Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

Fondly, Goodbye

1 I tried so hard to free her from that wretched fate.
I cannot leave her in the palace for another minute.
What if someone finds out that Ra On is Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter? Every time I had to dress like a boy against my will, to run away countless times and to hide, I wanted to know why.
Ra On.
Now, I understand how you felt.
You couldn't tell me because everyone in the world knew him.
You didn't want me to live as the daughter of a rebel who made thousands die.
Don't hate your father too much.
He wanted to give you a better world to live in.
That's why he did it.
Why didn't you keep it from me forever? No.
Why didn't you tell me sooner? Ra On, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let me go.
Ra On.
I'll be back soon, so please.
Ra On.
You cannot.
He is waiting.
He does not know anything.
(JAHYEONDANG) Did you wait long, Your Highness? I was determined not to smile when I saw you.
It is way past the promised time.
It is.
Will you punish me again? You seem to have wanted it.
I will forgive you since you came back safely.
(CHAPTER 13, TENDERLY GOODBYE) But why is nobody else here? Did they give you all the work? I said I would do it all.
Why? You have so much to do already.
I asked to let me take all the posts at Dongungjeon for a few days.
When you were ill, I could not see you for days.
They said to be wary of jealous women.
If you want to hog me so much, I will permit it.
Your Highness.
I have a request.
What is it? May I stay within one step from you all day today? You may.
May I rest my head on your shoulder - and on your lap? - You may.
I will beg you to look only at me and not at books.
It is my turn now.
Are you prepared? Pardon? What is it? Do not make requests since I will do anything for you.
Your Highness.
I cannot believe assailants broke through the guards and attacked you.
I am speechless.
It is beyond comprehension.
I ordered your removal from office, and you are back as if nothing happened.
What if I say that is more shocking and disturbing? He is a loyal servant who worked while you were ill.
However, disobeying his order to leave his position is an act of disloyalty.
I was ordered to leave office, but a shocking danger befell the palace.
How could I not fulfil my duties? That is correct.
His Majesty acknowledged that and reinstated him, so please be understanding.
Your Highness, please be understanding.
Please be understanding.
When the drums were sounded and the guards gathered, there were only nine assailants' bodies left.
Yes, Your Highness.
If only we had arrested one alive, we could have questioned him and uncovered the truth.
Our apologies, Your Highness.
They could not have passed the palace walls unnoticed.
Someone must have helped them on the inside.
We must find the remaining rebels.
Yes, Your Highness.
Eunuch Hong.
It must be uncomfortable for you with an injured hand.
The way you look at me is more uncomfortable.
Pardon? You must have been frightened that day.
I am fine.
I did not get hurt.
- How is the Crown Prince? - I am fine as you can see.
I don't know when it started, but I could not see you simply for yourself.
It is probably because I am the sole successor of the Kim Family.
I am sure that played a part in it.
However, when I saw you grab the sword with your bare hand to protect me, I became sorry.
Perhaps, I was making it too complicated.
I owed you much from my heart.
May I think I have absolved myself now? I shall no longer wait, be considerate of you or make requests.
I will not stop you.
You must do all that you can before you can give up.
Your Highness, listen carefully.
The books that require drying are here.
The ones with scratch papers are here.
And the books that need transcribing are here.
Must I know that? And you did not have to do it all at once.
You should not have bothered.
Whether I do it all at once or over time, it is something I have to do anyway.
Your Highness.
Shall I write down the stories I told you whenever you could not sleep? There is no need.
I can just call you when I want to hear them.
You are correct.
Ra On Your Highness.
I wish to stay like this for a little while.
You may stay like this for a long time.
I hear the Crown Prince is holding meetings again.
Yes, my lady.
Eunuch Hong, His Highness did not accept my feelings for him.
I decided not to let him see how I feel in order to stay by his side.
In order to stay by his side, you will hide the truth? That way, I may not be loved, but I can be a person to help him.
Will it not be painful? I think it will be very painful.
However, the day may come when he accepts my love for him.
I am pathetic.
No, my lady.
Please take good care of him.
Someone like you is perfect for him.
I feel like you're my friend now.
May I keep calling you here to chat with you whenever I am upset? I should go.
I stood here for too long, hoping to catch a glimpse of His Highness, and my legs are sore now.
Excuse me, my lady.
