Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

When I Want to Tell Untold Secrets

1 Why are you staring at me like that? I know this must sound ridiculous.
I don't know why I keep seeing someone else in you.
Someone else? I see a lady.
Eunuch Hong.
I am sorry I am late.
Your Highness, please forgive me.
We have plans.
You did not forget our plans, did you? Would you go with me now? Please forgive me, Your Highness.
I do not give permission.
Your Highness.
He is my person.
Yes, he works for Dongungjeon.
Hence, step aside.
Do you disapprove because it is I who is taking him? Were you that important? If not, what is it? Master Kim? It is you, Master Kim.
Here's the famous Sam Nom, too.
What are you doing with just men? Come play with us.
Step away from me.
Are you not glad to see me? Let Let us go.
Let us have fun tonight.
You look pretty, but you are so manly.
- Pardon? - I am fine, so go.
(Chapter 6, When You Want to Tell Your Secret) Thief! Stop him! - Stop him! - Stop! Do not get the wrong idea.
You have seen how upright I am.
So I do not worry, but Yes, do not worry.
I merely learned that you frequent kisaeng's parlours alone.
There is nothing to misunderstand.
You are correct.
You came late, so the lanterns have been turned off and there is nothing for you to see.
Who said I wanted to see the lantern festival? I cannot take another step.
What is the matter? My steps have never felt so precious to take before.
Is this how you are at the kisaeng's parlours? Master.
There he is! Over there! Over there! Are you all right? Yes, I am.
Give that to me, please.
I have the mask! Byung Yun.
What is it? When did you return? You should come home early.
- Were you worried? - Silence.
Go to sleep.
Three places were hit last night alone.
It is not the first time thieves went rampant.
Do not make a fuss in front of the envoy.
Yes, Master.
But I have a bad feeling about this.
Only the houses of the wealthy people who are notorious for being abusive were robbed.
What are you doing? Show it to him.
They all say he was wearing this mask.
This is It is the mask from that night, is it not? Who could it be? The rumour circulating in the market is disconcerting.
What rumour? They say Hong Gyeong Nae's clan is on the move again.
They are stealing from the rich and distributing it to the poor just like before.
Perhaps, these thieves and Hong Gyeong Nae's clan are related somehow.
My apologies, Your Highness.
Is it uncomfortable? Did you enjoy your outing to kisaeng's parlours? Pardon? Yes, I did.
I must have forgotten that you are a man.
That even a eunuch wants to embrace a beautiful woman.
Heed not what I said last night.
I will never see someone else in you again.
Eunuch Jang.
Yes, Your Highness.
You are excused.
Minister Jo.
Premier Kim.
How long has it been since you came to the palace? How long has it been since you came to the palace? It has been three years, Father.
She says it has been three years.
Greet him.
He is Premier Kim Hun.
I am Jo Ha Yun.
You're as pretty as when you used to play with the Princess.
Back then? She was often scolded for arguing with the Princess.
- Is that right? - Yes.
I will be at the Royal Office.
If the Princess refuses to let you in, come there.
Father, please.
Let us go.
Eunuch Jang.
The eunuch from Daejeon asked to send a couple of your trainees.
Do you mean me, Master? Don't say anything.
Look elsewhere.
His Highness despises sending his men elsewhere.
It seems urgent.
Couldn't you ask at least? Look elsewhere before you're hit by lighting! Send Eunuch Hong.
Hoon Nam is all I need.
Who is Hoon Nam? It is I.
Jang Hoon Nam.
It should be around here somewhere.
Is it over there? Silver Spoon.
You are amazing.
Are you safe? Your terrible archery skills shocked me, but I am fine.
But why are you speaking rudely The lantern.
Can you stand up? Will you just watch? Your Highness! Your Highness! What is the matter? Is he the Crown Prince? I am Minister Jo's daughter, Jo Ha Yun.
I really wanted to meet you again.
As expected, the envoy's movements are suspicious.
Monitor the officials and others close to Envoy Mok.
We may be able to find out what deals they are making.
This is the list of people who misappropriated funds.
Is this all? Yes.
This is information on children who became orphans or were sold off as slaves 10 years ago.
Find out if one of them is related to Hong Gyeong Nae.
I shall.
You must find out before anyone else.
It will help recollect the power that has split up.
I will keep that in mind.
Please have some, Your Highness.
Put that away.
I will want to eat it if I see it.
Put it away.
Her Highness is trying to lose weight.
Do not say that in front of her.
"I am the one that looks like a princess.
" She thinks that on the inside.
I made a jest as a child.
You have gotten prettier after losing weight.
Since when were you so nice to me? Your Highness.
I'll visit the palace often from now on.
Why? Please be welcoming.
Next time, I will bring tea that helps you lose weight.
What is wrong with you? Why should I hold it in? Why did you have to see me urgently? My apologies.
I came so urgently because I have found what you have been desperately searching for.
Only I can bring it to you.
What I have been desperately searching for? Yes.
Once you hear what it is, you will surely be enticed.
Your Highness.
I will make you a tonic good for insomnia.
