Lost In Space (1965) s01e22 Episode Script

The Challenge

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall Will and Dr.
Smith went to sleep outside the Jupiter 2 - hoping an elaborate alarm system they had set up-- - [ Alarm Blaring ] would entrap a mysterious invader that lurked somewhere out in the shadows.
Smith, wake up! There's something coming into the campsite.
- Call me when breakfast is ready.
- Shh! - Dr.
Smith, hurry up! He'll get away! - What? What? Oh! Oh! Where? - Dr.
Smith, this way! - Shh! Shh! - I don't see anything.
- The lights are set to turn on Look.
There it is, I think.
Where are those blasted lights? [ Gasps ] - Ah.
I can get a good shot at it now.
- No, Dr.
Smith! Don't! [ Will ] It's not an animal! What? What? [ Yelps ] Dr.
Smith, watch out! [ Screeches ] Run! He's there.
He's there.
Keep away! - Take it easy, son.
We won't hurt you.
- Keep away! Careful.
We're dealing with a savage.
We're willing to be friendly if you are.
- How 'bout it? - Keep away! My name is John Robinson.
I'm from a planet called Earth.
This is-- I do not care who you are.
You are enemies.
No, we're not.
Unless you insist on it.
Why don't you put that spear away.
We could talk.
But if you plan treachery, take warning.
I will kill.
And he means it too.
I was very nearly run through by his spear.
I'm Will Robinson.
I am called Quano.
I am 12 years old.
I am very brave and strong.
Would you like to fight and see who's the better man? Fight? I'd rather be your friend.
You are afraid of me.
You are a coward.
You'd better watch who you're calling names, 'cause if you're looking for a fight-- Take it easy, Will.
How did you learn our language? From my father.
He knows many languages.
How long have you been here? I do not speak to weak and worthless girls.
Why you conceited, dirty-faced little boy! You're nothing but a bully.
- A half-pint bully! - [ Maureen ] Penny! Luckily you are female, or I would make you sorry for what you have said.
Hostile little ruffian.
Some discipline applied to the seat of your trousers is exactly what you need.
A hot bath and some good food is more to the point.
Would you like something to eat? I am not hungry.
I will go now.
You're welcome to spend the night here.
I have a sleeping bag you can use.
I want nothing from any of you.
Well, primitive little brute.
Thank goodness he didn't stay.
He would have murdered all of us in our beds.
Quano may not be as uncivilized as you think, Doctor.
Did you notice what he was wearing around his neck? It looked like an ornament of some kind.
It was an extremely advanced communications system probably powerful enough to send and receive signals from another planet.
I wonder what he was doing here.
Judging from his attitude, I would say he was definitely up to no good.
I suggest we make sure the spaceship is well-secured before we retire for the night.
[ Judy ] I think he's right, Mother.
Come on, Penny.
Smith, there's no reason to alarm the children.
Now, surely you're not worried about a 12-year-old boy.
My dear madam, when you're dealing with a dangerous creature age is of no consequence.
A one-year-old viper is just as formidable as a 12-year-old viper.
If you'll excuse me, I shall say good night and retire to my quarters where I shall certainly bolt my door.
[ Whirring ] Thank you, darling.
A boy his age has no business wandering around in the wilderness at night.
I should've insisted that he stay here.
Maybe you'll get another chance to ask him.
Quano is here.
Where? I don't see him.
He's been hiding behind those rocks over there for the last 30 minutes.
Oh, shame on you, John Robinson letting that boy stand there and watch us eat.
Why didn't you invite him to join us? [ John ] Darling, you don't ask that young man to do anything.
He has to make the first move.
Well, if he won't, I will.
I know you're hiding back there, so you might just as well come out.
Won't you come to the table? Come on.
I'd like to fix you some breakfast.
- I have eaten.
- Are you sure? My word is not to be questioned.
If I say it, then it is so.
Good morning, Quano.
What, may I ask, are you staring at? I was wondering if you are a typical specimen of the Earth people.
Typical? I? Certainly not.
I have a great deal more intelligence.
Then you Earthlings indeed are a sorry lot.
