Love & Anarchy (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

The Sensitivity Consultant

[Isabell over phone] For the millionth
time, why can't we visit Grandpa's grave?
- We're staying with you this week.
- We will go.
- I'm just really busy at work right now.
- That's what you said last time!
You're just making up excuses.
You don't even want to go.
- You're just suppressing everything.
- No, I'm not.
Yes, you are!
- No, I'm not.
- So when can we go?
- Of course we'll go.
- When, Mom?
- [Isabell over phone] Mom?
- Isabell, I know it's hard to understand.
But I'm under tremendous pressure
at work right now.
[elevator dings]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Sofie, we have a situation!
- Can you come in here?
- Okay.
[interviewer] Let's talk
about children's literature.
- We're joined by Katarina Wiki
- Weke.
- Weke.
- Sorry.
who's written the book
Mini and the Entire World.
Now, Katrin, why did you write this book?
For the children, to show them
all the amazing and exciting places
and cultures on our planet.
But the most important thing for me
was not to "exoticize",
but rather lift
the children's natural curiosity.
Lift, like putting them on an airplane
and letting them fly around the world
in the midst of a climate catastrophe?
- [Karin] That's not the point of the book.
- [interviewer] No?
You can journey into yourself.
You don't have to get on an airplane.
[Denise] Here we go.
Well, your brother is marketing manager
at Scandinavian Airlines.
my brother has nothing to do
with this book.
- No?
- No!
Oh, God.
This thing with Katarina will blow over.
We have a bigger problem.
Several of the B-Team authors
are looking for new publishing houses.
So we have to find a way
to communicate the benefits of our setup.
[cell phone dings]
[Sofie] The authors
that fund their own publishing
get a larger share
of the potential profit.
- [Denise] Oh, no.
- What?
Greta Thunberg
posted a photo of the book on her Insta.
"New Swedish children's book
promotes flying.
[Friedrich] You're short-sighted.
Simone de Beauvoir,
Gustave Flaubert, August Strindberg
They all published books
that were considered scandals at first.
[Denise] I don't get how
we didn't see this coming.
Did anyone here even read this book
before it was sent to be printed?
We've got to be better than this.
- Yes, Ronny. Go ahead.
- I saw this amazing TED Talk.
It was about how to prevent
exactly these kinds of situations.
In the US,
all big publishing houses
have these sensibility consultants.
They help you manage crises,
and prevent them.
- We have those here, too.
- [Ronny] Yeah.
[Sofie] Okay, good!
Can you get in touch with one of these
sensitivity guys?
I'd love to!
If everyone's on board. Friedrich?
Children's books are educational.
It's not literature.
As long as they stay away
from Jägerstedt Publishing
You decide!
[funky rock music plays]
- Pizza delivery!
- Hey.
- So, what's that?
- Nothing fancy, just plain broad beans.
But they grow like crazy.
I mean in, like, one month,
this can go from nothing
to being as tall as me.
I'll grow parsley over there.
They grow like weeds
as long as you remember to fertilize them.
It's pretty crazy
that you can do this all by yourself.
It's like playing God or something.
- Are you filming?
- Yes.
You talk so poetically.
Thank you.
[Isabell] First you're a small seed.
Then you become a flower.
Then you become a tree.
And then you become an entire forest.
[cell phone dings]
[cell phone dings]
- You're very popular tonight.
- No, it's you.
I posted the clip on Insta.
- [cell phone dings]
- Everyone loves it.
A lot of people think that we're a couple.
It's just crazy.
What I like most about growing things
is that nature is simply there.
It doesn't feel the need to understand
or put a label on things.
Nature just
It just is.
[son] So, 290 divided by 3.
How should I do it?
- [Isabell] Write it down first.
- [son] Okay.
[Isabell] We have 290 divided by 3.
So first, we calculate 100 times 2.
[Caroline] He'll be here any minute.
Hi, Filip!
Ronny. I'm the literary director.
Nice. Hi, I'm Filip.
Hi. This is our new
sensibility consultant.
- Sensitivity consultant.
- Yes.
[Filip] Sensitivity consultant.
- Of course. It's good to have you here.
- It's good to be here.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I have to start by saying
what an incredible pleasure it is
to come to this fine publishing house
and work with your values.
Good, with that said,
I thought we could start
by having everyone share their privileges,
for us to connect
in a deeper understanding.
- I'm happy to start, if that's okay?
- Absolutely.
- [Sofie] Go for it.
- Good. So my name is Filip.
I'm a white, heterosexual cis male
and I grew up in a villa
with academics for parents.
Therefore, it's particularly important
for me to be attentive and inclusive.
- That's it.
