Lost In Space (1965) s01e13 Episode Script

One of Our Dogs is Missing

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall, Don, John and Will Robinson had left the spaceship to set up a series of microwave relay stations.
They were unaware that within moments the Chariot was to be suddenly engulfed by a rain of death.
Danger! Danger! You see something? No.
[ Don ] Meteor storm! - Will, are you all right? - I'm all right.
Mother, come quickly.
- Can you tell what they are? - I don't know, but there must be hundreds.
- [ Rumbling ] - Or thousands.
Isn't that the area where the Chariot is? Head for those rocks over there.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Can you hear me, John? - Do you think they've been hit? - Mom! - I don't know.
- [ Screams ] - I knew it.
- [ Maureen ] Jupiter to Chariot.
It's over.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
John, can you hear me? John, please come in.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
- John, can you hear me? - It's no use, my dear.
- It's obvious they can't hear you.
- [ Sighs ] Well, the storm must have knocked their radio out.
They'll make contact with us as soon as they can.
Did you say "storm," madam? - Yes.
It was a meteor storm.
- Ridiculous.
If you wish to spare the tender feelings of your little brood, go right ahead.
- I, at least, am willing to face the truth.
- Suppose you tell us - what the truth is, Dr.
- Gladly.
We have been through a barrage.
- A barrage? - What's going on in that devious mind of yours? My dear madam, I can hardly expect you as a nonmilitary female to comprehend, but it is painfully clear to me.
I'll tell you what's clear to me, Dr.
- Suppose you explain it to us.
- Very well.
It's a universal military tactic to lay down a barrage before launching an invasion.
- An invasion? By whom? - Ah, my girl.
That is the terrifying question.
Who knows what dreadful creatures inhabit the reaches of this galaxy? But I fear we are now about to find out.
There couldn't be any truth to what he says, could there? No, of course not, dear.
It was a shower of heavy meteorites, nothing more.
Brave reassurances, madam.
I suppose it's wise of you since there's nothing we can do to oppose such a force.
Undoubtedly, your menfolk are already prisoners or worse.
Why do you even have to think things like that? I'm going to prove how wrong you are.
I'm going over into the next valley where those meteors were hitting and make certain that John and the others are all right.
In the dead of night, madam? No, I'll wait till dawn, and then I'll go.
We must not split our forces at this crucial time.
It would be suicide! - Very well, then.
We'll all go.
- And she does mean all.
- Well, Judy, what does that look like to you? - A meteor crater.
- Penny? - What else could it be? - Dr.
Smith? - A shell hole.
[ Penny ] Gee, they're all over the place.
[ Judy ] There's no sign of the Chariot.
[ Maureen ] Thank heavens for that.
- It means they weren't hit.
- They were captured, obviously.
I'm gonna try and contact John.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
[ Maureen ] John, can you hear me? Come in, please.
Maureen? Are you all right? [ Relieved Sigh ] Oh, yes.
Are you? We had a close call last night with those meteors.
No real damage, except to our communications.
We're on auxiliary right now.
- What are you doing? - Well, we're not at the ship.
We came out to make sure the Chariot hadn't been hit.
[ John ] Maureen, I wish you wouldn't wander too far from the ship when we're not there.
- It isn't safe.
- All right.
We'll get right back.
I promise.
Ah, that's my girl.
One thing more.
We won't be able to use the radio until we've made some repairs so take care of my girls.
And especially take care of yourself.
Over and out.
All right.
[ Sighs ] - Hey, Mom! Look what I found.
- Penny, stay away from that.
Come on, now.
You get down from there.
[ Judy ] Well, I'll be darned.
Mom, what is this thing? The wreck of a space vehicle.
- It's pretty small, even for one man.
- Feel it.
It's still warm.
This wreckage is fresh.
Is there anybody in it? No.
There was someone in here.
Part of an oxygen-release valve.
It's a spaceship.
The advance guard of the invasion.
Undoubtedly, there are thousands of these ships scattered all over the planet.
[ Sighs ] Dr.
Smith, I've asked you to stop talking like that.
Facts are facts, madam.
This ship was manned, and now there's no one here.
Somewhere in these trackless wastes, an invader is hiding waiting for the proper moment to strike us all down.
[ Growling ] What's this? Look! Look! Look, what is this? - Well, these are our food cans.
- Somebody's been here.
- Somebody or something.
- It must have broken into the ship.
