Lost In Space (1965) s01e27 Episode Script

The Lost Civilization

Last week, as you recall, the men of our small space colony left the Jupiter 2 in search of vitally needed water unaware that their course was leading them directly into a terrifying uncharted valley of volcanoes.
- Danger! Danger! - What is it? - I don't know.
What danger? - Volcano about to erupt.
[ Rumbling ] John, pull over, quick! Danger! Danger! - Dad, it's getting closer! - Come on.
Let's get out of here.
- Right.
- Lava approaching.
Lava approaching.
- Lava approaching.
- He's right! Look! - Come on.
Get us out of here.
- I can't! - Dad, what's the matter? - It won't start.
We're stuck.
[ Will ] Look out! - The lava's getting closer! Hurry! - It's no use.
- The ignition system's dead.
- Let me try.
It's no good.
We'll have to abandon the Chariot and run for it.
We'll never make it.
The lava's too close.
Why don't you try bypassing the ignition system? A jumper wire direct to the battery.
Why not? - It's worth a try.
- Hurry, Don, hurry! - Danger! Danger! - Hurry! Try it.
The wire's in place.
Okay, here's hoping.
- [ Engine Starts ] - We got it! Hang on.
We're getting out of here.
- What do you think, Don? - It doesn't look too good.
Nothing but desert.
I don't think there's a potential source of water in this direction.
I think you're right.
We'll stay on this heading a little while longer, just in case.
Dad, suppose we don't find water soon? - We will, son.
- But if we don't? It'd mean the end of our colony on this planet.
We can't have that happen, can we? Attention.
- We are now approaching water.
- I knew he'd find some.
- I don't see anything but desert.
- Neither do I.
But there's gotta be water.
He never makes mistakes.
Could be a faulty connection.
All circuits functioning.
We are passing over a large body of water.
- Dad, I'll bet he means underground, don't you? - Affirmative.
What do you think? Right now we're in no position to pass up any possibility.
- Drilling rig set? - Check.
It's like being in a furnace out here.
That eruption heated up the entire area.
- How could the Robot detect water in this? - I don't know.
I think you were right in the first place.
He's blown a circuit.
Dad, where do we dig? The Robot's gonna tell us that.
At once.
[ Rattling ] Dig here.
- "Dig here"? - That's what he said.
[ Grunting ] There.
I told you he's never wrong.
This isn't exactly a gusher, son.
Listen, I'll settle for anything.
Boy, it's hot.
Between this hot ground and that blazing sun, we'd better get started.
I'll get the water tester.
- Son, what are you doing? - I just wanna get a drink.
- The heat's made me thirsty.
- Have you forgotten about testing? No.
But I just want one little drink.
Not until we're sure it's safe.
- Is it all right? - I don't know.
- [ Spitting ] - Here's the tester.
Stow it.
It's no good.
I knew it was too good to be true.
He's never wrong, huh, Will? I don't understand it.
What's wrong with you? You said there was drinking water here.
The adjective "drinking" was not included in my programming.
Well, it is now.
We need water we can drink.
Revision of original programming duly noted.
Revision of original programming duly noted.
We will now search for drinking water.
All right.
Let's break this rig down.
Dad, it's awful hot back here.
Can't you turn up the air-conditioning? It's hot up here too.
Don? That's funny.
I've got the unit up full.
Give me a reading on the inside temperature.
Temperature outside: Temperature inside: - He's right.
It's 104.
- Correction.
105 and rising.
- What's the matter with the air conditioner? - I don't know.
I've got it set for 72.
It's just not pulling.
- Maybe it's Dr.
- No, this is one thing we can't blame on Smith.
He's hundreds of miles away.
Thank goodness.
I mean what he did last night before we left.
Will, just what did Dr.
Smith do last night? He was complaining about not sleeping well lately.
He's always complaining.
He sleeps like a log.
- Go on, Will.
What happened? - He kept saying the nights were getting warmer.
I knew it.
[ Will ] And he wanted to do something about the air conditioner in his cabin.
So he came out to the Chariot.
Oh, no! You don't have to go any further.
I can guess the rest.
He took some parts from our Chariot unit for his own air conditioner, right? Yeah, I guess that's just about what happened.
