Love in the Time of Corona (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Love and Protest

I put on my disco boots ♪
When I wanna get loose, hey! ♪
I slip on my favorite suit ♪
- ELLE: Hey.
- Hey!
I was, uh
I wasn't going to leave.
I was just going to the bathroom.
Then I was just gonna come right back.
- It's okay.
I just didn't want you to think
that I was, like, trying to sneak out
'cause things were
suddenly awkward between us
'cause, 'cause they're not.
They're not. For me at all.
Are they for you?
No. No.
I don't think so.
So, um, I will
I'm gonna come right back.
ELLE: Okay.
"I promise to always
be your travel buddy,
"to appreciate everything you do, and
to never give up on us."
How could you cheat on Mom?
- What?
- I know about Gigi!
Does Mom know?
(SIGHS) Yes, Sophie. Your mother knows.
Knows about what?
You're up! Are you feeling okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm so sorry!
- For what, sweetheart?
- Dad's affair.
I'm not having an affair.
Oh, so now you're denying it?
Baby, your Dad and I separated.
He moved out after the holidays.
What are you talking about?
We were, uh, gonna tell you
when you came back this summer.
But with quarantine and
Jordan breaking up with you,
we thought it was too
much for you to handle.
Well, you're right!
It is too much for me to handle!
Are you joking?
I mean, as if a pandemic
wasn't bad enough,
my boyfriend breaks up with me,
and then I find out
my parents are sus as hell!
Thanks. Wow!
Baking? Sade Aldicott,
I have seen it all.
The last time you were
making something in an oven,
you were in grad school.
Well, luckily,
the directions are on the box.
I am strong. I am capable.
I can make biscuits.
So I'm guess things between
you and James are still
Yeah, he told me last night
that he didn't want
to have another baby.
- Ever.
- Oh, wow.
That's, that's a full 180.
He's just retreating, emotionally,
and I don't know why.
How are you?
- Um, are you home?
Why are you coughing?
Okay, now don't be worried,
- I've got the 'Rona.
- What?
What? How do you know?
I went to urgent care and got a test.
What do, what do you need?
What, what can we do?
Nothing. (SNIFFLES)
They said I just gotta ride it out,
- that I'll be fine.
- SADE: I'm so sorry.
What are your symptoms?
Fever, chills, headache, exhaustion.
No trouble breathing yet,
but they said it could take a turn
for the worse in week two.
Kinda like my relationship
did in week four.
What happened?
me and Niles, we just kept arguing
like we had been married for 20 years.
I mean, like, who quarantines
their delivery boxes.
Who does that?
I do.
Yes, but I'm not sleeping with you.
Damn. I really thought I knew him.
After three virtual dates?
Mm. Don't do that, okay.
It's not about how long
you've known someone,
it's about the quality of the
communication in the relationship.
Once that breaks down,
then you're toast.
SEAN: (ON PHONE) Hey, Oscar, it's Sean.
Listen, I'm really sorry I was a jerk.
Elle's your best friend,
and of course you miss her.
I, I understand that.
And as far as meeting up goes,
I'll wait until you're ready.
However long it takes, okay.
Just please
please call me.
I cannot believe that
you made all of this.
I, uh, I wasn't sure
how you liked your eggs,
so I made them scrambled and fried.
And then I was worried you
might not even like eggs,
so I made pancakes and toast.
And blueberry muffins.
This is amazing. Thank you.
Oh, and one last thing.
Because you won't let me
listen to any of your music
until I let you read
something that I've written,
I, uh, hid something under the placemat.
"Love in the Time of Corona."
Guess I finally found some inspiration.
Let me guess. You're leaving
to go quarantine with Gigi?
No. I wanna stay here with you.
I like being part of this family.
- Is Mom okay with that?
- She is.
Are you?
What happened to you guys?
I don't know.
I think maybe for me
I stopped appreciating
your mother at some point.
I'm sorry I went to the party.
You were right.
I was only thinking about myself.
I guess I do that a lot.
Hey. You're 19.
It's part of the process.
I think it would be nice if we
did something for your mother.
Make something special.
Like a bundt cake?
Or maybe something a
little more significant.
I have an idea,
but I need your help.
I'm in.
As long as it requires zero effort.
I'm kidding.
I'm just fine. I'm just looking forward
to your father coming home.
JAMES: Ma, you know,
I called him yesterday and I
I don't think he knew who I was.
Of course he knew who you were.
He just gets a little
confused sometimes.
But I think when we bring him home,
around familiar surroundings,
he's gonna get much better.
