Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Like a Fairy Tale

What shall I call you as a lady? I am Hong Ra On, Your Highness.
Hong Ra On.
Ra On.
"Ra On" means "enjoyment", does it not? Yes.
My father named me that in hopes I enjoy my life.
Your name suits you very well.
(Chapter 10, Like a Fairy Tale) Your Highness, have you woken? I have.
Come in.
How is the weather outside, Ra On? Pardon? The sunlight is strong.
Did you pack the books to bring with me, Ra On? Yes, Your Highness.
But will you continue to call me that? I am merely calling Ra On, "Ra On".
Why? What if someone hears? I will call you that when we are alone, Ra On.
I will make up for the times I could not call you that.
Yes, Your Highness.
Tell me as a relationship expert.
Does not every woman dream of being in love with the Crown Prince? You could not find her? The neighbour could not remember anything.
Not what she looked like, her name or anything? No.
I see.
I understand.
What will you do if you find her? We must protect her as our own.
Why do you ask? Nothing.
I will keep looking.
Stop! Stop! Get them! Out of our way! Move! Stop! Get them! The cries of the hungry can be heard from thousands of homes.
The nation does not belong to the incompetent king, but rather the people who experienced its history.
Hong Gyeong Nae's child will lead the way.
We will not repeat the failure from 10 years ago.
They are saying it is time.
They refuse to repeat the failure from 10 years ago, and they are instigating the people.
Your Majesty.
Leave this to me and do not worry.
I am worried you will get sick.
They wish to drag me down and put Hong Gyeong Nae's ghost on the throne.
What are the royal guards doing that they cannot quash the rebels? We have every royal guard searching everywhere, so we will find the origin soon.
Even the palace is not safe.
They will attack my bed soon as well.
Search everyone at the palace.
If they are even remotely suspicious, they shall be punished harshly by the law.
Byung Yun.
Yes, Your Highness.
I have been hoping things will be stable for my father, but situations seem dire.
Have you heard anything else about Hong Gyeong Nae's child yet? No, Your Highness.
Nothing else yet.
Premier Kim.
Hong Gyeong Nae.
And Father.
I will end the wretched relations among them.
Please help me.
Yes, Your Highness.
Do you think this is a sudden change? What is it you wish to say? Anxiety seeps in through the weakest point.
Anxiety befell us because I, who is weak, am the interim king? Your will to bring change is commendable, but it is only bringing chaos in reality.
In difficult times, you will need the assistance of experienced subjects.
Why don't you pretend to give in and flee into the safety under my tree? I am not sure.
I cannot be blind to the mud beneath my feet just to stay in the shade.
Open it.
Master Jang.
What is going on? Do not get me started.
It is not only eunuchs.
They are searching the rooms of everyone in the palace, including guards and court ladies.
What did the flyers say that they are doing this? It supposedly said let's remove the King and create a world where the people rule.
- What? - Be quiet.
Is that not treason? When the riot occurred 10 years ago, there was a rebel within the palace, but no one knew.
Anyway, be careful.
At times like these, it does not matter whether or not you are guilty.
They will tie you and me together and drag us away.
They will burn us with irons and we will just die.
- Will we die? - Of course.
You are finally back.
You must be upset with the palace in unrest.
I am.
I could not see you all day long.
Lie down and rest, Your Highness.
You have not been sleeping well, have you? Shall I tell you a fun story until you fall asleep? Go ahead.
I read this in a book that came from the West when I lived near the market.
Do you remember when you said that every woman dreams of being in love with the Crown Prince? That is the story.
A mermaid living in the sea falls in love with a prince.
Is he as handsome as I? That prince in the story.
Sorry? I guess so since the mermaid fell in love at first sight.
Like you? The mermaid, who is in love, sacrifices her voice for legs and goes to be with the prince.
However, she cannot tell him who she is or anything else.
Go on, Ra On.
Chief Eunuch Han.
The Crown Prince barely became interim king, and they are attacking him already.
What is to come next is obvious.
They will join forces and try to bind him as they made me incapable of doing anything.
Your Majesty.
Shall we defer the Crown Prince's marriage which you brought up earlier? No.
