Love in the Time of Corona (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Seriously Now

Hot shower guy.
Unfortunately for me,
I think he's straight.
ELLE: Thank you for the
basket and the book.
Oh yeah, hope
you haven't read it already.
When things get serious,
I tend to freak out
and pick fights to
sabotage the relationship.
So our issues fit together like
perfect puzzle pieces.
That is so romantic!
I don't want you to feel
abandoned because I met someone.
Well, I'm in love with you.
You're right.
Now that I've said it out loud,
it does sound a little weird.
I'm writing a travel
piece for Condé Nast.
Congratulations. That's big.
Jordan just broke up with me.
I don't wanna sleep alone.
Can I sleep with you guys?
SARAH: Maybe we should just
tell her we're separated
and you don't live here anymore.
JAMES: What about Dedrick?
Have you heard from him?
I don't want him taking advantage
of you and Daddy at this time.
I sent out the last of the invites
to our anniversary party.
I wish I was there to help.
Dedrick is gonna help me.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do what?
SADE: Let's make a baby.
REPORTER: The deadly
shooting of Ahmaud Arbery,
an unarmed black man in Georgia.
I talked to my OB today.
Guess we're doing this.
I'm just thrown off by
you telling everybody.
So, are you having doubts?
JAMES: I just don't think you and I
are on the same page.
Did you watch his TikTok?
He, he saw her on her roof doing yoga,
thought she was cute,
so he sent a drone over
with his phone number.
So romantic.
Why film the whole thing
and post it on social media?
So we could all salivate over
this quarantine meet-cute! Duh!
Or was it so that he could
maybe get a million likes
and boost his brand?
Yeah. Sean, 2020 has been
a dumpster fire so far.
Please don't ruin this for me.
What the world needs now
are grand romantic gestures.
Okay, I'm just not,
I'm not a big grand
romantic gesture kinda guy.
Guess that sucks for me.
Oh. Uh, morning.
- Morning.
- I made you coffee already.
- Thank you.
How are you?
How are you?
- Good. Um
- Hey, Elle.
Hi, Sean.
So I understand that I have you to thank
for swiping right on me for Oscar.
I did it so I wouldn't
swipe right on you myself.
But seriously,
I think you guys are so cute together.
I love it. I totally ship this.
- SEAN: Oh. Guys? Hello?
- (MOUTHING) Are we okay?
- SEAN: Oscar, I think the
- (MOUTHING) Yeah.
- SEAN: Hello?
- (MOUTHING) You're acting weird.
Oscar, hello.
- I think it
- Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
My computer just fell right over.
Um, you, you were just saying
how amazing you think I am.
Hold on now, Mama, let me do that.
You're too old to be wrestling
with big old pots and stuff.
You did not just call me "old."
And I thought you'd never ask.
Whew. We have got a
lot of work to do in this yard
to get it ready for
the anniversary party.
You're coming, aren't you?
I'm sure Dad wouldn't want me there.
That's not true.
You just both said some
things that you didn't mean.
He was always harder on me than James.
Well, he wanted you to succeed in life.
Yeah, but he never believed in me.
We were both artists, you know.
If anybody should have understood me
wanting to be a musician,
it should have been him.
NANDA: He did.
That's why he wanted you to have
some kind of contingency
so that you would be
able to pay the bills.
I could have paid the bills
if he had loaned me the money
to get the space for a recording studio.
But no. Instead you guys used your money
to help James get his house.
Because the golden boy can do no wrong.
Well, James had a good job
and a house is a good investment.
And we didn't feel
comfortable doing a loan
for a recording studio.
You mean Dad didn't feel comfortable.
It's not like you ever took up for me.
Carl, I was just gonna call you.
I think we should ask
for wine allowance.
CARL (ON PHONE): Hey, Sarah.
Uh, unfortunately I just got word
Did they say "postponed" or "canceled"?
