Losing Alice (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Bad Reader

You've reached David.
Please, no voice messages, texts only.
Hey, I guess you're asleep.
I just got to the hotel after a long day
and I really wanted to talk to you.
I hope everything's okay.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Love you.
She'll take everything you have.
End it.
They were always together.
Didn't leave her side for a second.
And when she'd visit
which was only once in a blue moon,
it was always with her.
Such a shame my mother
isn't here to see us like this.
My mother always said
there's no joy in this world.
That even when other people seem happy,
they're not.
In fact, no one is happy.
Happiness is fiction.
Well, you were wrong, Mom!
We're very happy here, you hear me?
We're very, very happy.
What? What's wrong?
Mom, please.
What's the problem?
You're making us very uncomfortable.
You're absolutely clueless,
you know that?
Little slut.
Little slut just spreading her legs
for everyone.
What a little bitch.
Eleanor, you're impartial.
Is something wrong with what I'm doing?
I think you're cool, Rita.
Did you hear that?
"I think you're cool, Rita."
How about that? And Eleanor
knows how to speak her mind, right?
You're one of those girls who
What do they call them?
Enough now.
Stop saying enough!
"Enough, Mom!" "Enough, Rita!"
Don't you dare shut me up
and sit me down like some little kid
who doesn't understand anything.
I understand everything.
And I want to tell my mother
how happy we are, understand?
That all of her prophecies about me
were wrong,
and that there is happiness in this world.
We are a loving and happy family
just like these gorgeous
stuffed peppers I cooked us here.
She took away my child.
She killed her. I know it.
And he knows it.
They've been in touch,
I know that. I just know it.
She will take it all.
What do you think?
Shame on you! Shame on you!
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Morning. Sorry I'm late.
Good morning.
So? Did anything interesting
happen at the hotel?
Things you wouldn't believe.
You gonna tell us
or do we have to imagine?
Hey, sweetie.
What's up?
Is everyone asleep?
Of course.
Do you forgive me for yesterday?
What happened yesterday?
How was school yesterday?
It was good. I had a good day at school.
Are you coming home late tonight?
No. I won't be late.
Okay, baby. I love you very,
very, very, very, very much.
Me too. Bye, Mommy.
Alice, I hear you decided
you want Dana to commit suicide
with a gun and not a rope?
So, Hagai sent a few gun options
for you to look at.
He's sweet.
I e-mailed him so late last night.
That's the first option.
And there's that one.
This one.
Okay, done.
And you can
Yes, send it over and we'll see.
I'm always happy to read new stuff.
Great, sweetie.
Yeah. Okay.
Okay. That's all right. Whatever we said.
How was the location?
Yeah, it was good.
We were at the park.
I swear, that park's just killing me.
So, I have a question.
You know, we're in the van a lot,
and people talk, you know?
Are we absolutely sure that Hilik
killed himself?
You wanna quit?
Do a resurrection?
No. It's just, I'm
What's the matter?
I just wonder
Is it possible he could have owed
money and a loan shark
or someone else caught up to him
No, you're definitely a writer.
I mean, what do I know?
That's what they told me,
that he committed suicide.
He had two kids. It's sad.
At least when I die,
no one will suffer because I'm gone.
Yes? Sorry.
I have to.
No, sweetie, out of the question.
No way.
Sorry. Bye.
Then why now?
I'm going to get my car. Bye.
No, I wasn't saying sorry to you.
"ALICE, CALL ME!!!!!!"
Hello, Kobe?
Hello, hello.
Listen, I'm stuck.
I'm lost in the parking lot.
I can't find my car. Can someone please
Of course. What floor are you on?
You picked me up at the hotel today.
Yeah, that's right. We did.
Do you want me to come anyway?
No, I'm sorry.
Are you sure?
No. I'm okay.
Okay. Bye.
All right. Come here, you.
Here we go.
David, girls, come to the table.
This looks good.
Oh, well. Amazing. Okay!
Grandma, water!
Grandma, water!
Hold on. Okay, here we are.
Stop it.
Here it comes.
This is so good, Grandma.
Do you like it, Nina?
Take your wine glass away. It's
Look who's here to visit.
Mommy, did you bring us cupcakes?
No, sweetie. I'm sorry. I forgot.
