Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

A Promise

Master Han.
What brought you here? I have spent a long time to find you.
Pardon? Me? I have something to tell you.
Ra On.
How do you know my name? How do you know that name? Hong Ra On.
Your Highness.
She may not remember, but we met when she was a child.
I was shocked to see you where I did not expect you.
The same goes for me, Your Highness.
How did you know her when she was a child that you searched so much for her? I owe Eunuch Hong's mother a big debt.
I wanted to stay close and take care of them to repay my debt, but we parted suddenly and I was unable to see them again.
You met before she lost her mother.
Then do you know already? Do you mean the fact that she cannot be a eunuch? You can finally repay that debt.
Please look out for her as the chief eunuch in the palace.
Yes, Your Highness.
I will do as you request.
Master Han.
I am sure you have many questions.
I will call for you, so be patient.
(Chapter 11, A Promise) I will ask Master Jeong to set another date to meet.
Yes, Your Highness.
But what is Master Jeong like? There is much to learn from him.
Except for one thing.
His drinking habits.
What is he like when he drinks? He befriends every creature and talks to them.
I know someone like that.
My grandpa.
Whenever he drank, every person in town No, even the dogs used to avoid him.
Ra On.
Are you having fun? It comes from my heart.
This comes from your heart? I have always wanted to mark you as mine.
Just like that.
Did you hide your identity in order to punish the traitors? I have never worried about you.
You know very well who destroyed your family and massacred them.
For several decades, I served three kings from close proximity.
The moment they took power, they began with small expectations but always ended with anger and despair.
Joseon under the Lee Family is powerless now.
Then What must we do to create hope? Is it another riot? That is merely a means.
How could a riot create hope? Does that child remember nothing about the riot from 10 years ago? No, she does not seem to remember a thing.
What kind of nation is a good nation? The King who worries the most about the people would know the best.
It is impossible.
Even an adult's legs would break.
How could a child withstand it? She is a criminal that deserves it.
She insulted the Royal Family.
She cannot be forgiven because of her youth.
Then bring me conclusive evidence of her guilt.
I plan to interrogate her in order to obtain that evidence, Your Highness.
They say a small flame burns down fields.
We cannot ignore a small flame and let it cause a big fire, Your Highness.
I will not hear it.
If a 10-year-old learned to be a spy before learning how to write, the ones who deserve to be punished are you and I.
Release her at once.
Please understand, Your Highness.
What? What is it? How could this Call the royal physician.
Now! Where are you rushing to? Hold on.
What is going on? They found poison in His Majesty's food.
What? What about His Majesty? Luckily, he is fine.
This is bad.
The Office of Eunuch Attendants will be a wreck again.
Did you bring everyone who entered the Royal Kitchen? Yes.
However, they say there was a non-palace worker.
There was someone who does not work in the palace.
Who was that? It was the person who brought the ingredients for the food.
When we searched for him, he disappeared.
Who is he? He is the father of the child we found with the flyers.
What? Your Highness, you cannot run without eating.
You will faint.
It is harder to maintain weight than to lose it.
Do not follow me.
You just get in the way.
Who are you? Your Highness The truth is - I - Get away from me! - I will call the guards! - No Please Look Please I What are you doing? Guards! Is anyone there? - Are you all right? - How dare you? Are you truly all right? If I see you again, I will not forgive you.
That is correct.
It is the child that we released upon your order.
I came with my father who embellishes bags.
Are you saying that father and child fled from the palace? That is correct.
Your Highness.
He tried to murder the King.
Please give the order to catch and punish them.
They finished searching the eunuchs' quarters, - so why - One lives here, too.
The strange one.
Be quiet and search.
What is this? I am speechless.
Your Majesty.
You must be concerned.
Anyone can make a mistake when there are much suspicion and doubt.
I am glad you caught the culprit.
Yes, Your Majesty.
However, when you consider the Crown Prince's temper, this is just the beginning.
What should I do? I understand he is old enough to be king, but repetitive errors must be curtailed.
Please rush the Crown Prince's wedding in order to calm the people down.
However, the Crown Prince does not wish to wed What went well by following the Crown Prince's will? I requested a list of eligible maidens for the Crown Prince to wed.
I shall relieve you of your concerns.
Mother, what kind of king would you like me to be? I wish you'd be a king with good eyes.
Good eyes? If you are too high up, you tend not to see people below you.
What else? I wish you have good ears.
You must not listen only to those who yell before you.
Do not judge by status, take care of the people, listen to your servants and discern between flattery and counsel.
Is that it? Please protect every single person for they are all your people.
Will you promise me to become a king like that? I promise, Mother.
Ra On.
Is what I see the truth? Whom should I believe? What if what I thought was right is wrong? What do you do when everything is difficult? Your Highness.
My grandfather used to say when the heart is sad, you doubt everything.
When the heart is sad, you doubt everything.
Then I need you.
