Lost In Space (1965) s03e09 Episode Script

Collision of Planets

[ Voice Over Speaker ] Your destination is the planet Kromah.
Your mission is the total destruction of that planet within a time pulse of one diurnal rotation.
The reason for the planet Kromah's destruction is simple, but urgent.
The planet Kromah has developed an irregular orbital path which threatens to send it on a collision course with us.
Therefore, it must be destroyed quickly and effectively.
You are not listening! Our screens indicate that there is a small colony of Earth creatures inhabiting the planet Kromah.
They will be notified to evacuate the planet before your arrival.
Demolition materials and equipment will be space-dropped to you.
Are there any questions? I have one.
- Why us? - Yeah, why us? You have been a useless burden on our civilization too long.
Mount your vehicles at once if you wish to live! You heard the master, future citizens.
- We're too young to die.
- [ Engines Start ] [ Explosion ] # Row, row, row your boat # # Gently down the stream # # Merrily, merrily, merrily-- ## Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger! A major atmospheric disturbance is approaching.
[ Thunderclap ] My sensors indicate that we are in the midst of an electrical storm of catastrophic proportions.
[ Thunderclap ] Aren't you a little late with your weather forecasting? You are right.
I admit it.
- I have no excuse.
- We'd better get inside and ground our systems.
- Yeah.
- [ Thunderclap ] Sunrise at nine in the evening? - [ Wind Rushing ] - The wind is 50 and increasing! Temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit and falling rapidly.
All right.
Stay out here.
Keep us posted on the weather.
Heavy wind coming up! Oh, dear.
This heavy work is giving me abdominal distress.
- Warning! Warning! - What's wrong, Robot? My sensors indicate that we may shortly be subjected to a severe charge of heat lightning.
We'd better get this finished before it starts.
Hurry! - William, hurry! - [ Sighs ] - Looks like we're ready for a power check.
- Okay, power on.
[ Explosion ] [ Voice Over Speaker ] All inhabitants of the planet Kromah listen to this message.
Inhabitants of the planet Kromah are ordered to evacuate the planet without delay.
Repeat, you will evacuate the planet at once.
John, whose voice is that? Well, whoever it was, he picked a fine time to warn us-- Propulsion unit out, fuel supply practically zero.
Booster regulator, shot, solenoids, out retro-rocket system and all fuel cells burned out.
- How about backup systems? - Same.
We've got a week's work ahead of us.
To say nothing of the time it'll take to get fuel.
We must work night and day until the job is done.
Well, I'm glad you said "we," Smith.
You're elected to the drill site division.
Let's see.
Your quota twelve cans of fuel-- daily.
- Fifteen.
- Fifteen.
[ Beeping ] - We've got visitors.
- Well, on this unpredictable planet? - Where are they? - About 20 miles north of here.
Dad, do you think they're the ones who sent us that warning? [ Explosion ] [ Don ] Felt like an earthquake, but reads like a detonation.
- Meaning what? - We didn't heed their warning so, maybe they're trying to blast us off here.
Well, that's outrageous.
Let us call them at once.
Oh, we'll do better than that, doctor.
We'll go out and see them and find out what they're up to.
Let's go.
Will, start bringing this stuff inside.
- Good luck, Dad.
- All right.
Keep a sharp eye out for any sudden changes in the weather.
- We'll be gone about an hour.
- Will do.
[ Engine Fires ] - Anything down there? - No.
Let's get down closer.
We'll circle the area in a one-mile radius.
Letting her down.
- Are you tired too, Robot? - Negative.
My sensors indicate that there is an unidentified object floating in the sky.
- Floating? Where? - Where is it? At two o'clock high.
Maybe it's supplies for those people that Dad went to see.
If it is, it sure is off course.
Dad located them in that direction.
[ Dr.
Smith ] I wonder what sort of supplies they could be.
Well, they're not ours, so it's none of our business.
How can you be sure they're not ours? Isn't it possible that Earth has finally located us and is sending us a message of hope? It landed on the other side of that hill! He's just wasting our time, but I guess we have to follow him.
There's no lid and it seems to be all of one piece.