Inside temperature: - Who asked you? - Dad, can't we open the windows? No, son.
It's hotter outside than it is in here.
If we can't get this Chariot out of that sun, we're gonna fry.
- What are we gonna do? - Obvious solution-- seek shade.
There's a bright remark for ya.
He's right.
It's our only hope.
We can't fix that unit in this sun.
Where are we gonna find shade out here in the desert? - There are caves up ahead.
- Give me a bearing.
Bearing: 0-4-5.
You're not gonna listen to him after that fiasco with the water? Right now we have no choice.
Inside temperature: We can't take much more of this.
Up ahead.
That does look like a cave entrance.
Large cave dead ahead.
I knew you'd find one.
Now, this is more like it.
We can work here without any problems.
Let's find out what parts that miserable, old beggar stole.
- All right.
- Dad, would you mind if I stretch my legs a little? - Sure, son.
Go ahead.
- Come on.
- You could use the exercise.
- That does not compute.
My legs do not stretch.
I can see what it is already.
He took our main thermostat control.
- He would pick that part.
- If I had his scrawny neck here right now-- Forget Smith.
We've gotta figure out a way of replacing that part.
I'm not worried about that.
I can jury-rig something.
It'll take time.
- All right.
Let's get started.
- Okay.
Well, come on.
What's the matter with you? Supply of water nearby.
- You mean right here in this cave? - Nearby.
- Drinking water? - Affirmative.
Are you sure? You made us both look pretty silly with that salt water.
This water is fit for human consumption.
It is an enormous supply.
Wouldn't it be something if we could find the water while Dad and Don were working on the Chariot? - Affirmative.
- Well, come on.
Stop fooling around and point.
That way.
The water is that way.
Down there? Are you sure? Affirmative.
Large body of water fit for human consumption.
I'll take a look.
I don't see anything but a deep hole.
The water is deeper down.
Well, okay, if you say so.
[ Rumbling ] Danger! Danger! Danger! Planet quake! Planet quake! Danger! Danger! It's danger! Danger! Planet quake! Danger! Danger! Help! Help! I'm down here! I can't get out! Red alert! Red alert! Commence search probe for Will Robinson.
Must find my friend Will.
[ Grunting ] Must find Will.
Losing bala-- [ Slurs, Stops Speaking ] Oh, no! You fell the same way I did, didn't you? I bet you were trying to save me.
I hope you're not hurt bad.
I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.
Any luck? No, not so far.
I can't get this thing to hold.
Here, try this.
Now if only your condensers weren't damaged in the fall.
- [ Whirring ] - You're okay! Beware the first step.
I found that out already.
So did you.
But why did you try to follow me? I have been programmed to look after you.
I was only doing my job.
Sure, I know.
But you nearly wrecked yourself doing it.
- Now what? - Impossible to retrace original steps.
Must seek another way.
I found that out already too.
There's a passageway along here.
Will that get us out? Insufficient data.
Suggest trial and error.
We sure have been giving those errors a workout.
Come on.
- Have you got it? - I think so.
- Yeah.
It fits.
I think it'll work.
- Okay, turn it up.
I've got it up full.
No, wait a minute.
Here's the cold air.
- [ Air Swooshing ] - Hey, it's working! That last part you rigged up did the trick.
Come on.
Let's get started.
- Right.
Will, let's go! - Where'd he go? I don't know.
I don't even see the Robot.
The last time I saw them, they were together.
- You don't think they went outside, do you? - Not in that blazing sun.
They must've wandered off back there.
Will! [ Echoing ] I wonder how far back that cave goes.
Let's find out.
Bring the rope.
Will! Will! [ Echoing ] Will! Will! John, look.
Tread marks.
The Robot.
Lucky he's good and heavy.
They go this way.
That's quite a drop.
If he fell down there-- Will! Will, are you all right? - Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Now what's the matter? - Large body of water ahead suitable for human consumption.
Golly, you sure have a one-track mind.
We're not looking for water anymore.
We're just trying to find a way out of here.
- There is an open area beyond the bend.
- There is? And a large body of water fit for human consumption.
Come on.
Will couldn't have fallen this far and-- What I mean is, he couldn't be down here.
Look at that.
