Lost In Space (1965) s02e24 Episode Script

Revolt of the Androids

[ Man .]
Last week, we left Will, Dr.
Smith and the Robot searching for a ruby-eating monster unaware that an indestructible superandroid was approaching.
Nothing here.
Oh, dear.
To think that each day a veritable fortune in rubies goes down that furry gullet.
And we could be so rich with such a very few of them.
- We? - Yes, William-- we.
It's high time you gave more than a passing thought to your future, my dear boy.
Perhaps a trust fund would be useful.
And together, we have a very good chance of securing it.
I know, Dr.
Smith, but Dad put that area off-limits.
Do not look at me.
I am not programmed to become a jewel thief.
Spare me the moralizing, you overcautious concoction! Just remember that when I become rich, as I surely will, you had your chance and you passed it by.
How could you understand the simple joys of life? Jewels and lots of money.
Warning! Warning! Extraterrestrial life-form approaching! - Where? Where? - There! - [ Explosion .]
- [ Screams .]
What is he? Check him out? Well? Are you going to take all day, you computerized clod? I had to recheck everything twice, but all physical evidence computes.
This is a superandroid.
Superandroid, indeed.
If he really is a superandroid, why isn't he moving? - Look at this.
- What is it? It looks like some kind of control panel.
Must have fallen off his belt when he landed.
- Put it back on him, William.
- Warning! It is very foolhardy to activate a superandroid when you do not know if he will be in a good mood or not.
Of course he'll be in a good mood.
We are saving his life in a manner of speaking.
He should be extremely grateful.
Proceed, William.
- I guess it goes like this.
- I repeat-- Warning! Warning! Warning, my foot.
Be still, you bubblehead.
- [ Wavering Sound .]
- Look, it went on! Crush.
- [ Yells .]
- Crush! Kill! Destroy! Do something, you cowardly clump.
Stop him! Nothing can stop a superbeing.
I am all-powerful.
I do not think he is going to be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.
What's the I-D-A-K stand for? Instant Destroyer And Killer-- Idak for short.
Instant Destroyer And Killer? But, my dear sir, we are all peaceful creatures here.
Quite peaceful and quite harmless, especially me.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Dr.
Zachary Smith.
- You are not the one.
- One what? I am to destroy Android Model 110 known as Target Android 105.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! Destroy! And he is not more powerful than a speeding locomotive either.
Maybe if you tried a smaller rock.
Yes, my dear sir, here is a smaller rock.
Try it.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Mr.
Idak, I'm afraid that you have been misdirected in coming here.
What Dr.
Smith means is none of us are androids.
We're all human.
He's a man, and I'm a boy.
- And I am a robot.
- You are a goose.
I mean, sir, he is a goose.
So, you see, none of us is the target you're looking for, that Android 105.
None of you? Well, of course none of us is your target, sir.
But that is not to say that your target is not here someplace.
Let me assure you, sir, I can be of tremendous assistance to you - in finding it.
- Assistance? Mr.
Idak, I begin to suspect that you yourself are an android, am I right? A superbeing android.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Of course, a superbeing android.
And your mechanism has been somehow damaged by your trip here.
Well, that is a matter of no concern at all.
We can correct that.
My robot is an expert mechanic.
I do not like to work on foreign imports.
You, sir, will do as I tell you.
- You will help me? - Of course I shall.
And in return, out of gratitude I know that you can be of great service to me.
However, we can discuss that later.
For the nonce-- practice, practice, practice.
You, sir, will examine his mechanism.
William and I shall return shortly.
Smith you don't really mean to bring him up to full power, do you? There's nothing to worry about, William.
Absolutely nothing.
He's programmed to destroy androids, not humans.
- One more thing.
- What? I suggest that we do not mention Mr.
Idak to anyone - for the time being.
- I don't know, Dr.
I'm planning a surprise, William.
You wouldn't want to spoil a surprise, would you? Well I guess not.
Splendid, my dear boy.
Things are beginning to look up.
Yes, things are very definitely looking up.
Come along.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Never mind that now.
Where is your emergency service port? My emergency service port is here.
[ Robot .]
Is it serious? You have the affliction of most modern androids-- too much chrome where it shows and not enough engineering where it does not.