I cannot breathe.
I suddenly get flushed and hallucinate.
What is the cause? In my personal opinion, your body is healthy.
However, if you feel those symptoms often, that is That is What is it? Speak.
Considering the symptoms, it sounds like an illness that widows and nuns have.
An illness that widows and nuns have? Yes.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
You see It is natural for a man and woman to be together.
But if you desire someone you cannot have, it eats away at you from within That startled me.
How dare you say such things? - Get out right now! - Yes, Your Highness.
(Jahyeondang) A trainee is working overnight? Yes.
I was just paged.
I will not be back tonight, so go to sleep first.
I will be back.
Why am I working overnight at the Envoy Residence? You will know when you go in.
Where Master Ma Come closer.
I came to work the overnight shift.
I will stand outside.
That pretty dancer was you? But why are you acting as a eunuch and residing in the palace? I am curious, so come and sit.
What are you doing? Are you a boy with a pretty face or a wench pretending to be a eunuch? Please stop.
You are a Dongungjeon eunuch, correct? Do you truly not know that the fate of the Crown Prince is in my hands? A eunuch should be willing to die for the Crown Prince.
Stay still.
Please let me go! Are you all right, Master? Why you Who is it? It is I.
Crown Prince.
Let us go.
Your Highness.
Is anyone out there? Crown Prince! - Your Highness.
- Can you - Your Highness.
- handle the circumstances? Why What do I do? Why? Just why? I was worried that this may happen eventually, but how could he do that to the envoy? Do not worry too much.
I will ask Premier Kim to come.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Why are you How could you go in there? What if something happened? My apologies, Your Highness.
I was ordered to work You should have fled when it seemed strange! How could a trainee like me refuse an order? And he is the envoy from Qing.
I could not put you in a bad spot Why are you thinking about that? Who cares about the envoy? Who are you to Why do you anger me so? What are you doing? Your Highness, please forgive us.
But we were ordered to lock up Eunuch Hong.
Let him go right now.
I shall meet with my father myself.
Please step back, Your Highness.
If you do this, we must kill him and bring him.
How dare you threaten me? My apologies, Your Highness.
(Love in the Moonlight) Your Majesty.
Please hold Envoy Mok accountable and punish me for breaking the law.
Why do you claim only the helpless eunuch is at fault? If that eunuch has any fault, it is being devoted as the subject and citizen.
Please retract your order.
Guards! Lock the Crown Prince in Dongungjeon and guard him.
Your Majesty! I told you that life is full of ups and downs.
You acted arrogant that the Crown Prince was going to take the throne in the interim.
What? When did I do that? What will you do now? What if he gets dethroned? Watch your mouth! How could you say that? You startled me.
Don't yell at me.
The Crown Prince caused the mess.
What is the big deal about a trainee? Oh, my.
Is the rumour true then? What? What? What rumour? Prince Dung - likes men - Stop that! If you spread that ridiculous rumour, I won't forgive you! Hey.
Everyone will hear because of your loud voice, not me.
I know that the Crown Prince does not like men.
What? The other person may not be a man.
What? I really did not want to say this.
Eunuch Ma.
Come with me.
Were you the one who brought Eunuch Hong to the Envoy Residence? Pardon? Yes.
The assigned eunuch had an emergency.
What is that? It's a gun I obtained while I was in Qing.
I was intrigued, so I obtained bullets as well.
I see.
But why are you showing me It does not require gunpowder.
All I need to do is pull the trigger.
Then it fires.
Why are you doing this? Let Eunuch Hong be.
Why are you so concerned about Eunuch Hong? Do you know the secret that I know? Do not be curious.
Do not speak.
If anyone ever speaks of Eunuch Hong's secret, regardless of who it is, I plan to kill you.
I have one bullet remaining.
I plan to save this for you.
You look terrible.
Is the Crown Prince well? You are in no position to worry about the Crown Prince.
The Dongungjeon is a mess.
The Japanese invasion does not even compare.
The Crown Prince may be dethroned.
Dethroned? Get your act together.
Eat well.
Eunuch Hong.
Are you listening? Who is it? Get rid of them! Get them! - Get them! - Run.
The envoy will be departing two days from today.
Have you heard from the Qing official who is coming? No.
I do not think he has arrived yet.
We must find clear proof that will get Envoy Mok.
You must not let anyone in the palace know about us.
What are you thinking about? Pardon? What did you say? I asked how many men are guarding Dongungjeon and whether you can get past them.
Your Highness! Your Highness! No, Your Highness! Your Highness! You will get hurt! - Get His Highness! - Yes, Master! - Your Highness! - Your Highness! Your Highness.
It is fine.
Stay seated.
How are you I will stay for just 15 minutes.
Please go back.
Only the palace guards are permitted in here.
Have you forgotten? I am the Crown Prince.
You cannot abuse your power for a lowly eunuch.
I may abuse my power since I am the Crown Prince.
Finally, you are smiling.
Your Highness.
Are you still angry with me? It is not at you.
It is at myself because I get angry whenever I look at you.
Promise me one thing.
Do not refrain yourself because of someone else.
