Lost In Space (1965) s02e01 Episode Script

Blast Off Into Space

[ Man Narrating .]
Last week, as you recall our space family's lost planet was rocked by a series of savage earthquakes.
Little did they dream that in less than 20 desperate hours a cataclysmic explosion would rip apart the planet's core and disintegrate their entire world into galactic dust.
Penny, you look like one of those old-fashioned milkmaids coming back from the pasture.
You know, it would be good to see a pasture again walking through the grass, looking for four-leaf clover - wading-- - [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
- Oh! Penny! In the ship! Now! Penny! It's slacking off.
Do you think it's as bad up at the drill site? I don't think so, but it could be heading their way.
I'd better warn them.
Come in, Don.
I don't know what's causing this disturbance, but I do know one thing.
It's happening at a depth that could crack the core of this planet and lay it wide open.
- Don! Come in, Don! - Right here, John.
Listen, that last batch of deutronium fuel tested out just fine.
- I think we've finally got all we need.
- Well, that's good news.
How about the earthquake? Give you any trouble? - Earthquake? What earthquake? - Well, we got it here, but good.
And deeper than anything we've ever had before.
You'd better pack your gear and get back here right away.
The next one may hit your area.
We'll start right back.
Judy, get Will and Smith.
I'll start loading the equipment.
In the presence of appreciative colleagues and fellow voyagers - I now unveil-- - Will, Dr.
We're leaving.
- Shh! - Dad just called.
He said there might be an earthquake right here in this very area.
Am I or am I not going to receive the reverence this ceremony deserves? You've got it, Dr.
As I was saying-- William.
You too.
I now unveil this noble monument a temple of immortality I name thee "Spirit of Space.
" But, Dr.
Smith, it doesn't even look like you.
It is the abstract, artistic concept of my inner self.
- Now can we leave? - My dear boy, have you no regard for the sanctity of this moment? We've gotta get out of here.
Didn't you hear what Judy said? - We might be right in the middle of-- - [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
- Oh! Oh! - No, no! Don't fall! - Hit the dirt! - You okay? - Oh! How about you? Your father was almost right.
He said the next one may hit in this area.
- Where's Smith and Will? - They were on the other side of the ridge when it happened.
Come on.
Not even a crack.
It will endure forever.
[ Chuckling .]
Earth folk, from the look of you.
"Snoopingest" bunch you ever met.
- What are you after? - Our drill site's up there.
That's where we get the fuel for our ship.
And may I add, sir, that we are not addicted to snooping.
We were much too involved dedicating my monument.
Were ya? Hmm.
Beats me why a livin' man would wanna fool with, uh [ Tap Tap .]
dead stone.
On the contrary, my dear sir.
It will outlast us all.
Even that earthquake left it completely unharmed.
That was no earthquake.
That was me-- blastin'.
I'd have put up a sign if I'd knowed I was gonna have company.
Name's, uh, Nerim.
What's yours? - I'm Will Robinson.
- Will.
And I am Dr.
Zachary S-- [ Will .]
Have you been here long, Mr.
Nerim? Oh, long enough to get my bearin's.
- [ Tap Tap .]
- Hey! - Uh-- I-I didn't mean any harm.
- No offense.
- Where do you come from? - Oh, hither and yon in, uh, in the galaxy of the Southern Fish.
Home's, uh, catty-corner from Fomalhaut if you know where that is.
- Well, I've heard of it.
- My dear sir at the risk of appearing curious may I ask what were you blasting for? - Cosmonium.
- "Cosmonium"? Cos-- I don't believe I've ever heard of it.
I don't suppose it's very precious? Oh, it is, if you know how to get it and what to do with it.
Purely out of scientific curiosity, Mr.
Nerim I wonder if we might be allowed to inspect your mining operation.
Oh, naturally, we will reciprocate by letting you see our drill site.
Well, I reckon there's no harm.
I got the claim all staked.
[ Whistles .]
- Follow me.
- Yes.
Smith, we've gotta get back.
Nonsense, my boy.
It's only because they feared we had an earthquake.
But when we return, we'll inform them that it was just some of Mr.
Nerim's harmless blasting.
Didn't look so harmless to me.
Don't quibble, Will.
Come along.
And now, sir, where is your mine entrance? Oh, down there.
It ain't a bad little ride.
It's been part "degravitized" so just do as I do.
[ Exhales Forcefully .]
