Longmire s04e07 Episode Script

Highway Robbery

Hey, do you know where my new shirt is? The blue one.
I can't seem to find it.
Well, how hard are you looking? I'm looking where the shirts are.
Well, obviously, you're not looking where all the shirts are.
I'm so sorry.
You were supposed to do the dishes last night.
I think I know how to make it up to you.
I doubt that's possible.
So I drink my Tennessee whiskey Oh, man.
And And I sip my Texas beer Smoke my cigarette all Holy shit.
Help me.
Help me.
Sheriff's Department.
Yeah, uh, hey, we have an incident in progress on county 52, mile marker 13.
Who is this? Sheriff, is Is that you? Uh, it's Travis Murphy.
You got to get out here.
Something bad happened.
What the hell's going on, Travis? You know, you you hear people talk about highway robbery, and I-I never really thought about where that term came from.
It's just Well, it's this, just getting robbed on the highway.
How much you had to drink? I'm not really sure how that's relevant right now.
I'm just being a Good Samaritan.
There's a There's a dead guy over there.
You said on the phone he was injured.
It's a different guy.
The injured guy's in my car.
Look, I-I didn't know that there was a dead guy when I called you.
He's been shot.
In the head.
Just tell me what you know, Travis.
One second.
Um Okay, uh, Peter Hoyt and Jerry Napek were, uh, driving back from the casino around Two guys got out of the vehicle with, uh, guns.
Uh, Jerry says that, um that they were just after money and that, uh, Peter started acting like he was tough and they shot him.
And this is Peter Hoyt? I think so.
I-I mean, it must be.
I-I didn't check for I.
or anything.
I didn't want to mess up the crime scene.
That's Jerry Napek in your car back there? Yeah.
He's, uh He's still pretty freaked out.
Uh, he says that they threatened to shoot him, too, but he wound up just giving them all of his money, and they took his crutches and just left him here.
His crutches? Yeah.
He's a cripple.
Is Is that offensive? - Yep.
- Sorry.
Um, here, you can keep these.
Is this a grocery list? Shit.
Forgot about that.
Uh, but the rest of that stuff, it might come in handy.
This is heavy.
Yeah, it is.
They knocked on the window with a gun, and, uh, they yelled at Peter to give them all his money.
But he just won pretty big at the casino, and so he didn't want to give it up.
And then they pulled him out of the car.
It's all right, Mr.
Napek, I, uh, found some Pringles and some water if you're hungry.
You think you could, uh, describe the men who did this? I-I was just so scared.
I was just trying to keep my head down.
I thought they were gonna kill me, too.
Why do you think they didn't? I think when they saw my condition, they didn't think of me as much of a threat.
They just took my crutches and my phone and they left me here.
I had to crawl for help.
I didn't I didn't know where I was or if I was even going in the right direction.
I tried to save Peter.
I tried.
But I couldn't save him.
Well, well, well.
What brings you to Hector's wall? Hello, Mathias.
I've been wondering who's been resurrecting the myth of Hector, and I suppose it makes sense it would be the guy who was basically responsible for his death.
I do not know what you are talking about.
I know someone's been picking up Hector's notes.
It looks like you are.
It's been about the only way for me to find out what's happening on the Res anymore.
So, is filling Hector's shoes your way of atoning for your sins? I am not here to pick up Hector's notes.
I am here to leave one for him.
This is private.
Between you and a ghost? Unh-unh.
As soon as someone started answering these and breaking the law to do it, this became my business.
You are assuming I am asking Hector to break the law.
No, I'm assuming you're bullshitting me and that really isn't a letter to Hector.
You don't strike me as one of those superstitious Indians who believes in spirits.
But you do seem self-righteous enough to think that you could take Hector's place.
You do not honestly believe I am trying to be the new Hector.
The longer you refuse to show me that letter, the more I do.
This new Hector copycat is making my job even more difficult.
