Lost in Space (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Shell Game

What do you think the boy has done with them? I'm not sure the boy's in charge anymore.
What is he doing? I don't know.
That ship's broken.
You can't fly it.
Where are you trying to go? Help.
I want to help him too, but we can't right now.
You have to take the Resolute to Alpha Centauri like I told them you would.
Will Robinson.
You're right.
He is different.
- No, Will.
I didn't mean it like that.
- No.
All this time, I've been trying to pretend he's still the same - but he's not.
- Will.
And maybe that's okay.
I'm not the same as when we met up in that tree.
Why should he be any different? We're connected.
We're growing up.
Someone's coming.
What do we do? We have to hide them.
Hide them? We can't hide two giant robots.
Where are we gonna fit two giant robots? And I have an idea.
- They're here somewhere.
We'll find them.
- And when you do, I don't want any more talk of hearts or emotions.
Just spike him.
Clear him.
The way you did Scarecrow.
Everything else that machine wants or feels will just just drift away.
What about the Robinsons? They're protective of it.
They won't go down without a fight.
But they will go down.
Sir? What will history say about what we've accomplished, Ben? Twenty-three successful missions and all they'll write about is the 24th.
No one is ever remembered for their accomplishments, only their failures.
- We haven't failed.
We can - The Robinsons have seized control of the narrative, and when we get to Alpha Centauri, when our families are told the story of what happened here, how do you think our roles will be cast? So what do you suggest we do? Rewrite the story.
Hey, are you back yet? Hey.
Well, it turns out when I grabbed this pod it was already low on fuel so I'm taking it slow.
Conserving power.
It's actually quite beautiful out here.
Well, we shouldn't stick around any longer than we have to.
So, how long do we have to? Well, if I continue through the ammonium at this speed the water should be clean by the time we finish our first orbit.
On Earth that's 92 minutes.
A planet this size, that's what? An hour? Give or take.
Then we pick up the survivors and, with the robot's help, be on our way to Alpha Centauri.
At last.
I can't even believe we pulled this off.
I believe we got lucky.
Today could have been a lot worse.
Fuel cell critically low.
Eh, looks like I'm finally out of juice.
Okay, sit tight.
I'll grab one of these pods and tow you back in.
This serves to report a code violation among the population of Colonist Group 24.
Maureen Robinson, in a moment of panic and uncertainty of purpose, attempted to take control of the Resolute.
But when she realized the error of her ways Maureen and her husband, - John Robinson - Hi.
- Hey.
- attempted to repair the damage - I gotcha.
- they had caused.
However in this course of action, their maintenance pods were lost to the perils of space.
What the hell? What's wrong? - Access denied.
- The codes are jammed.
Rescue attempts were made.
I'm gonna try and do this manually.
Hang on.
Come on.
Those attempts were unsuccessful.
Come on.
John, stop.
It's not going to work.
Why not? It's Hastings.
He locked us out.
Hastings to bridge.
Accelerated orbit, please.
The faster we clean the water, the faster we can pick up the other survivors and get on our way.
Copy that.
Stand by for operational control.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! God! No! Come on! Come on! Ahh, dammit! Judy, come in! Uh, hey, Mom, is everything okay? Judy, listen to me.
Your dad and I are stranded.
- What? - Don't talk, just listen.
We are in two maintenance pods.
We're drifting from the Resolute at a separating speed of 40 arc minutes per second.
At that speed there's no way we can possibly catch you, but the Resolute has to finish its orbit around the planet before it can exit the atmosphere, so to turn around and meet you there.
Uh, You're You're breaking up, Mom.
I'm losing you.
Hey, Jude.
Judy, listen to me.
We're almost out of range.
Find your brother and sister.
Fill them in.
Tell them to stay away from Hastings, okay? - Dad? - Jude? Jude? Dad! Is something wrong? Of course there is.
- I don't even know why I ask anymore.
- Will? Uh, Penny? Where are you guys? Okay.
Now no one can track us by our radios.
We also have no way to contact anyone.
Not Judy or Mom and Dad.
But we can contact them another way.
We need to hide right now.
We're, like, fugitives.
We're not fugitives.
We're helping our friend.
Will, we're hiding in trash so we don't get arrested.
It doesn't really get more fugitive-y than that.
Okay, Robot, if we're going to help Scarecrow, you need to tell us how.
Where are we supposed to go? These symbols I've seen these before.
On the water planet.
The pictures Mom took in the trench.
