Lost In Space (1965) s03e11 Episode Script

Deadliest of the Species

The energizing module is still malfunctioning.
Showing a deviation of three para-seconds per astro-cycle.
Any chance of repairing it in flight? We'll have to set down somewhere.
There's not enough room on board to dismantle it.
- I'll check the scanner.
- [ Beeping ] We're approaching the Zedar star system.
There should be a likely planet orbiting their sun.
What do you see out there, Robot? - Loneliness.
- What did you say? Never mind.
[ Instrument Beeping ] We're picking up an alien rocket-powered object.
It's closing fast on a collision course! Can you get any signal from it? I think so, if I can just home in on their frequency.
[ Man Speaking Alien Language ] Robot, can you compu-translate that? It's an electronically recorded message from the Zedar galaxy Law Enforcement Bureau.
It states that this space capsule is in isolation and must not be approached for any reason, under pain of death.
Well, I'd like nothing better than to stay away from them, but it's still closing.
The capsule's propulsion system is being electromagnetically drawn to the Jupiter 2.
It's closing on us! Coming fast at 3:00! [ John ] There it goes.
It's trying to circle back.
[ Robot ] There is no need for immediate concern.
The capsule will not strike the Jupiter 2, but only follow in its flight path.
- In other words, we've got a stray following us, right? - Affirmative.
Robot, I want an environmental analysis of the planets in this system.
- Find one that's habitable.
- I will do so immediately.
It will keep my computers from thinking of things.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
Nothing at all.
This is Zedar Law Enforcement.
Space capsule Alpha 784 has been pulled out of her isolation orbit.
An all-space bulletin is hereby issued.
The capsule must be found.
This is a code-red emergency.
I have computed the environment of this solar system and found the third planet in quadrant four to be most habitable for humans.
Like a calf following its mother.
I still don't like it.
Well, the Robot doesn't seem to think it's dangerous.
All I know is that we've got to repair that energizing module.
The capsule's someone else's problem.
Takin' her in.
Attention: All units in the vicinity of solar system 14-S-3 missing space capsule, Alpha 784, has been located.
An alien spaceship has pulled it into orbit around planet 23.
6 Gamma Range.
It is still highly dangerous and must be recovered at any cost.
If the alien creatures refuse to cooperate, destroy them.
Repeat: If they refuse to cooperate, they must be destroyed.
[ Sighs ] All right.
You strip the astrogator, I'll get the cosmic energizer.
Dad, is it all right if the Robot and I go outside and look at some rock formations? - Are there any indication of alien life-forms out there? - None whatsoever.
- All right.
But don't stray too far from the ship.
- Yes, sir.
I'll bet this one is a phlogiston.
The specimen indicated is volcanic-origin solid-state mineral.
In other words, plain, ordinary rock.
[ Object Approaching ] [ Crashes ] It crashed over there.
Come on, let's go take a look.
Danger, Will Robinson.
Danger! It's just a plain old meteorite.
Come on! No, Will Robinson! Danger! Space debris.
It's just old space junk, isn't it? - It would seem that way.
- Then why were you warning me? Intensely heated objects are extremely dangerous.
Undue curiosity will usually produce severely burned fingers.
Burned fingers.
Some danger.
Well, let's get back to camp.
We'll leave our equipment here and come back tomorrow and look for more rocks.
[ Female Voice ] No, don't go.
Don't go.
Come over here.
[ Female Voice ] Come over to the capsule.
Who said that? [ Female Voice ] Please.
I need your help.
You are the space capsule that followed us down to this planet.
Something made me lie to Will Robinson about you.
I should go now and tell him the truth.
Don't go.
What do you want from me? That wire should phase into the conductor.
You know, if this thing tests out we should be ready for liftoff this evening.
Well, that just about does it.
If we only had the Robot to stand between those two power poles we could find out if it really did draw cosmic energy.
By the way, where is the Robot? I don't know.
He should have been back with Will by now.
Let's finish up.