Something fell there.
- Pretty hard.
- Only the Robot could've made a mark like that in the ground.
A fall like that would've broken his circuits.
- He's not here.
Somebody had to fix him.
- Will.
I'm counting on it.
Civilized people? Down here? Maybe there was a civilization here once.
But I don't see any evidence that it still survives.
Let's hope it doesn't.
Will's down here somewhere.
- And it's all fit for human consumption? - Naturally.
We have plenty of water now.
But before, we didn't have enough water, but we weren't lost.
And now I liked it better the other way.
We will not stay lost.
I will take you back to where your father is waiting.
You will? How? It does not compute.
That means you don't know how.
I know you'd help me if you could.
Don't worry.
We'll find a way out of here.
Anyway, at least I won't be thirsty.
Let's go.
- What's the matter? - No tracks.
It's all rock.
They could've gone in any direction.
We'd better split up.
I'll go this way.
No, we stay together.
There's no telling how often these passages divide.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
We stay together.
- Don! - [ Don Shouts ] - What happened? - My foot's pinned.
- All right.
I'll get you free.
- No, it's no use! Go on before you lose the trail.
- And leave you here? - You've got to-- There may be another quake any moment.
Might be your only chance to find Will.
When I leave, you're coming with me.
You can't move that rock.
I've gotta get something for leverage.
What kind of a place is this? First a whole ocean and now a jungle.
And all underground.
I don't see how we're ever gonna get out of here, do you? And all underground.
I don't see how we're ever gonna get out of here, do you? I will get you out.
This way.
Okay, if you say so.
Sensors indicate presence of human life.
I'll bet he's trying to find us.
Human presence is alien.
Alien? Come on.
There couldn't be any people down here.
Sensors indicate the contrary.
Then your sensors are wrong.
They must've been damaged in that fall back there.
Damage to sensors in fall is not unlikely.
Well, don't worry about it.
When we get back, I'll give you a complete overhaul.
You'll be as good as new.
We might as well keep moving in the same direction.
- How bad is it? - I don't know.
Can you move your toes? Yeah, but I'm not gonna be walking on it for a while.
I tried to tell you.
You've wasted all this time.
You could've been looking for Will.
- You're gonna have to leave me here anyway.
- I'm not leaving without you.
We'll find that boy wherever he is.
We'll find him.
Come on.
Keep your weight off it.
Keep your weight off it.
Hang on.
Hang on.
- What's wrong? - Danger! Danger! - Looks safe enough to me.
- Danger ahead.
Proceed with caution.
- Boy, do you need an overhaul.
- Stop.
- Do not proceed.
- Okay, what do you suggest? Try the ground before you step on it.
Try it? How? - Use this.
- I don't see why I humor you.
Except that you've been hurt.
What do you want me to do with this? - Try the ground ahead.
- Okay.
That could have been me! - Affirmative.
- I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
- You saved my life.
- Affirmative.
From now on, I'll believe what you tell me.
- Is it safe to go on? - Affirmative.
Are you sure your tapes aren't stuck? I am functioning properly.
- No more traps? - Negative.
Then come on.
- How's it feel? - I don't think there are any bones broken.
You're probably right.
Just a bad sprain and a lot of bruises.
- Are you ready to go on? - Right.
All right.
Hang on, now.
Keep your weight off the foot.
We'll find something you can use for a crutch.
Come on.
It's a clearing.
Human being nearby.
Where? - I don't see anyone.
- Someone is there.
Keep me covered.
[ Will ] Look.
[ Will ] Look.
- It's just a girl.
Should I wake her up? - Affirmative.
Hey! Hey, wake up! She must be deaf or something.
Come on.
Wake up, will you? - What do I do now? - Kiss the girl.
- Kiss her? - It is the only way to wake her up.
- Then let her sleep.
- Stop.
- It is necessary to kiss the girl.
- All right.
Then you do it.
It is necessary that you do it.
How do you know what's necessary for me to do? Dr.
Smith has programmed into my memory banks the plots of every story in literature.
- This is one of them.
- What one? Sleeping Beauty.
She doesn't look like any beauty to me.
She sure is sleeping.
That is why you must kiss her to wake her up.
- Do I have to? - Affirmative.