Weak and full of vanity.
Now there's the best description of Smith I've ever heard.
I don't know how they raise children on your planet.
But on ours, we teach them respect and good manners.
Except for my father, I'm answerable to no one.
What about your mother? Doesn't she have a say in your upbringing? She always bows to the wishes of my father.
Well, it sounds like a marvelous setup.
- Is your father with you? - No.
He is the Ruler.
He is too busy.
What does that mean, Quano? "He is the Ruler"? In your world there are presidents, kings and dictators.
In mine there is only one-- The Ruler.
Are you telling us that your father is the leader of your planet? My command will be law.
Well, what do you know.
We're entertaining royalty.
Royal-- Your Highness! Your Highness why didn't you tell us who-- who you were? Please, sir, won't you sit down? Is there anything I-- Is there anything I can do for you? [ Quano ] At the moment, I am in need of nothing.
[ Dr.
Smith ] Well, if you do require anything, Your Highness, please ask me for it.
Looks like Quano has added another abject subject to his kingdom.
Here are the vegetables you wanted, Mom.
Aw! You do the work of women.
You should be ashamed.
Thank you, dear.
If no one else needs me, I'm going hunting for rock specimens.
I, too, am going hunting.
Shall we go together? - Sure, why not.
- I'm coming along too.
You will stay! You were not asked.
Let us go.
I won't be gone long.
Oh, why, that horrid little boy! I don't think Quano would mind being called "horrid," but I think he'd object most strenuously to being called a "little boy.
" Ah! I, of course, am quite familiar with royalty but that dreadful little prince will bear watching.
However, have no fear, Smith is here.
Oh, thank you.
[ Yells ] [ Grunts ] I want some specimens from this formation.
But you have already collected a bagful of useless rocks.
They're not useless to me.
I am truly sorry for you.
Wasting your time in idle pursuits.
It is unmanly.
Now let's not start that again.
But it is true.
You are my age and still you act like a small boy.
What do you expect me to do, go around stickin' my chest out telling everybody what a tough guy I am? You should build up your strength, test your courage.
I'll take brain over brawn any day.
You do not understand.
You have been badly raised by your father.
Don't do that! And I haven't been badly raised.
Would you like to know what I'm doing on this planet? I am being tested by my father.
- Tested for what? - For strength and courage.
I must prove that I am worthy of being the Ruler someday.
For a whole week, I have slept out in the open - lived on anything I could find.
- Hey, that's really great.
It wasn't so much.
The real test is coming.
Then my bravery shall really be proven.
- Forget about these old rocks.
- Hey! Come.
I will show you what I'm going to do.
There is the cave.
This is your weapon.
We shall go inside.
So what are we gonna find in there? You will see.
Why are you waiting? Come on.
Um, not until you tell me what's in there.
You are afraid.
No, I'm not.
I'd just like to know what I'm getting into.
Suspected from the first that you are a coward.
Go back where you belong, little Earth boy-- back to your rocks and vegetables.
I'm going with you.
Well, come on, then.
Or do you want to think about it some more? Well, okay, so we're in the cave.
Now what? We prove our courage in the face of danger.
Hey-o! Are you sure you know what you're doing? - There is still time to leave if you wish.
- If you stay, I stay.
[ Loud Tapping ] [ Loud Tapping ] It's coming! Perhaps we should test our courage another time.
You know somethin'? That's a good idea.
Only one of us can make it.
I said go! Quano.
Quano! Quano! Quano! Get back.
Quano, are you all right? Then I am free to say what a fool you are.
What possessed you to confront such a formidable beast armed with such a primitive weapon? I wished to prove my courage to the Earth boy.
- Instead, you proved your stupidity.
- I'm exceedingly sorry, Father.
You did well, Earth boy.
Thank you, sir.
You showed great courage.
The truth is I was too scared to run.
Even the bravest man experiences fear.
You will grow well, big and strong.
It will not do him any good.
He allows himself to do the work of women.
And he does not truly have courage.
He was trapped by the animal.
Even the most timid creature will fight if there is no escape.
