Lost in Space (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


In order to stage a mutiny, there are a few things you need to know.
One: How much time do you have? [MAUREEN.]
Not much.
As soon as the robot gets that engine in place, Hastings will launch and abandon everyone down on that planet.
Two: Know your target.
The bridge.
Can't control the ship from anywhere else.
- [JOHN.]
And three: Your obstacles.
There's too many to count, but let's start with security.
We're currently operating with a skeleton crew, which means we've only got 18 security officers on board.
Only 18.
How are we supposed to neutralize 18 highly trained guards? We don't need to neutralize 18 of them.
Just one.
This guy.
He'll be armed.
So you have to be prepared.
Wait, I'll have to be prepared? You know, you can overpower someone without ever even laying a hand on them.
- How's that? - Find their weak spot.
Everyone has one.
You just have to dig a little, - and find out where it is.
- Samantha Her father was a security officer on the ship.
Maybe her mom knows something about this guy.
Maybe you could go talk to them.
It's me and my dad.
It's the last one I have of him.
Will you go find out if she knows anything? I, uh, I really shouldn't.
What are you talking about? You're good at getting into people's minds.
In, like, a nice way, though.
I think it's best if I'm not seen with all of you.
Now that I'm in on the inside with Hastings and all.
I'll go do it.
Hey, let's keep going.
Now, Penny, your turn.
I need you to get something important for your mom.
Me? Okay, what do I need to get? A crew.
Yeah, keep it up.
In 30,000 years I'll be free.
Is this your card? [DOOR OPENS.]
Hey, Don.
- Hey.
This is a jailbreak, right? - Uh, yeah.
Yes! Where's the key? It's not a key exactly.
What am I supposed to do with that? [GRUNTS.]
There goes my security deposit.
Mom, I talked to Samantha's mother about that guard.
Remember this name.
Don West back in action.
Oh Yeah.
Otherwise, we're not going to have enough.
Don? Ava.
Hey, I was just coming to see you.
Just give me a minute.
What are you doing out? Uh - [SIGHS.]
- You know I have to report this.
Listen, how many of your people are still down on the planet? A lot.
Why? Where's Scarecrow? He's not doing so well.
So we moved him.
Maybe Robot can help him.
I hope so.
One thing at a time.
Permission to enter the bridge.
Permission granted.
What is it? We can't strand 500 colonists and crew members down there.
We'll send a relief crew back to collect them as soon as the Resolute reaches Alpha Centauri.
We don't even know where we are.
What if we can't find our way back? Those are questions it's up to scientists like you to answer.
Captain, engine number four just went offline.
You should answer that.
Engine room, you have the bridge.
What's your emergency? [AVA OVER RADIO.]
Thrusters 1 through 168 mainline and reserve units are not responding.
That's all of them.
This is the captain.
How long do you estimate repairs will take? They're not malfunctioning, Captain.
Then what exactly is the problem? It seems they'll only respond to orders from Maureen Robinson.
You really trust these people? With my life.
Escort Maureen Robinson and her associates off the bridge.
Incarcerate her with her husband.
All security to the bridge.
We have a situation.
Let's not make this more difficult than it needs to be.
- Anton Penn is still down there.
- Who? You never caught his name, but he's the one who dragged you to safety during the last attack.
You had a broken ankle.
You were unarmed, and you didn't think that there was anyone who would help you.
But he did.
I gave you an order.
Now, you're Anton's last chance.
Remove her! [MAN.]
One second till I'm afraid I can't do that, ma'am.
Go! Move! Come on! [SIGHS.]
I think it's ready.
Bridge, we've lost power.
That's not an accident.
Maureen, what are you doing on the bridge? [MAUREEN.]
Giving orders.
It should be obvious by now that we're not leaving this solar system just yet, so let's all take a step back, and let my son and the robot go back to our Jupiter.
No one's keeping Will here, or the robot.
I thought we were all working towards a common goal.
But it's not really all of us, is it? We're still 500 short.
What's my mom talking about? Isn't everyone coming back onto the ship? Did you know about this? Nobody wanted this to happen.
I'm protecting you.
I have been all along.
- Everyone Everyone back up, back off.
I don't need protection.
Let's go.
We're close.
The engine's in place.
I'm not convinced we can safely take the robot by force.
We won't need to.
After everything I did to get in on the inside, Hastings will know it was me who turned on him.
You're one of us now.