Now I know why Don gets so mad at Dr.
- Kiss the girl.
- All right, all right! Give me a chance, will you? Kiss the girl.
- Hello.
- Hi.
What's your name? Will Robinson.
What's yours? - Don't you know who I am? - No.
I'm a princess.
- Oh, cut it out.
- But I am.
Haven't you ever seen a princess before? My sister Penny had a cat named Princess once, but that's all.
Well, now you've met one.
But if you didn't know I was a princess why did you kiss me to wake me up? - He made me do it.
- Oh? Who's that? He's just a robot, but he's awfully smart.
Maybe too smart for his own good.
The princess can tell you how to get out of here.
- Can you? - Of course.
But why would you want to get out of here? It's a beautiful country.
Don't you think? Sure, it's okay.
But my dad's looking for me, and he'll be worried.
I understand.
Where do you come from, Will? Originally I came from a place called Earth.
Earth? Oh.
That's too bad.
You mean you know about Earth? I've been taught about it.
Then why do you say it's too bad? Well, I suppose it's all right as long as you come from there and you aren't going back.
Now, what do you mean by that? Nothing.
Where is your father? Up there somewhere on the surface.
I see.
Now will you take me back to him? - That depends.
- On what? Lots of things.
Do you believe yet that I'm a princess? Well, I don't know.
You must believe it.
Okay, I believe it.
How do I get back to my father? First, you must come with me.
Well-- I don't know.
We will both go with the princess.
I'll come with you.
Come along then.
It's incredible.
This is a whole underground world.
Complete with a population? That's something I'm not letting myself think about yet.
- How's your foot? - It's all right.
- Can you go on? - Yeah.
There's no trouble with footprints here.
Is something wrong, Will? - Yeah.
Where are you taking me? - To show you my army.
- You've got an army? - I told you I was a princess.
Naturally I have an army.
- Do you want to see it? - Sure.
Then come on.
Danger! Danger! Danger! - You'd better sit and rest a minute.
- I'm all right.
We're on their trail.
Let's keep going.
All right.
If you think you can.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
A jungle down here.
I hope that's all we see before we find Will.
So do I.
Your Highness.
This is the young man who woke me from my sleep.
Don't be afraid of him, Will.
- He's only my Major Domo.
- You really are a princess! [ Laughs ] Of course.
What is your name? Will Robinson, sir.
And his name? He hasn't got a name.
He's a robot.
I've told Will Robinson of our army.
I would like you to show him some of our warriors.
Yes, Your Highness.
Don't be afraid of him, Will.
I'm not afraid of him.
Later we will talk again.
Now go.
- Descend.
- Come on.
- Negative.
Impossible to comply with your request.
- Why? Passageway and my circumference do not compute.
All right.
Then wait here.
[ Beeping ] Dad! - Dad, what happened? - Who are these people? How did they get you? Well, you see, there was this girl, and I had-- Yes? You let my father go, or I'll tell the princess! There is nothing for you to get excited about, young man.
Your father has not been hurt.
I am told that you all come from the planet Earth.
If that is the case, you will find what I'm about to show you very interesting.
- What are you gonna do? - I have been directed by the princess to show the boy some of our warriors.
You also will be privileged to see them.
This way, please.
Leave him alone! Can't you see he can't go any faster? - What is wrong with your foot? - I injured it.
- Leave him alone! Leave him alone! - Stop it! [ Mutters ] What is this? Stay away from me.
- What are you doing? What-- - [ Electrical Hum ] [ Electrical Hum Continues ] [ Clicking ] Get on your feet.
[ Groans ] I can't.
Get on your feet! Stand on both your feet.
It's healed.
Perhaps we are not quite as primitive as you thought at first.
But there is more, much more.
What is all this equipment about? You got me.
I never saw anything like this in my life.
- I'll bet you know, don't you? - It does not compute.
Do not be surprised, my friends.
There is nothing like it anyplace in the universe yet.
- You said there was an army.
- And there is.
I haven't seen any army.
I can show you all the warriors you would want to see.
Part of the largest army that has ever existed anywhere.
Would you mind telling us what this is all about? Yes.
I suppose it is time for you to know.
Centuries ago, my people began the most daring most magnificent plan ever conceived.
