Longmire s05e10 Episode Script

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

1 [sighs] [Walt] I shouldn't be here.
I just went along with it 'cause, uh, I didn't want to cause any more of a scene.
You're right.
No, Mathias had no right to arrest you off the Res.
That's the good news.
The bad news is, uh well, I guess everything else.
So, I'm free to go? Uh, yes and no.
I mean, yes, you can go, but Mr.
Standing Bear can still press assault charges against you in the county.
So I think it might be worth our while to try and get this resolved right here and right now.
- Okay.
- Just couldn't let a news cycle go by without trying to dominate it, could you? What the hell happened? He accused me of being Hector.
- How does he know? - [Henry] Honestly I do not know how I have managed to keep it hidden for this long.
Does he have proof? He knows he shot me, but he was trying to get my shirt off to see the scar, so obviously, he does not have concrete evidence.
- Yeah, but he knows where to find it.
- What do you mean? He was with me when I collected samples of your blood out where you were shot.
[sighs] Could he get a warrant and make you turn it over to him? This is bad.
A massive public bar brawl.
- Were you drinking? - A little.
Do you have a history with this other guy? Henry? He's my best friend.
Oh, of course he is.
But he's been lying to me.
Turns out he's been secretly running around as Hector.
I'm the one that should be pressing charges here.
Hector is that violent Reservation vigilante? Yeah.
Okay, you cannot let that get out.
- Why not? - You're already accused of having a torrid relationship with your pretty deputy who breaks the law for you.
Now your best friend is a vigilante.
Let's try and imagine how Tucker Baggett might spin that.
What am I supposed to do? Nothing? I think you and I just had a breakthrough.
Can you get rid of the evidence? Not without breaking another law.
[sighs] So, what do we do? Walt threw the first punch, right? He doesn't need any more legal trouble right now.
Maybe if you threaten to press charges, he'll back down.
He does not seem to be in a backing-down sort of mood.
Do you think he'll send you back to prison? [Walt] I don't know.
I don't know if he's gonna press charges.
I don't know much about what he's thinking these days.
Well, I guess I'd better go find out.
And whatever deal I can make to get you out of this, if I can get you out of this, you will promise to abide by it.
Okay? [sighs] Okay? You know, you can't hold my client.
You know your sheriff can't assault people without consequences.
Does this mean Henry's gonna press charges? Not if the sheriff is willing to drop this whole Hector business.
I think we can live with that.
Okay, then.
So, that's it? I guess that's it.
[door closes] Okay, if you've been interviewing my client the whole time that you've kept me waiting in here, I won't just have his statement thrown out.
I will bring suit against your department.
Darius Burns isn't talking to anybody.
Sorry to make you wait.
It wasn't intentional.
Come on, I'm not stupid.
I was pulled away by a pretty unusual situation.
Which was what? Ask your dad.
What exactly are the charges that are being brought against my client? We suspect him of being involved with the disappearance of Malachi Strand.
You suspect him of being involved.
That's nowhere near sufficient for you to hold him.
Cady, I know all of the arguments about every individual being entitled to a good defense, but trust me on this You do not want to take Darius on as a client.
- He's a bad guy.
- You really don't know all the arguments about everybody being entitled to a good defense.
So release him, okay? Now.
You came to me a while back wanting to help our community.
- Yeah, I remember.
- [Mathias] Do you? 'Cause helping Darius Burns That's not gonna help anybody.
[sighs] And here I was worried I was gonna wake you up.
[grunts] [sighs] Donna, what are you doing here? What happened to your face? I lost my temper.
That's all you're gonna say? I'll tell you the rest some other time.
Better question is, uh, what are you doing here so early? Well, I-I tried to reach you, and when I couldn't, I just came out 'cause I, uh I need to talk to you about this.
Tucker Baggett.
- What did he send you? - He sent me a subpoena.
He wants to depose me in your civil suit, and I have no idea why.
Tucker, um, probably found out about something that, um, Vic and I did while you were missing.
- [sighs] - W-W-Well, what exactly? We took some of your patient files without, you know, permission.
