Love in the Wild (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 Find love.
- I hope to find somebody that I can Spend the rest of my life with.
- But forget about dinner and a movie - Vamanos! - These singles went on A series of high-adrenaline adventure dates instead.
- Whoo! - Apparently, I'm, like, an advture girl, And I had no idea.
- While competing for a romantic trip around the world, Their adventures were full of challenges - Those are ants! Holy [bleep].
- I'm gonna do what it takes 'cause I'm fired up to win.
- All of which were designed to bring out the best - You came first.
- Yes! - And the worst in their new partner.
- Let's go.
No, I just want to prove you wrong.
- I don't know what the map says, So stop screaming at me.
- And they discovered very quickly If they had a match made in heaven - Who gets to have a first kiss up here? Let's be serious.
- Or if their match was born in that other place.
- Dude, shut up! - Because overcoming bat-infested caves - Aah! - Man-eating reptiles - Is that a crocodile? - Rickety bridges - Oh - Angry snakes And gravity - Ahh! Oh! - They had a pretty good idea if they were compatible or not.
- I annoy you, and you annoy me, and that's the bottom story.
- She definitely has a mean streak in her.
- After each adventure, the singles were allowed To stay with their partners - Stay together.
- Stay as well.
- Stay with mike.
All: Stay.
- While breaking up with the ones That didn't quite work.
- I am going to switch.
- Switch it up.
- Switch.
- Each week, this couples' choice ceremony Sent two singles home.
And there were plenty of surprises.
- I'm actually gonna ask brandee.
- What? - Derek hurt his foot yesterday, And unfortunately, he's done some pretty severe damage.
Derek will be eliminated.
In a shocking turn of events, All four of you will be going home.
- Wow.
- Now, only two couples are left-- Mike and samantha, And heather and miles.
- Oh, my god.
- Early on, miles protected heather On the dangerous hanging bridge.
- I'll be right behind you like this.
- I felt like he was really supportive through that, And it's a really attractive quality.
- Ever since, their relationship Has done nothing but grow.
- I have a lot of feelings for heather.
I think we're really alike.
We can laugh and joke around.
And for me, she's just, like, the total package.
- [laughs] There's just that undescribable feeling That you have for someone, And miles makes me feel that way.
- Mike and samantha found each other on day one.
- Hi.
- My heart almost jumped out of my chest.
- Their ironclad connection has kept them together Ever since.
- If I were to close my eyes And picture my bride to be, it's samantha.
The "l" word is not too far off.
- I know that it's genuine.
I feel that it's genuine.
And he's who I want to go home to.
- Tonight, on the season finale - For the last time, vamanos! - The final adventure tests The two remaining partners' relationships Like never before.
- I don't want to let mike down.
And I know that he doesn't want to let me down.
- The couples must maneuver dangerous terrain Heavy machinery, even noxious gases - Couldn't have gone before we left? - I might vomit.
- As the competition hits its peak.
- It was an amazing feeling to pass mike and sam.
I'm like, "can beat them!" - Which partners, samantha and mike, Or heather and miles, will win The incredible first-class trip Around the world? - That world trip dangling in front of my face Gives me the extra push.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- It's a winner-take-all finish As love in the wibegins right now.
- Whoo! - Celebrate.
- Final two.
Final two - Whoo-hoo.
- Huh? - Coming into something like this, you don't think That you really are gonna be a part of the finals.
- Dude.
- Nice work, man.
- I think I'm still in shock about the whole thing, To be honest.
- Samantha, you've been at the oasis Over half of your time here.
- Lucky lady.
- Mike and sam have won so many adventures, And miles and I haven't won yet.
I'm tired of coming in second place.
I'm tired of coming in second best.
I'm tired of being a loser.
I want to win.
- A lot of these adventures, you just don't screw up.
And that's a lot of it, you know? Don't make a mistake.
- Yep.
- Knowing that it's down to two couples, It's a little bit frightening because None of our other wins matter.
And it's just us against heather and miles.
We both want to win this world trip.
- But what we haven't done is an actual toast.
- Cheers.
- This is it-- You versus us.
- Yup - Good luck to you.
- We haven't stepped it up to our potential yet.
We have a chance to win a great prize.
So I think tomorrow might be the day.
We'll see what happens.
- Samantha's my dream girl.
We have a big adventure to face tomorrow, And I don't think I'd be able to do it with anybody else.
