Lost in Space (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


One week ago today, the Earth was struck by a super bolide meteor at 9:37 Pacific Standard Time on Christmas night.
I'm currently standing at the edge of the quarantine zone It doesn't make sense.
You can see what was once part of Canada's Yukon Territory What doesn't? We have satellites that are supposed to detect these things.
- We had warning.
- We had a few days.
We should have had months.
- Maybe it was moving too fast.
- That's your theory? - That it was moving too fast? - I didn't say it was a good theory.
Couldn't radiation from it have blinded our satellites? I suppose so.
Nothing about how this has behaved follows any of our models, so What does that mean? When an NEO of this size breaks through our atmosphere and makes impact, it it shoots off hundreds of smaller particulates back into the sky, making smaller meteorites that eventually fall back to Earth, but there have been no reports of additional fallout.
Hey, Will, I love annoying sounds as much as the next girl, but think you could turn it down? I'm just trying to contact Dad.
He's out in the middle of all that.
I just want to make sure he's safe.
He said that we wouldn't be able to contact him for a while.
On the phone.
But he says if I use this and make fast radio bursts it can reach him no matter where he is.
We set up this code.
It means "Are you okay?" And then he answers back.
And that way, we know he's safe.
Sweetheart, his receiver is probably just turned off.
I'd probably turn my receiver off too, if I had to hear the Penny.
Look the frequency is probably just busy.
There's a lot of bandwidth being used right now.
He'll respond.
He always does.
Just keep trying.
Maybe it's the repeater.
I'm still adjusting.
- Will.
- Or the wrong frequency.
- Will.
- Maybe the parabolic reflector's interfering with the signal.
- You can't reach him.
- You don't know that.
I saw it.
What color was the explosion? Was it red? Red could indicate low temperature combustion, which proves parts of the ship could still be intact.
It wasn't red.
Did you see any pieces fall to the ground? I don't know.
Dad was wearing a suit.
He'd have oxygen.
He could be fine.
We don't know for sure Okay, but here's what we do know.
Dad would not want us to be focused on him right now.
- He'd want us to find Mom.
- How? Dr.
Smith could've taken her anywhere.
But the fact that she took her tells us something.
It means that Smith needs her.
We figure out why and we'll know where to find them.
Rise and shine, Maureen.
You may have a concussion.
What What happened? What happened to the Jupiter? Where's John? There was There was an accident.
What? He They didn't make it.
I I don't understand.
I What did you do? The thing is I needed your help.
I just didn't know they needed it, too.
I understand how you must feel and I don't blame you, but we need to put the past behind us.
Where are my children? Your children are fine.
I need you to focus, Maureen.
The Resolute leaves in a matter of hours.
If you have any hope of saving your family, you will help me.
Help you? The alien ship.
Take me there.
And I give you my word, I will get you and your children off this dying rock.
How is that gonna help her? I don't know but she had it.
The robot head? Yeah, she said she could bring him back.
But why would she need Mom? If anything, she would've needed you.
Yeah, I agree, it doesn't add up.
There's gotta be more to it.
Where are you going? Sitting here doesn't help.
They can't have gone far.
I'm coming with you.
- Will, no.
Okay? Just stay here.
- But I can help.
No! You've done enough! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't I didn't mean that.
You're right.
It's my fault.
I let her out.
It's okay.
Guys! Hey, what's going on? - Seriously, what is going on in here? - Remember this? Yeah.
It's the rock from the cave.
Thing is, I don't think it's a rock.
Then what is it? Highly concentrated biomass.
So, petrified super poop? Uh, yes, exactly.
Excuse me, I'm washing my hands now.
- I was thinking - The waste converters.
Every Jupiter has one.
And since it can turn human waste into biofuel It is possible.
Didn't Mom say it would take at least three years to produce enough waste to launch a Jupiter? Uh, yeah, but we don't have to produce it.
Whatever's been living in that cave has been doing it forever.
Just so I'm clear, we spent the night in what is, essentially, an alien toilet? You better hope that whoever used it is no longer there.
This sample contains digested material from every creature I've logged on this planet.
Whatever created it, it's from the top of the food chain.