Especially if it is because of me.
Your Highness.
Promise me that you will not do that again.
I promise, Your Highness.
Mistreating an envoy from Qing is not different from insulting the Emperor.
I cannot face the Emperor with this humiliation.
If I could, I would take the Crown Prince to Qing Pardon? But that is You cannot take the Crown Prince I am aware of that.
At least, I should take that eunuch to Qing and punish him according to Qing's law.
You cannot do that.
He's a mere eunuch trainee.
What would you How dare you? You must not be this rude to him.
Sit down.
So would that be enough? What brings you here, Master? I came here as your friend.
Must you keep such a distance? What is it? I wonder if there is anything I can do to help.
I need your help.
Who cares about the envoy? Who are you to Why do you anger me so? The Crown Prince may be dethroned.
Promise me one thing.
Do not refrain yourself because of someone else.
Especially if it is because of me.
Leave us alone so I can talk to him.
Yes, Master.
A eunuch must be willing to sacrifice his life for the one he serves.
But I am sorry that I have to send you away when you are innocent.
The Crown Prince implored forgiveness all night long to save you.
His Highness did that? Yes.
Do you have a family you parted from? I will talk to them.
I have someone who found me during the riot and raised me, but I do not know where he lives now.
Are you saying you lost your parents during the riot 10 years ago? Yes, Master.
I parted from my mother then.
How old are you? We must leave now.
Let's go.
I am 18 years old.
Guard him well.
We need him alive until we arrive in Qing.
Let's go.
I am honoured that you would see me off like this.
Thank you for being glad to see me.
You have done enough.
Leave the eunuch here.
What is this act of disrespect? We are seeing off the envoy from Qing.
Did you draw sword because of that mere eunuch? Yes, I did.
I have never let anyone take what is mine before.
Thus, I am very angry now.
Release him right now.
Why do you care about only one person? You have to think of all your people who are shaking in fear because of the immature Prince.
The people shaking in fear are the best weapon you have.
You use them to get what you want, and you hide behind them when you are in trouble.
Is it not true? How much longer should you keep nagging like a child? Please put up your sword right now.
I shall go.
I shall go.
Did you forget what you promised me? Your Highness told me not to refrain myself especially when it is for you.
Therefore, I will not refrain myself from telling you this.
Your Highness must refrain yourself from anger for your people and not for me.
It is because you are the Crown Prince of this country.
Move away.
It is the King's command.
Please give me your sword.
Let's go.
His Highness is I wish you health, Your Highness.
We shall take a rest here.
Stop the carriage.
Stop! Follow me quietly with a few more people.
Yes, Master.
(Tie him to a tree.
) Judging by the Crown Prince's temper, he won't go easy with the officials in the future.
Looking at the world with excessive enthusiasm, he must be dissatisfied with everything he sees.
The King was the same at the Crown Prince's age.
He only pursued change and reform.
You could see the result of his actions.
The result of his actions was tragic, but you should take a risk to pursue change.
This country is led by scholar-officials.
When the king considers himself as a king as the literal meaning, it is the most dangerous moment.
Oh, no.
Dear me.
As I was trying to understand you, I kept distracted.
It's hard to concentrate on fishing.
For the safety of the country and political stability, please support me.
I am suggesting marriage between our children now.
Who are you? I prepared a gift, but I forgot to give it to you.
I shall fight alone.
Please stay away, Your Highness.
You should have said that before I drew my sword.
(This is the investigation censor from the Censorate.
) (Make way.
) (Please forgive us for being rude.
) Does my farewell present please you? What are you doing? You tried to steal the tribute for the Emperor and even to traffic in some of it.
As far as I know, you get exiled at the least for trafficking in sulphur and bull's horn in Qing.
Is it not right? The punishment for trafficking in sulphur is death.
I will tell the Emperor that it is a conspiracy.
Who do you think the Emperor will believe? You are right.
He would not believe me.
That is why I invited another guest.
I heard they changed the route to Qing.
It's a rough and longer route.
They'd meet there if they're trafficking in anything.
I marked the place on the map.
Are you sure you will be fine? I'm fine as long as Eunuch Hong is safe.
It's a list of merchants who made deals with Envoy Mok.
They're meeting for the last deal on the way to Qing.
We have to find who the merchants are before the investigation censor arrives.
Can you look into it? Yes, Your Highness.
But we don't have much time I will stop Envoy Mok from leaving until you return.
(How could you disgrace the Qing) (by abusing your position as an envoy?) (It is a misunderstanding.
) (I will explain everything.
) (I do not need your explanation.
) (Pay for your crime with your life.
) Your Highness.
You cannot be doing this.
Let's go back.
You can go back now.
Is that true? You are safe now.
I was afraid I would really be taken to Qing.
I was afraid as well that it would be too late.
How dare you break your promise to me? You shall be punished once we return to Dongungjeon.
May I really return to Dongungjeon? Of course.
You said you get angry when you see me.
That is still true.
I get angry when I see you.
But I cannot help it.
When I could not see you, I was angrier and it drove me crazy.
So stay by my side.