They match.
So we need to take Scarecrow to the water planet? Or not.
All his markings are different.
I don't understand.
Oh, Pictionary, okay.
It's a table.
It's a tractor.
It's a throne.
It's a ski jump.
It's a horse.
Oh, it is a horse.
But what does a horse have anything to do with saving the, um No.
I don't care how sick this thing is, Will, I'm not feeding it a horse.
The Amber Planet.
You want us to take Scarecrow to the ring on the Amber Planet.
Yeah! Attention colonists: this is Ben Adler, Director of Advanced Systems onboard the Resolute.
This message is to alert you to the actions of one of your fellow colonists, Will Robinson.
We have video evidence of him removing from the engine room a piece of equipment that is vital to the completion of our journey to Alpha Centauri.
This action was taken without the regard of the future safety of you or your loved ones.
With that in mind, we request that if you see him or the robot he controls, you report their whereabouts to security personnel immediately.
And Will, if you can hear me I know you think you're doing the right thing, but there are other ways to handle this.
Don't let this go any further than it already has.
What now? When starting a game of cat and mouse you better make damn sure you're the cat.
Can I help you? No, but I can help you.
You want to catch a Robinson, you need to think like a Robinson.
I lived with those people for seven months.
You want to know what makes them tick, you talk to me.
So how are we gonna get to the planet? I don't know.
Fly down in a Jupiter? Yeah, that would be really great if either of us knew how to fly a Jupiter.
Okay, so we get help.
They're going to need help.
There are things the Robinsons can't or won't do, so they rely on the expertise of others.
Find Don West.
Find the Watanabes.
The kids will show up there sooner or later.
What about the parents? We still haven't been able to locate John or Maureen.
Focus on the kids.
Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt.
What is it? Victor Dhar's codes were used to access the refuse system.
Why does that matter? Victor Dhar's not on the Resolute.
But his son is.
Send a team to the compactor.
Penny, Will, do you guys copy? - Seriously guys, where are you? - Judy! Um, hey Hey, Sam.
I heard the announcement about Uh, yeah, I'm sure it's just a big, uh, misunderstanding.
My mom says I'm I'm not supposed to talk to you guys anymore.
Yeah, it's okay.
I understand.
The thing is, I don't always listen like I'm supposed to.
How can I help? - Penny! What the hell? - Hi.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
I've been calling you like crazy! Yeah, I know.
I smashed our radios.
Did you think maybe to call me before you did that? Yes, but can I refer you back to the whole smashing of the radios thing? Okay Where's Will? Hi, Judy.
Yeah, we should probably talk.
I don't understand.
How is getting to that ring going to help Scarecrow? I don't know.
Maybe it's where he's from.
Like his home? Yeah, I guess.
You're willing to risk everything on "I guess"? What else are we supposed to do? No, I'm sorry, no.
- It's too dangerous.
- For who? For all of us.
The robot's always done whatever we've asked.
No matter how dangerous, he has been there.
And he's never asked us for anything.
Until now.
We need to do this.
We have to at least try, because because that's what friends do for each other.
It can't just be a one-way street.
What do we do? I have an idea.
Anything? You'll be safe here.
They'll be safe here.
Thank you.
Okay, what now? If Mom and Dad were here they would tell us to do pros and cons, but I'm going to save us some time because there's just too many cons with this one.
- Judy - And because they're not here, whatever I say goes.
- Judy.
- And I say that if we're gonna do this we're gonna need one heck of a plan.
What? Okay.
I have a question, though.
You said that Mom and Dad weren't here.
Where did they go? It shouldn't be too much longer.
Hey, when we see the Resolute turn off your lights.
Probably better if they don't know we're coming.
So do you want to talk about it? About what? The elephant in the maintenance pod.
About what Hastings told you I did to get Will to qualify.
There's nothing to talk about.
But you think I made a mistake.
You don't make mistakes.
You made a judgment call.
And you're questioning my judgment.
Aren't you? I mean, look at where we are.
Anyway, look, it doesn't matter what I think.
But, uh Judy was there.
She heard it all.
What did she say? She didn't.
I just thought you should know.
What the hell was that? Whoa! Oh, my God.
Oh, my What? - I can't stop! - Hold on! John! John! Right behind you! Damn! Hang on! I can't stop! Warning, temperature critical.
Come on.
Come on.
Almost there.
Gotcha! Come on! Hang on! You all right? Yes.
You? Yeah.
Where are we? We're miles off course.