Reduce my suspicions with enjoyment.
Will that do, Your Highness? Yes, I am filled with Ra On.
If the Crown Prince gets married, there will be a temporary ban on marriages and our children's marriage will be delayed.
I did not know His Majesty would rush the Crown Prince's marriage so.
The bride has already been decided, so the selection should be quick.
Are you saying there is someone betrothed? If not someone from the Kim Family, what family could manage that position? I heard His Majesty called for you a few days ago.
I felt bad toward you because of it.
There is no need.
Make yourself comfortable.
I told you before, did I not? Do not make it complicated.
Either take my hand or stand against me.
Those are your only options.
What could this mean? I cannot figure it out either.
It is driving me crazy.
It could not be.
I know he is prettier than a girl.
If I am curious, all I must do is check for myself.
The Crown Prince will not stand for it.
Of course, he will not.
That makes it more enticing.
This is a critical time when they are preparing the Crown Prince's wedding.
Eunuch Hong.
Is something wrong? Eunuch Do, I hear you know much about poisons.
Is it true? No.
I learned a little by watching.
What is it? Tell me.
You heard there was poison in the King's food.
They gave the food to the animals, and not one of them died.
Although the silver chopsticks turned black? This is not just the water.
You get it from boiling honey locust.
Silver which has been blackened from poison cannot be cleaned even with this water.
This is not poison.
Then why did it change colour? We need to find out.
(Medicine) Poison? Is the King safe? He is struggling more since it happened after the flyer incident.
When will you grant my request and return to the Royal Court? I apologise, Your Highness.
I am busy healing people with my acupuncture skills.
The palace is filled with better physicians.
I do not need a physician.
I need you to save an innocent child.
"Do not give up on a single person.
" Do you remember what you said to me? I need your help.
I called you here because we found something interesting in your place.
Pardon? This is What? Will you claim it is not yours? Fine.
I do not need an answer.
I can check with my own eyes.
Strip him.
Your Highness.
Your Highness, did you come out for a walk? You are fearless.
Please forgive my rudeness.
If I bothered you I mean because you are here alone at this hour.
I learned that I am bold and courageous thanks to you, Your Highness.
Your Highness, may I ask you one thing? Do you dislike me because I was rude when we first met? Do you find me boring because I showed you how I feel? There is a maiden whom I like.
I am saying it is not your fault.
Does that answer your question? What kind of maiden is she? Your Highness.
This is bad.
Eunuch Hong What is it? Eunuch Hong I asked what is it? Please head to Jungungjeon.
Please hurry.
Your Highness, the Crown Prince is here to see you.
Welcome, Your Highness.
What is it this time that you summoned a eunuch from Dongungjeon? This trainee.
It is such a waste that this pretty face belongs to a boy.
What do you think? Remove your hand.
How could you not be drawn to a face this pretty? He is feminine than any girl.
Of course, you are confused.
However, while we were searching everyone's room, we found this among his belongings.
I know you've been struggling because of odd rumours.
Your mum will wash away all doubts in front of everyone right now.
If you wish.
Why did you have a woman's clothes? Well The thing is I I said you do not have to answer if you cannot.
I said to shut your mouth and take off that eunuch's robe! Eunuch Hong! Do as the Queen ordered.
You summon a mere eunuch.
You even molest him and tell him to disrobe.
How long will you toy with the palace workers with those silly rumours? Please show who is correct right now.
If anyone is at fault, I will punish them severely.
You are correct.
I said to take off your robe.
Why are you stalling? Your Highness, Eunuch Han is here to see you.
Why are you here at this hour? Your Highness, disrobing a trainee is not a big problem, but please proceed in a manner that does not damage the dignity of the Office of Eunuch Attendants.
This child is a eunuch who passed the Office of Eunuch Attendants' exam.
Eunuch Sung.
Did you not examine him yourself? Yes, Master.
Your Highness.
I understand you wish to scold a eunuch for his fault, but how could the mother of the nation look at the naked body of a man while bearing a child of all times? If His Majesty were to learn of this Chief Eunuch Han, both the Queen and I grow ill if we do not quench our curiosity, so let her be.
Your Highness, why are you hesitating? Check for yourself right now! Take him away.
Yes, Your Highness.
(Jahyeondang) Did something happen? I simply want to keep someone I care about near me.
I do not know why things keep happening that I feel bad for.
Your Highness.
That is why I thank you.
What is it? I am surprised you wanted to see me.
I could tell you want the same thing.
I remembered the past, too.
I know.
We used to spend a lot of time together at Jahyeondang.
Also, I heard what happened.
Is Eunuch Hong safe? His Highness is with him.
When we were young, I wanted to be His Highness' best friend.
But somehow, I became someone he is uncomfortable with.
I found a woman I want by my side for the first time Do not say it.
Just keep it in your heart.
I will not keep it inside any longer.
It is the first time I wanted something this badly.
May I ask you for directions? Yes, Master.