Well, I can see why that would be a problem.
If we hadn't have done it, we might not have found you.
No, I know.
I know.
I just, um I kind of wish you hadn't told me because now I either have to lie under oath - or just - You don't have to lie for me.
Well, thank you.
I Look, you know what? I-I can just drag my feet and try to put the deposition off.
- No.
- It's No, I'd rather know how bad things are sooner than later.
Was your life this chaotic before we started dating? [fanfare plays] [Chip] Sheriff's deputies in Sublette County exchanged gunfire with a bank robber yesterday who matches the description of a multi-state bank robber, Cowboy Bill.
And in Durant, reporters following the Chance Gilbert trial were shocked to find a verdict handed down this morning after the jury deliberated for only two hours yesterday.
The verdict guilty on all charges.
I'm Chip Kendall.
We'll be back after this.
[Ruby] Morning, Walter.
The mayor called for you yesterday, as did Donna a couple times.
I already talked to Donna this morning.
Hey, Sheriff.
Did you hear the good news? No.
I don't think I did.
So, what's the good news, Ferg? Chance Gilbert was found guilty.
The jury only deliberated for two hours.
I don't understand.
The trial's over? I never even testified.
Yeah, I mean, I guess A.
Holder just decided that she didn't need your testimony.
You mean she didn't want it.
Who cares? Right? I mean, Chance is going away for 20 to life, which is certainly good for your lawsuit.
I mean, think about it.
I mean, the accusations that he made against you, Walt Now they're just officially the ravings of a psycho.
Which means we can start focusing on finding Malachi and tracking down the new Hector.
I started pulling files on reported sightings.
There's no need for that.
- Oh.
Did you already do it? - [Walt] No.
I had a little time to think.
Um I feel I may have, uh, jumped the gun with this whole Hector theory.
Seriously? Because yesterday you thought that Hector was our best suspect - in Malachi's disappearance.
- I know.
But today I'm rethinking that.
Truth is nobody's even reported Malachi missing.
Um, I think I maybe just needed a distraction from Barlow's lawsuit.
Okay, well, Malachi or no Malachi, these Hector attacks are connected.
Why don't we just look into that? 'Cause I said not to.
Walt, you got a call from the Tri-County Jail.
- Who is it? - It's Chance Gilbert.
He wants to talk to you in person.
[Nighthorse] Hey.
Thanks, Frank.
I like this new security guard better than the last one.
Yeah, I don't think Eamonn will be back.
My, uh, period of détente with the sheriff's office was breathtakingly brief.
What can I do for you, man? Level with me.
Well, now, that's all I've ever done.
After we left Malachi out at that cliff, did you go back and kill him? You've been talking to your friend, the sheriff.
I am not certain he is still my friend, but you have not answered my question.
The answer is no.
I did not kill Malachi.
And I didn't send anyone else to do it, either.
And while I'm used to Walt Longmire imagining that I'm at the heart of all sorts of elaborate conspiracies, I'm kind of surprised at you, Henry, especially after I helped you get your bar back.
And I am grateful for that.
But some of the details of this situation do not make sense.
[Nighthorse sighs] Like "Hector lives" being spelled out in stones out where we banished Malachi.
- Yes.
- Has it occurred to you that Malachi might have done that himself to make it look like Hector did something bad to him? Why would Malachi fake his own disappearance - and try to pin it on Hector? - To make people believe that he is gone and no longer a threat.
Which makes him more of a threat than ever.
You might want to invest in a couple of these guys.
[buzzer] Permission to remove these shackles, Sheriff.
We really don't recommend removing these chains, Sheriff.
[sighs] It's fine.
[chains clacking] [guard] We'll be right outside.
- Thank you for coming, Sheriff.
- [door closes] Tell me why I'm here, Chance.
Well, you heard the verdict? I did.
It sounded fair to me.
20 years to life? That's what the statute calls for.
But for me, 20 years is life.
That's all I might have left.
Well, you should have made better choices.
That's why you're here.
I want you to do something for me.
Why would I do anything for you? Because you were born in the wrong time, just like me.