She's my teammate, she's my partner, she's my girl.
- It's so unexpected for mike and I To have connected the way we have.
It has opened up my perspective on relationships.
I need someone who's intelligent, And I want a man with drive and with passion.
I found out that what I do want is what mike has.
- What a night.
- [laughs] Good night.
For heather and I to make it this far, I think, really shows that What we have together is real.
We clicked, and we didn't really hold back at all.
And we don't want it to end.
- Oh, my god, there's a bug right there.
What is that? There is something right there.
What is that? - It's a bug.
- Going through these adventures With somebody that you're dating Really does put your relationship to the test.
With miles and I, I feel like It only brings us stronger and closer together.
So I'm just looking forward to seeing How everything plays out for our last adventure.
- I know.
- My mom put together cards for me.
Words of encouragement for me to open along the way.
I was feeling nervous, And just seeing, like, my mom's writing was enough.
- She decided to share one of those letters with me.
It touched me.
SoIt's pretty cool.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
She comes from good roots.
You know, she's a good girl.
All that stuff, for me, it would be very personal.
I would have a hard time sharing that With, uh-- with someone I'd just met, Unless I, like, had feelings for 'em, you know? They're rooting for you today.
You know they are.
- Yeah.
- They're behind you.
- One little cry just makes me cry a river.
- Here come the waterworks.
- I know.
- Mike was really, really supportive, And I think he could tell right away How much of an effect the cards had on me.
So I'm really glad that I can be open enough To share that with him.
Now I'm ready.
- I think so.
- Oh, that's it? - I'm ready to go.
It feels like christmas day.
Like, I am so excited.
- Oh - And miles is, like, sleeping still in bed.
- Ohh, okay.
I don't know what to expect with this adventure, And it's making me a little anxious.
You know, I don't know what's gonna go down.
- Look alive.
- But I think what's really cool about heather Is that we just have a lot of fun together.
And we're always sort of just relaxed.
And I'm thinking to myself, you know, That'll help us do well in the adventure.
- Slow and steady wins the race.
We have been frickin' slow and steady, I'll tell you that.
[dramatic music] - Come on over.
Line up, guys.
So today I've brought you to the base Of the arenal volcano for your final adventure.
This one is long, and it's incredibly tough.
So long, in fact, that we're gonna start it today It's gonna take you all the way through the night And well into tomorrow.
There's no more couples' choice ceremonies.
It's just you guys and the end of this adventure.
So here's how it's gonna happen.
Lake arenal, behind me There are two canoes out there.
On my mark, you'll be swimming out to those canoes, Hopping in, and unrolling your first map.
You'll follow the instructions on the map.
They'll take you up lake arenal to an open river mouth.
At that point, you'll paddle upriver To where the water gets shallow.
You'll then drag your canoes Until you find your backpacks.
Inside your backpacks you'll have overnight gear, Food, and dry clothes.
Follow the instructions carefully on your map To complete all the tasks.
When both couples arrive at the day-one finish line, You'll have to stop down and make camp for the night.
The next morning, you'll leave In the same order you arrived With the exact time separation you had When you reached the day-one finish.
You'll start day two by climbing all the way To the top of a volcano to lake cerro chato.
You'll find a second map.
Follow the instructions carefully, And they'll take you to me.
The first couple to meet me at the finish line Will be the first-ever winner Of tlove in the wild grand prize-- An all-expenses paid first-class trip Around the world for two, Stopping in some of the most romantic cities on earth London, paris, athens, rome, shanghai, singapore, Zurich, just to name a few.
Pretty good, huh? - Great.
- Pretty good.
- So you ready to do this? - Yeah.
- Let's do it.
- Okay, folks, head off to the starting line, And you'll take off on my mark.
- To be able to spend more time with miles Around in the most romantic cities, Like, my bags are packed-- I'm ready to go Around the world any time.
Like, we have to win this.
- We've had a lot of amazing adventures together Along this journey.
You know, I got the rocky balboa soundtrack mix In the back of my head.
And if we can come home with the big "w," That's gonna make this experience So much more meaningful.
- You ready to do this? All: Yes.
- Okay, for the last time, On three, two, one Vamanos! Good luck.
- The second darren said go, the competitiveness came out.
Mike and I know that getting to the canoe first Is the most important first test Because we're not so strong at paddling, And I feel like heather and miles are.
Mike's a very strong swimmer, So he just has to get out there as quickly as possible.
