Lost in Space (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Hey! Might be a better artist than me now.
Don't let it go to your head.
It's not saying much.
That's supposed to be us.
From now on, how about we stick together? No matter what.
This is where we are now and this is the Resolute.
You've been there before, twice, and neither time was that great, but Roll with me here.
This is Alpha Centauri.
I've told you all about it.
It's our new home, and the only way of getting there is you.
I think we'll like it there.
I mean, I think we will.
Thank you.
If you hadn't killed SAR, the robot would still be trapped down there.
Trust me.
It's going to work.
It'll be the first robot we've found in one piece.
It'll be fully functional and more capable.
Testing in three, two, one.
Careful now.
You don't want to damage the thing.
That's our ticket home.
I need to be prepared.
We'll be waiting for you at the extraction point.
All you have to do is get them inside and we'll take care of the rest.
How's it feel? Uh, it tingles.
It means the fibroblasts are activating.
- Gross.
- No, it's good.
It means it's working.
Still gross.
Oh, slow, slow, slow, slow.
It's good to be back together again, huh? - Come here.
- Yeah.
Glad you're safe, kiddo.
You too, Dad.
Oh, this hug must really hurt, huh? Yeah.
It hurts.
So, I saw Dr.
Smith being treated earlier.
Which is strange because she wasn't being arrested.
Yeah, I think she's turning over a new leaf.
Well, she can turn over as many new leafs as she wants, but the tree's still rotten.
She saved Mr.
Jackson's life like a real doctor.
We got bigger problems than Dr.
Uh, hey! Where are you going? I was sent down to that planet to do a job, and that job's not done.
Permission to come aboard.
Permission granted.
John Robinson.
I'm surprised to see you on your feet so soon.
I get that a lot.
So, uh, I wanted to check where we stand with the water supply.
It's not ideal, but we did manage to bank over 200 thousand gallons from wells one and two before we became aware it was contaminated.
Where is it? We have it safely stored in bladders so there's no risk to the ship.
What happens now? How do we clean it up so we can leave? Our scientists devised a process.
It's painstaking.
- I'm told it will take roughly 53 weeks.
- A year? Longer than we had hoped, but we'll manage.
That's not the only reason you came to speak to me, is it? Well, now that you mention it The incident with your daughter, it was difficult for all of us, but my duty is to do what's best for everyone on this ship.
You're a soldier, you understand the situation I was in.
But I'm also a father, so the next time you make a decision that affects the lives of my family, you better make me a part of it.
Captain, comms have picked up something.
- What is it? - You'll wanna hear this.
Clear the bridge.
Get me Hastings.
What's going on? We will have to continue this later.
Escort Mr.
Robinson off the bridge.
Whoa! It's okay.
Don't worry.
It's okay.
Gypsy's a friend.
I think you two got off on the wrong foot.
This is a horse.
He's a domesticated animal.
Before we had things like chariots, we used them for transportation.
This is how we calm them down when they're nervous or upset.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay, this is called a bit.
We put one in so he doesn't run away.
All right.
Friend Will Robinson.
He's a friend.
It's just to make sure we keep him under control.
It doesn't hurt.
I promise you.
See? He likes to be ridden.
Come on.
I can't tell what its reaction is.
I imagine it's positive.
That thing was hunting my son.
Wanted him so badly it threw the robot in a pit for 7 months in the distant chance that it would lure Will down here.
But why do you suppose that thing was so interested in your son? I don't know.
Maybe because what they have is special.
Special things are often considered a threat.
We should get going.
Guess you could say I've been sentenced a little mandatory Me Time.
Agh! Oh, in case you're wondering, it really hurts.
I'm really sorry about all this.
The truth is, I owed Penny one, so - About that.
- No, no, no.
Say no more.
Kid's got a bright future.
Plus, I wanna be written about in the sequel.
Good, because I'm gonna need your help again.
The Resolute received an audio signal this morning, and ever since then, Kamal and Hastings have been holed up in the bridge and they put a freeze on all the transports from the planet.
That probably just has something to do with the whole rust business.
I don't think so.
The shuttles were running right up until the audio signal came in.
Something's not right.
Kamal's face.
- It was like she'd seen a ghost.
- Heard a ghost, technically.
Every signal that gets picked up by RTS - is backed up in the server room.
- Recordings? But the only people that have access to the server room are people with the highest clearance level.
A clearance level that you, my friend, do not have.
But if anyone could bypass that clearance, it's Don West, right? Normally, yes.
