Lost In Space (1965) s01e21 Episode Script

The Magic Mirror

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall, a terrifying cosmic storm - threatened our space family-- - John! - A storm whose strange and incredible power-- - Come inside quickly! was soon to force open a mysterious door to another world.
- John.
- [ Beeping ] Take a look at this cosmic radiation gauge.
[ Beeping ] - That's wild! - Does that mean we're going to have a cosmic storm? And fast! You'd better get the kids together.
- Here comes Judy now.
- [ Thunderclaps ] - [ Beeping Continues ] - [ Wind Howling ] - I made it! Oh! - Just in time.
Boy, it's a good thing we had Smith install those arrestors last week.
- I'll go below and check on the kids.
- Right.
- Thank you.
- Arrestors? Daddy, aren't those long metal poles with round gizmos on top? - That's right.
- But I just saw them this morning.
They were hidden under some brush.
Smith! Smith! I thought I told you to install those arrestors 10 days ago.
- Now look what you've done.
I've lost the count! - [ Maureen ] Lost the count? Dr.
Smith, are you ill? Preventive medicine, madam.
I must check every day.
It's very well for these younger men to be forced into manual labor, but for a man of my years-- Didn't you put any of them up? Any of what? [ Thunderclaps Continue ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] Will's below, but Penny must be outside.
- Oh, John.
- All right.
You two take care of the ship.
We'll find Penny.
That means you, Smith.
Get a move-on! [ Wind Howling ] Penny! Come on, Debbie.
We'd better get back.
There's nobody under there, silly.
It's just a mirror.
- [ Warbles ] - [ Giggles ] Look.
See? Now, watch.
They'll do everything that we do.
- [ Warbling ] - Blub, blub, blub.
[ Dr.
Smith ] Penny, where are you? Oh.
Over here, Dr.
It's high time you answered.
Come along, dear.
There's a cosmic storm brewing.
- We haven't a moment to lose.
- Cosmic storm? - Where did this come from? - Oh! I don't know.
Come on, Debbie.
An alien mirror.
Abandoned by some other space traveler, perhaps.
- It's not worth anything, is it? - Oh, no.
Absolute trash.
That's all.
Completely worthless.
- I was gonna ask Dad about it, but-- - Oh, no.
You mustn't ask him anything.
You mustn't bother anybody.
It's only solid platinum.
That's all.
Well, then hurry up, Dr.
Let's go.
[ Thunderclap ] Oh! Are you all right, Dr.
Smith? I don't know.
Was I hit? I'll feel my pulse.
[ Thunderclap ] - Here it comes! Come on under here! - Yes, yes! [ Thunderclap ] - Penny! - [ Thunderclap ] Penny! - Listen.
It's Daddy.
- No, no.
We'll be killed.
- We'll be-- [ Screams ] - Right there! [ Wind Howling ] Penny, where are you? - Daddy, over here! - [ Groaning ] - Daddy! - Penny! Oh! Oh, come on! Penny! Penny! Oh! Oh, Dr.
- Oh.
- [ Whimpering ] - Come on, Debbie.
- I'm all right, Professor.
Your child is safe.
I've saved her.
- We hid under there.
- But we must stay close to cover.
[ Wind Howling ] [ John ] I think the storm's broken.
- Where'd that old mirror come from? - What? Oh, uh, that.
It's just an old piece of trash that someone left behind.
But, uh, any port in a storm, you know.
That frame-- It looks like metal.
You're lucky it wasn't hit.
We have no idea of knowing what cosmic bolts do to strange metals.
But it's only, uh, worthless tin and lead.
Both very poor conductors.
With alien materials, all sorts of strange changes can occur-- mysterious forces released.
Well, we'd better get away before the storm breaks again, hadn't we? Yes.
Come along, Penny.
Penny, come along.
- Dr.
Come on, Debbie.
- Come along, Professor.
Come on, Debbie.
Come on.
[ Thunderclap ] Now, let me see.
Ah, yes.
Jeweler's drill.
That's good.
Now for platinum.
If I cut it into very small pieces I could hide every single one of them.
[ Gasps ] Diamond saw.
That's it.
- [ Don ] Dr.
Smith? - [ Gasps ] We missed you at breakfast.