But hold still, and I will do what I can.
I think we've come far enough.
We should be getting back.
I think we've come far enough.
We should be getting back.
Oh, just a few more minutes, Judy.
I wanna have a big enough bouquet to surprise Mom.
All right.
I guess another five minutes won't hurt anything.
Oh, I've never seen flowers like these.
- What do you suppose they are? - [ Woman Groaning .]
- Listen.
- What is it? - [ Groaning Continues .]
- I don't know.
Let's get back to the ship.
No, somebody's been hurt.
They need help.
- [ Groaning .]
- [ Penny .]
Wonder who it is.
Oh, Penny! - Is that you? - Who are you? I'm Verda.
Don't you remember? I was here before.
But your face, it's not silver anymore.
And your hair.
- I'm more human now.
- What happened to you? Are you all right? You must get away from here quickly.
As long as you're near me, you are in very great danger.
- Can you walk? - I don't know.
- Here, try.
- Here.
You must send me away.
As long as I'm here, you're in great danger.
What kind of danger, Verda? Oh, Verda, now look.
One of the purposes of friends is to help each other.
Please, you must let us help you.
I-It can't be that bad.
Well, there was a proxy fight in the Celestial Department Store.
The new management ordered all the Model "B" androids to line up to march to the disassembly room.
They were going to disassemble you? A human can't allow himself to be destroyed, so I ran.
My circuits were so upset, looking for a place to hide.
Oh, Verda.
I found myself transported to this planet.
Well, you came to the right place, Verda.
They'll never find you here.
They've created a destruction android and sent him after me.
The destruction android is here.
I know it.
Oh, you must send me away.
Well, we're not going to do that.
We're not going to let anything happen to you.
The destruction android cannot be stopped.
And it has a homing device.
Sooner or later, it will find me.
You know, Verda, it would help if we knew what the destruction android looks like.
I'll show you.
Please, your hot breath is steaming up my sensor panels.
Bah! Are you finally through with him, you silly sloth? A sensitive artist cannot be rushed.
- Yes, he is complete.
- And high time too.
Can you really break rocks now? I will show you.
Come along, Mr.
We are waiting.
Sensitive artist, are you? Well, it is back to the old drawing board.
Don't you touch him, you meddler.
He will do nicely just the way he is.
Now then, I would like to see a little hustle around here, a little spirit.
Idak, would you step over here, please? There's a great deal of work to be done to get you into shape, sir.
- Work? - Nothing can be accomplished, Mr.
Idak without a little sweat and strain.
And now, my dear sir, put yourself completely into my hands.
I'm going to show you how to use your strength more effectively.
I am programmed to destroy Target Android 105.
And so you shall, my dear sir, when you're ready.
But first we must have a few preliminary bouts to test you.
Now let me see.
Ah, yes, there's a large furry creature in a cave nearby that should make a marvelous sparring partner for you.
But we can discuss that later.
Right now it is time to begin.
I shall need a volunteer.
- To do what, Dr.
Smith? - To demonstrate the superiority of brains over brawn.
I shall need someone considerably smaller than Idak.
- About my size? - Precisely, my boy.
- I'll do it! - Splendid, William.
That is the spirit.
[ Robot .]
I am programmed to protect Will Robinson.
Therefore, I cannot permit it.
The android is too unpredictable.
Hold your tongue.
Idak is basically as gentle as a lamb.
And if Will cannot do it, you will have to.
I am sorry, but I dent easily.
I shall do it myself.
Idak, your problem, as I see it, is basically this: You do have the power, but you are simply not fast enough on your feet.
Not fast enough? Exactly.
Let me show you.
Smith! Dr.
Smith! Are you all right? What? What? Oh! Where am I? [ Groaning .]
Oh, dear! [ Groaning .]
Of course I'm all right.
The riches are within my grasp.
Success will be mine.
I intend to draw up a contract for him to sign.
- Contract? - I shall be his manager.
Of course, he requires a great deal of work, you understand.
But I can afford to give him time.
Idak, I shall take my lunch break now and map out a new training schedule for you.
[ Guffawing .]
Silence, you nickering ninny! You will stay here and keep him company.
Idak, while I am gone I expect you to do considerable deep knee bends.