CARL: No one rally expected
this thing to last so long
No, there is absolutely
no way to predict
how long this thing's gonna go on.
I understand.
CARL: So, they're just pulling it.
I'm sorry
No. Thank you for calling.
Okay. Goodbye.
Charli only likes the way
Mommy makes her sandwiches.
Don't waste it.
- Are you gonna eat it?
- Maybe.
Okay. Well, you know where
it is if you get hungry later.
How many ways are there to make a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Ways without a crust.
- Since when?
- A while.
Okay, so cut the crust off.
She also likes it cut in triangles,
so that's another thing.
Does she still like milk?
She won't drink it without ice.
- Where'd she get that from?
- Me.
Since when?
I have always put ice in my milk.
Oh, and I'd know that if I
spent more time at home, right?
- I didn't say anything.
- You were thinking it.
I was thinking that you're gone a lot.
And you miss things.
I don't wanna miss things,
Sade, but I have to work.
I produce movies.
Movies are shot on location.
I know, James, and I am so happy for you
but you cannot run away
from us and then expect us
to be standing in the exact
same place when you get back.
You cannot have it both ways.
Believe me, I understand
that more than anyone.
You make the sandwich.
Cut it in triangles. No crust.
I'm gonna go to the
garage. I gotta work.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Did you finish the book?
- I did.
- What did you think?
- I loved it.
It's so frustrating though
that Marianne and Connell
can't just communicate.
ADAM: Oh, I get him though.
He feels so much, but at the same time
he has no idea
how to express those feelings,
except for on paper.
Marianne doesn't make it
easy for him, though.
She's so distrusting of men.
Which I can relate to.
- Why?
- Uh, because most men suck.
Especially good-looking ones
who can have any girl they want.
Like my dad. He, he used to
cheat on my mom all the time,
and eventually he left
her for another woman.
And now he has an
entirely different family.
I'm sorry.
Uh, I hope you don't
think that I'm good-looking.
(CHUCKLES) You are.
You probably have a girlfriend
or a boyfriend because
I am only attracted
to unavailable men.
So you're attracted to me?
Sorry. You kinda walked into that one.
Yeah, I really did.
ADAM: Uh, for what it's worth,
I have neither a
girlfriend nor a boyfriend.
And I'm not a cheater.
Said every cheater ever.
maybe you'll let me prove to you that
there are good guys in the world.
So tell me about your deep,
dark secrets.
- Hmm?
- You got bodies buried somewhere?
So many bodies.
I grew up the queerest of five boys.
- Five boys?
- Mm-hmm.
That's so many smelly shoes.
OSCAR: (SNICKERS) Tell me about it.
And they're all straight and into sports
and could not wrap their heads around
why I wanted to try on our
mother's clothing all the time.
Like, they violently objected to it.
I'm really sorry.
Where were your mom and dad at?
My mom tried.
But she was outnumbered,
and my dad worked a lot.
Drank a lot.
Basically your typical American family.
So, then how did they
take it when you came out?
Obviously they know I'm queer.
I just, um
I haven't told them I'm non-binary.
I just don't really wanna
watch their heads explode.
Also, it sucks coming out twice.
I think it's really brave of
you to change your pronouns.
Most guys kind of
find that to be a turn-off.
Well, I'm not most guys.
- Your turn.
- For what?
Tell me about your family.
They're actually pretty great.
Do you have any baby pictures?
- Do you wanna see them?
- Yeah.
I need to know what my
future babies are going to look like.
OSCAR: Oh my God, you were so cute!
What do you mean were?
I mean, you were cute,
and you are now
Oh my God, I really want to kiss you.
Yes, but phone sex is really weird.
Doesn't have to be phone sex.
Maybe we could meet up?
Is that weird?
We've both been quarantined for weeks.
How do I know you haven't been
seeing all those guys you talk about?
I told you that I don't do that anymore.
Especially not when
there's a contagious,
fatal virus running amok.
I am just saying
old habits are hard to break.
