Lost in Space (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


[BOTH PANTING] [MAUREEN] You sure you can get us back without a map? Hey, come on.
Obviously, I memorized and studied the topography before we left.
[SIGHS] If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to impress me.
Maybe I am.
Five bucks says the Dhars' Jupiter is over that rise.
Come on.
Since when have you ever known me to gamble? We've had our share of bets over the years.
Yeah, but it's not gambling when I know I'm right.
Which is why I'm down 340 bucks.
Wait, you kept track? [CHUCKLES] I was just waiting for the day that I win it all back.
Dhars, just over that hill.
[ENGINE STARTING] That's a Jupiter engine.
Where's my five bucks? Wait, are they taking off? I don't know.
[BOTH GRUNT] [AUTOMATED VOICE] Affirmative for pre-check clearance.
Launch will commence in T-minus three minutes.
[MAUREEN OVER RADIO] Victor? Victor, what's going on? Maureen.
[VICTOR] No idea, have you? There was an accident.
A colonist was injured.
In an attempt to save his life, your daughter lost nearly all the fuel we managed to recover.
What do you mean nearly all the fuel? Commence pre-launch sequence.
[MAUREEN] Victor.
Prisha, it's important.
How much fuel do you have, exactly? Maureen, I promise we'll send back help.
Shut down the engines.
You're too heavy.
You won't make it out of the atmosphere.
Keep 'em talking.
[MAUREEN] Victor, you have to listen to me.
[GRUNTING] Listen to me.
You will burn up all the fuel before you reach escape velocity.
- Maybe we should listen to her.
- The computer says it's fine.
[MAUREEN] The computer will tell you it's fine but it's wrong.
It's not calibrated for this planet.
You won't survive.
None of you will.
[GRUNTING AND PANTING] [VICTOR] You're full of information now.
But I had to find out this planet is dying from my son, who learned it from your daughter.
So forgive me for not trusting you.
- [GRUNTS] - [PANEL CLATTERS] [AUTOMATED VOICE] Launch will commence in T-minus 30 seconds.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS] Damn it, Beckert.
Attention, all Jupiters.
This is John Robinson.
Report to Jupiter 4.
We'll explain when you get here.
[WILL SIGHS] People are gathering outside.
- I brought this from our Jupiter.
- [CHUCKLES] Is there any way I can help? Do you understand the problem? Yeah.
We only have a defined amount of fuel to provide thrust.
So we need to make the Jupiter as light as possible.
So, this is a list of everything we can strip out that isn't essential.
And this is the maximum weight we need to reach.
- It's still too heavy.
- Yeah.
I wish I could strip out all of this.
The cockpit alone weighs five tons.
Technically, 9,530 pounds, but Too bad you can't pilot without it.
[WILL SIGHS] Did I spill something on Friendship 7? [JOHN] There's been a new development in our situation.
It seems that our planet is on an orbit that will bring us dangerously close to the sun.
So, it's gonna get hotter and hotter, until it's, um Well, it's too hot.
Are you saying the planet is dying? Not dying.
Just entering a phase malignant to human life.
Thank you for that clarification.
Well, it explains why there's a rapid increase in seismic activity.
Also the spike in median temperature Have you seen your sister? Um, no.
Last time I heard, she was with Evan's family.
[HIROKI] atmospheric anomalies Why? Uh, nothing.
Just seeing if she's okay.
I don't think any of us are okay right now.
So how long do we have? Long enough.
[SIGHS] I know everyone by now has heard that we only have enough fuel for one Jupiter to make it to the Resolute.
So, whoever goes will send back help.
But if we're gonna get this one off the ground, we're gonna have to lose things we thought we needed.
Like Like, the navigation system alone weighs 1.
3 tons and You can't take off without navigation.
[MAUREEN] No, of course not, but there's no reason that we have to navigate from inside the Jupiter.
In the early days of spaceflight, NASA capsules were basically tin cans.
Uh, all the instrumentation was handled from the ground at mission control.
So [SIGHS] we are going to launch off this planet the old-fashioned way.
How can we [ALL MURMURING] Welcome to 1962.
