Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Moonlight Destiny

1 (The Love Story of Joseon That We Don't Know of) The reason I came all the way here isn't about me.
It's about a close friend of mine.
He's been doing weird things.
I'm worried.
What weird things do you mean? He walks as he's completely out of it, walks into a wall and hits his forehead.
He drinks alcohol that he can't handle and gets into fights which is so not like him.
You get angry whenever people talk about a certain woman.
That's right! "It won't work.
That relationship will never work out.
" You're upset because your friends keep stopping you.
How did you know? I heard you're practically a fortune teller when it comes to relationships.
The rumours are true.
Life is just not worth living because of that woman.
It's okay.
I understand.
No man has ever been killed for telling a woman he loves her.
So have courage.
Are you going for a walk? I Oh my gosh.
Are you all right? Enjoy your walk.
She is a wall.
She won't even look at you.
A wall? I'm saying she has a wall guarding her heart.
What must I do? Don't do anything for 10 days.
What if she forgets me forever? If a man who is always around disappears, any woman would be curious.
Then on the 10th day Are you hurt? What are you doing? Are you all right? Yes, I am fine.
Do not do this again.
I will block everything even in the future.
Any trouble that comes your way.
Any stones that fly toward you.
People mocking you.
I will block them all.
Where were you for the last 10 days? (Man from Hwaseong, Woman from Gunsan) (The Love Story of Joseon That We Don't Know of) (Love in the Moonlight) (Chapter 1, Destiny in the Moonlight) Your Highness, did you wake up? Your Highness, we beg of your forgiveness, but it is too urgent.
Go in.
Go in.
Go in.
His Majesty is No need to let them know.
Yes, Your Majesty! Your Majesty.
Last time, you studied "Admonition on Rising Early and Retiring Late".
Do you remember? "When the cock crows" "and you're awake," "brush your teeth," "comb your hair and don your robes and cap.
" "Then open your books and enter the presence" "of the sages and wise men.
" "Confucius is seated," "and Yan Hui and Zengzi attend before and behind.
" What does that mean? A scholar must sit erect, compose his body and recollect his mind as luminous as the rising sun.
He has to be solemn and silent and ordered and even.
It's better to keep this wisdom in your heart and reflect upon it at all times.
I shall.
Seeing the Crown Prince focusing on his study warms my heart.
My goodness.
What did that mean in the book - about dressing properly? - "Dressing properly?" "Don't" Don't mock me for asking something simple.
Why? It even says to laugh three times.
(Laugh three times.
) How can they be doing this? This is ridiculous! Bring it to me.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty! We don't deserve your mercy! We don't deserve your mercy! That That loser.
(Kim Hun, Premier and Queen's father) I followed what you said because a pupil must obey his teacher.
I feel like I see more faults.
Your Highness, I I mean You should teach your pupil, not pretend to teach.
You shouldn't pretend.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
My goodness.
It was a joke.
You did nothing wrong.
The wind is at fault for appearing without warning.
Your Highness, what is that? A paper that flies through the sky.
It's an air-paper.
- Hello! - Hi! Have a great day! Who's that young man that everyone makes a fuss? What? You don't know who that is? He's born to succeed.
He's meant to be big.
He'd do anything for money! He is Sam Nom! (Apply to become eunuchs.
You will be paid 10 yang.
) That amount is more than enough to pay all my debt.
Eunuch You should get up if you smell the medicine.
Why are you turning around? You drink it.
I don't even deserve to eat with the lenders coming after us.
I don't deserve to have herbal tonics.
Father, don't be like that.
- Get up.
- I said to stop.
Why do you keep bugging me? You're not related to me and you're not carrying on my family name.
Why won't you leave? Come on.
Stop telling me to leave.
I have nowhere to go.
You found me and raised me, so take responsibility.
It's because I'm just a burden to you! You said you'd make money and find your mother.
How long will you pretend to be a boy? - That again.
- Are you home? Yes! Stop the nonsense.
Take your medicine and get better.
Ra On.
I told you not to call me that.
I'm Sam Nom.
Hong Sam Nom.
If you don't return one day, I'll be happy.
You know what I mean.
I will be unhappy.
I'll be back.
I brought Sam Nom.
You're here.
What is with that outfit? I made it.
How is it? It's a camouflage uniform for war.
You can't tell if I'm a tree or if the tree is me.
Right? Sure.
Anyway, what was the response? Let's see.
She worries if the pollen makes me sneeze.
She is worried about me.
What will you write in response? What shall I write? Tell me how you feel first.
I'm only writing on your behalf, but I don't make up stories, do I? Yes, that's right.
Soon, I'll be leaving with a performance troupe.
For how long will you simply exchange letters? What else would we do? Don't you want to meet her? Perhaps, you don't really want to see her.
I do want to.