We, uh, thought maybe you weren't awake yet.
Awake? Oh, Major, if only I could sleep.
All night, tossing and turning.
- Oh.
- You know how delicate my back is.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
- What are you looking for? - Uh-- My, uh-- my heating pad.
I loaned it to Mrs.
Robinson the other day.
She seems to have mislaid it.
Well, that's all right, because I've got something that'll fix your back up just great.
- Oh, good.
- Yeah.
It's an old-fashioned restorative instrument.
Ah, yes.
You will just love this.
This is exactly what you need.
A shovel.
Shovel? Now, please, Major I have other important plans for today.
And you know I'm not feeling very well.
Last night, Dr.
Smith, we almost lost our lives because of you.
So you're gonna make up for it.
You're going to install every one of those storm arrestors in exactly the places I told you to.
And you know what? You're gonna do it before nightfall.
Because if you don't, I am personally going to use this shovel to dig a hole for you! Storm arrestors? In my condition? In your condition.
Really, Major.
There was no necessity to be ghoulish about it.
- Dig.
- Very well.
- Don't scratch the paint.
- All right.
- All right.
- Oh, dear.
Just look at this mess.
- Hmm.
- Easy does it.
Oh! Oh, you! [ All Laughing ] Careful, now.
- Look at all this hanging down.
- All right.
- I'll go get the rest of the plants.
- All right.
- Oh.
Smith, have you seen Penny? - What? - Oh! - What? No, no.
Well-- Wait a minute.
Let me help you.
These things are all slipping.
Madam, with everything I have to do, I simply don't have time to tend to the children.
- Well, I'll find her.
I guess she must have run off somewhere.
- Penny? Did you say Penny? Yes.
I guess she's run off.
Don't worry about it.
I'll find her.
- Run off somewhere? - Yes.
Already? Excuse me.
Oh! I beg your pardon.
I'm terrib-- Excuse me.
I'm very sorry.
- [ Laughing ] - Well, I see it, but I don't believe it.
- What did you do to him? - I wish I knew.
Indeed! A man of my talents being forced to act like a beast of burden! How dare they! Oh! Good heavens.
What in the world is this? Oh! Oh! - Aah! Drat! - [ Penny Grunting ] - [ Both Grunting ] - Be careful.
Get away from that mirror.
It's my mirror and my platinum! There.
That's got it.
- Oh! I told you.
- Oh, it's wonderful.
A full-length mirror.
Just what we needed.
Which reminds me.
You promised you'd help me fix my hair.
- Oh, no.
Not again.
- I thought I'd try it a little bit higher on top with perhaps a softer curl.
You and your hairdos.
I'm gonna cut all my hair off just like Will's.
Go ahead.
Be ugly.
Who cares.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I wish you'd fix yourself up once in a while.
I don't like to see you going around, well, acting like a boy.
You know what I mean.
- What's wrong with boys? - Nothing.
But you could be so beautiful.
You are so beautiful.
It's time you started realizing it.
Why? Why's all that goop so important anyway? - Well, you are growing up, and-- - So what? Why can't I be the way I am? Maybe I like the way I am.
Maybe I'll stay this way forever.
Penny? At last.
Meddling, interfering females.
But here you still are, my beautiful treasure.
Ah, yes.
Platinum at, let's say $500 an ounce.
Oh, lovely.
I'm a millionaire.
A billionaire! - Now, let's get to work.
- [ Debbie Warbling ] Aah! Come back here.
- [ Warbles ] - Come back here, you simian simpleton! Come back here at once, do you hear? Where are you, you dreadful creature? Well, I'll have to adjust to the situation at hand and do this in a hurry, without tools.
[ Warbling Continues ] Oh.
There you are! Give me that! [ Warbles ] [ Yelps ] Oh, no.
Oh, no.
It's not possible.
That's what it is.
The sunlight playing tricks with my eyes.
- [ Debbie Warbling ] - [ Gasps ] Judy, what's the matter with Penny? She's not crying, is she? No.
She's just lost to the world.
I asked her what time it was, and she said, "Maybe I left it in the control room.
" - Why should she be crying? - Oh, it's my fault.
You know how she acts sometimes-- like a tomboy, and-- You said something about it.
I tried to make it up to her, but-- Oh, I know.