An apex predator.
Anybody got a better idea? The Resolute leaves in nine hours.
- Dad may not even have that long.
- Will.
Let's get on the radio.
We'll need all the help we can get.
All right.
While you guys work on that, I'm gonna go find Mom.
Wait, please, it's dangerous.
Your mother would want you to stay here.
Well, then I guess it's a good thing I take after my dad.
- Okay.
It's okay.
- Judy, wait.
Tell Hiroki I'm taking his Chariot.
Okay, but can you just Can you Okay Hey, what? Can you promise you're gonna be careful? Penny, I'm - Can you promise me? - Yes, I promise.
You're not losing anyone else today.
Understand? Are you sure that you can handle this alone? Don't worry.
I'm not gonna be alone.
The damage looks worse than it did in the video.
Was that your big plan? Fix the ship and fly away? Oh, please, I wouldn't have any idea how to do that, but he might.
In Will's video, the ship was making a sound and the robot responding to it, like it was recharging his batteries, bringing it back to life.
Like Humpty Dumpty, Will put the robot back together again, and when he did, it somehow healed itself.
If used properly, I believe this magnificent machine could heal us all.
But first things first.
I don't understand.
I'm doing exactly what Will did.
But you're not Will.
Will is kind, compassionate.
You're Maureen, no matter what you think of me I never meant to hurt anyone.
I just wanted to get to Alpha Centauri for a fresh start.
Just like you.
Just like John.
We're not so different, you know.
Just two people trying to atone for our mistakes, heal old wounds.
So whatever you think of me and the things that I've done I'm not a monster.
It's this way.
I don't remember it being this warm.
- Uh, what do you think? - I think we'll need a lot more.
What about over here? I don't know.
We only went this far.
- Is there enough down there? - Let's find out.
We are, literally, full of shit.
Looks like we're alone.
That's a good start.
Should we take a closer look? Yeah.
Stay here.
Just in case.
What is it? It's fresh.
Should we bring everybody else in? So, there's some good news and some bad news.
The good news is there's enough biomass to get all our Jupiters off this planet.
And the bad news? We have to break it apart and haul it out of there - without making a sound.
- But that's impossible.
I don't understand.
Why do we have to be so quiet? Right.
Well, there's some, uh some worse news.
Maybe the problem isn't the robot, it's the ship.
Listen, why don't you untie me and I can help you figure it out.
- We'll go in the ship - How stupid do you think I am? I think that you are a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them.
You got me to believe you were a doctor.
Got me to invite you into my family.
You made me think we were friends.
If you're stupid, I don't know what that makes me.
Don't be hard on yourself.
I'm pretty good at what I do.
So am I.
And I'm a rocket scientist.
This is alien technology.
The laws of thermodynamics are universal.
Energy, entropy If there is anyone on this planet that can figure out how to turn that ship on, it's me.
We always said, if there was anyone who could help us figure this out, it was Maureen Robinson.
It's a team effort.
Sometimes you just need to take a step back, look at things differently.
I hear we're calling it the Resolute? I like the sound of that.
The director thinks it will play well with the media.
Well, let's just make sure she can fly before we worry about how she plays.
Well, we had a good week.
If these figures hold, the structure should stay sound at 276,000 miles per hour.
And I can bring that upstairs? Ye Yes.
Uh, I just What? - It's just theoretical.
- For now.
Well, it's one thing to withstand those speeds, it's another thing to reach them.
Every model I've seen says we're decades away from that.
There are more current models.
You understand, it's a clearance thing.
Of course.
I just I mean, it it would be great if our team could be let in Are you going to the avionics meeting at 3:00? - Yes, I think so.
- Good.
I'll see you then.
Will, everyone's going up.
Come on.
Uh, yeah, I'll be right there.
Still trying to contact your father? I want to let him know we have a plan.
- Had any response? - Not yet.
Used to have one of those when I was a boy.
My friends and I used to send secret messages back and forth.
I want you to know, when we get back to the Resolute, you and your sisters are welcome to stay with us for as long as you need.
Thanks, but that won't be necessary.
- I just mean to say - My mom will be back soon.
