Loot (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

French Connection

We at the Wells Foundation are so proud
to help build a student arts center
for our under served communities.
As Maya Angelou said,
"You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have."
We're happy to give all the kids of LA
a place to find their voices.
And we are so excited
to have some entertainment
from my favorite dance crew.
Let's give it up
for the Cerritos Smooth Grooves!
You want me to join?
- Okay. I guess
- Get in there, cuz.
I guess you need me, right? Watch this.
Should I do that?
Hey. You lost me on that part actually.
No, no, no.
That's a little dangerous. That's
Is that okay for their necks?
Do we have a No, and nobody's
He seems fine.
I'm gonna support you from over here.
How about that?
Bonjour, Jean-Pierre. Comment allez-vous?
Qu'est-ce que vous faites ici?
What, you do speak French?
That's a little too advanced for me.
Did you say something about a long tongue?
Stop sweating. Stop sweating.
You. Go get me a fan, or I'll kill you! Go!
What brings you to Cerritos?
I was on my way
to a windmill farm I own in Palm Desert,
and my people mentioned this to me,
so I came.
Well, thank you so much for coming.
As I told you before,
we should find something
- to work on together.
- Yes, absolutely.
Would you like to have dinner
with me sometime?
- Yes. Sure. I would love that.
- Great.
À bientôt, Molly.
Wow, my name sounds so good in French.
Can you just say it for me one more time?
It's still good.
- I have to go now.
- Yes. You have to go.
Of course. Okay.
- You are so dewy.
- Oh, my God.
I'm gonna spend the rest of my life
making this up to you.
- I'm so sorry.
- Do I smell weird?
No. You smell incredible actually.
I think he caused me to start ovulating.
You guys are crazy.
He does not like me in that way.
Honestly, no, I Guys like that date,
like, models or Baldwin daughters.
Please. The man followed you to Cerritos.
The only people who go to Cerritos
are in love or trapped in a trunk.
No, he just wants to work together.
- I think you like him.
- Come on. I just met him.
I agree with Nicholas.
Your aura is orange, the color of arousal.
Well, either way, we should be careful.
I mean, we don't know
if he's plotting some sort of ransom
or some sort of Taken-style kidnapping.
If Hollywood has taught me anything,
it's don't trust Europeans.
Yeah, I agree.
I mean, what do we really know
about this guy?
Jean-Pierre. Who needs two first names?
It's a little greedy.
Okay, it is so stupid
to be wasting time on this.
He probably has a girlfriend anyways.
Well, we can find that out.
Let's check his socials.
That's my family.
- I'm sorry we're all white.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Is there any work going on here?
Yeah. We're looking up a hot guy
to see if he's single.
Slide over, Ainsley.
Okay, not married.
Red flag at over 40s,
but not bad for a billionaire.
No bankruptcies.
Friend group pretty diverse.
Nothing on Reddit.
And there's a picture
of him with Ashton Kutcher.
- I'll allow it.
- Okay.
He broke up with his girlfriend
nine months ago.
What? How could you possibly know that?
Look at his photo history.
Gabrielle, Gabrielle, Gabrielle,
dog photo, dog photo, marathon.
Yeah. Your boy got his heart broken,
but he's back at it now.
I've had a lot of exes.
I live for this shit.
- What?
- He just texted me.
He invited me up
to his vineyard for dinner.
Okay, now, cuz,
if he takes you, do not resist.
Use your sense of smell
to figure out what city you're in,
and get a message out.
We will find you.
Okay. Okay. That's good.
No. We need everything.
We need day looks, night looks,
sunrise looks, sunset looks,
vineyard chic, vineyard casual.
Just bring it all, Javier.
What's this?
It's a present for getting the part
in the play. Congratulations, man.
- I'm proud of you.
- Oh, my God.
Howard, you didn't have to do this.
I mean, it's such a small part.
It, like, barely matters.
Come on, now.