- I'm neck and neck with sam, and I look back, And miles is, like, flailing his arms on his back.
He was just, like, la la la Like a leisurely stroll, And we're in the middle of a race.
- I guess swimming's not my thing.
I tried to keep going, and I was just so out of breath.
- We're gonna go that way.
So tie off.
Let's go.
- By the time we get into the canoe, I think miles is, like, halfway, maybe, at this point.
And heather's yelling at miles to go faster.
- Kick.
- I was thinking to myself, I was, like, I'm gonna be the first person to die on national television While wearing a life jacket in a lake.
- Knowing that mike and sam are ahead of us, That means we're last.
There's nobody in between.
There aren't people behind us.
That's it--they're ahead of us, so we're losing.
- I'm tired, and I feel like I'm letting her down.
Damn it, I want to win this Because I want to do this with her.
I don't know what to do.
We're screwed at this point.
- Coming up, the battle for the grand prize Pushes the couples to their limits.
- Unh! We have to drag the canoes through the water.
It was brutal.
- One slip, And I could injure myself for the rest of this adventure.
- And later - Oh, for crying out loud! It would not stop pooping.
[flatulence] - oh, wow! - The beginning of the race, Mike and sam have a big head start.
I can see miles is just totally fatigued at this point From the swim.
Use your legs, not your arms.
- I made it.
Barely, but I made it.
And I was dying.
- "paddle your canoe to the point where "the agua caliente river flows into the arenal lake.
"the mouth of the river is marked by two buoys.
"pull your canoe upriver towards the bridge "and look for the place on your right Where your backpacks are stashed.
" - I really want to win this for her.
If we don't, I'm gonna feel bad.
I'm gonna feel like I let her down.
Both: One, two, three.
- I don't understand why I can't paddle very well.
I literally would rather take an oar And hit myself upside the head than actually paddle.
It's like, please, just let me get through this paddling part, And then it'll be game on.
- There's a lot to be said about love and relationships When you put 'em to the test in stressful situations.
She is a fighter, just like me.
And it's pretty frickin' cool to know that I can lean on her, and she can lean on me.
And that's a testament to the fact that We've found something real special with each other.
- Heather and miles were definitely gaining Some ground on us quickly, So by the time we got to the area To drag our canoe, They were pretty much right behind us.
- Go, go, go.
- Almost there.
- I felt like, you know, we got this.
We have a chance to make this, And we should be able to pass them.
And I knew that part of it we were gonna have to Drag the canoe through the water.
I was actually feeling really good at that point.
Ugh! - Really, really tough.
- I feel it.
- Careful.
- This is difficult.
The canoe was huge.
The water was coming against us.
And the rocks were slippery.
You know, one slip and I'm going down.
I could injure myself for the rest of this adventure.
- Careful.
- Once we were able to get out of the canoe, I definitely was thinking this is where The race is gonna be won.
Because this is when mike and I Can go as fast as we can.
- I've never been in such a hurry To put on my clothes before.
- All right, let's go.
- We were able to catch up to 'em, And now we can, hopefully, pass 'em.
- You're good? - Yeah.
- "ox cart pickup area.
Assemble your ox cart.
"load it with two bales of hay, "and have it hitched to the oxen.
Ride the cart to ox cart drop-off.
" Let's go.
- It's a big hike up to the top of the hill, And the next task was to assemble an ox cart.
- Okay.
- Oh - What is this? - I don't know.
I knew that ox carts existed, but I didn't-- I've never seen one before.
- What the hell? - We were, like, "where are the directions?" Like, "we don't know how to build this stupid thing.
" - My nerves were on edge because heather and miles Were right behind us.
- I don't think I've ever seen an ox.
Definitely have never seen an ox cart before.
But I'm really good with puzzles.
No, no, no.
Right here.
Right here.
So to me, I saw this as a puzzle piece, And I feel like we were able to put it together really quickly.
Take the circle things off.
They go at the end.
This is my strong suit.
I can put together an ox cart now.
[oxen lowing] Oh, dear.
- Hey! - Faster.
- Vamanos.
[oxen flatulence, plop] - oh, my god.
That is so gross.
- Eww! Oh, for crying out loud! - Come on, dude.
You couldn't have gone before you left? - Oh, wow! The oxen that was directly in front of where mike was sitting, Like, literally had diarrhea.
Oh [gags] It would not stop pooping.
I might vomit.