[chuckles] Yeah, we should have lived like two centuries ago, right? [chuckles] When freedom and liberty weren't platitudes trotted out by some corrupt politicians.
I'm not like you, Chance.
Of course you are.
We fought a duel, like men of honor.
Yes, you were Hamilton.
I was Jefferson.
Jefferson never fought a duel.
That was Aaron Burr.
[Chance] But the point remains.
You and I, we understand that "live free or die" is not a bumper sticker.
It's a choice that we got to make every day.
You pretend you don't understand me, but that home of yours, that remote cabin You wouldn't live there if you didn't miss the way this country used to be.
What exactly do you want me to do for you? I want you to get me transferred.
To where? Death row.
Well, I don't have that authority.
Come on, Sheriff.
I need you to do this for me.
To be confined, deprived of my freedom unable to feel the soil between my fingers, under my nails [inhales] or to smell a rainstorm approaching that's not living.
That's the very definition of cruel, unusual punishment.
I can't, Sheriff.
I can't live like this.
So if you can't live free, you choose to die.
Well, that seems a little extreme, even for you.
Desperate men do desperate things.
I understand, Chance.
The idea of living my life behind bars, even one year of my life I don't think I could face that.
That would be pure hell.
And given what you did to Vic it's exactly what you deserve.
- Guard.
- No, Sheriff.
- Ready.
- [buzzer] Don't, Sheriff.
Sheriff, don't.
Sheriff, I need your help! Sheriff! Please! - [screams] - [buzzer] Sheriff, don't walk out of here! Please! I'll see you in 20 years.
[handcuffs click] Bastard! [grunts] - [footsteps approaching] - [gasps] Oh.
Hey, Walt.
You just getting back from Tri-County? Yeah.
So, what did Chance want? [Walt] Uh Mercy.
He wanted me to help get him moved to death row.
What, he wants the death penalty? Captivity for him is like torture.
He'd He'd rather die.
Are you gonna help him? [Walt] No.
The judge has already handed down his sentence.
It's done.
It's not for me to interfere with the law.
That kind of behavior's been getting me into trouble.
- Yeah, right.
- [knock on door] Walt? The mayor is here to see you.
Sawyer? What's he want? To see you.
[clears throat] You know, I tried playing football when I was a freshman.
- Fancied myself a linebacker.
- How'd that work out? Well, I got my bell rung just about every play for a year before I realized debate was more my speed.
[Walt chuckles] After every game, my dad would buy me one of these milkshakes just to make me feel better about getting my butt kicked.
So, what are you trying to make me feel better about? Well, can't get anything past you.
That's my job.
- So, you know I'm up for re-election soon.
- I do.
And you know better than anybody what a pain in the ass that can be, especially these days.
It's a bad time to be an incumbent.
How you doing, Bruce? Good to see you.
Sawyer, why did you buy me a milkshake? This morning, I directed the county commissioners to submit a request to the governor to have you temporarily removed from office.
Sawyer, what the hell are you talking about? It's only temporary.
All right? Just while this wrongful death lawsuit plays itself out.
But between that and all the stuff in the papers recently, you've become the most visible way for me to lay out my anti-corruption platform.
Anti-corruption? Sawyer, you know me better than that.
I've been doing this job for years.
Nobody's ever accused me of anything except being a bad public speaker.
Walt, this isn't personal.
I think the world of you.
You know that.
But we're public figures, and your public reputation, well, it's it's not what it used to be.
Look, I've had a bad couple of weeks, but once I get a chance to make my case If you get cleared, nobody's gonna be happier than me.
But I got to play the odds right now.
And when that FBI evidence comes out, you're gonna be toxic.
What FBI evidence? Did Tucker Baggett tell you something about my case? Look, I've already said more than I should.
You tell me what the hell Baggett told you, Sawyer! Don't you snap at me, Walt.
Now, I could have blindsided you with this, but I didn't.
I'm slow-walking this process through the county commissioners.
And I could have gone to the governor himself.
I'm doing that out of the respect I have for you.
The least you could do is show me some respect in return.