A "Respect for Acting,"
"An Actor Prepares,"
and a bunch of printed-out tweets
from Randy Quaid.
Well, some of them are about acting,
and some of them are about being
a fugitive from a government conspiracy.
It is not clear which is which.
"You must behave truthfully,
even under imaginary circumstances."
Howard, one of the reasons I'm so hot
is because I'm emotionally unavailable
to everyone around me.
- It's one of your best qualities.
- But…
What you did for me with the play,
it really meant a lot to me.
It's been nice getting to know you, Goku.
I'm glad you said it,
because now I need you
to be a supportive friend
and meet my girlfriend, Tanya.
Okay, see,
what you've just done is trap me,
and I respect it.
- I knew what I was doing!
- Yeah, yeah.
Anyways, set up a time.
Way ahead of you.
Tonight, 4:15 p.m., Cheesecake Factory.
- Hey. Sorry…
- Hi.
…this might not be the best time.
- I just need you to take a look at this.
- No, no.
Come in. Actually, this is a great time.
I need a break.
You're really gonna serve up some lewks.
Sorry, I should not have said that.
Oh, my God, this is so embarrassing.
I'm going to the vineyard
to meet Jean-Pierre,
and I have no idea what to wear.
And I'm sorry 'cause this is really boring,
and I don't know
why I'm boring you with this.
I'm spiraling.
No, don't worry. I completely understand.
I went on my first post-divorce date,
and I stared at my closet for an hour.
- Yeah.
- And then I figured it out.
Blue shirt, khakis and a tie.
So exactly what you're wearing right now?
Yes. Guess so.
It's just that,
I don't even know if this is a date,
you know?
And I'm kind of freaking out.
Well, you know what they say in hiking.
I definitely don't.
Wear layers. Be prepared for anything.
That's actually a really interesting idea.
I think I can work with that.
And listen.
Whatever you end up choosing,
you're gonna look great.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Move, madam.
There is a fucking rat down there.
A fucking rat! Can you believe it?
- Bonjour, Molly.
- Hi.
I'd love to give you a hug,
but I'm covered in grease…
Me too.
- You are?
- No.
I mean, no.
I just came from work too.
These machines are very old,
and they break down all the time,
but they give us such a great wine.
Sorry, just give me a moment,
and I'll be free.
Yes, yes. Take your time.
Get back to your wrenching.
Be careful, madam.
That area is full of rats!
Oh, God.
Actually, I called ahead
and requested a basket of just brown bread.
Howard J. Wilson. I spoke with Elizabeth.
I did not say, "Take that one."
Thank you.
No, I don't eat bread
for religious reasons.
I wanna look as fit as Jesus.
I see that.
There she is.
Nicholas, let me introduce you to my love
Fuck you, motherfucker. Don't touch me.
Hi, I'm Nicholas.
Howard, what in the hell are you doing
liking Danielle's Instagram post
when she's basically wearing nothing?
I like everything in my feed.
I'm a good follow.
- So you're gonna lie to my face?
- You guys seem like you're going through
Sit your ass down!
- Yes, ma'am.
- I like a audience. Move.
- I got the brown bread for you.
- They ain't got no plates?
Can we get We need plates over here!
- So sorry about that.
- No, please. Not at all.
This room is much more beautiful anyway.
So, you really have a thing
for horses, huh?
I love horses.
I spent two years working
as a ranch hand in Spain.
That's a surprising job
for a billionaire's kid.
In my youth, I rejected my family's wealth.
Lived on my own.
I was a rancher, a bartender,
and even a boxer.
- Seriously, a boxer?
- Yeah, seven knockouts.
That's amazing.
I was the one being knocked out.
But what changed for you?
Why aren't you off somewhere
getting beat up?
When my grandfather died,
before passing on,
he asked me
to keep our family's name alive.
I thought helping people
will be the best way to do that.
I owe him everything.
He gave my life meaning, you know?
That's impressive.
I know a lot of rich people,
and most of them don't think that way.