[INSTRUMENTAL THEME MUSIC PLAYING] You want me to do this because I'm the best pilot here, right? You are the best pilot here.
Not just because I weigh 110 pounds? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] That helps.
[HIROKI IN JAPANESE] You'd be flying blind.
Too dangerous.
No radar.
No sensors.
The computer would not be there to handle any problems.
I was trained for problems.
Think about you daughter! This'll be just like the Mercury-Redstone 3, NASA's first manned mission to space.
The first mission was number three? As in, the first two blew up? As in the first two were unmanned.
The Jupiter still needs someone to fly it.
I trust her.
I'm in.
[SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] I feel like we should talk.
You promised me you weren't gonna tell.
We sat by a waterfall, and, granted, it was mud, but whatever.
We sat there and you gave me your word that you wouldn't.
And I know that it was a lot to lay on you, that we're all gonna die in this place, but honestly, I was scared, and I didn't know what to do, and I trusted you, which is not something I do on a regular basis.
I'm sorry.
That's it? - I gotta go.
- Are you serious? What are you doing? We shouldn't hang out anymore.
Are you breaking up with me? Breaking up? We weren't really together or anything, were we? [VIJAY SIGHS] You're a bad kisser.
So Oh, my God, I hate this planet.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] [CLATTERING] [THUDDING] [GRUNTS] Hey, what you working on? I'm trying to patch the UHF radio so this Jupiter can be linked to ours.
Oh, yeah? [GRUNTS] Scooch over.
[GRUNTS] [SIGHS] How long you gonna need? [SIGHS] Give me an hour.
Yeah? What if I helped you? Two hours.
[CHUCKLES] You've been hanging out with Penny too much.
[CHUCKLES] - [SNIFFLES] - What happened to your face? Uh Beckert hit me with a crowbar.
Is he okay? Yeah, he'll be sore in the morning.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] [WILL SIGHS] Could you show me sometime? Show you what? What to do if someone tries to hit me with a crowbar.
Uh sure.
I mean, maybe we could start with something a little less intense.
Once we're done with those, let's start stripping the med lab.
Mom, I'm being prompted to plug in the Dhar's security codes.
Okay, I'll talk to Victor.
And then I just need a ride back to our Jupiter to reset the ECLSS and GNC.
- Okay, uh, I'll get you a ride.
- Do you want me to take him? - [STUTTERS] Is that all right? - Yeah, I'm only in the way.
Unless people wanna talk about how they feel about taking this ship apart.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, great.
Thank you.
[PEOPLE CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY] I need your security codes.
Why not? You've taken everything else.
[SIGHS] You know, I want everyone to survive as much as you do.
You put my family's lives at risk.
- I was going to get help.
- I'm not talking about today.
I stood up for you.
I told them you didn't have it in you.
- What are you talking about? - The gun.
The one you gave Angela.
When your family's lives are at risk, you don't think clearly, believe me.
And right now, you're not thinking clearly.
I had nothing to do with that business with the robot.
I suggest you look somewhere else.
[JUDY] Mom.
Aw, honey, I heard what happened.
There's something I need to tell you about Dr.
- What do you mean? - Where is she? [GRUNTING] [PANTING] Are you gonna help or you just gonna watch? The math doesn't add up.
Believe me, Maureen's math always adds up.
The way the Jupiters were built on paper isn't the same as they are in real life.
There are things that only a mechanic knows.
Such as? They were over-engineered.
Redundant systems up the wazoo.
Your wife thinks you can strip away those redundant systems, and the ones that are left will work.
She's assuming they're perfect, but they're not.
They're just like people.
They kinda just chug along some missing the mark, others picking up the slack.
I love a woman who can reroute a coolant system, but we need the whole system.
And it's too heavy.
There must be something else we can lose.
There's nothing left.
Well, we do have the life support system.
[SIGHS] We need that.
Yeah, it's fairly important if you wanna, you know, keep living.
- Stay here.
- Be careful.
- Hey, Mom.
- [SIGHS] We were just bringing supplies back for everyone.
People work better on a full stomach, right? Right.
I've got the codes.