Well, I don't.
What are you two talking about, anyway? Something you wouldn't understand.
How do you like it? Like what? - [ Groans Softly ] - I was about to say that at a certain age it isn't easy to be a girl.
But then I guess it never is.
Don't worry about Penny.
- I'll speak to her, see if I can cheer her up.
- Thank you.
Where'd you find it? Come on.
Show me.
What's the matter? Is something wrong? Look what I've got.
A little silver bell.
Come on.
Seventy-eight, 79-- Oh, dear.
Eighty, 81.
- [ Gasps ] - Oh, I'm sorry, Dr.
Did I scare you? No, my child.
That's already been done.
Unhand me, madam.
Really, couldn't you find a more suitable playmate than this blithering Bloop? - No.
Of course not! - If you've come out here to spy on the chain gang you may as well go back and tell your father that his precious storm arrestors have very likely caused our first serious casualty on this benighted planet-- - Dr.
Zachary Smith.
- What? Oh, never mind.
Never mind.
Go, my child.
You probably wouldn't appreciate the tragedy of it anyway.
Sunstroke, cosmic psychosis-- What difference does it make what I've got? Oh, for such a thing to strike now.
To strike the finest mind in the universe.
- [ Bell Jingles ] - To strike me at my very richest moment.
Oh, go away, child, and leave me in peace.
And take that improbable bell-ringer with you.
- Oh.
- Oh, dear.
No, Debbie.
I don't wanna play faces now.
- I want to know where you got this.
- [ Warbles ] Oh, come on.
Show me.
Show me where you got this.
Debbie, show me where you got this.
Come on.
Take me there.
[ Screams ] [ Yelps ] [ Groaning ] How did-- Where am I? Debbie? - [ Distant Roar ] - What was that? Debbie, where are you? [ Bell Jingling ] [ Distant Growling ] [ Penny ] Who's there? Where is this? [ Man ] Yee-hee! Dr.
Smith! I saw it with my own eyes.
But I can't believe it.
Smith, I'm in here! Dr.
Smith! Hallucinations.
The pulse.
The clouded eyes.
The coated tongue.
Yes, that's what it is.
Oh! I'm even sicker than I thought.
I have cosmic fever.
Oh, dear.
Smith, I'm in here! - Dr.
Smith! - Oh! Oh, dear! No, Dr.
Please come back.
Smith, don't go.
[ Bell Jingling ] [ Distant Roar ] [ Man ] Jump.
Go ahead.
[ Bell Jingles ] [ Man ] Shh.
Now it's all right.
Who said that? Who are you? Me.
Where are you? Over here.
- Where? - Here.
- I can't see.
- [ Laughs ] Here.
- Oh.
- It's mine.
[ Jingling ] But-- But you're just a boy.
What's the matter with that? - Who are you? - Who do you want me to be? Don't you have a name? [ Giggles ] Uh, what name would you like? Would you please stop answering every question with a question and tell me how to get out of this cave.
Cave? What cave? This has to be a cave with an entrance of some sort down by that funny, old mirror.
This isn't a cave.
This is the whole world.
That's what it is.
Well, then I'll just have to find my own way out.
There's no way out, Penny.
No way at all.
How'd you know my name? Oh, I know everybody's name.
Especially those I choose to look through the other side of the mirror.
- You've watched me? - Of course.
Blub, blub, blub, blub, blub, blub.
[ Clears Throat ] What's the matter? Don't you wanna see any more faces? I think I'd prefer to see the Jupiter 2, thank you.
All right.
Uh, come on.
I'll show you.
How much farther? There it is.
But that's just a hole.
I thought you said you'd take me to my spaceship.
I told you you could see it.
That's all.
Mom's starting to fix lunch.
- Can I help you, Mother? - No, dear.
Thank you.
Not yet.
Mom! Hey, what do you want to see next? - Don! - No kidding.
Before, did I say something wrong? - Here I am! Don! - Of course not, silly.
It's what you didn't say.
- That's all.
- Judy! Don! I've been here forever.
Forever? Judy! Don! You didn't say anything about this.
You cut your hair.
That's it.
- No.
- No? - [ Chuckling ] - What do you mean? - Oh, brother.