But you do.
Can I tell you something?
I had no reason to be in Cerritos.
I made up an excuse.
I came out there specifically to find you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Would you like to go outside
and have a glass of wine?
Yes, I would love that.
Okay, come.
- Watch your step.
- Thank you.
Just admit. You liked that post
because Danielle looks hot in that bikini
even though her toe's all jacked up.
She was at a beach volleyball tournament.
- I support women in sports.
- This.
This is why I want
to put a dog chip in you.
Well, go ahead.
I got nothing to hide. You know what?
Just put it in a piece of brown bread.
I will eat it right now.
Guys, the manager
said we are on strike two,
so if you could bring it down a little bit…
So now you're going to defend
your best friend? Go ahead.
Actually, Tanya, I was on your side.
- What, seriously?
- Yes, Howard.
You can't just go around
liking random girls' Instagram posts.
It's disrespectful to your girlfriend,
and she has a right to be mad.
Thank you. I like you.
You're way hotter in person, by the way.
Thank you so much.
I get that a lot, actually.
Two dimensions are just not enough
for the cheekbones to really pop.
If I can say in my defense
No. What you need to say, Howard,
is you're sorry to Tanya.
Okay? And then we can all just move on
and get back to our very salty, salty meal.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have hurt your feelings,
and I love you.
You know you're my ride or die.
Okay. Apology accepted.
Now cut up my calamari.
You know I don't like to chew too much.
I know, baby.
- Little pieces.
- Yes, ma'am.
Baby pieces.
I found the one I was looking for.
A very special bottle.
Thank God,
because these other ones were terrible.
I am not trying to get us drunk.
I'm just very proud of my wine, that's all.
I'll be careful.
I don't do hangovers anymore.
My body just can't handle it.
- So true. It's not easy to get older, huh?
- It isn't.
I mean, I think I've noticed lately
that my peripheral vision is going.
Like, right now, I can't see that.
What if that was a car?
What if that was a toddler on a bike?
What if it was two toddlers on two bikes?
I'd be screwed.
It is a tragedy of human life
to only appreciate youth when it's gone.
Wow. You just got super French.
I know, I know. I got that all the time.
Even in France, I'm very French.
What is it? Do I have wine teeth?
I'm just thinking.
You are different from other women I know.
You are fuller.
No, no, no. It's a good thing.
There is more of you.
I get it.
I'm still going to have dessert, though.
What I'm trying to say, Molly, is…
You are everything.
- Here, your shawl
- Leave it. I want it off.
I love the feeling of the air.
- And the company.
- Thank you.
- Jean-Pierre!
- Jacqueline!
Comment ça va?
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's happening?
You know what I want to come back?
Low-rise Capri pants.
Oh, my God! Thank you.
My calves are, like, my best feature.
- Set them free.
- Why did I get a hip tattoo
of the Tasmanian Devil
if I can't show it off?
Could I get a sip
of someone's Brownie Blaster martini?
No. None for you, honey.
That's your punishment.
You're right, baby.
I should go to the bathroom anyways.
Howard's so great.
Impossible to hate, and I have tried.
Yeah, he's all right. He does his best.
I can't believe you guys
have been together for eight years.
That is insane.
Yeah, it's been a very, very long time.
Yeah, but he loves you so much.
I'm sure that next step
is right around the corner.
What? "Next step"?
Like a proposal?
Did he say something to you?
No, but would it be so bad if he did?
Yes. I'm not marrying Howard.
We have fun,
but Howard is not husband material.
Then why have you been with him
for eight years?
What I'm gonna do,
take a Uber to the airport? Hell no.
Have you talked to Howard
about this? Does he know this
Baby, I met some Japanese tourists
who didn't want their brown bread.
There's enough for everybody.
Well, thank you, honey. You're the best.
You can have one sip
from my Brownie Blaster martini.
Chocolate and thick.
Just like we like it.
- Girl! Come here.
