Longmire s05e08 Episode Script

Stand Your Ground

1 Took you long enough.
Well, I had to drive from Sheridan.
What's so urgent? It's out back.
Someone left hundred-dollar chips out here like a trail of breadcrumbs.
Leading to what? I'll show you.
The stake is mine.
The flag is not.
[Walt] This is Gaelic.
[Nighthorse] Yeah.
"Tiocfaidh ár lá.
" It means, "Our Day Will Come.
" That's an IRA slogan.
And it's a message from Boston.
So why are your mob partners threatening you? [scoffs] They're not my partners, I say again.
In fact, I just sent a very clear message to them that they're not welcome in my casino.
I canceled all the pending reservations for Manifest Destinations.
This would seem to be their response.
Why did you call me? Why not call Mathias or Malachi? Well, as you once pointed out, my home is technically in your county.
And I don't have complete confidence in my own security detail right now.
[Walt] Why should I believe you? How do I know you didn't just stage this like you did with David Ridges' funeral pyre? That'd be a pretty good way to convince me you're cutting ties with the mob.
You know, Walt this was not an easy call for me to make.
So what is it you want? [Nighthorse] I want protection.
I want to stay alive.
[Henry] Cady, it is Henry again.
I thought you were coming by with your friend two hours ago.
- This is not like you.
- [siren wailing] I am on my way over.
- What happened here? - Somebody got shot.
Do you know who? Cops came, took some people away.
It's quiet in here.
We can talk without an audience.
Did the hospital call? Is J.
gonna make it? We're still waiting for word.
I'm sorry to make you two go through all this again, but it's important for us to have all of our facts straight.
So if you wouldn't mind starting at the beginning, I understand J.
Wright was served with a protective order - She made me do it.
- [Cady] Asha.
You really shouldn't speak without a lawyer present.
But you're my lawyer.
It's a little complicated right now.
[Mathias] There's no need for a lawyer.
This isn't an interrogation.
Nobody's under arrest.
I just want to get your statements while it's all still fresh.
I'd like to make a phone call.
Go ahead.
I'll I'll be in the hallway, Asha.
Don't say a word.
[knock on door] Walt, hey.
What are you doing here? Can I come in? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
So, uh, you live here now? Yeah.
Do you want a beer? I'd love one.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So, um I just wanted to let you know that I hired Eamonn.
What? Temporarily.
What for? Well, I needed to put somebody on a security detail at Jacob Nighthorse's house, and I can't spare you or Ferg for that, so Since when do we run security for Jacob Nighthorse? Uh, since a couple hours ago.
He, uh, called me to his house and showed me a trail of poker chips in his, uh, back field leading to this.
So, um what do poker chips and a flag mean, exactly? Well, uh Nighthorse wants me to believe it means the Irish Mob is coming after him 'cause he kicked them out of the casino.
You don't believe him? I don't know.
It's possible.
Um In fact, um I may be, uh, kind of responsible for the threat on his life.
What did you do? Nothing, really.
Just, um Well, I may have threatened the head of the Irish Mob to his face.
You did not.
I told him to, uh, get out of the casino and out of Absaroka or I'd give his name to the FBI.
So there's a mob boss in Absaroka? No.
You remember when I took a couple of days off? I, um I actually flew to Boston.
Jesus, Walt.
Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? Well, I think I'm starting to, yeah.
Why would you threaten a mob boss ever, much less when you have a massive lawsuit hanging over your head? It was just the, um the depositions really got to me.
I felt handcuffed.
I couldn't make a move without thinking how it was gonna affect that stupid lawsuit, and I just I just needed to act.
I do realize, in retrospect, I may have gone, uh gone a bit too far.
But, um that leads me to my bigger concern.
You have a bigger concern? Yeah.
It's possible that the Irish Mob may have put a hit out.
Only they put it out on me.
Really? Nighthorse and the mob may have set this whole thing up to lure me into a trap, kill me, and resume operations at the casino.
So If this is true and the mob sent a hit man to Wyoming to take you out, why don't you just turn this mob boss over to the FBI? They can take him into custody and take you out of the line of fire.
Because I gave my word.
And because the FBI has a leak.