Come here!
You okay?
Alice, honey, are you hungry?
No, thanks. I'm just a little tired.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Go ahead, but come back
so you could put the girls to bed.
Now, you finish your food, young lady.
I don't want to.
Mommy doesn't have to.
Are you okay?
Who's last but not least?
Yeah, the day was just really long.
Okay, please ring Sophie.
She's been going crazy
trying to get a hold of you.
Yeah, she did something, and I can't
Yeah, she told me about Tamir.
Just speak to her.
I mean, you heard Tamir's side.
I don't want to judge
with everything they're going through
but it seems like
he really crossed a line to me.
Is someone there?
Yaara? Dori?
Are you sneaking around?
What are you doing?
You really left me no choice.
You wouldn't return my calls.
What did you expect?
I love taking baths.
Someone told me after you have kids,
you don't take as many baths.
In your experience, has that been true?
You don't take as many baths and
you rarely eat bananas,
that's what I heard.
What do you want?
You want to know about Tamir, right?
At some point.
Or Pnina.
I bet you wanna know all about Pnina.
How do you know I saw Pnina?
She probably said I killed Naomi.
What do you think about that, Alice?
Hey. Honey.
I'm not sure I know
what I'm doing anymore.
This always happens with big projects.
It's just been a while, so you forgot.
What if I shouldn't do it?
If it's a mistake I can't see.
I don't know.
Don't stress.
You know exactly what you're doing.
It'll be amazing.
You wanted this.
You're doing your thing.
I have to take this.
I'll I'll handle it.
I promise you, it'll all work out. Okay.
Come on, Alice.
I know what happened. I know
you were there when it all happened.
I can't believe how long you've been
keeping these secrets from me
right under my nose.
No, no, no.
I promise you. I had no idea, Keren.
I swear.
I could feel her energy
the first second I saw her.
She is pure evil, Alice.
I never
imagined she could do this.
Just keep your eyes wide open around her.
Tamir told me what she
She's into some stuff that's sick.
Hi, I'm trying to locate someone.
Sophie's boyfriend.
What for?
I'm Alice. I work with her.
I hope I'm not disturbing.
It's okay. No worries.
I just have a couple of questions for you
and then I'll go.
I believe you're the only one
who might be able to help me.
I'm just making myself an espresso.
Want one?
Yeah, sure. Great.
What would you like to ask me?
I've only been told one side of the story.
I feel that I should hear
from someone on the other side.
And we're speaking about what?
I met Pnina.
Sorry, I know it's none of my business.
But I need to understand a few things
if I'm gonna continue
with this production.
Who's Pnina?
You're Naomi's father.
I don't have kids.
At least, not to my knowledge.
But, wait, you're not married to Pnina?
I don't have a wife. I never did.
I was never really cut out for it.
Are you sure I'm the Ami you want?
Hey, I assumed you were the man
described in Sophie's script,
that you were Amir.
No. I wasn't. I'm not Amir.
She could have given him
some of my better qualities
but I'm not Amir.
Why did you assume it was me?
No. Well, not at first.
But then the homeless woman
who lives under the production office
came to me and she's
Yeah, Naomi's mom.
So, you do know her?
We've never actually met,
but Naomi used to
come over here all the time,
talked about her mom,
her mental struggles,
her temper tantrums.
I felt really sorry for Naomi, you know?
All her depression
and the shit she went through
because of her psychotic mother.
Just Pnina told me something
disturbing about Sophie.
She said Sophie killed Naomi
after they got into a fight.
What's easier to come to terms with?
Knowing your daughter
up and left you behind
because you're mentally ill?
And she refuses to be in touch because
of how much you messed her life up?
Or convincing yourself she was murdered
in unforeseen circumstances
that are no fault of your own?
In the end, we create a reality
which allows us to believe
we are truly free of all guilt.
Yeah, but she sounded very convincing.
Sophie's not a murderer, okay?
She wrote a great script.
You know what you remind me of?
"The bad reader."
You know it?
"The bad reader
always wants to know,
and to know immediately,
what really happened.
What's the story behind the story?
What's the deal? Who's against who?
Who fucked who over?
What does the bad reader,
the exploitative, lazy,
the sociological reader,
the slanderer
and the voyeuristic reader want?