But right now, I can't even bypass my room.
So you're screwed.
I'm afraid I just can't help you, John.
You're talking about breaking and entering.
I'm a doctor.
I have a reputation to preserve.
How about we start by being straight with each other.
I'd love that.
Seems that you've managed to stay out of trouble by always being one step ahead.
Two steps, actually.
Yeah, well, you're behind now.
We all are.
By a lot.
Doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable? Well, I have my own office.
Do I look uncomfortable to you? How about when Captain Kamal almost blew you out into space to save her ship.
- Were you comfortable then? - Oh.
So, I see.
This is really about helping me, not you.
It's a classic soft-in.
One of my favorites.
Well played.
I am not playing anyone.
I am trying to keep my family safe.
Let's say I were to help you, what would that entail? I need to get into a place only a few people have access to.
And what makes you think that I can Because everyone here believes that you're Dr.
Smith, which means that you have managed to move around undetected, avoid security, alter digital records.
As far as I can tell, if anyone can access the inaccessible, it's you.
I don't know.
Sounds risky.
Do you honestly believe that I would come to you of all people if I didn't feel that this was absolutely necessary? No.
I honestly don't.
But if I'm sticking my neck out like this, you and your family are gonna owe me.
Big time.
Adler, do you know what those are? Haven't come across them before.
I thought you said you had seen everything this planet has to offer.
Well, we can't ride through them.
We're gonna have to ride around.
Let's see if we can find an alternate route.
That's pretty good.
You want to learn how to feed him? Here, let me get something for you.
You want a slice of apple, Gypsy? Here you go.
Go on.
Like this.
That's enough for now.
You don't want overfeed him.
There's a way to the pickup spot, just to the south.
Where that canyon narrows.
I don't know how you got so good at all this.
I didn't grow up in the city.
My son has a scar like that.
You saw that.
I know you think that what Will and this Robot have is special.
I thought I had it too with Scarecrow, but it was a lie.
There is some base programming in these things, all intelligences have it.
The primal, lizard part of our brains, in humans, it's tied to survival.
If we're threatened, we run or we fight for our lives.
And we have kids, so that life can continue after we die.
These things aren't alive.
They don't know what life is.
They're killers.
If you strip away all the paintings and the high-fives, that's all you're left with.
What are you doing? Friend.
Look, I know you think you're helping him, but he needs his bit.
He doesn't know any better.
Without it, he'd just wander off.
What happened to the horse's bridle? It was the robot.
What? Why would it do that? He just doesn't understand.
Okay, Will, I think a lot of people wouldn't understand.
- You ready to go? - Yeah.
You're gonna have to neck rein.
And mind your seat, you won't have his mouth.
He'll be harder to control.
Zoe Smith.
Security access granted.
Seriously? That's it? All that, "You're gonna owe me stuff" and all you have to do is wave your arm in front of a sensor? You didn't think the only thing I upgraded was my name, - did you? - Unbelievable.
Thank you.
And you're welcome.
And you still owe me.
It's a a lot of customers you still owe.
Former customers, now it's just a list of people I have to hide from.
Even though you saved my sister? Former customers don't really care about that.
You know, once we get to Alpha Centauri, everyone will hear about your heroism and all will be forgiven.
Is that how it works? Yeah.
If we get there.
Well, my mom and Will are coming back with the robot, so we're gonna get there.
You might want to share some of that optimism with your dad.
- What do you mean? - You know, the whole thing on the bridge.
What they heard, and He didn't tell you that? Tell me what? Oh you know, it might be a father-daughter type conversation.
- Don.
- Honestly, I don't know what it is, but it concerned your father enough to go to Smith for help.
Smith? - Clearly he didn't tell you that either.
- Smith? Saying her name three times is not gonna make her disappear.
What could he possibly need from someone like Smith? Look, you didn't hear it from me, but I know where they're going.
- Do you trust him? - Adler? Sometimes you gotta work with people that you don't trust.
You just gotta be smart.
I don't know.
He's pretty smart too.
He built something strong enough to kill SAR but he didn't know we were walking into a trap.
He didn't know we were in danger.
So why'd he bring him? It's those things again.
There's no way they'll attack with him here.
Will's right.
They're not hunting us.
Then what are they hunting? Danger, Will Robinson! Mom.
Will! Will! - You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
No, Robot! Come back here! Come back here! No! No! Come back, please! Robot, no! Please.
Will told it to come back.
Why didn't it listen to him? The robot was just helping its friend.
I thought Will was his friend.