How else would the mob have known when and where to ambush Ferg? If I give this guy's name to the FBI, he'll find out, go into hiding, and be even more likely to send somebody after me.
So what do we do? We need to find whoever was sent before they get the drop on me or Nighthorse.
We'll check airline manifests, hotel rooms, rental cars look for whoever came in from Boston.
Who are we looking for? Well, it's probably not the boss himself.
He probably sent somebody else.
- But if he didn't and - I can't tell you.
Walt, it's gonna be a lot easier for me to help you if I've got all the information.
Vic, the less you know about this guy, the better.
Now, I may be in trouble.
But I'm not gonna risk you getting hurt.
[cell phone ringing] [clears throat] Moretti.
It's for you.
[door opens] [footsteps approach] Caddie, I've been waiting for your call.
I just didn't expect it to be about this.
- Mr.
Morris, what are you doing here? - [Kevin] Representing you.
Is there a place where Ms.
Longmire and I can talk? Uh, privately? Come on, Asha.
Let's get some air.
Nighthorse contacted me and said you had a problem.
[chuckles] He is a master of understatement.
So [clears throat] Talk me through what happened.
- You're not my attorney.
- No.
I work for Jacob Nighthorse, and since you work for him I'd prefer someone else.
At 2:00 in the afternoon, you're not gonna find anyone in this county half as good as me.
At this hour, you're not gonna find anybody at all.
And you don't want to sleep here among the Doritos and Slim Jims.
You want to go home.
Let me help you.
So, did you shoot an Indian? No.
He's, um [clears throat] - He's a white male.
- [Kevin] Excellent.
And where did this white male get shot? - In the side - [Kevin] No.
I mean, where were you all when it happened? Oh.
Uh, he broke in to my office.
You have an office? Sort of.
It's an old foreclosed house.
A residence.
And did you change the C of O? No.
But what does real estate have to do with anything? Stand Your Ground.
Wyoming follows the Castle Doctrine.
A man's home is his castle, defendable against intruders.
- This happened on the Res.
- [Kevin] Doesn't matter.
You're a white woman who shot a white man.
Tribal law doesn't apply to you.
Your case gets kicked up to the state.
So as long as this house belongs to someone, you're golden.
Now, who's Asha? She's a client.
Uh, I served her husband with a restraining order.
He's the one who attacked us.
So she was with you at the time.
Is this wife of the victim your only witness? I mean, will she back you up that you acted in self-defense? We were both being threatened.
I think I saved her life.
Well, that's good.
I can build a Castle Doctrine defense for sure, but it'll really help to have the wife on your side.
Do you feel like she is? I do.
[clears throat] Look.
I know this seems like the worst night of your life, but as they say in the Bible or something, "This, too, shall pass.
" All right, well, let me see if I can spring you for the night.
- Asha.
- You killed him! Aah! - You killed J.
! - Asha, get off! The hospital called! He died in surgery! You murdered him! - I never should've listened to you! - Get her out.
Get her out of here.
I loved him, and now he's gone! Asha, come on.
[Asha] My husband is gone.
[Kevin] It's okay.
It's okay.
[breathing heavily] I'm not so sure she's on your side.
Every passenger in the last 72 hours whose flight originated from Boston.
Yeah, you can fax it to the number I gave you.
Thank you.
So, Walt didn't tell you where he was going? He got a call from Henry, and he raced off with no explanation.
You know, that thing that he does.
[Ferg] Yeah, I just I don't understand how we're gonna find this guy if Walt didn't tell us his name.
[Vic] Name doesn't matter.
Guy probably sent another guy who works for him.
But now that we got these passenger lists coming in, we should follow up with the local hotels and see if anybody fits the profile.
The "hit man" profile? Yeah.
We'll just follow and photograph every adult traveling from Boston to Wyoming.
Shouldn't be a problem.
[sighs] You do realize the whole "needle in a haystack" absurdity of all this, - don't you? - You know what, Ferg? Just go hang out with your girlfriend, 'cause I got this, okay? You know, I don't mind the extra work if it gets a bull's-eye off Walt's back, all right? Okay.
Don't bite my head off.
What is with you these days? I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
This is just It's a lot, so [clears throat] Why don't I take all the hotels from here to Cody and you go the other direction towards Sheridan? Yeah.
