Love, Death & Robots (2019) s02e02 Episode Script


[theme music playing.]
[ominous music playing.]
I don't know.
Boss is pushing my team the hardest.
Wants the harvesters running doubles.
You think he's hard on you because we're not from here? I doubt he gives a shit where we're from.
The proles on my shift do.
Don't like having an extro for a manager.
Fletcher, have you made friends with any local kids? Yeah.
Been hanging out with a few of them.
Talk kind of strange.
But other than that, they seem cool.
- They're all modded like me.
- What about Sedgewick? - Has he made any friends? - [Fletcher.]
I, um - I don't really know, Mom.
- [father.]
Of course, he hasn't.
Fletcher, can you keep an eye on him for me? - You know how he is.
- [father.]
He needs to learn to adapt.
You're too hard on him.
Poor kid's the only unmodded 16-year-old for a hundred light-years.
- [dishes clatter.]
- [father.]
It's about character or lack of it.
- No amount of modding would fix that.
- [mother.]
Not his fault.
Dumped onto a frostbit, fucking colony world.
[father scoffs.]
Not his fault.
I know he can be difficult, but maybe if you [father.]
Sedgewick's always had it too easy.
How is he gonna learn to adapt if he doesn't even try? [Sedgewick.]
I'm coming with you.
- Not a good idea, Sedge.
- What, you think I'm afraid? No, I just don't Look, I know everything's so fucking easy for you.
But don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Look, I know it bothers you for some reason that "Some reason"? You know what it feels like, always having my little brother be better than me? - Not my fault.
- Then we move to this fucking ice ball, and every kid's modded like you.
" That's what the grownups say, but they mean "better.
" Fine.
If you're coming, hurry up and get dressed.
[dramatic music playing.]
[machine whirring.]
Hey, Sedge, check it out.
Quit screwing around.
It'll scan you.
[workers coughing.]
[male worker 1.]
Look at that one, not modded.
- [female worker.]
Hey, extro! - [male worker 2.]
Not modded? [male worker 3.]
Get modded.
[male worker 4.]
Look, look at that one.
[speaks in foreign language.]
[indistinct chattering.]
[male worker 5.]
Bet you wish you were back on Earth! [laughing.]
[male worker 6.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[Brume speaking in foreign language.]
To my chest, to my chest.
I got it.
Hey, hey.
Oh, yes.
[Brume speaking in foreign language.]
[Pressima laughing.]
- Lame.
- Four, guys.
Oh, Fletch.
Hey, Logan.
- [Fletcher chuckles.]
- [Logan.]
Who's that? Sedgewick.
My brother.
[Brume speaking in foreign language.]
So, so, so Extro.
Not modded.
Why you bring him? - He He wanted to see the Frostwhales.
- [group laughs.]
So you run fast, extro? - Fast enough.
- [group laughs.]
We'll see.
[chattering in foreign language.]
These whales, how big are they anyway? [speaks in foreign language.]
- What's that mean? - [Oxo chuckles.]
It means fucking big, extro! Big enough to eat you up, one bite.
You scared? Fuck off, Brume.
[Brume laughing.]
Okay, stop.
Whales don't like the machines.
The sound.
Too much.
Once they are off the ice, then [speaks in foreign language.]
Frostwhales, up.
Fucking danger.
Okay? Whales break ice for breathing.
They won't stop till they breach.
They always hit seven times.
[speaking foreign language.]
Minimum seven.
When Frostwhales hit, we run from here to there.
Got it, Fletch? Benga.
How about you, extro? Uh, yeah.
When the Frostwhales hit we go.
Sedge, we have to go.
- Sedge, snap out of it.
- [Logan.]
Get ready! - We have to go.
- [Logan.]
Go! We have to go now, Sedge! Run! [Fletcher.]
Sedge, let's go! [suspenseful music playing.]
[Sedgewick panting.]
[group whooping.]
Three hits! Run! Sedge! [Oxo whoops.]
Come on, man! Come on! Ow! [Oxo whooping.]
Benga, benga! On your own, Fletch.
Oh, fuck, my leg! Fletcher! I got you.
Come on.
Come on! Come on! Come on, run, you fucking extro! - [Brume.]
You can do it! - [Logan.]
Run! [Brume.]
Run! [both yelling.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[Oxo whoops, then speaks in foreign language.]
- Logan.
- [Logan.]
Sometimes six hit.
Fuck off.
[all laughing.]
Amazing run, Sedge.
[Fletcher groans.]
Benga, benga.
That's amazing.
Yeah, it is.
[Logan laughs.]
[Logan speaking in foreign language.]
- [Oxo laughing.]
- [Fletcher.]
Holy shit.
That was crazy.
The size of that thing.
- [Sedgewick.]
Yeah, for sure.
- [Fletcher.]
Big, right? Huge.
[chattering in foreign language.]
Ha! Hey, Sedge, you coming? Yeah.
I'm coming.
You see the way it sucked in that breath? Crazy.
Never would have seen shit like that back on Earth.
That was amazing.
[Sedgewick chuckles.]
I know.
[theme music playing.]

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