Longmire s05e09 Episode Script

Continual Soiree

Any sign? I walked everywhere, re-checked every clearing I could find.
You want me to grab some shut-eye while you take another shift? No.
If Malachi was gonna show up, we'd have seen something by now, especially if he was planning an ambush.
Maybe Malachi had no intention of ambushing anyone or giving up that evidence he had on Nighthorse.
Maybe he was just trying to distract us so he could skip town.
Or someone got wind of what he was planning and stopped him.
- That key does not work.
- Why not? - Because I changed the locks.
- Oh, yeah? What's Malachi gonna have to say about that? I neither know nor care because, last night Malachi signed the bar back over to me.
- Why? - That is not your concern.
In fact, nothing that happens in this bar is your concern anymore.
You are fired.
I also reserve the right not to serve you.
It is a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continual soiree.
This is Henry.
Doesn't look like Malachi's home.
So if Malachi did leave town, he didn't take anything with him.
Not even his car.
Let's run with your theory that somebody got to him before he could give you the evidence.
What exactly was he gonna give you? Proof that Nighthorse struck a deal with the Irish Mob to run heroin and prostitutes through the casino, which makes Nighthorse the most likely suspect in Malachi's disappearance.
Why don't you call the casino, see if Malachi is there? I'll radio Ferg, have him put a track on Malachi's phone and bank records.
Who's that? Nobody.
Hey, Vic.
It's, uh, me, your, uh, favorite future deputy.
I-It's Travis.
Um, so uh, you're not home, uh, so you must be busy.
But, uh, I was cleaning out the Murphy family garage and found some of my old, uh, trailer stuff.
So, um, I'm gonna leave it up underneath your rig, and you can thank you me later if so inclined.
Hello, mama.
Okay, thanks.
The casino said they're not expecting Malachi to come in to work for another couple of hours.
Ferg, any sign of Malachi? No activity on his bank or credit card account - in the last 24 hours.
- What about his phone? The last call Malachi made was at 3:18 yesterday afternoon.
That's right after I talked to him.
Interesting timing.
Ferg, I need you to see if Dennis Wabash has checked out of the Peaksman Motel.
If Malachi's missing, we need to eliminate any possible suspects.
- On it.
- Hey.
- Are you gonna go talk to Nighthorse? - Not yet.
I need to see what we can find out before I confront him.
First, I'm gonna head over to the Red Pony, see if there's been any sign of Malachi there.
- Vic.
- Yeah? You're picking up Walter's bad habits.
You don't answer your phone anymore? Sorry, uh, we were out of cell range.
Well, the Assistant District Attorney has been trying to get a hold of you.
- A.
Holder? Why? - She's gonna need you to testify at Chance Gilbert's trial sooner than originally planned.
The trial's moving a lot faster than expected.
When does she need me to testify? - Today.
- Today? I thought I had two weeks.
Yeah, well, more like two hours, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
Uh, no, it's fine.
Um, I guess I need to go get myself ready.
- Vic.
- Yeah? Before you go, could I see you for a minute? Sure.
I've been so distracted lately, I haven't taken time to talk with you about the Chance Gilbert trial.
Well, someone has been trying to kill you.
Anyway, it's not exactly something I've been wanting to talk about.
Would it help if I came to the courthouse with you? Why? Do you think you're gonna find Malachi - hiding in the men's room? - Vic, I'm serious.
I know what you went through.
Now, you might think you're fine, but when you see his face, it'll all come flooding back.
I appreciate the offer.
I do.
But you have to go find Malachi, and I will be fine.
Travis, what are you doing here? I just thought I'd sit here and time how long it takes for you to tell me.
So far, about 20 seconds.
Tell you what? "Thank you" for the motorhome supplies? I-I got your voice-mail.
Thank you.
40 seconds.
Travis, I give up.
- What do you want? - I want to know when you were gonna tell me that we're having a kid.
Get inside.
Were you going through my trash? No, I was throwing away my trash, and I saw these.
And you've been sitting out there, holding on to those until I got home? - Yeah.
- You do realize I peed on them, right? O-Of course I realize that, okay? Look, that that's not the point, okay? Okay, Travis, I got to change for court.
So, as much as I would love to sit here and have a little heart-to-heart, I can't.
- You know what, Vic? - At some point, we got to deal with the elephant in the womb.
Okay, one, never say that again.