How could they do this to me? Dr.
Smith, if it were from Earth, it would have insignia on it.
I'll call Dad and tell him where we found it, and he can tell the owners.
No need to hurry, dear boy.
Oh, yes, there is.
We have to get up to the drill site.
If it is indeed the property of others we would be very remiss in our duty if we did not inform them of the condition of the contents.
[ Laughing ] Spare me the nauseating noises, you galumphing gargoyle.
I see nothing funny in doing a good deed.
The question is, Dr.
Smith, a good deed for whom? Yours is not to question why.
Yours is but to hold your tongue! It's heavy.
I can't seem to budge it.
You, sir, I require your help.
It is my considered opinion, Dr.
Smith that we should not attempt to open this container.
Indeed? And why not, pray? My sensors indicate that the contents are composed of rare and priceless elements which are of great value to the owners but may be dangerous to terrestrial life-forms.
Priceless, did you say? Of great value? William, help me up.
[ Groans ] Thank you, and, of course we must be certain that these valuable elements have not been damaged by the drop.
- Open it.
- But, Dr.
Smith! Hush, William.
I said open it.
All right.
Proceed, ninny.
But it is against my better judgment, Dr.
Your better judgment, my foot! Do it! - [ Crackling ] - [ Explosion ] Do you wish me to continue with the dangerous work of perforating the container? Well, perhaps just a glimpse of the contents will do for the moment.
Smith, you-- Dr.
Smith? Dr.
Smith! Dr.
Smith! Dr.
Smith, wake up! Boy, he's out cold.
Robot, I can't feel his pulse.
My sensors do not indicate a pulse-reading, either, Will Robinson.
Smith, wake up! It's just shock, isn't it? It can't be anything else.
It is much more serious than shock, Will Robinson.
I warned him.
I can't believe it.
It happened-- It happened so quickly.
- I'd better call Dad.
- [ Thunderclap ] [ Thunderclap ] - It's gone dark again.
- Affirmative.
This planet is really acting up.
My sensors cannot keep up with its erratic behavior.
- I am sorry.
- That's all right.
Come in, Dad.
This is Will.
- [ Radio Static ] - Dad! Come in, Jupiter.
- [ Radio Static ] - I can't raise anyone.
The unpredictable motion of the planet has temporarily inhibited all radio communication, Will Robinson.
We must wait for it to settle down.
Why couldn't Dr.
Smith have waited? Why did he have to be so curious? Why couldn't he have just-- Do you wish me to prepare a six-foot trench for Dr.
Smith while we are waiting to communicate with Professor Robinson? Robot, it's just shock! He'll come out of it.
And, besides, why do you have to be so practical? If this is where they were, they didn't stay long.
We've wasted too much time on them already.
Let's get back to the Jupiter.
The sooner we make our repairs, the better I'll like it.
I'd still like to know who they are and why they came down here.
Right now, getting our ship repaired is more important.
[ Explosions ] You hear those sounds? - [ Explosion ] - Who's there? John, look.
You were right.
No gopher made that.
- Yeah.
- It's a blasting hole.
They've gotta be around here someplace.
- Hey! Show yourselves! - [ Explosion ] Get clear! [ Explosion ] The least they could've done is give us a warning.
- They did, remember? - All right but it still doesn't give them the right to kill us off.
[ Woman Laughing ] [ Laughing ] [ Laughing ] Why don't you say something pretty? That wasn't very nice.
People engaged in blasting operations find out if anyone's in the area, or don't you know about that? We'd like to know why you're here and what these detonations are all about.
- We could've been killed.
- Killed? Oh, that would have been regrettable.
Our master would've been very unhappy.
Weren't you notified? If you mean did we get a message to evacuate the planet, yes.
Then why are you still here? - Our ship needs repairs.
- Aw! His ship needs repairs.
[ Imitating A Child ] Aw! Ship all broken! All "brokey" ship.
Well, that is very unfortunate because this planet is not going to last long.
How long? Our mission is the total destruction of this planet within a time pulse of one diurnal rotation! This planet has developed an irregular orbital path which threatens to send it on a path of collision with-- - Us.