They're on my laptop out in the Chariot.
With Judy.
- Judy's back? - Yeah.
Go get them, okay? Yeah, thanks, Mom.
You seem stressed out.
Do you need to talk? No, I'm fine.
I mean, plus or minus a few variables.
[SIGHS] Do you really wanna help me? Of course.
Okay, there's some equipment that we need down in the garage.
[MAUREEN] What a morning.
It's crazy what people will do when they're scared.
[SMITH] Fear is a dangerous thing.
Well, at least we caught him before he did any real damage.
So what is it we're looking for? Just, uh, anything to help strip the ship, you know? Cordless drill packs, miter saws, or whatever.
You Robinsons are such a little tribe of fixer-uppers.
I've learned more in the past few weeks about repairing engines, rewiring wires and refueling radios - Maureen, what are you doing? - Who are you? - You know who I am.
- No.
The truth.
It's complicated.
When the Resolute was evacuated, the path to my Jupiter was cut off.
And I begged anyone I could find to take me in, but they And that's when I saw him.
The real Dr.
He was hurt he was bleeding, and I I tried to save him, but I just thought, "Why should both of us have to die?" So I took his access tag.
I'm sorry, I should have told you sooner.
- But you were so kind, so generous.
- [SIGHS] I wanted you to like me.
- Clearly, you wanted more than that.
- Just to survive.
Then why did you give Angela the gun? Maureen, why would I want to hurt the people I don't know, you tell me.
If I'm wrong, I apologize.
But right now, I need to protect my family, and I think the best way to do that is to keep you away from them.
Jessica Harris.
That's my name.
Look it up in the manifest.
I'm a physicist.
You're a physicist? Why would you lie about that? You're asking the wrong questions.
What you should be asking is, how long was I on that Jupiter today? The one you're preparing to launch.
What might a woman of my expertise have done to it? - You're lying.
- Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
That ship is your only means of survival.
Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that it wasn't.
If you did anything to sabotage that ship Here's what I suggest.
You let me out.
I come clean.
We both go our separate ways and call it happily ever after.
- Go to hell.
- We're already there, Maureen.
It's up to you whether or not your family makes it out before they get burned.
[JOHN] So, do you believe her? [MAUREEN] There was a Jessica Harris on the Resolute.
That checks out.
And her vitals match, so [SIGHS] Victor's Jupiter, you think she messed with it? No.
I think she'd say anything to save her ass.
No, we'll be fine.
- [SIGHS] - What? [JOHN] Uh Don and I went over the plan.
He thinks the Jupiter's still too heavy, even after stripping out everything from your list.
- So we strip more.
- Well, there's not much left.
We're down to life support, pressure systems, - servo systems.
- Servo systems.
I mean, can it even fly without those? - Theoretically.
- Theoretically? [STUTTERS] The Jupiter will hold together, but But what? We might as well strap Naoko to the hood because that's what it's gonna feel like when she takes off.
- She will black out.
- Yeah.
She will.
There isn't a person alive who wouldn't.
The question is, will she wake up in time to manually pilot out of the atmosphere? What if she can't? [SIGHS] Naoko's test results are good.
Full cognitive recovery in 54 seconds.
Is that fast enough? During liftoff, the Jupiter rises at one mile per second, and it's a 70-mile trip out of this atmosphere - into the safety of space.
- 70 seconds.
Oh, God, and it's a rough 70 seconds.
The pilot will have to manually steer around atmospheric hazards, which is hard enough, but at the same time vent the engines so they don't overheat.
It's basically like threading a needle when you've just woken up from a knock-out punch.
[SIGHS] She'll never have enough time.
[SIGHS] I doubt any of the other survivors scored high enough to have a shot.
Full cognitive recovery in 19 seconds.
There must be somebody else.
That's 35 seconds faster.
That doesn't mean I'm the right person.
When every second counts, 35 seconds is a lot.
- Check again.
- I don't need to.
- Maureen, listen - John I am not leaving you and the kids.
Not again.
I made a promise.
Then keep it.
How? Come back safely.
[SIGHS] This decision It can't be just ours.