Like so.
A little bit of exercise never hurt anybody.
I am the living example of the importance of keeping fit.
Come along, William.
[ Groaning .]
What is that? A built-in turn signal? That is my detector.
With it, I will locate the target android.
Will Robinson was right.
There are no androids here, other than yourself.
- [ Whirring .]
- It has become activated.
Yes, my detector has picked up the target.
- I must go.
- Wait! I have been programmed to protect the Robinsons.
You have become a threat.
You must stay here.
I accept orders only from the C.
generating machine.
- I will not let you pass.
- Let go! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Is it operative yet? No, it looks like we'll be without the force field for another 24 hours.
- Did you pick up anything on the field radar? - Not a thing.
That android destroyer could be here anytime.
- You're doing a wonderful job, Penny.
- Thanks.
Come in as soon as you can.
Lunch is ready.
I will.
As soon as I-- [ Screams .]
Now, girls, very slowly, get back to the ship.
Don't run.
Take it easy.
- Who is that? - Just get back in the ship.
Don, break out the lasers.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Verda? Oh, we've got to get out of here.
Calm yourself.
Everything's gonna be all right.
But he's here, I tell you.
He came after you.
It's all right.
I decided if he found me, I'd surrender myself.
Oh, no, I won't let you do that.
Look, there's a hiding place I know of.
I can take you there, and he'll never find you.
Please, you must come with me.
We'll go out the back door.
I couldn't bear it if he caught you.
Perhaps it might be better if he didn't find me here.
All right.
Lead the way.
You mustn't harm him.
My whole future depends on him.
- What is it you want here? - I am the Instant Destroyer And Killer.
I am programmed to seize and destroy Target 105, an android.
This is an Earth base.
You have no right to force your way in here.
Move away, or we'll fire.
I am indestructible.
I cannot be destroyed.
You will give me the android.
All right.
You've had your chance.
- Oh, no! - Crush! Kill! Destroy! - Mr.
Idak, wait! - Will! You're making a mistake, Mr.
The target you're looking for isn't here.
Not here? That's right.
This is my family.
We're all humans here.
I wouldn't lie to you.
[ Whirring .]
My detector confirms it.
You are telling the truth.
Idak! Mr.
Idak, come back, you ungrateful wretch! After all I've done for you.
What a dreadful creature whoever he is.
There's a cave I found around here last week.
He'll never find you.
It's been blocked.
- Oh, help me! - [ Whirring .]
- He's coming! - Oh, help me move it! It's no use.
I won't put you in danger.
You're almost human now, Verda, and humans don't give up.
They may be in trouble or they may be afraid, but they don't give up.
Then I won't give up either.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! [ Both Gasp .]
Now remember what you said: Humans don't give up.
Now pretend that you're not afraid.
Everything depends on it.
Don't be afraid.
If I can convince him that-- that we're human, it won't attack.
- I'm all right now.
- Crush! Kill! Destroy! I beg your pardon.
What was that again? I said, "Crush! Kill! Destroy!" That's what I thought you said.
But if you wish to be understood, you must speak more distinctly.
Like this, "Crush.
" That's the way humans speak.
Now say it after me.
I have been programmed to destroy you.
You are Target 105.
I'm afraid that's nonsense.
I mean, I know who I am and, well, I'm certainly not that.
My detector does not lie! Here, let me look at it.
I knew it.
Oh, it's quite useless.
Have you been out in the rain lately? Rain? You don't know what rain is? I was just constructed last week.
Are you sure you're not the android target? Well, do-- do I look like an android? Does she look like an android? - No, but my detector is-- - Obviously in error.
Oh, b-but we can fix it directly if you still want to hunt androids.
Not that the thought is very appealing, but, I mean androids are generally pretty dreary.
I am an android.
And I'll bet you're very strong.
The strongest creature in the universe.
And, well, since you are I'm sure you won't mind moving this rock for us.
Nothing is too heavy for Idak.
What's going on here? Verda talked Idak into helping us.
You mean you talked him out of killing you? The generating machine made him a little too perfectly.
It had to give him some human qualities to let him make decisions.
And you know humans are easily deceived.
Maybe for a while, but sooner or later he's going to find out.