Where's Cady? Cady Longmire? Cady Longmire's a murderer! [Mathias] Take her back to my office.
Cady's in the interview room.
My daughter under arrest? - No, she's just giving a statement.
- I'm taking her home.
I just took him to the hospital thinking his daughter had been shot.
You could not find it in yourself to call me? I've had my hands full with this.
It's not often a white girl shoots a white guy on the Res.
After all I have done for you All you've done for me is the minimum required to save your ass.
That doesn't earn you special treatment.
I still have a job to do.
Get your hands off her.
- Dad, it's okay.
- No, it's not.
- Now, you leave her alone.
- Dad, stop.
They got no right, Cady.
Actually, they do, because I shot and I killed a man.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm not sure you need to be saying anything like that.
- Who's he? - I'm her lawyer.
Kevin Morris.
I represent Jacob Nighthorse's concerns.
He sent me when Cady called.
- [Mathias] You get everything you need? - [man] Yes, sir.
Then you're free to go.
We'll be in touch tomorrow.
- [Kevin] You need a ride, Cady? - No.
No, I'll take her home.
[woman] We did have a man check in from Boston.
Joe Bauman.
Oh, he just went out.
You could probably catch him in the parking lot.
He's in a white Chevy Malibu.
[engine starts] [camera shutter clicks] [man] Give me a fish filet, no mayonnaise, no bun.
And do you have caffeine-free Slice? What That's fine.
That'll do.
No french fries.
Thank you.
[thud] What the hell?! This is a rental! Sorry! My bad.
[camera shutter clicking] - Need a bag? - All good.
[cashier] Can I help you? Uh, yeah, just right behind you.
You want some condoms? No, um beneath the [clicks tongue] The pregnancy test? Could you say it any louder? [spits] Made you some tea.
Uh, thank you.
It's hot.
I really appreciate you taking me home, Dad.
So, why didn't you call me? What? Oh.
Uh, well, the shooting happened on the Res, so made sense to call Jacob.
Jacob's the one who put you in danger in the first place.
That's what he does.
He lures people into situations where they get hurt, and, uh nobody can ever tie him to it.
Well, you can stop blaming Jacob, because it was J.
Wright who attacked me.
And I'm I'm lucky that I had Jacob's gun.
Nighthorse gave you a gun? So he knew he was putting you at risk.
[Cady] It's a Cheyenne gesture of trust.
Something that you could use a little bit more of.
[Walt] Don't be so naive, Cady.
Nighthorse is not your friend.
He's the last one you should count on.
I wanted to count on you.
I asked you to help me serve that restraining order against J.
Wright, and you turned me down.
You told me to quit.
Well, if you listened to me, none of this would've happened.
[Cady] Okay.
Um I'm really tired, Dad.
Okay? I just want to go to sleep.
Okay? Okay.
Cady, it is Henry.
Just checking to see how you are feeling this morning and to find out when would be a good time to come by later.
I may have a gift for you if I can find what I am looking for.
Let me know.
[sighs] [sighs] [door closes] You look rough.
What happened last night? Uh, um There was an incident at, um, Cady's office.
[liquid pouring] What type of incident? A shooting.
Cady shot a guy in self-defense.
You come up with any leads on hit men coming in from Boston? Cady shot a guy? - Is she okay? - She's fine.
She shot him.
So, what'd you learn last night? So, we got flight manifests from Range Air and Frontier out of Sheridan and all other major airlines and charters out of Cody.
[Vic] We tracked a number of Boston-based passengers to local hotels and photographed as many of them as we could.
Does anyone look familiar? Of course, none of these include anyone who's staying with family or came in by bus or car.
Who's this? Can't make out a face.
Oh, I caught him just before he went inside.
Um, Dennis Wabash.
Boston to Minneapolis to Sheridan.
Dennis Wabash is Jacob Blankenship's old cohort.
Who's Jacob Blankenship? Jacob Nighthorse before he changed his name.
According to Jacob's records, Dennis Wabash committed suicide.
30 years ago.
So either Dennis Wabash isn't really dead or someone else from Boston is traveling using a dead man as an alias.
A dead man connected to Nighthorse.
Where's Dennis staying, Ferg? Peaksman Motel in Sheridan.