- We know all about the orbital path of this planet.
[ Imitating A Child ] "Ou" do? Well, that is very clever.
- That's clever.
- Isn't that clever? I think that is clever.
We'd have been gone by now if our ship could fly.
As it is, we'll need six or seven days to make repairs.
[ Clicks Teeth ] That is very unfortunate.
- Too bad.
Just too terrible bad.
- [ Mocking Sobs ] - Too bad.
- Six, seven diurnal rotations? But all you have is this much.
That's impossible.
We can't fix the ship in half a day.
- No? - No! - Forget it! - [ Mocking ] Oh! - Oh, he hurt my shoulder! - Oh! - Oh! Why did he do that? - You put a hurtin' on him! - Oh! Oh-oh! - Aw! - Why don't you try to be nice? - Cut it out! You be nice when she talks to you, little master 'cause you could be hurt very bad if you don't be nice.
Get in touch with your planet.
I'm sure they'll give us time to leave.
We have women and children with us.
- Ah! - [ All ] Women and children! Hello, itsy-bitsy children.
- [ Laughter ] - Women and children.
How could they have sent you? What kind of people are you? Tell the little master.
Our master says we have been a useless burden on our civilization for too long.
Our future as citizens will depend on the effectiveness of our mission.
- That we don't have to be told.
- Look! Get off the planet fast! I've already told you.
We can't make repairs that quickly.
This planet must be destroyed quickly and effectively.
That's murder and I won't let you get away with it.
- No? - No.
- [ High-pitched Beep ] - [ Explosion ] - [ Sighs ] - Well, if they crack the core of this planet we're through.
Let's get back.
With luck, maybe we'll develop enough thrust to get off.
In one-half of one of their diurnal rotations? We've got to try.
Come on.
Smith was always a worrywart but deep down inside he was just as human as the rest of us.
I don't know what we're gonna do without him, Robot.
- I miss him.
- Likewise, Will Robinson.
Despite his failings, Dr.
Smith was a man of tireless scientific curiosity.
The search to satisfy his inner craving for triumphant discoveries was an inspiration to us.
He was a man whose memory will always be cherished by those of us-- [ Thunderclap ] This planet has me confused again, Will Robinson.
- It is now full day.
- Maybe I can raise Dad now.
William! What are you doing? Dr.
Smith, you're alive! [ Speaking Forcefully ] Of course I'm alive.
Do I look like a corpse? No, but your hair, it's-- It is sour-apple green, Will Robinson.
Sour-apple green? Are you color-blind as well as blubber-brained, you bumptious booby? In my present state of confusion, it is possible but you must realize that for a time there was a reason to believe that you had kicked the bucket.
Now I will have to file your obituary away in my memory banks for future use.
Obituary, indeed! I never felt better in my life.
Now, where were we? Well, you went to look inside that block.
[ Loudly ] Nonsense, William! I was merely taking one of my brief refresher naps.
Give me room.
- Sorry.
- You don't have to be so rough about it.
And what's happened to your voice? It sounds like it's been amplified.
Good heavens! Have you both taken leave of your senses? Color-blind.
You're both a serious burden to me! Now, let's see what's in this box.
Be careful, Dr.
There's some kind of gas in there.
Nonsense, William! Undoubtedly a bit of stale air was trapped within when it was sealed.
I can't see a thing.
I suggest we take it back with us to the Jupiter.
Purely for safekeeping, of course.
That will not be possible, Dr.
I have estimated the weight of the container and its contents.
Give or take a pound or two, it weighs 515 pounds.
It is too much for me to carry.
You puny pip-squeak! I shall carry it myself.
That is an impossibility.
Stand aside! [ Grunts ] Forward! March! B-B-But what about our fuel quota? Noblesse oblige always comes first, William.
Now, who put this pebble here? [ Inhales, Blows ] - [ Inhales, Blows Strongly ] - [ Crashing ] - How did he do it? - It may be something he ate-- Correction-- Inhaled from that mysterious box.
It gave him the strength of ten or, perhaps, twenty.
