Lost In Space (1965) s03e10 Episode Script

Space Creature

Stand by with the retros.
- Standing by to fire.
- All right.
I want a 10-second burst in the primaries.
Ready with 10-second primary burst.
All other systems go? Check.
All go.
Fire! [ Roaring ] - What was that? - [ Bursting ] Oh, good heavens.
We must have struck a meteor.
Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Penny! Penny, abandon ship.
We've struck a meteor.
We're going down.
- Down where? - Quickly, Penny.
I must get you to the space pod.
What do I want to go to the space pod for? Children first, Penny.
It's my code of honor.
Now, come along.
Smith, there's nothing wrong with the ship.
You've been having one of your nightmares.
Really, Penny.
We are hurtling towards our doom and you stand there spouting childish prattle.
- There's not another moment to lose! - Oh, come-- [ John On Speaker ] Maureen, where are you? Maureen, where are you? I'm right here in the galley.
Is something wrong? No.
I just hoped our retros didn't shake you up too much down there.
[ Maureen On Speaker, Chuckling ] No.
What, are we landing? [ John ] No.
We're entering the planet's orbit.
- See, I told you it was nothing.
- Nothing indeed.
I try to conduct a realistic lifeboat drill, and what cooperation do I get? None.
None whatsoever.
Disturbing my rest.
I'm completely exhausted.
- [ John On Speaker ] Maureen, is Will in his cabin? - He is indeed.
I told him to stay in there till he's ready to pass his history test.
Well, see that he obeys.
He's been too lax with his studies lately.
[ Chuckles ] I will.
[ Roaring Burst ] I'm in Coventry.
That's where I am-- Coventry! - That does not compute.
- Well, it does to me.
Just because I flunked some dopey history quiz everyone treats me like I'm a criminal.
[ Sighs ] - I could speak to your father.
- What good would that do? I will offer my services as a history tutor in exchange for your freedom.
- Do you know anything about history? - I know everything about history.
I will demonstrate.
The first nuclear chain reaction-- Robot, not that kind of history.
Ancient history.
I consider 1942 very ancient indeed.
So do I.
But they don't.
They mean history like-- like the Romans and the Phoenicians and the Greeks and all that junk.
This does not compute.
That's what I was afraid of.
It doesn't compute to me either.
- Are these facts set down in a book? - Sure.
They're 500 pages with type this big.
Five hundred pages, typed this big-- - This big.
- typed this big-- would equal 1,226,417 words.
- [ Groans ] - I will commit it to memory in 14 and 3/10ths seconds.
I will then tutor you.
Would you? No, Dad won't let you.
He says I've got to learn it by myself.
- Thanks anyway.
- Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
- I will submit the proposition to your father at once.
- All right.
[ Sighs ] Secure retros.
We're in orbit.
I have come with a proposition from your son.
Never mind the propositions.
We're in orbit around that planet.
- Can you give us any information on it? - Affirmative.
- All right.
- But the proposition-- - Forget it! - Is the planet inhabited? - On that point there is insufficient data.
Well, give us the data you've got.
- Mass in ratio to Earth mass: 1.
- So far, so good.
Go on.
Atmosphere composed of equal parts methane and a gas which is as yet unidentified.
- Methane.
That means the planet won't support life.
- Affirmative.
It is instantly fatal to humans.
Well, that's sufficient data as far as I'm concerned.
- [ Hissing ] - John, look at that.
Well, what is it? Unidentified gas comprising 50% of the planet's atmosphere.
But it is more than a gas.
- Meaning what? - It is a living organism-- a highly dangerous one.
- How dangerous? - It is evil and hungry.
Hungry for what? Insufficient data, but not hungry for food as we know it.
Well, at least it can't get inside.
My computer systems are still working on the problem.
- Well, that's all very academic.
- [ Buzzing Whine ] [ Buzzing Whine ] We're leaving this orbit at once.
[ Sighs ] What's the use? Dad won't listen to the Robot, and nobody cares how I feel about things.
[ Sighs ] [ Male Voice ] I care very much how you feel.
What was that? Who is it? [ Male Voice ] And now it is in your power to do something about it.
Close your eyes and listen.
They're closed.
They're closed.
I'm listening.
You are unhappy on this ship, aren't you? Oh, yes.
Yes, I am.
And I would like to leave it but certainly not here.
You are being bossed around by the others-- a person of your distinction, treated like a menial.
Oh, yes.
How true, how true.
Sometimes it's more than a person of my artistic sensitivity can bear.
Sometimes I almost wish they'd all disappear.
Your wish shall be granted and much more.
Really? All that can be changed.
All you need do is wish for anything you want.
All I want is to be left alone! [ Will ] All I want is to be left alone! [ Yelps ] Where am I? What have you done to me? Who are you? [ Voice ] You need never be bossed around again by anyone.
You hate all of them, don't you? Tell me that you hate all of them.
No, I don't.
Let me out of here.
Please let me out.
[ Dr.
Smith ] Please-- [ Yelps ] I'm doomed.
[ Quietly ] Oh, dear.
What's to become of me? What's to become of me? - Hi.
- Well, good morning.
- It's about time.
- It certainly is.
You were supposed to help with breakfast.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What do you want me to do? Well, first of all I'd like you to take some coffee up to your father and to Don and then would you please go and wake up Dr.
Smith and ask him to come into the galley? - It's high time he started doing his own share of the work around here.
- Okay.
Ah, coffee first.
Oh, I'll-- I'll get the cups.
Mom-- - Where'd she go? - Well, she's right-- Mom? - She couldn't have left the galley.
- She had to.
Look, you take the coffee to the upper deck.
I'll find Mom.
- She's probably in her cabin.
- [ Quietly ] Yeah.
- Judy? - Yes? - Suppose she's not in the cabin? - Then I'll find her somewhere else.
Don't worry.
- Dad? - Not now, honey.
I'm busy.
Oh, thank you, darling.
Just set 'em down.
We'll pick 'em up later.
- Cut in the reserve power.
- I've already cut it in.
- We're not getting enough thrust.
- Dad, we can't find Mom.
- What do you mean? - Well, we were in the galley together and when I turned around she was gone.
Maureen [ On Speaker ] are you in our cabin? Dad, this is Judy.
She's not there.
I just looked.
- [ Clatter ] - Adjust the stabilizers.
All right.
Judy, get up here.
I can't leave this control panel.
All right, Dad.
Judy, I just gotta talk to someone.
The funniest thing just happened.
Wake up Dr.
Smith and tell him to get dressed at once.
We can't find Mom.
- What do you mean, you can't find Mom? - I don't have time to explain.
Judy? Judy, where are you? Dad, she isn't on it.
- She isn't on what? - The elevator.
Well, tell her to get up here.
- [ Clatter ] - Watch the stabilizers.
Judy, why didn't you come up on the elevator? Well, she did, Penny.
She must be with you right now.
What's wrong with everyone all of a sudden? Will, she isn't here, I tell you.
She must be still down there.
- [ Sighs ] - William? Will you kindly explain the reason for this raucous braying outside of my quarters? - Well, Mom's disappeared and now Judy's gone too.
- Really? That's utter nonsense, William.
They can't just leave the ship this way, willy-nilly.
- After all, this isn't a bus.
- Well-- [ John On Speaker ] Will? - Dad, I'm sorry, but I just had to leave my cabin because-- - Forget that, Son.
Don and I have more than we can handle at the moment so I want you and Dr.
Smith to search every inch of the lower deck.
Your mother and Judy must be down there.
You want us to search everywhere, sir? Yes, including the power core.
But Dad, we were all told never to go in there.
- This is an emergency, Son.
- [ Clatter ] - The stabilizers.
- Right.
Find them! Don't worry, Dad.
We'll find them.
[ Sighs ] William, just a moment.
- Where are you going? - You heard what Dad said.
We're going to search the power core.
- "We" indeed.
Nothing of the sort.
- Come on, Dr.
William, I've been thinking.
I'm so proud of you, so truly proud.
- What did I do? - It's not what you did.
It's what you are about to do.
I salute your courage.
Oh, you mean going in there? Well, you're coming with me.
Aren't you? And deprive you of your shining glimpse of glory? Never.
Eyes bright, head held high.
Ah, William, you are indeed a brave lad.
All right, Dr.
But are you sure you don't want to go with me? "From the depths of Gehenna to the steps of the throne he travels fastest who travels alone.
