Love & Anarchy (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Jägerstedt Publishing

- You've done a great job.

- Thanks, Barbro.

I know this must be hard for you.

Lars was always so healthy.

But they say a heart attack
is the best way to go.

No prolonged suffering, it's quick and
- Would you like some coffee?
- Please.
Thank you.

Can you make coffee for Barbro?
There's cake as well.
There's blueberry,
there's chocolate and there's raspberry.

And There's supposed to be
Shouldn't there be a lemon cake?
Don't worry.

There's plenty of tasty things to eat.

- I can't see it.

- Thank you.

Sofie, hey Why don't you sit down?
Fuck, the caterer forgot the lemon cake.

- What?
- The caterer forgot the lemon cake.

The yellow one over there?
For fuck's sake! It shouldn't be here.

There's plenty of lemon cake left.

If you want some, just help yourself.

Without art, there's no room
to contemplate what's important.

Where we come from, where we're going,
that's what art revolves around.

And to connect to those big questions,
and the small ones.

Now you've lost the attention
of real people again.
I'm just
You're wrong!
You're a part of society.

I see myself as being outside society.

I have to congratulate you
on your new job.

Thank you.

It's a role that suits me well,
if I do say so myself.

So what do you like to read?
Me? I
I I like all sorts of things, really.

But it's a team effort, of course.

Then we also have the new owners
and the new financial plan to consider
The new financial plan?
We're going to give
the authors the opportunity
to invest in their own authorship.

- It's very exciting.

- Wait a minute.

You're going to charge the authors?
No, yes No.

It's an investment in in literature.

It's a future thing.

Ch Cheers.

- You lost all of them!
- I'm playing!
So? My phone died
just as I was about to check something!
- I'm still playing.

- I'll just take it, then!
- What the hell!
- Yeah!
- I
- It was you.

- I'm taking it.

- Seriously!
- You're so
- Stop it!
- You're so stupid.

- You've lost three chargers.

- They're not lost.

- No, they're at Dad's!
But you I can't use them!
- Hi! Is this where you're hiding?
- Hey.

Huh? How are you?
- It's been a while.

- I'm just fine.

Hey, there's a rumor going around,
that Lund & Lagerstedt
is becoming a hybrid publisher.

I've got nothing to do with that.

I've got my own la my own imprint.

Jägerstedt Publishing.

That sounds good.

And you? Are you here
to listen to a particular author?

She wasn't on the

No, she's the evening's surprise.

Most people don't even know
that she's back in Stockholm.

- Was it '96 that you two?
- Yeah.

But we've occasionally
bumped into each other
over the years.

She's not a woman you forget easily.

Singing in the shower
isn't the same as singing at La Scala
and writing a shopping list
isn't the same as writing.

Did you tell him that?
Of course I did.

Did you know I was coming?
It was supposed to be a surprise.

It really was.

I heard you were in Stockholm
to finish a novel.

A collection of short stories.

The stories take place
in various European cities
and are conversations with a woman
who symbolizes the city.

I saved Stockholm for last.

That sounds amazing.

I have my own imprint,
Jägerstedt Publishing.


I focus entirely on books
that are of the highest quality, and
We have to go.

Anna-Karin says I have to get ready.

It was so nice seeing you.

You, too.
Maybe we could
You might have thought
the event was over, but no.

We've saved a small surprise for last.

Give a warm welcome to
Vivianne Ivarsen!
"You were so drunk
that it had taken you an hour to realize
that the woman you were flirting with
was your own reflection.
"The first time you caught her looking,
you got annoyed.
"The desperation in her eyes was"
What are you doing? Put that away.

This is my job.

"The pallid skin"
Your job?
Taking selfies and posting on Insta?
- Is that a job?
- Mm.

Mårten Fridman, Expressen.

Yes, social media is part of my job.


Put the phone away and listen!
We're getting an exclusive reading
by the Nordic's biggest literary genius.

It's a huge gift.

