Losing Alice (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

The Paranoia

Yeah. Wow.
It's exactly the way I imagined it.
Sexy and a little sleazy. Good morning.
- Hey, Alice.
- Morning.
This is amazing.
Yeah, amazing, sleazy and sexy. But
it'll be hard to shoot here.
The elevator is small.
- The stairs are too narrow.
- It's amazing.
- It's a bad idea.
- Wow.
And they have restrictions regarding
the number of people allowed per floor.
So it'll be almost impossible.
Yeah. I get that. It's just perfect.
Yeah. Okay.
Let's just visualize
We put the camera here.
I get them over here,
the door opens.
A little wider, cheapskate.
"Eleanor spreads her legs a little wider."
"Eleanor spreads her legs open.
Amir then sighs. Beat."
Sometimes you look at something
for so long
it begins to lose all its meaning.
You have to turn your head away
and look in a different direction
so that you can go back
and see things clearly.
You mean my vagina,
or is that a metaphor for your life?
You little bitch.
"Amir gets closer
and rests his head on her knee."
What the hell?
Oh, God. I'm really sorry.
You're insane.
- I'm sorry.
- Shit, that was hard.
Oh, no. I'm so sorry.
Came right out of nowhere.
- I
- You hit me really hard.
You said to listen to my instincts
and not to "mark" it, so
You definitely didn't "mark" it.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
Really, I
I feel like she's pretty mad at him,
but she's also filled with desire.
So it felt like
the right thing to do to him.
- Anyway I'm so sorry.
- It could actually work.
I'm sorry. Sorry. I
It could be interesting if she slaps him.
That's just why I did it. I felt it.
It just came to me.
Wanna read it again?
With the slapping?
Try me.
Can you arrange for me to sleep here
on the days I have to stay here in town?
You're serious?
The hotel we got for you is so much
Yeah, but this works for me.
It sparks my imagination.
- I'm on it. Yeah.
- Okay.
But it's
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Finally. Alice, I need you for a second.
The musicians you wanted to see are here.
You know, for the cellist
in the hotel scene.
Have a seat.
Alice, what color
do you want Amir's car to be.
- They're driving me crazy.
- I haven't decided.
Give us a few seconds.
Alice, can you focus? Look, so these
Alice, we won't have time
to see both locations tomorrow.
Either Ramat Aviv or Herzliya.
Then Ramat Aviv, okay?
- You need to focus right now.
- All right.
I want you to see how she looks as Dana.
- Here.
- Okay.
How may I help you?
My father's a guest.
I wanna surprise him for his birthday.
Oh, happy birthday.
- Thanks.
- And your father is?
Amir Ben Zvi.
You're Amir's daughter?
I'm afraid I can't let you into his room
without his permission.
- Well?
- No.
- I mean
- She's good.
Yeah, it's just Here.
Look at her.
I found her on Sophie's Instagram.
She's in a ton of photos,
then she's gone.
So I think that Dana is based on
this friend right here.
- Okay.
- This girl.
So, you want us to locate her?
No, I don't think so.
But find someone like her.
Someone with more darkness,
who's maybe more withdrawn, right?
Yes. Yes.
Doesn't look like the same girl
in all the pictures.
Alice, we won't have a car
if you don't decide.
Hey, I know her. Small world.
- For real?
- What?
She was two years behind me
in film school.
- The university?
- Yeah.
Who is she?
She's not tagged anywhere.
She was a little strange.
She'd come and go a lot.
We'd talk sometimes.
I thought she was pretty talented.
I'll go for the red car, okay?
What's her name?
Naomi. Naomi Alfissi.
She disappeared
near the end of her first year.
What do you mean disappeared?
Disappeared. Just like that.
It was weird.
There was talk that maybe
something serious had happened to her.
You know?
- Did they find her?
- I don't know.
I quit following the story.
How did she come up?
On Sophie's feed.
Okay. So, red convertible. Okay?
Let's find her.
Maybe she can act.
We're going with the red one, Alice.
Naomi Alfissi is her name? Alfissi?
Come on now.
So many Alfissis.
Oh, no.
Tons of Naomi Alfissis.
Too many.
You're such a good boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What a son. I felt like dancing.