Do you suppose it's still there? We're not going back in to find out.
But Dr.
Smith is already inside.
Ladies, I've just inspected the galley.
I regret to inform you that it has been looted.
The barbarian has struck.
And he took our ham.
All right, now, stand back.
I'm gonna turn it on.
[ High-pitched Humming ] Gently now.
- Very slowly.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, now back.
We'll cover the whole area.
All right.
There now.
- That should do it.
- Shall I test it? [ Exhales ] Yes.
Oh, that's fine.
We'll be safe enough now, no matter what's out there.
- We are going to leave it on all night.
- Yes, we certainly are.
- Now, where's Dr.
Smith? - He's locked in his cabin.
He said he had some important work to do, but I think he's scared.
- For once, I don't blame him.
- Oh, now, Judy.
With this force field in operation, nothing can approach the ship.
I hope so.
Come on, now.
We've got to prove that we can take care of ourselves until the men get back.
- Let's go in and get the ship ready for the night.
- All right.
[ Howling ] [ Howling Continues ] - What was that? - I've never heard anything like that before.
I thought I was having a nightmare.
Mom, I'm scared.
- It's all right, dear.
- Never fear, ladies Zachary Smith is with you to the end.
- [ Howling ] - Which may be much closer than we thought.
Smith, what are you doing with our guns? The time has come for a firm hand.
I have assumed formal command for our last stand.
But rest assured I will sell your lives dearly.
[ Loud Growling ] Go on, dear.
- Let's rest.
- Yes, we can stop here.
I could swear those sounds we heard last night came from this area.
Unless they were our imagination.
Well, Judy, it wasn't our imagination that looted the ship and stole our food.
Mom, something's been here.
Looks like a piece of animal fur.
Well, there are animals and animals, but I've never seen anything like that here.
Could Dr.
Smith be right? Are we being invaded? [ Sighs ] I don't know.
I wish I could reach your dad.
Well, now, look.
We're not going to start behaving like helpless females.
There's a logical explanation to all this.
Let's take it back to the ship, and we'll take a small piece and test it.
[ Rustling ] - [ Barks ] - Oh! - Oh.
- Here, hold this.
Hello, boy.
Come on, fella.
Come on.
Come on.
There's a fella.
Come on to me.
Come on.
[ Chuckles ] Well, there's our mysterious invader.
- Yes.
- Come on.
Let's take him back to the ship.
Come on, boy.
Here's a fella.
[ Snorting, Growling ] [ Growling ] [ Growling ] Oh, he's darling.
Look at that expression.
- Can I have him, Mom, please? - Oh, dear, I don't know.
Oh, please, Mom.
Daddy'll say so if you do.
Well, let's just say that if we decide to keep him, we can call him your dog.
Oh, I just know we'll keep you, fella.
Don't you think it's about time that we feed him? Well, yes, he probably is hungry.
Go ahead.
Come on, fella.
Come on.
Judy, do you think that little thing is what we heard last night? That was the howling, all right.
I'm not so sure about the other noise.
I never heard a dog make a sound like that.
But where did he come from? A dog on this planet? Do you think maybe that was what was inside the space capsule? Well, ordinarily, I'd say that that might explain it.
Of course it does.
Didn't they originally send animals up in space capsules? Yes, at the very beginning of the space program, but do you know how many years ago that was? Well, if this were one of those space dogs, he'd be close to 50 years old right now.
Then how did it get here? Well, that's one of the questions I'd like to have an answer to.
One of them? I'd also like to know if this dog wasn't on that space capsule who or what was? There we are.
Oh, come on.
Not so fast.
[ Giggling ] - He'd probably like some water too.
- Okay.
I'll get some.
Now you stay right there.
Don't move.
- [ Barking, Growling ] - I beg your pardon, sir.
I, too, get thoroughly irritated when thoughtless persons interrupt my repast.
[ Barking ] It's quite all right.
I have penetrated your disguise and I realize that you're not a dog at all, but a visitor from another planet.
The truth of the matter is that I have something of the gravest importance to discuss.
At your convenience, of course.
I speak as the leader of this brave little band of Earthlings.
All in all, we're really not such a bad lot, you know.
Oh, not in the same class with your people.
Oh, dear me, no.
But we are, above all peace loving and cooperative.
What I mean to say is, there's no need for bad blood between us.
No need at all.
Now, uh, if I could presume to ask for a conference with your leader.