- [Ronny] Yeah.
Who wants to go next?
- I can!
- [Filip] Yeah.
My name is Ronny.
I'm also white, male, straight and cis.
But unlike Filip,
I grew up in a working class environment.
That means that I always
carry my class perspective with me.
It's a bit like
an extra set of glasses on life.
Great. Thank you.
- Who wants to go next?
- Denise, how about you?
My parents and I fled from Iraq
when I was two.
Then we came to Sweden, and
Well, that's about it.
- Denise is also homosexual.
- [Filip] How exciting!
So non-Nordic parents, LGBTQ+
- Good.
- You must have an exciting perspective.
- Yeah
- [Filip] Great. Thank you. Well
Sofie, CEO. I
I grew up in a completely average home.
I'm extremely normal, simply put.
Hang on. That's nothing to be ashamed of.
The normal perspective
is just as important
as others.
That leaves the gentleman on the left.
I won't be participating in this meeting.
Excuse me? But
[Sofie] Friedrich has his own
- Friedrich is the way he is.
- Okay.
Yeah. But we're all very curious.
- [Ronny] What's the plan?
- [Sofie] Yeah.
Yeah okay.
First of all, Mini and the Entire World
has to be stopped at the printer's
to limit copies.
- That's the easy part.
- Absolutely.
The big danger
is all the cultural journalists
who are now looking through your books
to find anything they can to discredit you
and create a media frenzy.
So I have to go through everything -
what's already been published
and what has yet to be.
[Filip] To eliminate
potential controversies.
We have to be one step ahead,
and time is running out.
- [Sofie] Mm.
- [Denise] Yeah.
Well, then! Do it quickly, do it right!
- [Max grunts]
- [Sofie] Oops. God.
- [Max] Sorry.
- Hi.
Have you seen Caroline?
Yes, she's getting books for that
Some kind of consultant?
- What?
- Sens Never mind.
Can you print out the manuscripts
that we haven't published yet?
- Please?
- Sure.
- Oops.
- Oh, my God!
[Sofie] Do you think you could hurry up?
- Do you know how busy I am?
- I'll do it as soon as I can.
- And when exactly will that be?
- [Max] Chill!
I'll get it sorted.
[male voice on cell phone]
Stefans stora feta röda is on the market.
As for me, I'm here in my greenhouse,
which I've started stripping down.
It's starting to look a bit empty in here,
it always does when the green is gone.
But I'm still here!
[mischievous music plays]
[mischievous music continues]
- [Max] Here's your coffee.
- Thank you
If you can have the manuscript done
by October
I think we should aim to release it
in the spring.
[Vivianne] It should be finished.
I'm only missing the last story.
You can read the rest if you want.
Wow. That would be wonderful.
- [computer dings]
- [Vivianne] There.
I sent it.
[Friedrich] I know
what I'll be doing tonight.
It's strange being in Stockholm
after so many years.
Some things are so different,
and others
haven't changed at all.
I've missed you.
[mischievous music plays]
- [Filip] Hi.
- Hi.
The manuscripts are on their way.
You'll get them when our IT technician
locates the print button.
Great, thanks. Hey
I need to see Lund & Lagerstedt's policy
regarding abusive behavior and harassment.
Our policy is
that we're totally against that.
[Filip] That's good.
But businesses with more than
ten employees must have it in writing.
Clear guidelines.
what has this got to do
with the children's book?
I employ an overall approach
and review your entire value system.
We can't have other weaknesses
that can be attacked.
Imagine if
if two employees with different
positions of power within the hierarchy
where to engage in a sexual relationship.
That could be seen as sexual exploitation
of a dependent person.
- And that has happened here?
- I can't answer that.
But it's common
in the world of literature.
Er, you know what?
I actually have something
to report.
- Report?
- Yes.
The thing is,
I suspect that our receptionist
and our IT technician
are having a sexual relationship.
- Oh, no.
- [Sofie] Yeah.
[Filip] Oh, my God.
Have they not notified management?
- [Sofie] No, nothing.
- No
- Nothing.
- [Filip] This won't do.
[Sofie] No.
[Max] Oops, sorry!
- Do I get my computer now?
- [Max] Only one network problem left.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [Filip] Hey. Can I have a word with you?
- Absolutely.
Put her agent on the line.
- Strange
- Yeah.
[Filip] Good.
As you know,
I'm here to identify various problems
and then to try to solve those problems.
So I wonder
How would you describe
your relationship with
Max Järvi?
Eh good.
Okay. Thank you.
And you and Max Järvi, you
You have How should we put this?
You have a relationship
outside the work place as well?
Did he tell you?