I don't see him down there.
Neither do I.
[ Nerim, Voice Echoing .]
Are ya comin' or ain't ya? Well, we mustn't allow our fear to subdue our scientific curiosity, must we? Well, then let's go.
[ Screaming .]
[ Screaming .]
- Oh, good heavens! - Wow.
What? Oh! I'm frightened.
I don't like this at all.
- Wow.
- What's going on? Heavens! - [ Whistles .]
- [ Nerim Laughing .]
That wasn't too much of a drop, was it? Well, how do we get back up? Well, the same way you got down, sonny.
Just blow a little air out of your lungs to get you started.
That's all.
Then kick off.
[ Laughing .]
Hey, you, uh-- You need heavier boots than you got on to walk around here.
Uh, I'll, uh-- I'll sweep them out of the way.
But-- But, Mr.
Nerim, they're diamonds.
Dang nuisance is all they are to me.
No sooner do I sweep one lot out of the way than there's another slew of 'em droppin' down from the ceiling.
[ Chuckles .]
See what I mean? Now, uh, let's get over here and I'll show you my refining plant.
Uh, come on, sonny.
Nerim, is it possible that what you refine is more precious than diamonds? [ Chuckling .]
You sure ask a lot of fool questions.
A man don't go prospectin' a dozen light-years from home less'n it's worth his while.
Start shovelin' ore, Zach boy.
"Zach boy"? Indeed! Uh, Will, would you mind? My back is very delicate today.
[ Whistles .]
Be ready to draw some off in a minute.
Aren't you going to an awful lot of trouble just to fill that tiny flask? Quiet, Will.
Good things always come in small doses.
Nerim may be in the process of capturing the very quintessence of, uh-- Just what is cosmonium the quintessence of, Mr.
Nerim? That there is a mighty pretty word, Zach boy.
"Quintessence" is just what this is.
Here it comes.
Another two or three of these and I'll be ready to pull out.
But aren't you going to tell us what its properties are, Mr.
Nerim? I assure you, sir, whatever you care to reveal will be held in the strictest confidence.
You have my word of honor on that.
It looks like you've got little bits of sun there, Mr.
Don't be ridiculous, Will.
What possible use could there be for "little bits of sun"? Oh, the boy's smarter than you are, Zach boy.
"Bits of sun" is just about what this is.
Quintessence of the living force that thaws the ice and melts the snow and [ Blows Gently .]
puts living breath in everything that grows.
That's a sight more precious than diamonds, ain't it, Zach boy? Cosmonium the quintessence of the living force.
- It's beyond price.
- Beyond any price you could come up with, mister.
Well, now, you boys better get on up top.
I got me some more blastin' to do.
Are you sure that blasting isn't kinda dangerous? No.
Why, I know the geology of this here planet like the back of my hand.
A little shakin' here and there don't do it no harm.
Uh, don't forget to blow out some breath when you're in the shaft.
Oh, Mr.
We shall, of course, meet again.
Can't think of no good reason why we should.
Perhaps I'll think of a reason.
Naturally, we shall hold Mr.
Nerim's revelations in the strictest confidence, my boy.
- I promised, you know.
- Blow, Dr.
Ah, yes.
[ Exhales .]
- You gotta kick off.
- Oh, yes.
Kick off.
Will! Dr.
Smith! [ Will .]
Over here, Judy.
Didn't you hear us call you? Where have you been? Like the camels of the desert, we found shelter from the storm in a natural harbor.
Now make like a racehorse at the track.
We've gotta get back to the ship.
Racehorse indeed, Major! No, no! This way, you blithering bumpkin.
That second quake you got at the drill site gave us a reading twice as intense as the one we got here.
I don't think this planet can stand much more.
- Well, John, what will happen to it? - [ Loud Explosion .]
[ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
[ Shouts, Indistinct .]
Hit the circuit breaker! [ Shouting, Indistinct .]
Is this what Mr.
Nerim calls "a little shaking"? It's nothing more than that, my boy.
[ Screaming, Yelling .]
Our fellow voyagers don't seem to have very good sea legs, do they? They're not even good landlubbers.
[ Rumbling Subsides .]
It's over.
[ Sighs .]
When I think how much cosmonium Mr.
Nerim will get after this-- Not that I envy him, of course.
But what wouldn't I give to have it.
Begin report on seismic disturbance.
"Meioseismal" area of shock increasing.