Just a little conference.
A very small one? Oh, dear me, I hope I didn't insult him.
Here we are.
Come on.
Come on.
Well, did you have a good meal, hmm? Sure you did.
You know what? You and I are gonna be great friends.
And you're gonna be my dog, and we're gonna have a lot of fun together, aren't we? You poor child.
If only you knew.
If only you knew.
I know you don't want to discuss this in front of Penny but this piece of fur we found has me worried.
It doesn't match the dog's fur at all.
- What do you think it could be from? - I don't know.
Well, whatever it was, it must have been quite powerful the way those cans of food were crushed.
Your father has some notes here about possible inhabitants of this planet.
Here we are.
- "Priority 'A'" he's marked.
- What does it say? Here.
[ John's Voice ] "My gravest concern for our safety is the possibility "of encountering mutants, creatures with no exact counterpart in nature.
"The giants are probably one form of mutant.
I fear there may be others.
"They seem to grow and evolve through a process of metamorphosis.
"Taking on new forms by absorbing all types of organic matter.
Now, if this wild theory is true, any mutant we encounter may try to absorb one of us.
" Why didn't Dad ever tell us about this? [ Sighs ] It's only a theory.
Besides, I know he wouldn't want to alarm us, and there's no proof.
- There's this.
- Look, Judy as long as that force field is turned on, nothing can get to us.
- I sure hope it's working.
- Let's go check it.
- It's not working.
- [ Lever Clicking ] - Did you check all the connections? - Yes, it's the power unit.
We shouldn't have left it on so long without recharging.
- Then we'll just have to recharge it.
- How long will that take? I don't know.
About 24 hours.
Come on.
Let's get the charger.
- [ Dog Barking ] - [ Penny ] Good boy! Come on! Come on, doggie.
Come on.
Come on, fella! Come on! Good boy.
Come on.
Now, look, go get it.
Go get it.
Go get it.
Come on, fella.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Good boy! Give it here.
Go get it, fella.
- [ Barking ] - Go get it.
I surrender.
On behalf of myself and my entire command.
[ Penny ] Come on, fella.
Go on.
Go on.
Come on, puppy.
Come on.
Come on, fella.
Come on.
[ Clicks Tongue ] Oh, puppy.
Smith, what are you doing with your arms? Stretching, my inquisitive little busybody.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three-- Dr.
Smith, when will you stop being so silly? You poor child.
You will never understand until it's too late.
Too late.
Where are you? Come on, puppy.
Come on, fella.
Where are you? Careful.
There we are.
Thank you.
All right.
Where are you, fella? - Where are you? - [ Growling ] [ No Audible Dialogue ] - Okay.
- Judy, you know you and I are gonna have to carry arms with us at all times now until your father gets back.
Mother! My gun! It's gone.
- Well, it was here a minute ago.
- Well, then, what happened to it? Penny? Penny? - Yes? - [ Maureen ] Come here a minute, will you, dear? - I want to ask you something.
- [ Penny ] Coming! I'm coming, Mom.
I'm coming.
- Yes? - Did you take your sister's laser gun? - No.
- You must have.
I left it here when we went in to get the charger.
You were playing with the dog.
But I didn't touch your gun, Judy.
Dad told Will and me never to touch the laser guns without permission.
- Well, how else would I lose it? - Gosh, how do I know? That's all right, dear.
We were just asking.
- Can I go on looking for my dog? - Yes, as long as you stay here in the area.
I will.
- Judy, you've got to find that gun.
- I'll try, Mother.
I'm going to go in and check our other weapons.
I think you better come in soon.
- It's going to be dark in a few minutes.
- I will.
And Penny too.
- Dr.
Smith? - I'm quite busy at the moment.
Our gun rack is empty.
All our weapons are gone.
- I'm glad I had mine with me.
- Calm yourself, madam.
- I have the situation well in hand.
- Oh, hang the situation.
I wanna know where our guns are.
Right here in front of your eyes.
What? This is our arsenal? The first duty of a good soldier is to take care of his weapons.
I found our guns badly in need of cleaning.
Naturally, I took appropriate action.
- Can you put these together again? - What do you take me for? - Some fumble-fingered recruit? - Frankly, yes.
I'm deeply wounded.
For your information, I have the matter completely under control.
- Well, then, put them together.
- All in good time.
- I may require your assistance.
- I don't know anything about assembling weapons.
- Naturally.