I know this isn't easy, so Look, the only way I do this is if we all talk it through.
Okay, let's do pros and cons.
And pro, he's the only one that can do it.
That's not a pro.
He might not make it.
[JUDY] Nobody will if he doesn't go.
That's not a pro either.
That's a con.
They're all cons.
You sure you'll be okay? That you'll come back? If anyone can do this, it's your dad.
Can you promise me he'll make it back? If I could, we wouldn't be having this discussion.
What happens if I say no? [CLICKS TONGUE] Hey.
Hey, Will.
- Hey.
- [SNIFFLES] Talk to me.
The robot.
I let him die.
I told him it was okay to walk off the cliff.
And now, you want me to do the same for you? Will, I don't wanna do this.
But you have to? That's what you said three years ago, when you left.
Not gonna say it's okay for you to go.
[SOBBING] [JOHN] Come on now.
[CRIES] Hey, hey.
Listen to me.
It's all right.
It's not okay with me either.
If your dad's gonna do this, he's gonna need our help.
Wait, you said you had two pieces of information to tell us.
Yeah, what's the second part? Right.
No one goes anywhere near the garage.
John? I don't know what Maureen told you, but I think the pressure I think it's getting to her.
Her behavior is a clear indication of clinical anxiety disorder.
You're wasting your breath, Jessica.
Jessica? Who's Jessica? Is that who Maureen thinks I am? - John, this is absurd.
- [JOHN SIGHS] Let me out, and we can help her together.
Do you know why she locked me in here? Because I spoke up.
I told her I was worried that she wasn't thinking clearly, that she might be sending Naoko to her death.
Only it's not Naoko anymore, is it? Don't get on that ship, John.
I'm trying to protect you.
You know, over the years, a lot of people have put their life in my hands.
But if I had to trust someone with mine, I'd choose my wife.
[SMITH] Your wife? You mean the woman who wanted to take your kids away and start a whole new life without you? And now she suddenly claims, let me guess, that you're the only one who can fly this Jupiter.
That's convenient.
If I were you, I'd spend your time getting your story straight, because when we get to the Resolute, and we will get to the Resolute, it's gonna have to be a hell of a lot more convincing.
Fly safe.
We're all depending on you.
You ready for a practice run? - Good to go.
- Okay.
So, remember, the actual Jupiter that you'll be flying, all these bells and whistles, they might as well be actual bells and actual whistles for all the good they'll do you.
- [JUDY] They don't exist.
- [MAUREEN] In fact Is that necessary? You want it to be as close as possible to reality, right? You really gonna knock me out? It's funny you mention that.
So, we'll skip the pre-launch protocols because you wouldn't be able to execute them anyway.
You just sit back and let me do the work until it's time to launch.
But once you're up there, only you'll be able to steer.
And vent the engines before they explode.
- I know.
- [MAUREEN] Yes.
And vent them before you get out of the atmosphere.
And always vent them away from the sun.
And always be aware of variables.
Something will go wrong.
It always does.
T-minus 30 seconds to liftoff.
Arms up.
- [JOHN] What's this for? - To mimic G-force.
- Oh, how's that gonna work? - [PENNY] T-minus ten seconds.
- Nine, eight, seven, six - [JOHN GRUNTS] five, four, three, two, one, liftoff.
[GRUNTING] No, don't touch those.
Let the SRBs carry you up.
You're approaching 9G, where you're gonna lose consciousness.
I'm cutting your suit pressure to simulate.
Your cognitive recovery was 19 seconds.
Feel free to improve on that.
You're nothing if not consistent.
How's your head? - Foggy.
- Push through.
You're hitting tropospheric winds at ten o'clock.
Roll left.
- Get a handle on those engines.
- [GROANING] [MAUREEN] Pitch 17 degrees.
Correction to climb.
- [DEVICE BEEPING] - Too late.
You're dead.
Oh, God.
[PANTING] [MAUREEN] That's okay.
[JOHN SIGHS] [PENNY CLEARS THROAT] Five, four, three, two, one, liftoff.
No, you can't vent towards the sun.
Bank left.
[GRUNTING] The Jupiter just exploded.