Your eyes are as brilliant as black pearls.
Your nose is as sharp as the crescent moon.
"Your lips are red like pomegranate"? Who is it? Who is seducing my sister with these terrible lies? I don't know, Your Highness.
I only pick up the letter that's placed at the promised time and location.
I'm telling the truth, Your Highness.
"I want to meet you before the end of spring.
" "May I wait under the tree in Mount Mongmyeok?" May he or may he not? He may not.
Then what will you tell Princess Myung Eun? Pardon me? I'll tell her that she cannot go out.
She'll probably want to.
I'll say the Crown Prince is very concerned for her.
She'll only blame me.
How about I tell her I didn't get any response? That sounds good.
You're dismissed.
Yes, Your Highness.
I know exactly why people compare Dongungjeon to dung.
How could they stop paying us for three days? They should eat bean sprouts in a poor's dung instead.
Stop saying dung.
I'm eating right now.
I'm eating bean sprouts now, too.
What they're doing is horrible.
In case the superiors find the smell disgusting, we have to eat bland food without any seasoning.
We also have to chew on bitter cloves.
I'm very disappointed.
If there's any new smart and determined eunuch, I should ask for one more.
There are only few of us to take care of this palace.
- Eunuch Jang.
- Yes? We're in trouble.
Crown Prince What happened to him? He took off his royal robes and disappeared again.
Oh my goodness.
Your Majesty.
Ask the queen's father.
Your Majesty.
I said to ask the queen's father.
I came here to taste something as sweet as honey, but I only found this slippery sea anemone.
It's disgusting.
Who do you think you are? Who are you and where are you from? Who do you think you are? Who are you? I am the king and You answer me first.
I live inside the palace over there.
I go this way, turn right and go this way again.
- In that huge Dongungjeon - Wait.
Come to think of it, I also live there.
Father? Crown Prince.
Why you Instead of studying like I told you, you're always outside acting vulgar.
Let me play, too.
You! How could you make fun of the King and the Crown Prince? You call yourself a janggu player, but you only know how to talk.
You'd better tie the broken string.
I tuned my janggu this morning.
What is he saying? Goodness.
Why are you doing? - What are you doing? - Take off your clothes.
Put this on.
He told you to undress and put his clothes on.
Whenever he's nervous or surprised, he stammers.
- That's right.
- I see.
Why do I have to undress? Go to Mount Mongmyeok You must go to Mount Mongmyeok today on his behalf.
That's right.
Did she reply that she also wants to meet? Her class is way too It's impossible since she's too high-class.
- You must take care of it.
- That's right.
What do you mean I should take care of it? I wrote the letters on behalf of you, but I thought your feelings were sincere toward her.
Wasn't it true? Let's say I go out there on your behalf.
That means I have to act like a nobleman.
What if I get caught? I'll be killed.
Here you go.
- Take this money.
- He'll pay you enough.
That's right.
Who do you think I am? This isn't all.
You can't control people with money like this.
- I see.
- Shall I put these clothes on? - Yes.
- Hurry up.
Now that I'm so close to you after being far away, I can't hide my nervousness.
Expressing how I feel about you only in words can't satisfy my yearning for you.
I only see you with my eyes.
I like the voice.
Where's a woman as beautiful as a flower? Why is there a man instead? We can't be together anyway.
I beg for forgiveness for loving someone I should never have.
I wondered how high-class she was, but it was a man.
This isn't all.
Your words were very moving.
I couldn't help but get teary as I read this part.
When you get teary, you should just cry.
What? You suffered from being in love that isn't allowed.
It's all right.
I understand everything.
What was your intention behind wanting to meet? You knew it was pointless.
How can you stop your feelings just because you're not allowed to love each other? I only have one intention.
All I wanted was to deliver the deep love for you.
I'm sure you yearned for him.
Instead of staying here like this, let's forget all the biases in this world today and make a memory that we'll remember forever.
Trust me.
Let's go.
- Goodness.
- Gosh.
Goodness, look at this fool.
Clean up right now.
Gukbap at this place is amazing.
The owner of this place used to be a court lady in the royal kitchen.
Those rascals.
How much kimchi are they eating? Are you laughing, you fools? Ma'am, isn't that being too rude to your customers? You're the one being rude.
I need to make a profit.
Eat this instead of gukbap.
Why do you find her cursing funny? - Are you kidding? - I'm asking.
Gosh, you're so frustrating.
How is that cursing? It's love that reminds us of our grandmothers.
That's what life is about.
My grandmother never cursed that way.
Is that so? Yes.
Have you ever been scolded by your grandfather for - memorising the characters wrong? - No.
Why would I make a mistake when it's so easy? Have you been hit for wetting the bed at night? I've never been hit.
Even if I did, there's no one who can dare to hit me.
I see you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
Silver spoon? Yes.