It's been hard enough to rebuild trust after the way Malachi ran this department.
Now the people trust this vigilante more than me.
I'm gonna shut him down.
But if he can take care of this first? More power to him.
Made it in before the new guy.
Zachary's in Cheyenne.
What for? Uh, training seminar? Vic.
Yeah? - I need you to take a statement.
- Okay.
Whose? Mine.
What'd he do this time? Saved a man's life.
Travis was the first witness at the scene of a robbery.
One man's dead, and his friend's at the hospital being checked out.
Ferg, victim's name was Peter Hoyt.
Here's his license plate number.
Find out what you can address, employer, next of kin.
I'd do it myself, but I told the survivor I'd give him a ride home after he's done at the E.
Got it.
So, uh, do you need me to swear in or anything? He all right? He's got a few scrapes, maybe a little dehydrated.
Doctors got some fluids in him.
This guy's been through a lot worse than that.
Even so, he was pretty shaken up.
They, uh, gave him some sedatives.
Ah! I feel like I have lost a step.
I read that boxing is an all-around great workout, but I lack the discipline to train on my own.
You're in luck.
I'm running a midlife-crisis special.
For 100 bucks a month, I'll turn you into the best over-40 boxer on the Res, present company excepted.
I'll find you some gloves.
Tape up.
So, Jack, maybe you can help me settle a bet.
My friend and I were watching a Burt Reynolds movie.
Burt popped a guy in the mouth and knocked out a tooth.
My friend said that could not happen.
I disagreed.
Who is right? Depends on how bad the teeth are and how good the punch.
Is there any particular technique, any part of the mouth that is especially vulnerable? After you warm up, I'll show you.
What are you doing here? Looking for you.
Hey, Sheriff, do me a favor.
Warm him up.
I've got some things to take care of in my office.
That sounds like the Peter Hoyt I'm talking about.
I'll hold.
I still can't get over it.
You know, the guy, he can't walk, and he dragged himself almost three miles just to get help.
- I mean, most people would have quit.
- Okay, focus, Travis.
Uh, sorry.
Is that Peter Hoyt's blood on you? Wow.
Um Yeah, I-I guess, uh I guess that's from when the sheriff and I were moving his body over to the Bronco.
It could also be Jerry's because I-I carried him over to my car.
He was pretty bloody, too.
You ever get used to it? Dead bodies and all that? After a few years, sure.
Don't listen to him, Travis.
If death stops getting to you, you should quit.
So, what is the latest with the case against those men who raped Gab? There is no case.
Victim won't file charges or talk, so nothing I can do.
Not to mention, I got a mugging and a murder last night, someone leaving that casino, so Is that why you are here? No.
Actually, I had a very strange dream last night.
Felt like it meant something.
I am not much of a Freudian.
Well, I was looking for a more traditional interpretation.
Didn't your grandmother do a lot of that stuff? What kind of dream was it? I was looking for a shirt.
Were there any spirit animals in your dream? An owl? A wolf? - Nope.
- One of your ancestors? Nope.
Well, then I cannot help you.
Maybe you should see a psychiatrist.
What happened to your nose? Started bleeding.
So, what'd we find out about our shooting victim? Well, turns out the deceased, Peter Hoyt, was just released from prison a couple weeks ago.
So, what was he in for? Assault in Sheridan eight years ago.
Served eight years? That's just two years shy of the max.
Must have been serious.
Find any next of kin? His parents live in Ranchwood.
The car's actually registered to them.
Well, someone needs to notify them.
I should probably head to Sheridan, see if I can find any details about that assault, might shine a light on this.
Um, I could go and see his parents.
Why don't you take the Charger? It's no good doing a notification in a Trans Am.
Excuse me.
- Is Dr.
Monaghan available? - Do you have an appointment? - No.
- Then no.
You need to call and make an appointment.
Unless it's an emergency.
Is it an emergency? Don't worry.
It's not bad.
