Lost In Space (1965) s01e14 Episode Script

Attack of the Monster Plants

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall we left Professor Robinson and Judy at work refining atomic ore unaware that a short distance away from them a treacherous, man-devouring pit lay waiting for its prey.
How's the reading on the radioactive counter? [ Clicking ] It's still running from 8.
4 to 9.
Ah, that's the richest vein we found yet, and it's still holding.
Oh, I'll go tell the others.
Oh, tell your mother to pack a lunch for us.
We're gonna be here all day.
All right.
What a delightful machine beating its little heart out producing deutronium fuel for us.
Smith, this machine doesn't produce fuel.
- It merely refines and concentrates radioactive ores.
- A mere detail.
What difference does it make as long as it produces enough fuel for us to blast off from this wretched planet.
We're gonna need four more canisters of that fuel.
If we don't get it from that vein, I don't know where we're gonna find it.
Rest assured we'll have it.
I can smell success in the air.
[ Dr.
Smith ] Before you know it, we'll be off into the heavens an infinitely better people for our ordeal.
Conditioned to survive in any kind of environment toughened by encounters with alien life-forms, immune to-- [ Yells ] Smith! Give me a hand! Smith! Give me a hand! Smith! Smith! Give me a hand! Help! Help, somebody, help! [ Dr.
Smith ] Help! Help, somebody, help! Don't get too close, Don.
Smith! Get over here! No! No! Well, just don't stand there, do something! - [ John ] Give me your hand.
- Here.
[ Grunts ] Let me go! You're pulling me in! - You're pulling me in! You're pulling me in! - Don't panic! - Let me go! Let me go! - Just move back! [ Yells ] - [ John ] Smith! - That dirty-- - We need help! - Help.
I'll get help.
Will, my boy, would you be good enough to take the rope to your father and Major West - down by the drill site? - Uh-huh.
Will, Dr.
Smith asked you to do something.
He's always asking me to do something.
Now, now, no insolence.
When I was a boy, children didn't dilly-dally when their elders asked them to do something.
He's right, Mother.
Will never does anything I ask him to, either.
I'll speak to him.
Don't struggle so much, Don.
Try to float.
Just be still.
Dad! Don! Grab this rope! Secure it to that tree.
All set.
[ Will ] Keep pulling! Dad, keep pulling.
Ah, good boy, Will.
I'd have been here even quicker if Dr.
Smith had told me you were in trouble.
Now he's in trouble.
Come on.
Is this the way to show gratitude to someone who saved your life? Careful! My shaving lotions are in this bag.
I ask you, my dear lady, am I being treated fairly? No, you're not.
Mom, Dr.
Smith didn't do anything really.
That's just why we're throwing him out.
He never does anything.
- Every time there's trouble, he runs.
Who needs him? - That's it.
Now that you've found a way to get off this planet, I'm to be abandoned here.
Only you, my dear Judy, cared enough to protest this barbaric treatment.
For that, I shall always be grateful.
Don't worry about him.
He can take care of himself.
- Now get out of here.
- You'll regret this, Major.
I promise you.
Remember, I warned you.
If you don't take me with you, no one will go.
Now, I must say good-bye to the children with your permission.
I'm gonna miss you youngsters.
I've come to think of you as almost my very own.
- [ Warbles ] - Not you.
[ Warbles ] - Good-bye, all.
- You forgot this.
[ Grunts ] I think you're cruel, all of you.
- Judy.
- What's gotten into her? - She just doesn't like to see anybody hurt, that's all.
- [ Sighs ] John? John? Look.
The deutronium, it's gone.
- Don.
- You bet.
- What are you talking about? - Well, those canisters just didn't walk off by themselves.
- Somebody took 'em.
- Smith.
I'll be right back.
This is one little chore that I'm really gonna enjoy.
There you are, you nincompoop! I've been looking for you.
Come here.
You're not the most scintillating companion in the world but I haven't much choice.
- I've decided to let you share my banishment.
- Banishment? Banishment.
Call it what you like.
We're going camping like a pair of Boy Scouts.
A Scout is trustworthy loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient-- I know, I know.
For the time being, obedient will suffice.
And here.
And here.
Now, come along.
Don't dawdle.
Don't dawdle.
Come along.