That's not true.
I'm as brave as you are.
You are weak and soft, like all boys of your planet.
Maybe you'd like to find out how weak and soft I am.
- Nothing would please me more.
- Enough! If you have differences, they will be settled later.
Return to your family.
They will be concerned.
You're welcome to come to our campsite, sir.
- Perhaps later.
- Good-bye, sir.
I only came here because I remember that you killed such a beast when you were my age.
All right.
You are forgiven.
You have misjudged the Earth boy, Father.
I am far superior to him in all ways.
Do not be so sure.
He might prove a very worthy opponent.
Then I shall challenge him.
And you will see for yourself who is the better man.
[ Snores ] Ah.
How are we coming along? Task will be completed at 1400 hours.
What other work do I have on my schedule for today? Correction.
In reference to work you should have referred to me instead of yourself.
Should I indeed? If you have a complaint to register I refer you to the complaint department.
- It does not compute.
- Never mind.
What else do we have to do? - We? - Yes, we.
[ Laughing ] Are you laughing at me, you bubble-headed booby? You heard only my computers being cleared.
I do not laugh.
That's what you say.
Now get on with our work.
Yes, our work.
[ Laughing ] [ Chuckling ] One of these days, you'll go too far, you cackling computer! [ Gasps ] Your Highness! How good to see you again.
And you, sir, must be the proud father of this bright young man.
Oh, Your Majesty.
May I introduce myself.
I am Dr.
Zachary Smith.
- [ Bones Crunching ] - [ Groans ] [ Yelps ] For a man, your grip is weak.
You should exercise.
There is fat around your middle.
[ Yelps ] [ Coughs ] I-- [ Chuckles ] I am a bit out of condition.
You see, I haven't been well.
I have a very delicate back.
Exercise is a good cure for many ills.
Not for me it isn't.
The truth is, Your Majesty, it's this planet.
I have simply never been able to acclimatize myself to it.
Now if only I could go back to my own world-- Another time, Dr.
I wish to talk to the father of the boy they call Will.
Oh, yes.
Professor Robinson.
He's about somewhere.
Now what were we discussing? Oh, yes.
How much I'd like to return to the planet Earth.
Oh, Your Majesty, I hate to ask a favor on such short acquaintance but-- Is something wrong, sir? Your chattering grates on my nerves.
My father likes men who are strong and silent.
It would seem that Dr.
Smith has none of these admirable qualities.
Let us find Professor Robinson.
Yes, Your Majesty.
This way, please.
This way.
This way, Your Majesty, Your Highness.
Now, then, if you don't mind-- Would you wait right here for one moment, gentlemen? Professor Robinson.
Professor Robinson! There is someone here who wishes to see you.
Maureen, I think you and Don better come up here.
I don't suppose you know very much about the planet Earth, Your Majesty.
Oh, it's a delightful place.
Why, even a simple thing like breathing in the air makes one glow with good health and strength.
My father does not wish to speak to you now.
I am known as the Ruler.
I welcome this meeting.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
We know each other better now.
Is there anything we can do for you? A strong handshake.
A direct question.
I like that.
Are you here to take Quano back to your planet? Soon.
He has acquitted himself well here.
I have met your son.
- He, too, has much in his favor.
- But I can beat him.
When you prove your superiority, you may brag and not before.
In his eagerness for the challenge, my son speaks rashly.
What sort of a challenge? This does not concern you, woman.
It is a matter for men to decide.
I don't know about your world, but in ours, women are treated as the equals of men.
[ Laughs ] What a foolish arrangement.
Well, I don't see anything foolish about it.
Women the equal of men? In what way? Are they stronger than men? Do they have more intelligence? Do they make laws or fight wars? [ Chuckles ] This will be an excellent story to tell when I return home.
I can hear the boys at the club laughing already.
My son wishes to meet yours in a series of contests.
A meeting in which they pit their skills and strength against one another.
There is nothing to worry about.
There will be no physical danger.
What is the nature of these contests? We use these tests on my planet to determine who is a master and who is a slave.
No! I won't permit it.
Your opinion is not required! I don't care.