[ Rumbles ] - [ Sighs ] - There are 15 cans of fuel in that, Smith? Dr.
Smith, what happened to your hair? Good heavens! Nothing's happened to my hair! Of course it has.
It's been dyed green.
Dyed green indeed! Have you all suddenly become color-blind? I'll show you.
Dyed green, my foot.
I suggest you all have your eyes examined.
[ Grunts ] What's in this, anyway, Smith? Pig lead? [ Breathing Heavily ] All right.
What's going on around here? Where'd you get the muscle to lift that? Don, I wouldn't fool with Dr.
Smith right now, if I were you.
I don't think he knows his own strength.
No fooling? I am as hale, hearty and powerful as any man in his prime.
- Major, please remove yourself.
- Remove myself? - How would you like to try to make me? - Why certainly! - Dr.
Smith! - I warned you, Don.
What happened to you? And where'd this box come from? Well, it came down on a parachute, Dad.
- A parachute, Will? - And Dr.
Smith tried to look inside b-but it blacked him out, and when he came to, well-- - Well, look at him.
- Yes, I'm looking.
Stuff and nonsense, William.
Well, now that you fine people have realized that I'm not a man to be trifled with, I wish to be excused.
I have important work to do.
- Put it down, Smith.
- Professor are you going to trifle with me too? - Put it down.
- Very well, Professor.
I shall put it down, but only in the interests of harmony.
[ Rumbling ] Adieu, all.
- [ Engines Rumbling ] - [ Explosion ] On your feet, future citizens.
The last of the demolition materials is right under there.
When we blow that lot, we'll be useful citizens of our planet.
Express your joy! Whee! [ Yawns ] All right.
Let's get it over with.
Whose turn is it to do some work? It's his turn.
Okay, okay.
It's her turn.
[ Sighs ] You heard the man.
It's your turn.
Oh, boy! Come on! - Come on! Hurry it up! - I am hurrying! - It's gone! - Very good.
She noticed it's gone.
Great! If she starts thinking - we're really in trouble.
- Oh, what do you know? All right.
Knock it off.
Somebody has been very unfriendly to our mission.
Maybe the two who wouldn't talk pretty.
- Brilliant.
- [ Giggles ] - Let's get 'em.
- [ Man ] Oh, yeah.
Come on.
You wanna walk? Very funny.
- [ Engines Start ] - [ Explosion ] Halt! Who goes there? Let us not overdo this guard nonsense, you pretentious popinjay.
- Orders are orders, Dr.
- Quite! Howsoever, it would be a comparatively simple matter for me to countermand them.
Only over my deactivated body.
Enough of this aimless chatter.
With or without your permission I shall now borrow this box for a more detailed appraisal of its contents.
All in the interests of noblesse oblige and safekeeping, of course.
Of noblesse oblige and safekeeping, of course.
Have you anything further to say? I thought not.
Adieu, silent sentinel.
Why am I afraid of him? - [ Rumbling ] - [ Exhales ] [ Engines Rumbling ] [ Explosion ] - [ Screams ] - A very pretty sight.
- Must be the father.
- [ Laughs ] What do you think you're doing with that box, old master? Opening it for detailed inspection.
I wouldn't proceed with the inspection if I were you old master.
Old master, indeed! Get away! Get away! Now, be off with you! Shoo! Scat! This will hurt me more than it does you.
[ Sighs ] The old master is not very sensible.
He's trying to deprive us of our right to be useful citizens.
That's quite a throw there you've got, old master.
Would you like to try it again, just with me? Where are your manners? Can't you see I'm busy? Please.
Just once.
Very well.
If you insist.
From now on, stick to your job of repairing your ship.
You have so very little time, old master.
Come on.
[ Engines Rumble ] [ Explosion ] [ Normal Voice ] Where are you? Where are you? You! You, come back here! [ Gasps ] My strength, my beautiful strength where has it gone? Oh, dear.
Woe is me! Alack and alas! Alack! My strength! My strength! My beautiful strength! Your hair isn't sour-apple green anymore.
I fought them valiantly.
I grappled with them with the ferocity of the grizzly bear but to no avail-- their numbers were too much for me.