It means you were born in a wealthy family and lived a very comfortable life.
Silver spoon? I'm not that kind of person.
What's wrong with that? Not all boys should be strong and sturdy.
They can also be weak like a flower.
I said I'm not.
Fine, we'll leave it at that.
Why you You rascals.
If you're done, you'd better go now.
Who are you to look up and down at me? You seem familiar.
You're Gosh.
Try some.
What are you doing? Kimchi goes well with gukbap.
Try it.
Follow me.
Where are you going? What about our gukbap? Hey, wait.
Why didn't you tell me you weren't hungry? How could you waste such precious gukbap? Goodness.
You shouldn't do this here.
The reason why I came here in person instead of ordering someone to catch you is that I was hoping you'd be someone caring and kind.
However, you don't even recognise whom you wrote the letters to.
You pretend to be a nobleman when you aren't.
How shall I get rid of you? Pardon me? I'm not pretending.
I'm definitely a nobleman.
Everything in my letters was genuine.
Is that so? Lead the way.
I want to know which family you're from.
Go where? Go.
She's soon to get a reward for keeping her chastity.
How can he run away with my daughter-in-law? What are you doing? Bring him now.
Bring him to me now.
Come this way.
Gosh, be careful.
Be careful.
This is ridiculous.
What are you doing? This is rude.
What's rude is the sunlight.
It's so strong that I'm concerned it may damage the beautiful face.
Who are you to worry so much about me? You? Do you mean the beautiful face? I was talking about myself.
Why can't you trust me? - Go on.
- Gosh.
Here comes dung.
It stinks.
Go easy on him.
If you don't pay the interest in three days, I won't pour dung over you.
Instead, I'll burn you alive.
Do you understand? Hey.
I need to take a leak here.
Are you going to watch me? You can take a leak, too.
(Love in the Moonlight) My lower back hurts.
What are you doing? Are you hurt? Why did you push me? It's because There's a snake.
Do you need to die It's a snake.
Get down on your hands and knees.
What? I'll pull you up from above, so get down.
- Push me up first.
I'll pull you up - Get down.
- I'll go up first.
- Get down.
Let's just stay here together.
Someone will pass by one day.
Someone will pass by.
Get down on your hands and knees.
Get down.
I told you to wait.
You have stand like this so I can help you climb up.
- Can you reach? - Pardon? I can't.
How about now? A little bit higher.
When we get out, I'll make you regret getting out of here.
What? What did you just say? Nothing.
Can you reach now? I can't.
Please lift me up higher.
Stretch out your arm.
You have to lift me up higher.
How about now? I'm going up I'm out.
Go find a branch or something.
What are you thinking of? I'll send someone to help you shortly.
- I'm sorry.
- You can't do that.
I'll send help within an hour.
I promise you I'll let you go without asking anything.
Now, help me get out of here.
I heard what you said earlier.
You said you'll make me regret.
That was just a joke.
You! How dare you do this to me? Do you think you can handle the consequence? Yes.
I'll do anything you want if we meet again.
If you want me to be your dog, I'll be your dog.
I'm deeply sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Wait! No! You can't leave me like this.
You can't Hey! - Hey! - I had so much fun with you.
- Come back here! - Let's not see each other again.
How dare you! You little jerk! Come back here! Gosh.
What have these people done wrong? That servant ran away with his owner's daughter-in-law.
What? Isn't she his owner's daughter? She's his owner's daughter-in-law? Then why is this person wanted? The servant paid him for luring the lady.
He didn't lure the lady He must've told them how they feel about each other.
Excuse me.
What are you trying to do? It seems these two have run away together.
What happens to him when he gets caught? He'll get killed by the servant's master before even going to prison.
I don't know what exactly happened, but I heard that the lady had been treated very badly from the family.
When she was suffering from the pain, the only one who comforted her was him.
That's what I heard.
How do you know so much about them? Wait.
Let me see your face.
Why would he want to see my face? Let me see your face.
What are you doing? Let's go.
You look so messy.
Did you play with mud like a child? The leaders of the riot have been executed.
However, the gathered market merchants are considered to be a serious problem.
Hence, I suggest the execution of Kim Jae Seok, the owner of the inn and Ha Yoon Soo, the merchant.
Do as you suggest.
Yes, Your Majesty.
They have already been executed? I haven't heard of it.
I gave the command.
I believe you would've made the same decision.
We should find a fundamental solution so my people won't have to steal rice.
Do you really believe I would approve of killing them instead of it? You are too soft-hearted.
If we give one to the hungry rioters, they would ask for tens and hundreds more.
In the end, it won't be just the rice storage.
They'll try to invade your palace.
There could be an assassin coming into your room just like 10 years ago.
You still have difficulty sleeping through the night.
Please don't doubt my loyalty, Your Majesty.
