Love, Death & Robots (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Pop Squad

That's it.
Let's go.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to answer me.
Ma'am, please pay attention.
The more you withhold information, the harder this gets for you.
How long have you been here? Ma'am! Do the landlords know you're living here? - Tell us who else is helping you.
- Please.
Are there any more families in this area? Stop.
You realize what you're doing is illegal.
We're not hurting anyone.
We're just trying to live.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! That's all of them.
They were all inside when we breached the door.
Hell, I don't even think these kids have ever seen outside.
See this? They made a bassinet out of a drawer.
- Did you get photos for the prosecutor? - Got them.
- Good.
- Mm-hm.
All right then.
Go ahead, take them in.
- I'll deal with the kids.
- Got it.
Come on, lady! Let's go! Get up! - Move.
- Please, please.
Sir, we're not doing anything wrong.
- Out! - We're just trying to live.
They're just children.
- Quiet! - Please! They haven't had breakfast! - Open it up.
- They need to have breakfast! Sorry, kids.
Possible 808 down city from Angel Tower.
Mother and partner.
Harboring at least two unregistered offspring.
730 east side of Mott at Canal.
Gang of four, ages 8 to 10.
Situation resolved.
Request disposal units.
I thought you weren't gonna make it.
I wouldn't miss this.
Was it a bad one? - What, the call? - Mm.
Usual crazies.
Just breeders, not armed or anything.
It was easy.
Well, I can't imagine stopping the rejoo treatments just like that.
I mean, why give all this up? I've just spent 20 years perfecting that solo.
And it was beautiful, Alice, just beautiful.
So not having kids seems a small price to pay for getting to live forever.
Well, we can't keep letting people into this party if no one ever leaves.
That reminds me.
I have my boost tomorrow.
Can you take me? Yeah.
Yeah, what the hell.
Pentle can cover for me.
You know, if we weren't gonna live forever I'd marry you.
If we weren't gonna live forever, I'd let you get me pregnant.
Your face.
Don't be so serious.
There she is.
Alice, darling, you simply must come with me.
No protesting.
Everyone, everyone.
Here's to Alice.
In the final moments, it was her execution of Telogo's infamous solo that made our performance resonate so strongly with the critics.
For over a century, Banini's interpretation of the work has been I never thought anyone would conquer that ancient dinosaur.
So to commemorate the end of an era, a small token for Alice! Our slayer of dinosaurs.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I just need a little rest is all.
Hold my hand.
I feel so good.
- Come on.
- What, right now? Oh, yes, right now.
You know how I feel after a rejoo treatment.
Alice, just hang on.
Just hang on.
Hang on.
Why? I'm sorry.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I just I can't do this.
Not right now.
Such a bore.
She couldn't stop it from crying.
Didn't know what to do with it.
Didn't know how to make it calm down.
Well, that's when the neighbors heard.
Thought it was a dog at first.
What did these breeders think would happen? The noise those things make.
I don't know if going off rejoo makes them stupid - Come on.
- or if they're just born that way.
You child killer.
- Murderer.
- Hey, that's it.
Coward! - He's got my gun! - You fucking monster! We got him.
You okay, Briggs? That guy nearly blew a hole in you.
Weapon secured.
Weapon secured.
You okay? Briggs? Oh, yes, this is a fine, fine piece.
You'd never guess it was over 200 years old.
Bet you sell a lot of those.
Not many.
Not now.
Not many collectors around for that sort of thing.
Not anymore.
Of course.
Did you want to look at the rest of the dinosaur stock? No.
Not a collector.
It's okay.
Please, sit.
I just want to ask you some questions.
- Smoke? - No.
Ah, right.
Bad for the, uh Why do you do it? Why do people like you keep having these kids? Why? Because I'm not so in love with myself that I just want to live forever and ever.
And this is living? Here? - Keeping it locked up - Her.
Her name is Melanie.
You're smiling.
She's cute.
You feel something, don't you? You've got to know this can't possibly work.
I've been alive 218 years.
I've seen too much.
But she makes everything new.
I love seeing things through her little eyes.
They're so bright.
They're so full of life.
Not dead.
Like yours.
I remember her first steps.
I remember her first laugh.
I remember the first time she called me Mommy.
I remember all these moments because I know I won't have many.
She wants your hat.
She wants to put it on your head.
It's a game she plays.
No! No, no.
No, please.
Please, she's just a child.
Please don't, she's just a child.
Don't shoot her.
Take me.
Shoot me instead.
I'll make room.
Do it.
Do it! Kill me instead.
I'll make room.

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