No less than the conquest of the entire universe.
You picked yourself quite a job.
Yes, it's an impossible job for any one race no matter how advanced their technology.
But time and planning solve all problems.
Here in our underground world we have been collecting what we have needed most-- manpower.
We have stored more than a thousand generations of soldiers waiting for the day when their vast numbers would be needed.
- And that day is-- - Now.
Long ago it was planned that the attack would begin when a traveler from some other planet had the courage and resourcefulness to reach our planet find our underground world and make his way to the side of the royal princess.
Such a traveler has come.
Now our warriors will be activated.
The first attack will, of course, be made against whatever planet was capable of producing such an ingenious and intrepid being.
Therefore, the attack will be made against the planet Earth.
You mean this daring, resourceful, intrepid traveler you describe is my son Will? You evidently find the idea amusing.
I do not.
Take these men back to their cell.
Just a minute.
I demand to know-- Wait! Come back! Don't take them away again! You will see your father again unless you disobey.
- Disobey? - This is a great day for my people.
The ancient prophecy has been fulfilled.
The warriors, like their princess, are returning to life.
There remains only one more thing to do.
- That involves you.
- Me? You, Will Robinson.
Before this day ends, you will marry the princess.
Me? Marry her? The young adventurer destined to awaken the princess is also destined to become her prince consort.
This will begin the dynasty that will rule the universe.
Me? Marry that girl? I can't do it.
- You will do it.
- I can't get married.
I'm just a kid.
You were old enough to fight your way to her side.
I didn't fight anybody.
I can't get married.
I couldn't even support a wife.
I haven't got a job.
This matter was decided many centuries ago.
There is nothing further for you to decide.
Oh, yes, there is.
I won't get married.
I won't say those words.
I don't wanna be anybody's husband.
I just wanna be a kid, live with my parents and have fun.
- "Fun"? What's that? - Your Highness.
I want to speak to my consort alone.
Leave us.
Yes, Your Highness.
You may enter, my consort.
You called me your consort.
What's that? The husband of a princess, of course.
Will you stop that? I'm not your husband, and I don't wanna be.
I heard you say that.
Now you can explain something to me, Will Robinson.
What is "fun"? You mean you don't know about having fun? You mean you don't know about having fun? Boy, I wouldn't wanna be you, not for anything in the world.
- But what is it? - I don't know.
It's just messing around.
Doing things 'cause you want to.
Have you ever skipped stones? No, I don't think so.
What is it? Well, you find some flat stones, and you go to a lake and you throw them sort of underhand, like this.
- Why? - To make them skip on the water.
Once I got one to skip 10 times, and that's not easy.
No, I guess not.
Is that how you have fun? That's just one of the ways.
There are millions more.
When you get married, you can't do things like that.
- Why not? - I don't know.
You just can't, that's all.
You have to worry about money, important junk and stuff like that.
- I see.
- That's why I don't wanna get married and miss all the fun.
It's nothing against you though.
You're okay.
I understand.
- No hard feelings? - No, Will Robinson.
No hard feelings.
You made me kiss that girl.
What a fine mess you made out of everything.
And all on account of that story.
Whatever happened after he kissed her anyway? They were married and lived happily ever after.
"Married"? "Lived happily ever after"? You are correct.
It does not compute.
- Which of you is the father of Will Robinson? - I am.
I see the resemblance.
He's a fine boy.
- Who are you? - I've come to set you free.
Thank you.
Now him.
Only you and the boy.
Now go! Get out of here while you can.
- I'm not leaving without you.
- There's not much time! Go! She's right.
Get out or we'll all die.
That is true.
Go! [ Grunting ] Go! You're free! I'll be back for you.
The arrangements are being made.
I have much to do to prepare for the ceremony.
You will remain here until you are summoned.
- Golly.
Da-- - Shh! We're getting out.
Well, gentlemen, I do not know how you managed to escape but as you can see, it was a waste of time and effort.
It's you who's wasted time and effort.
Hundreds of years of it.
I am not interested in your opinions.
You people never are.
You never listen, never learn.
You're all the same, you would-be conquerors whether it's a continent, the world or the universe.
A few pages in history in exchange for millions of lives.