And once all the fuel's ready, we're gonna find my dad and save him.
It's good to think positively, but don't let that keep you from thinking rationally.
We need you here.
We need your head here.
Helping the people who still have a chance.
You know, Will I wish your dad was here.
I do.
I'm sorry he isn't.
He was trying to do what he thought was best, just like you are now.
But I always tell my son, there are times to follow your heart and times to follow your head.
Which one do you think my dad was following when he risked his life to save everyone? It takes a certain type of person to do that.
It does.
But if he'd waited another day, he wouldn't have had to.
History books are full of stories of heroic men and their sacrifices, but do you know who writes those stories? The survivors.
I'll see you inside.
Generating last-known Chariot location.
Okay, so that's the cave.
What are you doing all the way over there by yourself? Chariot 21 located.
Got ya.
All right.
Hang on, Mom.
I'm coming.
Navigating to Chariot 21.
This is where I was standing when it turned on.
Did you touch anything? I don't know.
I'm trying to, uh John was behind me.
Uh Yeah, over my right No.
Over Over my left shoulder.
- Here? - Yes.
That's right.
I don't see anything that could Wait.
Maybe it wasn't me or John at all.
- What about him? - He was He was standing there, in that back corner.
- Over here? - Yeah.
A little further back.
Do you see anything? Smith? I think we should stick together.
After all, we're a team now, right? Now tell me where your son was.
The truth.
- Outside? - He was outside with the robot.
He was teaching him how to throw a baseball.
That does sound like Will, doesn't it? All that power under his control and he uses it to play catch.
What would you use it for? The truth.
To stop running.
Stop pretending.
With the robot by my side no one could hurt me.
I could just be myself.
Do you remember who that is anymore? Just a girl, before her mother died.
Before her sister shone brighter in her father's eyes.
Before she ran away and filled the emptiness with mistakes.
I wanna be that girl.
You don't need a machine to be that.
If you had known who I really was, would you have taken me in? No.
But a doctor, there's someone you could trust.
I didn't trust you because you were a doctor.
I trusted you because you helped us.
And that's all I'm trying to do right now.
To get us all off this planet.
Back to the Resolute.
Don't you see, Maureen? I'm not the villain of this story.
I'm the hero.
So prove it.
Release me.
I don't think so.
Oh, my God.
I've seen that before.
What part of "restricted area" don't you understand? It doesn't say who it's restricted to.
It's their fault for not being more specific.
Plus, don't you wanna see what happens? Everybody's talking about it.
Everybody? You have two friends on the Resolute.
Okay, and they're both talking about it.
Shut up.
Here goes.
Oh, wow.
- It's magic.
- No.
It's science.
Electromagnetic charges from the other side of the wall are changing the balance of electrons on this side of the wall.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Now that it got nerdy, suddenly it's cool.
- Can I try? - Yeah, go for it.
Fight the power.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Mom.
What's up? She made me do it.
How long have you been standing there? Long enough to know that you didn't go to the med bay like you were supposed to.
Okay, in our defense, as far as teen rebellion goes, this is mild.
Do you have any idea what's behind there? - Go get your immuno-boosters.
- But I wanted Go.
- So what do we do now? - We find out what's behind this wall.
- But how's that gonna - Because the only thing that can create that kind of charge is power.
This ship may look like it's dead, but it's still breathing.
Watanabe says the converters can turn waste into fuel in about an hour.
So once we figure out where Dad is You've got to stop.
- What? - You're carrying around this radio Dad's gone, okay? - How can you say that? - It would have been impossible Any more impossible than Judy being saved from the ice? You finding us in that storm? Mom and Dad being together again? The impossible happens all the time.
Just have to believe it can.
Thank you.
- What are you doing? Turn it off.
- Wait, it's not me.
Turn it off.
Make it stop.
What are you doing? Wait, it wasn't sending.
- It was receiving.
- Dad's alive.
Get out! Get out! Go! - Here! Come on! - Run for it! - Get out! - Come on! Let's go! Now! Everybody! Come on! - Quick! Grab your mother! - Mom! Hiroki! - Have you seen Vijay? - No! What was that? It's called saving your life.