- Why don't you hit him? - Oh, I will! - All right-- - Mom! - Oh, I don't know.
Maybe I ought to do something a little different, see if John'll notice.
- I'm here! - What'd you do that for? She can't hear you.
It's just another mirror.
That's all.
Mom, can't you hear me? I'm trapped behind the mirror! - Penny, don't you understand? - Mom, I'm right here! Haven't you ever wondered what's on the other side of mirrors? Well, this is.
Do you know any riddles? Of course I do.
What's that got to do with anything? I like riddles.
Don't you understand? I've got to get out of here.
- If there's a way in, there's just got to be a way out.
- That's not a good riddle.
Don't you understand? I've got to get out.
Mom! Mom! Mom! There.
You see? Who cares about them? That's not real out there anyway.
This is what's real.
What are you so sad about? You said you wanted to have fun.
Well, you can have all the fun you want in here forever.
Hey, would you like to go look out some more mirrors? If you hung around long enough, you could find any mirror anywhere.
Anywhere? Even back to Earth? Sure.
Come on.
Let's go.
What's the matter with you? Out of all the humans I've ever watched-- not that I usually go in for that type of thing, but when I have nothing to do-- But you know what I thought? I thought that you'd be different from everybody.
And then what happens? All you do is go around crying like a sick kitten.
I'm sorry I brought you here.
I'm sorry I even cleaned up my house a little.
For the first time ever.
Wait a minute.
You have a house? How can you have a house in here? - How can I have a house? Boy, that's a dumb riddle.
- [ Roaring ] [ Penny Gasping ] Oh, what's that? [ Growls ] Scaredy-cat.
You're no fun.
Wait a minute! Come back.
Oh, wait! [ Murmuring ] Oh, tell me, dear lady.
Don't be afraid to tell me.
- Well, I can't see that-- - I'd rather know the worst without any false kindness, if you please.
I'm quite prepared to face my agony.
What I was going to say is that I can't see that you have any fever at all.
What? Let me have that.
I obviously didn't keep it in long enough.
Smith, you say that with cosmic fever, you have hallucinations.
Now, have you had any of those? Oh, madam, if I were to tell you-- I surely have more than that.
Well, go on and tell me.
I'm not afraid of bad dreams.
- Mrs.
Robinson, what I saw-- - Yes, Doctor.
Tell us.
- Just what did you see? - Oh, no, no.
I wouldn't want to burden the rest of you with my problems.
There is definitely something wrong with this thermometer.
- [ Debbie Warbling ] - Ah.
You-- You're real, aren't you? You're just an absurd little animal, aren't you? Well, of course he's real.
Like something I saw.
All those storm arrestors just waiting to be installed.
Oh, yes.
And, uh they would have been installed, I assure you if I hadn't been suddenly seized with-- with a strange malady uh, brought on by overexertion and strain to the lumbar region.
Of course, of course.
Well, anyway, Dr.
Smith, it's nearly time for lunch now.
- Just as soon as Penny gets back.
- Penny? Yes.
She's out playing.
Why? Playing? You did say playing? That's it.
She's just been out playing games.
I-- I don't really have a fever, do I? - I'm not really sick, am I? I'm as sane as I ever was.
- [ Debbie Warbling ] And you-- You-- You're quite normal too, aren't you, you hirsute horror? Bah! Professor Robinson I have a little job to attend to before we eat.
Yes, and those storm arrestors, I will attend to them too.
Fear not.
But first, I must go and do this little job.
And I'll bring Penny back with me.
Oh, yes.
I'll get Penny.
Boy, where do all these things come from? Well, they've always been here.
You see, when anything gets lost, or anything that anybody doesn't want anymore, uh it always ends up in here.
But how do they get into this world? Uh, this isn't really a world.
I just said that.
See, everyone's got a world.
This is a dimension.
Which is much better than a world.
Anybody could tell you that.
Is this where you live? Yeah.
Come on.
I'll show you.
I built it all myself.
I thought you said you cleaned it up a little.
Oh, I did.
All except the dirt, and that doesn't hurt anybody.
No, of course not.
You know what? In here, you don't have to wash your face and you don't have to brush your teeth.
You don't have to do anything except have fun.
It sounds wonderful.
Oh, it is, Penny.
It's anything anybody could ever want.