Where did you go without What brings you here? My apologies.
I had to tell you something, so I used my relationship with a friend.
How is your wound, Your Highness? It is fine.
It is much better.
You told me that there is a woman that you like.
I thought a lot about it.
Are you refusing to get married although you like someone because she is someone you cannot marry? What do you wish to say? I will be your nest.
You cannot push off the marriage forever.
If you cannot avoid it, how about placing someone who can help you and His Majesty in that spot? Are you saying that person is you? Yes.
Please use me and my family in order to fly high and accomplish your great objectives.
What is it about? Why do you look at me like that? You seem angry.
I am angry at myself for always being one step behind.
However, I cannot be late this time.
Not for my sake, but for your sake.
I do not understand You must leave this place.
You must leave His Highness as well.
I cannot give you my heart.
I am not pathetic enough to beg for love from a man in love with another woman.
Why do you wish to become my wife, knowing you will be treated coldly? It is for my family's future.
Your family may prosper, but you will be desperately lonely.
I do not care since it is merely a transaction in order to obtain mutual gain.
I am not asking you to come to me.
I simply want to help you be safe as soon as possible.
I will leave.
Thus, please do not let on.
The more you know about me, the more dangerous it will be for you.
Eunuch Hong, what do you mean? - Do you - I just asked you to pretend not to know.
That is not as easy as it sounds.
I shall go now, Master.
This is bad.
The man who escaped from Dongungjeon was captured and is being transported to the Department of Justice.
If he tells the truth during interrogation What is that about? I just asked what you are talking about.
Master, we sent 10 assailants to Dongungjeon that night, but only nine bodies were found.
Are you saying the one who fled was captured and is being brought to the Department of Justice? Yes, that is correct.
Was it not Baekwoon? No, Your Highness.
They appear wearing white masks and leave behind letters or write messages on the walls.
I know that.
Yes, I see.
They do not wear masks to hide their identities, but rather to spread awareness of their group.
Spread awareness.
Thus, they always leave evidence of their objective at the site of the attack.
How? Like this.
(BAEKWOON) Was there any evidence in Dongungjeon? No evidence was found other than the fact that they tried to harm you.
Your Highness, it is Byung Yun.
You must come right away.
Why did you break into Dongungjeon and try to harm the Crown Prince? Please spare me.
I only did as I was told.
Who ordered you to do it? Continue with the torture.
Stop the torture and question him again.
I ask again.
Who hired you to harm the Crown Prince? Can you say that in front of the Crown Prince? Can I trust you? If I do as you say Yes.
That is the only way you can save your life as well as your family's.
Baekwoon Did someone open the gate and let you in that night? Yes.
Tell me.
There is a member of Baekwoon Group in the palace.
What? Hong Gyeong Nae died, but his daughter who has his blood and ideals is in the palace and is preparing a rebellion.
Who is that? She is She is Premier Kim! He admitted to committing treason.
Even though he is guilty of treason, you have no right to kill people without the King's permission! His Majesty and Your Highness keep hesitating, so I had no choice but to step in.
You killed him in front of me, the Crown Prince.
Do you not know that is also treason? If my act endangered the nation, please slit my throat with your sword right now.
Your Highness, please refrain yourself.
Your Highness, please refrain yourself.
If there is a group that endangers the nation or incites the people, you must punish them swiftly.
That is why I cannot withdraw my sword.
Your Highness, please refrain yourself.
Your Highness.
Let go.
(OFFICE OF EUNUCH ATTENDANTS) Have you heard? About what? The assailant who attacked Dongungjeon confessed, and he said Hong Gyeong Nae's child was behind it.
Did something happen in Dongungjeon? Stop the nonsense and eat.
That flyer incident happened for a reason.
There is also a rumour that Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter is in the palace.
They say she opened the palace gate for them.
Enough! Stop that nonsense! We will eat.
- Is that true? - It is true.
This is me.
"To my love" "who is and is not there.
" "Jung Duk Ho".
Duk Ho.
Jung Duk Ho.
Master Jung? Yes, that is correct.
Is it you again? I am Jung Duk Ho.
Master Jung? Yes, Your Highness.
Was not Wol Hee the one you loved? What What What do you mean? This is insane.
I I I I I love How dare you touch me? That is not it.
The person I love She is - Enough! - I It is Hey! It is you.
The person I love.