What's all this? This is where I meditate.
To what do I owe the honor? Well, um, I wanted to tell you that I reached out to the people that you recommended for the jobs and that they're all gonna start in the next week or two.
That's great.
- Thank you for doing that.
- Mm-hmm.
I also wanted to ask your blessing to add one more name to the list.
You found somebody with legal experience? No, no, but she shows real initiative.
I'll add one more employee to the budget.
Thank you.
Was there something else? No.
Well, actually, uh Actually, it's it's my dad.
What about him? I'm worried about him and you.
Well, you know.
Your dad and I have always been on opposite sides of pretty much everything.
Yeah, I know.
I love my dad.
But I don't always agree with him.
And I-I don't want you to think that I-I share his feelings about you.
Well, I don't.
You say that now.
But he's acting differently.
He's really fixated on you, in an unhealthy way.
And maybe I'm overreacting, but I-I I'm worried that things between the two of you are only going to get worse.
I appreciate the warning.
But as you can see, I've, uh I've taken steps to make sure I'm safe.
These guards are here to protect you from my dad? Cady.
[breathes deeply] Nobody knows what threats the world holds for them.
You can't know.
All you can do is surround yourself with people you trust to look after you.
And the fact that you're here tells me that you're one of those people.
[buzzer] Thanks.
[laughs] When they told me I had a visitor, I never thought it would be Victoria Moretti.
- Permission to remove my shackles? - No.
Oh, so you came here just to spit on me, right? I'm sure it makes you happy to see me humiliated, chained up like an animal.
Yeah, it does.
That's not why I'm here, though.
No? So do tell.
Walt told me what you asked him.
He also said he told you no.
I'm a little bit more supportive of the idea.
Then you and I need privacy.
Can you give us a minute? [buzzer] All right, let me guess.
The sheriff won't risk helping me out himself, but he's willing to send his little plaything to do it for him.
Walt doesn't know I'm here.
Nor would he approve.
I don't understand.
You You want to help me? I don't want to help you.
I want you to die.
I want to wipe you off the face of this earth so I never have to think about you again.
Tomato, to-mah-to.
How do I get you moved to death row? Well, you can add murder to my record.
How? That federal census worker you found in my freezer I killed him.
[clicks tongue] I can tell you exactly where to find the gun.
It'll have my DNA on it, for sure.
Then why don't you just confess? Well, I've tried.
Nobody believes me.
They think I'm just trying to get myself over to death row.
You are.
Hence my problem.
So, get your crazy wife to do it.
She's not my wife, but she was my brother's wife.
And neither she or any other member of my extended family is willing to do anything to shorten my life.
They'll hold onto this misguided hope that I'll be set free.
You see, it can't be anybody who loves me.
It's got to be someone who hates me.
Well, you found her.
[door closes] Hey, Ferg.
Um, could I borrow your car? The Charger? Sure.
Uh, no.
The Trans Am.
I need you to find someone for me.
Who? Monte.
What for? Good talk! Here you go.
I think it's got like a quarter tank of gas in it.
I'll have it back to you by tonight.
[keys thud] [knock on door, door opens] Walt? Are you okay? [door closes] No.
What happened? They're coming after my job.
Who's "they"? The mayor, the county commissioners.
They're petitioning the governor to have me temporarily suspended.
And then, uh, if I lose my case - You won't.
- Well, if I lose my case, the suspension, uh, becomes permanent.
I'll be out.
And it's my own fault.
I thought it was enough just to try to do the right thing.
Walt, you told me before that the truth has got to count for something.
And as bad as things looked a couple days ago, Chance Gilbert was found guilty.
People can still tell the difference between a good person and a bad person.
So no matter how much bullshit they spin about you in court, people look at you, and they can just tell, all right? They can tell that you're a good person.
I want you to step away from all this, Vic.
It's gotten political.
There's no need for you to be tarred with the same brush as me.
So, what, you You just want me to let you crash and burn - and save myself? - [Walt] Yeah.
Even if you were guilty I couldn't do that.
[lock disengages] [Mandy] Hey, Cady.