Um I was in Sheridan on business, and, um, I just dropped by to apologize.
For what? Accusing me of drug trafficking? I guess that about sums it up, yeah.
Okay, well, let's hear it, then.
What? Your apology for accusing me of drug trafficking.
Didn't I just do that? Is it hard for you to admit you're wrong? Isn't it hard for everybody? So I'm sorry that I accused you of drug trafficking.
It's just, you know, there were stolen drugs at your church meeting, same drugs that I saw here, and, uh, well, you can see how that looked.
So, you're sorry but not really.
I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that, especially given all the good you do.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Do you want an apology receipt or something? Mr.
Hoyt? Yeah? What do you want? I need to talk to you about your son, Peter.
Can you guys just leave him alone, all right? He's done his time.
It's It's not it, sir.
He's not here.
He went to visit his friend.
I don't know when he'll be back.
Peter's not coming back.
Your son and his friend were robbed last night, and during the course of the robbery, your son, Peter, he was shot.
Oh, God.
What about Jerry? Is Jerry okay? Uh, Jerry's alive.
Thank God.
Thank God.
So, I-I guess I guess you know Jerry? Oh, I do.
Jerry was our family's friend.
Maybe the best we've ever had.
You're sure he's okay? I-I gather that he's a little shaken up.
But, yeah, he's He's okay.
Uh, sir, I, uh I know that this is a shock.
Um, but I need you to understand.
Your son, Peter, he's dead.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, it's just You sound more concerned about his friend.
It's terrible to say, but, um I think you're right.
Pete was in prison.
He became a stranger.
Jerry was here with us.
He lifted up our spirits.
He moved heaven and earth to get Pete out of prison.
That was just a couple weeks ago? His fourth parole hearing.
And, uh, I-I don't think Pete would have survived if they'd made him serve his full sentence, so thanks to Jerry he got to enjoy a little bit of freedom before before he died.
Peter Hoyt, aggravated assault, 2007.
He entered a sporting goods store with a .
45 and told the manager to hand over all the cash.
Got about 750 bucks, then he shot the manager in the gut.
Then Hoyt shot him again in the back.
- So a thief and a coward.
- Yep.
And the only thing that kept him from being a cold-blooded murderer is that the clerk somehow survived.
- Accomplices? - Uh Nope.
He was just one of those guys who gets a gun and feels like he ought to use it.
Anything unusual about the victim? Besides the fact that he survived two bullets? No.
Working stiff, married, no kids.
What's his name? Um Jerry Napek.
Can I come in? I was just about to leave.
I can't keep doing this.
Doing what? Waiting tables.
Waiting for the next six-figure job to just show up, Waiting for my life to suddenly kick into gear.
I need to do something with my life.
How can I help? Okay.
There's basically two legal practices in Durant.
One of them doesn't need me, and the other one hates me, so I was thinking about the Res.
What about the Res? I-I think I could do really good work there.
I mean, I could help people like Gab.
And I was hoping that you would introduce me to whoever provides legal services to the Res.
Henry, I don't care about the money.
I'll volunteer my time.
But at least then I'd be doing something important.
Do not waste your time.
The people do not trust lawyers from the outside.
And anytime a well-intentioned activist shows up, it usually takes less than six months for them to learn there is nothing they can do.
- Henry, I'm willing to try.
- That is your choice.
But you and I have both seen how the legal system serves the Res.
And I cannot in good conscience encourage you to throw your life away tilting at that particular windmill.
Oh, hey, Sheriff.
Welcome to the Taj Mahal.
How are you, Jerry? Well, I can't feel my legs.
Come on back.
So, I understand your friendship with Peter Hoyt was a little complicated.
So, you want to know how I could be friends with a man who shot me twice, permanently destroyed my digestive system, and took away the use of my legs.
I do.
I had no choice.
I know that sounds crazy, but you got to understand I know what it's like to live the other way.