[ Penny .]
I don't think he wants to hurt anyone.
Maybe the human side of him doesn't, but he's been programmed to kill.
That's his function.
He may be all right now but there's no telling what he'll do later.
We've got to find some way to get rid of him.
Why did you want to move the rock? Oh, just to see what was behind it.
Oh, humans often do things like that.
We're very curious and irrational.
- You are? - Of course.
Oh, you shouldn't feel badly about not knowing things like that.
What you need is someone to teach you those things.
Come, Idak.
It's gonna be all right, Penny.
That's right.
That's a baseball glove.
And this is a baseball.
Base ball.
That's right.
And this is a baseball bat.
Baseball bat.
[ Will .]
That's very good.
Now the object of the game is simple.
I hit the ball, and you try to catch it.
I catch the ball.
- Right.
- What is her function? Oh, I'm the audience.
Humans never can do anything well without being watched.
- [ Idak .]
I do not understand.
- You will.
- Are you ready to try it? - Yes.
Okay, now you stand over there, and I'll stand over here.
This is called "home plate.
" Okay, get ready.
Here she comes.
Wow! Oh, that was very good! - Wow! - I can usually fly higher than that.
- Would you like to see? - Oh, no.
That was high enough.
You're pretty good.
Maybe you'd like to try batting for a while.
Throw me the ball.
And now the glove.
Pick up the bat.
I think you'll do better if you hold the other end.
Just a moment.
Let me show you.
I've observed humans.
Put your hand here and here like that.
[ Detector Whirring .]
What's the matter? My detector tells me that an android is within striking range.
Oh, a detector.
We certainly have a lot of work to do on that detector, don't we? I mean, someone should be ashamed of sending you here with such faulty equipment.
Yes maybe my detector was picking up my own signals.
I'm sure that was the reason.
Now, I think you'll have a lot more luck if you lower the bat onto your shoulder like this.
I am sorry.
[ Exhales .]
It's all right.
We all make mistakes.
- I think he's ready now, Will.
- Sure thing, Verda.
Okay, now, keep your eye on the ball.
- [ Will .]
Look out! - [ Screams .]
Did I hit the ball too hard? I think you hit it just right.
It's all right, Dr.
Idak has decided that there aren't any androids here after all.
I see.
Nevertheless, the next time you decide to play this lethal game play it in an unpopulated area.
One's health could be affected.
Now, my dear sir, would you come with me, please? There are things to discuss.
Fantastic! Step into my office, please.
Here we are.
Now then, would you be good enough to move that rock for me? - Here.
- Yes, uh please place it right here for me if you please, Mr.
A little closer.
Uh, yes, Mr.
You are a treasure.
Ah, yes.
This is indeed an historic moment, my stalwart automaton.
A moment that should be recorded for posterity.
A moment when the supreme brain of the universe-- mine-- merges with the irresistible force.
I am not programmed to understand big words.
Of course you are not, my dear sir, and that is precisely why you need me.
I have decided to be magnanimous and overlook your highly erratic behavior.
Idak, this is a very important document.
It makes me your manager.
Isn't that lovely? No need to go into the fine print.
You'll find it all in order and completely fair.
Sign here, please.
- Androids cannot write.
- My dear Mr.
Idak that is indeed a very feeble excuse for stalling.
Verda is an android, and she can write.
[ Whirring .]
An android? Android.
She is an android.
No, no, she's not.
It was just a silly, foolish slip-- - She is the target.
- No, she's not.
You misunderstood me.
I didn't say she was an android.
I said she had adenoids.
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Oh dear, oh dear.
What have I done? Well, no matter.
He didn't sign the contract.
But I'm sure he meant to.
I-D-A-- Does he spell his name with a "C" or a "K"? "K" I think.
I know I dropped them around here someplace.
If you'd tell me what we're looking for, maybe I could help.
- I picked a bouquet for my mom.
- Oh.
Oh, here they are.
- Oh.
- They're all wilted.
I think I can fix that.
[ Whirring .]
Oh! Are you a magician, Verda? No, I'm just happy.
People can work miracles when they're happy.
Take the flowers to your mother while they're still fresh.
You wanna speak to Idak alone, don't you? Yes.