Will doesn't have to prove himself to anybody.
- Was this your idea? - No, my son's.
But I heartily approve.
It's fine for the winner, Your Majesty but it might be drastic for the loser and his parents.
I am not interested in anyone's opinion other than Mr.
- It is he who will decide.
- Well, the answer's no.
You have good reasons? As my wife just said, Will doesn't have to prove himself to anyone.
When the situation arises, he'll know what to do.
Like father, like son.
Both are cowards.
You take that back! - Will! - You've been asking for this! Will! Will! Let me loose, Dad! I accept the challenge.
I accept! Now what do you say, Mr.
Robinson? I'd say that your son's challenge has been accepted.
John, I still don't see why you can't call this whole thing off.
What possible excuse could I give? It's very simple.
Just tell him that you've changed your mind.
What about Will? He'd be disappointed, but he'd get over it.
Yes, I suppose so.
Oh, good.
Then it's all settled.
Tomorrow you'll go to the aliens and tell them.
Maureen, I'd like to do what you want, but I can't.
There's more to it than Will's being disappointed.
There's a question of his pride.
If I call off that contest, he'll think I don't have any confidence in him.
- Is that your only reason? - No, it isn't.
I want him to meet that boy.
I don't care if he wins or loses.
He's gotta have that opportunity.
I think you're almost glad that Will is going to meet Quano.
- In a way, I am.
- Oh, John, that's-- Maureen, look.
I don't care how primitive or civilized a man is he welcomes a challenge.
Why, it's part of his nature to test his intelligence and skill as well as his strength.
And without these things, we'd be living in caves, eating out of stone bowls.
That sounds like quite a lecture we just missed, Professor.
It couldn't be you want Will to go ahead with the contests.
You have an answer to that, Mrs.
Robinson? Well we can't go back to the Stone Age, can we? Mother, what does the Stone Age have to do with it? Well, I don't really know, dear but it all seems quite clear when your father explains it.
[ Robot Whirring ] Turn on your long-range audio detectors.
I want to hear what they're saying.
- Such procedure-- - Shh! [ Whispering ] Is unethical.
What? Shh! Repeat.
Is unethical.
Their conversation may be highly personal.
I am not interested in your misguided moral principles.
All is fair in love and war.
Love? That does not compute.
It never has.
Well, you laggard, you're wasting time! Bzzzz! - I cannot clear the frequency length.
- Try! Bzzzz! [ Ruler ] This time you must win.
[ Quano ] Don't worry, sir.
I will.
[ Ruler ] That is what you told me on your last challenge.
If you are defeated, you know what will happen.
I will have to destroy the victor and all witnesses.
It is our law.
No one must be superior to you.
- All witnesses? - [ Quano ] I know, Father.
[ Ruler ] The boy, Will, is young and strong.
It would be a pity to end his life.
You must win.
[ Robot ] I do not wish to continue.
I was not designed to eavesdrop.
Who cares about your design, sir? We cannot let Will win.
The Ruler will destroy all of us.
But what course of action is left? You just leave that to me.
Come along.
We'll go back to the camp.
[ Yelps ] What are you doing here? Just, uh out for a little stroll, Your Majesty, for a bit of fresh air.
You lie.
You were spying.
What did you hear? Nothing.
[ Gasps ] Hardly anything.
Whatever you heard, you will keep your silence.
If you tell the others anything, you will be destroyed.
No matter what happens, the contest must be fair and open.
- Is that understood? - Of course.
Fair and open.
What other way would anyone want it? Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Put a bit more snap in there, William.
- How was the time on that? - 32.
06713 seconds.
Use this for a moment, my boy.
- Then take a few more laps.
- I'll have to rest a while, Dr.
How do you expect to get into shape if you don't work out? You've got to harden those leg muscles and build up your wind.
Excessive exercise is not beneficial for an athlete.
When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.
Our boy will lose this fight in the gym.
Oh, spare me your ridiculous jargon.
And since when did he become our boy? He's my boy! I'm his sole trainer and manager.
And I'll thank you to restrict your activities to tending that stopwatch.