During Pete's trial and about three years after that, I was so consumed with hate for him, I didn't have room for anything else in my life.
I lost my wife.
I lost my job.
You know what it's like when the only thing you can think of from the second you wake up in the morning until you medicate yourself to sleep at night is hate? I can imagine.
I don't think you can.
It's hell.
I would have killed myself if I hadn't met Father Donahue.
He taught me about forgiveness.
He just made me understand that as long as I hated Pete Hoyt, he had control of my life and that forgiving him wasn't weakness.
It was a gift I was giving to myself.
And when I stopped spending all my time hating him, I had time to focus on some other things, like getting out of this chair, like living.
So you advocated for his release at his parole hearing? I did.
He made a mistake, and he paid for it.
Keeping him in prison wasn't doing anything but keeping me from moving on.
Forgiveness can set everybody free, Sheriff.
Well, it takes a big man to think that way.
Well, it doesn't happen overnight.
But when it does, it opens up a whole world of possibilities.
I just wish that Pete had, um had more time to experience that.
Well, I'm sure he was grateful for the time you got him.
You think? I do.
Sheriff, can I ask you a favor? And you can say no.
Go ahead.
I see people put these memorials out by the side of the road, and, uh, I made this for Pete.
And I was wondering if maybe you had some time this week that maybe you could drive me out to where it happened and I could, uh I could put this up for him.
I can do that.
You call Ruby at the station.
We'll set it up.
What the hell do you want? Well, I was gonna offer my help, but not if you're gonna yell at me.
What? The boss in? This is not an isolated incident.
I've had three in the last two weeks.
How do you know they're related? I don't, but it seems like it's worth checking out.
Three people win big at the casino, then as they're driving off, they get pulled over and robbed.
- Anybody die? - No.
All the victims describe the attacks the same way? Only one victim has come forward.
So, how do you know that there are three crimes? Well, that's a long story.
It's also not an answer.
Afraid it'll have to be.
Look, I'm trying to help you guys out.
We close your case, I close three of mine.
Except you only have one.
Sue Smart, last Thursday night.
Terry Thurlow, the Saturday before that at 2:00 a.
And Joe Lone Elk, not sure what day, but before dawn.
So, why do you need my help? Because I'm having a harder and harder time getting people to take me seriously on the Res.
And you have a murder.
People pay attention to a murder.
Our surviving victim was pretty traumatized.
Maybe these folks remember some more details.
Maybe you and I ought to do this together.
Lone Elk.
I want to talk to you about what happened when you were leaving the casino a while back.
Yeah? What happened? You went to the casino, and you won a few hundred bucks, and you got mugged.
Well, the Lord giveth, Lord taketh away.
Wasn't the Lord, though, who ran you off the road and robbed you at gunpoint.
How you know about that? Why don't you tell us what happened? Why? You seem to know it all.
Not yet.
How many of them were there? Two.
- Can you describe them? - Nope.
You didn't see them, or you don't want to describe them? Look, it happened.
It's done.
Way I see it, I was being punished for trying to take a shortcut.
What kind of shortcut? Took out a loan at the casino.
Instead of working to try to pay it back, I played craps.
What do you mean, you took a loan out at the casino? Exactly that.
It's easier than the bank.
There's no paperwork.
How big a loan? $500.
Won it all back that night, too.
I should have paid off that loan right away.
I should have known it was too good to be true.
I'm not supposed to be gambling.
I'm in a program.
I was meant to work for that money, which is what I'm doing now.
Hear you get $3 or $4 a pound for good copper.
Really? That's interesting.
Okay, I will, um I will ask Ms.
Smart about that when I finally get a chance to talk to her.
- Okay.
- Wait.
Come on.
Please? Sit down.
Hey, I could use the company.
I'm still a little freaked out about what happened earlier.
I've never seen a dead guy before.
Please? So, what's going on with my case? I mean, have we found the guy who killed Peter Hoyt yet? Uh, no, we didn't catch anybody yet.