Hey, Ma, can I ask you something?
You can ask me anything,
except how old I am.
I know how old you are.
NANDA: Yeah, well,
I'm going to deny it, okay.
Did you, did you see that,
um, that video
of the black man being shot and killed?
Ahmaud Arbery?
Yes. Yes, I did.
Is it ever gonna stop?
We just have to hope that
God hears our prayers.
When, Ma?
It's been 400 years in this country.
God can't see? He can't hear?
NANDA: There has been progress.
We may not be where
we're supposed to be,
we may not get what we deserve,
but it's sure as shit ain't what it was.
- Language, young lady.
How were you and Daddy
not angry all the time?
NANDA: Who says we weren't?
But we had to claim our joy, son.
That was our protest.
Okay. But you had two black sons.
Weren't you scared?
NANDA: I mean, it doesn't matter
that we raised you right.
It doesn't matter that you're good,
capable men.
NANDA: If you're stopped by the police,
none of that matters.
That is why I put all my faith in God.
Yeah, well
I wish I had your faith.
But I am afraid for Charli.
I don't know, Mom, what I'm gonna do.
You get on with it, son.
That's what you do.
And, uh, by the way,
Dedrick is here.
NANDA: He's been staying
in the guest house.
He's been very helpful,
and I want you to reach out to him.
Talk about angry.
NANDA: He's not angry.
He's lost.
NANDA: You wanna do something?
Be there for your own brother.
They say you should smile more ♪
Darling, show your eyes more ♪
Aren't you satisfied? ♪
I'm tired of trying
to please someone ♪
Who doesn't even ♪
ADAM: (ON PHONE) So what'd you think?
I think you are not gonna be
flipping houses much longer.
You're an amazing writer.
Thanks. That, uh,
means a lot coming from you.
Don't wanna be young and sad ♪
Another day longer ♪
You okay?
Adam, there's something
I need to tell you.
I have sort of been in love
with my best friend,
Oscar, for a long time.
But I didn't think that
we would ever be together
uh, but then
last night
we, um
We're sort of together now.
ADAM: Oh. Uh
I don't know what to say.
I didn't really see that coming.
Yeah. Me neither.
It sort of happened out of nowhere.
Although we're so close
already and we live together,
it's kind of like we're already married.
Um, I think being in a quarantine
just kinda made it clear, you know.
I'm sorry.
No. Don't Don't be sorry.
Um I'm happy for you.
I am.
Love is hard to come by.
Especially right now.
You're lucky you found each other.
Or, didn't find, but got clear.
ELLE: Yeah.
ADAM: Well, take care.
Don't wanna feel numb ♪
Or mad ♪
Until I go under ♪
- Babe, what's wrong?
I ruined everything
by telling my friends
that we were trying to have a baby,
and I ruined how good it was between us,
and I ruined the biscuits!
Well, I, I love burned biscuit.
I'm serious!
What if we're toast?
Did you burn that too?
I don't know. Did I?
I just I don't understand how
you just changed your mind and,
we didn't even get
to have a conversation.
I still want to have
another baby with you.
And I wish that I hadn't told
other people that we were trying.
I wish that I had kept
it just between us.
But really, I don't
You just changed your
mind because of that?
Oh, baby, that's
that's not why I changed my mind.
I'm, I'm sorry. I
Then what?
Do you remember when I
asked you to marry me?
Your family was giving me the side eye
because we'd been
together for five years,
but I was waiting.
I wanted to know that I could be
an equal contributor
in this relationship.
I'm not ev I'm not even
talking about providing, okay.
I'm just talking about I wanted to
know I was gonna be able to cover
my half of the rent.
I needed a, I needed
a peace to fall on me about it.
And then I got that
great job with Spike.
And I had health insurance,
and I had a paycheck coming in.
And I bought your
ring the very next week.
And when we had
our beautiful daughter,
things were so good between us.
And we gave her my grandmother's name
so that she would know
she was loved.
And it breaks my heart that every year,
she gets older, she has to shed a layer
of her innocence and
take up a layer of armor
just so she can survive out there.
As her parents,
we have to thread that needle
between building up her self-esteem
and protecting herself
in a world that's not
gonna always respect
her precious little life.
Her precious black life.
Having kids means
you gotta make peace
with the world as it is.
You gotta make peace, and I, I
I can't make peace right now.
I can't. (SNIFFLES)
I can't do it.
Okay. "At the very least,
cloth face coverings will get you
in the habit of not touching your face."
I'm literally touching
my face right now.
I mean, I can't even talk
about not touching my face
without touching my face!