Well, that's sweet to hear, and how will that help me? It means we'll protect you.
As long as I stay in here.
I don't like being cooped up.
How's the mutiny going? I don't know.
It's my first one.
I'll call you later.
I know you think you're doing the right thing here, Mrs.
Robinson, but if you bring everyone back up, none of us will survive.
There's not enough air.
That planet is a gas giant.
It's made of hydrogen, helium, a little methane, and ammonia, and like most gas giants, being an extremely stormy place, ionized ammonia Ammonium.
Angela already figured out how to stop the rust virus.
Deoxidize it.
But what I couldn't figure out was where we'd ever find enough ammonium to clean 280,000 gallons of water.
Maureen pointed out what was right in front of my nose.
Do you know how long it would take the Jupiters to transport all that water in and out of that planet's atmosphere? That's why we're not taking the Jupiters.
We're taking the Resolute.
Hey, you, slow down.
I got something for you.
Ooh A rugged look.
I like it.
Nice to see you, too.
I saw you two days ago.
I fought SAR and almost died.
I flew through space in a storage container.
Not cool.
I have a secret mission from Mom.
What is it? It's not for you.
It's for him.
A prison break? That's a terrible idea.
Come in, why don't you.
I thought you and I could talk about a few things.
The complexities of this task are greater than you can plan in a day.
No, it's pretty simple really.
We dive down into the planet's ammonia belt suck up enough gas through the intakes to flush the precipitate out of the oxygen-generating system.
We get a bunch of clean water and we'll have enough ammonium gas to decontaminate all our people and equipment.
And we go to Alpha Centauri and start a new life.
The Resolute has never entered an atmosphere before.
It was built in orbit.
You seem to care more about the safety of this ship than the lives of its passengers.
I don't want to leave those people behind, but this ship, our ship, is irreplaceable.
It's the last hope of the human race.
All eight billion people.
And one day when this wave of colonists has made the journey, there are still parents and children in Mumbai, in Paris, in Pasadena, in every city, and every country in the world who'll know that if they pass the test, if they prove their worth, they can gain passage.
And what if this ship is destroyed? What do the children of Earth dream about then? We're not going to lose the Resolute.
We're going to spin her, on an X axis, which will redistribute the gases and create enough drag so that we can maintain control of the ship.
That's never been tested.
A lot of things in my line of work only get one test.
We are good at passing it.
We've sustained significant damage.
The cross supports along F decks are compromised.
If we do what you propose, they could tear apart altogether.
If the struts weaken, we'll be ready.
How? [PENNY.]
He's different.
What do you mean? He just is.
You've spent like five minutes with him.
No, no, no.
He always used to walk behind you because he wanted to see what was coming, like all he wanted to do was protect you.
And now we're following him.
You haven't noticed? Look, he's been through a lot lately.
I'm sure he'll get back to normal.
Hey! What is it? Yeah, see.
In the old days he used to say, "Danger Will" Just stop! You don't know him.
Come on.
Mom's counting on us.
We need to be ready.
I want to start by saying I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Neither do we.
You're a military man, John.
You understand once a situation like this escalates tension is heightened.
Lines can be crossed.
- [JOHN.]
I'm well aware.
- Then I need you to ask Maureen to stand down.
I won't do that.
Judy, would you care to join us? Why don't we keep whatever this is just between us? [HASTINGS.]
Now we're all settled.
I'd like to offer up another interpretation of Maureen Robinson as a woman who might take things too far in order to save her family.
There is no taking things too far when it comes to that.
Even if it means breaking the law to get them on board? What is he talking about, Dad? Honey, it's complicated.
Not really.
See, your mother arranged for Will's test scores to be altered so that he could qualify for the trip.
I think my son has proven to everybody that he deserves to be here.
In fact, if it wasn't for him, we'd have no chance of survival right now.
So why don't you just say thank you and get the hell off our Jupiter? You think because you have control of a robot you can just do whatever you want on my ship? What if I were to tell you that I have something more powerful than a robot that takes orders from a child? You see, Maureen couldn't get access to change Will's scores by herself.
She had to make a deal.
She had to trade something very valuable in order to complete her end of the bargain.
I don't believe you.
How would you know that? Because the person she traded with was me.
That's our target.
The ammonia belt.
What's the depth? 5,260 kilometers.
It's about halfway through the stratosphere.
Polar orbit achieved.
Okay, Radu, open a ship-wide channel.