Region of seismic focus now distributed over entire planet.
Subterranean displacement of geologic structure total and continuous.
Core of planet in condition of molten ferment! - It's worse than I thought.
- How bad? I'm afraid we're on a merry-go-round of chain reaction.
In a matter of hours, this planet will cease to exist.
It'll disintegrate into cosmic dust.
"Cosmic dust.
" My dear professor, cosmic dust indeed.
Smith, would you prefer gamma rays? Ah, well, I don't suppose I'd be betraying too much of a confidence if I told you that all of these alarums and excursions are merely the result of some completely harmless detonations set off by a most remarkable mining engineer-- my very good friend, Mr.
And just where is this very remarkable mining engineer, Dr.
Smith? - Oh, he's buried.
- No, Dad.
He's really there.
We both saw him.
He's got a big excavation down there up near the drill site.
- And lots of equipment for-- - For his own private smelting process.
- What does he smelt? - You wouldn't understand, my dear, any more than I do.
But after all, this is a free planet.
It's a disintegrating planet, Dr.
And regardless of what your very good friend, Mr.
Nerim, told you about his detonations being harmless I'm convinced he doesn't know what he's doing and he's made it impossible for us to remain here any longer.
Well, can't we stop him from doing any more blasting? Even if we could, darling, it wouldn't do any good.
He's begun a destructive process that can't be stopped.
Come, come, Professor.
Let's not throw everyone into a tizzy.
I can assure you, on the most reliable authority-- Never mind the reliable authority, Smith.
I agree with John.
This may be a free planet, but your buddy-- whoever he is-- has made a condemned world out of it.
- How long do we have? - Twelve, 15 hours at the outside.
That means all systems have to be go tomorrow morning at 0600 - especially the fuel system.
- And your destination is where? Where's it's always been, Smith-- Alpha Centauri.
I might have considered yielding to your panicky pressures if your destination were Earth.
But under the circumstances, I can only repeat that your apprehensions are ill-founded.
I find this all rather a bore.
I think I'll take a nap.
Stand aside please.
Thank you.
Why, he doesn't understand a thing you've been telling him.
Now, we'll deal with him later.
You better take the children and clear out the light stuff from the camp area.
Don and I will take care of the heavy equipment.
We're gonna have a weight problem for takeoff, so-- - So throw out everything we don't need.
- Right.
All right.
Come on, children.
[ Sighs .]
Well, we've got work to do.
John, do you think we'll be able to make it? It's really gonna be touch-and-go.
- [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
Look out! Come on now.
Hurry up.
You never realize how much stuff you accumulate until you have to get rid of it.
Proving that the acquisitive instinct is still with us.
Come on.
Help me fold up this table.
We're gonna need that.
All right.
Mom says I have to get rid of all this junk.
Well, that's what you're supposed to do with junk, isn't it? But it's my own special junk.
I'm very fond of it.
[ Warbling .]
Well, maybe if you left the Bloop behind, you could take some of it.
- Will, how could you? - I was only kidding.
- [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Screams .]
- [ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
- [ Warbling .]
Will! Penny! [ Screaming .]
- Oh! You all right? Oh, John.
- Yes, thank you.
I suppose that was another one of Dr.
Smith's friend's harmless detonations.
It was the aftereffect of all the earlier ones.
I studied those ore samples from the drill site.
The inner shell of this planet's cracking, releasing the molten iron core.
- We're gonna have to lift off sooner than we planned.
- Ready or not.
Oh, we'll be ready.
Let's get back to work.
What is all this, some sort of midnight revel? Hammering, thumping, screeching at the top of your voices-- disturbing my nap.
We happen to have a deadline for liftoff, Dr.
Remember? - Oh, that again.
- Come on, girls.
Cosmic dust, molten core and gamma rays-- all that bogeyman terminology for scaring children.
How tiresome it all is.
Can't you get it through that thick skull of yours that this planet is cracking up and that we're getting off it before it does? Oh, yes, Major, "cracking up.
" Another bogeyman word.
Well, Godspeed you, as they say.
Is there anything I can do to expedite your departure? Yes.
As a matter of fact, you can take the Chariot, go up to the drill site pick all the equipment up that's lying around and bring it back here.
[ Loud Bang .]
Delighted to oblige.
As a matter of fact, I was thinking of going over there this evening to have a little chat with my friend, Mr.
So that, in actual fact, I will be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.