Is it really that important to you? Danger! Danger! Danger! - You're a little late, aren't you? - Kill him.
- No! Don't! - [ Rumbling ] [ Screaming ] Let's go! All right.
Let's go! [ John ] Come along, Princess.
We'll take you with us.
We're getting away.
Come on.
No, I can't go.
But the quake will bring this whole place down on your head.
Will! Go now while you can.
What about you? I will go back into my sleep and wait for another day.
[ John ] Come on, Will! Right away, Dad! Are you sure? I'm sure.
So long, and thanks.
Let's go, son.
Good-bye, Will Robinson.
Have fun.
[ Rumbling Continues ] The cave's sealed up.
There's no sign of it anymore.
That suits me fine.
I guess it's for the best.
What's wrong, son? I can't help thinking about the girl, Dad.
- What'll happen to her? - She'll sleep again, I suppose till some other young man comes along to awaken her.
- What about the invasion? - I don't know, son.
If another young adventurer goes down there someday I guess their army will be turned loose on the universe.
That's a possibility our world's gonna have to live with.
I only hope it doesn't happen in our time.
Mom, Judy, they've come back! Mom! Look! [ Excited Chattering ] Hey! Hi! - Oh! Hi! - [ Greetings Overlapping ] - Come on, Will! - [ All Chattering ] [ Chattering Continues ] - Everything all right here? - Now it is.
I found a Sleeping Beauty.
You found a Sleeping Beauty? You've gotta be kidding.
The most incredible thing.
A whole civilization underground.
- How did you find it? - Air-conditioning.
- What? - Which reminds me, Smith pilfered the Chariot.
Where is he? - Wake up.
Wake up.
- I'm innocent! I swear it.
I had nothing to do with it.
You Neanderthal ninny.
How dare you disturb my rest.
I wanted to let you know that I've come back.
What possible difference could that make to anyone? Everyone has someone.
I have only you.
Have you indeed.
What are you staring at? - For a moment, you reminded me of someone.
- Really? Who? Sleeping Beauty.
[ Laughing ] Stop that absurd laughter and leave at once you monstrous, metallurgical meddler! I'm in no mood for your heavy-handed levity.
I'm in no mood for you, Smith.
You realize what you nearly did to us with this? Really, Major.
A man is surely entitled to some primitive comforts.
Well, someday-- Someday I hope you get what you really deserve.
Insolent puppy.
I certainly do not intend to bake.
I'm ready to forgive you.
Fan me.
[ Sighs ] That's better.
Careful, now.
[ Grunting ] Fine.
- [ Shouting ] - Careful! This climb is more suited to a mountain goat than to me.
Oh! Oh! Good heavens.
[ Sighs ] I thought we'd never reach this plateau.
That mountain must be [ Gasps ] I can hardly breathe at that altitude.
It's only 100 feet higher than the campsite.
I checked it.
Then there must be something in the atmosphere that affects my asthma.
Well, do you see it? No.
But it's gotta be around here somewhere.
I remember that rock.
Now tell me again.
What did you actually see? It was about sundown, and I saw something glinting.
Never mind the glinting.
Tell me about the colors.
They were all silvery and gold.
Ah, yes.
Obviously an outcrop of a very rare and precious metal leading to a mother lode.
That's not what Dad thought when I told him about it.
Just some iron pyrites.
I guess that's all it was.
Your father's knowledge of geology leaves much to be desired.
I'm a pretty good geologist.
Of course you are, my boy.
You'll be a good deal better when we prove that what you saw confirms my own theory.
Now climb up on that rock.
See if you can locate it.
- Well, have you spotted it? - Not yet.
Can't you see anything? Well, I see the Jupiter.
There's Mom and Penny.
They're doing the washing.
Spare me the dreary domestic story.
Look for that outcrop.
- [ Will ] Golly! - What is it? Do you see it? - I see it.
- Where? Where? Show me! [ Will ] It's over that way.
You'd better be careful, Dr.
Dad thought there might be cosmic dust pits on this plateau with no bottom.
Nonsense, my boy.
In the interest of science, one's personal safety is of no consequence.
Ah! I knew it! I was right.
It can't be anything else, but-- [ Screaming ] Dr.