Hi. Hi, Alice.
How are you?
Just fine.
- How did it go?
- It was interesting.
Are the girls asleep?
David, darling, I'll finish up
and I'll pick them up tomorrow, right?
Yeah, thank you.
And don't forget about ballet.
Of course.
- Going for a run.
- All right.
- Bye.
- Bye, sweetie.
How was it with the girls today?
They were really great today.
That's good. I'm glad.
Sophie was here.
That put them on cloud nine.
She told me just how happy she's been
since you gave her the part.
You know I just want it all to go well.
With all of the sacrifice and craziness,
I hope the film does well.
It's going to be amazing.
Shit! Shit, shit, shit!
You turn your head for just a second
and look, everything goes
straight to hell.
It's so overcooked.
It's totally dried out.
Maybe you could save some.
Of course you can't save it.
Good meat must be cared for.
You have to keep an eye on it
and butter it up a little.
Otherwise, it dries out and goes to hell.
At least the rats will like it.
No, I'm really tired.
It's been so intense
with the location scouting
casting and budget.
How was today's meeting?
She's crazy. But I was kind of astonished.
She has this intuitive understanding.
She reacts well to everything.
She's really got it.
It's impressive
the way she analyzes things.
But even though she wrote it, it's not
obvious when you approach the acting.
She gets into it.
Yeah, completely.
We're working at her place tomorrow.
We didn't get to the end of the script
because the girls came home
and jumped all over her.
Amazing. Really.
You're able to let someone like that
star next to David.
Keren would kill me.
- She wouldn't approve of that?
- Not a chance.
Not with Sophie, she wouldn't.
You know, I only met her once, okay,
but there's just something about her.
Yeah, well, I could only see the film now.
Their chemistry
I'm assuming you have a kind of vision,
like you people seem to have.
It's just that You know.
No, I don't know. What?
Well, I remember what you said
about the content.
Graphic scenes, frontal nudity.
So what, you think I should
have concerns now?
Not really.
David's a little bit different.
How is David a bit different?
He just seems more like the loyal type.
So, what's the loyal type?
Loyalty can be so conditional.
What happens if conditions change?
Are you the loyal type?
How is this now about me?
Are you?
Well, I have never actually done anything.
I've never crossed a line.
That means you've been loyal.
First we better be asking,
"What's loyalty?"
So am I loyal
as long as there's no intercourse?
Or let's say I fantasize about a woman.
I mean, at a level where I'm just
dying to touch her body,
inhale her naked aroma.
But I don't do it. Am I loyal?
Yes, you are.
Really? Okay.
If I'm living life like I
am missing something.
Like I'm gonna have to have sex with
the same woman for the rest of my life.
I masturbate over other women.
Would I still be loyal?
Yes, you're still loyal.
It's legitimate to have thoughts
and fantasies.
What else is there?
I do ask myself
if it's not as bad as cheating.
And sometimes I go so far
with my fantasies
that I wonder if I shouldn't just
go ahead and cheat.
You're taking your fantasies
pretty far too.
You cast her 'cause there's a part of you
that wants to see David
with someone else.
It's a turn-on for you.
And for me it's a turn-on
that you think it's a turn-on.
Oh, my God, sweetie, are you okay?
It's nothing. It happens sometimes.
It's from the dry air.
This "happens sometimes"?
How many times has it happened?
It's not a big deal, Alice. Come here.
Why don't you tell me
about stuff like this?
Because you're never here, that's why.
- You can always call me.
- Stop.
Just call me when things like this
happen, can you please?
Am I really supposed to bother you
with that type of stuff? Hang on.
Just as long as you know
it's not a big deal, right?
- 'Cause it's nothing, right?
- Right. And are you brave?
Very brave?
I'm brave too, right?
You little monkey.
I don't know if you're brave or not.
- Another one? You're all awake now?
- Daddy, Daddy!
Let's see.
We have brave girl number one here,
brave girl number two.
What about me?
Don't you love it when the chocolate milk
makes the bread a little soft?
Don't you love it, Mom?
I love you so, so much, sweetie.
I love you too.
- Wasn't this fun, honey?
- Yeah, Mommy.
All right, now, time to go.
Come on, give me a hug.