May I have the key to the Chariot? Thank you, Major.
Never fear.
Smith is here.
Oh, my darling Oh, my darling Oh, my dear cosmonium [ Gasps .]
- [ Braying .]
- Oh, Robur, what's eatin' you? [ Sighs .]
We got us a heap of trouble, Robur.
You ain't been gnawin' on this here thruster control, have ya? Oh, real trouble is what we got, Robur.
Blasted too much rock for my own good.
This here planet is fallin' apart and here we are without no way to get off of it 'fore it does.
[ Chariot Approaching .]
Looks like we got company.
[ Chariot Stops .]
Him again.
Nerim, my great old friend.
I saw your lamp in the window from afar and I knew your latchstring would be out for me.
What are you after now? But-- But, my dear sir, you misjudge me.
Possibly you don't realize it, but I have been your most loyal defender.
You can't defend what ain't been attacked.
But you have been attacked, sir, from all sides.
My fellow travelers-- or should I say my ex-fellow travelers-- are convinced that, because of your blasting, this planet in a matter of hours, will disintegrate into cosmic dust.
[ Scoffs .]
Now, isn't that ridiculous? - Uh-- - It-- It is ridiculous, isn't it? Well, it's the stupidest fool nonsense I ever heard.
This here planet has got layers and layers of rock so solid you could lay a burnin' sun right on it and the sun would just burn itself out and leave the planet untouched.
That's exactly what I told them, but they wouldn't listen.
They're leaving for Alpha Centauri.
Of course, they'll never make it.
As a matter of fact I seriously doubt whether their ship is capable of leaving the ground.
Do you always get this happy when other folks is in trouble, Zach boy? But Mr.
Nerim, I feel for them.
I do.
But they're really not my kind.
There's not one among them I could call "partner" partner.
Are you, uh, aimin' to be, uh my partner? Nothing would please me more.
Prospecting is in my blood, you see.
My great-great-grandfather was a forty-niner and my Uncle Thaddeus discovered the Comstock Lode all by himself.
Of course, they were only after mere gold not anything as priceless as cosmonium.
They never would have understood its worth as we do.
Eh, partner? I've got to be honest with ya, Zachy.
I been a loner most of my life and I'm gettin' too old to change now.
Uh, this little poke of cosmonium is about the last of the diggin's for me.
It's gonna be like my pension fund, if I ever get back home.
But it don't look like I ever will now.
- Why not? - [ Sighs .]
Busted thruster control on my spaceship.
[ Sighs .]
I'd give anything for a spare even gamble with my pension fund.
You would? You would gamble with this priceless substance? Most of it, I reckon, if I had to.
Oh, but what's the use? No one's gonna bet with me.
Well, uh, be of good cheer, my friend.
The sky's always darkest just before the dawn.
- Huh? - Every cloud has a silver lining.
- It-- It does? - Yes.
And it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
I may return.
- [ Door Closes .]
- [ Engine Starts .]
[ Sighs .]
How much more time do we have, Mother? About three hours at the most, according to your father.
Ah! How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour.
Smith, we are not bees.
And there is nothing very shining about 3:00 in the morning.
We just all happen to have a very sensible instinct for self-preservation.
"Sensible," madam? I don't wish to sound discouraging, dear lady but the chances of the Jupiter 2 being able to budge from this spot are roughly a thousand-to-one against.
I can assure you, without fear of contradiction that this planet, like the Jupiter itself, is here to stay.
- [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
Roll 'em, partner.
Roll the dice.
The quintessence of the living force.
Take one drop at bedtime and live forever.
Oh, Dr.
Smith, do you still think this planet is here to stay? Indubitably, madam.
[ Sighs .]
" - Will, can you get me the soldering kit, please? - Sure, Dad.
Why not face it, gentlemen? I'm afraid that all the king's horses and all the king's men will never put Jupiter together again.
- You wanna bet? - I'd be stealing your money, Major.
If you haven't anything more constructive to contribute get outside and unload the Chariot.
That's really what I came in to talk to you about, Professor.
My mission was a failure.
I lost my way.
- You lost your way? You've been up there a hundred times.
- But never in the dark.
- Here, Dad.
- Thank you.
It means losing a couple hours of my working here if I go up now.
- Maybe we'd better forget it.
- No.
Some of that equipment may be vital to us if and when we land on Alpha Centauri.
Maybe I should go with him, Dad.