H-How did you get in? - [Mandy] Keys.
- How did you I had some made at the hardware store.
You needed spares.
- Mandy.
- I know.
I should have told you I was doing that.
Yeah, you absolutely should have.
And what's more is that you keep showing up here every day without being asked, and it's just It's not okay.
I-I thought I was helping.
No, you are.
What's not okay is that I'm not paying you.
Mandy, I-I want to hire you full time, with benefits.
Why? Because you you might be a little raw, but you're dedicated, and you've shown initiative.
And you're obviously gonna show up here every day anyway, so why not just make it official? How much? I'm not gonna work for minimum wage.
I wouldn't let anyone.
Let's start with 25 a year and see how it goes.
$25,000? Yeah.
I got to I got to put these away.
[chuckles] [grunts] Okay.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Hey! [grunts] That is not yours! [wheezing] I've been following you, so I know your boyfriend, the sheriff, isn't here to help you this time.
Ohh! [coughing] Shit.
[panting] So, what did Tucker Baggett ask you? Well, he did not ask me any questions about the illegal theft of patient files.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
That's good.
He was, however, quite interested in other subjects.
Such as? Such as how long after you had cleared me as a suspected drug dealer did you and I start dating? Yeah.
The predatory sheriff let you off in exchange for sexual favors.
More or less, yeah.
He also asked me if you and I were dating at the same time that your deputy was seen kissing you in the hospital.
Walt, it's okay.
I mean, I always knew that she had a thing for you, but I'm just I'm really sorry that I couldn't be more helpful, because I feel like I fell into every one of his traps.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, it doesn't matter what you said.
The deeper I get into this thing, the less the truth seems to matter.
Well, truth is subjective, isn't it? No.
No, it's not.
You don't think it shifts depending on your perspective or your memory or others' memories? People can play games with it if they want, but the truth is the truth.
You know what? That's a great idea.
We should play a game.
We should play Truth or Dare.
Oh, come on.
We already tried making out in your car.
This is just a natural progression from that.
Tell you what.
You go first.
Truth or dare? Fine.
Who's the better kisser Vic or me? [laughing] Oh, my God.
You could You had to take a drink? You couldn't answer the question? - No, I was just thirsty.
- Oh, uh-huh.
And now you're trying to cover it up with a terrible lie.
You're terrible at lying.
- I'm not lying.
I just - Mm-hmm.
- That was a drink to have a drink.
- Okay, great.
It's my turn.
My turn.
I choose truth.
Who's the better kisser me or your ex-husband? - Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
Go ahead and take a drink.
[both laugh] You were right.
This is a really fun game.
I'm sorry.
- [chuckles] - I guess it's just sort of an an awkward way to force a conversation that I don't know.
Well, there's no need to force it.
You got something to say, just go on ahead.
All right.
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
What are we doing here, Walt? Well, we're, uh, examining the slippery subjectivity of truth.
I meant this.
You and me.
You know, we're not really a thing, are we, but Well, it's definitely a thing.
It's just Maybe it's not the kind of thing we want it to be.
I know I really like you.
I know.
[both chuckle] But I do think it's time to shit or get off the pot.
- I'd go with "fish or cut bait.
" - [chuckles] Yeah, well, neither is exactly dripping with romance, is it? Well, I was, um I was talking to a guy earlier today, and he said, uh, that both he and I were born in the wrong time.
I think, um you and I might have just met each other at the wrong time.
[breathes deeply] [Travis] Vic? Hey, uh, Vic? Travis, what are you doing here? Uh, moving in.
Oh, my God.
You look terrible.
Are Are you okay? Well, physically.
I mean, obviously, you're still hot, but Hey, you can't move in next door.
Don't worry.
I'm not.
I rented the place, uh, three slips down.
I know you need your privacy, and you won't see me unless you need help.
I can't deal with this right now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop, stop, stop.
- What the hell happened? - Nothing.
I got in a little scrape.
You're holding your stomach.
Did you get hit? [stammers] Sort of.
- All right, show me.
- Travis, stop.
- You stop.