[Filip] Er
Because it's still very early
but I also feel that it might be for real.
That's great.
But then it's very important for us
that you have a clear and honest dialogue
so that you are in agreement,
and that the relationship doesn't cause
any problems here at the publishing house.
Me and Max don't have
any problems like that, no.
But working environment issues
should be taken very seriously.
We don't have clear guidelines,
no proper value system, nothing.
- You don't?
- [Caroline] No.
It's great that you've brought that up.
That's why I'm here.
Perhaps you have some suggestions?
Yes! Lots.
That's great. It's better if the change
comes from the employees themselves.
[mischievous music plays]
[mischievous music continues]
What's happened to the art?
It could be seen as offensive.
I mean, it's a photograph
of Ingmar Bergman's study.
- A lithograph.
- [Caroline] What?
- It's a lithograph.
- [Caroline] Right
I don't want to work with him over me.
It's not okay.
[mutters inaudibly under his breath]
[mischievous music continues]
[Sofie] Hi!
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- No worries.
- [Sofie] It's this job.
- Well, that's good.
And it's my week this week.
- But I've got a babysitter.
- Yes, treat yourself.
- I treated myself to a needle pen.
- Hey! That's five years off!
[Elin] Right? Not that you need it.
- You look fabulous.
- Thank you.
You don't look like someone
who's just lost her father.
No, I try to stay busy. I mean, I
I try not to worry or ponder too much.
As long as I do that, it's fucking great!
- [Elin] That job has really saved you.
- God, yes.
- Do you want a drink?
- [Elin] Absolutely.
- Shouldn't we celebrate?
- [Elin] Yes What?
- Your needle pen, work
- Yes.
The more shit they throw at that place,
the stronger I get.
It feels good.
We'll start with shots.
[Elin] Wonderful!
It's so lovely that you're back.
You were a wreck, but now you're here.
Hi! What a surprise! Sorry we're late.
- What? Hi.
- Hi.
Sofie, this is Linus. Linus, Sofie.
- [Sofie] Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Elin] Hey.
- Hi, Elin. Beautiful as always.
- [Elin] Hi, darling.
- [Nille] Hi.
You actually work in the same industry.
Linus here is a literary agent,
and I always thought you two should meet.
I heard that Greta Thunberg
took notice of your book.
- [Sofie] Yeah, exactly.
- [Linus] Yeah.
But I've already solved that problem.
We won't be printing any more editions,
and I already have a solid strategy
for avoiding similar situations.
- Exactly. Sofie's knows what she's doing.
- You think so?
- Alright.
- [Nille] Alright.
- Sweet.
- [Elin] Sofie wanted to celebrate.
- [Nille] Party time.
- Yeah
Well, cheers to solid plans.
- [Sofie] Mm.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was so happy that you told Filip.
I wasn't sure how you felt, and then
It just feels so good
that we're on the same page.
Er about what?
Us being a couple.
I never said that to Filip.
Yes, you did.
- Or are you changing your mind now?
- No. I mean, I
Stop it!
I can't take another "maybe man"!
- What?
- I get that it's tough!
You can't control the world,
like your dad, your grandfather,
his grandfather and all men before you!
But for you to get back at women
because you can't control the world?
That's not okay!
- No
- No! So what's it going be?
Are we a couple or not?
[slow mischievous music plays]
The strangest thing is that authors
are so bad at doing business.
They seem to be the only ones who
haven't realized what they could charge.
Don't get me started. If anyone had told
me how bad they are at doing business
I wouldn't have believed it.
Sofie's a star.
But that Friedrich guy
Where do I start? It's a complete
- [man] Hi.
- [all] Hey!
Is everything alright?
- It was great.
- [Elin] Thanks.
Cold cuts and couples. Nice!
- [man] Nice to see you again.
- Take care. Yeah.
But hey, Jägerstedt
Hasn't he got his own label?
[Nille] He's got a label.
But that's only
to make it easier to phase him out.
You're so heartless.
I love that about you.
- [Elin] You're such a drag.
- No, I just needed to pee.
No. I mean, you and Linus
would make such a perfect couple.
You both love books,
move in the same circles
and are recently divorced.
What are you waiting for?
He's got this amazing house on Älgö
and a wonderful villa in Mallorca.
Stop it! You have to think about
how you come across to other people.
You won't find someone
more perfect than Linus.
And that cat sex thing,
I don't think it's that bad.
[Sofie] What? Does he sleep with cats?
I guess he likes pretending to be a cat.
What kind of cat?
[elevator dings]
[Sofie laughing] Yes.
Well, here we are.
That was close.
Yes, exactly.
[slow cheesy music plays]
- Are you sure that no one's here?