I think I can talk to him now.
Now you hurry along.
I'll see you later.
- You are the Target Android 105.
- Yes.
- You deceived me.
- Yes.
Why don't you run? You know I must destroy you.
I'm not afraid of you.
I don't think you want to destroy me.
I do what I must do.
I know what you're feeling, but you've just saved both of us.
I'll get help and be back.
[ Machine .]
You have failed in your mission.
The list of malfunctions in your mechanism is too long to permit rectification.
You are hereby reduced pending removal to the C.
for salvage of scrap material.
Evaluation indicates that the mission may require a larger, more powerful model-- an Omega 17.
Readjusted replacement is hereby activated and assembled.
Your programming is as follows: The original Idak was susceptible to words.
You will not be.
You are totally devoid of feeling.
Your only function is to destroy.
You will destroy anything, including humans that get in the way of your target.
When you have completed your mission you will report back to me.
Oh, dreadful.
What have I done? [ Groans .]
Hi, Dr.
Here, you dropped something.
Never mind.
- Are you feeling okay? - Spare me the pleasantries, William.
I am in a state of extreme distress.
The whole thing was my fault.
I confess it.
- What whole thing? - Oh, sadness.
Oh, sorrow.
To think that had it not been for me poor Verda would be walking around this very minute.
Well, she is walking around this very minute.
- No, she's not.
- Yes, she is.
I saw her a minute ago down by the campsite.
She went to get Dad and the Robot for something.
- Are you sure? - I'm positive.
Well, indeed! I knew it all along.
He never meant to do it at all.
He was just putting me on the defensive making me feel badly in the hope of negotiating better terms in his contract.
- Who are you talking about? - Why, Mr.
Idak, of course.
- Idak.
- Oh, so there you are.
Gosh, he looks even bigger than before.
The result of the healthy program of conditioning that I provided.
So, Mr.
Idak, you realized that your little bluff wouldn't work and so you came back, did you? Well, Zachary Smith has never been the one to bear grudges.
But let me tell you, sir you cannot expect to renew negotiations without some expression of good faith on your part.
Now come along.
Come along.
Come along, William.
Come along, Mr.
Where are we going, Dr.
Smith? I intend to claim what is rightfully mine and give Idak a test in the field.
The coast seems clear so far.
Shall we go? No.
No, just a moment.
This requires more subtlety.
I shall have to give it additional thought.
Smith? What are you doing up there? Exercising.
Ah, splendid! Practice, practice.
Come along.
Oh, uh, Mr.
Idak, could you show me how you break rocks again? Break rock.
Thank you very much, Mr.
Oh, Dr.
Smith! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! Destroy! But I'm sure this is the place where I left him.
Could he have moved on after you left? Oh, no, it was impossible.
He was completely short-circuited.
- Look there.
- [ John .]
What made those tracks? They could only have been made from the C.
Intergalactic Generator the machine that created Idak in the first place.
He asked me the question.
I do not answer when he asks you questions.
But you wouldn't have known the answer.
I might have guessed the right answer.
Now, now-- I'm only interested in knowing why the machine was here.
Could it have taken him away? An android that's failed in his mission is never taken back.
Not alive.
Activate your tracking mechanisms.
Find him! Why not ask her? You let her do everything else! This is no time for jealousy.
Get moving! Affirmative.
Alert! Alert! He is here! There he is.
- Let's get him up.
- Yeah.
- Here, against the rock.
- Poor fellow.
Beside being short-circuited, he's been struck by a laser beam.
But I can repair him if I only had the tools.
The Robot will take care of it.
I can do the job.
After all, I came completely equipped.
If you will kindly stand aside.
- Please be careful of him.
- I could do it blindfolded.
You will have to take my word for that.
Please be gentle with him.
- [ John .]
Look at that.
- Footprints.
- [ Whirring .]
- Android footprints.
If Idak was deactivated by the machine then someone else made those footprints.
Tell me something, Verda.
Could the machine have created another destroyer? The machine would not have left this planet without making sure the directive was carried out.
Yes, it could have created another Idak.
Well, with another Idak on the loose, everyone could be in danger.
And the mistakes in this one would be corrected in the next.
Verda, stay here with the Robot.