- Stop.
Look! You got a bruise here! - Okay.
- Did someone punch you in the stomach? No.
Okay? I got kicked.
Oh, God.
Um, all right.
Uh, we got to get you to the hospital right now.
- I'm driving.
- Okay, all right.
I am fine, all right? It's just a little red.
What if you're having a miscarriage? I think I would know.
How? I-I don't know, all right? But this this is all sorts of crazy amounts of inappropriate, okay? You can't You can't move in next door.
And I don't need you taking me to the hospital.
I just need to get some sleep.
- Fine.
- [sighs] [Travis] You go to sleep, but I'm taking you to the hospital first thing in the morning.
Good night.
[door closes] Any sign of Malachi? [Henry] No.
But I think our Malachi problem is not quite the Malachi problem we have been imagining.
Meaning? I believe he's alive.
Well, if that's true, we don't have a Malachi problem at all.
But we do.
I think Malachi is the one who wrote "Hector lives" in rocks.
He's the one who's trying to frame Hector.
Who Walt now suspects is you.
And Walt knows the combination to my safe.
And if he searched my place, he would find this.
I know that we have a deal, Mathias, but Hector needs to lay low for a while.
And we need to return that to the wall.
Aren't you forgetting something? Probably.
Hector has a bounty on his head.
Last time I went to find Hector, I went looking for him out at that wall.
What makes you think some greedy bounty hunter isn't lurking out there right now? Well, like I said, I cannot keep it any longer.
I think you've lived up to the terms of our deal.
It's time to move on.
Hector's dead.
- Are you sure? - [Mathias] For now.
Hector's come back from the dead before.
Who's to say he won't come back again? Get some sleep, Standing Bear.
You look like shit.
[vehicle door opens, closes] [engine starts] Ferg, have you heard from Vic? No.
Did you ever find Monte? Yeah.
I got his address right here.
[sighs] All right, well, uh I have a little project that I could use a hand with.
- Okay.
- Well, before you say yes, you should know that it's not, strictly speaking, uh, legal.
Did you, uh, give the D.
's office the gun? Yeah.
So assuming the DNA and the fingerprints match, the prosecutor thinks it should be easy to get Chance convicted of murder.
- Cool.
Oh, hey.
- Travis, I'm not an invalid.
You're welcome.
Now off to Urgent Care.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Travis, no.
I feel totally fine.
Just take me back to work.
There's nothing weak about taking care of yourself, especially when you're, you know, with child.
Just say, like, "preggers" or "knocked up" or something.
Call it whatever you want.
We're going to the baby doctor now.
[sighs ] [glass shattering] [engine idling] [siren wailing] [siren chirping] Sir, I need to see your license and registration, please.
Ferguson, what's up? You messing with me? You just rolled through that stop sign.
License and registration now.
My house is right here.
You know, most accidents occur a mile from home.
[scoffs] I get it.
A little payback for coming down on the sheriff, right? Just doing my job Montgomery.
Step out of the car, please.
Man, you'd think by now you all would realize that there's consequences for abusing your power.
Do you seriously think that I won't file a complaint? [Ferg] I'll tell you what.
You hold back on that complaint, I'll let you off with just a warning.
[scoffs] You'd rather have the moving violation? I mean, I'm good either way.
Susman] This is gonna feel a little cold.
I keep, uh, telling her she can't get in fights anymore now that she's pregnant, but she won't listen.
That is not true.
You told me after the fact.
And it's not like I went out looking for a fight, Travis.
- Tell her I'm right, doc.
- It's never good to fight.
- See? Told you.
- All right, okay.
You need to leave.
- What? - Because you're annoying the shit out of me, and aren't I supposed to be avoiding unnecessary stress now that I'm pregnant? Do the two of you need a minute to yourselves? - No.
Not really.
- No.
No, we're fine.
Um, I'll I'll be quiet.
I promise.
Uh, just, you know, do your thing.
[clears throat] What? [heart beating] Oh, my God.
What What is that? - Is that bad? - No.
It's a heartbeat.
[chuckles] [sighs] - [door opens] - [Mandy] Dude.