- I love you. You're so sweet.
You can stay or go, but this is happening.
- He can stay.
- You like it when people watch.
- I like a audience.
- Yes, you do.
So, how are the two of you connected?
Jacqueline is my partner.
Your partner?
Okay, that's…
That's a very versatile word in English.
So, are you saying "partner,"
like, "Howdy, partner!" or…
She's so funny, Jean-Pierre.
She's like comedian American, no?
She reminds me of Fran Drescher.
- Fran Drescher. In The Nanny.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah, yeah. Excuse me.
I have to take him for one moment.
It's very important.
I'll be right back.
No problem.
You guys do whatever you need to do.
Well, not whatever, but I just mean,
like, the stuff you have to do.
And I'll be right here.
Hey, is everything okay?
No. There is a hot French lady here.
And she took him.
What? I'm calling the police.
No, no.
I need you to do your Internet magic.
Look up a woman named Jacqueline,
and find out exactly
what her relationship is to Jean-Pierre.
I need to know if they're together
or just French. Help me.
Okay, I'm pulling it up now.
And got it.
Holy shit. Jacqueline is beautiful.
It looks like she and Jean-Pierre
go to a lot of events together.
All the way back until 2012.
- And there it is.
- What?
They're at her wedding.
She's married to a Tom Ford model.
She and Jean-Pierre
are just working together.
Really? Yes! Okay, anything else?
Jacqueline's husband is something else.
Look, usually I don't deal
with white boys as a rule…
But for him, I would just, well
I gotta go. Okay. Thank you so much, Sofia.
I knew it! I knew
there was something happening between us.
Now shall we discuss business?
I think we should get to our proposal.
- Proposal?
- Yeah.
I'm very excited to collaborate,
and Jacqueline has a lot of ideas too.
After all, that's why we bring you here.
- Hey?
- Page 22.
- Hi.
- Hi, Arthur.
Did you need something?
No. Do you need something?
No, I was just checking in.
Was that Molly
that you were talking to earlier?
I couldn't help but overhear.
Yeah. She just asked a question
about Jean-Pierre.
Okay, so she's still with him?
Sounds like it.
Well, that's Yeah, good.
I'm glad she's having fun, you know.
She deserves it.
You really saved me tonight.
Thank you so much.
That's our friendship leveling up.
No problem. It was quite an evening.
Hey, listen, man.
- I gotta tell you something.
- Yeah.
Tanya kind of told me
that she doesn't think
you're husband material.
I know. She told me
when you got up to go to the bathroom,
and I wasn't even gonna say anything,
but then, you know, as a friend, I realized
you should know that she's just using you
until something better comes along.
I can't believe it.
I'm really sorry.
I can't believe
you would lie to me like this!
What? I'm not lying to you.
I have zero to gain from making that up.
- Tanya, did you say any of that stuff?
- Hell no. He's lying.
Oh, my God.
He's jealous 'cause he ain't got nobody.
He's trying to take you away from me.
You Single White Female-ing me right now?
No! What? Have you seen that movie?
Yes, I have. But here's a movie
I haven't seen. Get Out!
Fine. You know what? I'm leaving.
Have you seriously not seen Get Out?
We're not friends anymore.
So, I'll send you
the research we've been doing.
Let's have a conference call
about it next week.
A conference call.
That sounds great.
I can't wait to be dialed in.
Okay, great. Have a good night.
Have a good night.
Ms. Wells?
There's a man on a horse chasing us.
Molly, stop! Stop the car!
It's Jean-Pierre. Pull over!
I'm sorry if my behavior was confusing,
but I didn't know if this was
kind of romantic or just business.
Oh, my God. Yeah, I didn't know either.
I wanted to keep this professional because
I think we can do great work together,
but there is this connection
between us, right?
- Yes.
- Do you feel it too?
Yes! I am so glad we talked about this
because it was so confusing.
And I just want to say
that the word "partner"
is really just so confusing. I've
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