Now, go! Run! Come on! Let's move! Let's move! Is that everybody? Is everybody out? Penny! Shh They're blind.
They can only find you if they can hear you.
Seems like these panels should move.
What is this? Do you feel something? Nope, nothing.
There's another one here.
- Where are you going? - Relax, I'm not going anywhere.
Sometimes you just need to step back, get a different perspective.
How tall would you say the robot is? What does it matter? Because this ship was meant to be operated by him, not us.
We need to be the robot's hands.
Both of us, together.
One, two, three.
What is that? Well, Ms.
Harris, I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news, we haven't set up a system of justice yet.
No courts.
No jail.
Bad news we haven't set up a system of justice yet, which means I can do whatever the hell I want to you.
- Sir, we've had a breach.
- What kind of a breach? I don't know.
They're asking for you.
Sit tight.
We are not done.
Not even close.
Emergency evacuation protocol initiated.
All Resolute colonists, please proceed to your assigned Jupiter pods.
Thank you for remaining calm.
- This is a disaster.
- Yeah.
There was always a risk they'd come back for it.
What do we do? You saw what that machine is doing Without that engine out here, we're all dead anyway.
- So you protect it at all costs.
- Yeah.
So the robot didn't just attack the Resolute.
It came for something.
- Our engine.
- But that makes no sense.
I mean, they're clearly more advanced than we are.
- Why would they want our engine? - Because it wasn't our engine.
We didn't just miraculously develop the technology to travel the universe.
We stole it.
How? Did we capture one of their ships? Shoot it down? To hide something like that, you'd need one hell of a cover story.
Something like a A Christmas star.
Let's go.
Is she crazy? We walk very quietly.
Step by step.
Then gross things fly down and eat us.
You have a better idea? No, but What do you think? He's hurt.
We have to get him help.
Okay, okay, okay.
Let's go.
Yeah! - Penny! - Oh, my God.
I radioed Dad again.
He signaled back.
- Really? - Yeah.
Where is he? I don't know, but he's up there somewhere.
Okay, what do you say we go find him? Hey, Robinsons.
Well done.
I wanted to say thank you for what you did back there.
After what I did to your family, it's the least I could No.
That wasn't your fault.
Smith has a way of making people do things they regret.
Well, I appreciate your forgiveness.
And when you see your father again, please tell him I'm sorry.
Maybe you can tell him that yourself, once we're all back on the Resolute.
The Resolute leaves in four hours.
Need to keep moving.
Vijay? Come on.
Be right there.
Thanks for saving my ass back there.
Well, you'd look pretty stupid walking around without it.
So, I thought - That was a joke.
- Yeah, no, I know.
Um I'm gonna go tell Judy the good news.
Look, I just want to say that It was stupid to break up with me.
I know.
That it was rude and really immature.
Well, I mean, I wasn't gonna use exactly those words Mmm-hmm.
Like, maybe when we're back up on the Resolute, we can hang out sometime? No.
No, I'm good.
But, uh, see you around, Vijay.
Judy! Judy, guess what! Judy Will, I can't talk right now.
I think I found Mom.
I'll call you later.
Judy, wait Look, if you untie me, if I had the right equipment, I think I could get this ship flight-worthy.
Ugh! How's that supposed to help me? Well, you wouldn't die here, for one thing.
If I go back to the Resolute without him, my life is over anyway.
I'll be locked up, sent back to Earth.
So thanks, but no thanks.
We could vouch for you.
We could tell Radic about how you helped us to survive down here.
- Surely that - Do you expect me to believe that, after all the hurt I've caused you? I give you my word.
So if I were to ask right now if you were stalling, and waiting for your family to save you, you'd tell me the truth? I would.
I hope you're a better rocket scientist than you are a liar.
Judy! - Hey.
We don't have much time, okay? - Get me out of this.
Okay, now what? How about we get the hell off this planet? Great.
Any ideas how we can do that? - Ask your son, he figured it out.
- What? I'll let him tell you.
Back up.
Back up.
- Come on.
Come on, let's go! - It won't go! Come on! Danger, Dr.