Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Tell Me Your Wish

1 How embarrassing for a man to look like this.
I heard it may be bad for the Crown Prince if the important festival were ruined.
Would you please forget what you saw? Are you saying you did something this dangerous for the Crown Prince? What other reason could there be? I work for Dongungjeon after all.
Then why did you become a eunuch when you're a woman? Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Did you look into it? Yes, Your Highness.
I met with each dancer, but I could not find her.
No one knew her, either.
She knew every move of the dance.
Even parts that I told only to Ae Shim.
- Pardon? - And the dance was completely different from Document the entire preparation.
Yes, Your Highness.
All those dance moves are in your head? I never forget dances or songs I've seen.
Where is Eunuch Hong? I have been gone too long.
I must return to my place.
You cannot go with those clothes on.
Wait right here.
I cannot find Eunuch Hong.
- He is not here? - No, Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Are you searching for Eunuch Hong Sam Nom? Have you seen him? Yes.
He thought you went to Dongungjeon, so he rushed over there.
Have you returned? How long have you been here? I could not find you after the festival, so I came here first.
What were you doing? You ordered me to record the music you newly wrote.
What ridiculous thing am I imagining? Do you have something else for me to do? No.
You may finish.
Yes, Your Highness.
- You must hurry.
- Pardon? The Crown Prince was looking for you, so I said you went to Dongungjeon.
You should hurry.
(Chapter 5, Tell Me Your Wish) Do that again.
Pardon? Not that.
The sneeze.
Like this? Not that.
Stop sneezing.
You keep startling me.
My apologies, Your Highness.
I will be Again? What should I do? I cannot stop a sneeze.
Your Highness, Chuseok is approaching, is it not? Why do you ask? I thought perhaps trainees could get a vacation as well.
You want to go to the lantern festival.
Is that right? How did you know? Come closer.
Why did you do that? How could you think of playing when you're burning up? A minor fever like this is nothing.
Do not worry about whether or not I go to play.
Worry? Who worries you? Don't you budge from Jahyeondang today.
If I catch a cold from you, I will punish you severely.
Do you understand? Were you surprised that I called for you? I do not mean anything else.
I hear you make the best tea.
I wonder who told you that.
Who was it again? The deep flavour and scent is a work of art.
I am glad it pleases you, Your Highness.
You said before that you only wrote the letters on his behalf and the content within them was his sincerity.
I simply added a little flair, but I did not make anything up.
All I did was relay Master Jung's affection for you.
What does he look like? He is very masculine looking.
What about his voice? - His voice - Your Highness.
Did you not order Eunuch Hong to remain in Jahyeondang all day today? I did.
But Over there Why that Eunuch Hong.
You do not look well.
You may return.
My apologies, Your Highness.
I heard you were ill with the cold before, too.
Before? When? When Master Jung first sent his letter.
He said you looked lovely riding the swing while coughing.
A swing? A cold? Did he really say that? Your Highness.
Are you all right? I just asked a question! Your Highness, it is dangerous! Please sit back down, Your Highness! Your Highness! Eunuch Hong! Eunuch Hong! Are you all right? Eunuch Hong! Hold my hand! Eunuch Hong! Your Highness! Your Highness! - Your Highness! - Your Highness! Your Highness.
- Help His Highness! - Yes, Master.
- Your Highness.
- Your Highness.
Your Highness.
How dare you? Get up right this instant! A eunuch should be protecting His Highness.
My apologies.
I jumped in on my own.
He did nothing wrong.
Your Highness, what are you doing? Do you think he can survive after putting you at risk? I am fine.
- Put it away.
- Yes, Your Highness.
Apologise to His Highness right this instant! I've committed a mortal sin, Your Highness.
Get up.
The ground is cold.
I will punish you severely, so come with me.
Master, Premier Kim is waiting.
Go ahead.
I will follow shortly.
Over here! I am here! Where are you all going? I am here! Why is nobody looking at me? (Jahyeondang) Master.
Why are you so shocked to see me? I'm hurt.
I did not hear you approach.
Are you all right? Yes, I am fine.
Thank you, Master.
Eunuch Hong, you think I caught onto your secret, correct? Can you not consider it I am sharing your secret with you? "How dependable.
" Can you not think that of me? Do not worry because of me.
Do not avoid me, either.
I need to go.
(Jahyeondang) Jahyeondang? Eunuch Jang.
The maiden who danced at the festival.
Did you find her? Do not get me started.
The Crown Prince ordered me to search the palace, so I checked everywhere like a beggar licks a bowl.
But I could not find her.
Do not even bring that up.
Thinking about what I suffered I lost my appetite.
(Hong Sam Nom) He could not have avoided this.
Your Majesty.
The envoys have handed the demand of tribute.
From the royal palace, they demand silver 30,000 yang, 120,000g of ginseng, 150 sheets of leopard skin and 50 brushes made of weasel-tail hair.
Why has it increased so? It is much higher than what they demanded last month.