My aunt is so psyched that you gave me this job that she wants to adopt you.
- You know what time it is? - No.
It's 11:00.
You're supposed to be here at 9:00.
So, you in? - Am I in for what? - I told you.
My aunt wants to adopt you, like, into the tribe.
We're putting together a sweat.
You know, like, a ceremony.
And we're getting a friend who's a medicine man.
The whole deal.
A sweat? Mm-hmm.
That's I'm really touched.
I'm a little surprised, though.
You have been doing a lot for this tribe.
No, I'm I'm surprised by you.
I-I didn't realize that you were so spiritually No.
But sometimes the experience is better than peyote.
Okay, this is kind of scary.
It's two signs of the apocalypse.
You're here, and you're using a computer.
If you pull out a cell phone, I think we're gonna get hit by a meteor.
What's up, Dave? [sighs] We need to talk.
I'm worried about our character witnesses.
I feel like we don't have any.
You don't want to put Vic on the stand? Even though Chance Gilbert was convicted, I worry there will still be a residual stench of sex scandal with her.
I see.
But we haven't talked about people outside your department.
You You've been doing this a while.
- How's your relationship with the mayor? - [chuckles] It's been better.
Well, then I think we're gonna have to just go with focusing on a truth defense.
[Walt] You're kidding me.
The truth is plan "B"? [Dave] Sadly.
But you have an honest face, so who knows? We will work hard to win, but we have to plan to lose.
So, plan "B" is truth.
Plan "C" is, we lose? We might.
And there's a lot at stake, so I want to talk about protecting your assets.
How do I do that? Basically, hide your money.
Give it to other people, like your daughter.
This is an accountant I trust.
Just sit down with him.
He'll help you out.
And that way, I'll maintain total deniability in the penalty phase, you know, should there be one.
Seriously, Walt, call him.
[door closes] Walter.
This came for you.
No return address.
- Thanks, Ruby.
- Mm-hmm.
[door opens] - Mr.
- Hey! Jacob! - You wanted to see me.
- Come on in.
- Can I get you something? A water? - No, I'm good.
Sit down.
You know, in all my years, I've never been invited to the mayor's office.
The sheriff's office a few times, but never the mayor.
Well, times have changed.
- Have they? - They're about to.
- You know I'm up for re-election soon.
- Mm.
And you're not going to be unopposed this time, I understand.
That's why I need your support - now more than ever.
- Me? Jacob, your casino might not be in my town, but it is not lost on me the importance it has on the economy of this county.
So, what are you offering me? [chuckles] You get right to the point.
When dealing with the big chiefs of the white men, I've learned it's best to cut through the bullshit early, or you're likely to drown in it.
- Touché.
- Seriously, Sawyer, why should I throw my money, my publicity machine, and my sizeable off-Res native constituency your way? Because I'm going to solve your biggest problem for you.
That's intriguing.
And what, in your mind, is my biggest problem? Sheriff Walt Longmire.
He's been standing in the way of everything we've been trying to do in this county for years.
His squeaky-clean, aw-shucks image has made him impossible to go after.
But that was before the civil suit.
I can take him down now.
[rock music plays] Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Are you okay? No.
I just went to the restroom, and now my coat's gone.
Are you sure? Maybe you were sitting somewhere else.
My coat was right here, and the car keys were in the pocket.
I have to get home.
My baby had an accident.
The sitter just called.
I have to get home.
- What is your name? - Anne.
Anne, everything is going to be okay.
But I just tried calling her back, and she won't answer.
I don't know if her phone died or what.
Anne I will drive you home.
Just tell me the way.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
[Anne] That's it, but why aren't the lights on? Something's wrong.
I knew it.
Do you want me to come inside with you? Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
Oh, my God.
Do you think that they went to the hospital? Nope.
False alarm.
Everything's cool.
[Malachi] Hello, Hank.
I see you met my granddaughter.
I'm gonna go watch TV.
I'll be in the back if you need me, Grandpa.
Cady, your work brings a balance and an order to this community.
You have spilled blood to protect a Cheyenne.