Well, what do you think, then? I mean, do you think that it was just a random thing, - or did he actually know the guy? - We don't know shit, Travis.
Only that it's probably not an isolated incident and that it most likely has something to do with the casino and loan-sharking.
Loan-sharking? You're saying there's loan sharks here in Absaroka? I guess.
Walt just interviewed one of the victims, and he said he took a loan out at the casino.
Look, I am really tired, and I have to interview a witness at the crack of dawn, so I am gonna go home.
You know what? I should probably go, too.
I'll walk you out.
Please don't.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you? - Good.
- You want some coffee? - Yes, please.
So, Sue Smart took out a loan at the casino, too.
She say who she dealt with? Well, maybe Ferg will have more luck.
Thanks, Vic.
You're here early.
I guess I am.
There's a lot going on.
Murder and serial muggings, so Don't lie to me, Walter.
I know you slept here last night.
And the night before that.
Well, I never said I didn't.
And I know everything that's going on in this office.
I know that.
So, I know you were using my computer last night.
Well, actually, it's the department's computer.
And you were Googling a Dr.
Donna Sue Monaghan.
- I was just doing some follow-up - No, you were doing an image search.
Walter Longmire, what do you think Martha would say if she could look down and see you right now? She'd say, "I'm bored.
" Sleeping in a jail cell, brooding, never cracking a smile.
- I smile.
- If you like her, ask her out.
I won't tell anyone.
Good morning! What do you want, Travis? Uh, I need to have a little confab with the sheriff.
- Here I am.
- Hey, can we have a little bit of privacy? Nope.
What is it? Well, thought you might like to know that you now have someone on the inside.
Inside of what? The casino.
Well, I heard that you thought that the Peter Hoyt murder might have something to do with loan-sharking, so I, uh I went down to the casino and I took out a loan.
Who told you that the Peter Hoyt murder had anything to do with loan-sharking? I don't know that that's really all that important right now.
I may have, uh, inadvertently mentioned something.
Okay, Serpico.
Tell me about your loan.
All right, so, I let it slip at the craps table that I could really use a loan.
Around 3:00 a.
, this dude approaches me and tells me he can put me in contact with somebody.
Tells me to go to the second-floor men's room, uh, third stall from the left, and that my contact would occupy the second stall.
You took out a loan in the men's restroom? Yeah.
$1,200 at, uh, 20% due next week.
I know.
Can you believe that people actually fall for that crap? - Well, you did.
- No, I didn't.
I'm working as an informant.
Could you I.
the man that gave you the loan? Well, um, see, our transaction was stall to stall, so I didn't see his face in the bathroom.
Did you get a name or a nickname, anything? Not at that moment, but So, the information that you dug up is that you can get a bad loan? Look, I said I didn't see his face in the bathroom, but I saw his boots.
They were ostrich, blue.
I mean, they made a statement.
And I recognized them from earlier at the craps table.
They belong to this big Indian dude, guy named, uh, Darren or or Julius.
- Was it Darius? - Yes.
Scary-looking dude.
So, um, how do I go about getting reimbursed? Do I talk to Ruby or what? Why don't you just return the money that you borrowed? Look, I had to sell my cover, so I, uh I spent it.
What the hell did you spend $1,200 on? Craps.
My name is Cady L Cady.
Is Mathias here? Some white girl to see you.
Let me see if I understand.
You want to help me clear my case backlog for free.
I want to provide legal services to people who otherwise wouldn't get them, whether they need a prosecutor or a defender.
For free? Well, I'm I'm not looking to get rich.
Then you've come to the right place.
Look, I'm trained as a lawyer, and I'm tending bar.
And even if I weren't, the more I learn about most law, the more I realize it's not for me.
But the Gabriella Langton rape showed me a way in which I could use my education that won't make me hate myself.
You Longmires are a strange lot.