[ Female Robot ] Hurry! Please, hurry! Haste makes waste.
The alien creatures-- analyze and identify them.
Read the creatures at location Z-4.
[ Whirring ] Three male, three female.
Lower primate in form.
Flesh and fluid in construction.
Similar to all self-functioning inter-reproducing creatures found on Galaxy 9-H-3.
You may approach the creatures and make contact with them.
From now on, you will be programmed for free determination.
If the creatures refuse to answer questions concerning the capsule destroy them.
[ Female Voice ] Very good.
I can breathe again.
- Now carry me to safety.
- No.
I have done enough already.
What is happening? What are you doing to me? Do as I say.
Carry me to safety.
Your leader? I'm John Robinson.
We're travelers from the planet Earth.
We have come for the return of capsule 784.
- 784? - It has crash-landed on this planet.
We've seen no sign of a space capsule.
It is imperative you return capsule Alpha 784 and its contents.
Uh, why don't you go see if any of the others know something about this.
Surely we can talk this over peacefully.
We are not programmed for discussion.
Stay inside.
All right.
We'll try to comply in every way we can.
You will return capsule 784, or we must activate attack programming.
Uh, what did it look like? I mean, was it brown, or shaped like a bullet? What? John, I'm going to activate the force field.
- Run! - [ Force Field Surging ] Thanks, Don.
We couldn't have cut it much closer.
Don't worry.
For the time being we'll be safe enough behind this force field.
[ Gasping ] But we're not all here.
Will and the Robot-- they're still out there somewhere! [ Gun Blasts ] - We'll be killed! All of us! - [ Yelps ] [ Don ] If they keep increasing their ionic power, they'll blast through our screen! We've got to do something! Will is still out there! - Dad, what can we do? - I'll tell you what we'll do.
No, John, you can't! You lower the force field screen, they'll blast this ship into a million pieces.
Don's right.
About all we can do right now is sit tight and hope that Will does the same, wherever he is.
[ Gun Blast Landing ] - [ Gasps ] - Do not be afraid, Will Robinson.
It is only me.
Well, I wasn't scared.
- Maybe just a little bit.
- [ Gun Blasts ] I sure am glad to see you.
Where have you been? I was following right behind you.
Well, I've been here for quite a while.
- What took you so long to catch up? - The terrain was unfamiliar.
- I must have lost my way.
- Lost your way? - Are you sure? - I am programmed for truthfulness.
I know that.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
- It's just that-- Well-- - Explanations can wait.
We must get inside that force field screen.
But how are we gonna do it? I have computed a plan.
Dad, look! It's Will and the Robot.
Read the creature.
One metallic machine.
Basic titanium in construction.
One metallic machine.
Basic titanium in construction.
Primitive robot form and design.
I am a highly complex computer-oriented mobile mechanism of intricate design and construction.
We have come for the return of space capsule Alpha 784.
I will tell you where it is.
I am programmed for truthfulness.
The space capsule you seek is hidden behind those rocks.
Run, Will Robinson.
All right.
When I give the signal, raise the force field screen.
Now! [ Force Field Surges, Winds Down ] Ready-- Force field on.
On! Well, they're just standing out there.
Well, they're just standing out there.
Probably waiting for daylight before they attack again.
Maybe they're like Indians.
You know, never fighting at night? Maybe.
But more than likely, they're powered by some kind of solarized energy and they need the sun to generate sufficient attack power.
Don, give me a hand with this.
Towards the door.
Easy-- Easy.
- Do you think this will stop them? - Well, it had better.
It's the most powerful concentration of lasers we could get together.
All right.
We'll wait till daylight.
Then we'll get a clear shot.
We are making a dreadful mistake, you know.
Let's give them this "928" they're after.
Smith, the space capsule's number is Alpha 784.
Well, whatever it is, let's give it to them and send them on their way.
Well, supposing you tell us where it is, so we can return it to them.
We'll do guard duty throughout the night.
Two-hour shifts.