Now let me see.
The ankle wire's connected to the knee wire.
- The knee wire's connected to the-- - Thigh wire.
You did not have to tell me.
He is complete.
Could you repair his power booster? I am not a miracle worker.
He will be able to function normally but he is no longer a superbeing, I'm afraid.
Oh, I don't care about that.
[ Whirring .]
Where am I? What happened? The machine created another Idak and set him loose on the planet.
The Robinsons are in great danger.
I will save them.
I will crush, kill, destroy the impostor.
Oh, you've hurt yourself.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have lost my powers.
You put me back together wrong.
The doctor always gets the blame.
You put me back together wrong.
We have no time to lose.
We must save the Robinsons.
Come along.
Come along.
[ Groans .]
Oh, good heavens.
I shall never walk again.
[ Groans .]
Smith, don't stop now.
Good heavens, William.
I'm completely exhausted.
You've been propelling me at an Olympic pace.
Please, don't take your boot off now! Can you suggest a simpler way to remove a stone? Look at this.
A veritable boulder.
Another five steps and I would be lame for life.
Smith, that's not our Mr.
Of course it isn't our Mr.
He won't be until he signs the contract.
What I mean is if he is, he's been changed somehow.
He was going to hit you with that rock back there.
Then why didn't he do it? [ Will .]
I guess he was afraid that I'd tell everyone that he wasn't the real Mr.
- [ Dr.
Smith .]
How can you be sure? - The original Idak didn't have any power in his left hand, remember? - And this one does? - This one does.
He crushed a rock in his left hand.
Oh, dear! Whatever shall we do? Now don't panic.
We mustn't let on that we know.
If we can just get back to camp, I'm sure Dad will know what to do.
Never fear, Smith is here, more or less.
Idak? You can stay out here and play for a while.
We shall see you later.
Don't run, William.
[ Screams .]
Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! If the lasers didn't work against the first Idak what makes you think they'll work against the second? They may not, but we've still gotta try.
Hurry, William! Help! Help! - The most terrible thing has happened.
- What? Crush! Kill! Destroy! It's him! It's him! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Shoot him! He's an impostor! Shoot him! Crush! Kill! Destroy! - Will, get the Robot! - Right! - Crush! - Back! - Back to the ship! - Destroy! Crush! - Quick, inside.
- Kill! Destroy! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Crush.
I can do it.
I can.
Of course you can, Idak.
And by the size of those footprints back there I am sure the superandroid they sent to replace you was Model Omega 17.
But I am only an Alpha 12.
An Omega 17 could destroy an Alpha 12 with one hand.
And I am not even a fully operative Alpha 12.
But that was before.
You are different now.
Once I was like you, just a machine.
But then humans believed in me.
And somehow, something of what they were became a part of me.
Yes, you are right.
Where are you going? It is true.
I have enough human in me to know one thing.
I now wish to survive more than anything.
Idak, come back! No, you confuse me with words.
I know what I know.
[ Gasping .]
Thank heaven we found you! Robot, you've gotta come quick.
There's a superandroid attacking the Jupiter.
And I think he's going to batter down the cosmium-steel hatch.
Yes, that is an Omega 17.
- Only an Omega 17 could do that.
- Come along, you lead-lined lump.
You must destroy this creature at once before he wrecks the ship.
To say nothing of the loved ones inside.
- I hear and obey.
- Wait! You are stupid.
You have no chance against an Omega 17.
I have an atomic generator inside me.
Perhaps if I get in close enough, I can blow myself up.
- That may slow him down.
- Splendid idea.
No, I won't let you do it.
There is no choice.
Good-bye, all.
Good-bye, world.
A noble robot.
A heroic robot.
Uh, good-bye, sweet prince.
Oh, Idak.
A good little man can beat a bad big man.
A good little man can beat a bad-- Activate destruct button! Countdown-- ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four, three-- [ Grunts .]
What can we do? You should be able to talk to him.
After all, you are both machines.
Why can't you whisper sweet oily little nothings into his ear and lure him away with a promise of delicious diodes? He is an Omega 17.
He was programmed only for destruction.
- [ Pounding Continues .]
- Nothing else.
What are you doing here? You're not a human, and you're less than a machine.
