Longmire s04e06 Episode Script

The Calling Back

It doesn't cry out when it's shot? No, man.
Shut up.
- Mitch! Dude.
- Shh.
- You got to chill.
- Yeah.
Stay here.
I'm gonna go down by the creek.
There might be a few of them taking a drink.
- Split up? - Shh.
Stop talking, man.
And remember, if you see something, shoot something.
Mitch? Mitch! Mitch! Walt.
Uh, I brought you mail.
I was gonna get that.
Coffee? I can make some coffee? Okay.
Um, I haven't had time Plants and mail and stuff.
I've just, um, been so busy with work and everything, I just, um, haven't had time, you know, so - Vic, um - You know, it's usually nice.
You know, like, this nice, cute little house, but, like, with work and everything, I just, um - Vic, um - ran out of time.
I, uh, don't know how to say what I'm about to say, so I'm just gonna say it.
I have to evict you.
What? No.
Uh Sean's company gave us this, um him this house as part of his package, and I just, um Shit.
Uh, they have been sending these notices, and I-I just didn't really look at them and paid much attention to them.
I've just been so - I'll I'll get it.
- Sorry.
busy with work and everything.
Vic, should I be worried about you? What? God, no, no.
I have been to your place.
Fair enough.
Anyway, I brought some boxes.
I can help you move.
Today? Right.
Of course, it's eviction day.
I'm early.
This desk was empty, but I can I can move.
Oh, no, no.
Um, no, that's your desk.
Anything I can do? Uh, it's eviction day.
Just, uh, a lot of paperwork.
Um, you know - Okay.
- Happy to help.
Oh pretty complicated.
All right.
I'll be be here.
I'll just, uh - Hey, man.
- Hey.
We, uh, need to report something.
Crime report? Not really.
We just, uh, saw something while we were out hunting.
You can take this one.
Come in, guys.
All right, take a seat.
Be right with you.
Is there a form or something I should get them to fill out? Uh, all the forms are in the card-catalog room.
So Yep.
I told him to shoot if he heard anything, and, uh, that's exactly what he did.
Uh, I-I thought it was a deer.
And that's when you saw the girl after you shot? Yeah.
All right.
What did she look like? Indian.
Uh, uh, Native American.
Uh, she had on a blue top with, uh, flowers, I think, and, uh, um, no pants.
Just a shirt and underwear.
No pants, no shirt.
After I shot, she didn't scream or anything.
And after she saw me, she took off running.
So I didn't think she was injured.
But I just want to make sure.
You didn't call 911? We are 911.
We went to Fish and Game, but they said since another person was involved, we got to come to you.
All right, uh can you show me where this happened? Yeah, man.
Let's see.
It was right It was right there.
Yeah, right there.
Okay, thanks, guys.
We'll let you know if anything turns up.
Okay? Thank you.
This way.
Welcome to the exciting life of an Absaroka deputy.
Standing Bear, I need a good lawyer.
Can you put me in touch with Cady Longmire? Happy to.
- Cady? - Yep? - Oh.
- What's going on? Um, I need your help.
A neighbor of ours, Gabriella Langton, was attacked.
Where is she? Is she okay? She's outside in my car.
She didn't want to come in.
She ran to our house after being out all night.
She was half-dressed and in shock.
What happened? She was raped.
Okay, thanks.
Even the Crossroads Motel is completely booked.
That is the fifth place I have tried with no vacancy because of that damn casino.
You know what? I'm gonna go check it out in person.
Why? Someone once told me that a face-to-face interaction is better than a phone call.
Cady is in your office.
We came here with May Stillwater.
Is May's daughter in some kind of trouble? Not her daughter, no.
Sheriff, this is Gab Gabriella.
But we've called her Gab since she was a little girl.
She was a chatterbox.
Always full of stories and jokes, so "Gab" stuck.
Gab? This is Sheriff Longmire.
Hi, there, Gab.
She grew up just down the street from me, so I've known her for a long, long time.
And I was her coach in high school.
She has got a killer hook shot.
Early this morning, Gab ran to our house after being out all night.
She told my daughter Lilly that she was raped.
Gab, are you hurt? May, did you take Gab to the hospital or doctor? Yes.
First thing I did was take her to the Res health clinic.
And then I went to see Henry, 'cause I knew we'd need a good lawyer.
And now we're here.
Gab, can you tell me what happened last night? You know, whatever happened it's not your fault.
Did you know the person that did this to you? Can you tell me what they looked like? Gab, anything that you can remember will help us.
I think he had a beard.