I was overpowered, devitalized, denuded of my strength.
And all I wanted to do was to get a more detailed appraisal of the contents of the box.
And they took it, right? Same old Smith, same old monkey business.
What did they say? "You have very little time, old master.
" Well, trying to stop them now would be useless but we could take off in an hour, maybe less, if we could get some fuel.
Let's go up to the drill site.
- Would an hour give you enough time for stowage? - It'll have to be enough.
All right.
Let's go.
Come on, darling.
Don't take it so hard, Dr.
We like you just the way you are now.
- Don't we, Robot? - Affirmative and I am not afraid of you now, Dr.
Smith-- that I like.
You see me now a mere shadow of my former self.
Where are my rippling muscles? My powerful shoulders, my 12-inch chest expansion-- they're gone.
- Penny, dear, they're all gone.
- You didn't have them very long.
- You couldn't miss them too much.
- Can a man fail to miss love even though he has known it only briefly? I have computed that all your strength came from your hair.
Vigorous exercise may restore it to you, Dr.
- That's a good idea.
- I doubt that.
If only I could regain my hair-- my strength, that is to say.
Then you would see me stiffen the sinews summon up the blood, imitate the actions of the tiger! And make amends for your larcenous appropriation of the box by reclaiming it.
- Hold your tongue, silly goose.
- On your feet, Dr.
We will start with the toe touch.
Exercise? In my weakened state? Are you sure this will restore me? Quite sure.
On your feet! Yes, yes.
Down, up.
Down, up.
Down, up.
Down, up.
Down, up.
Down, up.
Down, up.
- Now, a little running in place.
- Yes.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
[ Gasping ] I cannot go on.
I shall never survive.
Deep-breathing exercise, begin.
- [ Gasping ] - In, out.
In, out.
In, out.
- In, out.
- Keep it up, Dr.
I'm sure you'll feel better in a little while.
The pain, the pain.
[ Gasping ] You've done it, Dr.
You've got your green hair back.
- What? - Apparently, we are faced with an interesting intermittent symptom.
Never fear, Smith is here.
I am Smith the Mighty, the strongest man in the universe.
Where are they? Let me at 'em.
Do you think you can lead us to them, Robot? - Affirmative.
- Then let's go, Dr.
William, do you happen to know the contents of the box? - [ Groans ] - Sorry, William.
That's all right.
It's demolition material.
When you get it back, we'll be able to delay the destruction of this planet.
When I get it back? And you did say, "demolition material"? Sure.
It'll be easy for you.
Just imitate the actions of the tiger, like you're always saying.
Yes, the actions of the tiger.
[ Growling ] Well, ninny, which way? - That way.
- Come along.
- Don? - [ Don Over Device ] Right here.
I've located their vehicles.
They must be close by.
How are things at the drill site? Fine.
I'm just starting on the first bottle.
All right.
You carry on there.
I'll try and locate them.
Maybe they will listen to a man if he's alone and unarmed.
- Be careful.
- Right.
- [ Beeping ] - ## [ Strumming Lightly ] [ Beeping Continues ] All right, your turn.
- I drilled already.
- So drill again.
- Ain't you gonna do nothin'? - Yeah, I'll do somethin'.
All right, I'll drill.
I'll drill.
[ Beeping ] [ Beeping Stops ] I think it's deep enough.
We'll find out.
[ Beeping ] - Very good work, future citizens.
- [ Beeping Stops ] [ Loud Whistling ] What's the matter? You scared? No.
I just don't wanna be near that stuff.
[ Laughs ] Ha, ha, ha.
Very funny.
A barrel of laughs.
Hold it! Well! Little master, you haven't left yet.
Very dangerous.
If you'd waited an hour, we'd have been out of here.
Delay the project? Our controller would never forgive that.
- Why didn't you ask him? - Oh, no.
You don't know him like I do, little master.
He's brutal, little master.
- Any more brutal than you? - Watch your talk, little master.
[ Laughs Mockingly ] Ha! Hold it.
He's mine.