I have thought it over.
I wish to help.
What can you do, you wobbling weakling? The Omega 17 does not know that I have lost my powers.
He will be cautious in destroying me.
I will run, and he will chase me.
He will soon realize I no longer have superspeed and finish me.
- But it will give you time to get away.
- Good thinking, my dear sir.
Now go on your way, and take that creature with you.
Wait! There is one other way.
If you could only smash his Zenon control belt-- But how could our Idak get that close? We can't use ordinary weapons, but perhaps the old-fashioned kind might work.
Will, hand me that rock.
I saw what you did with Will Robinson's baseball.
I am no longer a superandroid.
My powers are gone.
But you don't need any superpowers for this.
You can do it yourself.
I know you can.
I believe in you.
If you think I can do it then I will try.
- Good luck.
- Yes, good luck.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You can.
You must believe that.
I believe.
Idak! Idak! [ Suction Whirring .]
Get me a disintegrator capsule.
Stay here.
[ Warbling .]
Idak! Idak! [ Warbling Increases .]
Why do you seek contact of our digital senses? It's something humans do when they want to be close to another human.
I like it very much.
And humans also make mistakes, my dear sir, as I most certainly have done.
I trust you will consider my apology.
After all, athletes quite often have misunderstandings with their managers.
Athletes? Managers? You must be kidding, Smith.
You couldn't manage a flea circus.
You'll sing a different tune, Major, once I get him back to Earth.
I can see it now, blazoned across the sports pages-- "Idak Wins the World Series.
" Or better still: "Dr.
Zachary Smith's Protégé Wins the World Series.
" I'm sorry to disappoint you, Dr.
Smith but neither one of us can stay here.
Do you think the C.
will come after you again? From what we've seen of them, they won't give up easily.
This will be the first place they'll come looking for you.
- But where will you go? - There is a small planet very near here where there are no people, where no matter how long they look for us they couldn't find us in a thousand years.
Do you have to go? I want to go.
Good-bye, Will Robinson.
Good-bye, Idak.
- Good-bye, Will.
- Good-bye, Verda.
- Good-bye, Dr.
- Good-bye! - Good-bye, everybody.
- Good-bye, Verda.
Good-bye, Penny.
Remember me.
I love you all.
Good-bye, Verda.
Are you ready, Idak? I am ready.
[ Whirring .]
Where am I? Where have I been? Well, sic transit gloria, Smith.
Spare me the caustic comments, Major.
After all, it was my skills that enabled that muscle-bound android to perform in the first place.
Let him go to his interplanetary Eden.
What care I? I shall train another.
Come along, my boy.
And you too, ninny.
Hey, wait for me! Wrench.
Smith, I need a wrench.
Smith, you must have been reading my mind instead of hearing my words.
'Cause there's nothing in the world I'd rather do than crown you with this.
- But whatever for.
I haven't done a thing.
- Exactly! If it weren't for your great help, I would have had this transmitter up hours ago.
[ Don Sighs .]
Relay Station One to Station Two.
We should be set up and operating within a few minutes.
We're almost done too.
Boy, once we get all these stations set up we'll be able to send a signal just about anywhere.
You have fulfilled your mission with efficiency and dispatch, Will Robinson.
Thanks, Robot.
Now if Judy and Penny can only handle their job at their relay station.
They are intelligent and highly trained.
I know, but you know girls.
Well, anyway, if they're as good as you say we oughta be getting the signal from them any minute.
Then I can relay it on to Don and Dr.
Who will in turn relay it to the Jupiter and complete the network.
- Check.
- And double-check.
Oh, something's wrong.
I'm sure I followed the assembly procedure properly.
Well, if you did, what's this solar battery doing out here? Okay, okay.
So, I get a B-plus instead of an "A.
" Sisters.
- Ah.
- Oh, good! [ Screeching .]
Something's wrong! Seriously wrong, Will Robinson.
We are receiving some kind of alien sound wave.
I can't turn it off! Stop it! Stop it! It's destroying my eardrums! - John, what's wrong? - It won't respond.
Can I help? I'll try to control it from the master system.
Disconnect the battery! [ Both Scream .]
- [ Gasping .]
- [ Gasping .]
[ Both Scream .]