And two, isn't it a bit presumptuous to think that you're the father? Vic, I know my birds and bees, and, uh, I don't think I'm presuming that much.
You're not gonna regret this.
- I got it.
- Okay.
Shh! Be quiet.
My mom's a light sleeper.
I'm comin'! Travis, we made a deal.
That was a one-time thing.
We promised we'd never talk about it again.
Yeah, well, obviously, the situation has changed.
And, besides, I mean, we had fun.
- Fun has nothing to do with this.
- Really? Well, I must be remembering a different rodeo, then.
Here we go.
Moo! - Whoo! - I did it! I did it! I did it.
Oh! So, what are we gonna do? Nothing, Travis.
I'm not really ready to talk about this.
I'm I'm just starting to wrap my own head around it, and I don't even know how I feel, all right? And I really got to get to court, so Okay.
You look great, by the way.
I mean, you can hardly tell you're carrying the extra weight.
I get it.
You know, don't Don't say that again, either, right? Here you go.
Henry, I'm looking for Malachi.
- Is he here? - No.
And he will not be.
- He have a day off? - He has more than that.
You know how I told you that Nighthorse was going to help me get my bar back? Well, it happened.
How exactly did you and Nighthorse make it happen? I found ledgers proving that Malachi was using the Red Pony to launder Mob money.
I showed them to Jacob, and he fired Malachi from the casino.
How did you get Malachi to give you your bar back? He signed the deed over to me in exchange for not getting turned in to the authorities.
You do realize that I am the authorities.
I need to see those ledgers.
I gave them to Nighthorse.
You had evidence that Jacob Nighthorse's head of security was laundering mob money in my county, and you gave that evidence to Nighthorse instead of me? Yes, I did, after I gave you the name of Shane Muldoon.
Well, you just helped a criminal go free.
And you have never done the same? Did you hand over Shane Muldoon's name to the FBI? I was supposed to meet with Malachi last night.
He was gonna give me concrete proof that Nighthorse was actually the one who was running money laundering with his old friend, Shane Muldoon, but Malachi never showed up, and now I know why.
- Any idea where I might find him? - No.
I went by his house.
He wasn't there, so should I be looking for a body? Are you suggesting that I murdered Malachi to get my bar back? I'm suggesting that your new business partner has an agenda that goes way beyond your ownership of the Red Pony.
Like silencing the one person that can connect him to organized crime.
When Nighthorse and I left Malachi, he was very much alive.
Then you came here.
Where did Nighthorse go? - I do not know.
- Right.
Ever occur to you that he might have doubled back to finish off Malachi, knowing that you would provide him with an alibi? Has it occurred to you that you sound like someone with a tinfoil hat? You have become completely paranoid when it comes to Jacob.
Do you really think that Malachi is some innocent victim? We both know what he's capable of doing.
We put him in jail in the first place.
You're right, Henry.
You and I used to be on the same side, but that was back before Nighthorse turned both you and my daughter against me.
I'm sorry, that's not what I do.
If you need legal help, though, I'll be here.
I-I don't need legal help.
- I need help help.
- I realize that, but I-I can't just shoot people.
- People are saying you can.
- I know.
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
I'd say, you know, eventually, we'll talk Jacob.
- Cady.
- Hey.
- You should have called.
- Sorry.
Can you give us two minutes? I'll be fast, Homer, I promise.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Did you need something? Well, I need a new head of security.
What happened to Malachi? I had to let him go.
So you want me to just grab my rifle and, uh, take over? I have no doubt that you could, but, no.
I'm thinking I may need to hire somebody from outside the community.
- Seems reasonable.
- Yeah.
Unfortunately, plenty of people in the tribe are not gonna find it so reasonable.
You, however, seem to be enjoying a fair amount of goodwill right now, as well as a growing clientele.
I thought maybe you could hire more Cheyenne staff to help you here, kind of balance out the loss of jobs at the casino.
I'll increase your budget accordingly.
Yeah, that that would be great.
- I could really use the help.
- Excellent.
Um, what do you think the best way is for me to get out that I'm looking for applicants? Well I've, uh, I've taken care of that.
These people don't They don't really have relevant experience.
That's a hard thing to come by on the Res.
So how did you choose these people? Well, they're capable, and they all have close relatives on the tribal council.
So That's too bad.
I wish politics didn't have to muddy the waters here, but, uh sometimes to achieve something good, you have to manipulate perception a bit.
I'll be in touch.