- [ Girl Laughing ] - [ Man ] Get him! - Ow! - [ All ] Oh! Duck! - [ Groans ] - [ Whistles ] Nice, nice, nice! - Oh! - Hit him! [ Grunts ] - [ Groans ] - Oh, no! [ Laughing ] All right! I'm all right.
[ Laughing ] Let's go! [ Whooshing Sounds ] [ Explosions ] - Are you sure they're skulking in there? - Affirmative.
I shall rend them limb from limb! Dr.
Smith, just get the box of demolition material.
- That's all we want.
- Ha! Come out, you sniveling cowards! Come out! One at a time or all together.
Come out, I dare you! There, you see! They're afraid.
- [ Gasps ] - Hello, there.
Hello, there.
What a thrilling voice you have, master.
It really turns me on.
Why, not at all, madam.
[ Laughs ] I, uh always like to please the ladies.
What a magnificent head of hair.
You must be very strong.
Yes! I'm Zachary Smith.
Smith the Mighty, the strongest man in the universe! How frightening.
How deliciously scary you make me feel.
Where are they, those skulking cowards? Skulking, sir.
You have scared all the fight out of them.
See my beads? - Aren't they pretty? - Yes, you are! I mean, "they" are.
Lovely color.
They go very well with you.
Yes! Come.
Come with me.
Where are we going? Stand aside, William.
Boy, for someone as strong as Dr.
Smith is he sure has a weak head.
I mean, even I could see that girl was just putting him on.
- I'll go in and get him.
- Discretion is the better part of valor, Will Robinson.
I just don't wanna see him get mixed up with that girl.
Come on.
- [ Laughing ] - Oh, treachery, thy name is woman.
Aw, poor old master.
He got a little haircut.
[ Laughs ] Make our new guests comfortable.
It's all your fault, you cowardly clump.
- Hey! - Very little master.
We may take you with us when we go.
Then you can grow up to be a useful citizen just like us.
[ Loud Whistling ] First this one.
[ Loud Whistling ] Then that one.
Then [ Spitting Sound ] - [ Laughs ] - Let's go.
Remarkable how he opened that box.
If only I'd known how it was done a bit sooner.
Forget about the box, Dr.
What are we gonna do? Say our prayers, I'm afraid.
Will! Come in, Will! This is the Jupiter 2.
Will, answer! Well, it's my guess that they went after the demolition box.
Even with Dr.
Smith in his, uh, devitalized state? I saw him doing some sitting up exercises -just before they disappeared.
- Of his own free will? I think the Robot was counting cadence.
John, how much time do we have? [ Explosion ] Well, that one came too close to this planet's core for comfort.
Maureen, do you remember everything you've learned about liftoff procedure? Well, yes, I review it constantly, why? Well, while Don and I are our looking for Will I want you and the girls to check every system on this ship for go.
All right, dear, but what for? Well, I hope it won't be necessary but you and Penny and Judy - may have to lift off without us.
- Dad, we can't! Now, we'll keep in touch but if I give the order for liftoff that's exactly what you'll do, are we clear? Yes, John.
I should never have allowed you to talk me into this futile quest with its tragic consequences.
William, perhaps you can persuade them to take me along when they leave.
He didn't mean it, Dr.
Smith and even if he did, I wouldn't go with them.
- But don't you wish to survive? - Not if you have to be a "useful citizen" like them.
We're caught in a trap like rats.
- I feel so weak.
- To repeat an earlier suggestion, Dr.
Smith vigorous exercise may restore your strength to you.
That's right, and even though you're chained up you can at least do some deep-breathing exercises.
That is precisely what I had in mind.
- Are you ready, Dr.
Smith? - It's hopeless.
Breathe deeply, Dr.
I'll try, but it's hopeless.
- In, out.
In, out.
- [ Breathing Deeply ] I'm beginning to feel my strength returning.
- Keep it up, Dr.
- [ Breathing Deeply ] In, out.
In, out.
[ Deep Breathing Continues ] You've done it, Dr.
Your muscles are back again.
Of course I have! I am Zachary Smith, Smith the Mighty the strongest man in the universe! Your deep-breathing exercises undoubtedly revived the alien fumes which are still trapped in your lungs.