Come on.
We got a ride to catch.
I take back what I said about you being an amazing doctor.
The fact that you can't keep up has nothing to do with hypothermia.
I think Dad can handle this, don't know why you're dragging me into it.
Maybe because you and Smith have a special connection, and if push comes to shove then we're gonna need your help.
Okay, firstly, you are way better at pushing and shoving than I am, and I do not have a special connection with Smith.
I just convinced her to use her powers for good.
Well, I don't know what kind of good she'd be doing with Dad, but Dr.
Smith never does anything without an ulterior motive.
You really know how to work this thing? I know how to work a computer.
What I don't know is the exact time of the original transmission they heard on the bridge.
Could be any of these.
I'll get comfortable.
You seem a little nervous.
You okay? Yeah.
It's just, um I'm not used to this, you know, having a partner.
I usually go it alone.
- Why's that? - That way, the only person you have to trust is yourself.
Decreases the chances of getting screwed over.
But then no one's got your back when things go south.
I've gotten pretty good at making things go the way I want them to.
Seems a little lonely to me.
What does a man with a wife and three kids know about loneliness? Haven't always been this man.
It was nothing, you know, I just did some stupid things when I was young.
Got into some fights, spent a couple of nights in jail.
John Robinson has a record.
What'd you do? Enough for my mom and dad to strongly recommend that I join the Navy to keep out of trouble.
- And did it work? - Ah, mostly.
You know what it did do, was teach me to rely on my brother and sisters at my side.
I had to trust them with my life.
I think people have to earn your trust.
How can they earn it if you don't let 'em? I wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't put my trust in Maureen and the kids.
Hell, I even had to learn how to trust a damn robot.
And now you're trusting me.
Yeah, I am.
Found it.
I've heard that before.
Me, too.
It's the sound from the alien ship.
That's not just one ship.
Where's it coming from? Everywhere.
How you doing back there? Uh, Gypsy's lagging a little, but we're fine.
- I'm gonna walk him for a minute.
- Okay.
Looks like our ride's here.
What do you think the chances are they brought fresh coffee? Mom! Mom! It's gonna be okay, Gypsy.
It's okay.
Oh, no.
It's cut.
Maybe it was grazed by a horn during the stampede, but that wouldn't have caused it to Could be infected.
That looks like some kind of toxin.
It's bad, isn't it? It's spreading fast.
Don't worry, buddy.
Oh, Will, I don't I don't think he's gonna make it.
Hey, buddy.
I'm here.
He's not like you.
We can't repair him.
Maureen? Just wait.
What's it doing? It's grieving.
It can't.
Is the coast clear? For now.
So, who are you gonna tell about this? When Maureen gets back, we'll figure out what this means, how long we have, and what we do next.
And here I thought we were partners.
And here I thought you always worked alone.
Ready to get out of here? After you.
Okay, listen to me.
I'm gonna make this clear, this was my idea.
- I made her come with me.
- We know.
Thanks for the tip, Doctor.
This whole time? John, you have to understand the position you put me in.
You asked me to commit an illegal act.
More than illegal, mutinous.
Grab him.
Come on! Someday you're gonna get what's coming to you.
Dad? Girls, it's okay, it's just a misunderstanding.
Go back to the Jupiter.
- Your mom will be back soon.
- What's going on? It's a misunderstanding.
You did the right thing today.
From what I understand, you you lived with the Robinsons for a while, so I'm curious.
Why'd you turn him in? I want us to get to Alpha Centauri safely.
And the news of those machines out there would cause widespread panic in the Resolute.
I couldn't let that happen.
You're right about that.
The last thing we need right now is a panic.
Well, if there's anything else I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to ask.
I'm glad to hear you say that, that's There's been a change of plans and, I think you could be extremely valuable in the days ahead.
Always glad to help.
Let's get the robot loaded first.
Then unpack the horses.
Come on.
Will? Will.
Listen to me, you do realize the importance of what you've done here? A lot of people are finally gonna get to go home and see their families.
Don't thank me thank him.
Did you give him that? No.
I guess he wanted something to remember him by.
Change of plans.
We're not gonna use that storage container.
We'll find another way onto the Jupiter that's a little less uncomfortable.
Any attempt to leave this Jupiter will activate the electromagnet and result in an electric shock.
Any attempt to tamper with the proximity sensor will result in an electric shock.
Any attempt to remove the ankle device will result in In an electric shock.
Yeah, I get it.
Why her? I needed her help.