You're dead.
Oh, God.
Yeah, I need a few more seconds to recover before venting.
You don't have a few more seconds.
[SIGHS] - [JOHN] All right.
- Five, four, three, two, one, liftoff.
[WILL AND JOHN GRUNT] - [GROANING] - Okay, curveball.
Something's wrong.
Your weight distribution's off.
Which means so is your trajectory.
Course correct.
You just hit the boosters way too hard.
Your brain smashed against the inside of your skull.
It's swelling.
Yeah, but I'm not dead, right? - [MAUREEN] Correct.
- Huh.
But now you are.
Oh, God.
[GRUNTING] [GASPS] System malfunction.
Engines are hot.
Too hot.
What do you do? Uh - Vent early.
- [ALARM SOUNDING] No, it's too late.
You're dead.
Oh! [GRUNTS] - Too late.
You're dead.
- Oh.
- [ALARM SOUNDING] - [MAUREEN] You're dead.
- You're dead.
- [JOHN GRUNTS] - Ahhh! - You're dead.
- [MAUREEN] You're dead.
- [JOHN] Oh, God.
- Again.
- [GRUNTS] You're dead.
- You're dead.
- [BREATHING HEAVILY] Dad, are you okay? Yeah, I just need, uh I just need some more reps.
No, you need to stop.
[MAUREEN] No, he needs to get it right.
As his doctor, I'm advising that he take a break.
His heart is at serious risk if he continues like this.
Hey, hey.
Maybe we should all take a break, huh? Huh? Yeah, okay.
I'll get you some water.
[JOHN GRUNTING] Can you help me take [PANTING] Hey, why don't you get some air, huh? Yeah.
- [JOHN] Hey, hey, hey, hey - [MAUREEN SIGHS] - You're letting her get to you.
- [MAUREEN] Who? - [JOHN] Smith.
Whatever her name is.
- It's not that.
I [SIGHS] I would be worried about you making it even if she hadn't said anything.
Why don't we take a couple of extra days? [SIGHS] Relieve some of the pressure.
I mean, you could run a comb over the Jupiter, and I can work on this.
- [EXHALES] Okay.
- Okay.
[JUDY] Mom? You should put on the radio.
- What's happening? - The Resolute.
[BEEPS] [RADIC OVER RADIO] Engineers have detected evidence of Hawking radiation, which indicates the presence - of a gravitational singularity.
- The black hole.
To protect the lives onboard, we'll be forced to vacate the current orbit 24 hours from now.
This decision was not made lightly.
We are aware that some of you are still out there, trying to make it back.
So, it's with a heavy heart that the surviving members of the Resolute 24th Colony Group - send this final broadcast.
- No! 24 hours.
- No, no! That's not enough time.
- [JOHN] I can be ready.
- [MAUREEN] That's not enough time.
- [JOHN] I can be ready.
I can.
- [MAUREEN] You sure? - Yeah.
Hey, where are you going? To the Jupiter 4.
A lot of people have been doing unsupervised work there.
I wanna check it.
[JUDY SIGHS] Hey, guys.
So why don't you go get your gear ready? We're gonna be back on the Resolute tomorrow.
Huh? Come on, let's get going.
[SNIFFLES] Yeah, guys.
Come on, let's go.
- It's okay.
[WILL] What did you tell my parents? Will, is that you? [WILL] I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Then don't.
I don't want you to get caught up in this.
In what? It's really not my place.
It's just Some people think that kids aren't mature enough to handle the truth.
- The truth about what? - The mission.
Has your mother told you how dangerous it is? Yeah, she told us all about it.
[SIGHS] Wow.
You're such a strong kid.
I mean I don't think I could let my dad sacrifice himself, even if it did get everyone off this planet.
He's not sacrificing.
He's gonna make it.
He said he'll be fine.
I was about your age when my dad went into the hospital.
And I remember, everyone was there, and when I asked what was going on, they told me not to worry, that he was going to be fine.
Turns out everyone was just saying that because they didn't want me to be sad.
But when he died it hurt so much.
Would it have been easier if I'd been able to prepare for it? Maybe.