These are cases we forwarded to the feds and that they declined to pursue, either for lack of funds lack of evidence or just plain lack of interest.
You can have them for an hour.
Make copies, bring them back.
Thank you.
I should take a picture right now and write "before" underneath it.
It was right here.
Well, how can you tell? There's no landmarks.
Sure there are.
See that bird's nest? You want to mark the exact spot? So, Jerry, you said you were robbed by two men.
Could one of them have been Cheyenne? I don't know.
Were they big men? Small? Oh, big.
And one of them might have had long hair.
Did you or Peter take out a loan at the casino? I didn't.
What about Peter? Were you two together the whole time? Yeah, except when he went to the bathroom.
There's some other folks, also got mugged.
They gave us some details.
Could this man have been one of your attackers? Could be.
Can I help you? Do you have any pliers that are a little more delicate than this? Don't want your pliers too delicate.
Those there are guaranteed for 25 years.
Yes, but I need something narrower to work in small spaces.
I may have some in the back.
- Hello? - Hi, Henry.
I'm putting Walt through.
Go ahead, Walt.
Henry, I need to find someone.
Who? Darius Burns, uh, Malachi's thug.
Remember I told you I have this robbery homicide? Well, I just found out that Joe Lone Elk was robbed, too.
He took out a loan from the casino before he got mugged.
Turns out he got the cash from Darius, and now Darius has been tentatively I.
'd as one of the gunmen by another victim, so any idea where I might find Darius? As a matter of fact, yes.
My office at the Red Pony.
Is he there right now? I cannot say for sure.
The door is closed.
But he is usually around at this time of day.
Thanks, Henry.
I'll see you in a few.
Sir? I think these will do.
So, you can't describe anything about them at all? No, I didn't get a look at either of them.
Look, if you hear anything else, do not hesitate to call.
All righty, here we go.
3 on 13.
Not a problem there, boss man.
Here we go, guys.
Here we go.
Red 30.
Wise choice, boss.
All righty, no more bets, guys.
No more bets.
What are you doing here? I was checking out the new casino.
Got a little time on my hands.
What about you? You guys still got two deputies patrolling the whole county? Uh, well, three.
Yeah, uh, Walt ended up hiring Zachary Heflin.
He told Zachary and me both he wasn't hiring either of us.
Is that usually, uh a part of his M.
, lying? Just probably a misunderstanding.
I was there.
Clear as a bell.
Usually play those kind of head games? Look, uh, the sheriff, he's a secretive guy.
He doesn't always tell you what he's thinking or doing or even why.
But, uh, he's a good man.
Really? Black 26! I'm gonna get out your hair.
I'm bad luck for you.
Please make it fast, Sheriff.
Where were you two nights ago? What time? Between midnight and 3:00 a.
At the casino.
You didn't leave at any point? Nope.
You loan anybody money recently? No.
So you're not loaning money at high rates out of the casino bathroom? No.
That sounds both illegal and unsanitary.
I have witnesses that say different.
About my alibi or about the bathroom loans? Both.
Did they describe me? Yep.
Dark skin, long hair, scary-looking, talked in an Indian accent? Here's what they said.
They owed you money from illegal loans.
They won it back at the casino on the way out.
They got mugged, probably by you or one of Malachi's other guys.
So, you got your money back, and they still think they owe you.
And I'm guessing you raised the interest rates when they didn't make the payments on time.
"Guessing"? Am I under arrest for something? Then don't let the door hit you in the ass.
The sheriff, he's a secretive guy.
He doesn't always tell you what he's thinking or doing or why.
Well, this is a funny coincidence.
Well, I knew that you, uh, had your group, uh, today, so I, um All right, Sheriff.
What is this, hmm? I assume you have a reason for tracking me down twice in two days, but you seem to not want to share it with me.
Well, earlier I was apologizing.
You weren't.
No, I was.
I wasn't.
Uh I guess I, um I-I guess I really, um, didn't, um didn't, um I mean, I did, um, somewhere in the back of, um, my mind.