" - Shakespeare.
- It's Kipling.
And you're just scared.
Certainly not.
All right.
I'll go by myself.
[ Sighs ] [ Mouthing Words ] Mom? Judy? [ Machinery Humming ] Mom? Judy? Mom, Judy, where are you? Mom, are you in here? Dr.
Smith? It's no use.
We just can't break free of this orbit.
Dad, what are we gonna do about Mom and Judy? - We're gonna find them.
- Danger at the view port.
[ John ] It's back.
[ Banging ] - What's that? - Unidentified object of great weight walking on our outer hull.
[ Banging Continues ] Dad, I'm scared.
Unidentified object of great weight is now attempting to break through our hull.
[ Banging Continues ] [ Banging Stops ] - It stopped.
- There is no longer an unidentified object of great weight on our outer hull.
- [ Exhales ] - John, what do you think it was? I haven't the slightest idea.
Another blow like that on the ceiling plates and it could've broken right through.
There must be some connection between that and the fog.
And something on that planet is holding us in this orbit.
I have determined what this evil organism wants.
- Well, come on.
Tell us.
- Fear.
It is hungry for fear.
- [ Quietly ] Fear.
- It feeds on fear and hatred.
Therefore, no one must be afraid.
- Are you? - Affirmative.
Dad, we've got to find out what happened to Mom and Judy.
Well, they can't be off the ship.
Now, if we get organized and search every inch of both decks, we'll find them.
[ Don ] Smith's mixed up in this.
I'll bet my life on it.
Let's get him up here and get the truth out of his miserable hide.
The view port.
That stuff's all gone.
No, that only means we're running through patches of it as we circle the planet.
- Don, stay on the controls.
Do everything you can to get us out of this orbit.
- Right.
- Penny, go below.
Help Dr.
Smith and your brother.
- Yes, Dad.
And I'll search every inch of this deck.
- Don't worry, darling.
We'll find them.
- Okay.
There will be more mysterious disappearances.
I feel it in my sensors.
I searched the whole lower deck.
- Even the power core? - That's right.
Hey, I've never been in there.
What's it like? Scary-- oh, at least for girls.
Anyway, they weren't in there.
Then we'll have to search some more.
Those are Dad's orders.
Here we go again! - Where's Dr.
Smith? - Well, he's in his cabin.
- I don't think he feels very well.
- I know what's wrong with him.
He's scared.
Smith, you come out here and help us this minute.
Where else can we look, Penny? I've searched everywhere.
Well, we'll try the galley again.
- That's the last place I saw Mom.
- All right.
You know, Penny, I-- Penny? Penny, where'd you go? Penny, where are you? - [ Door Sliding ] - William.
This fearful din is deafening.
My head is splitting.
Smith, I just lost Penny.
Have you seen her? No, I have not.
- Do you mean to say that Penny has vanished too? - Right before my eyes almost.
- Oh, dear.
What have I done? - What have you done? Is nobody safe from this terrible scourge? - Well, I'm gonna go tell Dad right now.
- Just a moment, William.
I'll go with you.
We must not be alone-- not for an instant.
Who knows what unspeakable horror lurks in the nether regions of the ship? I wouldn't dream of leaving you alone and unprotected.
Come along, William.
Where am I? How did I get here? - [ Maureen ] Penny? - Mom! Mom, is that you? Mom.
Penny, there, now.
You're all right.
You're not hurt, are you? - [ Mouthing Word ] - Neither are we--just trapped.
- But where? How? - I don't know, dear, anymore than you do.
If only we could get word to Dad or-- or to Don.
[ Voice ] But you can't.
What's that? Where are you? Everywhere and nowhere.
You're frightened.
I can feel the terror growing making me stronger and stronger.
- [ John ] Where's your sister? - I don't know, Dad.
She's gone.
Poor little Penny.
Vanished like the snows of yesteryear, possibly never to return.
Now, that'll be enough of that.
We're searching this entire ship.
- This time we'll find them.
- But Dad, there's no place left to look.
- They are alive, and they are unharmed.
- Indeed! And how would you know, you ignominious ignoramus? You've been no help to me at all throughout this whole ugly business.
It is a physical impossibility for three females to conceal themselves within these confines.