I've been up there at night.
All right, Dr.
Smith, you can go back up there with Will.
But regardless of how you feel about such bogey words as "cosmic dust" I want you both back here within two hours at the outside.
Your wish is my command, sir.
We're almost there, Dr.
I thought you said you didn't know your way in the dark.
Did I? Well, perhaps my eyes have grown accustomed to the darkness by now.
- There's the turnoff.
- Later, my boy.
I have a little something to deliver to Mr.
The poor man needs a spare part for his ship.
You can't give him that! That's a thruster control! - Where'd you get it? - No cause for alarm, my dear boy.
- I found it on the junk pile.
- Oh.
Here we are.
- [ Both Laughing .]
- There.
- Yes.
- I don't see why you have to play cards with Mr.
Nerim, Dr.
- Why don't you just give him-- - Mr.
Nerim is a proud and conscientious man.
His pride would not allow him to accept charity.
That's right, son.
Never accepted no charity in my whole life.
I'd rather gamble with my life savings than do that.
He means his cosmonium.
What a brave man he is.
- And you'd take it.
- Only if I won it.
There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.
Now, sir, shall we cut for deal? A 10 of galaxies.
And all I've got is a deuce of asteroids.
Looks like you're startin' out lucky, Zach boy.
Galaxies? Asteroids? I don't believe I understand these cards.
Well, there's nothin' to understand.
Uh, galaxies is, uh, the big ones.
Then planets.
Uh, then satellites.
All the way down to asteroids.
[ Ground Shakes, Rumbles .]
Hey, Dr.
Smith, I think we better get out of here.
Nothing to worry about.
Just a little, uh, resettling.
That's all.
Uh, loser deals.
Right, Zach boy? Uh, yes, of course.
[ Chuckling .]
What you got, Zach boy? Well, well.
A pair.
I believe you said they were the highest.
Mighty good and always a winner.
Except when somebody else has got a supernova.
Supernova? You mean I lost? Well, you can't win 'em all, Zachy boy.
It's all right, Dr.
You said you wanted to lose.
- Remember? - Of course.
How can I forget? Aren't you going to give me a chance for revenge? Well, I don't need nothin' but this.
Besides, I-I gotta get outta here.
I ain't got no time.
It looks like your friends was right about this planet.
It ain't gonna be nothin' but cosmic dust pretty quick.
What? It can't be.
You told me-- Well, I guess my calculations went a mite haywire.
- Now look here, Mr.
Nerim! - [ Nerim Exhales Forcefully .]
Nerim? Mr.
Nerim! - You come right back here! - That's the way the planet crumbles! - [ Laughing .]
- The base perfidy of the man.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
Never mind about that, Dr.
Didn't you hear what he said? - We've gotta get out of here.
- My dream shattered.
The quintessence of the living force gone forever.
Look! He left these two flasks.
We'd better return 'em to him.
No hurry, my boy.
No hurry.
Well, it wasn't a total loss after all, was it? I'm not sure what you mean by that, Dr.
Smith but if we don't get outta here, it's us who are gonna be a total loss.
Oh, no, no.
We can't let that happen now that this priceless treasure has been bestowed upon me.
[ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
Well, don't just stand there! We must hurry! [ Exhaling Forcefully .]
- Dr.
Smith! - Oh.
Ah-choo! Ah-choo! [ Indistinct Yelling .]
Oh, goodness! Oh! Oh! Oh, dear! [ Whimpering .]
Come on! Oh, dear! Oh! - [ Rumbling Subsides .]
- [ Sighs .]
- There.
That's better.
- [ Loud Blast .]
There he goes! There he goes! And without his cosmonium.
You don't sound too unhappy about that, Dr.
Let's get back to the drill site.
Will! My monument! No! Oh, dear! It was so proud and imperishable.
- We'd better go, Dr.
- Will.
Help me to set it right.
What's the use? It can't last anyway.
Despite your misgivings, my monument will endure forever-- in one position or another.
[ Straining .]
Oh! [ Grunts .]
Push, Will! [ Straining .]
My cosmonium! Will! Help me! [ Straining, Grunting .]
Will, help me to scoop it up.
Smith, we're leaving at 0600 and that's less than three hours from now.
And we still gotta get the drilling equipment.
Come, Will.
[ Roars .]
[ Growling .]
- [ Exhales .]
- Is this really necessary, my boy? Major West himself said he was perfectly willing to forget all of this drilling equipment.