To finally find out,
without any covers or bullshit,
who really did what to whom, and how much.
That's all he wants to know.
And when he gets that,
he shall be satisfied.
Satisfaction means
that the great Dostoevsky
must've been suspected
of having a certain tendency
to rob and murder old women.
William Faulkner
was probably guilty of incest,
and Nabokov was a pedophile.
And Kafka was most certainly
wanted by the police.
Not to mention what Sophocles
did to his father and to his mother.
Otherwise, how could he have
described it so realistically?
So real. More real than life itself."
Sophie wasn't with Naomi's father?
It seems like you want to hear she was.
To my knowledge, there was no father.
So he left?
She didn't have a father.
Pnina's not married.
She raised her alone.
Naomi would joke it was a one-night stand.
There never was a man in the picture.
You all right?
It's the joint.
I just
Anything I can get you?
You want some water?
No. I just got mixed up.
I need some air.
You okay?
Look down.
Try to focus on just one spot.
It's okay.
Yes, lovely.
That's right.
That's right.
Wait, Sophie!
Leave me alone.
Hold on.
I'm sorry.
Is this revenge for Tamir?
No, it wasn't. Of course not.
Not that you'd care,
but he's totally lost it.
He won't stop calling me,
texting or harassing me.
It's not like that, I swear.
So what is it?
The homeless lady, Pnina.
What about her?
She told me a few things
I needed to check out.
So you believe that nutcase,
and by the way, she's mental, diagnosed.
That chick is in and out of institutions
more than you go to the supermarket,
but you would rather believe her
than come and ask me.
Isn't that right?
And so you decide that you're gonna have
to go check with my boyfriend.
What were you hoping to find out?
What did you want to know?
What did you want?
To hear that I murdered my best friend?
Would you have liked that?
'Cause maybe then something interesting
would finally be happening
in your bullshit life.
But why?
I just don't understand. Why? Why?
Why? Why didn't you tell me
Naomi disappeared?
Why didn't you tell me
you guys were roommates?
Or that her mother thinks that you
It is none of your business!
None of your business.
You want to tell me
what happened with Tamir?
He attacked me.
But how'd you end up with him
attacking you?
We started out playing.
He broke the rules.
But why'd you choose him to play with?
I don't know.
Maybe because
I knew you wanted to but couldn't.
Why Ami?
Honestly? I have no idea.
Yeah, like,
how did I get there?
Up until that moment,
I didn't know that I wasn't awake.
But suddenly I realized
that I
I've been asleep for a long time.
The kind of sleep that
you couldn't wake up from
even if you tried.
I'm glad that you
you decided to wake up
before you finally shoot the script
that I nearly killed myself to write.
Good morning.
This needs to stay our secret.
I'm good with secrets.
My mother always said
there's no joy in this world.
That even when other people seem happy,
they're not.
In fact, no one is happy.
Happiness is fiction.
Well, you were wrong, Mom!
Mom, stop it.
What's wrong?
You're making us very uncomfortable.
You're absolutely clueless,
you know that?
Why are you so jumpy?
Eleanor, you're impartial.
Is something wrong with what I'm doing?
I think you're cool, Rita.
Did you hear that?
"I think you're cool, Rita."
That's all.
And Eleanor knows
how to speak her mind, right?
"ROOM 209"
You're not afraid to say what you think.
You're one of those girls who
Mom, stop it.
What do you call them?
Rita, enough.
Stop saying enough!
"Enough, Mom." "Enough, Rita."
Enough, enough, enough.
How dare you speak to me that way
and tell me what to do?
Who do you think you are?
Don't you dare touch me,
shut me up or sit me down like some little
kid who doesn't understand anything.
I understand everything!
And I want to tell my mother
how happy we are, understand?
That there is happiness in this world!
We are a loving and happy family
just like these gorgeous
stuffed peppers I cooked us here.
What's up?
Do you wanna sit in Lifshitz's office
or the conference room?
Lifashitz it is.
I have a feeling we forgot something.
I don't know. Something.
Not somebody?
I think we're good.
The hotel?
Just a couple more locations to finalize?
The amusement park? That whole thing?
So we have the hotel, Seven Stars.
Seventh floor.
Guys, do you get it?
We're about to shoot our movie!
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