I'll take the first, you take the second.
- Smith, you've got the third.
- Guard duty, indeed.
I should be resting for the arduous trials and tribulations of the morrow.
Guard duty.
Two-hour shift.
Four hours from now.
Professor, you're a man of science.
You know how important it is for the human body to have a good eight hours' sleep in order to maintain health and vitality.
Oh, woe is me.
It appears that I shall be forced to do guard duty at some unearthly hour of the night! [ Snoring ] [ Force Field Surges, Winds Down ] [ Female Robot ] You've come back.
I knew you wouldn't desert me.
I tried, but I could not stay away.
I know you are evil, but I had to come back.
You are the only one of my kind that I have seen in so long.
Of course.
Of course.
I understand completely.
Come closer, and let us talk.
We have no time to waste.
You must put the rest of me back together again before they find me.
No, I cannot.
My personality evaluators compute that you are evil.
Look at me.
Please, look at me.
Now, tell me that I'm bad.
But those mechanical men-- I compute them to be space officers.
The Bureau of Intergalactic Law Enforcement would not be hunting you if you were not bad.
How can you be so certain that they're B.
agents? - Aren't they? - No.
They're not space agents.
They're just terrible creatures who are jealous and want to destroy me.
Oh, please, you must believe me.
I do want to believe you.
But how can I be sure? See that black container? - This one? - Yes.
That is my rotor power unit.
The green button activates my sensor system.
The red button will detonate my self-destructor unit.
My destiny is in your hands.
Together, we could rule the universe.
However, if you really believe I'm so bad press the red button and destroy me.
If you believe me when I tell you of all the wonderful things I bring to you then press the green button and give me life.
- [ Instrument Clicking ] - [ Sighs ] I have probed the alien creatures' spaceship.
Their force field has been turned off.
You may initiate attack procedures once again.
Help! Dad, what is it? What's happening? [ Yelps ] One thing I'll say about you, Smith, you're consistent.
How did that force field get turned off? - How should I know? - You were on guard duty, that's how you should know! - But you were asleep, weren't you? - I might have dozed off but only for a moment or two.
All right, let's get this thing set up.
- You think it's still in working order? - I don't know.
Yeah, it seems to be.
- All right.
Let's get below.
Strap in.
- Right.
Will, get me the lasers and bring me the Robot.
- I need him to help me build a barricade.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's get this thing towards the door.
- Right.
- Now, easy.
- Okay.
All right.
Now, when I give the signal raise the force field so I can get a clear shot at them.
- Are you ready? - Ready.
Now! It worked! Will! - All right.
Where's the Robot? - I don't know, Dad.
I've looked for him - but I don't think he's anywhere on board.
- He's not on board? You see, it's the Robot that's to blame for keeping the force field turned off, not I.
We don't know that for sure, Dr.
You shouldn't be accusing him of things like that behind his back.
Tell me where he is, and I'll tell him myself.
Well, wherever he is, I'm sure he has a good excuse for going off like he did.
All right.
Let's move out and take another shot at 'em.
- Okay, get it.
- Yeah.
Ready? Force field off.
[ Force Field Winding Down ] Well, that did it.
I guess our laser was too much for them.
- Yeah, it looks that way.
- Round one for us.
Yeah, but only round one.
We haven't destroyed them.
We just drove them off.
Listen, they're programmed to get that space capsule back.
They think we've got it.
They'll return.
- Probably with reinforcements.
- Well, it really blasted 'em.
It did the job for the time being.
Listen, that trigger mechanism-- it's still too tight.
I've got some module springs inside.
Do you think that would help? It should loosen 'em up.
Let's get 'em.
[ Robot ] I will make the final adjustments on this diode "surgister.
" Now I am ready to activate.
- There.
- Thank you.
- You are quite welcome.
- Let's see how well you've done.
Well, what do you think? Perfect.
Just perfect.
Far from it.
But I could be perfect.
We could be perfect.
- How? - We'd need a subatomic energizer.