"You despised and desired.
"'You self-conceited slut, '
I said, when you told me this story.
"Mostly because I wanted to see
if I could make you blush even more.
"You were so beautiful then.
I miss Grandpa.


Is Grandpa in heaven now?
I don't know.

What do you think?
I think Grandpa is a small seed
in the earth.

Then he'll become a flower.

And then he'll become a tree.

And then, when he's standing strong,
he'll become a whole forest.

Oh Oh, God.

You scared the shit out of me, Dad!
There's no problem
getting a sofa bed in here.

I slept on a sofa bed
when you were little,
but what I don't get
is why you've bought a tumble dryer.

Just put up a clothes line.

- In the living room?
- That's what I had.

Hey, this thing
Oh, it's tasty.
Have you tried it?
No, I had other things to do,
at your funeral.

Yeah, I noticed that.

Heart attack?
Was that the best you could think of?
What about,
"He didn't want to see
his grandkids grow up"?
That's unfair.

Am I being unfair?
- You think so?
- You look tired.
Are you sleeping?
You have to face the consequences
of the choice you made.

It's a bit fucking rich coming here
and having opinions about me, my life,
my apartment and how the hell I sleep.

I sleep fine, thanks very fucking much!
Good morning!
Good morning.

You can't use the photocopier.

- Why not?
- It's broken.


Well, the photocopier is broken.

You'll have to look at my papers for now.

Here I've divided
the authors into two teams,
A-Team and B-Team,
and B-Team will be paying
for their own publishing.

See if you think
someone's ended up in the wrong team.

So Er
Something happened at the social
at Rönnells last night.

- What?
- What?
I may have accidentally said something
about our new direction.

- What the hell, Ronny!
- Ronny!
I don't think anyone noticed
No one noticed, I'm sure of it.

- So, do you like the allotment?
- Are you kidding? I love that place.

Thanks again.

- Can you hand me a screwdriver?
- Yeah.

- It'd be nice to see how you're doing.

- Sure, just swing by.

- Okay, I think this is the problem.

- Yay.

- Hi.

- Hi.

Is the photocopier fixed?
- Yes, the photocopier is fixed.

- That's great.

I need to need to make some copies.

- Now you can do that.

- Hmm.

That's great.

Anything else?
Regardless of
You and I need to be able to have
a professional relationship at work.

You asked me and I answered you.

Isn't that professional?
- Yeah, absolutely.

- Yeah.

Anything else?
What about those shorts?
What's wrong with these?
Would you call those professional?
You're by the elevator.
Your shorts
are the first thing people see.

This is not a beach bar.

We're not in Pattaya.

No, what the hell are you doing? Stop!
I'll tell you what, take them.

I thought I'd put a sign on my door,
since I have my own label now.

What do you think?
Jägerstedt Publishing.

- Do you think it's silly?
- No It's super nice, really.

Someone has to put it up.
Can you help me?
- No, sorry.

- What?
I've I've got shin splints, so I
- I can't walk.

- And how long will that last?
I don't know.

Well, if you can't move,
I'll have to put it up myself.

Where is that drill?
- Alright! How hard can it be?
- It's really powerful, Friedrich.

- Try it in the air first.

- Yeah.

- You can't move? What happened?
- Um
- Release the button!
- Help!
- Release the button, Friedrich!
- Help me!
Help me!
The sign.

- There.

- Yeah
- Isn't? Isn't it a bit crooked?
- No, it's perfect.

What is it?
Oh, that idiot.

He was at Rönnells yesterday.

Do you know what he did?
He was tapping away on his phone
throughout the reading.

Tap, tap, tap
He must've heard something.

The column is about Vivianne.

What does it say?
"No one embodies the cultural elite's
disdain towards normal people
more than the Danish author
Vivianne Ivarsen.
Vivianne demands a lot from everyone,
no least from herself.

- It's not disdain.
It's an esthetic ideal.

- Wait, it gets better.