Bah, booby! Just a moment.
"Females," did you say? Why, yes, of course, that's it.
Why didn't I think of it sooner? Whatever is snatching people into oblivion is obviously interested only in females which means that we males are perfectly safe.
[ Inhales ] What a relief, I must confess.
A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Whatever it is, it's coming from that planet.
What about my going down to the surface in the pod? - All right, but keep in constant communication.
- Right.
- And if the atmosphere proves to be lethal, abort the mission.
- I will.
- Don, do you read me? - [ Don On Speaker ] Loud and clear.
- Is Don really going down to the planet? - He's gonna try, Son.
"Get thee behind me, Satan.
" All right.
Stand by for lowering away.
[ Don ] Roger.
You'll be heading into heavy radiation.
- Keep the shutter panels closed on the view port.
- They're already closed.
- All right.
Now, stay in constant touch.
- Roger.
- Is he okay, Dad? - For now, Son.
- Yes.
Come in.
- I'm getting massive electrical interference.
All right.
Abort the mission.
Return at once.
Dad! Don, are you all right? Fine.
I'm approaching the Jupiter 2 now.
No more electrical disturbances.
Stand by to take me aboard.
[ Heavy Bump ] John, I'm safely docked now.
You can open the lock.
- Go help Don out of the pod.
- Yes, sir.
- Now only four of us remain, counting me.
- What are you talking about? Dad! Dad, the space pod's empty, and Don's gone.
[ Quietly ] Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
I've done it again.
- Don? - Judy.
Oh, Don.
Oh, help us.
Please help us find a way out of here.
- Out of where? You haven't been harmed, have you? - No.
- Where are the others? - [ Maureen ] We're right here, Don.
- Maureen, Penny, you all right? - Don, what's happened to Will and John? I don't know.
They're probably out of their minds by now.
W-What does all this mean? What's going to happen to us? [ Voice Chortling ] Oh, this is creepy.
Where's it coming from? Right behind you, of course.
What is that thing? - I'm scared.
- Shh.
More fear.
It's nourishing me.
Making me stronger each minute.
- Who are you? - That's for me to know and you to find out.
You talk like a child.
I am.
But I'm growing.
I'm getting bigger and bigger.
[ Don ] What kind of a game is this? That's it.
You guessed it.
A game.
Don't you like games? You, Penny.
You're not really one of them.
- You must like games.
- Not this kind.
Too bad.
Because there's more to come-- the best part.
You'll see.
You'll see.
[ Chortling ] - Warning! Warning! - What is it now? Something's gotta happen.
He never says that without a reason.
- Warning! This is not a drill.
- Well, what's wrong? Altitude.
Jupiter 2 is beginning to lose altitude.
We are slipping out of orbit.
- Dad! - He's right.
We're going down.
Well, can't you stop us? - Nothing works.
Nothing! - Well, at least we're not going down very fast.
We're going down fast enough, Son.
- Well, what are we gonna do? - At the moment, I don't know.
I've been thinking, Son.
All of this-- everything that's happening-- it's all connected somehow.
You mean Mom's disappearance and everything? All the disappearances, and then being caught in that orbit and now being drawn down to the surface of the planet.
There's a single force behind this.
I'm sure of it.
Smith? Why do you say that? I don't know.
He's always getting mixed up in something.
Well, now that you mention it, where is he? That's right.
I forgot all about him.
I guess he got his headache back again.
Smith, report to the upper deck at once.
Acknowledge! He's disappeared too.
- Well, he couldn't have-- not if my theory's correct.
- What theory? Look at the view port.
- It's clear.
- So? And yet, before each disappearance, that blue fog spread itself across it.
Now, if Smith disappeared, why didn't we see it again? Well, then where is he? Oh, we'll find him all right, but first I'm gonna take a precaution.
- Here.
Hold that.
- What's this for? Do as I do.
- I don't get it, Dad.
- Haven't you ever seen mountain climbers in action before? Oh, yeah.
That's a real good idea.
From now on, every place we go on this ship, we go together.
Now let's find Smith.
- Only three left, including me.
- Come on.
Danger! Danger! Fear is closing in! Danger! Danger! [ John ] Smith? I guess he doesn't have his headache anymore.