You never really read books, do you?
No. No, but I read a lot online.
But you don't read books online.
No. Is that Is that a judgment?
No, it's just
- an observation.
- Hmm.
Well, you don't really
keep up with the news.
Is that a judgment?
No. No. No. Just a (CHUCKLES)
Just an observation.
(SIGHS) So, should we
talk about what this is?
are we in a relationship now?
Yeah, I mean, I
guess so.
So, now we are living together
and in a relationship.
Well, that, that was fast, huh?
What are we, lesbians?
We probably should still
have our own bedrooms, though.
Oh. Totally. Totally.
And we shouldn't feel like we have
to spend every night together.
- Exactly.
- Like, maybe tonight we
- We can sleep in our own beds.
- Yeah.
I just don't want us to feel
overwhelmed by all of this.
Me neither.
So, what did you tell Sean?
Yeah, I mean, I kinda
I just told him the truth, you know.
We were we were
basically over anyway.
Hey, man.
It's James.
How you doin'?
DEDRICK: I'm all right.
Just helping Mom out.
more announcements as well
and then we'll get to questions.
Together with the Los
Angeles County Department
of Public Health,
you probably heard the news today,
and this is big news,
that we are extending
the Safer at Home order until May 15th.
This was based on
the advice of Dr. Ferrer.
I wanna thank her
It's shaping up out here, huh?
But no need to hurry.
What's wrong?
They have extended
the Shelter-at-Home order
until May 15th at least.
There's not gonna be
an anniversary party.
DEDRICK: I'm sorry, Mama.
You know, the truth is
even before the pneumonia,
I was having a hard time
taking care of your father.
He would fall, and
I couldn't get him up and
He would be cooking and
leave a pot on the stove
until it burned.
And I'm thinking to myself,
what if he gets confused
and wanders off,
like people with dementia do?
I've just been kidding myself.
I may not be able to
bring your father home.
I tell you what
I'll take you to the nursing
home on your anniversary.
So you can see him,
at least through the glass.
You know, James called me.
- Oh, he did?
Now, don't act all surprised.
He told me you told him to do it.
I didn't know he would actually do it.
Well, he is the stubborn one.
If you ask me, all the men
in this family are stubborn.
Hey. Hi.
Look who it is.
I thought you were ghosting me.
Aww, you, you look so cute.
Thank you.
Um, what's going on?
Where have you been?
(SIGHS) I'm sorry.
I got scared and when I get scared,
I push people away.
Okay. So I didn't blow it?
No. No, I
I blew it.
Um I
I had sex with Elle.
OSCAR: She told me that she'd been
in love with me for a long time, and
I don't know, it just,
it just kind of happened.
Okay. Um
It's just weird because
you just Because you accused me
of, of hooking up with other people.
Well, Elle
Okay, Elle is not "other people."
She's Elle.
Are you in love with her?
No. No!
God, no. No.
No, okay. I
I think I might be
falling in love with you.
You were right.
I mean, this scares the hell out of me.
I just don't know what to tell her.
The idea of, of hurting her or
of losing her.
I'm sorry. I just I don't,
I don't see
how this is gonna work.
SEAN: Yeah.
Even though I'm falling in
It's okay.
Sorry, I, um
I thought that I
I heard something when I was
I was, I was listening
at the door, but
- I'm sorry. I, I didn't
- ELLE: No. No.
But really, it's, it's okay.
It's not right between us.
And it has nothing to do with
that we had sex or anything
Oh my God, does he know that we had sex?
- SEAN: Yeah, I, I
- Yeah, he does.
Okay. The sex was nice.
I just think that we're
better off as friends.
Oh my God, I, I do too. I do too.
- I do too.
- Yeah.
I also think you're
better off as friends.
- Okay, go.
- I Okay, I will
I'm gonna leave you
two alone completely.
- You can have privacy
- Goodbye.
- Okay. Sorry. Okay.
- OSCAR: Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- (WHISPERS): Sorry.
Whoo! Well, that was like
That was like a roller-coaster.
- Wow.
- OSCAR: Um, what were we
talking about?
Oh my God, I said a thing.
You were gonna say a thing.
No, I don't think so.
Sure about that?
Yeah. Yeah. No, I, I wasn't
I wasn't gonna say anything.
Hmm. Okay.
SARAH: Okay, if you're ready,
here I come!
Ciao, bella!
Buona sera! Benvenuti a Venezia.
What did you guys do?
Since you cannot go to Venice,
we brought-a Venice to you.
And you cooked dinner?
I made-a the pasta.