Attention, everyone.
This is the bridge.
Civilians, strap into your Jupiters.
Crew, take your action stations.
We're expecting high winds and extreme turbulence.
It will be a bumpy ride.
Initiate spin.
Activating CMGS and thruster engines now.
Spin stabilization is set.
Then we dive.
Diving in three two one Dive.
Descent initialized.
Correct for orbital perturbations.
Increase Delta-v by 20 percent.
Sustained gas at 600 kilometers.
Pressure increasing.
282 PSI.
Structural declension detected on F deck, sector four.
Initiate emergency repair protocol.
The Resolute's protocols aren't equipped to handle this.
It's a good thing we brought our own.
Ring four, sector seven stabilized.
Leveling off.
We've reached a stable vector.
This is definitely going in the book.
You got lucky.
You know, I've made my share of mistakes as a mother, as a wife, but one place I don't make mistakes is my job.
It wasn't luck.
That was math.
You're not the only one who has to be perfect, Maureen.
For this to work, everyone does.
What are the odds of that? [ANGELA.]
Maureen, they're prepping the water tanks.
We're in position to collect the gas.
Open the intake vents.
Time for a nice, deep breath of ammonia.
Double check all the seals.
That's a lot of pressure for these pipes.
West, you and your cart are a hazard.
You wanna sit this one out? No, I don't want the others to think I'm not pulling my weight.
- Metaphorically speaking.
- If it makes you feel any better, whatever we do here isn't going to make up for you deserting us the last time.
Actually, that does not make me feel any better.
I'm staying.
We'll be ready to process the water in ten minutes.
OGS to bridge.
This rust virus spreads like a disease.
One drop spilled, one bead of condensation, that's all it would take.
I will not let Maureen risk this ship by releasing that contaminated water into our system.
You have to know that.
What I know is this: if you had the ability to stop her, you'd have done it by now.
Judy, do you know which part of the Resolute's design team - your mother was a part of? - Don't answer him, Judy.
- The safety system.
That's right.
And those systems play a crucial role in maintaining the stability of every dynamic function on this ship.
Engineers like your mother, they perfect these systems by attacking them, infiltrating the Resolute's master controls to create conditions that would test the reactions of their designs.
Now, I'm sure your mother didn't think there was any harm in giving me her access codes.
After all, no one person can run those tests on their own.
It has to be agreed by at least four people.
Well, fortunately for me, everyone Everyone has a weakness.
My mother would never do that.
Tell your wife to stand down or I will use those access codes, which she helped me obtain to open the OGS airlock.
The atmosphere will flood the room.
The pressure will be so intense, if anyone releases that water, it will burst the pipes and vaporize which means your plan will fail.
And when we reach Alpha Centauri, which we will, thanks to your robot, Maureen will be sent back to Earth along with her son, and you will never see either of them again.
- Dad! - [GROANING.]
- Dad.
- Hey Dad! - You soldiers are so predictable.
The crews down in the OGS They'll die if you open the airlock.
And whose fault would that be? No! [YELLING.]
Manual override.
- The door won't open.
- Radio your mother.
- Warn her what's coming.
- The comms are offline.
Hastings must have shut them down.
- [YELLS.]
Hey, breathe, hey, hey, breathe.
How are you going to protect me if you're hobbling around on a broken ankle? Smith, get to the bridge.
Tell Maureen Hastings has some kind of skeleton key to the ship.
So? He's gonna open the OGS airlock.
Hurry, or people are gonna die.
Get to the bridge, tell Maureen! [GRUNTING.]
Doctor Smith! Come here, I want you to meet my mother.
I'm showing all tanks are full, but I can't raise the OGS.
Communications are down.
That's odd.
Open the valves.
Let's clean this water and get out of here.
Permissions declined.
- What? We're locked out.
That's not possible.
What's going on? [KAMAL.]
Maureen? Maureen, let me in.
- My God! - We've gotta find the override! The OGS airlock is opening remotely.
Oh, my God.
Everybody out! The airlock is opening! [WIND BURSTING IN.]
This place is about to get real uncomfortable! Everybody out! Go! Go! Everybody get out! Move, move, move! We've gotta hurry! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! No, take it.
Take it, take it.
Let's go! Everybody out! Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, come on, get out of here! Go, go, go! Hurry! Go, go, go, go! Hurry! I can't hold it much longer! Is everyone out? Evacuate! - [COUGHING.]