Can you tell me if he was Indian or white or White.
Where did this happen? She said she was out at some party.
Did you know anybody at this party? Where did the party happen? Outside.
On the Res somewhere.
There was a bonfire.
You sure it was on the Res? I think so.
Gab, is there a reason you didn't go home? Is there a reason you didn't tell your mother? I shouldn't have told anyone.
What do you think? I don't have jurisdiction on the Res, Pumpkin.
Based on what we heard in there, you can't take it to trial, so No, I can't.
But I can help find a federal prosecutor who will take the case.
I just need to get the feds some convincing evidence.
Dad, I need an investigator.
Sheriff, sorry to interrupt.
Um, the girl who just left this office matched a report I took earlier.
Two hunters saw a barefoot Native girl running in the woods.
Said she was only wearing a shirt, a blue, flowery shirt like the girl had on.
- Where were they when they saw her? - Uh, here.
Um Here.
That's not on the Res.
Gab wasn't raped on the Res.
I'll investigate this as my own case.
Cady, let's you and I head over to the Res health clinic, see if there's any physical evidence that can help us.
Zach, you and Ferg head out to where she was first sighted.
Take the two hunters who saw her.
See if you can pinpoint exactly where this happened.
Let's go, Punk.
Thank God May took Gab to the Res clinic.
I mean, with a rape kit, at least we'll have some physical evidence.
That's good, 'cause Gab didn't give us too much information.
Just give her a little time.
Then when she's ready, she'll She might not ever be ready.
You were really good with her.
If she'll talk to anyone, it's gonna be to you.
What's with the boxes? Vic got evicted.
I'm helping her move.
You are? What about Sean? Vic and Sean got divorced.
Oh, God.
Is she okay? I wanted to ask you how you'd feel about, uh, Vic staying in your spare room temporarily.
Um, weird.
Yeah, I'd I'd feel I'd feel weird.
Can she stay in a hotel? Well, she tried, but they're all booked for the casino, so Can she stay with you? No.
I wanted to wait, you know, for a-a real doctor, but Gab was too spooked.
She wasn't gonna wait.
And May, she insisted I do something, so So, yeah.
So I did the best I could.
But But what? She had already taken a shower before she got here.
And she was so embarrassed, you know? She didn't want me to do anything.
She just wanted to go home.
It was really difficult.
And the clinic doesn't have any rape kits, so What? We do the best we can with what we have.
I know all of the things uh, the procedures that you're supposed to do in these types of situations.
I thought I got it all, but after she left, I realized that I forgot to have her undress on a sheet of white paper so they could collect any hair, lint, or any of that stuff.
Do you have anything, any physical evidence? No.
But I'm pretty sure pretty sure she was raped.
That's not gonna hold up in court.
I'm sorry.
I did the best I could w-with everything that She was just so scared, you know? You're sure she was coming from this direction? Pretty sure.
Did you find the girl? I'm not authorized to give you that information.
Am I in trouble? Should you be? Looks like somebody had a pretty good party.
You said the girl you saw was wearing a blue blouse, right? With flowers? Yeah.
What are you doing? Can't go in there.
Why not? Let me see the map.
You see this? All this, it's all Res.
We have no jurisdiction anywhere beyond this fence.
She's lying down.
I'm gonna stay with her until her mother comes home from work.
I could wait.
It's fine, Standing Bear.
Are we doing the right thing? It is our duty to help.
It's just I'm the one who's pushing her to go after this.
You saw her with Walt.
She's All she wants is for this to go away.
Who am I to interfere? I'm not her mother.
All of these children belong to us.
We have to push to get justice.
Think about what happened with your own daughter.
Gab is going to need help to restore her spirit.
There is a sweat off Walsh Road for women and girls who have been hurt.
Takes place every third Sunday.
A sweat? Just for this? How long has this been going on? Forever.
They changed the law recently.
They could have come to me.
No, they couldn't have.
A white man rapes a Native woman on the Res and he's a boyfriend or a husband, - it's within my jurisdiction.
- He's a stranger.
It happened on the Res, so you can't do anything.
The rapist is white and a stranger, so I can't do anything.
Neither one of us can officially investigate this case.
Cady's gonna take it to a federal prosecutor.
Yeah, good luck with that.
I told Cady I'd help.
She's not giving up on this one.
She's, uh She's stubborn like that.
She's gonna need some sort of case for the feds to even consider taking this on.
You know, uh we could cross-deputize each other.
So we'd each have jurisdiction in each other's district, widen our reach.
If I give you authority on the Res, we'll have to get everything we need in less than two weeks.