May I borrow your gun for a moment? - What for? As a guide.
These are most intricate pieces of machinery.
- They must be scrupulously assembled with great care.
- Certainly not.
I don't want anything to happen to this one.
Madam, your lack of trust is exceedingly unflattering! In a few short moments, the arsenal will be restored to full strength.
- Dr.
Smith, give it to me! - This part comes off first, you see? - What? - Oh! And it goes back on last.
Now, then, the next obvious move is to take off this little device here.
- Don't do that.
Stop it.
- That's it.
Compose yourself, madam.
I know exactly what I am doing.
With your gun serving as a model I'm able to determine precisely the correct method of reassembling the others.
- May I have the first piece, please? - What? The first piece-- Oh, never mind.
Perhaps we'll use this one there.
Since you're obviously devoid of any kind of mechanical aptitude whatsoever I know you find this very difficult to comprehend.
But let me assure you, the system is foolproof.
Now, then, all I have to do is to place this part here.
- Oh, dear.
- There, now.
You've left us almost completely without weapons.
I know exactly what's wrong now.
This part goes with that one.
- No.
- [ Judy ] Mother? Mother.
I've searched everywhere for my gun.
It's completely vanished.
The dog did it.
I saw him.
Think what nefarious uses he will put it to.
- Dr.
Smith, that's utter nonsense.
- Thank goodness we've got more.
- Judy, those are our guns.
- What? [ Growls ] [ Penny ] Puppy! Please, answer me.
Puppy, come back.
Puppy, where are you? Come on, fella.
Puppy! Here, little fella.
Come on.
Where are you, boy? Come on.
Where are you? Come here.
Come on, puppy.
- Where are you, puppy? - [ Dog Barks ] There you are, you bad boy.
Come here.
You've been gone all night, and I've been worried sick over you.
- You really must learn to come when I call you.
- [ Barking ] - [ Growling ] - What's the matter? [ Dog Barking, Growling ] - [ Yelps ] - Come back.
No, fella.
Come on.
Come back.
Please come back, fella.
Oh, no.
What a mess! - What are we gonna do without weapons? - [ Beeping ] - Oh, that's your dad.
- Mom, tell him what happened.
Tell him to hurry back.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Jupiter 2 to Chariot.
Is that you, John? Yes.
The transmitter's not fixed yet, but Will rigged up a makeshift generator.
You know something? I think we've got ourselves a little mechanical genius for a son.
- [ Judy ] We sure could use him here.
- John, there's something-- Darling, I've barely got enough power to make this report and I want you to know exactly what's happening.
Now if you can stand a little good news-- I think this relay idea is gonna work.
But it's gonna be a tough job.
We're gonna have to be busy every minute.
I'm simply glad I married a girl like you.
At least I don't have to worry about what's happening on the home front.
Uh, how long will the job take? Well, if we don't have any more interruptions, I think we'll find the site soon.
Darling, are you sure everything's all right back there? Oh, yes.
Yes, it's just that we all miss you.
We miss you too.
We'll be back soon.
Oh, Maureen, I'm proud of you.
The way you've handled everything.
Thank you, dear.
Uh, we-we'll be waiting.
- Just finish your work and hurry home, will you? - All right, darling.
- Bye for now.
- Bye-bye.
You didn't tell him.
Wow, what a workout.
Something bothering you? I just didn't like the sound of Maureen's voice.
She would've said something if anything were wrong.
I don't think so.
She knows how important this project is to us.
I think she'd do anything to keep me from worrying.
I'm sure everything's okay.
Turn around.
We're going back.
- Now? - Now.
We were just coming to look for you.
- He's gone.
- Who's gone? My dog.
I picked him up and all of a sudden he jumped and ran away.
Now, don't worry about it, dear, he'll come back.
Now look, I want you to wait right there, please.
Now don't you leave the ship again.
Judy, I'm afraid my dog will never come back.
Now then, young lady.
What's this about the dog? - He ran away.
- He did, eh? Was it right after my talk with him? I don't know.
I guess so.
Of course.
He's going back to report how pitifully weak we are.
- What? - My dear child, your mind is too young to accept all the harsh realities of life.
Yet, I believe you should know the truth.
- What truth? - That was not a dog.
At least not in the sense in which we think of a dog.
- It was an alien spy.
- Are you kidding? I'm in deadly earnest.
What did he do the first chance he got? I'm in deadly earnest.