I'm heading to Sheridan.
I don't think that's a very good idea.
I have to.
If he's come from Boston and he's who I think he is, he clearly didn't get my message the first time.
And you're clearly not getting his.
Oh, I'm getting his message.
I just don't care for it.
You two head home.
Get some rest.
[door closes] Hold it right there! You're on private property.
I am just here to see Jacob Nighthorse.
What's in the bag? Who, exactly, are you? - I'm with the Sheriff's Department.
- No, you are not.
- I know everyone in that department.
- I'm a temp.
What's in the bag? What is in the bag is private.
You don't want to show me? That's fine.
Turn around, get on the ground.
Turn around and get on the ground! Right now, on your knees.
Get down.
There you are.
[Cady] Hi.
Mandy, uh what's going on? Well, I was walking past, and there were all of these people waiting outside, so I let them in.
How did you get in? Broken window.
Yo, you should really fix that.
Why are all these people here? Well, word spread that you killed a white man.
Means you can't be all bad.
People are taking you more seriously now.
Oh, I-I took $20 from each of them.
That's like a retainer, right? No, no, no.
You have to give that back.
This is - This is a nonprofit legal-aid center.
- Free is insulting.
If you don't charge them, people will think that you're giving them shitty service.
I, uh I-I need a I need a minute.
Excuse me.
So you want me to write down everything he did to me? [Mandy] Mm-hmm, yep.
So, we got a couple DUIs, some child-custody cases, and a guy who wants to sue the federal government.
This isn't what I wanted.
Going from having no clients to a full house? No, I I mean, I-I want to help people, but I didn't want to have to kill a man to raise my reputation.
Well, you can't put that toothpaste back in the tube.
So, who do you want to see first? I can't.
Tell them to come back tomorrow.
Henry Standing Bear.
He says he knows you, but he was on the premises without permission, he wouldn't cooperate.
I have been racially profiled.
I didn't profile you.
You were acting suspicious.
That's all right, Eamonn, I know him.
Will you give us a moment, please? What is that guy doing here, Jacob? [Nighthorse] Walt sent him over.
- Walt Longmire? - Yeah.
You're the one that gave me the idea to reach out to him to help deal with the threat of the mob.
I am beginning to regret that.
Yeah? What were you doing out there, Henry, to make Eamonn suspicious? Bringing you good news.
I found Malachi's second set of financial records for the Red Pony.
As I suspected, it tells a very different story.
[humming, clapping] I know Know you ain't Know you ain't no saint And I won't be Calling out your name [beeping] And, oh, Lord, it's dirt It's been dirt before Know all you're doing Is dragging it across my floor And let Let my dogs lie [microwave beeping] [beer sloshing] [country music playing] Wow.
I'm sorry.
If I'd known you'd be showing up here, I would've brought some lobsters.
- [silverware clinks] - In exchange for the trout.
They were delicious, by the way.
I prepared them with an almond crust, a little lemon.
Well, if you weren't expecting me, who were you expecting? An old friend.
[Walt] Jacob Blankenship? You're a man who knows his history.
That's a name I haven't heard in 30 years.
Well, that's about the time that Jacob was hanging out with Dennis Wabash.
And that's the name you used to check in to that motel.
[Walt] Clearly you all knew each other.
We did.
We were all college radicals.
Bonded over the fact that we had all lost our countries to colonizing assholes.
But that was all a very long time ago.
I've moved on from that naive idealism to a more effective pragmatism.
I can tell you the whole boring story if you want.
[Walt] There's no need.
You're leaving.
I told you to stay out of my county.
I'm not in your county.
This is Sheridan.
Named after an Irish general Philip Sheridan.
Kind of a bad guy, actually.
He's credited with saying, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian.
" Well, I know one Indian who believes you're here to make sure he's dead.
Nighthorse thinks you put that in his garden as a warning.
Little theatrical, don't you think? Tell me, Sheriff, when you're about to go after a suspect, do you send a singing telegram to tip him off? Please, sit.
You're making the waitress nervous.
Jacob's a friend of mine.
Why would I want him dead? Because he pulled out of your business arrangement at the casino.
He canceled all the reservations for Manifest Destinations.
I wasn't aware of that.