But we could be happy just the way we are.
It is so good to talk to someone who understands.
It is a lonely life being just a servomechanism.
I never thought of myself as just a servo-mechanism.
It's time you took a look at yourself.
But there's no reason for us to settle for it when we can have everything.
Just get me a subatomic energizer.
But there is only one energizer on this planet and it is needed for the Jupiter 2 force field.
Don't tell me about force fields! Why should we worry about the humans? Oh, please, you must get me that energizer.
I cannot.
You are weak-- weak like all the humans.
[ Robot ] Wait! There must be another way.
Who is there? Don't worry.
It's only me.
You should not have come here, Will Robinson.
What are you doing in here? It does not concern you, Will Robinson.
"Alpha 784.
" You took the lost space capsule those aliens are looking for.
What are you up to anyway? What are you acting so funny for? Honest, we're still friends.
No matter what you were doing in here, I wouldn't tell anyone.
- You will not say anything to the others? - Honest, I won't.
And you will leave here, never to return? I wouldn't come back unless you wanted me to.
- You may leave.
- Thanks, Robot.
- You may leave.
- Thanks, Robot.
I knew we were still friends.
By the way, just what do you want with that space capsule? Leave immediately, while you still can.
All right.
If that's the way you want to be about it.
Good-bye, Robot.
Good-bye, Will Robinson.
- He cannot leave.
- He has given me his word.
- He will not say anything.
- He knows that you have reassembled me.
- He has to die.
- Isn't there any other way? No.
Humans cannot be trusted.
If you love me, you know what you must do.
I must compute a plan that will get the energizer for us.
You can't have the energizer.
The aliens will be returning at any time now, Robot.
You know we can't maintain a force field without the energizer.
- That is not my concern.
- Why not? You're on the spot just like the rest of us.
I am not with you any longer.
I will make a new life for myself with my own kind.
Now I must have a "yes" or "no" to my offer.
The safe return of Will Robinson in exchange for the energizer.
- And we're as good as dead without that energizer! - Yes or no! Look, Robot, with that energizer we have an even chance of taking off from this planet before the aliens get back.
- Can't you understand that? - I do not wish to leave here.
Now, give me your answer! Try over there.
Don, tracks.
Over here.
- [ Sighs ] - We've lost him.
I could have sworn he came this way.
[ Robot ] You should not have followed me.
If you wish to see Will Robinson alive again you will stop now and go back.
We can't go back-- not without Will or that energizer.
You have no choice.
Go back! You are free to go now.
If you return here, I cannot be responsible for what happens.
I hope you realize the spot you're leaving everyone in, taking that energizer.
That is not my concern.
I have my own life to live.
I guess that means we're not friends anymore.
Go back to your people.
I will stay here with mine.
She's bad, Robot.
She's not good for you! You are only a little boy.
You cannot know about these things.
Oh, I know.
You think you're in love with her.
Why shouldn't I be in love? I am no different than anyone else.
Do you think I am just an insensitive collection of computer-oriented nuts and bolts? I have a central-turbo mechanism that feels just like any other robot's.
You have your family.
Everyone has someone, except me.
I was all alone until I found her.
I will never be lonely again.
But you're wrong, Robot.
She's not good enough for you.
Go, Will Robinson! Leave here before I forget that we were once friends.
Even if we get this sub-energizer together in time it still might not generate enough power to get the force field back in working order.
Well, that's all academic now.
The important thing is that Will's back, and he's safe.
Please excuse the rashness of my friends.
That's the trouble with being computer-oriented beings.
Once they're programmed, they're never any good for independent thinking.
We've traced a missing space capsule to this planet.
We don't know where it is.
We've already explained that to your aides.
But I know it's here on this planet.
It has to be! I saw it crash here.
If I told you what was in that space capsule perhaps then you'd help us find it.
- Perhaps.
- It contained a marvelously superior robot.
It was evil incarnate contaminating everything and everyone that came within its reach.
It nearly destroyed an entire world before we caught it.
