And there is not a thing I can do about it.
You have to go, Ferg.
What? - Now.
- What did I do? I just get out of here, Ferg.
Cady? Dad, you're so cold.
Where did you go, punk? Where you been? I haven't heard from you in weeks.
I called your office.
They said you quit.
Doesn't matter.
I'm here now.
Are you okay? Cady I'm so sorry.
You were only trying to protect me, dad.
I get that.
I can't lose you.
I tried to find you, Theo.
There was nothing you could do, but I knew someone was coming to help me.
Is anybody coming to help you? Hypothermia.
Who's hypothermia? You are.
Vic! Vic! It's Walt.
Walt? I got one bar.
I don't know where I am, but I know I come too far to Walt, I-I can't hear you.
- Vic? - Walt? I can't.
It's a little freezing I got Agent Brooks? Where's Wayne? Did he leave? I didn't think so.
He brought us all the way up here for this.
Why would he leave it? Were you the one that disarmed Wayne? I didn't get all the ammunition.
You You can't interfere with my destiny.
You can't fight what is meant to be.
That white buffalo we saw that was a sign.
It's the Indian sign of hope and abundance.
And when it appeared to me, I knew I would get away.
White buffalo didn't appear to you, Wayne.
It didn't appear to me.
It's a sign for the people you've been killing the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Crow.
White buffalo is a symbol of a better future for them.
A future without you in it.
Vic, the airport just called.
The feds just gave clearance to send up a chopper.
Is he dead? Not yet.