Do you Do you have enough fuel to get us back? Warning, fuel level at twelve percent.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, we're gonna be fine.
Okay, so the way I see it, if we're going to get Robot and Scarecrow down to the Amber Planet, - we're gonna need to hijack a Jupiter.
- No.
Penny, we're not gonna hijack a Jupiter.
You're right, sorry.
We're gonna need to steal a Jupiter.
The term is borrow, as in we have to ask permission first.
Okay, but who's crazy enough to let a bunch of kids borrow their Jupiter? What time is it? 12:03.
Why? It's lunch time.
All this going on and that's all you can think about? Samantha, can you get me to the dining hall? Sure thing.
We shared an intimate near-death experience and all I get is a "hey"? Sorry.
Your elbow has boldly gone where no man has - I have to go.
I'm sorry.
- You haven't seen Penny, have you? Uh No, not recently.
That's too bad.
You like her, don't you? No, we're just friends.
What about your father? Does he like her? He doesn't really know her.
Right, because he's still down on the planet, hasn't been quite able to get back up here yet.
He's probably lucky.
It's not an easy trip to make.
Those Jupiters can be so unpredictable.
Fortunately for you, I happen to have a lot of pull at the moment.
I'm sure you've heard what the Robinsons have done, so maybe if you help us find them I can put in a good word for Daddy.
Make sure he gets on one of the more, you know, predictable flights.
You okay? Looks like you lost your appetite.
I think I'll just save it for later.
It's probably best.
Talk soon.
Is he gonna be okay? My sisters are doing everything they can to help us.
What is that? Is that how he got hurt? No.
We're not gonna let him die.
Hey, don't look down, okay? What did I just say? There's cameras everywhere.
Just pull out your tablet and pretend I'm not here.
So is it, um is it true what you guys did? No.
Okay, yeah, actually, sort of, but we had a really good reason, and I kinda don't have time to explain that right now.
So, I just need to ask your help.
What kind of help? The kind where you let us borrow your Jupiter.
You borrow a pencil, Penny.
You borrow, like, a sweater.
You don't borrow a 40-million-dollar spaceship.
Vijay, it's a yes or no question.
Well, who's going to be flying it? I don't know, um, Judy probably.
She has the most time on the simulator.
This isn't a simulation, Penny.
The stakes are real.
Okay, for all of us.
Okay, sorry.
I just Look, when I met you, you asked me to go to the waterfall with you, right? So, I did, but I got in a lot of trouble, okay? And then you asked me to get information on Dr.
Smith and we both almost died floating in space.
For some reason, whenever you ask me to do stuff, I can't say no.
But this time Look, this time it's not just me that could get hurt.
What are you talking about? They told me that if I helped you, then Okay, look, Penny, the point is my dad is still out there and I just really don't want to do anything that could put him in danger.
And I want to help, okay, because we're friends and that's what friends do, but But friendship isn't a one-way street.
What? Nothing.
Nothing, um, you're right and I'm sorry, and I shouldn't ask you to keep doing things for me because that's actually not what friends do.
I'm really sorry.
I wish that I could.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
We're just gonna We'll find another way.
What exactly did the Robinsons do that would make you turn against them like this? If I were to diagnose this family I'd say they have a rampant hero complex.
Desperate need to be seen as better than everyone, smarter, braver.
So much so they'll even create circumstances they'll have to rescue others from.
I believe this makes them a danger, not only to themselves, but to everyone around them.
And you think that's what's happening here? That they're manufacturing a situation with the robot for their own benefit? That robot is the key to everyone's survival.
They've taken it.
Why else would they do that? - Hey.
- Hey.
Did Don have any idea how to get us a Jupiter? Med bay's crawling with guards.
Couldn't get to him.
It's like they knew we were coming.
- Yeah, 'cause they did.
- What do you mean? - Smith is helping them.
- Of course she is.
She knows us too well.
They're always gonna be one step ahead of us.
That's why we have to do something that she's not expecting, something that we would never ever do.
Like what? The Robinsons may be annoying, but they're clever.
They know we're onto them.
So they're gonna try and outsmart us.
How? Is it safe? - Safe.
Will Robinson.
- Shhh.
Don't worry.
He's gonna be okay.
This is a good plan.
Do you think Mom's gonna be mad when she finds out what we did? Oh, yeah, hundred percent.
Well, Mom's not exactly the arbiter of what's right and wrong anymore.