- God, no!
Do you think I'm crazy?
The babysitter is at my place
and you live on Älgö.
That's far away.
Do you want something to drink?
There's coffee, there's water and
No, I'm kidding.
No, I'm
I'm fine.
[Sofie growls]
[Linus scoffs]
So silly
[Sofie mews]
[Sofie meows]
[Sofie meows]
[Sofie licks]
[Sofie meows]
[Linus mews]
[Linus mews]
[Sofie titters]
[Linus whimpers]
[sniffing and whimpering]
Thank you, Vivianne
for a magnificent reading experience.
Thank you, Vivianne
for a revolutionary reading experience.
[Friedrich sighs]
[yelping and sniffing]
[meowing and squeaking]
[meowing and squeaking continues]
[Filip] I'm really glad
we could meet like this.
We have something urgent to discuss.
We have a big problem, a challenge.
It's Vivianne Ivarsen's upcoming
collection of short stories, they are
full of problematic passages,
to put it diplomatically.
A palpable elitism
permeates several of her short stories.
On one occasion she writes, "The masses
have become too clever by half."
We can't have that. She doesn't care.
She writes whatever what she wants,
and you can't do that!
Reading it made me feel very uneasy,
and people will be very upset
if we release it.
What I don't understand
is how the hell this person
got their hands on Vivianne's collection
in the first place!
- The intranet?
- [Filip] No. Friedrich, you misunderstand.
- I'm saying that we can't publish
- Shut up!
- Okay. In its current
- Quiet!
- condition.
- She is one of the greatest authors!
[shouting] If you think for a moment
that I will let you near her texts
then you're wrong!
- But now
- I said, shut up!
[Denise] She's here.
[Friedrich sighs]
- [Denise] Vivianne's here now.
- Bloody hell!
- [Filip] What Who
- [Denise] That's Vivianne Ivarsen.
- She's here?
- [Denise] Yes.
- Hi!
- [Friedrich] What are you doing here?
I just wanted to see where you work.
- [Friedrich] No
- Not a good time?
No, not at all.
Maybe I should go and talk to her myself.
That's usually best.
- You do that.
- I'll deal with Friedrich afterwards.
Yeah, but But
Maybe we should go for a walk?
The weather is wonderful.
- I'm curious about the publishing house.
- [Friedrich] But
- Yes, but
- [Vivianne] What?
What is it?
[Filip] Excuse
Someone behind you
is trying to talk to me.
- Hi.
- [Vivianne] Hi.
Hi. Lovely to meet you. My name is Filip.
I'm a sensitivity consultant here.
I've read everything you've written.
- Sorry, what?
- [Filip] A sensitivity consultant.
[Vivianne] Yes, one of those.
I assume you have opinions
about my writing.
- Something you think I should change?
- Yes, exactly.
A general comment about your texts
is that some of them
give off an elitist impression.
I think that you will make
some readers sad or uncomfortable.
And I do have some concrete suggestions
regarding text deletion.
So my writing isn't commercial enough?
- Yeah No, I don't care about the money.
- Neither do I.
- I just care about the content.
- Yes, so do I.
I make sure that no one feels bad.
Shouldn't you work in politics then?
If you want to make the world
a better place,
there's a few things to deal with
in the real world.
Here we deal with fiction.
But the real world is so difficult.
Yes, I agree with you there.
You want to be a good person.
Right? The real world is so complicated.
Just talking is difficult.
How do you know
if you make someone sad or happy?
- What if you mess up?
- [Sofie] Filip!
Did I miss something?
- No
- [Sofie] Okay.
- Hi!
- [Vivianne] Hi.
Sofie, CEO.
- Vivianne.
- Right, that's you.
- I'll show you Jägerstedt Publishing.
- [Vivianne] Yes.
Can we continue our conversation?
It was nice talking to you.
- Hi. Denise.
- Vivianne.
[Friedrich] Over here.
You know, I just found out
that Mini and the Entire World
is selling like hotcakes
after all the attention.
- Yeah
- Yes, it's great!
So the book stores
want us to print more copies.
- No
- Yes, it's awesome for us.
But it means that
that we don't need your help anymore.
What I don't understand.
It worked out, so you can
- You can go home.
- No
The publishing house
has a moral responsibility
to follow through on the value
No, morals schmorals.
The problem has been solved.
Thanks and goodbye.
I thought that
I thought that you really wanted
No, this Not again.
I told you it would blow over.
I'm always right, aren't I?
What a fucking great day!
[Sofie shouts] Yeah!
["Tonight I Have To Leave It"
by Shout Out Louds playing]
Subtitle translation by:
Josephine Roos Henriksson
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