What did he do the first chance he got? Picked up a lethal weapon.
Oh, that.
He thought it was a stick.
Did he? Or was it a warning? And where has he gone now that his mission of espionage is complete? Back to his headquarters, of course.
Oh, my dear children, our time is growing short.
Pitifully, dreadfully short.
I bet it was Dr.
Smith that scared him away.
- Where are you going? - To look for him.
You know what Mother said.
You're to stay right here.
I know, Judy, but I don't want to lose the dog.
And I don't blame you.
Tell you what.
I'll go look for him.
Oh, will you? If you promise to stay right here.
- I promise.
- Good.
[ Groans ] It's no use.
I can't fit these together.
[ Exasperated Sigh ] Dr.
Smith, I could just throttle you! No violence, please, dear lady.
I was only trying to help.
Mom! Mom! - Dad, Will and Don, they're back! - Oh! - Dad! - Penny! - Where's your mother? - [ Penny ] Over there.
Did you find the site for the relay? No.
- I got to worrying about leaving you here alone.
- We'll be all right now.
- Where's Judy? - She's out.
- Out where? - To look for my dog.
- What dog? - We found this dog and it wandered off-- - And she went out to look for it? - Yes.
- Oh.
- Is something wrong? - Is Judy in danger? - Yes.
There's been something out there.
- What? - I don't know.
We haven't seen it.
- But-- - Keep the hatch closed.
We won't be long.
- All right.
- [ John ] Judy! Judy! Judy! Judy! Come on, fella.
Come on.
Here, boy.
[ Whistles ] [ Growling ] Here, boy.
[ Whistles ] Here, fella.
Come on.
[ Whistles ] Where are you? Judy! Judy! John! These are Judy's footprints, but look at those.
Let's go.
My myopic friends have at least come to their senses.
My myopic friends have at least come to their senses.
No doubt they're trying to head the alien off before he can reach his headquarters.
- Any suggestions? - If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.
Ordinarily, that would be a very profound observation, my friend.
But you've been away.
You're hardly in possession of all the facts.
This is a dangerous mission.
It requires brains which, naturally, I can supply.
But it also calls for manpower.
In bygone days when manpower was at a premium it was often necessary to form a posse.
A posse-- Of course.
Now there again is a truly inspired thought.
The only question is, however, where can I find the men? Only one male remains at your disposal.
Will? Of course.
- Well, things seem to be going quite nicely here.
- It's not so hard.
I'm delighted to hear you say so, my boy.
You've passed my test with flying colors.
There's one.
"Test"? What test? Naturally, I could've put this gun together myself in jig time.
But I wanted to see if you could.
- There's nothing to it.
- What a delightfully gifted boy you are.
But then, my unerring instinct for detecting talent has long since selected you as the most outstanding.
In fact, of all the Robinsons, I consider you the most talented.
- I try to do my job.
- Precisely.
That's exactly what I meant.
And there is a job to do right now.
- What kind of a job? - Shh.
How would you like to fulfill the dream of every boyish heart? As fate would have it, I happen to be in a position at this very moment to deputize you.
- Deputize me for what? - A posse, of course.
Together we're going to hunt down a very dangerous spy.
Where would a spy come from around here? In your absence, your sister Penny acquired a pet.
A dog.
At least, she thinks it's a dog.
- But in reality, it's a very dangerous alien spy.
- A dog? Now, now.
Don't leap to conclusions.
This particular spy's fiendishly clever with disguises.
But we three will track him down and kill him.
- Won't we, my boy? - Kill the dog? No, no.
The spy.
Remember, he threatens the safety of our entire little group.
- You will help me track him down, won't you? - You bet.
Stout lad.
Now the oath.
On your feet, sir.
Raise your right hand.
You too.
Do you both solemnly swear to enforce the law and uphold justice in accordance with the orders you will receive? - Answer, "I do.
" - [ Together ] I do.
The posse is formed.
We are about to strike a blow for liberty.
- Come on, fella.
- [ Growling ] - [ Roaring ] - [ Gasps ] - No! - [ Growling ] [ Exhales ] Over here.
[ Growling ] - [ Barking ] - Penny's dog.
- He's trying to get us to follow him.
- Well, let's go.
Sensors recording dog noises.
- Listen.
- I hear it.
It's over that way.
- The net tightens.
Lead on.
- [ Barking ] I really don't see how they could have gotten away without my seeing them.