I hope that you will remember to give me credit for the suggestion.
Bah! The credit is mine! - [ Rumbling ] - Dr.
Smith, we've got to get out of here! - We'll be buried alive! - Never fear, Smith is here! Yes! I have the strength of 20, possibly 40.
- Out! Out! - Come on! Out! Out! A moment, the box.
Ah! [ Rumbling, Crashing ] This is where the demolition team was when I saw it last.
Will! Come in, Son.
- Let's try that way.
- John I think one of us should get back to the Jupiter.
I think it'd better be you.
Your family's back there.
If anybody goes back, it'll be you.
I've gotta stay here till I find Will or-- Don, get back to the ship.
That's an order.
- Do we wait for your okay for liftoff? - Liftoff's in 15 minutes whether I give that order or not.
[ Sighs ] [ Rumbling ] How much further is it to the Jupiter? Data inadequate for accurate estimate.
A slight concussion in the cave has affected my linear sensors.
Well, let's get on with it.
Warning! Warning! I have reason to believe we are being pursued.
- We must hurry.
- [ Grunts ] [ Grunts, Sighs ] Good heavens! I fear my strength is failing me.
Smith, what happened? Oh! Oh, good heavens! What a strange feeling.
Smith, you're normal again.
I am? Yes, so I am.
Oh, my back.
My back is a disaster area.
Try doing some deep-breathing exercises - but make it fast.
- Yes, yes.
[ Breathes Deeply ] No.
No, it's no use, William.
No use at all.
This pitcher has been once too often to the well.
Well, maybe we could try pushing it.
[ Grunts ] I can't budge it.
Well, don't just stand there, you ninny.
Help the boy.
- [ Engines Rumble ] - [ Explosion ] [ Gasps ] [ Laughing ] How nice to see you again, dear sir.
As you can plainly see, we are only trying to help.
Sure you were, old master.
I'm not so old, really.
I'm quite young.
Well, this looks like a good spot to drill.
Get going.
Get outta the way.
Kid, move.
[ Beeping ] - I wouldn't do that if I were you.
- Dad! [ Laughing ] [ Snaps Fingers ] I'm afraid it's too late to prevent that now little master.
I'm gonna ask you to listen to reason for the last time.
Now, if you give us one hour, we could be off this planet.
After that, it is all yours.
Oh, it's not our planet.
We're just destroying it.
Go ahead.
- [ Beeping ] - [ John ] Stop! You enjoy making a mockery of life.
To you, death's a big joke, isn't it? We like it.
Right after those last two holes are drilled this whole planet is gonna go [ Makes Explosive Sound ] - Oh.
- Smith, get Will out of the way.
[ Laughs ] Oh, come on, now.
You can't hurt us with that.
- [ Laughing ] - He's too much, that one.
Well, maybe this can hurt you and maybe it can't.
[ Explosion ] - Oh! Oh my! - [ Crackling, Exploding ] Oh, no! - Oh! - [ Crackling, Exploding ] Oh! Why? Why did ya do it? Well, how does it feel, big master to be standing on a planet that's gonna explode and no way of getting off? [ Groaning ] Oh.
Well, go ahead.
Give the order.
Have them drill those last two holes.
But just remember this, you've got a week's repair work ahead of you.
- [ Moaning ] Oh.
- You think this planet'll wait that long before it blows? Well, if you need any help, just holler but you'd better make it snappy because we're leaving here in one hour.
Smith, Will, let's go.
[ Woman Laughing ] Come on, Son.
Bah! - [ Explosion ] - Dad, the planet just blew.
I wonder if those aliens got off in time.
Well, with those extra repair parts we left them I don't think they'll have any trouble.
Let's hope they learned a lesson.
Maybe I can raise something on the radio monitor.
John, two blips at six o'clock coming fast.
- [ Rumbling ] - [ Woman Laughing ] [ Woman Over Speaker ] Get that heap off the road, little masters.
You're not gonna let them get away with that, are ya? We can't afford to waste the fuel.
I guess they haven't learned much of a lesson.
It just goes to prove there is nothing you can do with a really dedicated misfit.