Lost In Space (1965) s03e15 Episode Script

The Anti-Matter Man

"For thousands of years since the first dawn of knowledge "man has known that there was another parallel world close by his own.
"A world somehow like ours, but of incredible darkness and fear.
"It has been called many different names by many different cultures.
- "But the shadowy legend of this dark, rear world - [ Yawns ] "persisted in the minds of men over the ages.
"And with it, the terror that one day the fearful inhabitants of this dread world would somehow penetrate into our world"-- Spare me the dreary details, William.
Surely you can find something more pleasant in that fairy tale book.
Smith, this isn't a fairy tale.
This is a book about weird unexplained legends of the past.
Idiotic folklore.
That's what it is.
Unsubstantiated drivel passed down by simple peasant mentalities.
Well, it may be folklore but I'll bet there's a scientific explanation for everything in this book.
But before you delve too deeply into the scientific explanation would you be good enough to fetch me a pillow from the ship? I feel the need of a brief nap.
[ Exhales Deeply ] All right.
[ Yawning ] Hustle along, William the constant riffling of pages is hardly conducive to my quiet time.
Besides, that ridiculous book will just clutter your mind with nonsensical nonsense.
It's out there.
Somewhere it's out there.
I can feel it.
[ Male #2 ] A door to the other world-- one point in the entire universe where we can break free and pass over into their world.
[ Male #1 ] We've got to find it.
[ Male # 2 ] And if we can, how do we know that we can get through? [ Male #1 ] An atomizing unit.
We'll need an atomizing unit.
And if it could reach sufficient power-- Then we'll find our opposites force them to come back here, and we'll be free.
Not you.
Not this time.
Mine's closest.
I can feel it.
If we cannot balance the energy intake with the atomizing unit how are we ever going to get back into flight? By studying the problem, I may be able to supply knowledge needed to construct a duplicate of the missing section.
- ## [ Humming ] - The task which remains must be carried to "Y" plus W2.
The first step-- Dr.
Smith's off-key humming is disturbing my sensors.
Off-key indeed, you cackling clod! I can prescribe the perfect cure for your sensitive nervous system-- the removal of your power pack.
- ## [ Resumes Humming ] - I had reached a computed conclusion.
Now it has been lost.
Doctor, we'll never get those motors to working again until we get that schematic straightened out.
If it is that important, I suggest you do not leave it to the tender mercies of this mental midget.
I cannot continue my calculations with Dr.
Smith's highly emotional outbursts disturbing the immediate area.
Uh, suppose you go inside.
Maybe you can be of some assistance to my wife.
Zachary Smith, relegated to the kitchen? Yes.
Maybe you can toss a salad or something.
I refuse.
I absolutely refuse.
Inside, Smith! Very well.
Just you wait! - All right, now.
- Thank you, Professor Robinson.
Now we can proceed with the most critical stage.
The clearing of the chamber exhaust.
- But I cannot recommend that it be attempted.
- It's got to be done.
The fuel-temperature equalization is highly delicate procedure.
These units are still in a dangerously unstabilized condition.
I know, but it's a chance we'll have to take if we're ever gonna get these motors repaired.
Very well.
Activate! [ Whirring ] All right.
Give me a temperature reading.
[ Wind Whistling ] Over here! Over here! [ Whirring Continues ] [ Whirring Stops ] Professor Robinson, where are you? Where are you, Professor Robinson? Professor Robinson! Where are you? Professor Robinson! Where are you? Professor Robinson! Professor Robinson! Where are you? Wh-Where are you, Professor Robinson? Did you see it? Did you see what happened? All we know is that Professor Robinson disappeared when you activated this machine.
- Now, what happened? - It is all my fault.
- Don, what are we gonna do? - Will, don't worry.
We'll get your dad back.
Just don't worry.
Professor Robinson! Where are you? Now get a hold of yourself! Now, listen.
If we turn on this fuel output machine again and duplicate the same conditions, will we get Professor Robinson back? Until we fully understand what has happened I would strongly advise against any such action.
Well, we have to do something! This problem involves space, time and matter.
