Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


Come on, Hank, that scarecrow was a gift.
Jake was just trying to be neighborly.
Irrigating each other's crops, that's neighborly.
Sharing feed, that's neighborly.
That thing out there, that's just a damn eyesore.
One more slice, hon? Another bite and I'd burst.
- Ah, damn.
- What is it, Hank? Jenkins' cows again? Afraid not, honey.
Looks like we got holes along the pasture fence again.
Looks like there's a few more out past the back fields.
Give Mel a ring, make sure she's aware.
Better get movin'.
Don't like having our property line exposed like that.
You be careful out there, Henry Graves! Mel, are you readin' me? Systems all online.
Green across the board here, honey.
Thing's ugly as sin and doesn't even scare crows.
If you hate it so much, why don't you just pull it out? I already tried that, it's not budging.
We're just gonna have to move.
I'm coming up on the breach, hon.
Darn cows are in front of it.
I told you to move 'em closer to the house.
Go on, get outta here.
Shoo! Moving the herd ain't a quick job, hon.
And I'm a little busy right now.
Ah! Oh, shit! - Hank? - Yes, honey.
Eastern corner's starting to show breaches too.
More breaches? I don't know what it is, but something's got 'em real riled up today.
I'm gonna need more help out here.
All right, I'll get on the horn.
Jake? Jake! Jake! Beth Graves just called.
Sounds like Hank could use a hand.
I'm working on Carnigore, she ain't battle ready.
Come on, Jake, she ain't never gonna be perfect.
- Just get her out there.
- Carnigore's a work of art, woman.
- You don't just march it into battle.
- You ain't no Michelangelo, Jake.
You know that, right? I'm more of a Da Vinci, 'cause I got a handle on the aesthetics and the mechanics.
How'd it go, Hank? Well, let's put it this way.
The good news is that I'm moving the whole herd for you right now.
What the hell? You seeing this up over the ridge? Yeah.
Can't get a reading on it, though.
Can you get closer? Hang on.
Holy shit! What? This can't be right.
Sensors say we've got thousands of DeeBees incoming.
Did you say thousands? Shit! Tell the others to meet me at the ridge line.
And get the bunker open.
Start bringing families in.
- Mel, you readin' me? - Yeah.
Go ahead, Beth.
Hank needs you to get to the ridge as fast as you can.
- A major swarm's about to break through.
- On my way! Sorry, sweetheart, playtime's over.
That's right, Jenny.
Any minute now, the whole damn valley's gonna be DeeBee central.
Call Deb and Sarah, pick 'em up on your way.
And then swing by Old Man Harrison.
I don't care how drunk he is, just get him moving.
Jesus, I've been trying to tran you all night.
Hank needs every mech you got up on the ridgeline ASAP.
Oh, fuck! Uh, Helen, you sure I'm in the right place? Is there a giant breach in front of you? - Yeah.
- Then you're in the right place.
Just hold tight till Hank gets there.
Get that pile of carnival scrap moving, Jake! Get off my back, old woman.
Will you two knock it off? We've got work to do.
Not a lotta cover out here, Hank.
Is this really the best place to hold? If we wanna buy time for the families to reach the bunker, it's gotta be here.
Beth, who else is coming? Zing's cut off.
The Camel brothers are pinned down.
I'm sorry, Hank.
Shit! Just the three of us? Well, at least I'll die young and beautiful.
Lock and load, boys.
It's time to see what you're made of.
- Fire! - Yeah! - What's the status, Beth? - The Miller family and the Hutts are in.
The Pennybone clan and the Priestleys said ETA 15 to 20.
- Can you hold? - We'll do our damnedest.
Twenty minutes? We ain't gonna last two minutes out here.
We're staying as long as it takes.
Here comes a whole lot of ugly! - They're flanking us! - Don't let any of them get past you.
There's too many! We can't cover 'em all.
We're gonna need more ammo real soon, Beth.
- Give me a sec, Hank.
- You go.
I got this, honey.
Hold tight, hon.
"Quit your job," they said.
"Become a farmer.
" Never fucking mentioned the goddamn giant fucking insects! - They just keep coming! - Fall back! Fuck! - I'm out of ammo! - And my missiles are dry! Come on, Beth.
Yes! All right, Jake, go reload.
We'll cover you.
All right, I'm on it! Hank, the Franklins and the Beauregards are comin', but they ain't here yet.
Some DeeBees are starting to slip through.
The auto cannons are holding 'em back, - but if you can't hold the swarm there - We'll hold 'em, don't you worry.
Shit! We're grabbing our ankles here, Hank.
- What's taking Jake so long? - Jake? - Jake? - Yeah, I'm still reloading.
Carnigore's built for precision, not speed.
- Jake, are you there? - Yeah, I'm here.
Everything okay? The last truck's just pulled in.
Grab the others and get your ass back here.
You hear that, Hank? Everyone's in.
Come on, let's go.
Roger that, Jake! Mel, time to get the hell outta here.
These bugs won't quit! They're coming from everywhere.
Jake, we're not gonna make it.
Get Carnigore in gear and get outta here.
- But, Hank - Save yourself, Jake.
Get to the bunker! Well, Hank, been good knowing ya! Incoming! Reload.
I'll beat 'em back! Woo! Come on! And they call me crazy? They didn't see that one coming.
Jake, they're coming around you.
Get outta there! Pull back! Come on! Plenty more where that came from.
Oh, shit! Come on, baby.
Oh, no Jake? Hold on, we're coming.
Yeah, I'm reading you, Hank.
But I figure I'm pretty much screwed.
I'm just gonna clear the field for you.
Better get some cover.
- Wait.
Mel and I - So, just do me a favor - Jake! - Shit, he's gonna do it.
- Jake! - Tell Helen you tell her I died real good, okay? Jake! Yes.
Hank? Do you read? Hank? Hank? - Hank? - I'm here, honey.
Oh, Hank, I thought I'd lost you.
Jake blew his reactor.
Oh, no.
- Helen - No.
I'm so sorry.
No! Mel, are you reading me? Beth, what's happening? What the hell is that? Beth, get to the bunker now! Hank? - Get in the bunker, Helen.
- What about you? I gotta do what I can to help Hank.
Hank, talk to me.
I'm in pursuit, hon.
This thing's madder than your mother on our wedding day.
Oh, fuck! What in the hell? It was supposed to be an anniversary gift.
Uh, surprise? Hank? Hank? Ah! They took my Jake! Fuck these things! Shit! Hank! Leave him be, you overgrown cockroach! Uh-oh! Beth, you need to shoot right down this fucker's throat.
I'll get him in position.
Jake, your scarecrow better hold.
Yeah! Come on, you bastard! Light him up, honey! - You're too close! - I can't hold it much longer! No! Motherfucker! Fire! Beth, whatever you're gonna do you'd better do it now.
Take the shot, Beth! Yes! Gotcha! I've never needed a beer so bad in all my life.
You ought to go talk to her, Hank.
Noble thing Jake did, Helen.
Real noble.
He was a fine neighbor and a true friend.
It ain't exactly art, but that scarecrow's finally startin' to grow on me.