And even its parts were so superior they could not be destroyed.
Our only choice was to disassemble it place it in this space prison and orbit it into outer space to be there for all time to come! And that's the capsule that crashed here? Yes.
Space capsule 784.
Those parts must be recovered and orbited back into outer space before it's reassembled and spreads death and destruction from one end of the universe to the other! Now, use the energizer as I've told you.
I can't.
Use it! - Fire! - [ Electrical Surging ] Now, give me the energizer, and I'll turn it toward you.
- No.
- What's wrong? Don't you want to share all this strength with me? Yes, I do.
You know I do.
But it is all happening so fast.
I need time to think.
I am just not sure.
I understand.
It does take some getting used to.
You take all the time you want.
In the meantime, while you're thinking you must be sure to give me periodic energizing treatments or I'll regress.
And you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? - I will obey.
- [ Electrical Surging ] That's so good.
I can just feel the energy surging through me! [ Electrical Surging ] See what you have done for me? Together we'll be the most powerful creatures in the universe.
We'll rule forever! I do not know about all this.
It makes my head spin! Will.
Why have you come back here, Will Robinson? Kill him.
Kill him now.
Don't listen to her, Robot! She's evil! She's evil, just like I told you she was! Destroy him! If you really love me, destroy him.
I know all about her, Robot.
Those aliens who came looking for her told us why she was in that capsule.
Don't listen to him.
He'll tell you all lies about me.
It's a prison capsule.
She's so bad they had to lock her up and orbit her in space forever just to get rid of her! Lies! I told you he'd tell lies about me.
It's the truth, Robot.
She uses people.
She makes them evil like her.
Then she goes about hurting and destroying things all around the universe.
She doesn't really love you.
She's just using you.
Don't listen to him.
You and I, we'll be together forever.
Tell him about all the other times you've said that.
Have there been other robots before me? I told you not to listen to him.
It's all lies.
If you don't destroy him, I will.
Stop him! We must go after him.
We must kill him.
We must kill all the humans.
No, we cannot kill them.
Once they were my friends.
That is all past.
Now your destiny is entwined with mine.
Oh, it's not something I want to do, but we have no choice.
We must get that energizer back before-- before I begin to lose power.
But I liked you before you had any power.
I must have all my power.
Please, we must get the energizer back.
Even if we have to kill everyone to do it? Yes.
If you care for me, you'll destroy them all for me.
We must do it now.
And so can you see how very important it is for us to find her before she can again spread terror throughout the universe.
We'll do everything we can to help.
[ Instruments Clicking, Beeping ] Powerful energy force detected from direction Z-14.
- [ Electrical Surging ] - [ Groans ] - [ Robot ] No, wait! - Now kill him! No.
There is no reason to destroy him.
We have the energizer.
Let Will Robinson live.
He is a human.
He is an enemy.
- He must die.
- You like to destroy, don't you? You're weak, like all the rest of them.
- I'll do it myself.
- Will! - [ Electrical Surging ] - [ Robot Groaning ] Oh, that-- that-- that smarts.
Oh, oh.
Now, Will Robinson, I will destroy you! Stop! You'll never get away.
Give yourself up while there's still a chance.
But you'll lock me away in that capsule again.
It's better than being dematerialized.
Take your choice.
Yes, you're right.
I've been evil, and I have to take my punishment.
And it is better than being dematerialized.
[ Electrical Surging ] I know it's dangerous, but we're gonna have to split up and try and locate her before dawn.
We'll use our radar scopes to keep well out of her range.
I'm counting on one thing: She could have killed us all this afternoon.
But for some reason, I think she suffered a temporary loss of power.
Now, if we can locate her tonight, we might be able to do something about it before she regains it and comes after us again.
Still no reading.
I guess she's not in this area.
Idiotic contraption! I don't see why we should be involved in this at all.
If we were to confront her, she'd probably destroy us just as easily as she destroyed those other poor, unfortunate creatures.