'Cause that's how long I have before I'm drummed out of a job.
Who leaves a $25 chip lying around? White guys.
All right, Nighthorse agreed to give me access to security footage from last night.
Malachi is waiting.
Did you tell him I was with you? I'm not stupid.
- Hey, Matty.
- Hey.
So, Turner and Hooch, I'm supposed to show you last night's security footage.
You're supposed to show me.
I'm just on a ride-along.
We're looking for a victim.
We need to know if she was here and who she was with.
Well, for the record, I told Nighthorse to demand a warrant.
But he's a softie, so Stop, Malachi.
Stop right there.
That one.
Go back, please.
Right there.
You know those guys? Maybe.
Who are they? You're the brain trust.
You figure it out.
Cut the crap, Malachi.
Tell us.
You know, Mathias, I believe you arrested one of my guys Curtis couple of days ago.
I think he didn't do it.
Curtis was a drunk and disorderly.
Oh, well, that's a matter of opinion.
If I release him, you'll tell us who these men are? Deal.
Yeah, these guys work in the oil fields in Odin.
Started coming in here on their days off.
Like craps, love poker.
I'm happy to print you out some stills if that would be any help.
You're sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong! Linda, I am just trying to help! If something happened to Lilly, I would want you to Want me to mind my own damn business! My daughter is in there traumatized by what you made her do.
Langton, I'm Sheriff Longmire.
What are you doing here? I thought Mathias is the one who's supposed to Mathias and I are working together on this one.
Stillwater is just trying to help.
Gab and I don't need any help.
Langton, we want to find this man.
We want justice for your daughter.
Go Go inside and look at my daughter curled up on that couch, shaking like a leaf, too scared to say anything! And then I dare you to tell me that justice can help us! Go.
You heard me.
Go right ahead.
Gab, uh, well I understand that you were at the casino last night.
- The casino? - No, I wasn't at the casino.
Gab these were pulled from last night's security.
You can't pay me so much as a nickel in rent, and you're putting money into the slots? Where are you getting the cash, Gabriella? - Ms.
Langton, please.
- She can't seem to find a job, so she has to live here with me.
And while I am working myself to death, scrubbing motel toilets, she's out just throwing money away? And you lie about it? Ms.
Langton, May, can I just have a minute alone with Gab? Come on.
What else am I gonna find out, huh, that you were wearing brand-new boots? Linda.
Come on! I need a drink.
Gab is the man who attacked you in this photo? Can you point to him? So, there were two? But you're sure these are the guys? Okay.
I'll hang back in case anyone runs.
Where can I find these two guys? What the hell, man?! I'm gonna ask you again.
- Where can I find these guys? - They're in that one right there.
Sheriff's Department! The hell are you? Get off me, man.
Come here.
Get up! Get the hell up! - Get the hell up! - What the hell? On your feet! Don't move! Shut up.
- Got him? - Got him.
Let's go.
All right, let's go.
Ferg, phone.
Hey, Punk, we got two suspects in custody.
I'll hold them while you meet with the federal prosecutor.
Good luck.
Sheriff Longmire.
Walker Browning.
Heard you arrested a couple of my guys.
I had to come down here and see what was what.
You with the oil company? I'm their representative till the company's lawyers can get here.
Oh, you don't have to go, sugar? I'm sure me and you can share that little bed just fine.
You shut your goddamn mouth! You hear me?! Do you hear me?! Yeah, yeah, man.
I hear you.
Sheriff, these are good guys.
No drugs, clean records, report to work on time.
They do a hell of a job.
When their leave rolls around, yeah, they like to have a good time.
Got to blow off some steam.
You know how that goes.
But rape? You got to be kidding me.
Now, where did this supposedly happen? At a party in the woods, a place near, uh Yeah.
Near Eberwine Creek.
I know the place.
The guys sometimes build a fire and party over there.
Oh, they can be loud, shooting off firecrackers, all that horse shit.
That, uh, area, the clearing where they hang out, isn't that on the Res? That's right.
Okay, uh, as far as I know, only tribal police have jurisdiction on the Res.
I'm holding the suspects your guys till the federal prosecutor gets here.
The feds? Damn.
You must have some pretty compelling evidence against them.
God damn it! Okay, I take pride in my guys.
God damn it.
Look, if they really did this throw the book at them.
Longmire, the lack of a hospital-issued rape kit and any DNA evidence, on top of the unreliability of the victim's account, already make it almost impossible to try.
I wish it were different, but we can't throw money at a lost cause.
Gab deserves more.