Well, well, come along.
Don't dawdle.
- Someone is approaching.
- What? All right, Smith, hand them over.
"Them," Major? Whatever are you talking about? [ Chuckles ] You know what I'm talking about.
The missing deutronium canisters.
Is some of that precious substance missing? How unfortunate.
But let me assure you, Major, I haven't the foggiest notion - where your canisters might be.
- I'll give you just 30 seconds.
If you don't hand them over, I'm gonna start tearing you apart.
I really haven't any idea.
- You're asking for it.
- Ohh-- You haven't the foggiest notion, eh? You were gonna leave me behind.
You are gonna leave me, aren't you? Well, that decision is up to Professor Robinson.
But if he asks for my opinion I'm voting to leave you here.
- How many canisters do you have, Will? - Five.
[ John ] All right, that makes six.
Here, let's start getting these back to the ship.
It's a good thing we don't need much more.
Our vein is thinning out.
But I'd like just one more canister in case of emergency.
I'll be right back.
Don, what did Dad mean by an emergency? Don't we have enough deutronium to blast off? Don't worry, Will.
We'll be all right.
Here, this one's full now.
Why don't you take it back to the ship? - Okay.
- And don't let anything happen to it.
Don't worry.
I won't.
[ Speaking Loudly ] Judy, uh I didn't want to scare Will but actually, our fuel-to-weight ratio is gonna be very critical.
What does that mean? Well, it means that, uh, Smith will probably have to be left behind.
We shall see.
I thought Daddy said he was taking Dr.
Smith? Shh.
I'm just teasing.
Smith's up there behind the rock listening.
- I think that's nasty of you.
- He deserves it.
- Psst.
- Who's that? It's your dear Dr.
I just wanted to say good-bye to you before you leave.
Good-bye? But you're going with us, Doctor.
I heard what that barbarian Major West said.
He told me everything was all right.
Do you expect me to believe that? My father promised that you were coming with us.
Of course.
That's what he would tell you.
- I suppose it was a lie for the best.
- My father doesn't lie.
Well, sometimes it's easier not to speak the whole truth.
What do you mean? There simply isn't enough deutronium to enable all of us to leave.
One of us must stay behind.
And since I am not a Robinson, I am to be sacrificed.
But there is enough deutronium.
We might even have a little extra.
I doubt it.
You heard Major West say the vein is thinning out.
Wait a minute.
There is a way.
I know how we can produce all the deutronium we need like that.
- How? - Come with me, my dear boy.
Welcome to my humble campsite.
Where'd you get all the shaving kits? You only had one when we left the spaceship.
That's what I wanted to show you, my boy.
When I decided to set up my camp in this lovely little garden I started unpacking.
I placed my shaving kit on this rock, thusly.
I turned back to continue with my unpacking, when suddenly I heard-- [ Eerie Warbling ] That.
I turned back and saw the plant moving toward my shaving kit, just as it is now.
Thinking the infernal thing was going to engulf my kit, I tried to grab it.
For a moment, I was nonplussed torn between fear of this vegetaceous monster and the prospect of the loss of my shaving kit.
But fearlessly, I made my decision.
I grabbed the thief, forced it open and plucked my shaving kit from its greedy mouth.
I chanced to glance back inside the pod.
And do you know what I saw? The plant had created an exact duplicate of my shaving kit.
It was, my dear boy, a truly marvelous discovery.
I spent all last night duplicating the luxuries and necessities of life.
That's exactly what I said when I first witnessed this miracle.
A miracle, my boy, that will insure all of us, including myself - a safe return to Earth.
- What do you mean? It should be obvious that these wonderful plants can, in the twinkling of an eye produce as much deutronium as we need.
- Let me show you.
- I don't know.
You doubt your own eyes, my boy? Or is it that you too want to see me abandoned on this forsaken planet? Are you sure it'll work? Let me show you.
[ Eerie Warbling ] One, two three-- It's done.
Here is the original.
And here is the duplicate.
- Golly.
- You already said that, my boy.
- But how does it work? - Have you forgotten your botany? Plants reproduce by cellular mitosis-- cell division.
The reproductive process of this remarkable species is simply nondiscriminatory.
It can duplicate anything placed within it.
Wait till I show these to Dad.
Not so fast, my overanxious friend.