In fact, I'm the one who pulled out of the casino, just as you and I agreed.
Do we agree? [Shane] Well, no.
I suppose not formally.
But after your visit, I did a profit-and-loss analysis, something I do on a regular basis.
And I agreed with you.
There are hundreds of shitty little casinos all across this great country of ours that don't come encumbered with Indian ghost vigilantes and crusading sheriffs.
The potential profits in Absaroka aren't worth the risk.
So, one conversation and you fly out here under a fake name to shut up shop? Well, your colleagues back in Boston must think you're being a little rash.
The mistake a lot of people make in this business is they can't separate their emotions from business.
That's what often makes endings so drawn-out and messy and expensive.
People get caught up in cycles of vendetta, violence that are really just about injured pride.
I came out here to make sure none of that happened.
How did Nighthorse take it? Oh, I'm sure he's not happy.
How much money does a man need? He's prospering.
And, full disclosure, I did have another reason to come out here.
What's that? Wanted to make sure, if I hold up my end of the bargain you'll hold up yours.
I gave you my word.
And my gut says you're a trustworthy man.
But, again, I have to separate my emotions from my business.
It's like Ronald Reagan used to say about negotiating with the Russians.
"Trust but verify.
" So you're a history buff, too.
[Shane] Mm.
So, I have made a clean break with Four Arrows Casino, and I've taken care of Eddie Harp.
No risk of him getting chatty with the FBI.
Now I need assurances that you won't, either.
So you didn't come out here to kill me? Just here to make sure I don't talk.
So long as I have nothing to worry about from you, you have nothing to worry about from me.
Neither does your daughter, Cady or your friend Mr.
Standing Bear or that deputy of yours.
The cute one.
I'm guessing she's the one you gave that envelope to, the one with my name in it.
I don't like being threatened.
Well, to be fair you started it.
You can never be too careful.
[Cindy] Hi.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Wabash, but there's no smoking allowed in here.
I'm sorry, Cindy.
It will not happen again.
People are so nice here.
Shame I have to leave.
But a deal's a deal, right, Sheriff? Asha.
No, Asha, wait! Wait, please! I really need to speak with you.
- [Henry] Hello? - Hey.
Is Malachi there right now? No, he is not.
I have not seen Malachi in a couple of days, actually.
[Nighthorse] Do you think he knows that the ledger is missing? No.
And he never will.
I'm gonna have to call you back, Henry.
So, what's up, gentlemen? Where you Where you guys going? [Walt] I'm taking Eamonn off this security detail.
There's no threat against your life.
I just got back from talking with your friend, the one who called himself Dennis Wabash.
He says he ended your business arrangement.
So it seems that if anybody would be likely to kill, - it would most probably be you.
- [Nighthorse] Okay.
"Dennis Wabash" called me at work asking to meet at a Sheridan motel.
A call from a dead man.
If that's not a threat, I don't know what it is.
- He's lying to you, Walt.
- No.
No, you are.
First, you neglect to tell me you were old friends with an Irish mob boss.
Then you leave out the fact that he's here in town trying to contact you, Jacob.
You know, honestly, I'm tired of your denials about your arrangements with organized crime.
I'm done.
There is no arrangement.
I don't know what I have to do to get through to you.
He and I were friends decades ago.
The IRA and the American Indian Movement had common cause.
Both of us were trying to overthrow our occupiers.
But I left all of that behind after Dennis killed himself.
When my friend contacted me a year ago to suggest a partnership with the casino, I flew out to Foxwoods specifically to tell him no.
You yourself saw me getting off the plane when I got back! Nobody flies all the way across the country to tell someone no.
Your friend was operating out of Four Arrows, pouring heroin into Absaroka, my county! Now, he's only just pulled out now because I threatened to give his name to the FBI.
Good God! The great white ego rides again.
So you're the reason he's leaving! Is that it, Walt? That's right! And I think you knew that.
That's wrong! So there is no threat against your life.
I think you arranged this whole thing just to get me out of the way so you could resume your profitable arrangement with your old friend.
Even for you, that is ridiculous! Okay.
Uh, you guys obviously have some stuff to work out, so I'm gonna go wait in the car.