But I, uh, was, um It's been a long time.
I'd, uh I just feel we got off on the wrong foot, obviously.
Um, I was hoping you would forget about that, and, uh, I'd like to ask you if you'd like to go for dinner with me.
I said it.
I mean, sometime soon.
My God, that was excruciating.
Tell me about it.
It was like watching you pass a kidney stone or something.
It's been a very long time for me.
What do you say? Well, I, um Well, I, um I think I'm gonna pass.
Look, I know, um I know you must be mad at me.
No, no, no, that's not it.
That's not it.
I know that you were just trying to do your job, okay? But, you know, I just I-I spend I spend all day trying to convince manly men like yourself that that, you know, they should deal with their emotions, and I just don't want to do the same thing on my free time.
So But that was very sweet.
Hello? The man who was mugged, you said it was Joe Lone Elk? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause he just walked into my office my former office with Darius.
And he looked scared.
Darius claims to have an alibi for the time of the mugging.
Not that I believe him.
There is someone else with him a man named Lane Potter.
He is not a very good person.
How do you know him? Only by reputation.
But the fact that he is friends with Darius confirms what I have heard.
You think this Lane Potter works for Darius? It certainly looks that way.
Thanks, Henry.
Mom! Door! - Well, look who's here.
- Ms.
Murphy, I was, uh, wondering I'm surprised you have the nerve to show your face at this house.
Do you have any idea how hard Travis worked to get ready for your job interview, how much it meant to him? And you wouldn't even give him a chance.
- I appreciate your son's passion - Oh, you most certainly do not.
Mom! Who is it? Sheriff High Horse.
Let him in.
Why? So he can come here and trample your dreams? Mom! Please! I'm sorry about that, Sheriff.
My mom can be, uh, a little overprotective.
There you go.
So, uh, what's up? I just need to, um, clarify a few things about your, uh your notes.
Yeah, absolutely.
You wrote 12:22.
Is that the time you encountered, uh, Jerry, or was that when he was attacked? Uh Maybe.
Uh Maybe it's when we arrived back at the car.
What about this one? It says "car.
" Did Jerry give a description of the car that ran him off the road? Maybe? Come on, Travis.
Now I got a new suspect, man named Lane Potter.
He drives a blue Honda.
Is there any chance that you and Jerry talked about the car? Okay.
I remember now.
Um, he was just saying that it wasn't the car that drove him off the road.
Well, that's what He wasn't talking about that car.
What was it? Well, Jerry was saying that he wishes that he'd have driven his own car that night, that things might have turned out a little bit differently if, uh, his buddy didn't wind up having to drive him home.
Thanks, Travis.
Those are so you can kick my ass.
I was an idiot earlier, and I am sorry.
I thought I owed you an explanation.
You don't.
I get it.
And after what happened with Gab, it'd be weird if you weren't a little cynical.
Well, you came in with a big heart trying to help, and I just rained all over your idealism.
It's okay.
Come in.
I'll get you a beer.
I was just feeling powerless and frustrated.
I know the feeling.
That's why I was trying to do something.
So, what happens with a case like Gab's when the victim will not testify? Does it just go away? Those two guys Does anything at all show up on their records? No.
They go Scot-free.
Do you still have your files? On the rape case? Yeah.
Are there pictures of Gab's assailants? I think so.
Why? I was wondering if I could see them.
I find myself looking at every man who comes into the bar and imagining he is one of them.
It is difficult to provide quality customer service under those circumstances.
Here they are.
Here you go.
Oh, I'll get you that beer.
You need some help? Oh.
Hey, Sheriff.
I didn't hear you drive up.
I parked up the road a bit.
I didn't want to disturb you.
I didn't want you to run off.
No danger of that.
I guess I meant to say I didn't want you to drive off.
Anyway, I got to thinking that this cross was a little too close to the road.
I was afraid somebody might knock it down.