- You're gonna love it.
- I am? Of course.
With nothing to do except what you want and none of that goop between people? Oh, yes.
I hate goop.
Like Judy and Don.
Well, I just hate it.
That's all.
- [ Bell Chiming ] - What's that? [ Chuckles ] Oh, that's my warning system.
Come on.
I'll show ya.
See, I got all these things all by myself.
[ Chuckles ] Of course, they don't work, but-- Warning? Warning of what? More of those awful globby things? No.
Those globby things can't hurt ya.
They're just fun to play hide-and-go-seek with.
- [ Bell Chiming ] - But it sounds like something's coming.
We'd better get out of here.
Listen, my Bloop went in and out of here, so why can't we? And if you got all these clocks from outside-- I didn't get all these clocks from the outside.
My cat did.
- Your cat? - Yeah.
I used to have this cat.
And she used to go out and bring all kinds of things back.
And then one time she met this tomcat on the other side.
I haven't seen her since.
- [ Cuckoo Clock Chiming ] - Oh, that's too bad.
But if she could go in and out of mirrors-- No, I tell you.
People can only come in.
For people, there's no way out.
I'm getting tired of riddles.
I'm looking for my cannon.
- Cannon? - Yeah.
It's a shiny gold rod that shoots cosmic particles.
I've never really used it, but I think it'll stop him if he gets through.
Him? Get through? Yeah.
See, when all the bells go off that means that it might be that hairy thing that lives down below.
- [ Clocks Chiming ] - Oh, I think this is a dreadful place.
[ Chiming Continues ] Now, will you cut that out? You said you wanted to have fun.
Well, wait till he comes, and then we'll give him a chase, boy.
But what does he do? What does he look like? I don't know.
I've never really seen all of him.
- But you'll know when he gets here.
- [ Growling ] - [ Roaring ] - I see what you mean! Oh.
Let's hide.
Come on.
- Oh! Where? - Come on.
Let's go.
- Where? - In here.
Right here.
Come on.
- Here? - Yeah.
Go on.
- Oh.
- You okay? Okay.
- [ Warbling ] - Penny.
Penny? Come along, child.
It's lunchtime.
[ Warbling Continues ] All right, Debbie.
You know the game.
You tell me where she is, yes? Bah, you dreadful creature! Can you hear me, Penny, dear? You know, that was a dreadful thing you did to me-- making me think I was sick and seeing things.
But I'll forgive you.
You can come out of your hiding place now.
Penelope, I'm warning you! You.
You can get away from here.
- The game's over, I tell you.
- [ Warbling Continues ] Penny.
All right.
That's done it, young woman.
You've got some sort of trick with this mirror.
But I'm going to teach you a lesson.
This mirror is mine.
And just so you'll never do such a nasty thing again you watch me now.
This is not magic.
This is reality.
[ Metal Clanking ] [ Grunting ] [ Whispering ] Wait here a second.
- [ Whispering ] Where are you going? - I'm gonna have him chase me.
[ Growling ] - No.
- Yeah.
I've done it lots of times.
It's fun.
You'll get to like it.
- Watch me.
- Be careful, please.
[ Growling ] [ Growling ] [ Grunting ] Over here.
[ Growls ] Run, Penny.
[ Growls ] [ Roars ] Oh! Oh! [ Screams ] Oh! [ Screams ] - Dr.
Smith! - Now, now, my dear.
I'm not angry anymore.
- It's coming! It's coming! - No.
You see, I understand all this now.
- What are you talking about? Let go of me! Run! - No.
No, my dear.
- I will not run from my own nightmares.
- What nightmares? Penny.
How did he get in here? - Did you let him in here? - No, no.
Of course not, my boy.
I'm the one who let you in.
Don't you understand? He's goofy.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
He'll spoil everything.
No, wait.
Smith, there's an awful beast running around here.
A beast? Oh, yes, of course.
I would think of something like that, wouldn't I? - Dr.
Smith, do you feel all right? - Yes, I do, surprisingly enough.
What a fascinating place I've created here for you.
It's a new dimension, isn't it? [ Gasps ] Oh.
Behind all the mirrors of the universe, there lies a new dimension and we've entered it.
How clever of me.
But he says we can't ever get out.