Mm-hmm. Like picking a fight
to sabotage a relationship
right before things get serious?
Oh, is this
Oh my God,
is this the time that you bail?
I don't wanna bail.
But I would like to be close to you.
Did you just roll your eyes?
No, I literal I
I took first year psych.
That's called a Freudian slip,
but it was physicalized.
What can I say,
I'm extremely physical.
Well, now I really want to see you.
What are you guys doing?
Trying to make Jordan jealous
by going on a dating app.
But I'm not sure which one.
You should try "Pairallell."
SOPHIE: What do you
know about dating apps?
Nothing. I just read about it, you know.
- An article in a magazine.
- SOPHIE: Hmm.
Hey! Have you heard of
that dating app "Pairallell"?
- You on the dating apps?
Yeah. I've dabbled.
Any successful dabbling?
Actually I met someone.
Explains all the phone calls outside.
I wondered when selling life insurance
had suddenly become so funny.
Does this "someone" have a name?
What does Gigi do?
She's a Pilates instructor.
Oh my God.
Well, that explains your
sudden interest in your core.
Wow! You wasted no time.
I'm not the one who
wanted the separation.
Yeah, I just didn't
realize that you would
leave and suddenly come alive.
Hey. I've always been alive.
You were just too busy doing
your own thing to notice.
I was busy doing my own thing
because you were working all the time!
Maybe if I had been
a Pilates instructor,
you would have been more
interested in having fun.
Having sex.
I wasn't having fun or sex
because I was busting my ass
trying to support our family!
I would have loved to have
it the other way around,
where I taught art and you worked
a thankless, grueling job.
I taught art part-time
to five-year-olds!
And the only reason I did that
was so I could be close to Sophie!
Everything I did
was for Sophie and for you.
I put my career on hold.
And finally, I'm finally doing
something for myself, and bam!
A pandemic hits.
Well, what about the Venice trip?
- It was canceled.
- Oh.
And the article. My editor just called.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
I've got a headache. I'm gonna lie down.
Hey, so are you pregnant yet?
I don't know. I kinda hope not.
What do you mean you hope not?
I thought this was the babymoon period?
Yeah, so did I.
But all of a sudden, James is feeling
unsure about a baby,
and there's all this tension now.
Out of nowhere.
As if that's what this time
needs right now. More tension.
Girl. It's out there everywhere.
Have you seen the video?
The man was out for a jog.
I know.
Girl, I feel you on James.
Me and Niles' honeymoon
period cannot be more over.
That man has so many annoying habits.
What, like that whistling
through his nose thing?
God no! It's hella irritating.
I'm like, maybe
if you would just breathe
in between shoving food in your mouth,
you could eat without wheezing!
But you and James,
y'all have a strong foundation.
You're gonna be all right.
It's just
all this time we've been dreaming
of "when things slow down."
"When things slow down,"
that's all we've been saying.
And now here we are, this is it.
This is the slowdown and
if we fight when he's gone
and we fight when he's here,
what have we been dreaming about?
You just gotta breathe, baby.
Don't stress yourself out.
- NILES: Are you in there?
One minute!
I'm pooping!
I sure do miss you.
I miss you too.
Charles, do you think we
were too hard on Dedrick?
He's over there putting
you on a guilt trip.
But I was just thinking
maybe we should have helped
him with his business.
Maybe if we'd had more faith in him,
he'd have more faith in himself.
Look, I, I don't wanna be
blamed for Dedrick's problems.
I'm not blaming you.
I'm just thinking maybe it's time to put
this family back together.
It's hard enough to be in
this imposed isolation.
We shouldn't choose to be isolated
from people we love.
We're having dinner.
Me, you, and your dad.
- I I don't want
- And you don't have a say.
And neither does your father.
You say I didn't take up for you.
Well, I'm taking up for you now.
He loves you and you love him.
Enough is enough.
We eat at 5:00 sharp.