Dad said we may need it on Alpha Centauri.
Then why did we have to leave the Chariot so far away? Dad said we had to conserve fuel.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
Alpha Centauri, of all places, when Earth is so close.
He'll never make it.
I really must have a serious talk with him.
- He won't listen to you.
- Why not? You've made too many mistakes lately.
First you said the blasting was harmless and then you said the planet would never break up.
Must a man be haunted by a few trivial errors in his past? - [ Shrieks .]
- [ Growling .]
- [ Growling .]
- [ Dr.
Smith Whimpering .]
- It's alive! - I think it wants something.
- [ Footsteps .]
- Give him the tool chest! [ Growling .]
- [ Dr.
Smith Shrieks .]
- Let's get back to the Chariot! [ Shrieks .]
Keep trying to raise them by radio.
I'll do the same.
- Roger.
- I'll keep in touch with you as well.
- All right.
Stand clear.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.
- John.
You've got to find them, even if it means-- Yes.
Even if it means delaying our liftoff.
- Don't worry.
- All right.
[ Engine Blasts .]
I'm over the weather station area.
Come in if you see me.
Report your position.
- [ Shrieking .]
Run! Run! Run! - [ Growling .]
He'll crush us.
Up, Will! Help me up! - I think he wants your cosmonium.
- My cosmonium? Never.
Never! [ Screeching .]
- It won't start! - You have to turn on the ignition.
- What? - Turn on the ignition! Oh, dear! I can't move! [ Growling .]
Get away! Get away! [ Shrieking .]
Get away! Get away! Dr.
Smith, you'll have to give it to him now! Give him your pocketknife.
Maybe that will satisfy him.
Smith, he doesn't want my pocketknife! - He wants the cosmonium! - Huh? That's what must have brought him to life.
- [ Growling .]
- [ Shrieking .]
There! [ Growling .]
I guess it wasn't enough for him.
Please! Please go away! - [ Creature Growling .]
- [ Dr.
Smith Shrieking .]
[ Laser Firing .]
[ Screeching .]
[ Growling .]
Help me up, Will.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Thank you, Professor.
Thank you.
Will, I should never have listened to you and given him my cosmonium.
I'm sure I could have persuaded him to leave without it in another moment or two.
- Here.
Give me a hand.
- Dr.
Smith, in another moment or two you wouldn't have been around to do anything.
Neither will any of us if we don't get back to that ship in a hurry.
Let's go! - Are we ready? - Ready as we'll ever be.
- Are we ready? - Ready as we'll ever be.
All right.
Liftoff's in five minutes.
[ Ground Shaking, Rumbling .]
Well, I wasn't entirely sure until now.
I don't need any more proof after this.
I'll make one last check below.
We're nearly ready, dear.
Where's Smith? Smith! Never fear.
Smith is here.
- What have you got there? - My motion sickness remedy.
- All right.
Take it and get in the chair.
- Cheers.
I don't suppose there's anything more I could say that would make you change your mind about our destination? We're not gonna go through all that again now, are we, Doctor? You realize, of course, that no human eye has ever seen Alpha Centauri.
- All buckled up? - We can't even be sure that it's habitable.
- I'm well aware of that, Doctor.
- In that case I strongly urge that we change our course for a place that we know really exists.
Get in that chair, Smith, and buckle your seat belt.
- All secure? - Robot in magnetic lock.
I will maintain myself in magnetic lock until further orders.
Ah, that's a thrilling bit of news you bumbling birdbrain.
- Well, the children are all ready.
- Fine.
Now, we'll go into orbit at minimum apogee and remain in orbit around this planet until-- well, until there is no planet.
After that, we'll be free of gravitational pull and on our way.
Couch belts will remain fastened till I give the order that they be removed.
- Understood? - Yes.
We may not be able to communicate with each other for a little while, Penny so is there anything you'd like to ask me? - Is Debbie gonna be all right? - [ Warbling .]
- Oh, she'll be just fine.
- Dad, are you sure you're not gonna need me to help out on top? Well, it's gonna be a tough job, but, uh Don and I will do the best we can.
And don't worry about Dr.
I'll take care of him.
What a comfort you are in my hour of need.
You look simply beautiful.
[ Chuckles .]
Thank you, Dad.
- I-- - What? - [ Kiss .]
- What's that for? Well, because I'm so proud of you and because you've taken such good care of us.