It will take complicated computer effort to arrive at a solution.
- [ Thunderclap ] - [ Wind Whistling ] Don, it felt like an earthquake! We'd better get back inside the ship.
No! I gotta stay here and try and get back Dad.
Will, there's nothing we can do until the Robot works out the problem.
Come on! [ Thunder Continues ] Drun! Drun! Yes, we are alike, aren't we? Who are you? I asked you who you are! I'm Professor John Robinson.
Everyone knows that.
Drun! Where are we? This is your home.
You'll never leave it again.
My friend is probably at the alternate meeting place.
I don't want to keep him waiting.
- On your feet! - Not until you tell me what this is all about.
Now, I've gone to a lot of trouble to get you here and I need you for my plans.
But that doesn't mean I wouldn't kill you in a split second if you got in my way.
You understand? If given a choice I'd rather not have to kill part of myself.
[ Grunts ] The burden of guilt is mine.
My sensors warned me of the danger.
[ Thunder Continues ] My goodness.
It's been thundering and lightning for hours.
I wish it would rain or snow or whatever it's going to do and get it over with.
According to our weather instruments, there isn't any storm.
Robinson, this strange climatic occurrence is the result of two worlds whose magnetic stability is out of balance.
And that, thank you, makes just about as much sense as our weather readings.
This atmospheric disturbance is tied in with the disappearance of Professor Robinson.
Well, can't you compute what's happened to him and help us get him back? It is a very difficult computation.
I would gladly burn out all my transistors to accomplish the Professor's return.
I know.
You're doing everything you can.
Well, we're not helping matters any by staying up and worrying.
We might as well get to sleep.
Maybe the Robot can come up with some answers in the morning.
Come on, Mom.
Drun! Here! [ Thunder Continues ] - It can't be.
- It is.
It took you long enough getting back here.
I had to wait for the right time.
He's your duplicate, all right.
- When do we get mine? - Soon.
I still don't think it's going to work.
It must work.
We've been prisoners here far too long.
Thousands and thousands and thousands of years.
Prisoners? Aren't we all? Prisoners of our crimes and weaknesses.
Now, Professor, we'll change clothes.
Don't make us force you.
Allow me to be the first to welcome you to your new world.
[ Moaning ] - [ Moaning Continues ] - [ Clears Throat ] Robot, I couldn't sleep.
I thought maybe you and I could work on what happened to Dad together.
So far, all my computations are just worthless spots on my computer tapes.
I am a miserable failure.
- [ Thunder Rumbling ] - Don't worry.
You'll think of something.
I know you will.
You know, maybe Don was right.
Maybe if we re-created the same situation as when Dad disappeared-- I do not believe that would bring your father back.
No, but it might send us to him.
No, Will Robinson.
What you suggest is extremely dangerous.
Well, we have to do something! Suppose Dad's hurt and he needs our help.
A point well made.
Activate the machines.
I knew you'd go with me.
Activate them.
[ Whirring ] Are you frightened, Will Robinson? - Yes.
- So am I.
[ Whirring Grows Louder ] Robot, what's happening to us? Our bodies have not yet adjusted to molecular displacement.
But where are we? I will try to compute our surroundings.
We are nowhere.
This place does not exist anywhere in time or space.
But we're here! We have to be somewhere! We are between any number of dimensions.
If we were to fall into one of them-- Let's hope Dad didn't fall into one.
If he did, then he is lost forever.
- Take him back.
- [ Grunts ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] Gee, Robot, we've been walking for hours.
This corridor could go on for miles or more.
We have no choice but to continue.
There is no way for us to return to our own planet.
Is-- Is that me? A reflection of your negative self.
We sure are in a strange place.
I also wish to observe my appearance.
Oh, no! I never realized before how unattractive I am.
[ Will ] You're a robot.
You're supposed to be functional, not pretty.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the ugliest robot of all? Me, that is who.
Maybe your general appearance could stand a little improving, but that's not important.
It's your character that counts.
Well, you're kind and generous and intelligent.
You're just an all-around nice robot.
Yes, I do have certain appealing qualities.