It is because Your Highness taking the throne in the interim is under their control.
They are being greedy and demanding more.
They wield the sword, so we have no choice.
Who handed them the sword in the first place? You must accept risks and loneliness when taking shortcuts.
What can one gain without giving in exchange? Your Majesty, what shall we do? Do not offend them with useless negotiations.
Let us turn a blind eye this once and do as they wish.
If we turn a blind eye once, they will try to cut out ours next.
I apologise, but I refuse to do that.
That way! Ra On, do you want to play hide-and-seek? I will count to 10, so you hide under there.
Can you do that? You can hide and not let a single hair show, right? I win if you cannot find me before a count of 100.
That is not how we do it this time.
You must not come out until I find you.
Ra On.
You must not tell anyone who you are.
Okay? No matter what happens, do not get caught.
Understand? I'm going to count.
Please, Ra On.
There she is! Get her! Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum What a baby.
Why are you talking in your sleep? Byung Yun.
I dreamed of the day when I parted from my mum.
You had a sad dream.
It was a happy dream.
At least, I can see my mum again.
Your Highness, is this where you were? - You fell into the pond - Puppy.
I said not to come here until your fever broke.
That is more like it.
I am fine now, thanks to my dear Byung Yun who nursed me all night.
"My dear Byung Yun"? Yes.
My dear Byung Yun is completely different from someone who trembles that I will get him sick.
Come sit here.
I refuse.
What? You refuse? I am still coughing.
I'll get beaten for getting precious Silver Spoon sick.
What are you doing? Chew it well.
It is 10 times more effective than your dear Byung Yun.
Hong Sam Nom! Yes? What are you doing here during these times? Is something wrong? Yes, something is very wrong.
Trainees who worked on the festival have been granted a special Chuseok vacation.
Master Jang! Thank you so much.
Thank you! What is wrong with Prince Dung lately? What Crown Prince gives vacation to a eunuch? How cool.
Is something wrong? Eunuch Hong.
Eunuch Do lost his bowl that he was about to eat from.
I washed the rice and finished cooking it, but I lost the entire bowl.
What do you mean? Come now.
Eunuch Do did all the preparations to greet the envoys, but as soon as they arrived, he was removed from the list.
Is it that good to work at Envoy Residence? Of course.
If you become close with the envoys, your life as a eunuch is set.
But who took away your spot? Who is the rat that stopped your path? They should help the eunuch trainees, but why did they block your way instead? I see you are prettier than any maiden out there.
That is the rat.
Pardon? That jerk.
What do you think, Premier Kim? Is the Crown Prince worthy of being the interim king? He is more than worthy.
However, this is not the time.
He is a child who cannot even feed himself.
If we give him a sword now, he will only hurt himself.
So is it not the time? I will relay your concern for the Crown Prince to the Emperor.
I apologise, but I must go prepare for the banquet.
Joseon has the beautiful river, and the ocean surrounding its land is magnificent.
But the most beautiful of all is the women in Joseon.
Is there a wench you've taken a liking to? At the festival, I remember the maiden who did the solo dance.
I wish I could see her dance again.
Is that what you'd like? Can you not even do that? I can do it.
- Then try.
- Try it.
I will do it.
I can do it.
I can! That was a good angle.
- Again.
- Try again.
- That was great.
- Slap my hands.
Slap my hands! Did you see that? His Majesty is coming.
What? Where is His Majesty? I was kidding.
Hey! Stop right there! What brings you here? Are you still spending time at Jahyeondang? Places don't matter.
All I ever do is eat and play.
Then why did you accept it? Why do you plan to become the interim king? Do you want to know? It is to rid Joseon of its enemy.
This is what I think.
Friends from youth are even like this.
But the sovereign and subject are not even like this vertical line.
If you must choose one, which relationship would it be? I would choose this.
What is that? What I must do as a friend and subject is the same.
If His Highness tries to take an improper path, I must stop him.
Thus, I will help him choose the right path as his friend and subject for the rest of my life.
What do you think, Your Highness? With a great friend and subject like him by my side, I can become a great king.
Is anyone in here? No, right? Then I have no choice but to return another time.
Are you here for Eunuch Do and Eunuch Ma's incident? Yes, I am.
How did you know? I checked the list and noticed something odd.
I was going to send someone to the Office of Eunuch Discipline.
Thank you.
I am always grateful to you.
Such empty words.
Pardon? How shall I show my gratitude? That is more like it.
I heard you received a special vacation.
Give me just half a day.
I apologise, Master.
But I have something to do at the lantern festival Then we can meet after you finish.
I will take that as a yes.
But Also Here.
I had one already.
The Crown Prince gave me one.
His Highness? Yes.
He gave me medicine since I might get him sick.
He yelled at me to stay away, too.
This was the spot he said in the first letter, right? Yes, it was.
He said it was where he first saw you.
I want to go on, too.
It looks fun.
How pretty.