These women deserve more.
You know, Ms.
Longmire, earlier this year, the Violence Against Women Act was passed.
If Gabriella's attacker was her boyfriend She didn't know her rapists.
They were strangers.
They? Gab was raped by two different men, Mrs.
Bradley oil-rig workers that she was partying with.
Oil-rig workers? I had the exact situation happen in North Dakota.
Guys from the Bakken shale fields raping girls on the Res because they knew they could get away with it.
Bradley, if these guys know there will never even be an attempt to stop them, they will keep doing it.
But a federal prosecutor investigating, even if it doesn't go to trial, may serve as a disincentive.
They have to know that there are consequences.
This is really good, Dad.
I think she's gonna consider taking the case.
I mean, this is a huge deal.
Of course, Gab is gonna have to meet with her.
She's gonna need a detailed first-person account of the assault.
Hopefully, Gab can give her some, you know, details.
Also, the prosecutor is going to bring a sexual-assault nurse examiner, 'cause they can do a rape kit up to 72 hours after the assault, and it's still admissible in court.
Gab is gonna have to go through all that again? It's the only way.
I mean, the Res-clinic exam isn't gonna cut it.
And I was hoping that maybe you could bring it up with Gab.
Me? Normally, I'd say that a woman should do it, but in this case, I mean, you're the only one she really responded to earlier.
You're really good with her, Dad.
You treat her like you treat me.
You know, I always assumed that you had to be really tough for your job.
Never occurred to me that you were just you.
I thought about it, and I'd be happy to have Vic stay with me for a while.
She's gone! Ms.
Langton, just take a breath.
You! You scared her off.
- She's run away! - Gab ran away? Of course she ran away.
You people scared her off.
She's terrified of you guys poking and prodding at her.
Langton, what happened? Said that she was gonna meet me at the Blind Tiger, but she never showed up.
And since they don't got a phone, I couldn't call, so I walked over here, and Ms.
Langton said that she had left an hour before.
And don't come back.
We're done here.
Cady found a federal prosecutor.
We can't find the victim.
So I need your help, Henry.
I will get a cover for my shift, and I will meet you It's not surprising that the girl ran away.
She knows she's not gonna see any justice.
Oliphant vs.
Suquamish, 1978, stripped the tribe of its rights to arrest and prosecute non-Indians.
I guess you was scared we would, uh, scalp you if we got some power.
But you did get power.
Not the right power, Walter.
See, when a white man hands you a law, you have to pay attention to the loopholes.
See, they figured if a white man was stupid enough to date or marry an Indian girl, he has to suffer the consequences.
But all other non-Natives are still protected, so we're right back where we started.
We are not back where we All you ever did was shame a girl and cause a mother to lose her daughter.
At least when I was in charge, we had some justice.
Oh, and, uh, Hank you can't get out of your shift.
You've missed too much work already.
Your dad told me that he talked to you about this.
He did.
He did.
Um, it's fine.
Come in.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Come in, come in.
You can put that down.
- Okay.
- Uh, right there.
Um, I'm, uh I'm really sorry.
My dad told me that you well, about the divorce.
Well, this This is the guest room - Okay.
- where you will be staying.
Thank you.
Just, um Just until a hotel room opens up.
Stay as long as you want.
Absaroka can be tough on us single ladies.
Do you have any food or anything? You want to Come on.
Hey! I'm sorry.
I tried to stop them.
Gab didn't run away.
She was kidnapped.
Linda found this ransom note in her mailbox this morning.
It says that Gab will only be released if all rape charges against those oil workers are dropped.
I ran to May's to get her to drive me here.
Please, Sheriff.
Please find my daughter.
Langton, Vic will stay with you in case they try to contact you again.
I'm not going back to the house.
It's okay, Ms.
Langton, you'll be safe.
I'll be with you.
I was supposed to be at work 30 minutes ago.
If I don't get on a bus right now, I'm gonna be an hour late.
Vic, um, go to the Langton house and stay posted there.
We're gonna find Gab.
Linda, I'll drive you to the motel.
That way, you won't have to take the bus.
Do we even have the right guys in custody, or are the real rapists still out there holding Gab hostage? Let's go.
Ferg, Zach, trail them.
See where they take you, who they take you to.
I'll have Ruby put a flag on both of them.
I'm gonna follow a different lead.
I can't help you, man.
I don't know anything.
I think you can help me, actually.
You were with Gab that night at the casino.
Listen, I know Gab's mom was pissed off that we were at the casino, but if I had to live in that house with that bitch, I'd want to run away, too.