Who cares if I'm an ugly duckling on the outside? That's the spirit.
And now that we've solved that problem, can we go on? If necessary, I will follow you to the very end of space itself, Will Robinson.
Stop, Will Robinson.
My computations tell me we have arrived.
That is the antimatter world the exact opposite of our universe.
I also compute great danger there.
Maybe your sensors just aren't adjusted to that world yet.
I hope that is it.
Will you take my hand again, Will Robinson? All right.
Come on.
[ Thunder Rumbling ] You know, Robot, maybe it's just a coincidence but we left a place where it was thundering and lightning and it's doing the same thing here.
This world is also out of balance.
I just hope we can find Dad and get out of here in a hurry.
Dad! Dad, it's me, Will! Dad! Dad, can you hear me? Wait, Will Robinson.
There is something wrong here.
Something very wrong.
If you ask me, everything in this whole world is wrong.
There is something more.
I mean, the danger is all around us.
All I can see around us is a bunch of old rocks.
L-L-L-L-Look! Rocks aren't a life-form! They can't move! Tell them that! Immediate withdrawal is suggested.
Robot! My feet! I can't move them! Neither can I! I can't move my head! I can't either! This is a strange, strange world indeed! Rocks moving and humans not able to.
- I can hear them coming closer! - So can I.
- Let's not listen.
- Right.
I can move my feet now! So can I.
- Let's get going and find Dad.
- Affirmative.
[ Thunder Continues ] This is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
That task can be accomplished if one has patience and fortitude.
Professor Robinson! Professor Robinson! I think I hear footsteps.
[ Thunder Continues ] Dad! Boy, am I glad to see you! And I'm very glad to see you.
We sure were lucky to find you like this.
It was a stroke of luck.
I couldn't have asked for anything I'd wanted more.
Returning to our home base will prove to be extremely difficult, Professor Robinson.
There's a departure place-- almost a bridge between here and home.
I think I can get us back there.
You still have not told us what happened to you, Professor Robinson.
There was a magnetic imbalance.
You saw that.
Then, I don't know.
I guess I was just teletransported here.
Yes, I was present during the magnetic imbalance.
My scanners also detected another presence-- someone who took you away with him.
Another person? You have a very vivid imagination, Robot.
There was no one else.
I am not programmed for imagination.
Perhaps there's something wrong with your scanning equipment.
We'll have to check it out when we get back.
My scanners have just had their 25,000-hour checkup.
They are in perfect working order.
Apparently they're not.
There was no one else.
But we can discuss that later.
Right now, the important thing is for us to get home safely.
Dad's right, Robot.
This is the spot.
Now, we're going to walk right into another dimension.
- Which one? - Ours, I hope.
You're doing it, Dad! You're doing it! - You did it.
- We're very lucky, Son.
Was it just a matter of chance, Professor Robinson? - What's that supposed to mean? - It was merely a thought.
Then we'd better check your tapes also.
You're not programmed for thinking.
Darling! Oh, my goodness! I'm so glad you're back! I kept telling myself everything would work out all right - but I didn't believe it.
- Well-- Ohhh! We were so worried.
- Dad! - Welcome back, John.
Will and the Robot deserve all the credit for getting me here.
If it hadn't been for them, I'd s-- I'd still be lost.
- Well, I think this rates a celebration.
- Oh, could we? I'll get my tape recorder and we'll have some music.
As an extra treat, we can use some of the reserve food supplies.
Well, why not? After all, it is a special occasion.
We have no time for parties.
- We must make our repairs and leave.
- Why? What's the hurry? I mean, you're back safely now.
I think that calls for a celebration.
We can't waste the time! We must leave immediately! [ Chuckles ] You know, if I didn't know better, John I'd say you were acting like a man on the run.
Yes, I guess you're right.
I am a little jumpy.
This whole affair has had its effect on my nerves.
Well, there's nothing better for a case of nerves than a good party.
- [ Chuckles ] - Come on.
- Come on, Will.
We're gonna have a party! - Yeah, good! Judy Robinson, can I speak to you for a moment? - We can talk at the party.
You're invited too.
- No.