- Come on, we gotta go! Go, go, go! We've gotta go! What is it? - I can't.
- Close your eyes, okay? You can do this.
It's now or never! We have to get them out.
On a positive note, my ankle feels much better.
Pressure's building.
Let's not waste time.
In a few minutes, it's gonna be impossible to get this door open.
Danger friend.
What friend? Maureen, if you can hear me, let me in.
Maureen Why isn't anyone answering me? [AUTOMATED VOICE.]
Airlock malfunction.
Pressure loss in section three.
All emergency personnel please report to OGS module.
I'm too late.
Danger friend.
- What? [GRUNTS.]
It's not gonna budge.
How long can they take in there? Not long enough.
Hurry! They're back here.
- Who? - Don and Ava.
They're dying.
Oh, my God.
- We can't get the door open.
- He can.
Danger friend.
Where is he going? Stop! You passed them! - [ROBOTIC VOICE.]
Danger friend.
- They're back there.
What are you doing? They need your help.
Danger friend.
Will, who is he talking about? I don't know.
The pressure differential is sealing the bulkhead door shut.
It'll never open as long as the airlock is open.
Maureen, you helped design the safety systems.
How could someone remotely hack them without your knowledge? They can't.
The bridge is yours.
Do me a favor.
Send anyone looking for me away from the maintenance pod bay.
If there's any chance to save them, that airlock needs to be closed from the outside.
Too dangerous taking a pod out in this atmosphere.
It's my fault that they're trapped.
You were right.
Math can't account for human error.
Hey, Don.
Yeah? I think I'm gonna sit down for a second.
Feeling pretty spacey.
We are sitting down.
I think.
That's not good.
Oh, hey, hey, no, no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
Up, up, up.
Come on.
Open your eyes.
Keep talking to me.
Come on.
Come on.
You could have made it out.
I don't know about that.
I have serious mobility issues.
There'd be a lot more of us stuck in here if it wasn't for you.
Well, if you want the job done at 70%, you call Don West.
You had a choice.
You chose us.
That's good.
Hold on, Don.
Come on, come on.
Come on! Okay.
Okay [SIGHS.]
Whoa, what's happening? Why is everything going back to normal? We lost.
Override terminated.
Controls restored.
Captain, comms are back online.
We tried.
Hastings, please.
You don't have to leave my family behind.
You can let them go.
We're not cruel.
Permission to enter.
Not that you need it, apparently.
You have your ship back.
Do I have you to thank? You give me too much credit.
Let's go to Alpha Centauri.
Not yet.
First we need to clean the water, so we can all go.
The captain I know wouldn't risk this ship.
It's not a risk.
It's math.
She did it.
Yes! [LAUGHS.]
Thank you.
John, are you there? [EXHALES.]
I'm here.
Are you okay? Where are you? I'm fine.
I'm in a maintenance pod.
- They're cleaning the water.
- [SIGHS.]
It all worked out, then.
- I told you you could trust her.
- Who? Captain Kamal? No, Smith.
I told her to come warn you about Hastings.
What are you talking about? I never saw her.
The whole reason I'm out here is to fix what Hastings did.
Where are you now? I'm headed for bay six.
I'll come and meet you.
- I was coming back to get you out.
- Why didn't you warn Maureen? I got there as fast as I could.
No, you had plenty of time.
I had to take a detour.
Detour? Why? I don't know.
You don't know.
Hm? That's it? You're not even gonna try and spin some excuse? I tried to warn her.
You have to believe me.
I did believe you.
I did.
But I should have known better than to actually think that you could change.
I tried.
- [SOBS.]
- Hey.
You know why I like to give people second chances? Because after all the terrible, terrible things that I've seen people do to each other, I have to believe that there's a road back for all of us.
You found my weakness.
Well done.
Danger friend.
- Will, we shouldn't be in here - [WILL.]
Increase voltage.
It's trying to get out.
Stay there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is it? Wait, no.
Will? Keep your distance.
Call for backup.
- What's he doing? - Will.
What's he doing? No, Robot! - [GRUNTS.]
- [WILL.]
No! Don't hurt them! [SCREAMS.]
Look at Scarecrow's lights.
I've seen this before.
He's dying.
Will, I think your robot's angry.
Will It's okay.
I'm sorry about what happened to your friend.
I really am.
Where are you going? Will, is he leaving? [WILL.]
We need you.
You need to help us get home.
No, Will Robinson.

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