Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Witness

Oh Oh, man.
What? Oh, fuck! Emergency services.
What's your emergency? Hello? I think I saw a murder.
- Location, please.
- I think the killer's after me.
Location, please.
Yes, the hotel.
Oh, fuck! The Blue Henderson.
The Blue Harrington? The Blue Harrington? But, no, wait.
It's the building right in front.
He saw me from the window.
I was in the hotel, he was not.
- Second floor? - Ma'am? - No, third floor.
- What's your name? - Just send someone.
- Ma'am, we Shit! Okay.
You have reached the number of Yeah, it's Vladimir.
Leave a message.
Vladimir, I'm on my way there.
Please be there.
Shit! Oh! Okay.
About time you got here! What the fuck, bitch? Sorry, yeah.
You are fucking late! You missed your show.
I cannot believe you.
- Yeah, I know.
I just - Just shut it.
This is a fucking disaster! I mean, look at me.
I just saw a murder.
- Ew, gross! - Okay.
I mean, you always have the most bizarre excuses.
- Okay.
- Just come in and get ready.
Okay, I wanna dance.
Fuck! But I need to see Vladimir.
- Is he here? - Yeah, he's here.
- Fuck! - Somewhere, I don't know.
Oh! Hi.
Hello, young man.
- Are you a member? - No.
Oh, you're not? It's okay.
Don't worry.
You wanna see some pussy? Make some room, bitches.
May I have your attention, please, bitches? Because our next dancer is here.
Finally, yeah.
Vladimir! Vladimir.
Hey Fuck.
Vladimir? - What? - Shit! Okay, stay.
Fuck! Aaah! Wait a second! Just fucking wait! Hold on.
Wait a second.
Fuck! Just wait a fucking minute! Wait! Oh, hi.
Let's just talk.
Just chill out.
Oh, shit! Let's just talk.