Please entrust all the affairs to me, and focus on staying healthy.
Are there any other questions, Your Majesty? No.
Did you think it would help disguise yourself? Do you mean the mole? Since you seem to have noticed, I won't lie to you.
Thank you for helping me.
I thought you didn't deserve to die.
However, you managed to get away this time, but it must be hard since many people recognise you.
Take care then.
I forgot to say I wanted to tell that they seemed very happy.
She's so quick.
Let go of me! He's strong.
Finally, he has paid off all his debt.
What are you planning on doing with me? Listen to me.
It's true that I sold you, but don't forget.
I assure you it's much better this way than that way.
Do you understand? Oh, no.
Where are you selling me? (The Training Institute in Office of Eunuch Attendants) Come here! Let go of me! I said to let go! Please open the door.
What What What is this place? This is the Office of Eunuch Attendants.
What's that? This is a place where we make boys eunuchs.
You make them what? Eunuch.
What? Eunuch.
I can't.
I can't be a eunuch.
Please open the door.
I'm begging you.
Please open the door.
I'm Um Gong.
Pardon? Um Gong? Oh, right.
Master Um Gong.
Should I call him "Mr"? My lord! Please don't do that to me.
Go away! Go away! I didn't say I'll do anything to you right now.
Don't waste your energy for nothing.
You don't get food for three days before the surgery.
You're pretty.
I don't even care if I don't get food.
I don't I don't have it.
You said you don't have something.
What? Was there no word from him again? No, Your Highness.
There was nothing under the roof tile.
It's been long since the day he promised.
Why hasn't he sent a replay yet? Your Highness.
How can he be so heartless? I can't believe him.
Stop crying.
There's no turning back.
I've already been paid and registered you.
You'll either live as a eunuch or die in here.
So give up.
Still, I think I'm very lucky.
What do you mean? I heard that you're the best at this in the country.
Me? I'm quite talented.
Hang on.
Others can keep only 3 or 4 out of 10 alive, but I'm better than them.
I keep half alive.
I keep 5 out of 10 alive.
That is amazing.
That's not all.
- About 10 years ago - Yes? I was This is a secret.
I operated while I was completely drunk, but I cut it off precisely.
Is that true? How do you do that while you're drunk? My hand remembered how to do it.
Your hand.
Then again, everyone says they were great in their best days.
What did you say? That's how it goes.
When people get old, they start making mistakes.
How dare you speak that way to Master Um Gong? You're a real man.
Of course, I am a man.
I'm not a woman.
Have another drink like a man.
Pour me another one.
I can handle that.
Now that I've enjoyed drinking, I should get back to work.
Actually I really should stop drinking.
I used my knife while I was drunk again.
My goodness.
Sam Nom.
He's alive.
He's alive.
You're here.
What happened You remember what happened last night, don't you? You were so confident last night.
Do you not remember what happened? I do.
I remember everything.
I did it.
I remember that.
Oh, my.
Are you feeling okay? Just as you said, you were amazing.
That's right.
I want to sleep, Sir.
Of course.
Take a good rest.
Take a rest.
Have a good rest.
Sam Nom won't come.
There's no point of waiting.
Let's go now.
Let's go.
I wasn't waiting for him.
Let's go.
Ra On.
Take off your clothes now.
Let me wear this just for today.
No, just until the sun sets.
Please? Mum.
You're not a girl.
You're a boy.
Do you not understand me? Do you want me to tell you again? I mean do you want me to slap you again? Take it off now.
Ra On.
If you don't return one day, I'll be happy.
You know what I mean.
He must've thought I ran away.
I'm sure he's happy.
He must be happy now.
I said I don't want it.
I'm worried to death.
I'm going to get revenge.
I'll catch him and chop him up.
What if he caught a terrible illness? Your Highness.
What brings you here? Why? Can't I come? Look at you.
You look terrible.
What is this? If you eat this, I'll tell you.
This book has a list of all the most eligible bachelors.
Why are you giving this to me? Pick anyone that you like.
I'll bring him to you somehow.
What? This is a big world with many men.
You call that wimp a man? They are entering the palace! You'll have to be prepared.
After a simple test in the morning, the torturous training begins.
What kind of a test? What else? A drug test.
They'll make sure it's been cut off properly.
Don't worry.
You know my skills.
Who are you? Silver Spoon? Jung Do Ryung? Do you think you can handle the consequence? Yes.
I'll do anything you want if we meet again.
If you want me to be your dog, I'll be your dog.
It's nice to see you, Puppy.
(Love in the Moonlight) - We will begin the physical examination.
- I'm dead.
Do you think I wouldn't recognise a woman's figure? Puppy? Who are you exactly? Look at what the Crown Prince is doing.
Getting him dethroned will be a piece of cake.
Get him! Talk about timing.
Crown Prince appeared right when the arrow was shot.