I am not sure this is an occasion for happiness.
How long has the thunderstorm been over? Just a few minutes.
It stopped about the time you, Will and Dad returned.
The two worlds are once again balanced.
I don't understand what you mean.
When my sensors have reached a final conclusion, I will tell everyone.
[ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Maureen ] Oh, my.
Well, as much as I hated to dig into the reserve food supply I think it was a splendid party! - Oh, yes.
- Ah, yes indeed, madam! All things considered, the repast was truly a gourmet's delight.
Now, how would you know that, Smith? Spare me the poisonous barbs, Major.
Zachary Smith has always traveled through the universe first-cabin until this ill-fated journey.
Well, now that we've all had our fill of fun and food I suggest we get back to work.
Work? Madam, you must excuse me.
I shall retire to my quarters and meditate.
Remain here! Smith, your shift starts in a half hour! A half hour? Evidently you didn't understand me, Major.
There's no half hour.
- Get to work immediately.
- Oh, J-John, that's no way to talk.
When I want your advice, I'll ask for it.
Don't you and Judy have something to do in the galley? - John-- - Well, do it! The last thing I wanna do is get in the middle of a family argument but you were way off base with Maureen just now.
You're right.
I was a little hard on her.
But it was for her own good, for the good of all of us.
I-- I've seen that other place.
I know the horrors of it and how close it is and how it threatens us.
And I'm going to drive everyone in this group, myself included to make all necessary repairs and leave here as soon as possible.
And if at times I seem hard, even unsympathetic it's because I'm concerned with the safety and welfare of us all.
All right.
- Let's get back to work.
- Right.
Smith and I will take alt-- Well, I'll be.
My watch-- it's running backwards.
Look! The second hand-- it's going in the wrong direction.
I'll check mine.
- It's gone crazy too.
- Humph.
- [ Huffs ] - Dad, you know, you once told me that in space, time isn't measured by the minutes or the hours but by the millions of years.
- Do you remember? - Yes.
Dad, do you think you could take a look at my recorder? - There's something wrong with it.
- We'll fix it later, Penny.
We, uh-- We got a lot of work to do right now.
I hope you can see to it soon, because a recorder that runs backwards doesn't do much good.
All right.
We've wasted enough time.
Let's get back to work.
Haven't you finished working on that condenser yet? What's taking you so long? Can't we finish dismantling this weather station in the morning? We haven't got that much to do.
If we finish tonight, we can devote the morning to getting the ship ready for prelaunch.
What's the hurry? A couple of more days on this planet won't make much difference.
- Come on.
Let's call it a night.
- Stay until you're finished, understand? Easy, will you? I'll take it easy when we're off this planet.
Now, get back to work! Look, John, I know you've had a rough time of it but that doesn't give you the right to lean on me.
You're shiftless! You're lazy and you're worthless, just like your opposite! Opposite? Now, what are you talking about? What's the matter with you? You're acting like some kind of a-- You're right.
Maybe I've been pushing too hard.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Opposite? [ John's Voice ] Will! I need you! [ Hushed ] It is very late, Will Robinson.
Why aren't you asleep? Well, I had this strange dream.
I dreamt that Dad was in trouble and he was calling for me.
But how could that be when Dad's here? [ Robot ] Is he? I have been observing the man we brought back from the other place.
You mean my father? Have you noticed that even in strong sunlight he casts no shadow? No, I hadn't noticed that.
Penny's tape recorder, your watch and Major West's watch too.
Are you trying to say he isn't my father? He is, and then again he is not.
You're not making any sense.
There are areas which are unclear to me also, Will Robinson.
But I will tell you what I do know.
Well, go ahead.
I'm listening.
I suspect that the man you believe to be your father is in reality an antimatter John Robinson from an antimatter world.
- Anti-- - Shh! Antimatter? We know that all matter has its opposite.
This principle could also apply to individuals.
Two fathers.
That's hard to believe.
Do you remember the storm which came up when Professor Robinson disappeared? Sure.
It was caused by matter displacement.
Both John Robinsons were in the same world.