We must expedite the process.
His marriage is a celebration of the nation.
We must capture the wavering hearts of the people.
We must make sure everyone knows that the royal family remains strong.
Then Is there a family you have in mind? Call Minister Jo Man Hyung discreetly.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Highness, he is Jung Duk Ho who came in first in the state examination this year.
Your Highness.
I shall do my utmost for the progress of the nation and work myself to the bone and give That is not necessary.
Since you showed an aptitude and interest in strategy, I assigned you to the Crown Prince Protection Office, so show me what you are capable of.
Yes, Your Highness.
I shall.
Master Jung "I beg for forgiveness for loving someone" "I should never have.
" Please tell her that.
Do you know each other? - Yes.
Pardon? - No, Your Highness.
We saw each other a few times in the market.
Yes, that Fine.
You are excused.
Sam Sam Nom.
You You cannot No.
Sam Nom will not say a word.
Do not worry.
But how did you come in first? Did you really? Yes, it is true.
I cannot believe it, either.
First in the state examination, not an eating contest.
- Is that funny? - It is not.
Eunuch Hong! Princess? Eunuch Hong.
I am sure you were with someone a moment ago.
Why are you so surprised? Sorry? My apologies.
You look so different.
Did you always have such a high nose? Is it? I only recently discovered that I have a high nose.
I will see you again.
Yes, Your Highness.
How Why has she become so skinny and sickly? You will be at the palace often from now on.
What will you do? If the Princess recognises me, it will be a disaster.
I will have to avoid her.
What choice do I have? She is so skinny.
A lantern that makes your wish come true.
What wish would you make? My wish is that I could meet the King just once.
What brings you to the palace? Are you here to see the King? I came with my father who embellishes bags.
Your Give the snacks for the Crown Prince to this child.
Your Majesty.
May I ask why you called me in discreetly? I will ask you directly.
Please help me and the Crown Prince.
I wish to have your daughter marry the Crown Prince.
Please become one of the Crown Prince's people.
The Crown Prince's marriage.
He wants to talk to Minister Jo beforehand to decide his daughter to be the future queen.
Are you saying the Crown Prince is to be wed? Yes.
Then was he delaying her daughter's marriage to Yoon Sung because The King wishes to calm the chaotic nation with the Crown Prince's wedding.
Now that he is the interim king, if he gets married as well We must stop it.
If Minister Jo and the Crown Prince join forces and they beget an heir We cannot waste the great opportunity for us since we have the Queen with child.
Do not worry.
The King cannot decide it on his own.
Do you have a good idea for stopping the wedding? How old is your youngest daughter? Eunuch Hong.
Lift both of your legs.
- It does not hurt.
It is fun.
- Let us go.
Let us go like this all the way.
What is so much fun? Your Highness, Eunuch Hong sprained his ankle.
Thus, we were bringing him safely Thank you.
Great going.
I climbed the persimmon tree and fell off.
Great going.
You put your arms around anyone, laugh in front of anyone and get hurt.
Do not get hurt again.
It is an order.
It is not like I wanted to get hurt.
Do not laugh in front of other.
Hold it in.
That is also an order.
I refuse.
What? You refuse? That is your punishment for defying the Crown Prince's orders.
Me? We were discussing marriage with Premier Kim's family.
What shall I do? Father.
Please obey the King's orders.
It is not that simple.
I heard the Crown Prince is struggling because of servants who are not loyal or trustworthy.
I was wondering how I could be of comfort.
Do you have such feelings for the Crown Prince? I wish to be of help even if it is not me, but the family which he needs.
It does not matter.
Are you sure? If you fail to be selected as his wife because of Premier Kim's tactics, you will have to live alone for the rest of your life.
I will not regret it regardless of the outcome.
Do not budge.
Stay here until I return.
Master Jang will be looking for me.
That is why.
If you walk around to work, it may get worse.
It is not that bad.
Will you defy my order again? No, Your Highness.
Yes, Your Highness.
I am discussing your marriage with Minister Jo.
Please withdraw your order.
I thought long and hard before making my decision.
It is the only family in Joseon, which is dominated by the Kim family.