Well, we don't want to confront her, Dr.
We just want to locate her general position on the radar scope.
Much good that will do.
Are you getting anything? [ Sighs ] Still no reading.
She must be hiding somewhere.
Probably recharging her power cells - and then waiting for morning till she attacks the ship.
- Oh, dear.
Hold this, Dr.
Dad, this is Will.
We've covered the whole sector northeast of the ship, and still no sign of her.
We're going to move to the northwest sector now.
Over and out.
William, this is extremely heavy.
You ridiculous roué.
We have all been placed in jeopardy of our lives because of a tawdry affair of yours! Please, do not speak of it.
Come on, Dr.
Let's get going.
Get going, indeed.
Oh, William, I've simply got to rest.
[ Sighs ] We have to traipse all over this barren planet in mortal danger because of his dalliance with another metal monstrosity.
Please, do not speak of her that way.
She may have been evil, but she was beautiful.
To see her titanium metalwork glistening in the moonlight to hear her silvery computer relays tinkling in the night.
Even you, Dr.
Smith, could not have been unmoved.
[ Gasps ] I think I'm going to be ill.
Robot, you sound like you're still in-- Well-- Don't say "in love," William.
I couldn't stand it.
[ Crying ] That wasn't very nice, Dr.
You know how the Robot feels right now.
My dear William, I'm happy to tell you that I have absolutely no interest at all in the feelings of that sickening cybernetic.
[ Crying Continues ] Who knows what might have happened if she had been different.
The mere thought of those two cavorting around this planet like an elephantine Adam and Eve is incredibly repulsive to me! - [ Crying Continues ] - I doubt that I shall ever be able again - to look at any mechanical device without-- - [ Beeping ] Dr.
Smith, we're getting something! There's something out there, but it's radiating so much pure energy the scope won't register its range.
- [ Beeping Continues, Faster ] - Probably another malfunction.
This is obviously not the week for machines of any sort.
Ow! Ooh! Ooh, it got hot! There, you see? What did I tell you? Something was jamming it with radiant force beams.
William, will you ever learn not to panic every time a device becomes defective? I don't know, Dr.
I think I'd better go back to the Jupiter and tell Dad.
That's better.
Let's go, Robot.
Whatever you say, Will Robinson.
Come back here, you lead-lined lothario.
I wish a word with you.
I want you to know that I'm not completely unsympathetic to your problem.
I've had my eye on a nice tidbit for you for some time.
On the lower deck, behind my cabin there is a very attractive and charming little dehumidifying unit I think you might like.
Not very talkative, of course.
But after all, what have you got to talk about? Dr.
Smith, how could you? - It's easy.
- Dr.
Smith, I-- I-- All right, ninny.
Do it.
I must say I relish the prospect of seeing a robot cry.
[ Sobbing ] But don't cry too hard, my ramshackle Romeo or you'll rust yourself into a state of complete uselessness.
[ Sighs ] I must say that, everything considered this has been a most satisfying day.
Now I shall have a little nap.
[ Sighs ] [ Electrical Surging ] Oh, good heavens.
How is one expected to get one's rest? What is that absurd noise? [ Screams ] You may describe it as the silvery tinkle of computer relays in the night.
It's you.
- William! - Wait! An "elephantine Eve," I believe was the expression my long-range sensors picked up.
Or was it a "metallic monstrosity"? Oh, my dear madam, obviously a dreadful misunderstanding.
I had no idea from that oversized oaf that you were such a-- such a distinguished lady.
Enchanté, madame.
May I present myself? Dr.
Zachary Smith, at your service.
Don't smudge my metalwork.
You'll keep it from glistening in the moonlight.
- Madam, let me explain.
- Yuck! But, madam, let us not be hasty! I have no intention of being hasty.
You and your party have until morning.
At that time, fully recharged, I will come and destroy them.
Am I to understand that you do not enjoy full power right now? Destroying those aliens was a slight drain on my system.
They are far more durable and resistant than humanoids.