I thought Will was in Dr.
Smith's cabin.
When I looked, he was gone.
So were Dr.
Smith and the Robot.
I've really made a fine mess of things.
All I had to do was make sure that none of you left the ship.
- I could go look for them.
- No, you don't.
You're going to stay right here where I can watch you every minute.
- You understand? - Yes, ma'am.
- [ Growling ] - [ Whimpering ] Get away! [ Barking ] - [ Dog Yelps ] - [ Growling ] John! Get away! [ Panting ] [ Judy ] Don! Don! Don! [ Crying ] [ Roars ] Let's keep a high heart, my boy.
We're nearing our goal.
I don't hear anything anymore.
Do you? - Negative.
- We've lost the trail.
- Nonsense.
- Audible evidence: negative.
Olfactory evidence: positive.
Ah! He's caught the scent.
He can be a veritable bloodhound, you know.
- That way.
- Lead on.
- Judy.
- [ Crying Softly ] Judy.
Are you all right? - I think so.
- Really all right? - Thanks.
- All right.
- Let's go back.
- I guess the puppy must have run off.
- We can't worry about him now.
- We gotta find him.
- If it hadn't been for him-- - All right, darling.
If that's the way you want it, that's the way it's gonna be.
We'll go look for him.
Come on.
Well? Well? What seems to be the difficulty here? Quarry is within a radius of 50 yards.
Suggest a division of forces to locate.
A division of forces, eh? Yes, that is sound strategy.
However, it's even better strategy to keep your main forces concentrated for a single, powerful attack.
Yes, I have it.
When in doubt, send out a patrol.
A patrol? But we haven't got one.
- Indeed we have, my boy.
- Me? Yes.
You will fan out in all directions while I remain here with the main body.
Well, okay, I guess.
Remember, my boy, if you should contact the enemy shoot first, and ask questions later.
Now then, do your duty, sir.
Do your duty.
Do your duty.
Do your duty.
[ Low Growl ] [ Roars ] All right? Let's rest a minute.
[ Sighs ] None of us could understand how the dog could've lived so long in space.
That's why Dr.
Smith thought he was some kind of an alien.
He must have been part of one of those early experiments in suspended animation.
The freezing tube broke when the capsule crashed.
Darling, I don't want to spend too much time looking for him.
- Your mother will be worried.
- Just a little longer, please.
All right.
A little longer.
[ Dog Barking ] [ Smith's Voice ] And remember, my boy, if you should contact the enemy shoot first, and ask questions later.
[ Playful Growling ] - I can't do it.
- [ Clattering ] [ Playful Barking ] Come on.
You're a nice, little guy.
Even if you are a spy.
[ Dog Yipping ] - Will.
- Hi, Dad.
Well, how did you get here? - [ Whimpering ] - That explains everything.
As I have said many times, "Never fear, Smith is here," at the scene of the crime.
He's not an alien, Dr.
He's just a puppy-- a real puppy, and I love him.
Tell Dr.
Smith he's a real puppy, Dad.
Tell him.
Of course he's a real puppy.
What else could he be? A spy.
A real spy.
- [ Gasps ] - [ Growling ] Oh, I surrender.
Please, sir! I do surrender! Come on.
Come on.
- Dad! Dad! - [ Growling ] - Judy! It's all right.
- [ Cries Out ] [ Judy ] Oh, Don! How's the reading on the radioactive counter? [ Clicking ] It's still running from 8.
4 to 9.
That's the richest vein we've found yet, and it's still holding.
I'll go tell the others.
Oh, tell your mother to pack a lunch for us, we're gonna be here all day.
All right.
What a delightful machine.
Beating its little heart out, producing deutronium fuel for us.
Smith, this machine doesn't produce fuel it merely refines and concentrates radioactive ores.
A mere detail.
What difference does it make as long as it produces enough fuel for us to blast off from this wretched planet.
We're gonna need four more canisters of that fuel.
If we don't get it from that vein, I don't know where we're gonna find it.
Rest assured, we'll have it.
I can smell success in the air.
Before you know it, we'll be off into the heavens an infinitely better people for our ordeal.
Conditioned to survive in any kind of environment.
Toughened by encounters with alien life-forms.
Immune to-- [ Yells ] Smith! Smith! Smith! Give me your hand! Smith! Smith! Give me your hand! Help! Help! Somebody, help! - Help! - Smith! Help! Help! Help!