"Now her crusade against
so-called political correctness
has reached Stockholm.
"To the joy of no one,
except the sad excuse of a corduroy jacket
who shouted that Vivianne's writing
was a gift to mankind.
"Well, here you have one person
who wonders if that gift is refundable.
I'm posting this.

Your pain meds
You mean that?
One of the country's leading cultural?
You are uninterested in my work.

You don't take me seriously.

You want me to
Like some whore?
Yeah, hi.
Is Vivianne?
- I can come back later.

- Yes, that would be better.

Who is it?
It's Friedrich.

Let him in, for Christ's sake!
I hate the Swedish cultural life!
Why should I read for cavemen?
It's not that bad.
That's great.

Tell me, was the column about you?
- No, but
- No.

So maybe you're not one
to be critiquing my writing.

You can go now.

I mean it.

Friedrich! What a pleasant surprise.

- Are those for me?
- Yes.

They're really nice.

You shouldn't care about
what they write in Expressen.

I don't give a damn
about that populist rag.

- You're not angry?
- No.

It's funny when Anna-Karin thinks I am.

Sit down.

Yes No, I should go.
You need to write.

Are you hungry? I'm starving.

Let's order room service.

You can tell me about your imprint.

Jägerstedt Publishing, right?
What do you say? It's been a long time.

- When did I see you last?
- Louisiana.

In 2019.
It was raining.

We were waiting for Michel Houellebecq.

- He never showed up.

- Right, that was it!
- Drop everything.

- What?
This is big.

Jägerstedt Publishing has just added
Vivianne Ivarsen to its ranks.

Come on! We have to publicize this,
right away!
- Hi.

- Hi.
Maria Hamdin.

Maria, hi.

- Lawyer at the Writer's Union.

- Yes
- Thanks for seeing me on short notice.

- No worries.

Do you want coffee?
- Yes, please.

- Yes?
- With oat milk, if you have it.

- Let me just
- Put these on!
- Why?
- Did you invite the union?
- Yes.
They were keen on seeing you, so
Right! Two coffees.

One of them with oat milk.

Caroline I'll get the coffee.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, absolutely.

So, we received a call this morning
from some of our members
who went to an author's talk last night.

The thing is,
we have a new literary director.

He's still learning
how we communicate here.

So there's no truth to these rumors
that you're going
to start charging authors?
We're always looking
at ways to secure stable financing,
but this isn't something
we're prepared to announce.

Here, coffee with oat milk.

And regular coffee for the CEO.

Thank you, Max.

- Anything else?
- No, you can go now.

- Well.

- Hmm?
So Lund & Lagerstedt have
a long tradition of siding with authors.

We've always had a great relationship.

It would be a shame
if the new management didn't continue
in the same good spirit
of cooperation and mutual respect.

Yes, exactly.

If we go through with these plans,
we wouldn't charge all authors.

On the contrary,
we would be able to invest more in authors
that we want to invest even more in.

That would be like dividing them
into an A-Team and a B-Team.

I can guarantee you
that no one here uses such terms.

It doesn't matter what terms you use.

That's still the outcome, isn't it?
I have to remind you about the agreement
Lund & Lagerstedt signed with the union,
regarding minimum royalty rates.

And nowhere in that agreement
does it say that you have the right to
Should I interpret this
as you deciding to cancel the agreement?
From our perspective,
I'd say that the agreement is now moot.

This will have consequences.

These are Vivianne's current projects.

- Apparently you're supposed to have them.

- Yes.

This isn't personal.

I have all respect in the world for you.

For 20 years, Friedrich
For 20 years,
I've been Vivianne's publisher.

- Do you know how this feels?
- I can imagine.

The relief!
- What?
- Thank you, Friedrich!
Thank you for relieving me
of that horrible woman.

It can't be that bad.

A word of advice,
don't make the same mistake I did.

Don't sleep with her.

- Hey.

- Hi.

- I only get cold water here.

- Oh.