You may take this canister back to your father and Major West and tell them of the miracles I have wrought.
And tell them also that when I have their solemn promise that I will be allowed to accompany you back to Earth I will then manufacture all the deutronium they need.
Until then I will keep this canister.
Well, okay.
I'll be right back.
- Hurry, Will! - [ Eerie Warbling ] [ Eerie Warbling ] - Dad! Dad! - What is it, Will? I just met Dr.
He can make all the deutronium he wants - or anything else.
- What are you talking about? He discovered these plants that duplicate whatever you put in it.
He put in this canister and two came out.
- Let me see that.
- He can make all the deutronium we need.
All he wants is your promise that he can go with us.
This is a plant.
He tricked you, Will.
He gave you this fake and kept the real deutronium.
- But why? - Because he knows we can't go back to Earth unless we have enough deutronium.
And he's trying to blackmail us into taking him.
But what he doesn't know, Will, is that while you were gone we found a last little pocket in that vein and already have enough deutronium without his canister.
I'm glad.
He shouldn't have tried to trick me.
Let's get that back to the ship where it'll be safe.
And leave Dr.
Smith out here.
[ Dr.
Smith ] Psst.
Well, Dr.
Professor Robinson.
May I have a moment? - There's something I should like to discuss with you.
- All right, what is it? Well, it's in the nature of a-- of a compromise, let us say.
Uh, Dr.
Smith, would you please come to the point? I've come prepared to strike a bargain.
A bargain? Well, that's very decent of you, but, uh, why should I bargain with you? And over what? Over deutronium.
Those precious little grains of fuel that will take us away from this beleaguered planet.
- Well, we don't need your deutronium.
- I'm aware of that.
But surely an extra can will guarantee a safe departure? - Yes, I suppose it might.
- Good.
- Now we come to the bargain part.
- Which is? Will the extra can of deutronium also guarantee that I will be included in the ship's company when you depart? Uh, I thought it would be that.
The answer, Dr.
Smith, is that we'll take you along if it's humanly possible.
Now considering your recent behavior I'd say that's more than fair.
You're so right.
I shall hasten and get the can of deutronium still in my possession - and deliver it to you forthwith.
- You do that.
And then I shall rest my fate in your honest and capable hands.
Good heavens.
They feed on deutronium.
Smith is here.
Did you bring the can of deutronium? I know you'll find this very difficult to believe, but it's true, absolutely true.
The plants ate it.
- The plants ate the deutronium? - That's correct.
Well, how unfortunate, Dr.
Yes, unfortunate for me.
I presume this means that I'm once again doomed to be left behind? Well, a bargain is a bargain.
Yes, I suppose it is.
But I ask you to bear in mind that unlike the rest of you I did not volunteer for this mission.
If justice is to prevail, I should be the first name on the list of those departing.
I shall bear that in mind, Dr.
[ Debbie Warbling ] Too bad you couldn't find the deutronium, Dr.
But you shouldn't have tried to trick me.
I didn't just try.
I succeeded.
Let's not forget that.
Are you gonna have to stay, Dr.
Smith? That question is still before the high tribunal.
That means Dad hasn't decided yet.
Well, if you do stay, could you tend to my garden for me? Your garden will wither and die.
I can promise you that.
- [ Warbles ] - You know, it's really a shame, Dr.
Smith but, uh, things don't look too good for you at all.
A condition you find most cheering.
Not at all.
As a matter of fact when I compute the fuel-to-weight ratio which we already know is going to be very critical I'll do my best to include us all.
I'm deeply touched.
Does that mean I can take the Bloop? How can you even think of taking that beast when I may have to remain? - I think the Bloop should go.
- So do I.
Well, we don't have a capsule for the Bloop, so that's out of the question.
- I'll build her a capsule.
- That's a deal.
- You build a capsule for the Bloop and she goes.
- [ Warbles ] Of course, that cuts the available weight still further.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Smith but things don't look very good for you at all.
[ Warbling ] Bloop, indeed.
[ Debbie Warbling ] I thought I told you to tend the fire? Oxidation does not continue after fuel has been carbonized.
You could have gotten more fuel.
In the future, you must be more specific.
You said tend the fire.
I did not leave it for a moment.
I did tend it.