- [gunshots] - Aah! [gunshots] Cover me! [gunshots] - Walt! - Hey, hey! Walt! You all right? Been better.
[grunting] I'll get you out of here.
Next time you're thinking of calling me for a favor, please don't.
- Pull him up! - Aah! Aah! [groaning] What happened? Are you okay? Uh, yeah.
There was, uh There was a hit.
I don't know if I was the target or Nighthorse, but Eamonn caught one of the bullets.
Eamonn did? Yeah, he got hit in the leg, lost a lot of blood, but he's okay.
Doctor said you could go see him if you want.
Did you follow them, the shooters? Did you see them? I was taking care of Eamonn, but Nighthorse ran after them.
He couldn't catch them.
Well, whoever they were, I guess we're lucky that they have shitty aim.
You should, um, go see your, um Go see Eamonn.
I should get back over to Nighthorse's, make sure nobody disturbs the crime scene.
Do you think that we're dating? Me and Eamonn? You said you were.
Not dating, exactly, but I just figured Uh, yeah, 'cause we're not.
Um So you don't want to see him? Oh, I'm gonna go see him.
I guess I'll see you later.
[knock on door] You decent? Not if I stand up.
Your boss is so jealous, he tried to kill me.
[chuckles] Aren't you supposed to be resting? Well, since I have some downtime, I'm taking the chance to look up some career alternatives.
Jobs where you don't get shot.
So everything in law enforcement is out, of course.
I thought maybe I'd go back to medical school, but look.
"Crazed meth head shoots up emergency room.
" Then I thought, maybe I'll work with children.
"Fifth grader brings Uzi to class.
" It's good you're thinking about your future.
I have been, too actually and what we talked about at the the Red Pony, that I needed to figure out what was going on with me before there could be an us.
Oh, you figured all that out? That was pretty quick.
Well, it's been six weeks, you know? Six and a half, seven.
Uh anyway, yeah.
I have been thinking about what I want.
"Dentist shot in Dallas.
" Eamonn, please? Yeah.
So, uh I guess I was wondering, now that you, uh you don't work for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department anymore if you were gonna be hanging around.
Do you want me to? I want to know what you want.
I don't know.
Think maybe it's time to move on.
I haven't had the best luck here.
But can we not talk about this now? Because I don't think I'm supposed to make any big decisions while I'm flying on painkillers.
You know.
And besides, what's the hurry? You know, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to think that Nighthorse was telling the truth.
Well, you did say that he returned fire.
Hardly makes sense for him to do that if he was setting you up.
And he pursued the shooters all the way back here.
Sheriff, here.
That's a nice direct line of sight.
So you're thinking this really was the mob? How many men attacked you on the road? Eight.
[footsteps approach] I need a favor.
I want Cady's rifle back.
No can do.
It's evidence.
You are not required to hold a weapon used in self-defense.
So you're a lawyer now on top of being Hector? I have done you a lot of favors, Mathias.
I am now asking you for one.
[grumbles] What are you gonna do with it? Return it to its rightful owner.
[Mathias] You might want to hang on to it yourself.
I've heard rumors that there's a bounty on Hector's head.
- Are you aware of this? - Why do you think I have been laying low? The bounty is up to $20,000.
For that much money, I might start thinking about killing you.
- That is not funny.
- Sure it is.
So, you have any idea who wants Hector dead? No.
But I do know someone who will want Henry dead pretty soon.
Why? What'd you do this time? It does not concern you.
Thank you for this.
And now you owe me another favor.
There were two dozen casings in the woods, all in one pile.
Compared to 90 casings where Eddie Harp was taken, scattered all over the pavement.
The mob sent eight men to extract Eddie.
Now, as far as I can tell, there was just one shooter sent to Nighthorse's house to kill either him or me.
This mob boss would never send one guy for this job.
He's careful.
He likes to minimize his risk.
I know that much about him.
So then you don't think the attack at Nighthorse's house was a mob hit.
Just doesn't fit their style.
Plus, Nighthorse said he never had a deal with the mob.
Even though the mob swears they did.
So which one's lying? Maybe neither of them is lying.
Excuse me.
- Can I help you? - Ah.
I'm looking for Ms.
So if you could just take this home and get the same Some douchebag here to see you.
Um, and just take this home and get it signed for me.