Acts and actions speak louder than your blood origin.
Blood doesn't make family.
Tribe makes family.
From now on, you don't call each other "friend.
" You call each other "sister.
" What belongs to one belongs to the other.
[drum beating] [ceremonial chanting] Well, hey, there, Walt.
You want to tell me what you and me are doing out here without your counsel present? It's highly unorthodox.
Well, him not being here is kind of the point.
I wanted to talk to you man to man about what happened here.
You mean your version.
I'm the only one knows the real version.
You might be surprised about what I know.
Right, that's because you're withholding evidence.
You haven't shared everything you have with us, which is, of course, totally illegal.
Now, I hardly think you're the one to be lecturing me on the law.
- And yet it seems like I have to.
- Mm.
If you try and use that FBI evidence that you have without disclosing it, Dave Milgrom will have it thrown out.
It doesn't matter anyway, 'cause you're misinterpreting what you have.
Am I? You have testimony that the FBI suppressed phone records, specifically a phone call from my house to Barlow's house two hours before I shot him.
How did you come by that information? - Police work.
- [chuckles] But I'm trying to save you the time and expense of taking that all the way to trial.
It's not the smoking gun you think it is.
I didn't call Barlow and invite him out here.
He rode out here on his own.
He called his own house, and he knowingly pulled an unloaded gun on me.
He was trying to frame me for murder.
Really, it was just suicide by cop.
The phone call was five seconds, Tucker.
That's hardly enough time for him and I to make arrangements.
So, you think this whole thing was a setup? Just Barlow trying to take one last swipe at you from beyond the grave? Yep.
Damn, Walt.
I believe you.
Barlow Connally was a son of a bitch.
But that son of a bitch happened to be my best friend.
And do you know what he did the day before he died? He had some papers drawn up making me, Tucker Baggett, C.
of Connally Enterprises should anything ever happen to him.
That is a true friend.
And now you're standing right in the way of our big plan.
What plan? A world-class golf resort and residential community in the most pristine place on God's green Earth right here! [laughs] Here? [laughs] That's never gonna happen.
You get this land over my dead body.
[Tucker chuckles] Nah.
I'll get it over cocktails with a Realtor.
You see, Walt, I know how much money you have.
And if the judge gives me half of what I'm asking, you're gonna have to sell this whole property just to cover the judgment.
Just think about it, Walt.
36 holes of championship golf.
200 single-family parcels, each with over an acre of their own land.
And a blue ribbon trout stream running right through the middle of it.
Why, hell, Walt, it's the stuff dreams are made of.
[chuckles] Barlow, it's Walt.
I need to talk with you.
My place.
Four seconds.
Good luck with the truth.
[vehicle door opens, closes] [engine starts] Wakey, wakey, Hank.
Hey, do me a favor and give these straps a tug.
I'd like to make sure they're good and tight.
[breathing heavily] Where are we? This here's the Crow reservation.
Got any friends here? Huh? No, I don't suppose you do.
Go to hell.
Oh, I'm not going anywhere.
You don't get to send me away, Hank.
You recognize these stakes? They're Nighthorse's.
Part of a a ritual of his where he summons up the Dog Soldiers.
You know, the old warriors used to stake themselves to the earth and stand their ground to the death.
Well, Nighthorse He's not really a Dog Soldier.
He's basically a white man playacting just like you.
So I'm gonna give you a chance to experience the real thing to stand your ground till death.
- [spits] - [laughs] Oh, a couple hours of this sun beating down on you, and you're gonna wish you had this spit back.
[ceremonial chanting] [chanting continues] Something smooth Something dangerous Something wicked Like the devil's touch [Cady] Dad? Whoa, whoa, whoa Something evil - [cell phone ringing] - Something evil Ohh, ohh, ohh Something evil Something evil Something evil - [growling] - Something evil - Yeah - [screaming] - Something evil - Hmm, hmm - [wings fluttering] - Hmm Hmm, hmm Hmm Hmm, hmm - Hmm - [thunder crashes] [voice exhaling] Subtitle corrections by