And I made the meatballs,
with a lot of help from a TikTok.
- (LAUGHING) Thank you.
- PAUL: Beautiful lady,
it's customary to have the gondola ride
- pre-dinner, huh?
Yes, please.
- I don't know if this is a good idea.
- Come on, lovely lady.
Come on, lovely lady.
- PAUL: Come on.
You can sit over there.
Go on.
I think somebody is coming for us.
- SARAH: Yes.
- We make an escape, huh?
You two, this is incredible.
Something good in Italian!
Do you think all the gondoliers sing?
PAUL: Yes, they do.
Most kids had a stuffed
animal or a blanket.
had a soup ladle.
You took it everywhere with you.
- You even slept with it.
- No.
God, I was such a weird kid.
No, you were adorable. Still are.
You know, I, I'm kind of glad
that Jordan broke up with me.
'Cause if he had quarantined with us,
we wouldn't have this time
together, you know?
I know that you guys
aren't together anymore,
but can we still spend time like this?
- Like a, like a family?
- PAUL: Hey,
we'll always be a family.
That will never change.
I love you. I'm going to crash.
I love you too, baby.
Thank you, sweetheart.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Thank you for everything tonight.
- My pleasure.
- It was so lovely.
You know, I think, uh
it's a shame that
this quarantine didn't
happen a little earlier.
Before we separated.
I'm sorry that I was so busy trying
to be Super Mom.
I wish I had spent
more time focused on us.
I'm sorry I was being
such a pain in the ass.
You think that we could
I mean, I would love that.
What about Gigi?
I hate Pilates.
I really do hate Pilates.
You know how beautiful you are?
How do you feel?
I'm fine.
Your parents,
my parents,
our grandparents
none of them had it easy.
And we're still here.
They still had us.
They believed in us,
James. And I do too.
Yeah, the world is scary and hard,
but that's not a reason to stop.
Let's finish what we started.
Let's finish what they started.
You know, and Charli,
she would be such a good big sister.
I'll give it some more thought.
That's all I ask.
These biscuits ain't
half bad when you scrape
the burnt parts off.
- Yeah?
- It's true.
Scrape it off and
So tasty.
I am ready to make good
on my end of the bargain.
Feels strange to try
to write it down ♪
But it's too strong to
try and fight it now ♪
Mmm ♪
When the heart knows what it wants ♪
But the words are hard
to say stuck in my lungs ♪
And we're standing face to face ♪
Nothing but the empty space ♪
Between us ♪
We're so damn close
feels like six feet ♪
Away from love ♪
Away from us ♪
If I could know what you're feeling ♪
Who you're thinking of ♪
That'd be enough ♪
That'd be enough ♪
What are you waiting for ♪
Ahh ♪
Ahh ♪
What am I waiting for ♪
That was amazing!
Thank you. (LAUGHS)
It looks like you inspired me too.
And, uh
Oscar and I decided that
we're better off as friends.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Okay, I, I'm outside.
- SEAN: Okay.
Um look up.
SEAN: Look up.
I'm in love with you, too!
Oh my God.
You made a grand romantic gesture!
SEAN: I really did.
I remember when you used to say ♪
I didn't have time for you ♪
My baby ♪
I'm doing nothing ♪
I'm doing nothing ♪
Nothing at all ♪
Nothing at all ♪
So, baby, please,
please, please, baby ♪
- Oh!
- NANDA: Here I come.
- Ha ha!
Hello, handsome.
Here is my bride.
Happy 50th anniversary.
Happy anniversary to you too.
Fifty sweet, wonderful years.
- Oh!
What is happening out there?
What is this?
It's your anniversary party!
- Congrats, you guys. Happy anniversary!
I deserve congratulations ♪
This is This is for us!
- They're all here for us.
- Oh my
NANDA: Oh my God, look who it is!
Hey, Sophie!
- Happy anniversary.
Did you put all of this together?
- Hey, Mrs. Aldicott!
- We love you!
I had a little help from James.
Oh my God, look who it is.
- NANDA: Oh my
- We love you!
Hey, everybody. Hey!
We love you.
- Happy anniversary!
- CHARLES: Guys, thank you.
Oh, you're so nice.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, this is wonderful.
- Just just wonderful.
- Well, Mom, I've been thinking,
if I stay living in the guest house,
when this is over,
we can bring Dad home.
I can help take care of him.
- You would do that?
- Of course I will.
- Ah!
- Mom, look.
"You can't quarantine love."
"You can't quarantine love."
- Ain't that the truth.
- CHARLES: Look at that!
Oh, that's so wonderful.
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