I'm thinking I'm gonna build a little grotto here so that Pete's father and family can come by and light candles for him.
At night when it's all lit up, that's gonna be beautiful.
Can you hand me that cross there? Why'd you lie to me, Jerry? Why'd you say you needed a ride out here? You got a car.
Those hand controls how do they work? Push down to brake, pull back towards you to accelerate.
I just got it out of the shop.
You got a receipt for that work? Your car wasn't in the shop.
You needed me Not to drive you, to show you where the shooting happened.
- Well, yes, so I could put my cross up.
- No.
So you could find what you left behind that night.
What? You were never robbed, Jerry.
Of course we were, just like those other people you told me about.
You shot Peter Hoyt.
Oh, well.
It was worth a try.
I never really thought I'd get away with it until you told me about those other robberies.
So, what happened that night? I told him to pull over 'cause I was having a problem with my colostomy bag.
And when he came around to the side of the car to help me out, I shot him right in the face.
For this? I don't think you killed him for $3,000.
Then why don't you tell me why? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe the colostomy bag.
Or the chronic nightmares.
Or the itch I imagine in my dead, useless foot.
I had a lot of reasons, Sheriff.
I just knew I was never gonna be okay until I erased him from this earth.
And then I got to thinking that that $3,000 would come in handy for my medical bills.
But that was kind of stupid.
So you never forgave him.
I'm not so sure forgiveness exists.
People talk about it a lot.
It always seems like they're trying to talk themselves into believing something they know is horseshit.
You put on a pretty good act.
His family thinks you were his friend.
You testified at his parole hearing.
I had to.
I was getting scared that he was gonna die in prison.
And I don't know what I would have done if that had happened.
Planning his death was all that kept me alive.
Father Donahue told me that forgiveness would bring me peace.
He was wrong.
I never forgave that asshole.
But I'm at peace now.
Hey, Ferg, I got a man in custody in your car.
I need you and Vic to come pick him up.
I'm near mile marker 10.
They'll be along soon enough.
It's all good.
So, uh, Ruby called me.
She said it was an emergency.
I didn't say emergency.
Well, she did.
Well, Ruby can, uh, be a bit dramatic sometimes.
And this isn't dramatic? Sitting out here on the side of the road having some sweet, old lady do your bidding? Sheriff, are you afraid to call me yourself? I don't own a cell phone.
Really? Oh.
All right, well, if this isn't an emergency, then what is this? Well, I was just out for a walk.
Um, I was doing some thinking.
I wanted to talk, so I had Ruby call you for me.
I see.
Well, that's very high school of you.
Tell you what, if you want to talk, why don't you try calling and making an appointment? I killed a man.
When? Couple of months ago.
You ever read John Donne? Mm-hmm.
In college.
I remember a poem about a flea, but it was really about sex.
Different poem.
"Every man's death diminishes me For I am involved in Mankind" It always made sense to me.
Till a couple of months ago.
What was his name? Barlow.
I shot him.
But his death didn't diminish me.
It lifted a weight off of me.
And you feel guilty about that? Well, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty.
Why are you talking about this now? I just met this guy who did something wrong for understandable reasons, and he has no regrets.
I wish I could feel that way.
Did you do something wrong? No.
Man I killed deserved it.
I feel better now he's gone, lighter, more at ease.
This is you at ease? Yeah.
This is me at ease.
I even have dreams from time to time now.
Some pretty good ones.
So, you feel bad about feeling good, hmm? Isn't that just feeling bad? No, I don't think so.
I think that you have forgiven yourself for something that you consider unforgivable.
Well, it is unforgivable.
To kill another man, that's never okay.
But you said he deserved it.
He did.
Did you do anything illegal? The FBI cleared me, so Well, then.
It feels strange.
Of course it does.
Forgiveness isn't a natural thing for most people.
But I guess you're not most people.
You were seriously just gonna let me drive away? You have no car.