I'm sorry about the late notice.
This trial has been, uh a bit unusual.
-How do you feel? Are you ready? Yeah, I guess.
Is there anything I should know about this defense lawyer before he starts grilling me on the stand? Oh, my God.
I thought they told you.
- Told me what? - That Chance Gilbert is representing himself.
- He is? - Yeah, he is.
Apparently, he's done this before.
Did he win? Yes, he did.
But don't worry.
I promise you I have a rock-solid case.
State vs.
- How are you feeling? - Sick to my stomach.
I was beginning to think you were dead.
Oh, hey, Dave.
I, uh, didn't realize I owe you a call.
- What did you want to discuss? - Oh, you know, sports, politics, your pending wrongful-death lawsuit.
Well, it's not really pending.
I told you I'm settling.
Yeah, and I've been trying to reach you to tell you that Barlow's estate refused to settle for any amount.
- Tucker Baggett is taking you to trial.
- What? So we need to sit down and discuss strategy.
- You got time now? - Uh.
Actually, one of my, uh, one of my deputies is taking the stand in the Chance Gilbert trial.
I'm here for moral support.
Which deputy? - Deputy Moretti.
- Uh-huh.
Uh, no.
- You're not going in there.
- I have to.
You have to stay as far away from that case as possible.
Uh, first of all, Chance Gilbert is one more person accusing your department of corruption and harassment.
Barlow's entire case is predicated on you repeatedly stepping outside the acceptable norms and bounds of a law enforcement officer.
So until the trial is over, no public displays of moral support for the deputy you were seen kissing in the hospital passionately.
I'd just be sitting in the back of the gallery.
Right, with the reporters.
No, no.
I mean, m-make sure they spell your name right.
Look, Walt, the best thing you can do to help your deputy and yourself is to get back in your Bronco and drive away.
Sheriff, are you there? - Yup.
- Dennis Wabash checked out of the Peaksman Motel two days ago, well before the last time you saw Malachi, so Dennis isn't feeling like a suspect.
Since Vic had to take off, I followed up with the casino again.
Malachi still hasn't shown up for his shift.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
The phone company was able to ping Malachi's cell phone.
They gave me a location, and for the last hour and a half, it hasn't moved.
Go! Slow day at the office? Just helping to raise a little money for a new school.
Our jobs aren't supposed to be all doom and gloom, you know? I find it easier to do the hard stuff when I can remember why I'm doing it.
You should try it.
Well, I'd like to.
The doom and gloom keeps, uh, demanding all my attention.
- What do you want? - I need to report a missing person.
Who? Your former boss.
Malachi is missing? That's the first I've heard of it.
I was supposed to meet Malachi last night.
He said he was gonna give me some incriminating evidence that Nighthorse is tied to the mob, but he never showed up.
Evidence against Nighthorse.
Now I know why you're so anxious to find Malachi.
Did you try the casino? Well, he didn't show up for work there or the Red Pony.
He's not home, either, but his car is, so I don't think he's taken off.
So here you are.
Demanding what, exactly? We traced Malachi's cell phone to here.
- You recognize the location? - Mm.
Kidnapping, assault, battery, torture.
It's a harrowing ordeal that Deputy Moretti went through.
How has your recovery been? Physically, I'm lucky.
I'm not suffering from any lingering effects of my grade-2 concussion.
What about emotionally and psychologically? Emotionally has been a bit more difficult.
I'm sure it has been.
I understand.
Well, we wish you the best.
Thank you.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your witness, Mr.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Moretti first of all, how have you been? Ms.
Moretti, are you familiar with the Wyoming Statute number 6-2-201? - Yeah, I am.
- Can you educate us? It's the law that says you can't kidnap someone.
- That's right.
- And it's punishable with a sentence - of 20 years to life.
- Objection, Your Honor.
This is not the sentencing phase, is it? Sustained.
Now, Ms.
Moretti, do you know what the Fourth Amendment says? I do.
It says that, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.
" That is correct.
Which law supersedes the other? I know that you held me against my will.
The federal law.
You see, your state kidnapping statutes do not give you the right to violate my rights under the U.
- I didn't violate your rights.
- Did you come to my door and fail to announce yourself as a deputy? I was off duty.
Can I get a "yes" or "no"? No.
I did not identify myself as a deputy.
Did you enter and search my house, even my root cellar? Did I search your root cellar? You threw me down there and locked me up.