- How's it going? - My boy's doing very well.
He's in the peak of condition.
- Here, I'll run those laps for you now, Dr.
- Good, good! Will, wait a minute.
Hold it.
How long have you been exercising? Since 0800 hours.
You've been exercising that boy for three hours? Dr.
Smith said it'd be good for me.
I'll bet he did.
Go take a shower, Will.
Sure, Don.
Get some rest, huh? You've tried some pretty underhanded things in your life, but this one tops them all.
- I have no idea what you're referring to.
- Don't give me that innocent act! You're trying to wear Will out, so Quano will beat him.
That's absolutely ridiculous, Major.
My loyalties are not to be questioned.
The only loyalty you've got, Smith, is to yourself.
Nothing would please me more than to have our Will emerge victorious.
On the other hand, if he were to be defeated no great harm will have been done.
Except to Will.
You've got an angle here, Smith.
- What is it? - Angle? What angle? You're hiding something.
Let's have it.
It's nothing.
Nothing at all.
It's just that I'm not too concerned about Will losing.
After all, a return to Earth with the grateful Ruler would do much to cure the boy's injured spirit.
"Return to Earth.
" I've heard that tired old song before.
And the music is still just as sweet.
You may be content with your lot on this dreary, desolate planet but I yearn for the green hills of home.
- You're really consistent, Smith, you know that? - In what way? Winning or losing doesn't matter to you just as long as you can cheat at the game.
You tin-plated traitor! [ Judy ] We thought you'd like a coffee break.
You've been at that for hours.
Well, thank you.
Ah, great.
Just what we needed.
Like the Ruler said men are stronger and smarter, but women make the best coffee.
- Well, that depends on the woman.
- Ah, and the coffee.
It's nice to know we're capable of doing something.
Can you imagine Quano believing that girls are worthless? I have a strong feeling he'll change his opinion when he grows up.
[ Quano ] I like them now.
But it is not manly to pay too much attention to them.
- May I enter? - Why, of course.
Is there something we can do for you, Quano? I bring you greetings from my father.
As his spokesman, I also have a message for you.
My father wishes to inform you that he has prepared an area suitable for the challenge.
The ground is good and firm and offers a good footing.
If acceptable, the contest will begin at the hour of 10:00 tomorrow.
Failure of your son, or his substitute, to appear will be considered an act of cowardice and a penalty enacted against you.
What sort of a penalty? That would be for my father to decide.
John, there was nothing said about a penalty before.
And what does he mean by substitute? These are the rules which govern the challenge.
You tell your father we'll be there.
I shall return and take you to the athletic field tomorrow.
I didn't like him before, and I think he's even more icky now.
Don't be too hard on Quano, Penny.
Beneath that tough, militant exterior is a 12-year-old boy.
That may be true, Don, but you'd have to dig pretty deep to find him.
Well, where is he? You said he would come back this way.
My deductions place the chances at 90 to one in our favor.
The odds are very good.
Obviously you've miscalculated again.
There is always a margin of error, even in a machine.
Only Dr.
Zachary Smith is perfect.
I am indeed, and don't you forget about it.
[ Clearing Throat ] Are you sure you're not laughing at me? Reporting.
Alien boy approaching.
Alien boy-- I heard you the first time.
Now stop chattering and give your computers a rest.
Your Highne-- That bubble-brain is getting completely out of hand! - [ Gasps ] - If you move, I will fire.
Your Highness, i-it's me, Dr.
Smith, your friend.
I know who you are.
As for being my friend, that is doubtful.
You may lower your hands.
Thank you, Your Highness.
It was a very uncomfortable position.
Well, I must say you're looking fit.
- In good physical condition for the challenge, I hope? - I shall win.
I have no doubt about that at all.
But there is always the possibility, slight though it may be that something may go wrong.
A little help might be of great benefit.
My father says a man who does not speak with directness is not to be trusted.
Perhaps I was a trifle subtle, so I'll get right to the point.
I can help you beat Will Robinson.
You can? How, may I ask? There are more ways than one of skinning a cat, as they say.