No! You're supposed to come to us if you need help, not her.
- She's conniving and manipulative.
- Let me explain.
Are you really gonna let her talk about me like that? Really? You're just gonna sit there and act like you've done nothing? Relax.
I was invited.
It's okay.
What do you mean, it's okay? Oh.
You two were Personally, I thought your father's performance was a bit much, but I can't argue with the results.
Hastings trusts me.
I'm in.
So, it was all set up? It was the only way I could find out what was really going on.
So what is really going on? Hastings asked me to serve as the ship's therapist in an official capacity for the next few days to keep everyone calm.
If they're trying to keep the danger secret, why are they so concerned about a reaction? That's a bit of a good news-bad news situation.
Why can it never just be a good news-good news situation? As soon as Maureen and Will get back the Resolute will be ready to leave for Alpha Centauri.
So the good news is your family will be safe.
What's the bad news? We'll be leaving with only those currently on board.
Currently? There's only enough water to support the transport of a limited number of passengers.
But there are hundreds of people down there on that planet.
Friends, family, children, what about them? The decision's been made to leave them behind.
We're abandoning them.
Maureen here.
When can I start sending up the rest of our people? You haven't started yet? - Why? - I was hoping you could tell me.
There's been no order yet.
The Jupiters in camp are still grounded.
I don't know anything about it.
As far as I know, they're still dealing with the quarantine.
They're probably just double checking the docking bays.
Maureen, when you get to the Resolute, tell my son I'll see him soon.
I will, Victor.
Shouldn't be much longer, everyone.
Just, um, just sit tight.
When we get back up there, things are gonna be different than last time.
This time, you're gonna save everyone.
It should be in chains.
We don't have to force it to help us.
It decided to on its own.
Which means it can decide to change its mind on its own, too.
It's not gonna do that.
It cares.
About one boy.
Not just about Will.
It cares about other living things as well.
You thought Scarecrow had a brain, now you think Tin Man has a heart? I suppose so, yeah.
That only makes it more dangerous.
We're ready.
Robot remove the engine from the Jupiter 2.
Hastings to bridge.
It's working.
It jams short-range radio signals.
Well, you're the expert.
In fact, you just might be the most important person on this ship right now.
Maureen, if it's okay with Will, I'd like to have a word.
Some things happened while you were gone.
What things? It's better if we speak in private.
Alien ships.
How many are we talking about? It's hard to tell, but given our history with these machines, I wouldn't stick around and make an accurate count.
How How many people know? A select few.
Adler, Captain Kamal, and your husband.
You told John? He, uh, well he actually found out on his own.
Broke into a high-security information vault.
- That sounds like him.
- You understand I had to place him under house arrest, just for appearances.
You know, once we get to the colony, we can share drinks and laugh about it, but till then - I can't be seen to be playing favorites.
- All right.
I'll make sure the systems are ready, so when the engine's in place and all the people on the planet are back on board, we'll be ready to go.
That'd be great.
John? Hey.
I heard you had a dust-up with Hastings? - What happened? - Thank goodness you're back.
What is she doing here? We need to talk.
My dad is still down there.
Everyone is still down there.
Hastings just lied right to my face.
How can they expect us to just abandon our families? No one will be left behind.
The Resolute's leaving soon as that engine is in place.
And even if we can get everyone back on the ship, we don't have enough oxygen to support them.
The water we brought up from the planet is contaminated.
If we run it through the OGS Systems to make breathable air, it'll rot out the pipes.
The Resolute will literally dissolve from the inside out.
Speaking from personal experience, that would not be awesome.
There must be some way to decontaminate the water.
There is, but it would take a year to collect the amount of ammonia gas we'd need to do it.
And there's no way Hastings and his team are waiting around for that.
I need to collect my thoughts.
I think that means we're ready.
Now let's move it to the engine room.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We didn't get a chance to talk.
How was it down there? - How's Will? - He's good.
He got his friend back, but he's different, somehow.
The robot? Yeah.
He's just, uh What is it? Izabel, what do we know about that planet? This idea is crazy.
Never stopped us before.
Really wish it would.
Look, we have to try.
We have to explain to them that there is a way.
Even if you're right about the planet out there, Hastings and Kamal will never put the Resolute at that kind of risk.
Well, then, let's not ask for permission.
That's mutiny.
- Is it? - Yeah.
Taking a ship somewhere the captain doesn't want it to go? That's mutiny.
There will be consequences.
Any worse than for the people being left behind? First thing we need is a plan.
I agree.