In defense of my civil liberties and those of my family, Ms.
Moretti Victoria, Victoria.
Such a pretty name.
Isn't it true that you came to my house under false pretenses, because your department had previously failed to convict me on some trumped-up charges? And you oh, yes, you were willing to manufacture a just cause to search my house.
- No? - No, it's not true.
When I went to your door, I had no idea who you were or your crazy wife or sister-in-law whatever hell she is.
I didn't know about your made-up sovereign nation of Gilbertsville, or the fact that your justice system is based on beating people with baseball bats.
And I also didn't know that you kept a dead body in the damn freezer.
Order! I told you to shut your mouth! Order! Order! Order! Bailiff! Order in the court! When was the last time you were out here? This is sacred ground.
I haven't stepped foot out here since David Ridges shot your deputy.
My deputy was here investigating where Nighthorse helped David Ridges fake his death.
Don't you think it's a little coincidental that the phone company pinged Malachi's phone to this same spot? Makes me wonder if Nighthorse made another sacrifice.
Come on.
I don't see any phone, no body, no scavenger birds nothing but land and sky.
Can I borrow your phone? Who you calling? Not sure.
Maybe the spirits.
So I guess cockroaches bleed, after all.
So you really think Jacob Nighthorse did something to his own head of security? Yeah.
I'm starting to believe he had some help.
Any further outbursts, and I will clear this courtroom.
Are we clear? Now Mr.
Gilbert, proceed.
Moretti, why did your ex-husband leave you? Why my ex-husband left is none of your business.
It is my business.
You see, freedom is my business, and your relationship to your ex-husband is relevant, which this court will understand once you've answered my question.
Now, why did you and Sean get divorced? Well, getting kidnapped and tortured by you and your shitheel goons didn't help our relationship.
That's not what he said.
Do you know what he said? He said the two of you broke up because of your romantic obsession with the man who's supposed to be your boss, Walt Longmire.
And your ex spoke about this in his videotaped testimony that we all reviewed last week.
He wouldn't have said that.
He didn't deny it.
Do you? I have never had an inappropriate romantic relationship with Sheriff Longmire.
A strong, emphatic denial, then.
And you wouldn't change that just a bit if I told you that I'm privy to transcripts of a deposition you gave to a Tucker Baggett just recently? Ohh.
Got very quiet in here all of a sudden.
So let me try this a different way then.
Moretti, have you ever taken Walt Longmire's face in your hands and kissed him on his lips with passion? - Objection! - Yes, you should object! We should all object to a Sheriff's Department that is run like it's Walt Longmire's own personal justice system, as well as his own harem.
Objection, Your Honor.
He's making defamatory statements about witnesses who aren't even present.
Gilbert, I am no longer entertained.
Next non-question brings this cross-examination to a close.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.
All right, Deputy Moretti, Sheriff Longmire was willing to put himself in a bullet's path to protect you.
Now, if he asked you, would you risk your life for him? Yeah because that's part of the job.
Would you, also, out of your feverish devotion for the great Walt Longmire, have entered my home under false pretenses just so he could illegally search my property and fabricate charges against me? No.
Not even if he offered to kiss you? - Objection! - Sustained.
Gilbert, I have given you more than enough leeway.
- We are done here.
- Walt Longmire killed my brother! And he's manipulated this naive individual Mr.
Gilbert, that is enough! in his pursuit of a vendetta against me.
- Ms.
Moretti, you are excused.
- A vendetta against me.
No, that's right, Ms.
Just run away.
Run back to your master! Find out what law he wants you to break next.
What did you do? Excuse me? Or should I say, what did Hector do? Hmm? Perhaps we should continue this discussion in my office.
What are you talking about? Malachi's gone missing, and I just got back from the Res with the sheriff.
Would you like to know what we found out there? Malachi's phone and his blood and the words "Hector Lives" spelled out with stones.
- "Hector Lives"? - That's right, Picasso.
I guess you just can't help signing your name to your work, can you? Hector did not sign anything.
- Hector did not do anything.
- So you were never out at that cliff? I was With Nighthorse.
We took Malachi out there to banish him for betraying his tribe, for bringing the mob and heroin and despair to our people, for killing Mingan.
Nighthorse cut him, and I got him to sign the Red Pony back over to me.
But when we left him, Malachi was alive.
- So who wrote out "Hector Lives"? - I do not know.
Who knew you were taking Malachi out there? Just Jacob.