I happen to enjoy the confidence of your opponent.
A bit of wrong advice at the crucial moment and you win.
And what would you want in return for this betrayal? Almost nothing.
All I ask is that your father make provisions to take me back to Earth.
Well, Your Highness, what do you say? You are very lucky, Dr.
Had you made your offer to my father, he might have done you harm in his anger.
He is a man of honor.
And it seems that his son is a chip off the old block.
[ Chuckles ] For your sake, I will say nothing about this.
But do not speak to me again.
I dislike traitors.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
The first time I set eyes on that boy, I knew he was a savage.
Statement: If my programming is correct, he is much to be admired.
He has principles.
And I have not? Is that what you're implying? - Do you insist on an answer? - At once! And you will not remove my power pack if I speak the truth? - Just answer the question.
- Then I choose silence.
Oh, you do, do you? Bzzzz! You evasive coward.
You deliberately blew out your voltage regulators.
John, is it necessary to go armed? Oh, it's not necessary.
- I just got used to wearing them.
- Oh.
And a very wise precaution too.
Our past experiences with aliens have proved that they are not to be trusted.
And how does our young athlete feel this morning? My stomach's doing flip-flops.
Have no fear, my boy.
I have my medical kit with me just in case.
- Thanks.
- If it's any consolation, Will Quano is probably just as nervous.
Here he comes now.
He sure looks relaxed to me.
- [ Quano ] Greetings.
- Good morning, Quano.
- Greetings to all of you.
- Your Highness.
- Are you ready? - We're all set.
Then let us go.
- I'm coming too.
- You will stay here! Females are not allowed at a challenge.
It is only for men.
Oh, please, Dad, can't I go along? I promise I won't be any trouble.
Penny, I think it's best that you remain behind with your mother.
Remain? You mean I'm not allowed to go either? This time we'll play it by their rules, darling.
I hope-- I hope Will pins your ears back.
Oh, my pulse is racing.
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
Wait for me! Wait for me! That way.
[ Panting ] Your Highness, how much farther? I asked you not to speak to me.
A little farther, Mr.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
The end is near.
I know it.
Oh, dear.
Welcome, gentlemen.
You come bearing weapons.
Are you afraid? Not at all.
Just careful.
That's not exactly a toothpick you're carrying.
It has been many thousands of years since any of my people used so primitive a weapon.
Its only purpose is to signal the beginning of the challenge.
- Are you ready, Will Robinson? - Yes, sir.
- And you, my son? - I am ready, sir.
Let the challenge begin.
When I give the signal, raise the rod above your head.
Remember, Will Robinson, to maintain a firm grip with both hands.
- Yes, sir.
- [ Ruler ] If you release the rod at any time you will be declared the loser.
In a moment, we shall see which of our sons is the stronger.
- How are you going to prove that? - You shall see.
Raise the rod! [ Whirring ] [ Whirring ] Look at the rod.
The actual strength of the two boys is meeting in the rod.
You all right? - I have beaten you.
- Boy, you sure did.
All I did was hold onto that thing, and now I feel tired.
You did well, my son.
That's all right, Will.
Losing one contest doesn't mean anything.
You don't have to sound so pleased about it, Smith.
The next challenge is a test of fear.
Are you ready, Will Robinson? I guess so.
Let us proceed.
You will wear this, Will Robinson.
- What's going to happen now? - As you know, no man is without fear.
This machine will gauge its degree.
- How does it work? - By creating an illusion of great danger in the boy's mind.
How he reacts will register electronically on this gauge.
- [ Machine Clicks ] - [ Whirring ] How's the score stand now, Dr.
Smith? - You and Quano are tied.
- Ah, then I didn't do so bad after all.
That would depend on how you look at it.
There's one contest left.
I can still win.
You misunderstand me, my boy.
In my opinion, you've performed too well.
- What? - However, there's still hope.
You can still lose the last challenge.
- You want me to lose? - To be perfectly honest, yes.
You've already covered yourself with glory, Will.
There's nothing further to be proved by defeating Quano.
lf, on the other hand, he should win we might be able to talk his father into taking us back to Earth.