We're locked behind the mirrors forever.
Now, now, my dear.
There's nothing to be frightened of.
You're not really here.
And neither is he.
And he's in loony land.
Come on.
Let's get out, Penny.
Though I must say, I did a rather sloppy job creating you, young man.
Creating him? Oh, Dr.
Smith, what's wrong with you? I'm dreaming, don't you see? All of it.
You, the Bloop, this ridiculous mirror.
[ Chuckles ] Well, that's no dream.
[ Growling ] Come on.
Let's fan out, and we'll wear him down chasing after us.
Oh, no.
I want to find and see this wonderful creature of my imagination.
No, Dr.
Smith! Wait! Stop! It's not a dream! - Let go, child.
Let go.
- It's real! It's all real! He's real! Get away from me, Penny.
You're nothing but my childhood fears carried over into adulthood.
It's a matter of psychiatric fact.
- [ Penny ] Dr.
Smith, stop! No! - Now, get away from me.
- Leave me alone! One must confront one's nightmares.
- No.
[ Chuckling ] - Where are you, my hairy friend? - No.
Speak up.
Speak up.
There's no need for you to be afraid.
- [ Growls ] - Oh! Oh! [ Chuckles ] No.
Not that way.
However did I think of such a thing? Hush, hush, now.
There's no need to overdo this.
What a fantastic imagination I do have.
- [ Growls ] - [ Gasps ] Oh! What did you come here for? Come on.
Let's get out of here and leave them both alone.
- Is this it? Is this the cannon? - No.
Don't touch that thing.
You'll ruin everything.
You're not supposed to kill the beast.
You're supposed to stay here with us.
It's fun to be chased.
Don't you want to have fun? No! No! It's gonna hurt Dr.
Smith! What difference does that make? You'll spoil everything.
It's supposed to stay just the way it is.
That's the way it's supposed to be forever.
- Supposed to be? Forever? - Of course, silly.
That's the way it is down here.
- We play games and have fun and stay just the way we are always.
- No! [ Screams ] Help! Somebody, wake me up, please! Help me! No, I've got to save Dr.
Let go! - [ Screaming ] - I'm coming, Dr.
Somebody wake me up! Save me! [ Growling ] Dr.
Smith, don't move.
I'll get it.
[ Sighs ] - Hurry, Dr.
Hurry! - Give me that gun.
- Now, where are you, you dreadful beast? - Oh, hurry! Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Come out, wherever you-- [ Gasps ] [ Gunshot ] - What happened? - It was a reflection.
I think it was only a reflection.
[ Growling ] But I'll get him this time.
I'll get him.
[ Growling ] - [ Screams ] No! - [ Yelps ] Oh, Penny, I think I must dream up better weapons in the future.
But it must do something.
I know it must! This gun is useless, my dear.
Absolutely useless.
It must be part of your dream.
A man of my intelligence could certainly-- Dr.
Smith, where'd you go? Dr.
Smith? - Where is he? - What difference does that make? - Who cares about him? - He just fired the cannon into his reflection and disappeared.
- Come on.
There's no more fun around here anyway.
- No.
There he is.
- He got out.
- Oh, well.
We're rid of him.
Let's have some more fun.
- The hairy beast is still around here someplace.
- Dr.
Smith! Don't you understand? If Dr.
Smith can get out, then so can we.
- He shot the cannon into his reflection in the pool.
- No.
- Don't you understand? Give me the cannon and let me try it.
- No.
You could come and live with us.
- [ Mouths Word ] - Oh, you'd love my whole family, and they'd all love you.
- I don't believe you.
- They wouldn't make you do jobs - or studying or washing your face, at least not at first.
- I can't go.
You wouldn't even have to grow up if you don't want to.
- At least a little bit at a time.
- I don't believe you! Oh, please, boy.
And you can't stay in this awful place forever.
I thought you were something different, and you're just a girl.
But that's what I am, isn't it? Goop.
That's all you're talking is goop.
You even upset the hairy beast.
Well, he can't come, of course, but-- You.
Yes, you, my fine mirror.
You started all this! No, Dr.
Smith! Don't do that! Platinum.
Bah! Nothing but a glare that sets people dreaming.
I'll put a stop to you once and for all.