What is it? Walt said that he suspected that Nighthorse put on a show for me, then went back to kill Malachi.
Maybe he did.
Maybe he wrote out "Hector Lives.
" Hector would be a handy fall guy for this.
Well, whatever happened, we need to find Malachi, dead or alive, before Walt tries to convict Hector of murder again.
Are you following me? Don't be paranoid, Deputy.
Don't threaten me, you whacked-out bitch.
You seem nervous, Victoria.
Don't know what to do without your uniform and your gun? I know exactly what to do.
You want to see for yourself, or do you want to do the smart thing and walk away? He's going to win.
And when he gets out, he's gonna remember your lies.
- Jacob.
- Hey.
How is Eamonn recovering from his injury? He should be fine, especially if I can find the person who shot him and shot at us.
- You mind if I sit? - Of course.
So, uh Malachi come in to work today? You think Malachi was the one in the woods shooting at us? - I do.
- Well, so do I, which is why he won't be coming to work today.
I fired him.
How'd you figure out it was Malachi? I found some discrepancies in his books that suggested he'd made his own side deal with the mob.
I imagine my ending that arrangement hurt both his finances and his reputation, and Malachi doesn't handle those kind of setbacks as calmly as I do.
- Do you know where he is? - I do not.
Why don't you give me that bookkeeping evidence? I'll track down Malachi and make sure he's put behind bars.
Mm, yeah.
Well, I can't do that.
Why not? Because of our history.
You and I both know what you'll do with those books, Walt.
You'll use them against me.
No matter what your intentions are now, eventually, you'll convince yourself that I condoned all of Malachi's illegal activities.
You really can't help yourself at this point.
You're determined to see me as a criminal.
I wonder why.
I can't win with you, man cannot win.
So I think I'll take my chances with Malachi instead.
- The man who shot at you.
- Yeah.
Well, I don't think he'll be trying anything more.
- Is that because you murdered him? - Wow.
I mean, that that was even faster than I expected.
So I'm a murderer now? Yeah.
You do realize I'm being asked to testify at your civil trial.
- Is that a threat? - It's advice.
It's damn good advice.
You You can't even prove the man is dead.
- Have you found his body? - Not yet, but I will.
So you didn't come here because you thought Malachi was behind the shooting, did you? No, no.
Of course not.
You think I was behind it.
You think I made the deal with the mob, shot at myself to throw you off the track, and now you think I killed Malachi because that ungrateful bastard was gonna give me up, yeah? No.
I don't think you actually did any of those things.
I think, as usual, you found someone else to do the dirty work for you.
I think you had Malachi make those deals with the mob.
I think you hired someone to shoot at you in my presence and miss.
And I think you had somebody else kill Malachi so you could keep his blood off your hands.
You know, I haven't seen you this sure of yourself since you were convinced that I had both Branch and your wife killed.
It's almost entertaining.
It's like I can't sleep at night anymore, wondering, what wild fiction is Walt gonna come up with next? I think this is stranger than fiction.
I found Malachi's cell phone and blood out on the Reservation, right near where you staged David Ridges' funeral pyre.
I also found the words "Hector Lives" nearby.
So there it is.
- Now you think I'm Hector.
- No.
But I think you've recruited him to do the things Ridges used to do for you.
I don't suppose you would tell me who Hector is.
If I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
So I think I'll just answer any further questions with a genuinely stunned silence.
You know Jacob I'm getting closer to finding this new Hector.
And when I do, I'm gonna bring him down, along with anyone who's using him as their own mercenary for hire.
You have a nice day.
Ohh! Shit! - Travis! - Aah! Ohh! Aah! Why would you hit me? All right.
- Right here.
- Lay back.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, man.
That's one hell of a right hook.
Yeah, well, I'm also a good shot, so you're lucky you just got the fist.
Well, you shouldn't be punching your baby's father, anyway.
Look, there is a good possibility that you are not the father, all right? So there was somebody else? Yeah.
Who? Okay, I am not discussing my sex life with you, so if that's why you came back No, that's that's not why I came over.
I-I came over 'cause I wanted you to have this.
It's a coupon for, uh, free babysitting.
Look, I-I know you don't want to think about this right now, so you can stick it in a drawer or whatever, but I want you to have that.
You can cash it in whenever you want to.
No limits, no expiration date.
Whoever the father happens to be.