They can be of strength to me and do not be controlled by Premier Kim.
It is the best option.
You will only create more relatives.
Your marriage will bring the royal family stability and gather the hearts of the confused people.
The moment they see you waver, the people will be manipulated by the rebels.
My apologies, Your Majesty.
I do not wish to marry someone in order to gain political power.
- Crown Prince.
- I shall gather my people in my own way.
Thus, please withdraw your order.
How could I lie down peacefully after hearing something so outrageous? Why is the Crown Prince's marriage a big deal? Father.
Do you not consider the prince within my womb? That is why the Crown Prince is rushing.
They know time is of the essence as well.
What if someone from Jo Family becomes a queen? You were a kisaeng, but I made you Queen.
I am saying this so that you do not worry and focus on giving birth safely.
Do you understand? I am discussing your marriage with Minister Jo.
It is the only family which can be of strength to me.
We must gather the hearts of the people.
Do not budge.
Stay here until I return.
Let us stop here.
You are excused.
Yes, Your Highness.
You ordered me not to budge.
How could you come so late? How can you laugh right now? Get on my back.
Excuse me? How could a eunuch get on the Crown Prince's back? I cannot.
Do not be confused.
I would do this for Hoon Nam if he hurt his leg.
I refuse.
It is an order.
You said to treat you as a friend when we are alone, but you always say, "It is an order.
" What? Are you refusing to obey? Why are you so light like a feather? Do you mean it? Your arms seem to be shaking slightly.
What if somebody were to see us? Do not worry.
I know countless paths in this palace that nobody takes.
You know, the story about the mermaid you told me before So in the end, what happens to the two of them? You fell asleep and did not hear the end, did you? That is right.
The prince does not realise the mermaid loves him and marries someone else, so she turns into sea-foam and disappears forever.
It is a sad story.
Your Highness.
We are almost at Jahyeondang, so please let me down.
Let us return to Dongungjeon.
Sorry? Your Highness, you must let me down there, okay? No.
We will return to Jahyeondang.
Your Highness.
What if somebody sees? Eat up.
You are a lucky wench, being treated so well after getting pregnant as a court lady.
Thank you, Your Highness.
But what will happen to me and my baby? Nothing bad will happen if you keep your mouth shut, so do not worry.
It is definitely a prince.
If it's not right, there will be fury to deal with.
Are you positive? Yes, I feel an energy that is strong and intelligent.
Even after checking again, are you sure it is not a son? No, Your Highness.
It is definitely a princess.
I have waited six years to get pregnant.
Do you think I will give up an opportunity that has been given to me? I will create a new prince to inherit the kingdom of Joseon no matter what it takes.
Look here.
First, if you have time to kill, I want you to volunteer.
I see whether you are tired or rested.
You look well fed.
You are selected.
Where am I going? You're assigned to where we prepare royal family's weddings.
Is someone getting married? Who else? Your Prince Dung.
Pardon? Out of my way.
(Love in the Moonlight) You know, the story about the mermaid you told me before So in the end, what happens to the two of them? The prince does not realise the mermaid loves him and marries someone else, so she turns into sea-foam and disappears forever.
It is a sad story.
Eunuch Hong.
Please do not stand up.
I just needed to take a rest for a while.
You are very tempting.
Pardon? Whenever I see you, you make me want to sit on my behind.
I assume you are very busy.
Yes, I am.
I have to prepare for the marriage of I heard about it as well.
You mean the marriage of the Crown Prince, right? That is right.
So many events take place in the palace.
We have so much to do.
I wanted to pretend that I did not know, but it is all written on your face.
I have no choice.
I will pretend to be busy then.
I will leave you alone so you can rest.
Be as sad as you wish.
Cry as much as you need, suffer from a broken heart and then come to me.
If I promise to take your side, you will appoint me as a high official.
Is that what you are suggesting, Your Highness? I did not say that you will be my person only because you are on my side.
If that is the case, what do you expect from me? I expect you to be an earnest worker.
I need you to be strong enough to keep the truth alive.
I need you to be sure enough not to be blinded by anything.
Your Highness.