And when we came back with my antimatter father, the storm stopped! Because the balance between the two worlds had been restored.
Well, let's go wake everyone up and tell them.
All this is only theory on my part.
- I have no facts to back it up.
- I'll give you a fact to back it up.
We're going back into that antimatter world.
We're gonna find my real father and bring him back.
No, Will Robinson.
It is much too dangerous.
Well, isn't it just as dangerous to leave this antimatter man here, pretending he's my father? We don't know what he's trying to do.
He might want to kill us.
Either way is filled with danger.
Well, I know that I can't leave my father in trouble without trying to help him.
Now, are you coming with me, or do I have to go alone? My sensors compute extreme danger but I cannot let you go alone.
Robot, you're just about the best friend anyone ever had.
Friendship was one of the first virtues programmed into me.
Okay, let's go.
Remember, when you get to the antimatter world, wait for me.
I will only be a moment behind you.
Don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere alone if I can help it.
- Stop! - Hurry! Activate the engines! [ Whirring ] [ Whirring Continues ] - [ Wind Whistling ] - [ Groaning ] - [ Click ] - [ Whirring Stops ] You are more trouble to me than you're worth! What a ridiculous place to be sleeping! I was not sleeping.
I was knocked down by a man you believe to be John Robinson.
- Professor Robinson knocked you down? - Impossible.
It was not Professor Robinson.
It was his antimatter self.
Antimatter self? Good heavens! He's finally cracked! I've been expecting it.
- Oh, I cannot waste time explaining to you.
- [ Thunder Rumbling ] I must go to the antimatter world.
Will Robinson is there.
Will? In the antimatter world? Yes.
He has gone to search for his real father.
Antimatter world? Real father? What in the world are you talking about, you ninny? Major, even a simple mind like yours cannot believe all this nonsense.
Activate the atomic engine, Major.
Now, look, Robot, I know you're programmed for truthfulness but you've been operating under quite a strain lately.
Maybe some of your micro-controls are worn out or something.
Even if they were, you know my control mechanism is self-repairing.
Major, you must activate the atomic engine.
You must! You must! All right.
Let's get him up.
[ Thunder Continues ] Never have I heard such absolute balderdash! Activate the atomic engine, Major! Major, activate the atomic engine! You don't believe him do you? You sir! Stop this idiocy at once, do you hear? Activate it, Major! Major, activate it now! One more word out of you-- [ Whirring ] Aaah! [ Gasps ] Where are we? What dire predicament have you gotten me into now? This is a corridor of the antimatter world you were so certain did not exist.
Very well.
You've made your point, my dear friend.
I believe you.
I do.
Get me out of here and back to the Jupiter immediately.
There is no time for that now.
We must find Will and Professor Robinson first.
Why do these terrible things always happen to me? Why always to me? Always to me.
That's what the Robot said.
It was an antimatter version of the real John Robinson.
That explains so many things.
But where are John and Will now? I don't know.
Somewhere in the antimatter world, I guess.
[ Thunder Rumbling ] Then all we have to do is find the real professor and William and we can all return to the Jupiter.
- What is this? - The entrance to the antimatter world.
How do we get through it? Our physical presence will probably cause it to open and admit us.
Will you take my hand? Oh, all right.
[ Thunder Rumbling ] There's a storm here.
We'd better go back.
Our planet and the antimatter world are now out of balance.
What does that mean? When both John Robinsons are in the same world a displacement occurs, causing violent electrical charges to be released.
But if both professors are here, how will we ever tell them apart? It will not be difficult.
One is good and the other evil.
- Oh, no! - Oh, yes! [ Thunder Continues ] Dad! Let him go! You don't have to keep him here! I have no intention of keeping him here.
- He's coming back with me.
- I'm not going anywhere without my father! I'm afraid that's impossible.
The worlds have to remain in balance.
Matter and antimatter-- each must equal the other.
I don't care.
I'm staying here with my father! You know, I could force you to go with me.
You'll never pull this off.
Oh, you may get away for now but somehow I'll get out of here.
And when I do, I'll hound you to the ends of the universe.
That's a foolish outburst of bravado, Professor Robinson.