Do you have to be so literal? [ Eerie Warbling ] The problem is being solved, dear friend.
By tomorrow, I shall be winging my way back to Earth.
It is not possible.
The situation has not changed.
That's true.
But the balance of power has.
- That does not compute.
- You wouldn't understand.
It involves comprehension of horticulture and the wisdom to know when to keep one's mouth quite shut.
- It still does not compute.
- It does up here, my tarnished friend.
It does up here.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs, Grunts ] [ Chuckling ] I can hardly wait for morning.
[ Chuckling ] - Well, good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
A most felicitous scene.
The early risers preparing to meet the day.
And how is our dear little space mother this glorious morning? A vision of pioneer loveliness.
I've always said so, madam.
What is it you want, Dr.
Smith? But where is the rest of our happy little group? Don't tell me we have some stay-a-beds in our midst.
Ah, our representative from the military rubbing the sleep from his eyes like a tousled little boy.
How utterly charming.
Smith, if you've got something to say, say it or leave.
In due time, my dear Robinson.
In due time.
Now, then, uh, Judy, that's whom I don't see.
Where is Judy, the fairest flower of them all? If you've done anything to her, Smith-- Please.
I wouldn't harm a hair on her head.
It's just that I don't see Judy here among you.
- I wonder if you know where she is? - She's probably still asleep.
- She likes to sleep late.
- Why don't you run and wake her? Please, don't let me interrupt your breakfast, dear lady.
You won't, Dr.
Come on.
Sit down, Don.
Darling, let's have breakfast.
- All righty.
- The kids will be out in a minute.
Mom! Dad! She's gone! She's not in her cabin! You knew she wasn't here when you walked into camp, Smith.
So help me-- Hold on, Don.
All right, Smith.
What do you know about Judy? She's gone, and she won't be back.
- Where did she go? - And how do you know she won't be back? Your daughter is safe.
No harm has come to her.
Mind you, I had nothing to do with her disappearance.
- But I do know where she is.
- Then why won't you tell us? It grieves me deeply, dear lady, to see you so upset.
- But I simply cannot tell you where she is just yet.
- What does that mean? It means that your plan to leave this desolate cinder without me is going to change.
Now then, as I see it, there are two alternatives, and the choice is yours.
Number one-- we leave for Earth as planned with me taking Judy's place on the ship.
- Well, now you know we can't do that.
- I thought not.
So you choose the other alternative.
Exactly what is the other alternative? Major West pilots me back to Earth and your charming little family can stay here bathed in togetherness.
When I am safely away, I will radio where Judy is.
When I arrive on Earth, my first solemn duty will be to organize a rescue mission to come back for the rest of you.
You'll never get away with this, Smith.
I see no need for a tiresome discussion.
My decision is made.
Now then, dear lady, breakfast.
There is so much to do if Major West and I are to leave on schedule.
All right, come along, come along.
That's the way.
Come along, Will.
Yes, Penny.
- Careful.
Come along.
- Come on, Debbie.
Come along.
You too.
Don't dilly-dally.
Come along.
Come, come, my boy.
Idle hands do the devil's work.
Let's keep plugging away.
I finished unloading my stuff out of the ship.
Now you can start loading my stuff in.
- Here we are.
Take this.
- [ Groans ] And this.
And this.
That'll do for a start.
You can get the rest on your next load.
Come along.
- Take this, dear.
- Okay.
Well, things seem to be going very well, don't they, uh, dear lady? Telemetry systems.
All systems, okay.
John, we can't let that little worm force me to take him back and leave you here.
- Well, we can't leave without Judy.
- That's right.
But he knows where she is.
And he's gonna tell me if I have to beat it out of him.
All right, gentlemen.
There's no room for goldbricking in this operation.
Let's get on with it, shall we? Smith.
- There's been a change in plans.
- Stop! - I'll stop when you tell me where Judy is.
- Choking can't speak.
Yeah, but you're ready to talk, right? My heart.
Oh, my heart.
I've had a seizure.
I know it.
Smith, where's Judy? You've got to tell me where she is! - All right, all right, I'll tell you-- - Don! - [ John ] Judy! - Judy! Oh.
Oh, Judy.
Oh, my darling, you're back.
Are you all right? - All right.
- Are you really all right, sweetheart? Really, all right.