[ Yells ] - Please don't! - Yeah, yeah.
He'll break it, and nobody can get out forever and ever.
- The cannon.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- No.
Please give it to me.
Stay here.
Forever isn't such a long time.
You'll like it, and you'll never have to grow old.
But don't you understand? I don't want to stay here.
I don't want to stay young forever.
Everybody does.
I watch them through the mirrors.
I have a better idea.
They just say that because they know they have to grow older.
Please come with me, and you'll see how nice it is.
Please give me the cannon.
I'll go first, and-- and then you follow.
Do just what I do.
Shoot into your reflection.
But I can't.
I don't have any reflection.
[ Whimpers ] Where on earth did you come from? Oh, no, Dr.
Don't! Please don't.
He won't be able to get out.
What are you talking about? You silly child! - Dr.
Smith, please come back! He won't be able to get out! - [ Glass Shattering ] - Dr.
Smith! - I'll fix your dream-making-- - Dr.
Smith! - Be still! - [ Glass Shattering ] - Smith.
Where have you been? He's still in there.
He wouldn't come.
He could've, but he wouldn't.
- Smith, what's going on here? - Now, now.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's all over.
A little girl can fall asleep and dream, can't she? Penny.
How are you feeling, dear? Are you any better? What do you suppose will happen to him, Mom? Well, I don't really know him well enough to say.
But it did happen just as I said.
It wasn't a dream.
I'm sure it happened just the way you said it did.
Now, come on.
How about coming out and having a game of space chess with Will? - That should be fun.
- Fun? Well, it hasn't gone out of style, has it? Mom.
Mom, what do you suppose my hair would look like if I put it on top like this? [ Chuckles ] Well, now, what brought that on? Well, I mean, we do have to grow up sometime, don't we? Yes.
Come on, dear.
[ Bell Jingling ] There you are.
There we are, my boy.
The task is completed.
- Think it'll work, Dr.
Smith? - Like a witch doctor's charm.
In all modesty, may I say that I have devised an invention of sheer brilliance-- an electronic marvel.
Smith, don't you ever get tired of tooting your own horn? - Genius, Major, should be obvious to the naked eye.
- Oh.
Say, uh, what's-- what's that supposed to be? [ Will ] Dr.
Smith set up an alarm to catch the thief.
He's got the whole camp area wired.
Our uninvited guest is as good as caught right now.
As soon as the creature enters the area and touches anything the alarm will warn us of its presence.
Don't you think you're going to a lot of work for no reason, Dr.
Smith? We don't even know that there's a thief involved.
Then how would you explain the missing vegetables from our garden? The work of some small animal? I see.
And I suppose the same small animal also took the major's hunting knife.
At this very moment, no doubt, it's cutting up the carrots and paring the potatoes for a stew.
You know, Smith, I, uh-- I might have misplaced it or lost it.
Personally, I believe it was stolen.
And tonight, I intend to catch the criminal.
- Oh, I beg your pardon, sir.
- Dr.
Smith and I are gonna wait up for him.
I don't think that's such a good idea, Will.
Well, we have our sleeping bags, and Mom said it was all right.
The boy is perfectly safe with me.
All right, Will.
I have now activated the alarm.
Now all we have to do is to wait for the nocturnal raider.
Let me help you with that, my boy.
Now the other.
Now, then, let us retire to our sleeping quarters.
Come along, my boy.
- Good night, sir.
- Good night, Dad, Don.
Good night, Will.
Do you think there might be something to what Smith said? No, I don't think so, but, uh, just to be on the safe side we'd both better be prepared to be out here, just in case that alarm does go off.
[ Beeping ] [ Alarm Blaring ] Dr.
Smith, wake up! There's something coming into the campsite.
- Call me when breakfast is ready.
- Shh! - Dr.
Smith, hurry up! He'll get away! - What? What? Oh! Oh! Where? - Dr.
Smith, this way! - Shh! Shh! - I don't see anything.
- The lights are set to turn on Look.
There it is, I think.
Where are those blasted lights? [ Gasps ] - Ah.
I can get a good shot at it now.
- No, Dr.
Smith! Don't! [ Will ] It's not an animal! What? What? [ Yelps ] [ Narrator ] Oop.
Lost in Space to be continued two weeks from tonight.