Son, where was your mother the last time you saw her? She was in the galley by the sonic washer, I think.
And Judy was operating the glide tube.
As for Don, he was at the controls of the space pod.
- Well, is this important? - It could be the one unifying link in all of this, Son.
You see, before each person disappeared they were in contact with a machine that had a built-in oscillator.
That's right.
I didn't think of that.
Now, supposing we took one of those oscillators and reversed the polarity.
- That would make 'em appear.
- Well, it's a long shot, Son, but it just might work.
Which one do you want to reverse first? Well, we'll try the one in the pod.
It had the most power.
Come on.
No, don't touch any controls.
We'll use the ladder.
Dad, does that mean someone else is gonna disappear? Well, every time someone has, that's how the view port's been.
- Not with Dr.
- Yes.
He is the exception.
I guess so.
Let me check this.
All right, Son.
Now, if the Robot's right the worst thing we can do is to be afraid.
- You understand? - I'll try.
But it isn't easy.
Good boy.
Now, I'll go in the pod and reverse the polarity.
We'll lick this thing yet.
- Robot, I have something to tell you.
- Dr.
Smith has disappeared.
I'm afraid so.
Alas, poor Smith.
I knew him well.
"A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.
" I'm sorry, Robot.
Dad? Dad? Dad, what happened? Dad? Robot! Dad, Robot, where are you? Dad, can't you hear me? [ Will's Voice ] All I want is to be left alone.
That's me.
I said that, and now they've done it.
[ Will's Voice ] All I want is to be left alone, alone, alone.
No, I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean it! I mustn't be afraid.
I mustn't be.
I've been waiting for you, Smith.
What's all this talk about games? Games? What in the world are you talking about, Major? What is this ghastly place? What am I doing here? We want you to answer the questions, not ask them.
Oh, Professor, I offer my humblest apologies.
I really do.
- I never wanted really any of you to vanish.
- Then you admit it.
No, no, no.
No, I never really did anything, I promise you-- possibly a-- a stray subconscious thought.
Must a man answer for that? That is absolute nonsense.
Oh, Penny.
Penny, my dear child.
I would certainly not will anything bad to happen to you.
- May I join the group? - You too-- bumbling bucket of bolts that you are-- I never willed this either.
That is correct.
There is another force at work.
Smith, I don't understand a single thing you have been saying.
My dear madam, it is all ridiculously clear.
I am talking about having made all of you vanish through an innocent act of will.
You see, I-- Oh, good heavens.
If you have all disappeared, then so have I.
We're lost.
We are all of us lost, probably never to be found again! It's a mistake.
I shouldn't be here at all.
It's a terrible mistake! [ Voice ] Is it? Yes.
Yes, it is.
You see, I made an idle wish, and-- You're afraid, aren't you? I like it when you're afraid.
Be more afraid.
I couldn't.
I couldn't be more afraid.
I'm as frightened as I can be.
You're a funny man.
I like you.
You do? We can play games together.
We can? I know what you're like.
You're nice and hateful.
Yes, I'm nice and hateful, if that's what you like.
I'm hungry.
I can use you.
As-- As food? I don't eat as you do and what I want you can't give me.
I need something younger and stronger and fresher to make me grow big.
But I can use you.
We can play a funny game together.
Good heavens.
I'm beginning to disappear again! [ Metallic Tapping ] [ Metallic Tapping ] [ Tapping Continues ] [ Tapping ] Mom? Dad? - It's high time you got here.
I've been here for hours.
- Dr.
[ Panting ] - Boy, am I glad to see you.
When did you get back? - Back? I've never been away.
I was searching the air lock, and caught my foot in this ridiculous valve.
- Now, get me loose! - Yes, sir.
- Be careful! - I'm sorry, Dr.
- Does it hurt very much? - Don't ask stupid questions.
Just get me out! I'm trying.
I've almost got it.
I don't need your help.
Be careful of that stuff, Dr.
It'll make you vanish.
How do you know that? I don't know.
I just do.
That's utter nonsense.
I'll show you.
- Aren't you afraid? - Of this stuff? Of course not.
Touch it.
- No.
- What's the matter with you? It's perfectly harmless.
- Touch it.
- No.
