Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Faith Becomes Destiny

You have a guest.
Did you go to Supyo Bridge again? Yes.
Perhaps, it is because I saw someone who looked like my child at the lantern festival, but I've been having strange dreams.
If you face a very difficult situation and must let go of something, it must not be me.
Can you promise me? Yes, Your Highness.
Now, I think my wish has been granted.
What do you mean, Your Highness? My wish for your wish to be granted.
I found your mother.
Ra On.
I am sorry for being so late.
Mum Mum I am sorry, Ra On.
Why are you hiding it? What do you mean? Hong Ra On's mother.
You know they search for one another.
Why are you keeping silent? If she is her mother, what will you do? Obviously, I must help them reunite.
What would you do if it causes you harm when she finds her mother? If you just bury the truth, you and Ra On may be able to live happily together.
I do not know what that danger is, but I will not separate family for my own gain.
(Chapter 12, Faith Becomes Destiny) It must have been so hard.
I have forgotten all about it.
I thought I would never see you again, but here we are together again.
But what happened? How are you a eunuch? I will tell you over time.
Do not worry.
I met good people and am doing well.
The Crown Prince is good to me too.
The Crown Prince Are you saying that man is the Crown Prince? I made a promise, so I will not ask any more.
I am curious and worried about what you said, but thank you for letting me choose first.
Your Highness.
Destiny is neither created because you wish it to be nor avoided because you wish to.
That is exactly what I wanted to say.
I will send her to you officially soon, so do not be too disappointed.
Yes, Your Highness.
I will see you soon.
I trust you, Grandpa.
Do not drink too much.
You rascal.
Do I look like a grandpa to you? Let us go.
It is now up to Ra On to decide.
This is not a matter of her deciding.
The palace? And next to the Crown Prince of all people.
This cannot be.
You know that, do you not? Your Highness.
I do not think it will stop too soon.
Your Highness, wait here.
I will fetch an umbrella.
Go ahead.
Did you expect me to say that? Me? Can you walk more quickly? The Crown Prince never runs in the palace, correct? Never.
Yes, I know.
But what? Do you think the Crown Prince has ever liked a eunuch? It all just happened somehow.
(Book of Records) Are you all right, Your Highness? What if you catch a cold? I am frightened.
Of what? Because I am so happy.
What if someone else's happiness came to me as well? And thus, what if they take it back? Are you that happy to see your mother again? I have a person I want to be with both in the palace and outside of the palace.
How could I not be happy? If you are happy, I am happy.
However, you speak as if you will be happy outside without me.
I am hurt.
Do not worry, Your Highness.
I will not go anywhere without your permission.
Do you mean it? Of course.
I left it in Dongungjeon as you ordered, but Good work.
If this keeps happening, security will be increased.
Will you be all right? If I were not going to act, there would be no reason to hide.
We must show him that he is judged by the people from close by.
You may go.
Yes, Master.
When will you tell her? Hong Ra On.
I am waiting for the time when the Crown Prince cannot do anything.
Do you know what these are? What are they? They are appeals reporting your corruption.
However, why are there so many here when I never saw a single one? Chief Royal Secretary.
Tell me.
Your Highness, unconfirmed appeals are merely attempts at slander.
I guess this person expected that response and sent evidence along with it.
(Book of Records) This is a list of people who paid you for their posts.
(Book of Records) It details who paid whom, how much, when, where and for what position.
Your Highness, this is unfair.
Chief Royal Secretary.
I asked you to confirm with the people on the list.
What happened? They all confessed that it is true.
Your Highness.
I am being framed.
You took bribes in exchange for official appointments.
You corrupted the Royal Court.
Remove Kim Eui Gyo from his office.
Yes, Your Highness.
I will do as you ordered.
Remove me? Please withdraw your order, Your Highness.
You must decide cautiously after conducting a thorough investigation.
You are correct.
I am investigating this thoroughly.
I will question and hold strictly accountable to those who kept silent about it all this time.
It is the book that disappeared when I was robbed by Baekwoon Group that time.
However, how did that reach the Crown Prince? My point exactly.
Thus, he ordered your removal from office? My lord, it is I, Chool Sung.
Come in.
Did you look into it? I went to meet the man with the information, but he was already dead.
I think they eliminated him.
What? Did you not find out anything else then? Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter used to be called Hong Ra On.
Hong Ra On.
She could not have openly used that name.
Keep digging until you find out more.
Yes, Master.
Hello, Master Kim.
Tell His Highness I wish to discuss the date for the first process of the princess selection.
Yes, but His Highness is in the library.
Shall I relay the message? No.
I will go there myself.
Yes, Master.
Do you see me even with your eyes closed? You smile so much even as you sleep.
Yes, Your Highness.
I was dreaming of you.
What was the dream about? I dreamed about the day you first called me, "Ra On".
Sleep more, Ra On.
Ra On? Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter used to be called Hong Ra On.
Ra On.
Hong Ra On.
Dongungjeon? The Crown Prince is being arrogant.
We cannot let him be.
We must scare him good so that he cannot dare talk back.
But that is treason, is it not? I have a good idea.
Frame the rebels.
Is that it? The rebels have been active lately anyway, so why not? Get me some quick and ruthless men.
Once everything is over, they will leave this mask and go into hiding.
It is killing 3 birds with 1 stone.
We can expedite the Crown Prince's wedding, heighten their fear of Baekwoon Group and make the arrogant Crown Prince bow at our feet.
We shall make him kiss our boots.
What about Premier Kim? It is not like we can hide it from him.
But it is not like he would stop us either.