- [ John ] Well, where were you? - We've been out of our minds with worry.
[ John ] We thought you got lost and couldn't find your way back.
- What happened? - [ Judy ] What happened? I-- Oh, what happened, it doesn't matter.
She's back now and she's safe.
I was lost.
I've been trying to find my way back all day.
- [ Maureen ] Oh.
- Smith.
Where is he? Come on, sweetheart.
Try to remember that the superior man deplores violence, Major.
Well, maybe I'm not superior, Smith because I'm gonna finish wringing your neck for what you put us through.
You don't really believe I'd have gone through with my little plan, do you? I was merely joshing, just as you were.
It's all over, Don.
Judy's back with us.
And, Dr.
Smith, we'd even like to have you join us for a celebration dinner.
Celebration dinner? Wow! When will it be ready? I'm hungry right now.
Well, just as soon as I fix it.
- [ Maureen ] Come on, Penny.
You can help me.
- Okay.
- Mmm.
- Would you like some salad, Judy? - No, thank you.
- Oh, it's your favorite.
Little hearts of cyclamen and mixed greens.
- I don't want any salad! - Judy! Mother.
Well, that's all right, dear.
You don't have to.
Uh, I'm just not very hungry.
- I think I'll go to bed now.
- Are you all right, dear? I'm just a little tired, I guess.
- I'll walk you.
- No! No.
Don't bother.
Good night.
- Good night, dear.
- [ Penny ] Night.
- You think she's all right? - Well, she's probably just exhausted.
[ John ] She'll be all right after a good night's sleep.
Just one of these little marvels should be enough to make me a rich man.
- When I return to Earth-- - [ Growling ] [ Eerie Warbling ] [ Eerie Warbling ] [ Eerie Warbling ] Good heavens.
She's one of them.
Come here.
No! Come here! Well, isn't this a coincidence, you and I meeting out here like this? - You followed me.
- Nothing of the kind.
I, uh-- Just checking to make certain that Will hadn't left anything behind.
But, uh, don't let me disturb you.
- I'll just toddle on my way back.
- Wait.
You said I am one of them.
Well, I did see you go in there the other evening.
And they are duplicating plants.
But I'm probably wrong.
- No.
- They certainly are handsome plants.
I'll say that.
- I bring them deutronium.
- Oh? That looks like just about all there is.
And you were about to give it to your flowering chums, right? I wonder if that's such a good idea.
You see, my dear, if you give away all the deutronium the Robinsons will wonder where it went.
And I shall be forced to tell them.
And you wouldn't get any more, would you? No, wait a minute.
Let me explain.
If you were to give me just enough for Major West and I to take off in the spaceship we would leave the Robinsons behind.
- How would that help us? - Think, my dear, think.
They would be here to make all the new deutronium you want.
You would be giving away just a little bit now but look at it as an investment in the future.
True enough.
All right, it is agreed.
Is this enough? That should do nicely.
Have a pleasant stroll, my dear.
I'm off to bed.
Good night.
[ Eerie Warbling ] [ Eerie Warbling, Continues ] Holy cow! Mom! Dad! Hurry up here, quick! - Hurry up! - Will, what are you-- Hurry up! - What is it? - Cyclamen.
- [ Maureen ] Cyclamen? - How'd they get so giant overnight? There isn't any time to find out.
Any organism that grows that rapidly will sooner or later snuff out any other form of life on the planet.
What are we gonna do, Mom? - We'll, we're just gonna have to destroy them.
- And right now.
Before they get any bigger or stronger.
Well, there's not much area left out there.
The Chariot, it's right next to the hatch.
We'll open up with the neutron guns.
- All set? - I'll work the controls.
You fire.
- Right.
- And whatever happens, don't open that hatch - unless Don or I are right next to it.
- All right.
I understand.
- All set? - Right.
- [ Screeching ] - Keep firing! I am, but it doesn't seem to do much good.
They bounce right back.
[ Screeching ] No.
Don't do it! - Don't do it.
Don't do it.
- Judy, what are you doing? I can't stand it.
They have to stop.
- [ Screeching ] - [ Neutron Gun Firing ] [ Maureen ] Judy! - [ Screeching ] - [ Neutron Gun Firing ] - Judy! - [ Grunts ] Let's get back to the ship.