Look, Vic, I grew up raised by a single mom, okay? And however this plays out at some point, you're gonna need a friend.
- Thank you, Travis.
- Okay.
So, uh, what are the odds? That you're the father? Or not the father.
- Fifty-fifty.
- Oh.
So it's just one other dude? Okay.
That's That's good.
Um, that's not bad.
I mean, so, um, is is he your type? I don't have a type.
Yeah, you do.
Manly, alpha male, natural-born law enforcement type.
Hey, Walt.
- Is it him? - Shush! What? No, nothing.
I'm fine.
The trial went fine.
Thanks for checking.
So, uh is it him? - You need to leave.
- Okay.
Why do you think this guy will lead us to Malachi? Because he is Malachi's most loyal lieutenant.
If Malachi is alive, Darius would be the first person he would call.
In my experience, loyalty among criminals can shift in a hurry if someone shows up with more money.
You think Nighthorse paid him to turn on Malachi? I think I just saw a big thug put a shovel in his car.
Let's see where he's going.
Hey, Dad.
- Floor looks good.
- Yeah.
Except for the blood stain under that rug.
What are you doing here? I wanted to talk to you about Nighthorse.
Has he been by lately? Yeah.
He is my boss.
I haven't forgotten that.
Has he asked you to provide any legal assistance to, uh, someone that's been operating outside of Reservation law? What? Like who? Hector.
You know what Jacob did ask me? He came by with Henry to ask me how I was doing after shooting a man.
He also offered to pay for extra employees to help me manage the workload here.
What a monster.
What about Henry? He and Nighthorse seem to be closer than ever.
Has Henry asked you to do anything for Nighthorse? Has he asked you to help out Hector? You know what? Since I started this legal aid center, Henry has asked for my help exactly one time.
He wanted to foster a Cheyenne child named Mingan whose only parent O.
'd on heroin.
- Henry's fostering a child? - No.
Because the boy ended up killing himself.
When was this? The 13th.
The 13th.
Dad, Jacob and Henry are good men.
They're not perfect, but they care.
It's a daily battle trying to fight the hopelessness and powerlessness that's taken over this place.
You have to think differently here to make things work.
If you were here every day, maybe you'd see that.
I see plenty.
I see Nighthorse pretending to be a good man, and you and Henry both falling for it, regardless of what I say.
Are you still dating that psychiatrist? Because if you are, maybe you could talk to her about your irrational Nighthorse obsession.
I love you, Dad, and I always will, but I I think maybe you've been doing this job for too long.
You've developed these these deep-seated biases that are clouding your judgment, and you're not thinking clearly anymore.
It might be time to consider retiring.
Thank you for your counsel.
Hey, Dad, I'm totally over shooting and killing that man, so thanks for asking.
Put your hands up where I can see them.
What's the charge digging without a license? What's in the bag? I don't know.
Henry check that bag.
Who sent you out here, Darius? Malachi? Do you know where Malachi is? Did Nighthorse send you out here? Mathias? What's in there? Enough money to kill for.
Oh, so that's the door you use when you want to avoid people.
Oh, smart.
Morning, Dave.
Glad I insisted that I wait for you in here, although I think even you would have had a hard time avoiding this.
"Survivalist Leader Claims Lovelorn Deputy Does Sheriff's Bidding.
" The more this Chance Gilbert character puts on his sex-drenched conspiracy circus, the more interested the media gets.
He's a deranged psychopath.
He'll say anything to try and get off.
Unfortunately, everything he's saying feeds into the exact same narrative Tucker Baggett is building in your civil case, that you're a rogue sheriff who plays by his own rules and runs his department like a cult.
Tucker Baggett said that? No, Chance Gilbert said that.
He compared you to Jim Jones and David Koresh.
I appreciate coolness under pressure, Walt, but I suggest you start taking this seriously and help me build a decent defense on your behalf.
I will.
- Let's get started.
- Actually, uh, Dave, I can't start now.
I've got a missing persons case.
- How about tomorrow? - Perfect.
Just like the old saying no better time than tomorrow.
And just a parting thought if you don't stop doing your job for a moment to deal with this lawsuit, you may find yourself without a job to do.
Vic, Ferg! - What is it? - It's about Malachi.
I need you to pull files on the recent drug-dealer attacks linked to Hector on the Res.
So, uh, that'd be Jamie DeBell, when he was making his Res pizza delivery.
And who else? Joey Takoda, the guy that Henry found outside the Red Pony.