- Was the bike ride alright?
- Yeah, great.

I live in Örnsberg, super close.

- I'll just put something on.

- Okay.

- Hey.

- Hi.

What's this?
Housewarming gifts.
It's nothing special.

They're from my mom's garden.

Thank you.

- It's
- Thank you so much.

- Okay, how about a little tour?
- Yeah, of course.

Let's go over here.

And this is where I sleep.

Wow, Sofie!
It's really really charming.

It really is.

It's a bit small,
but the most important thing
was for the kids to be close to Johan
and school.

Of course, yeah.

Who wants wine? Yes!
- There you go.

- Thank you.

- Have you changed things around?
- I did some clearing up.

To bring out what was already here.

It was pretty overgrown.

But those green ones by the wall,
I planted those.

You know so much.

Plants are easy to understand.

Not like humans.

Since you started
work has been wonderful.

Because you're there.

That's That's great.

Well, ch Cheers.


- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Hey, have you started dating?
God, no.

It's the last thing on my mind.

- You haven't been on Tinder?
- Tinder? No
- No, Sofie is not going on Tinder!
- Why not?
- Do you get to decide that?
- Yeah, why not? Why wouldn't I?
No, listen.

We're going to find you someone.

You can have my husband, for free.

- Have you seen the quality on Tinder?
- No, have you?
- Busted.

- I mean No, God.

I love Nille, but I have to stay
up-to-date for my podcast.

- So I'll get a raincoat.

- Boo!

Oh, look!
If you get rid of the guy,
at least the dog is really cute.

So, left or right?
- Left.

- It's a no for me.

Left for the guy,
right for the dog.

- No, I don't want to!
- But it
What's wrong with these people?
They look totally uneducated!
No, what's up with the fish? Stop!
- What's with this picture?
- Yeah
- God, what a
- Come to mama!
- This is something to feast you eyes on.

- Yeah, and he's new to Tinder.

- Take the chance while you can, Sofie.

- No!
I don't think Sofie
is the least bit interested
in a 22-year old garden gnome with

Those aren't zits.

Those are nipples.

- Moving on.

- Is he any better?
"Hi, I'm Jesper.
I'm a metalhead.

I'll use all your shampoo
because I've got such long hair.
- Oh
- No!
No, what did you do?
- What did you do?
- She swiped right.

What does that mean?
- It means you really like him.

- Oh, God.

- It's a match.

- No
- Yes, congrats.

- I told you it would end like this.

Yes, congrats.

You know these lotions
only exist to rip people off, right?
Are you going to ignore me?
Come here and let me talk to you.

Come here! Let me talk to you!

That was quick.


We're working on this.

That's almost finished.


Watch your step,
there's shit everywhere.

I don't usually work this late.

My kid was sick last week.

The kids are with their mom this week.

So I'm trying to catch up.

I have two boys.

One is seven and the other one is eleven.

It feels just like yesterday
that I was changing their diapers.


- I spilled some.

- That's okay.

I'm so sloppy.

That's okay.

Disobedient and sloppy.

I need someone
to take charge and set me straight.

Lay a whisper
On my pillow ♪
Leave the winter
On the ground ♪
I wake up lonely
There's air of silence ♪
In the bedroom
And all around ♪
No, that's empty.

I should head home.

Hey, it's been a
Thanks a lot for tonight.

You're all right, easy to be around.

You're easy to be around.

You don't act out, like some other people.

No, I'm not much for acting out.

Do you have to go home now?
But it's over now ♪
No, not straight away.

Till the time had run out ♪
Make believing
We're together ♪
That I'm sheltered
By your heart ♪
But in and outside
I turned to water ♪
Like a teardrop
In your palm ♪
And it's a hard
Winter's day ♪
I dream away ♪
It must have been love
But it's over now ♪
It was all that I wanted
Now I'm living without ♪
It must have been love
But it's over now ♪
Subtitle translation by:
Josephine Roos Henriksson
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