I heard you were ill with the cold before, too.
Do you know what the cold and love have in common? It is that you cannot hide it.
There is one more.
Another similarity between the cold and love is that it hurts.
Why do I care about a man I've never seen before? Forget it.
That's good enough.
Your Highness, let us go fly a lantern.
Let us go.
This place is still the same.
But she must have forgotten me.
Of course, she did.
You stopped writing to her.
Still, I hope I can see her one more time.
I really hope so.
This is Minister Jo Man Hyung, the former governor of Gyeongsang Provinces.
He's been appointed as Minister of Culture and Education.
Greet Minister Jo.
I am Kim Yoon Sung.
He is as good looking as I heard.
I can see why he's famous even in Gyeongsang Provinces.
You are very generous.
Your daughter is much more famous than he.
Please take good care of him.
I am a mere country man who just came to the city.
I will need more help from him than I can give.
I was told you have not seen each other in a few years.
May I be excused so that you can enjoy your reunion? Stay.
This meeting is also for you.
Minister Jo, would you like him to pour you a drink? I would like that very much.
I dreamed of the day when I parted from my mum.
At least, I can see my mum again.
I thought you would be having fun.
What are you doing? I am having fun, Your Highness.
But then again, puppies love playing in snow and watching the light in the sky.
You said you did not want to go outside.
What are you doing here? Without an escort, too.
I am with you.
I have someone to meet.
Of course.
Let us say you had someone to meet.
Will you keep standing here? You have four hours left of your precious vacation.
Follow me.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
I'm on my vacation now, so please - Gosh.
You never obey me.
- Please What is Eunuch Jang teaching the trainees? Let's go.
Please Buy wish lanterns.
Here is a wish lantern.
Your wish will come true.
- Did you make these? - Yes.
It is 5 bun, but I will give you for 3 bun.
Here you are.
I do not need a lantern.
If you will not buy this, please go.
I am selling my wish lanterns.
I am not a beggar.
I am sorry.
I did not mean it that way.
A lantern that makes your wish come true.
What wish would you make? My wish is that I could meet the King just once.
What would you do when you meet the King? I would ask him to make Joseon a better country.
What makes a country great? I think the King knows better since he cares about his people.
I will buy one of your lanterns.
- It is three bun.
- Yes.
I will I will buy all your lanterns.
You did not have to do that.
You said it will make a wish come true.
I trust you.
Is that true? Thank you.
This is for you.
Wait and see if your wish comes true.
Thank you, Master.
As for these Give them to those who cannot afford to buy one.
I hope your wish will come true.
This is pretty.
Lady! She saw my face and ran away.
The Princess does not even know how you look.
She is still beautiful.
It was Young, was it not? Yes, Your Highness.
It was the Crown Prince.
Your Highness, where is your lantern? What? Let us meet again.
I wish I could become as pretty as her.
Each of those lanterns has a different wish of my people on it.
"I wish to have enough food.
" "I wish to be healthy.
" All of their wishes are what they want to say to me.
Chief Eunuch Han.
I do not have a lantern to fly.
But can I ask you a favour? Yes, Your Majesty.
Please take good care of the Crown Prince.
Help him and guide him so that he will not be defeated or shaken as I, the foolish King.
I shall serve your command with all my heart.
It is the time and date for when the envoys leave.
Until then, find a land route to come back.
The tribute to Qing is made of the people's sweat.
We must give it back to them.
Are you afraid the Crown Prince will be blamed? If you could wait until the Crown Prince decides Do not forget who you are.
You are not the Crown Prince's friend.
What are you looking at? It was nothing.
- Look at that.
- It is nice to see wish lanterns - floating like stars in a while.
- It is beautiful.
Now, please write your wish on it.
I'm fine.
Please tell me what your wish is.
If only one of our wishes is to be granted, it would be better for your wish to come true.
Your Highness, shall we fly it now? Please help our village have a good harvest! Please help our village prosper! Please make the Crown Prince's wish come true.
(I wish Eunuch Hong will find his mother.
) I wish Eunuch Hong will find his mother.
(I wish Eunuch Hong will find his mother.
) Is that your wish, Your Highness? Yes.
It is my wish to make your wish come true.
- Look at this.
- Excuse me.
- Here you are.
- Come here.
- Come and take a look.
- It is a very nice one.
With someone? Are you a palace worker? Lift up your head.
She is my woman, Your Highness.
Can you not consider it I am sharing your secret with you? "How dependable.
" Can you not think that of me? Welcome.
Your Highness.
How did you know that I parted from my mother? Why are you staring at me like that? I know this must sound ridiculous.
I don't know why I keep seeing someone else in you.
Someone else? Yes.
I see a lady.
Eunuch Hong.
I am sorry I am late.
Your Highness, please forgive me.
We have plans.
You did not forget our plans, did you? Would you go with me now? Please forgive me, Your Highness.
I do not give permission.
Your Highness.
He is my person.