And change your shirt.
Nothing black,
I'd like to see you in something
a little more cheerful.
Pie, lattes, Pilates."
Seriously, Paul?
- What?
- You were out partying?
Where did you get that?
I, I blocked you guys on Instagram.
Uh one of my friends follows you.
And that's not the point!
We're in the middle of a pandemic
and you're out partying!
What if you got sick?
What if you got us sick?
I'm sorry, okay! I wasn't thinking.
I was trying to make Jordan jealous.
You were thinking.
About yourself. Like you always do.
I'm sorry, Dad.
- Are you gonna tell Mom?
- Of course I'm gonna tell your mother.
Just not right now. She's in bed.
She's not feeling well.
She doesn't feel well?
You're sick? Do you
have a fever or chills?
- No.
- Cough, shortness of breath?
- Can you smell this?
- Yes.
You guys, what's going on?
Sophie went to a party.
- You did what?
- I'm sorry.
Are you gonna be okay?
- Do we need to wear masks?
- Yes. No
SARAH: I don't have COVID.
I don't have COVID.
At least I don't think I do.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look nice.
And we can sit six feet apart.
(SIGHS) Mmm.
Hi. Nurse Maggie, It's Nanda.
Is Charles ready for dinner?
MAGGIE: Hey, Nanda.
Charles is asleep already.
Asleep? No, he was
expecting us to call for dinner.
MAGGIE: I tried to get him up,
but he says he's too
tired for dinner tonight.
Is he okay?
MAGGIE: Oh yes, he had a good day.
Maybe he just overdid it.
Uh, okay.
Thank you.
This isn't because of you.
Uh, well, if we're not
having dinner with Dad,
I don't want to risk getting too close.
I don't know.
I mean, things have just been, like,
really weird with Elle.
Okay. Weird, how?
We're used to spending all
this time together, right?
But now, now it's just like we're
Well, you guys are roommates.
Right. I mean Oh, and yes
of course, I forgot "soulmates."
What's that, what's that
tone in your voice?
I didn't have a tone.
I didn't. I didn't have a tone.
It There was no tone.
I, I've been thinking
No, I did think that, well,
you know, maybe there's a little bit
of co-dependence there.
That maybe that's, that's part of,
of why you're both single.
And maybe why you've had
a little bit of trouble
creating some space in your
life for another person.
You sound like my therapist.
Is that a good thing?
No. I hate my therapist.
Because she tells you the truth?
Well, uh
Actually, I, I gotta go.
Oh, come on, Oscar, don't get mad.
- I'm not mad.
- SEAN: Don't do that.
I'm, I'm not mad.
Okay. I just, I
I don't think you really
know me that well,
and now you're telling
me what my problems are.
We've been talking for
weeks largely about that.
You don't think that I
know you even a little bit?
I just I think the only
person who knows me well enough
to do that is Elle.
Okay, great. Well, then
it sounds like maybe you found
the relationship that you
were already looking for
and I've been wasting my time.
If that's how you actually feel,
then you're probably right.
SEAN: Okay, bye.
I forgot to hang up.
Yeah, you don't know
how beautiful you are ♪
One look at you and I see stars ♪
That shine up over my head ♪
I hope you know these
words that I've said ♪
Are true ♪
'Cause when you do ♪
You'll know how beautiful you are ♪
I'm staring down ♪
An open road ♪
Facing my fear of ♪
The unknown ♪
Oh, come on, don't stop.
Must every path be ♪
Set in stone? ♪
I wish I knew ♪
Which way to go ♪
That's all I got right now.
I was going through old boxes
of pictures in my office,
and I found a bunch of you
when you were pregnant.
Bunch of you and Charli.
They all had one thing in common.
I'm not in most of them.
Must have been hard for you
holding it down all by
yourself with a baby.
Tell ya, this quarantine
has made me realize, like,
I gotta be around more.
I can be of service to my family
and learn how to make
peanut butter and jelly
that our child will eat.
- Triangles. No crust.
- Yeah.
When things get back up and running
I'll make some real changes
and be home more.
If it's gonna take me away from this,
it has to be extraordinary.
Because you're extraordinary.
And Charli's extraordinary.
Thank you.
No, really, I appreciate that.
It's really all I've ever wanted.
Just us, under one roof.
All right, I'll leave you to it.
You sound beautiful.
Oh, um, by the way, I, uh
I got my period.
- So
- Okay.
Where does that leave us?
I mean, are we still trying?
I don't think I want
to have another baby.
I know you're distant ♪
You're hardly ever home ♪
I feel the tension ♪
Spiral out of control ♪
- So
hot shower guy?
- His name is Adam.
- Mm-hmm.
What are you doing?
We are in a book club.
Aww. Is "Fifty Shades"
on the reading list?
That "book" is barely
considered literature.
I should know. I read it twice.
So are you, uh, are you into him?
No. No.
(CLEARS THROAT) So what's up
with you and Sean?
I'm surprised you guys aren't
co-sleeping with your laptops.
Ha ha!
I don't know. I think you're right.
I don't really know him.
I think I was just
projecting all the things
I wanted him to be.
- Do you wanna get drunk?
- Always.
- Yes!
I'll just get the wine.
Don't flip out.
Ha ha! Too late.
I'm sure your mom's gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
Thanks. I just
I don't what I'd do if I gave
her the virus, you know.
How did your dad find
out we went to the party?
One of his friends follows
me on Instagram, I guess.
Then you need to do a follower check
and delete that problem stat.
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do.
- Do we know a Gigi?
- I don't think so.
Some Gigi girl has been
commenting on all my posts.
Like, "Jordan doesn't
deserve you, girl!"
Is that your dad's friend?
I don't think so. She's kind of young.
And hot.
- Oh my God!
- KAIA: What?
My dad's having an affair!
We missed you earlier for dinner.
Oh, yeah, yeah, because of the rain?
- What?
- Well, we
couldn't get to the restaurant
because of the rain.
That's right. Um (CLEARS THROAT)
So I've been working on the menu
for the anniversary party.
You have any request?
Whose anniversary is it?
Are we married?
We were married
in Atlanta
almost 50 years ago.
May 10th, 1970.
In my grandparents' backyard.
It was supposed to rain that day.
But God favored us and the sun came out.
My sister Annabelle
was my maid of honor.
And your army buddy John
was your best man.
And you were wearing a tan linen suit
that made me lose my breath.
You were so fine.
And that was the day we made our vow
to love each other for ever.
In sickness,
and in health.
Okay. Alright, alright, my turn.
Don't look. Don't look.
- Okay, sorry.
- Excuse me.
"Missy Stevens' party was so crunk!
"I still can't believe she invited me.
"She has a life-size cut-out
of Usher in her bedroom.
Do you think she'd notice
if it went missing?"
Okay, so that's two.
- Drink up!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Two? How?
Mention of a celebrity crush,
- one.
- Okay.
Use of an outdated phrase, two.
Outdated phrase?
I was very ahead of my time.
Unless you are Lil Jon,
that is unacceptable.
Whatever happened to him?
He's just so "Lil."
I can't believe we've never read
our childhood diaries to each other.
I know.
- Well go.
- Okay. Okay.
"Dear Diary,
I think I'm in love with Hunter."
- Aww.
- "He's the bomb-dot-com.
"I want to tell him how I feel.
"But he's also my best friend.
"I don't want to ruin our friendship
if he doesn't feel the
same way about me."
- Mm-hmm.
Does anybody see a pattern here?
Did you, um, did you ever tell him?
No. I was much wiser in my young age.
I'm really glad you told me, okay.
You're really beautiful
and I miss you.
And we already love each other.
And you're beautiful.
You said that already.
Yeah, but what if we are meant to be?
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