And because I love you.
Oh, yes.
There's something I forgot to tell you.
You've been the most uncomplaining patient partner a man could wish for while we've been here.
Thank you, darling.
Well, there's been a very good reason for it.
- You just have time to strap up.
- All right.
Five seconds.
Three, two-- - [ Warbling .]
- one.
- Zero! - Firing one and two! [ Yelps .]
I suppose, at any moment now, the planet will disintegrate into cosmic dust if the professor's predictions are accurate.
Disintegrate indeed.
Bah! [ Loud Explosions .]
- Three-second burst on five.
- Roger.
- [ Beeping .]
- No power.
We're starting to roll! We can't pull free of the planet's gravity! We're getting a heat feedback.
The thrusters can't take hold.
- Try a five-second burst on the main bank again.
- Roger.
Here goes.
We're losing control! - [ Beep .]
- John? John, what's happening to us? We can't pull free.
We have a short in our thruster control.
- Hang on.
We'll fix it.
- Oh.
I sure wish we had that old thruster control now.
- What do you mean? - There was one on the junk pile.
Smith gave it to that old mining engineer.
If only I hadn't done it.
It's all up with us now because of me.
I didn't find it on the junk pile.
I found it on the central Astro-lever.
Well, I think you better get right up there and tell them what you did.
I can't do it now.
I'm strapped in.
- Well, then unstrap and get right up there.
- If you insist.
- Will, I think you'd better go up with him.
- Yes, ma'am.
You, uh-- You will bear me out, won't you, Will when I tell them that I meant no harm? It was just-- It was just a vagrant impulse.
You'll have to explain that yourself.
I don't know what "a vagrant impulse" means.
[ Explosions Continue .]
What are you doing up here? You had strict orders.
Smith has something to tell you, Don.
- What is it? - [ Dr.
Smith .]
Nothing at all.
That is, if you're able to repair what appears to be wrong.
- So far, no luck.
- You'd better tell him, Doctor.
- I only did it out of the goodness of my heart.
- Did what? Donated one of our thruster controls to Mr.
- The one that was there.
- Why, I ought to-- - [ Loud Explosion .]
- [ Yelps .]
Hold on! The planet's blowing! We're losing pressure! - Oh! - Try number five now! It's working! - Maureen.
- Yes? You can relax now.
I think we're finally on our way.
So out of the goodness of your heart, you nearly signed all our death warrants.
Except his own, naturally.
He was quite sure that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put the Jupiter back together again.
Believe me, Major.
I have the deepest admiration for your remarkable ingenuity.
Nothing pleases me more than to be proved wrong.
You sure know how to change your mind fast, Dr.
When circumstances demand it, my boy.
Well, I take it that Dr.
Smith explained what he did.
Well, darling, Dr.
Smith's explanations are like a box of magic tricks.
Mom! Dad! Come here.
- It's a nova flare.
- Oh, look.
[ Maureen .]
It's like a rainbow after a storm.
After the storms we've been through, I think we're entitled to it.
Oh! I think I see a familiar planet out there.
That's not a planet, Dr.
That's a red dwarf star.
- For a moment, I thought it might be-- - Forget about it, Smith.
Whatever you thought it might be, we happen to be pulling away from it at about 50 percent of light velocity.
Light velocity.
Oh, dear.
I can feel my motion sickness coming back.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
We must be nearly a million miles out in space, Dad.
- Closer to two million, son.
- Wow.
We must be traveling at close the speed of light.
- Just about, Will.
- What a pity we have no idea where we're traveling to.
We'll know once we spot a familiar star and get a fix on it.
The trouble is there are billions of stars out there and they all look familiar.
He's right.
I can't tell one from the other.
Of course not, silly.
You don't know anything about astronomy.
But Dad does, and so does Don.
That is devoutly to be wished.
Howsoever, I think I shall do a little stargazing on my own.
You mean you're gonna take another nap.
Spare me the barbs, Major.
Just remember, they laughed at Copernicus too.
You, sir, come with me.
And you can come with me, my dears.
I wanna stay here with Dad and Don.
They may need my help.
- Not as much as I do.
- Holy cow.
Now, let's see.
Earth should be back here.
[ Alarm Beeping .]
- John! - Maneuver around it! [ Switches Flipping .]
We can't get around it! We've had it! Oh! Oh! [ Shrieking .]
We're gonna crash!