It might tempt me to kill you now and have it done with.
That's a bluff and you know it.
You can't kill me.
You need me.
You need me to balance your entrance into the other world.
Yes, I do need you here to balance my escape while I return to the freedom of your world.
And he won't escape either, will he? No one escapes from the antimatter world.
Except us.
It's time to go to the Jupiter 2.
I told you.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Not only are you going back with me but once we get there you're not going to breathe one word about who I am or where the real John Robinson is.
The minute I get back, I'm gonna tell everyone everything I know! [ Anti-John ] I don't think you'd be so foolish.
Because once my true identity is known my plans for escape will be ruined.
And once they're ruined I wouldn't have any reason to keep your father alive.
You understand that? I guess I do.
Then you'll behave and do exactly as you're told.
You wait here.
Why? He's more than enough guard for the prisoner.
You can't leave here till I bring back your duplicate.
Let me go with you and help get him back here.
I don't need any help.
Stand guard here.
[ Thunder Continues ] [ John ] I guess antimatter worlds are no different than any others.
There's a sucker born here every minute also.
That's enough of that.
Do you really think he's going to come back here for you? I said that's enough of that.
Sure, that's enough.
I can just see him going to a whole lot of trouble to bring back your duplicate.
He will! He will! He will! I know he will! Sure.
Sure, he will.
By the time you wake up to the fact that you've been double-crossed he'll be at least two galaxies away from here.
I said for you to shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You'll never get me with that chain! [ Yelling ] - What is it? - My sensors compute danger ahead.
Where are you going? You said there was danger ahead! Wait for me, you cowardly clump! Wait for me! Wait! Stop! Stop, do you hear? Wait for me! Wait for me! Stop! Wait for me! Thanks, Robot.
Just in time.
I'm going after Will and that antimatter man.
Hey, fink! Over here! C-C-Can you be what my sensors indicate you are? I-I cannot compute what this means.
So you're the goody-goody one.
What are you in for, kid? I do not compute that expression.
What are you doing time for, dum-dum? I am not doing time.
I am in here by mistake.
That's what they all say.
And you? What are you in for? For being everything you're not-- untrustworthy, disloyal, unhelpful, unfriendly rude, mean, disobedient and all the rest of it.
Got the picture? [ Robot ] I am sorry for you.
Don't be.
If it weren't for me, you couldn't be you.
This is the opposite world.
You're free in your world, therefore, I'm imprisoned here.
Maybe if-- if it had all happened differently I could have been like you-- the shiny and bright and good one.
But there must be something I can do to help you.
I don't need anything from you, punk! Just get outta here while you can! Go on! Scram! Beat it! Get lost, fink! Get lost! Good-bye.
[ Anti-Robot ] # Swing low, sweet chariot # # Coming for to carry me home # # Swing low, sweet chariot # # Coming for to carry me home ## You're not going to get away with this.
You know that, don't you? On the contrary, there's no one to stop me.
Oh, no? I'm afraid you're not quite up to it yet.
Oh, in a few years, perhaps.
But not now or in the near future.
You sound like you're planning to be around for quite a while.
That's exactly what I'm planning so you'd better get used to seeing me around.
After all, I am a member of the family.
I don't know what you are, but you're definitely not one of us.
Now is that any way to talk to your father? - You're not my father! - I am.
You're not! And my real father's not gonna let you do this.
He'll come after us.
I'll just bet he will.
He better not.
That would be a disaster.
It would be as if a man were fighting against himself.
Well, I don't know about that, but I just know he's gonna come after us.
If you love your father as much as you say you do pray that he doesn't.
- Will! - Dad! [ Screaming ] [ Laughs ] I can't tell you how good it is to be home.
- Ohhh! - [ Giggles ] I guess we're all lucky to be back here, Robot.
Bah! Lucky, indeed! If I hadn't had that fight with that alien none of us would ever have come back here.
You know, I wonder whatever happened to that antimatter man.
The worlds are once again in balance.
Wherever he is, he is in the antimatter world and not here.
And a good thing too.
I should hate to have to fight all those dreadful people again.