It makes you disappear! Does it? Then why am I still visible? I don't know.
Look, Dr.
Dad has a theory-- a way to bring everyone back.
- I'm gonna try it.
- His theory is useless.
It won't work.
I didn't tell you about it.
I guessed.
He wants you to reverse polarity on one of the oscillators.
Am I right? Well, am I right? I thought so.
He's wrong.
We are beaten, and there is only one thing that we can do.
We must land on the surface of the planet.
That's the one thing we can't do.
It's certain death.
That is foolish, irresponsible talk.
I'll hear no more of it.
Is that clear? Now that we understand each other, I'm gonna land this ship.
I won't let you.
Stop where you are! Robot, you're back.
Dad's plan worked! - Where have you been? - In another dimension.
- A very distressing experience indeed.
- Is everyone else there? All there-- trapped, but as yet unhurt.
Even Dr.
Smith? He can't be there.
He's here.
He is in another dimension.
If you have seen Dr.
Smith here, you have been looking at an impostor.
This is the evil force I warned about.
It feeds on fear, and it is strong now.
You must-- I've had enough of you and your tricks.
I'll put a stop to it now.
Smith had a laser gun hidden around here somewhere.
[ Clattering ] The game is over.
There's no place left to run.
- We're back on the ship.
- Yes.
Will must have done what we told him to do.
Will-- Where is he? Well, answer.
Where is he? His power pack.
It's out.
[ John ] All right.
- [ Cartridge Snapping ] - Now, talk! - Danger! Danger! Danger! - All right.
Never mind that.
Where's my son? - Running.
- From what? The force posing as Dr.
We've gotta find him.
Come on.
Danger! Danger! Danger! [ Machinery Humming ] You've given me more trouble than all the others put together.
What have you done to my parents? Parents? Haven't you had enough of parents by now? - I have.
- You sound like you're a kid yourself.
- My dear William, haven't you guessed? - [ Humming Continues ] Of course I'm a kid.
The nastiest, most primitive kid in the universe.
But you're responsible for all this, aren't you? Yes.
And it's been a lot of fun up to now.
But you disappoint me, William.
I thought you would enjoy it too.
But you are like them, and I don't want to play with you anymore! - All I want is to be left alone! - I said that.
So did I.
But I said it first.
You're-- You're just repeating my thoughts.
Who has a better right? Stay where you are.
I know who you are now.
You do? I don't.
You're sure you do? I'm certain.
And I'm not afraid of you.
Not afraid of your own id? - My what? - Id! I-D.
Id! You can't scare me with your big words.
You're-- You're not afraid of me? But I need your fear.
I need you to be afraid of me to survive.
I am you! You're me? Yes.
You-- 40 years from now! [ Shouting ] I am your id! Where am I? Save me.
Save me! - Dr.
Smith? - What? William.
William! [ Chortling ] [ Will ] Where did you come from? You stripped off my disguise.
I was using Dr.
Smith as a front.
At last you see me as I really am.
And now you must die so that I can live.
You can't hurt me.
You're part of me.
The bad part, yes.
You fed me, nourished me.
Made me strong so that now I can destroy you.
I won't let you.
I'm stronger than you are.
And I'm never going to be like you.
How do you know? How do you know? I'm not afraid of you.
No! Get back! I can't feel any fear now.
And you can't face me, can you? Let me alone.
Don't come any closer! I'm growing weaker.
Weaker! No.
No! [ Screams ] Will! Dad! Dad, I did it.
I finally passed my history quiz.
- Good.
- It wasn't so hard after all.
- Well, I'd say that you've taken a very big step forward, Son.
- Excuse me a minute.
- Oh, it's you, William.
- You know, Dr.
Smith, you don't look very well.
No, William, I'm not well.
Not at all well.
That frightful experience was much too harrowing for me.
And now I must retire to my bed of pain for a much needed and deserved rest.
I understand.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Thank you, dear boy.
You're very kind.
And now leave me.
[ No Audible Dialogue ] - [ Maureen ] Will? - Yes, Mom? Ask Dr.
Smith if he'd like a nice, hot breakfast.
- I don't think he feels up to it right now.
- What? Really, William.
A man must keep up his strength, you know.
Besides, breakfast has always been my favorite meal.
Coming right along, madam.