What do you mean? Look, I just mean that, um we're old enough to take responsibility for our actions.
Right, this is it.
You guys know what you have to do? Yes, I do.
How long before we left Earth did you get your implant? Why do you want to know? It's nothing.
I just know a thing or two about scars, and well, yours looked pretty fresh.
For someone whose job it is to make sure nothing happens to that robot, you seem to be spending a lot of time focused on me.
It's interesting, you were on that planet with Maureen and Will for quite a while.
I can't help but wonder if your priorities have shifted.
That robot is the key to me ever seeing my family again.
Do not question my resolve! I might remind you that Scarecrow is my project.
It belongs to me, not you.
Wouldn't be so sure about that.
You're not the only one in the room that's had a relationship with these machines.
I myself was connected to the robot.
He was my friend not just Will's.
You? You were able to connect with one of them? Of course.
You weren't? You may know the robot, but I know the boy.
What makes you think you know him better than I do? Oh, I know I do.
Will and I we're the same.
Before I got tangled up in all this I used to be him.
The question is who did you used to be? Gotcha! Hey, send your men into the subsystem.
The Robinsons will be down there somewhere.
Huh, what the hell is that? Someone stop that chariot! I know no one saw this coming, huh? Oh, there's people! Move, move, move, move, move! Excuse me.
Yeah, so this is seeming like a less good idea.
Is this hallway smaller than it used to be? I think everything is smaller when you're in a vehicle this size.
- You, uh, need to thread the needle, Judy.
- I know, I know, I got it, I got it.
Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? The Robinsons are making a run for it.
We're in the middle of outer space.
Where the hell are they gonna run to? Judy, I really wish I'd peed first.
What? Uh, Judy, the doors are closing.
- We're not gonna make the turn.
- Relax, okay? It's physics.
We head for the apex of the turn then slow down before accelerating out of it.
- No, we're not gonna make it.
Turn! - I got it, Penny! I got it! What happened? We didn't make the turn.
What do we do now? We stay calm.
It's over now, girls.
Open the door.
No, don't, don't.
- Hey.
- Open up.
It's gonna be okay.
Security team, we have the Robinsons on site.
Step out! - Let's go.
Let's go.
- Sir, the scarecrow, it's here.
Hey, look you don't have to do this.
You leave me no choice.
What? It's just an arm, sir.
It was a shell game.
Where the hell are they? Alert all teams.
All security teams.
The plan worked.
No guards.
Access granted.
Hello, Will.
How'd you know we'd be here? Because it's where I would have gone.
No place like home, right? This is Adler.
I've got them.
Jupiter 2.
- Personnel on its way.
- Will I need you to step away from the robot.
No, both of you, stop.
Stop, please! I don't know what you think you're doing, Will, but I cannot let you take away our only hope of survival.
I'm not! - Then what are you doing? - Can't you see? He's dying.
You think you can save him? I've done it before.
Look, the Resolute isn't even ready to leave yet.
By the time the rest of the colonists are on board, we'll be back.
You won't have to wait for us, and we won't put anyone else in danger.
Life never goes according to plan, Will.
We both know that, all too well.
You said you wished you and Scarecrow could have been friends.
Well, now's your chance to act like one.
We have to think beyond these machines, Will.
We're talking about the survival of the human race.
What about their race? If you're asking me to choose between the survival of your friend and my family, I choose my family and I believe you'd do the same.
I am truly sorry about this, Will.
No! Stop, no! No! Robot! There's nowhere else to go.
It ends here.
No! No! Help.
Ben Adler.
Help, Ben Adler.
Ben, get your EMF device.
Use it.
Ben! Help, Ben Adler.
Help me get him on board.
Come on! Robot! No.
Will Robinson.
I'm not leaving you.
You have to get up.
You have to fight back! If we're gonna go, we go now! Help.
Should we go after them? No.
We have everything we need.
Captain Kamal, this is Hastings.
We have enough water.
It's time to leave.
John, look.
Fuel level at one percent It's the Jupiter 2.
Where are they going? - We haven't got enough fuel to find out.
- But what if there's We can't be at two places at once.
The intake valve is closing, it's our only way back in.
- Fuel at minimum.
- Hold on.
Power shutoff in T-minus ten seconds.
Almost John.
John! Almost there! What do you think is gonna happen to Robot? I don't know.
Want to go back? No.
We're taking Scarecrow to the ring.
That's what Robot wanted.
Robot is secured.
Do we really have to do this? Proceed.