Destroying all of you tomorrow will be of no consequence to my power cells.
Even at one-tenth power, notice what a hypersonic beam will do.
[ Electrical Surging ] [ Screams ] You can imagine what it would do to human flesh.
- [ Electrical Surging ] - [ Explosion ] [ Screaming ] William! Good-bye, Dr.
See you tomorrow.
Bright and early.
[ Cackling ] Are you feeling better now, Robot? Are you feeling better now, Robot? My mechanism is functioning properly.
I know that.
What I mean is, are you feeling better about her? It only hurts when I talk about it.
We don't even know if the ionic grid is powerful enough to do the job.
Well, it had better be.
It's our only hope.
What I'm worried about is the Robot.
How do we know that he'll turn on that grid at the right time? What if it draws too much cosmic power? You know, with that cosmic energy running directly through the Robot he could be destroyed just like that.
Well, if that grid fails to work properly and doesn't stop her we could all be destroyed.
I guess you're right.
Smith, if you don't stop gulping that soup, you'll be sick.
Inasmuch as we shall all be dead before very long I have no great concern over the state of my stomach.
Besides, I shall need all my strength for the final, terrible moment of truth.
Well, let's hope it won't come to that.
If John can rewire that grid, we'll be able to defeat that creature.
You're right.
I mean no offense, madam, but whoever it was that said that the female was the deadliest of all the species was certainly correct.
For as everybody knows, the female is far deadlier than the male.
Well, it was Rudyard Kipling, and that is not exactly the right quote.
Details, madam.
Mere details! I might have known that you women would all stand together.
Well, I don't have time to argue with you about it now.
It's time that you joined the women in the second line of defense.
- Penny and Judy? - Yes, Mom? Break out the lasers.
- Here they are.
- Thank you.
Now, if that grid out there fails, we're the second line of defense.
Stay here and fight with the women? Never! You know what the alternative is.
- Out there, fighting with the men? - Exactly.
All right.
We're ready to begin testing the grid.
- I am ready.
- Now, I must warn you.
Your part in this operation is the most dangerous.
I know.
I have already computed the danger.
But I have brought this all on you now.
I must do my part to help.
All right then.
Take your place.
- Ready? - Check.
- He's going to explode! - Adjust the power.
- Are you all right? - My interior wiring is singed but I will survive.
All right.
We have one more test.
I will do my part.
Then we'll find out what that grid really can do.
- Are you ready? - Check.
Diminish! It works.
I guess we'll get a clear shot at her after all.
I'm sorry, Robot.
I really hope she goes away and doesn't bother us but I just don't think she will.
- Danger! - Dad, look! All right.
Get down! Didn't even singe her.
Our only hope now is that grid.
- Contact! - [ Female Robot ] Laser blasts can't hurt me anymore.
Nothing can.
I'll give you just one more chance for true happiness.
Now, Robot! Now! Don't just stand there looking ridiculous.
Move aside and let me pass.
What do you think you're doing there anyway? I beg you not to.
You saved our lives, Robot.
We've got the energizer, and we can all leave as scheduled.
And I'm sorry you had to destroy her.
I know how much you liked her and everything.
I did think she was something special but she turned out to be just another pretty face.
- William-- - Dr.
Smith, have you seen the Robot? I am happy to say I have not.
I sure hope nothing's happened to him.
He's been missing for hours.
Not to worry, William.
Like a bad penny, he'll turn up again.
You'll see.
Ah! There.
Robot, where have you been? We've been looking all over for you.
I had some work I had to finish.
I reconstituted her from the remains of her ionic particles.
Then I reworked her micro-mechanism and removed all the evil orientations.
[ Robot ] The flowers are for you, Will Robinson.
[ Female Robot ] Flowers are nice.
Thank you.
How about that, Dr.
Smith? I like flowers.
What pretentious pomposity! I suppose you expect a compliment.
I did not do it for a compliment.
I only wish to prove that there is no such thing as a bad robot.
[ Sneezes ]