You're my angel.
How about if I don't go to school today
and I come to work with you?
Wouldn't that be fun?
I'm sorry, sweetheart. We can't.
But I promise
as soon as I finish this movie
we won't take just one day off together,
we'll take a week, I promise. Okay?
Even Sophie wants me to go.
What's that?
Sophie said she can't wait
until I come and visit her on set.
She'll show me a lot of cool stuff
and everything else.
But we haven't even
started filming yet, sweetheart.
When did she tell you that?
So, can I go with you, Mommy?
No, no. You can't come to work with me.
I'll be staying at the hotel.
We finish really late
and start really early.
That means you don't want me to come.
You make all the rules.
Who gave you such crazy ideas?
Of course I want to be with you.
I want to be around you all the time.
Nina, I'm talking to you.
Look at me, please.
If I could call off work,
believe me, I would.
But I just can't do that. Understand?
Nina, I Are you listening?
You looking for me?
Yeah, can I call you later?
Yeah, sure. Okay. Bye.
You're always saying
that you're a big girl
and that we don't ever treat you
like a big girl, right?
So, I'm begging you, now is the time
to show you are a big girl
and understand the situation.
Sophie was right.
What is that supposed to mean?
What did she say?
I'm asking you to help me.
I'm gonna count to three.
Give me a kiss and get out of the car.
One, two
Nina, get out of the car.
- Stop pulling me!
- You're really late. Do you understand me?
I don't care.
What is this?
Give it to me.
Nina, come here.
Say goodbye like a human being.
Good morning.
- Hello, hello?
- Hi, Kobe.
Can you do me a favor and schedule
Sophie for a fitting this morning?
Didn't she do that already?
It says here that David
is at her place today.
You asked them to finish
the read-through.
Yeah, cancel the reading
and send her to be fitted once more.
And then arrange a meeting for me and her
before the production meeting.
Okay. Cool. Will you be on time
for the location scout?
Yeah, I just have a quick stop first.
On my way.
Okay. Bye.
Hey, haven't seen you here for a while.
Yeah, right. Shooting a new movie.
A movie? Nice.
So, what can I do for you, Alice?
I wonder if you
remember a girl who studied here,
like, three or four years back?
- I remember them all. Who?
- She didn't finish.
- Who is she?
- Naomi Alfissi.
Naomi Alfissi.
But of course.
That cute girl who disappeared.
Where'd she disappear to anyway?
I mean, if we knew, they wouldn't
be saying she disappeared.
What have people been saying happened?
Right before the end of her first year,
there were a lot of rumors.
No one knew where she was.
They couldn't find her.
Didn't come home,
didn't show up at school.
She always seemed
a little strange and sad.
Then suddenly the police showed up here.
They started asking a bunch of questions.
Some said she was murdered.
I'm not sure.
Do you have any contact information
or anything on her parents?
I can check the records
on the computer.
Did she submit her first-year short?
I can take a look.
Can you e-mail it to me if you find it?
Sure. I'll dig around and look for it.
Did they find anything new?
I'm not sure they know anything at all.
That's how she spells it?
I guess.
Who spells "Naomi" like that?
Anyone want a Danish?
No, thanks, I'm good. I ate.
They're really good.
- You sure?
- I'm good.
The number you are
trying to reach is out of service
or has been disconnected.
This is the final house.
Alice, the director.
- Hi.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Itai, the cinematographer.
- Hi.
- Messiah, art director.
- Hello.
And Kobe, our line producer.
- Hi. How are you?
- Welcome. Make yourselves at home.
- Thanks.
- Feel free to walk around.
- Looks nice. Thank you. Okay.
- This is nice.
All right, guys, over here.
Are these the dimensions?
Are you making a movie here?
What about?
Well, these two good friends
who are named Eleanor and Dana.
Do they live in this house?
No, it belongs to the parents of Dana,
Amir and Rita.
And when Dana visits,
she sometimes brings Eleanor.
And then what happens?
Eleanor takes something Dana really loves.
Something very precious.
Is she bad? Is that why?
Yeah, maybe she is bad.
- I think it's great.
- Assuming she's fine with it.
All right, then. Good choice.
Let's get our
This is by far
the best location I've seen.