In other words, you think I should throw the contest? Shh! Crudely but accurately put.
Well, what do you say? I don't think you understand, Dr.
I'm not just trying to beat Quano for myself.
It's like I was representing every boy from Earth against every boy from another planet.
You're a very noble young man, William.
Sometimes I wish you were a little less honest.
Life would be a great deal easier.
[ John ] Will? - The 10-minute rest period's up.
- I'm ready to go when they are, Dad.
The Ruler and Quano seem to be having some kind of a disagreement.
- [ No Audible Dialogue ] - [ John ] I wonder what that's all about.
- I can beat him.
I know I can.
- The boy is a worthy opponent.
But I am better! Give me this last chance to prove it to you.
I will not risk your defeat.
I will inform the Earth people.
- Please.
- It will be as I say.
- You do not believe that I can defeat him.
- That is enough.
- Mr.
- Yes? The challenge will continue, but without my son.
But how? I will act for Quano.
You may act for your son.
It is one of the laws of the challenge.
If a contestant wishes to withdraw, he may appoint a substitute.
What if I refuse? Then your son will know you're afraid to face me.
- I'll act as a substitute.
- We are ill-matched.
Let John Robinson make his own decision.
How do you want to settle this? We could test ourselves in a duel with the Volta Blades.
The Volta Blades? I understand.
Watch yourself.
Those blades must be carrying at least 50,000 volts.
I am ready.
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
[ Gasping ] [ Metal Clanging ] Ah! The contest is over.
You fight well.
Thank you.
But don't ask me to do it again.
How do you feel, champ? Every muscle in my body's aching.
[ Ruler ] Where's Quano? He left in the middle of the match, sir.
He was real hurt because you didn't let him continue the challenge.
In my desire to protect him, I made a mistake.
I should have let him continue the contest.
Quano took the spear.
The one that you threw at the target, Mr.
- What would he want with so primitive a weapon? - [ Will ] The cave! He's going to the cave to fight the monster! Quano would not be so foolish after I warned him.
Can you think of a better way for a boy whose pride is hurt to prove himself to his father? - Will, my gun.
- Here, Dad.
I am Quano, the son of a brave and mighty Ruler.
[ Hissing ] I, too, have great courage.
Come forth and I shall prove it.
Don't shoot.
It was wrong of me to stop the contest, my son.
Forgive me.
I was afraid you would be beaten.
It was I who lacked courage.
There is no disgrace in defeat.
A man does the best he can.
Nothing more can be asked of him.
Shall we fight the monster together, Father? I will be honored, my son.
I think Quano and his father will have a lot to say to each other.
They'll want to say it alone.
Let's go.
There! Mm.
Mm-- Ah! I beg your pardon.
Well, Penny, what do you think of it? Well, I don't know much about painting, Dr.
Even a rank amateur should be able to recognize my talent as an artist.
It burns through the canvas like a beacon, lighting up the depths of darkness.
Well, I guess it does, if you say so.
When we return to Earth I shall place my genius on display for all to see.
I would like to express an opinion.
You have my permission.
[ Gags ] If you have a comment to make, make it.
I already have.
How dare you! What does an insensitive brute like you know about art? You, who have never touched brush to canvas? Away, you cackling clod, and leave me to my work! My day of retribution will surely come.
Do you see what I see? - Well, I think I do.
- Whew, that's good because I was beginning to think something was wrong with my eyes.
Have your fun, Major.
Just remember they also laughed at Gauguin and Matisse.
Uh, pardon me.
What's it supposed to be? You probably will not understand it but it represents the inner feelings of the sensitive man in space.
Notice the blending of the light.
[ Robot ] Warning! Warning! Dangerous storm approaching! Advisable refuge be taken immediately! - Let's get inside! - What about our equipment outside? No time.
Inside! [ Gasps ] Dr.
Smith! - Dr.
Smith! - [ Screams ] - My masterpiece! - Let it go! - Come on! - I want my painting! Don't be a fool.
- [ Creaking ] - The tank! [ Yelling ] [ Tank Crashing ]