Who are you? What are you? What have you done with our Judy? - All right, let's have it.
- I'm sure you are aware, as Dr.
Smith is that we, the plants are capable of reproducing an image of anything.
- I am simply such an image.
- What about our Judy? Quite safe and completely unaware of what's taken place.
- Will you give her back? - No.
But I can offer you what Judy very nearly has-- immortality on this planet - in exchange for more deutronium.
- [ Don ] We can't do that.
You see, we only have a few cans, and we need them to get off the planet.
You have none at all.
I fed your supply to the plants last night.
But you can make more.
We don't make the deutronium.
We find it in the ground.
Now, our source of supply is depleted.
There isn't any more deutronium.
Then we won't be leaving this planet, will we, John? - I'm afraid not, darling.
- You! You lied to me! You said they could make more deutronium! You let us go on thinking that this was Judy.
And you let us go on thinking she was, knowing Judy was out there somewhere.
Let's not lose control.
I was only doing what I had to do.
You were going to leave me here! And no harm has come to Judy where she is.
How do you know that? Do you know where she is? - [ Dr.
Smith ] Only in a way.
- [ Don ] Do you know where she is? I can't speak if you're choking me! I happened to see her near the cyclamen plants the other evening.
And? She seemed to disappear.
I wasn't really positive she hadn't just gone home.
You were positive.
And you're gonna take us to her.
Assuming, as you have, that I do, in fact, know where the child might be how do you propose to get through that cyclamen? There must be a way to get by those plants or destroy them.
Hey, maybe we can burn them off.
There's plenty of A.
fluid in the tanks, soak a pretty big area.
The fire might get to Judy.
No, wait a minute.
What if we freeze them? [ Don ] Same problem.
Judy's out there.
- Dad, it'll work.
She'll be all right.
- What are you talking about? - You can freeze the plants, and it won't hurt Judy.
- How do you know it won't? I was experimenting with the plants a few weeks ago and their freezing temperature is 44 degrees.
Will, are you absolutely certain it's 44 degrees? - Your sister's life may hang in the balance.
- I'm sure, Dad.
Honest, I am.
All right, we'll freeze the plants.
Oh, she may be cold, but she won't be hurt.
Break out the decontamination freezing units, all of them.
And you get ready.
I'm so cold.
- So cold.
- I know you're cold.
But you're all right.
- Get a blanket ready.
- Yes.
I can't go on.
Your father's vicious desire for revenge has broken me.
Zachary Smith has finally been brought to his knees.
It's not revenge, Dr.
It's just that we've got to gather these rock samples from all over to see if we can find another vein of radioactive ore.
What about the Robot? He could carry all of this without any trouble.
He's gotta be free to use his sensors for any signs of radioactivity.
This is ridiculous.
Since when were human beings supposed to work for machines? [ Warbling ] Stop that! [ Warbling ] That is the final indignity.
Go and tell your father to vent his hostility on someone else.
Zachary Smith draws the line at carrying rocks for animals.
Smith-- Dr.
Smith, come back here right now! - [ Warbling ] - Dr.
Smith! [ Penny ] Hey, Dr.
Well, look what I found! Some kind of a nest and an egg.
An egg? Where? Well, whoever laid that egg certainly selected a unique nesting place.
Hey, this is one of the machines that the aliens left when they came.
We'd better get away from here.
You know what Dad said about them being dangerous.
We weren't to touch them or even go near them.
A very wise precaution, my dear.
But surely there's no harm in collecting one little egg.
I'd fetch it myself, but I'm completely exhausted.
- [ Dr.
Smith ] Uh, you know about my bad back.
Why don't you? - [ Warbling ] It's perfectly safe, dear.
- Well, if you're sure.
- Yes.
Careful, dear, careful.
An egg.
A real egg.
With this hen fruit, I shall prepare a meal that will rival the culinary orgies of ancient Rome.
[ Sighs ] - [ Debbie Warbling ] - Hey, Debbie, get down there.
You know what Dad said about that.
- [ Warbling ] - Come down this minute.
- Oh, Debbie, come on down.
Come on.
- [ Warbling ] [ No Dialogue ] [ Narrator ] Oops.
Lost In Space to be continued two weeks from tonight.