We found the man who met Chool Sung before he died.
If we meet him, we will be able to find out what information he had that day.
Hong Ra On.
That bold wench is living in the palace.
Yoon Sung.
Yes, Master.
What did you say, Grandfather? I said to visit the Queen before she gives birth.
Yes, Grandfather.
What happened? She just gave birth and it is a boy.
Gag him if you must, but do not let his cries be heard.
Yes, Your Highness.
Kick all you want.
Resent and hate as much as you want.
Oh my goodness.
Your Your Highness.
Section Chief of Culture and Education is here.
Are you all right, Your Highness? I am fine.
What brings you to Jungungjeon? Grandfather scolded me to visit you before you give birth.
Premier Kim.
Is it true that you cut off the culprit's head during the Crown Prince's interrogation a few days ago? Yes, Your Majesty.
It is not usual for you to behave recklessly like that! Please forgive me, Your Majesty.
However, I was too busy to see if what he said is true that I couldn't tell you sooner.
Are you saying you found out something about the spy? Yes, Your Majesty.
What the culprit said turned out to be true.
I also found out the name of the spy.
(HONG RA ON) Hong Ra On? Is she Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter? Yes, Your Majesty.
All we have to do now is to find her.
They are well aware of how influential the name, Hong Gyeong Nae, is even though he doesn't exist any more.
Then what are you planning to do with Hong Ra On? I shall protect her in the name of Baekwoon Group.
It is too late to wait for her decision.
- Are you saying you will kidnap her? - We cannot leave her in danger any longer.
Tomorrow, we will take her out to our headquarters without letting anyone know.
A massive search will begin from tomorrow morning.
Baekwoon Group must have placed more than one spy in the palace.
As we dig in, we'll be able to find those spies.
Then there will be so many people to be executed.
We must find and get Hong Ra On first.
If we have her, she will be a very useful card in the future.
Of course, she will be.
Have you waited for me? I have a favour to ask.
To me? - What is - It is about her.
Did you say it is about Eunuch Hong? Last time, you went against Premier Kim to save her.
Please take her out of the palace.
Take her to somewhere no one can find.
Can you do that? How can I fall asleep when you are sitting there? You already look very sleepy, Your Highness.
I told you.
You do not need to stay up all night.
It is because I want to see your face all night long.
You can see me all day long tomorrow.
You see, there are moments when ordinary things and everyday life suddenly feel very precious.
You feel that way when you think it is the last time.
Pardon? Yes, Your Highness.
That is right.
You suddenly feel the ordinary things and boring daily lives to be very special once you think it is the last time.
All right.
I understand.
Come closer and see my face.
Your Highness.
If I had been born in a noble family and had come to you, would you have adored me? There is no need to ask.
Then Your Highness, do you think we were still meant to meet each other even if I didn't see you at Mount Mongmyeok pretending to be a nobleman? What do you think? There is no doubt about it.
I already told you that we are meant to meet each other one way or another even if we're apart.
Then Your Highness.
Would you not regret that you met me even after finding out that I'm the traitor's daughter? Would you miss this moment at least once? (LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT) Ra On.
Ra On.
Eunuch Hong.
Is anyone out there? Yes, Your Highness.
Are you awake already, Your Highness? Where is Eunuch Hong? Eunuch Hong I have not seen him this morning, Your Highness.
Good morning, Your Highness.
Why is it so chaotic in the palace? Have you not heard of the King's order, Your Highness? The King's order? Tell me what it is.
It is to search out the rebels in the palace.
You also heard that Hong Gyeong Nae's daughter is in the palace as a spy from Baekwoon Group, Your Highness.
We finally found information on her.
Is that true? Is it why you are taking young palace attendants first? Yes, Your Highness.
I see.
You may go now.
Yes, Your Highness.
What is the information? Did you find out what she looks like? No, Your Highness.
She is about 18 years old, and she lived in Pyongan Province before she lost her mother during the riot.
Her name is Hong Ra On.
We summoned all female palace attendants aged 18 What did you just say? We summoned all female palace attendants aged 18 for the investigation.
What did you say her name is? It is Hong Ra On, Your Highness.
The spy used to be called Hong Ra On when she was a child.
She must have changed her name, though.
Good day, Your Highness.
What should I call you as a woman? It is Hong Ra On, Your Highness.
Ra On.