Gab didn't run away, Mandy.
She was kidnapped.
I believe she was kidnapped by one of these men.
I believe these are also the men that raped her.
Now, you weren't there for Gab when she was raped.
How about you be there for her now, before she gets killed? I met Will and Tyler.
Who are these guys? I need names.
The only one I know is him.
Partied with him before.
The other guys, they're new, but it was always the same party.
They would buy us drinks, give us chips, and we'd have a good time.
Thought Gab needed a break from that bitch, so I brought her along with me, and I thought that she would have fun.
That guy, he didn't touch Gab.
Not today, not yesterday, nothing.
And I know that for sure.
Why for sure? 'Cause he was with me.
Where? His place.
The barracks? With eight guys to a room? No.
His little spot.
His unit.
His storage unit? When exactly were you with him? That night until yesterday afternoon.
This guy you were with, what's his name? I don't know.
You don't know? No, I don't know.
And I don't want to know.
You know, my mother always told me to keep my mouth shut and never name names, and now I know why.
Look what happened to Gab after she said something, huh? And now no one is gonna do anything about it.
What am I doing here? You know, I mean, that's why I like using my personal vehicle for work.
It's just great for surveillance.
It's just not your typical, you know, unmarked car.
What are you doing? Zach? Zach! Hey, what the hell are you doing?! I'm getting photos that we can show our next victim so she can identify her rapist, 'cause I know it's gonna happen again.
And I know it's gonna be one of you assholes.
Hey! Hey! Come on.
Come on! So, what happened out there, Ferg? Sheriff I'm gonna be honest with you.
I'm not so sure about this new guy.
He pushes too hard.
He was provoking those guys at the camp, filming them.
And what did you do? I just tried to stay out of the way.
I expect better of you.
You're the senior deputy.
If you thought he was doing the wrong thing, you should have stopped it.
So, was Zachary out of line? Do you need to file a report of inappropriate behavior? No.
Sheriff, you got to come see this.
This guy here matches the casino still.
Do you think this guy could be involved in the rape, Sheriff? Or the kidnapping? We'll know soon enough.
So, it's been dead quiet here.
Linda is still at work, and there's no sign of Gab or anybody else.
Where you at? Hammond Storage, following up on something I saw in a video Zachary shot at the oil-company barracks.
You know, if you tell me what you're looking for, I can help you find it a whole lot easier.
I just need to take a look at all the lockers rented by employees of that oil company.
- Where's the next one? - Back there.
There you go.
More of the same.
Who rents that one? Different lock.
That's strange.
I don't, uh I don't have a record of this unit being rented out this month.
Number 11.
Eight Nine Ten.
Oh, 11 there.
It said "11" right on the key.
That's the right key.
It's just the wrong lock.
Stay back, Bart.
Did she recognize her kidnappers? No.
There were two of them wearing masks when she was abducted.
But the good news is that Gab and her mom aren't gonna be pressured into dropping the charges.
Well, we probably have a stronger case now than ever.
Where is Mrs.
Langton? In Gab's room.
How is she? Okay.
Langton, the last thing we want to do is push you.
Listen, the federal prosecutor is ready to file on this, but not until she speaks with Gab.
So if you could please let us know when Gab is ready to talk.
Oh, I can tell you right now Gab isn't gonna talk.
But in order to move forward with the case There is no case.
Gab is not pressing charges.
There's no more ransom.
I found her.
Good for you, since you were the reason she was taken in the first place.
Listen, the feds rarely pursue cases like this.
- The fact that they are is encouraging.
- Are the Feds gonna pay my rent? 'Cause I don't need justice.
I need to pay the rent.
Did someone, uh, come to see you at work? They pay you to drop the charges? Buy you a new phone a couple months' rent? A lot of bad things happen to a lot of women out here.
At least my daughter had the good luck to be raped by a white guy.
You can't do this.
You have your picture of justice.
I have mine.
Who paid you? Women on the Res are taught to keep their mouths shut.
That's what my mother taught me, and that's what I tried to teach Gab.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
Because with your help I think that she finally learned.
That sucked.
Gab or as the spirits know you Morning Star.
A part of you was taken away.
Someone took what did not belong to them.
That part of you is now wandering and lost.
This is why you feel like you don't belong.
I'm now going to call that part of you back.
Come back, Morning Star.
Come back, Morning Star.
Come back, Morning Star.
Come back, Morning Star.
Morning Star call yourself back.
Come back, Morning Star.
May? This can't be how it ends.
I won't stand for it.
Where are you going? I'm gonna leave a note for Hector.