Sometimes parents think they have to lie to protect their kids.
But friends can be honest with each other.
And right now, I'm the only one telling the truth.
There's a chance that Jupiter makes it to the Resolute, but whoever flies it won't survive the trip.
- No, but my mom, she said - Is a very intelligent woman but she doesn't know everything.
She doesn't know there's someone else who can fly this Jupiter.
It doesn't have to be your dad.
[PENNY] Will, where are you? [STUTTERS] I have to go.
- [SIGHS] Will, listen to me.
- I can't.
I don't go to your place and triple check all your rocket science stuff.
Sorry, I just need to make sure there's nothing wrong.
You do know that's literally my job, right? To make sure nothing's wrong with these.
[CHUCKLES] 1967, Soyuz 1, parachute failure.
1971, Soyuz 11, cabin vent valve.
1986, Challenger, faulty O-ring seal.
2003, Columbia, damaged thermal protection system.
Everyone died in these accidents and you know what they all have in common? A mechanic cleared them for launch.
You know what else they have in common? Don West wasn't born yet.
Now call me thorough, call me lucky, but nothing's ever gone wrong on my watch.
Weren't you working on the Resolute? - We were attacked by an alien robot.
- On your watch.
[SIGHS] Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm This is our last chance.
And my husband My husband's gonna be up there hurtling through space, and I don't know if he can You're not the only one who needs this to work, Mrs.
Maybe there's something you can do to help us.
Finally, this guy's reading the directions.
[JOHN] Yeah.
I'm not normally reduced to this, but, um Get the weight down on the Jupiter? Oh, like any good fighter, she had to shed the last few pounds.
But we're actually 200 under, if you can believe it.
Pretty sure the CPDS took us over the top.
All she needs now is a good pilot.
John's recovery time is excellent.
But given the variables, he can't quite pilot and vent simultaneously.
- What intervals are you running at? - 20 seconds.
- You can get away with 30.
- But standard iteration Standard iteration's for standard situations.
With such low fuel pressure to begin with, vent too soon, you won't make it into orbit.
Vent every 30.
She can take it.
Maybe we should put the CPDS back in.
That's over 700 pounds.
We've only got 200 to play with.
[CHUCKLES] - Interesting.
How much do you weigh? - Excuse me? You're, like, 174-75? [JOHN CLEARS THROAT] Wait a minute.
See what you're doing.
You know these ships better than anyone.
Who better to be there - if something goes wrong - Stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm the wrong guy, okay? Good luck with that.
Send me a postcard.
Don, stop.
- This is about my dad's life.
- Yeah.
It's my life, too.
Look, he can't do it on his own, okay? And if he doesn't make it, then it is all of our lives.
Ease off.
Is this about money again? I thought we were past that.
Well, no one's ever really past money.
But it has nothing to do with that.
Then what is it gonna take for you to do the right thing? You know what "doing the right thing" has done for me? Save a lady in the desert, get left for dead.
Flip a tanker for you, lose a very comfortable retirement.
So, from where I'm standing, doing the right thing kinda sucks.
I'm not gonna do it.
Nope, nope, nope.
Son of a If anyone asks, I got paid for this.
- A lot.
- Mmm-hmm.
[DON] And I want a medal.
- Ten - [DON] No.
A parade.
- No.
I want a holiday.
- nine, eight - Don West Appreciation Day.
- seven, six - Colony Salvation Day for Don West.
- five, - four, three - I want my face on a postage stamp.
- two, one, liftoff.
- [CONTINUES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] What kind of a torture chamber have you got going on? - Nighty-night.
- [GAS HISSING] I'm swallowing my tongue [GROANING] [GRUNTING] Okay, you woke up a bit slow, but that's all right.
I need you to roll 15 degrees to your left.
[JOHN GRUNTS] That's it.
Okay, hit thrusters.
23-degree pitch.
- Excellent.
Now hold steady.
- [GROANING] Now, Don, vent the engines.
Don! [JOHN] What was his recovery time? [MAUREEN] Couldn't find a result.
[GASPING] A-plus.
I scored an A-plus.