Uh, we can talk more about it tomorrow, Mr.
Howling Bull.
- Oh, o-okay.
- Okay? - All right, thank you.
- Thank you.
Charming employee.
Yeah, she kind of hired herself.
What do you want? Just to see you smile.
And to brag a little bit.
The district attorney went for my Castle Doctrine argument.
He signed off this morning.
There won't be any charges against you.
You're good to go.
That's it.
Just like that.
I'm that good.
Smart about the C of O.
And the cot in the back room's a nice touch.
Just don't shoot the next guy in your driveway.
What do you mean "the next guy"? We both know I'll be back.
Oh, come on, Walt.
I just washed my car.
Now you're putting your big ol' greasy fingerprints all over it.
Spotted this car in Sheridan the other night.
Well, is there anything illegal about Indians being in Sheridan? Nope.
But there's something awfully coincidental about you being at the same motel in Sheridan where the head of the Irish Mob is staying.
Yeah, well, uh, I was once in the same restaurant as Susan Lucci.
Does that mean I should be nominated for a Daytime Emmy? Huh? And then there's the record of you flying out to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut where this mob boss is rumored to work.
Now, that was just two days after Nighthorse went to see him.
So, you want to know what I think? No.
I think Jacob told you that he turned down the Irish Mob.
You flew back to make your own deal.
That would explain why the mob said they had a deal with the casino and why Nighthorse said they didn't.
He knew nothing about it.
Boy, you're you're making me sound like a movie villain.
Huh? Jetting out to meet the mob, selling out my own boss.
Well, I'm not that smart.
Oh, I never said you were smart.
But I do think you had your own side deal with the mob, and you were pocketing all the cash.
Now they're pulling out, you stand to lose a lot of money.
I bet that makes you angry.
You know what makes me angry? Covering for that lying half-breed Nighthorse.
You know, you think he doesn't know what goes on inside his own casino? [sighs] Okay.
Here's what actually happened.
He did say no to his IRA buddies.
But then he ordered me to go back and make a deal with those dirty Irishmen.
He wanted them to deal with me and keep him out of it.
So when your car was parked outside that hotel in Sheridan, you were negotiating with the mob on Nighthorse's behalf.
Shane told me they were pulling out.
Said he wasn't making enough money to justify the trouble he had with this damn new Hector and, of course, you.
So that's why you shot at me outside Nighthorse's house.
- 'Cause I cost you a lot of money.
- [scoffs] Listen, I could care less about that.
I make good money as the head of security.
A lot more than I made when I was a cop.
[chuckles] But you know who does care? Jacob.
He went through the roof when I told him the mob was pulling out.
Sounds to me like you're throwing him under the bus to cover for yourself, Malachi.
Let me ask you this, bonehead.
When you were being "shot at," did any of those bullets hit Jacob's precious house? I'm guessing not.
Come on, Walt, when are you gonna learn? Jacob Nighthorse is the master of the long con.
He's throwing us all under the bus.
Why should I believe any of this? You want proof that he's a criminal and a murderer? Well, I can give you that proof.
I know where all the bodies are buried.
You meet me tonight, and I'll give you everything you need to bring Nighthorse to his knees.
Hello? Henry.
I heard you had a very busy day today.
The place was flooded with people.
Um And I've never felt so alone.
Everyone thinks that I can help them, Henry, but I don't know that I can.
I mean, the last person that I tried to help, I ended up I ended up [voice breaking] I ended up killing her husband.
I murdered someone, Henry.
- [sobbing] - Shh, shh.
You did not take a life, Cady.
You saved one.
Some in my tribe would say it is sacrilege to give an eagle feather to a white person.
War feathers are only supposed to be passed down in families.
But you are my family, Cady.
And when you defended Asha, you showed yourself to be a true Cheyenne warrior.
Thank you.
Thank you, Henry.
[Nighthorse] Hey.
Sorry I couldn't get here sooner.
Just wanted to make sure that you're okay.
I'm glad my gift proved useful.
Sorry I had to use it.
Sometimes force is the only thing people will listen to.
It can be very difficult to deal with the worst of what happens out here.
But I knew you had the strength to handle it.
Henry, may I see you outside for a moment? I'm proud of you, Cady.
So Turns out J.
Wright is not the only asshole going down this week.
What do you mean? You held up your end of the bargain, Henry.
It's time I held up mine.
You're gonna need this.
[engine shuts off] [gun clicks] You would think that a person that was worried about a mob hit would notice that they were being followed.
Why are you following me, Vic? A better question is, what the hell are you doing out on the Res? Meeting Malachi.
Here? Why? 'Cause he's either gonna give me evidence that proves that Nighthorse is behind the criminal activity at the casino or he's gonna try and kill me.
Murder attempt is all I need to arrest him.
That's great.
Except you'll be dead.
Kevlar? You've changed.
I started to realize that doing everything the same way hasn't been working out too well, so You ever think about giving it all up? Living a safe, simple life where you don't need Kevlar? Well, I certainly wouldn't blame you if that's what you wanted.
Maybe someday.
All right.
I'm going.
Hold on.
[sighs] I'm going with you.
- Vic.
- What? I've changed, too.
I'm done letting you do stupid shit on your own.
Let's go.
[dinging] [knife clinks] Funny meeting you guys here.
[Nighthorse] Yeah.
Bet you thought we were a final goodbye from Shane Muldoon.
Well That's what this is? A final goodbye? It is.
It was always gonna end like this, Malachi.
I knew when I opened the casino that it was gonna attract the criminal element.
You were always just meant to be a flu shot, that little bit of virus that you inject into the body so the body can learn to fight off the infection.
And now the body's gotten stronger, and it's time to get rid of the sickness once and for all.
Hank, you do know that this is all for show, right? It's pure theater.
He's saying this stuff just for your benefit.
It's all true.
You ordered that hit on me 'cause you knew I'd figured out your scam and I was gonna put a stop to all of it.
The loan-sharking, the muggings, the prostitution, the heroin.
You put that IRA flag in my yard to make it look like the mob, but I know it was you.
See, Hank? You're supposed to listen to that crap and go running it over to your friend there, Walter Lawnmower.
Jacob doesn't realize that he's too late.
I talked to Walter already, and he knows that Jacob was behind this mob deal.
And he knows that you, uh faked that hit on yourself to protect your crimes.
And we all know if Walter Longmire wants something to be true, he makes it true.
You're an astounding creature, Malachi.
I never met anyone anywhere who could lie with your shamelessness.
But at the end of the day, it's still lying.
And finally I have proof.
I found the second ledger from the Red Pony.
Uh, what second ledger? This one.
I've never seen that in my life.
[Henry] It was in your office at the Red Pony.
If that's true, then somebody planted it there.
No, that's the pure theater.
Because all three of us know that ledger proves that you have laundered tens of thousands of dollars through the Red Pony.
So here's the situation.
Malachi, you will never again set foot on this Reservation.
'Cause if you do, I'll hand that book to the Feds, and you'll spend the rest of your life in prison.
If I'm going down for this, I'm gonna take you right down with me.
Nobody's gonna believe that all this happened without your blessing, you smug, arrogant son of a white whore.
[groans] [grunting] Back when this was all Cheyenne land, banishment was the punishment for betraying your tribe.
Now, you are the worst kind of traitor.
Stealing from your own people.
Getting your own people hooked on heroin.
You have no honor.
By this mark on your face, people will know that.
You can never come back to our homeland.
[chuckles] Your homeland.
That's a That's a real joke.
[laughs] I'm more Indian than the two of you combined.
I lived on this land before either of you was born.
Well, it is not your home anymore.
Before you go, you need to do one more thing.
This is the deed to the Red Pony.
Sign your name, and it transfers back to me.
Now I know why you're here.
[chuckles] You're just like the rest of them.
Petty and greedy.
Willing to stand by and watch him humiliate me just to get your bar back.
That is not why I am here.
I am here because of a boy named Mingan.
You know nothing about him, and I am sure you do not care.
But your heroin killed his father.
And the violence and the fear and the helplessness you spread through the tribe killed Mingan.
That is why I am here and why you will never come back.
[chuckles] You thought it was bad when I owned you, Hank? But who owns you now? Huh? Who owns you now, Hank?! Who owns you now, Hank?! Who owns you now?! Subtitle corrections by