Hector burned his heroin stash.
- Okay.
Anyone else? - Maybe.
- Let's just start with those two.
- Okay.
When did, uh, Hector attack Jamie and burn up his pot? Um.
The 18th.
What are you doing? I'm thinking.
When did Hector burn Joey Takoda's heroin stash? Um.
The 15th.
The 15th.
So these incidents are all connected to Hector.
Well, and heroin.
- Jamie only deals pot.
- True.
But Eddie Harp was recruiting him to deal heroin.
And if Malachi is the one who brought in Eddie and the Irish Mob, then he's tied to heroin, as well.
So if Hector is waging a one-man war on drugs, why now? None of these things were happening last month, and then, suddenly, a whole bunch of attacks in a short period of time.
Something must have triggered it.
Something right before the 15th.
We should check and see what was happening on the Res during that time.
Maybe there was a drug-related incident that happened just before Hector's first attack.
There was.
The suicide of this boy, on the 13th.
But so how does that relate to the drugs and all the other stuff? His only parent O.
'd from heroin.
And you think Hector's avenging his death? I do.
You got any better idea who Hector is and where to find him? I might.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Whose money is this? - I don't know.
- Well, how'd you know where to find it? Just lucky, I guess.
This is a waste of time.
Darius, is Malachi alive or dead? - Yes.
- Okay.
That's it.
If you're not talking, I'm locking you up.
All right.
I'll talk to a lawyer.
I gather court didn't go as well as you said it did.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I didn't want to worry you.
But now it's it's all over the papers, - and they're making you sound like - Don't worry about it.
I can handle a little bad press.
I'm more worried about you.
He's not gonna get off, is he? I mean, the truth's got to count for something, right? It has to.
Cheyenne Legal Aid.
This is Cady.
Of course.
Um, where are you currently located? Okay.
And what have they charged you with? They haven't told you? Good.
That means they don't have anything on you.
Uh, please don't say another word to them until I get there, okay? But I'm I'm sorry.
I-I-I didn't get your name.
Can you Can you repeat it? Darius Burns.
Got it.
Okay, great.
I'll be right there.
Walt, I know what it feels like to have a death weigh on you.
I think about Hector every day.
And so, in a way, yes, Hector lives as an idea and a hope.
Is it also possible that somebody's picking up Hector's mantle? Anything is possible.
Mathias tried to arrest Joey for dealing, but he could never hold him, so he was frustrated.
Becoming Hector would get him around all that.
Mathias is not the only one who is frustrated with the limit of Reservation law.
Since I started this legal aid center, Henry has asked for my help exactly one time.
He wanted to foster a Cheyenne child named Mingan.
- Henry's fostering a child? - No.
Because the boy ended up killing himself.
I'll take a Rainier.
Knocking off a little early today? Why don't you go ahead and make it two? Something on your mind? Cady thinks I should retire.
Why does she think that? Apparently, I've been doing the job for so long that, uh, it's affecting my judgment.
Do you agree? I don't know.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I can't do the job the way I used to, the way I should.
Sometimes I find myself staring right at the truth without even seeing it, all because I don't want to see it.
Human nature.
Sometimes it's not my fault.
Sometimes I can't see it because someone else is hiding it from me.
I feel like you are now talking about something very specific.
Take off your shirt.
What? If you're who I believe you are, you have a bullet wound somewhere on your body.
I do not think you need another one of these.
I shot Hector in the woods, right near that bonfire where Gab's rapists were.
We found blood on the ground, so I knew I hit him.
- What are you saying? - Can you look me in the eye and tell me you're not Hector? Let go of my arm.
Stop lying to me, Henry.
I'm sick of it.
All I ever do is try and help people, and all I ever get in return is people lying to me and hiding things.
Has it dawned on you that sometimes people do not tell you the truth because they want to protect you? That's a bullshit excuse.
No, that is love.
But you choose to see it as disloyalty.
Dishonesty is disloyalty.
And breaking the law when I am the law is absolutely disloyal! You cannot know what it takes to fight back the violence and drugs and suicides on the Res.
- Like Mingan Pine's? - Yes, like Mingan.
- Now let go of my arm! - I just want to hear you say it.
Tell me.
Tell me you're Hector! Why would I trust you with something like that when your own daughter does not trust you enough to call you after she has been arrested? Aah! I know it's you! You are out of control! Subtitle corrections by