- [ALARM SOUNDING] - [GRUNTING] - [ALARM STOPS] - [MAUREEN SIGHS] - And you've hit escape velocity.
- [JUDY CHUCKLES] Welcome to space! [JOHN] Yes! - [PENNY] Nailed it.
- [JOHN LAUGHS, SIGHS] - [PENNY] Great job, Dad.
- [MAUREEN LAUGHS] I'm also here.
Being brave and awesome.
Doing the right thing or whatever.
Yeah, no one cares.
- [EXHALES HEAVILY] - Tonight, we do it for real.
Shouldn't we run the test one more time? [SIGHS] We don't have any more time.
Robinson, I got something for ya.
- [SIGHS] Don.
- [DON] No, no, don't get excited.
- It's not a present.
- [CHICKEN CLUCKING] Mmm, I don't want your chicken.
And I don't wanna hurl through space in a Thermos, but here we are.
Listen, I left instructions in there.
What she eats, when she eats.
And if you need to put her to sleep, all you gotta do, turn over, stroke her belly - ever so gently - Okay, - I'll see what I can do.
- and she'll purr like a little - Bye, Debbie.
- [DEBBIE CLUCKING] [SHAKY EXHALE] He'll be all right.
[SIGHS] All right, I'm gonna go inside.
Pre-launch protocols start soon.
- Okay, let's go.
- Yep.
Let's go.
[SIGHS] Do you think we'll be able to see it from up here? We should.
Hey, where's Will? Oh, uh I think he's too nervous to watch.
You said someone else could pilot the Jupiter.
Come closer and I'll show you.
[SHUDDERS] We could bring it back.
You and me.
I can't.
But it was only bad because you told it to be bad, remember? What if What if we start it over and you told it to be good? He could fly that ship.
All you have to do is open this door, and your father can come home.
[DON GRUNTING] Upon returning home, Akiyama Toyohiro, first Japanese citizen in space, said [SPEAKS JAPANESE] What does that mean? - "I'm hungry.
" [CHUCKLES] - [JOHN] Huh.
Fly safe, John Robinson.
[MAUREEN OVER RADIO] Jupiter 4, this is Jupiter 2.
Do you copy? Jupiter 2, this is Jupiter 4.
[SIGHS] Final pre-launch protocol.
Seals, check.
Internal power, check.
Fuel pre-press, check.
All systems go.
Copy, Jupiter 2.
Permission to launch? Permission granted.
Launch will commence in T-minus 60 seconds.
- Maureen.
- Yes? I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you, too.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
[CLEARS THROAT] See you in a bit.
You're set for liftoff in T-minus ten, - nine, eight, seven - [GRUNTS] six, five, - four, three, two - [GRUNTING] liftoff.
You can do it.
Come on.
Come on.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] - [RADIO CHIRPS] - John, can you hear me? John? John, come back to me.
I'm here.
We're here.
[GRUNTS] Pretty dark in here.
That's okay, I've got you.
[GROANS] Winds at your eight o'clock, real ones this time.
They're coming in at just over 500 miles per hour.
[GRUNTS] Got it.
Don? - Don? - [DON] Whoa.
What? Uh Don? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, let's, uh let's [GROANS] Let's nothing.
I need a sec here.
Don, engines are getting hot.
We need to vent.
The hull's facing away from the sun, partner.
- You okay? - I'm John, you need to take over.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
If we do it too soon, we won't make it out.
Don, you need to vent now.
She can take it.
Just give me five more seconds.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, well done.
You're almost there.
You're a lucky man.
Yeah, well [SIGHS] I brought some luck with me.
[RUMBLING] Maureen? Noctilucent clouds.
Hold position.
[GRUNTS] [JOHN] Maureen.
[GRUNTS] It's getting pretty punchy in here.
[MAUREEN] Just a few more seconds.
Continue to hold position.
[JOHN] Holding.
[MAUREEN] Okay, easy now.
I want you to slow engines to 25% and roll 48 degrees to [GRUNTS] [JOHN] Maureen? Roll 48 where? Left or right? Left or right? 48 degrees left or [BOTH GASP] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [SLOW INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING]