Love in the Time of Corona (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


Well, well, well
Guess we can cross
my office off the list.
Now the only room we haven't
had sex in is the nursery.
Guess little Charli is napping
in the hallway tomorrow.
I love seeing you all lit up.
I love feeling all lit up.
I've always wanted to live in Paris.
Ah. Paris, c'est ma ville
préférée au monde.
J'adorerais vous y emmener
un jour, peut-être.
Get out. You, you speak French?
Oui, je parle français. Yeah.
How are you still single?
I could ask the same of you.
Well, my problem is
when things get serious,
I tend to freak out and pick fights
to sabotage the relationship.
Classic fear of intimacy issues.
How about you?
When I feel someone start to pull away,
then I bail before they can bail on me.
So our issues fit together like
perfect puzzle pieces.
That is that is so romantic!
SEAN: This is great.
look at those beautiful teeth.
SEAN: You have a nice smile.
OSCAR: I was just thinking
that about myself too.
Okay, tell me something I
don't know about you yet.
Um oh, my father is Canadian.
So I have dual citizenship.
Oh my God, you are so lucky.
You have the option to flee
if that transphobic dumpster
fire gets reelected.
SEAN: I'll just marry you
and take you with me.
OSCAR: Oh wow.
SEAN: So, favorite travel destinations?
If one could be with someone
- to walk down the street.
Elle! Elle, wait.
Come here. Come here. Meet Sean!
- Come here.
- (QUIETLY): Okay.
Elle, this is Sean.
Sean, this is Elle, my best friend.
- Hi.
- SEAN: Wow!
You are gorgeous.
She also has an amazing voice,
thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
Well, I, uh, should go check
the CDC website,
to see if they have any updates.
So it was really nice meeting you.
SEAN: It was very nice to meet you.
Isn't she beautiful?
She's, like, my soulmate.
Yeah. I'm starting to think I
should be dating the both of you.
Oh, are we, are we
officially dating now or
I mean, I'm not virtually
seeing anybody else.
Are you?
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Um
I w I was just admiring your lemons
on your tree! It's
It's a very prolific fruiter. (CHUCKLES)
What are you reading?
Oh, um, it
it's called "The Course of Love."
Alain De Botton.
Yeah. You know him?
Yeah. His book "On Love"
is one of my favorites.
- I'm Adam.
- Elle.
So, Elle, how's your quarantine going?
You know, just reading a lot,
catching up on some shows
Ogling your neighbor's lemons.
What can I say? I appreciate
a good lemon.
Well, enjoy the book.
Hey, maybe I can borrow it
when you're done.
Yeah. Yeah. Um, for sure.
Okay, uh, have a nice day.
Nice Oh!
- Are you okay?
- Uh, yep. All good.
Seems Oopsie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hope it's okay I put the bag back up.
You look good.
You look like you've lost some weight.
Thanks. I've been doing Pilates.
- That's new.
- Well, you look good too.
I guess the breakup
diet suits both of us.
What are you working on?
I am doing research on Venice.
I'm writing a travel
piece for Condé Nast.
Congratulations. That's big.
Thank you. It is. I'm really excited.
I'm hoping it doesn't
get canceled, though,
because the numbers
in Italy are terrible.
Yeah, it's awful.
When are you supposed to go?
- June.
- Well, I'm sure it'll be over by then.
Ugh, I hope so.
- I can't wait.
- Yeah.
It's a great way for you to
jump start your career again.
- It's amazing.
- Thank you.
Has Sophie left her room today?
No, I don't think so.
We should do something to cheer her up?
Good God, she look good! ♪
Gonna give 'em a little soul ♪
What are you doing?
We're having a dance party!
Do you have any idea how
lame you look right now?
Come on. You used to
love our dance parties!
Yeah. When I was ten.
Hey, you remember "The Whip"?
- How about "The Nae-Nae"?
- Dad.
"Frozen Mannequin."
- Give it to me now! ♪
- Hey, do you all still dab?
(LAUGHS) Dad. Please, stop.
Some things are best left forgotten.
Like, all of 2016.
And this.
Come on, baby.
- No.
- Come on, dance!
- Hi.
- Hey!
You hungry? I can make
you something to eat.
I'm fine. I just ate.
Thanks for letting me stay
here for a while. I won't be long.
You're welcome to stay
as long as you want to.
And while you're here, I could use
some help getting the yard together
for our 50th anniversary party.
And your father's sculpture's
been sheltering in place so long
they can use some attention too.
Anything you need. Uh
Can you do me a favor
not tell Dad I lost my job?
You should call your father.
My father should call me.
Oh, I, I left you a mask back there.
Thanks, Mom.
How 'bout you, girl?
You looking all sexy in your slip there.
How's it going with Niles?
Oh, he's so freakin' cute.
I just wanna eat him up.
Girl, he does this thing
where he whistles
through his nose when he eats.
I know, it sounds weird,
but it's so freakin' adorable.
Mmm, enjoy it, girl.
This is the honeymoon phase.
That's the best part.
I will say
the baby-making
phase ain't bad either.
Oh, tell me about it. Please.
Well, you know, it's been an adjustment.
I mean, with James being gone
so much the last few years,
this is the first time that
he's been home this much
since Charli was born.
But it's good, right?
Yeah, I mean
especially now that we get the chance
to do this whole baby thing differently.
I mean, I was alone
for so much of my pregnancy
with Charli and then after.
We've being flirty and sexy,
and I feel like we're
more connected than ever.
Ahhh! I love that!
Thanks. Me too.
Love it for you too, girl.
Did I tell you Sean and
I did a dance challenge?
And he's actually really good.
Oh, and I made him
a mask just like yours.
Isn't that cute?
Oh, our kids are going to be
so gorgeous.
Maybe we'll, like,
mix our sperm together.
(GASPS) Or maybe there's a way
to merge the DNA from two sperms.
I don't know,
science will figure it out.
Oh, and he speaks French.
You barely even know him
and now you're gonna get
married and have babies
and move to Canada?
Okay, Elle,
I'm sorry, okay?
I got, I got so wrapped up into Sean.
I, I don't want you to feel
abandoned because I met someone.
Can I ask you a question?
Yeah. Yeah. Of course.
Why aren't you attracted to me?
- What do you mean?
- You said that lately
you've been feeling
sexually attracted to women.
So why not me?
I mean, you're, you're my best friend.
Well, I'm in love with you.
And I want to be the one to
have babies with you
and get married to you and go to Paris
and move to Canada!
But of course. Of course.
I think, I think
- you're beautiful and-and you're sexy.
- No, no. It's fine.
It's really, um You're right.
We're best friends.
And now that I've said it out loud,
it does sound a little weird, you know.
Like when you start saying the
same word over and over again,
it doesn't even sound
like a real word anymore.
Like orange. Or soap.
- Soap.
And look who it is? Sean is calling you.
So you should answer.
And tell him I said hi.
Another story unfolding.
There's growing outrage
over chilling video
showing the deadly
shooting of Ahmaud Arbery,
an unarmed black man in Georgia.
Two white men, a father and son,
both with guns
confronting him while he was jogging.
We warn you, the video is disturbing.
- Oh!
(SOFTLY): I'm so stupid.
Oh, hi! (LAUGHS)
You okay?
Yeah. Uh
It's just a sad ending.
You wanna talk about it?
No. I'm fine.
Um, here's the book.
Sorry. I, I should have
disinfected that first.
No worries.
Well, enjoy the read.
Look what we just got in the mail.
Oh my God, it's Mrs. Aldicott.
That's so cute.
I didn't know you were
still in touch with her.
She was my favorite teacher.
I know. She was my favorite too.
I volunteered in Nanda's classroom
long after you graduated
from the elementary school.
PAUL: Can I see?
Wow! Fifty years.
Imagine that.
How long have you guys been married?
- Um
- We're
- SARAH: Twenty-four
- PAUL: Twenty-five
- PAUL: years this summer.
- SARAH: last summer.
Okay, so, you're almost halfway there.
I thought Jordan and I were
gonna get married someday.
BOTH: Really?
Now he's on Instagram acting
like nothing ever happened.
Well, I'm sure glad
that Insta wasn't around
when I was young and
getting my heart trampled.
- Insta?
- PAUL: That's what they call it.
I should know. I'm on the "Gram."
Oh, he's on the "Gram."
(LAUGHING) Apparently.
Did anyone ever break up
with you before you met Mom?
Oh my God, of course!
When Tina Goodman broke
my heart in high school,
I thought my, my life was over.
- SARAH: Really?
- PAUL: Yeah.
So I, uh, snuck in her backyard,
I climbed up the tree.
I wanted to knock on her window
- and beg for her to take me back.
- SOPHIE: Uh-huh.
But when I reached out to the window,
I slipped and I fell,
and I crushed her dad's grill.
Oh no!
I love that story. (LAUGHING)
Well, did she take you back?
But she did sign my cast.
Oh! What about you, Mom?
Jamie Dewitt.
- "No wit."
- Sophomore year of college.
- SOPHIE: Mm-hmm.
He broke up with me right before finals.
And I called his mother,
who I'd never met before,
- and cried to her on the phone
- No.
And told her that she
had to convince him
he was making a mistake
and to take me back.
Oh my God.
- She hung up on me.
- No!
- That is brutal.
- I know.
- I, I don't think I could ever recover.
Oh, I didn't think I would.
But I did, and I realized that he
was definitely not the person for me.
So how did you and Dad know that
you were right for each other?
I don't know if it was
if it was one thing or one moment.
We just knew.
So how was your day?
Well, same as yesterday.
But better now I'm talking to you.
what's for dinner tonight, huh?
My chicken and garlic mashed potatoes.
- I know how to hurt you.
- Oh man.
Oh boy, I sure miss your cookin',
I tell you.
I know you do. (CHUCKLES)
So what else you been up to?
Just trying to get that yard
cleaned up before the party.
Don't go lifting anything
too heavy, now.
I won't.
Dedrick is gonna help me.
I've never known Dedrick
to offer a hand. (CHUCKLES)
Well, things have changed.
You should call him.
He's your son.
my son should call me.
ADAM: When life gives you lemons,
make lemon martinis.
Also, since you finished your book,
I thought you might like this one.
If you ever want to talk
or discuss the book,
give me a call or just
shout out the window.
SADE: Hey, girls.
So I talked to my OB today,
and she's already got
me on prenatal vitamins.
Guess we're doing this. Ah!
Oh. Here. Here you go.
You spoke to Dr. Likari today?
Yeah, I just wanted to make sure
that she thought it was safe
for us to be trying to get pregnant now.
Sorry, should I have waited for you?
I just got really excited.
- That's okay.
- Okay.
I'm so happy for you guys!
You're making a baby.
And what the hell else is there to do?
You can say that because you
don't have a three-year-old.
New York,
you see,
there's 824 deaths in a single day.
Just getting blasted by this thing.
God, it's awful.
I hear cases are up here too.
Girl, I am so excited!
I can't wait to be an auntie again.
So I was thinking maybe
we should move Charli
into the guest room.
Why? She loves her room.
Yeah, well, when the baby comes,
we'll want to have
the nursery close to us.
Unless we have them share a room,
but I feel like that would be hard.
Well, you know,
the good news is we have, um,
plenty of time to think about it.
Charli's going to love her
little brother so much.
I feel like we're gonna have a boy!
But, I mean, a girl would be great too.
A sister for Charli. I love my sister.
Are you okay?
exactly how many people
have you told about this?
(CHUCKLES) Just my core group of friends
and family, and my yoga teacher.
You told your yoga teacher?
Well, she's my friend,
and she's also a doula.
I'm just trying to wrap
my mind around the fact
that the whole world
knows we might be
thinking about trying to get pregnant?
Uh, we might be trying?
I thought we were trying.
I thought we were having a
conversation about trying.
A conversation without birth control?
I'm just thrown off by
you telling everybody.
This was supposed to be our thing.
Between us.
Something intimate and sexy.
A little dangerous.
Didn't know it was gonna
get added to a whole
to-do list.
Just puts a whole lot
of pressure on something
that could have been fun.
So, are you having doubts?
I just don't think you and I
are on the same page about
Well, I don't want you to
feel uncomfortable, so
maybe we should just
table the conversation.
And if I'm already pregnant, then
we'll just figure it out.
I'm gonna go get Charli up from her nap.
Why did we stop having family dinners?
I guess Sophie got busy with
her clubs and her friends
and you were working all the time.
- And you got tired of cooking.
- No.
I didn't get tired of cooking.
There was just nobody
at home to cook for.
I think being forced to slow down
and stay home isn't such a bad thing.
You up for another bottle?
I'll get it.
It's all right. You don't know
where I keep the good stuff anymore.
- Um
Hey, I, uh I have to take this call.
SARAH: Okay.
- Hey.
- Are you sleeping with your wife, Paul?
I saw the photo.
Sophie wanted to sleep in our bed.
What was I supposed to do?
Well, what about our bed, Paul?
The one that I'm in alone,
every single night?
It's a pandemic.
People are supposed to be together.
Unless of course you're single.
But I'm not single.
- Yet I'm still alone.
- What do you want me to do?
Tell your daughter that you
and your wife have separated.
It's not that simple.
What do you mean, it's not that simple?
It could not be more simple.
She's 19, she can take it.
Unless of course you're not sure
you want to leave your nagging ex-wife
for your very hot,
supportive girlfriend!
Look, this whole pandemic thing,
it will be over in a couple of weeks.
You know what else might be
over in a couple of weeks? Us.
I found this amazing new local vineyard.
I think you're gonna love it.
- Hey Sarah
- Yeah.
Uh, work called.
So, um, I have some work I gotta do.
Can we do a raincheck on the bottle?
Okay. Uh, dinner was great.
Uh, I, I got the dishes.
You're welcome.
Who do you think she is?
KAIA: (ON PHONE) I don't know,
maybe a friend from college?
She doesn't look like a friend!
We've been together
since sophomore year,
and now he won't
answer my texts or calls.
But he posts this?
Instagram is pretend.
You need to get out, girl.
You know, Nate's throwing a
Corona-themed party tonight.
He's gonna have AMFs in little syringes
so we can give each other "the vaccine."
You should come.
I mean, what about quarantine?
We're all gonna wear masks.
Plus people our age, like,
can't really get it.
And even if we do, we just,
like, get diarrhea.
Which is like a natural
way to lose weight.
I don't think that's true.
And besides, people our age can get it,
and we can give it to our
parents or grandparents.
Then you can stay six
feet away from everyone.
Come on, this is a great opportunity
for you to flex your hot single life
via your Insta story
and make Jordan jealous.
That's true.
Okay. Okay.
But I have to wait till my parents
fall asleep so I can sneak out.
I'll be the one in the Gucci mask!
- ADAM: Hello.
- Hey.
It's Elle, your neighbor.
Oh, um, there you are. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, I just wanted to thank you
for the basket and the book.
Oh yeah. I hope you
haven't read it already.
No, not yet.
But lucky for you,
I like to drink and
read about sad people.
So, uh, what do you do when
you're not sheltering at home?
I'm a singer/songwriter.
And before you ask,
"Anything I've ever heard?" No.
Unless you've seen the Freedom Form
YouTube sanitary pad ads
which I proudly wrote the jingle for.
Oh, that's you? Yeah, I love those.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, thank you.
So, what do you do
besides shower outdoors?
Oh, uh, I flip houses, to make a living.
Bathroom's under construction.
But I'm also a writer.
Or trying to be, anyway.
Uh, before you ask, no,
nothing you've read.
I guess I'm still in
the struggling stage.
I feel that.
I don't know, I feel like I should be,
you know, using this time to write
some great novel or something, but,
I don't know,
I've got major COVID brain.
Yeah, me too!
I have been trying to
write this song for weeks,
and I just can't get it out.
Well, hopefully inspiration
strikes soon.
For both of us.
Yeah. I hope so.
Well, if you want
to talk about the book,
uh, you know where I live.
And shower.
- Yes. And shower.
Well, yeah, uh
- thank you again.
- Careful with the
Right. Yes.
- Patio furniture.
- Thank you.
All right. Bye. (LAUGHS)
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