- Thank you. Great.
- We all like it.
This would be the first time the house
has been used.
It's just right. Just needs a few touches
here and there, but really not much.
Do we contact the representative, or what?
I have his number.
We need to confirm with the producers,
but that's not a big deal.
It really won't take very long.
- It's great, right?
- It's awesome.
Yeah, it's perfect.
Just a second.
You've reached David.
Please, no voice messages. Texts only.
You've reached David.
Please, no voice messages. Texts only.
You've reached
You've reached David.
Please, no voice
- Hey. You okay?
- Hey.
Yeah. Did you cancel
David's reading with Sophie?
Yeah. Told her to go for a fitting.
Not good?
No, yeah, that's great.
Something wrong?
No, it's good.
I'll come over in a second.
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
I saw tons of missed calls from you.
Where are you?
I went for a run without my phone.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, no. I thought
you were at Sophie's place.
Didn't you cancel the read-through?
You're not there?
Alice, are you okay?
Yeah, no, it's nothing.
Something in her feed.
What? What do you mean?
Let's talk later, David.
- Hey, David. What's up?
- Hello, David.
- How's it going?
- David!
What's up, buddy?
- Are you scouting?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Bye, honey.
- Bye, babe.
Alice. You have to see this.
Meeting starts in five.
Anyone want coffee?
- I'd love some, please.
- No, thanks.
Take a peek. For Dana.
Maya Ben Tovim.
- Nice.
- Right? You're welcome.
- I like her.
- Yeah. You're welcome.
She spilled wine on me
at David's screening.
Plus she's a good actress.
And look, see how much she looks like
Naomi, the Alfissi girl of yours.
Ask her to come in to audition.
Start without me. I have
to check something. I'll be right back.
Alice? Alice, please pick up.
I need you here right away.
Please don't be mad at me.
He's here. He won't leave,
and I really need
I need you to come and get rid of him.
Please, take a taxi now.
Hurry. Please hurry.
What happened?
Thank you so much for coming.
I just didn't know what to do.
I didn't know what to do.
Please, you have to get him out.
He really hurt me. He hit me.
I'm really afraid.
You have to get him out of here.
I'm so scared. Please help me.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
The first time we began talking
was at the party for Yaara.
Then she appeared from out of nowhere
one day at my clinic in Tel Aviv,
starting what seemed to me
like something
"Let's go for a bite,
maybe go out for a few drinks."
It was pretty
I can hardly remember it now.
It was exciting and harmless.
And nothing happened.
Like, she would take me
to a party or to a bar.
A young friend showing me the city.
I mean, that's all it was.
Then one day she sends me a text
saying that she's bored,
maybe I want to
come over to her loft.
You know, I'm not sure
what I was thinking
but soon as I walk through the door
she removes her clothes.
Just like that. I mean, naked.
Without any warning.
With that look she has
looking at me with those
black eyes of hers.
That body of hers.
Then she asks if I wanna play with her.
She tells me to lie down on the floor.
And she explains
that I'm not allowed to touch her.
At all.
And then
she starts to move around the room, naked.
And sometimes she stops and stands right
over my face with her legs spread wide.
This far from my face.
And warns me that I can't touch her.
I don't want to hear it.
All the while,
she says all kinds of things.
She drove me totally insane.
She drove me nuts.
After the treatments
and all that shit I go through
with my low sperm count.
I felt like
Then this morning
she wanted to play a new game.
I mean, you know me, Alice,
I'm not a violent man.
And at some point, I didn't even know
what was happening at all.
I'm drawing a blank at what I might have
or might not have done.
Then you show up.
- Did you take anything?
- No.
Did you take something from me?
- No, no. I didn't take anything.
- Show me what you took.
- Leave me alone.
- I just
Get out of my place, you little bitch!
Go away!
Do you have something to eat?
- Well?
- I can give you money.
Give it.
Give me some of your money.
Money. Give me that money. Money.
Give me that money.
Who's this?
- Who's in the picture with you?
- Who are you?
What are you doing with my little Naomi?
Who's your Naomi? Is she your daughter?
She took her.
She took her away from me.
Who took her? Took her where?
Sophie. Sophie. She killed her.
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