What What What brings you here? I am sure I told you that if I see you again, I will not forgive you.
Your Highness, the truth is What were you doing in front of the Princess' quarters? Tell me right this instant.
The sun behind the clouds is so nice The truth is I cannot forget the beautiful lady who used to live here which is why I came.
Someone who used to live here? Not I, but someone beautiful? Does he mean Wol Hee? Now, she is pointy I mean she is no longer here.
What is that? Bring it to me.
I remembered what she used to like, so I brought them.
Wol Hee did not like things like this.
Take them back.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Whoever she is, you must have liked someone with similar taste as mine.
I apologise for mistaking you.
You may go.
Yes, Your Highness.
What brings you here? Byung Yun.
Are you inside? Your Highness.
How have you been? I thought if I met his family, I would at least get to know whether he was alive.
This is why I have stayed out of touch.
Have you ever thought about how Ra On and I lived during those 10 years he was preparing for rebellion? From now on, we shall protect you two.
I do not want that.
What are you planning to do with Ra On this time? Please help us so the death of thousands of people will not be in vain.
We know nothing about it.
Please stop trying to get us involved.
Hello, Your Highness.
Byung Yun.
Are you hurt? Yes, Your Highness.
I had an accident.
One of the trainees made a mistake while sparring.
You could have been hurt badly.
Is the injury not serious? I am fine, Your Highness.
Did you say Chief Kim left the palace? So soon.
Yes, Your Highness.
He said he is too ill to attend the training.
Was he injured badly during yesterday's training? Your Highness, there was no training yesterday.
There was no training? That is right, Your Highness.
Master Kim, is that you? I am on my way to your house, Master.
Why are you going there at such late hour? We finally found out the truth about the girl named Hong Ra On.
What did you find out about her? That bold wench is living in the palace.
In the palace? Are you certain? Yes, Master.
I must tell Premier Kim so that we can take her first.
You have not told this to anyone yet, correct? No, Master.
I just found out myself.
I see.
Then you should go first.
I will go home later.
Yes, Master.
I forgot to tell you something.
Yes, Master.
You see Hurry up.
Please forgive me for my visit at such late hour.
If it is about Sam Nom, do not say anything.
If there is anything she needs, I shall help her.
No, Your Highness.
I must tell you.
What Eunuch Hong needs right now is to leave the palace.
Kim Yoon Sung.
I already told you that is not your concern.
She should not be in here.
- The palace is - I shall find a way.
As long as you two stay together, you will be in danger as well, Your Highness.
What would you do if it causes you harm when she finds her mother? What is the danger that I will be in? Forget it.
If such things were going to change my mind, I would not have even started this.
So you should leave now.
They must have begun by now.
Who is out there? Is anyone out there? Who is out there? Who are you? As you can see, I am unarmed.
I do not know what you want, but let him go before we begin.
Is it you, Byung Yun? Yes, Your Highness.
Please forgive me for being late.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Your Highness Your Highness Your Highness (Love in the Moonlight) Your Majesty.
Premier Kim.
What should we do about it? Is it true masked thieves attacked the Crown Prince? Yes, Your Majesty.
You have to stay strong at times like this.
Such dangerous things happened to my son, but all I have to care about is how to prevent words from getting out.
You must want to call Commandant of Palace Guards and have him interrogate the thieves, but it is not good to let others know about it.
They will stir up the people for bigger riots.
I shall take care of this matter so the people will not become agitated, Your Majesty.
Is everything done for certain? Of course, Master.
His Majesty volunteered to order not to speak about it.
It is fortunate.
Even so, do not let your guard down.
Yes, Master.
We are aware of that.
We will excuse ourselves, Master.
What should we do? We sent 10 assassins There were only nine bodies.
He must have run away, right? What should we do? Report to him or hide it from him? Master, I am a eunuch serving the Crown Prince.
May I see His Highness for a moment? - No, you may not.
- Please wait.
Is His Highness all right? Please tell me, Master.
Move aside! Please be strong, Your Highness.
When will you be back, Your Highness? Your Highness, do you recognise me? There were so much blood and the bodies in Dongungjeon, so we moved you here for treatment.
His Majesty ordered not to let anyone else in here except for the royal physicians.
Your Highness, you should not move yet.
I need to get something from Dongungjeon.
Bring someone from Dongungjeon.
Your Highness.
I am here.
Are you all right? Your Highness.
Do you remember that I said I was afraid because I was too happy? When I saw you collapse, I was terrified.
I thought they were taking back this happiness.
That is what I thought.
Please never let go of my hand.
I shall never let go either.
How impertinent.
No one will take away your happiness without my permission.
So do not cry.
I will never let go of this hand.
When will you return? I will return before the curfew bell No.
Return before sunset.
You must be here before the sun sets.
Do you understand? Yes, Your Highness.
Where would the two of you go? How could she be in the palace near the Crown Prince? This happened while I stayed away because I was too afraid.
How can I do nothing again? Ra On and the Crown Prince fell in love with each other.
Do you really not know what that signifies? Is it that late already? Yes, Your Highness.
It is almost nightfall, Your Highness.
Go and make the preparations.
Yes, Your Highness.
I told her to return before sunset.
I tried so hard to free her from that wretched fate.
I beat that sweet child and made her live as a boy.
I cannot leave her in the palace for another minute.
What if someone finds out that Ra On is Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter? (Jahyeondang) If you face a very difficult situation and must let go of something, it must not be me.
Can you promise me? Do not worry, Your Highness.
I will not go anywhere without your permission.
Did you wait long, Your Highness?