- My grandfather - My grandfather - used to say - used to say It is you, Grandpa.
Ra On? Are you Ra On? No.
I am called Sam Nom here.
How dare you! I told you not to call me "Grandpa".
By the way how did you end up here? You are a eunuch? It is a long story.
Things turned out this way.
I am acknowledged as a good eunuch.
So please do not worry.
That does not make me feel relieved.
It has been years.
I am glad I finally met you.
My grandfather used to say people who are meant to meet again see each other again in one way or another.
We are looking for the criminal Hong Gyeong Nae's family.
Do you mind if we look around your house? The royal guards have left.
You can come out now.
You must have parted from your mother at the market.
That is right.
Did you How do you two know each other? Are you here to meet His Highness? Grandpa, does it mean you are Master Jeong? Grandpa? This is the cause.
Hooker chives.
Hooker chives? Yes, Your Highness.
It is known to have three different flavours which are sweet, spicy and bitter tastes.
It makes the silver change colour because it has a little sulphur.
It is not a poisonous herb, Your Highness.
Are you saying it is not poisonous? Do you still not believe me? Although it is from a different country, the royal physicians must have known this.
Why did they not say anything and pretend as if it was a serious problem? Has the Crown Prince not returned? He must be anxious.
I feel sorry for him.
Since the royal physicians will not talk, there is no way for him to find out.
Who would dare tell His Highness unless they want to anger Premier Kim? I hope the Crown Prince realises that there is no one on his side in the palace.
Do you not agree? Your Highness.
You are the person I met at the lantern festival.
He is the Crown Prince.
Your Highness, thank you for saving our lives.
Thank you, Your Highness.
It is all right.
Look at me.
I am sorry you had to go through such hardship.
Has my wish to meet the King been granted, Your Highness? Yes.
You still remember what you wanted to tell him, right? Watch me to see if I make this country a better country.
Yes, Your Highness.
Thank you for helping me save an innocent child.
By the way, when will you reply to my request? I am a mere old man.
I would not be of any help to you.
Good day, Your Highness.
You have not heard about my mother since then, have you? I hope I can tell you good news next time.
I shall push forward your marriage.
Do you think of me as a thoughtless coward as well? No, Father.
It is just that I do not want to marry someone I do not love.
I see.
I understand how you must feel.
Since the day I took the throne when I was 10, there has not been a single day when I was not confused or afraid.
It would be as if you were walking through rough water.
You think you took 10 steps forward, but then you realise you have only been stamping your feet on the same spot.
You at least need to grab a twig if it helps you move to the calm water.
You need to marry Minister Jo's daughter.
If His Highness marries someone from a powerful family, it would strengthen his position and more people would be on his side.
It would be great.
This is frustrating.
Ra On.
Your Highness, you startled me.
What were you thinking so deeply about? Your Highness.
What is it? Could you walk me to Jahyeondang? We have been walking back and forth for a while.
Do you hate to part from me that much? Do you know when I am the happiest these days? It is when you call me "Ra On".
It is the same for me.
That is the happiest moment for me as well.
When I call your name, you appear in front of me.
What more would I need? I shall not ask for more.
I shall ask for more than that.
When you are in love, you naturally become greedy.
Yes, Your Highness.
I am your person already.
Please do as you wish.
However, I do not want you to be in danger because of me.
Even if I cannot stay with you as a woman, it does not mean I will stop loving you.
So please Say no more.
Please stop refusing to get married.
Your Highness.
I said that is enough.
The maiden I asked you to help is Hong Ra On.
The maiden you want to give a home and parents? That is right.
Why do you care so much about her? She is a mere young eunuch.
She happened to come to me as a eunuch, but she is my love.
The difference in social status and the twisted fate.
You asked me to help you overcome all the barriers.
That is right.
However, she needs someone else, not you, Your Highness.
Your Highness.
What brings you here so early without notice? I need to tell you something.
Do you remember the little girl who were selling the lantern? Yes, Your Highness.
I still remember her eyes full of joy when she finally met her father.
She told me that the King must know better about what makes a country great.
What kind of country is Joseon that you are dreaming of? Well I want it to be where a child can live as a child and a woman can live as a woman.
I want it to be where everyone lives happily.
Can you wait until I create a nation like that for you? You are the first of my people in the new Joseon that I will create.
What would you do if it causes you harm when she finds her mother? If you just bury the truth, you and Ra On live happily together.
If you face a very difficult situation and must let go of something, it must not be me.
Can you promise me? Yes, Your Highness.
Now, I think my wish has been granted.
What do you mean, Your Highness? My wish for your wish to be granted.
I found your mother.
Ra On.
I am sorry for being so late.
Mum Mum I am sorry, Ra On.
Mum (Love in the Moonlight) I am frightened because I am so happy.
I am waiting for the time when the Crown Prince cannot do anything.
What if someone else's happiness came to me as well?