A string that is pulled too tight on a bow is bound to break.
That is right.
Just as you did now, please teach me right from wrong.
That is what I ask of you.
You said you have two things to tell me.
What is the other one? It is about a lady.
A lady? Yes.
I need your help so that I do not lose her.
What were you doing? Master Sung told me to deliver the book to you, Master.
And then? I saw the white egret flower embroidered on your handkerchief.
I see.
You must know much about flowers.
Not many people know the name of this flower.
My mother used to like this flower, Master.
She said it is not only pretty, but also it has a good meaning.
This flower was embroidered on the handkerchief that my old friend used to carry with him.
He said it was given by his wife he had parted from.
If you are finished, I will excuse myself, Master.
Are these truly not yours? No, Master.
I do not know what they are.
We found them in your wagon.
Will you keep lying to me? No, Master.
I do not know what they are.
It is clear that she is one of the rebels.
Take her to the Department of Justice right now! - Yes, Master.
- Please.
No, Master! Show me the proof that I conspired to commit treason.
We have confirmed that you have been providing the rebels with supplies.
How dare you! Is giving food away to the poor treason? They are neither rebels nor rioters.
They are poor peasants who are suffering from hunger.
Would you say it is an act of patriotism to do nothing and watch the innocent people die of hunger? Father Do you mean you lost your parents during the riot 10 years ago? Yes, Master.
I parted from my mother then.
How old are you? I am 18 years old.
She is a mere 10-year-old girl.
Because she is young, they must have thought she could deceive us easily.
We cannot be sure how many rebels are hiding behind this girl.
She must have done it for a little money.
No, for a little food.
She does not even know how to read.
How could she have known how serious it was? She should not be punished as a traitor.
Please reconsider your decision, Your Majesty.
Crown Prince, the moment you let your guard down is when the security of the palace is breached.
Do not forgive her and make an example of her.
Punish her severely.
I want to stay here a little longer.
I wonder what has captured your heart enough to make you take on the risk.
I do not give permission.
He is my person.
May I speak to you for a moment, Your Highness? Come in.
I contemplated whether I should ask you a favour as your subject or I should warn you as your friend.
So what is your decision? It depends on your reaction, Your Highness.
I will hear you out.
The preparation of your marriage has begun.
And? There is a person who will be heartbroken by watching every step of it.
But the person must pretend to be all right and smile in front of you.
What are you trying to say? That person I love that person.
I do not want to see her suffer from a broken heart because of your greed.
I shall not let it happen.
I am here, Master.
Hong Ra On.
Why did you not tell me? Did you mean to let the Crown Prince have her? No, Master.
Then was it Premier Kim? She has been through a lot.
I did not want her to know the pain I went through.
She knows nothing.
She cannot give us any information of Hong Gyeong Nae.
So can we not let her live without knowing the truth? When I sent you to the Crown Prince, I told you many times to do as you are told without making a judgement.
I told you there is nothing more dangerous than a spy who acts on his own free will! Stop it.
Your Highness, this is a letter from Master Jeong.
Your Highness, I found a way to what you asked before.
Please arrange a meeting with her.
Would you like to go with me? Is he the leader of Baekwoon Group? Were you the one who brought me here 10 years ago, Master Han? That is right.
I have been watching you.
On the day when there is a meeting of Baekwoon Group, in front of everyone, I will bring Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter.
Are you smiling because you are glad to see me? Yes, Your Highness.
I am happy whenever I see your face.
I cannot help it.
Why did you pretend you did not know? I mean Why are you pretending to be all right? Your Highness.
Please do not try too hard.
There is nothing you can do about it.
You cannot keep crying over it.
What were you thinking? Did you plan to disappear like sea-foam after pretending to be all right? I have found a way to keep you with me as a woman.
Pardon? I do not like the story you told me.
I will change the ending of the story.
The two of them live together happily ever after.
Like us.
Your Highness.
We need to meet someone.
Let's meet at seven in the morning at the gate.
Master Han.
What brought you here? I have spent a long time to find you.
Pardon? Have you been looking for me? I have something to tell you.
Ra On.
How do you know my name? How do you know that name? Hong Ra On.