And then I was thinking, like, Well, maybe that will make the ox go faster Because he's, like, gonna be lighter now.
But it didn't work.
- Good view from here, huh? - I feel like their asses are getting closer to me.
- Coming up - They're catching up to us.
- I was, like, hell yeah! This is sweet.
Can we pass 'em? - And later, heather and miles make a move To claim the trip around the world.
- We're neck and neck.
Heather and miles are right there.
This is a dogfight.
- I feel exhausted already.
- Keep it up.
Let's go.
[oxen lowing] - Our oxes are freaking me out.
Like, we're gonna be riding right behind them On this janky cart that we put together.
This cannot be safe.
[oxen snorting and grunting] - Need any help? You got it.
- We got the crazy ox.
Like, maybe it'll work to our advantage--I'm not sure.
- Whoo! Once we started going, our ox kicked ass.
They were way better than sam and mike's.
- We gotta go faster.
Let's go! Andale! Andale! Faster! We were hoping to have the wind in our hair, And these things are going, like, two miles an hour.
I can't figure it out.
I will run up this frickin' hill faster than these stupid ox.
We picked two slow, stupid oxen.
Our strong suit has not been picking mammals.
Vamanos, amigo, por favor.
No, no, no, no, no.
We've gotta go faster.
- [laughs] heather and I, no matter what, On these adventures, we always have fun And we always laugh.
- This is the most romantic hayride I've ever been on.
- You're having a good time in the ox cart, And you look up, and sam and mike are kinda like Looking over their shoulder, pissed off about it.
It was, like, tough luck.
- Come on, they're catching up to us.
- Andale! Andale! Andale! - Our oxes, despite being a little crazy, Are pretty quick.
- We were right on their tail.
It's like our ox was sniffing samantha and mike's ass.
I was, like, "hell yeah! This is sweet.
Can we pass 'em?" But the trail wasn't wide enough, So we couldn't get around 'em.
- Our oxen were slow and lazy.
[imitating shotgun] - Let's go.
- So we get to the ox cart drop-off point At the same time, and it's a foot race.
- I think the fact that heather and miles Haven't won an adventure yet Almost makes them, like, more hungry.
- Let's do it.
- We're neck and neck--heather and miles are right there.
This is a dogfight.
- Right now, we have to run to the finish line At the end of day one, Where we need to set up camp.
And I feel exhausted already.
- So I grab sam's bag, I throw on my bag, And we book it down the trail.
- Mike takes sam's backpack.
Miles sees that, grabs mine.
And at that point it felt like a huge weight Was lifted off my shoulders, which it was.
I mean, we just started sprinting after them.
- Heather and miles, we are definitely concerned About the fact that they're both in such great shape.
- Keep it up.
Let's go.
- It was an amazing feeling to pass mike and sam.
I'm like, "push it.
Let's go.
We want to win!" Keep it up.
Number one.
- I was so pissed because I lost one of the articles Out of my bag.
So I had to go back and pick that thing up.
But it was on me to get us back to where we needed to be.
- You okay, miles? - Yep.
Let's go.
- That world trip dangling in front of my face Gives me, like, the extra push So we could actually sprint.
And we were able to get ahead of heather and miles.
- Samantha and I are keeping one foot in front of the other, Then I saw the day-one finish line.
- I feel relieved.
We made it halfway through.
And that's something to, you know, be celebrated.
Part one.
- Okay.
- Part one closer to our World vacation.
- Sam and I are both way too competitive To be satisfied with second place.
We want to win this whole thing.
We came here to do that.
And we've got a good shot at it.
- I feel like I could have been running faster, And maybe pushing her.
So I was a little frustrated.
We ended up maybe 50 yards behind them.
- Coming up - This is tough for guys.
You really want to make sure you can provide, Especially when it comes to outdoor stuff.
You've gotta be able to pitch a tent.
- And later - Let's just paddle out.
- The fog was, like, settling in in such a weird way That you can't see right in front of you.
- And which couple will be the winner Of the romantic trip of a lifetime? - Push it.
We're doing good.
I want to travel around the world with miles.
Like, that's the ultimate thing.
No, go until you puke.
- Heather and miles haven't made any mistakes.
We're really not very far ahead of them right now.
And we know that that gap can be closed really quickly.
- This is it.
And if we want to go on that amazing world tour, We have to pull through.
But now we have to stop down and camp for the night.
And in the morning we continue the next part of the adventure.
- Where would you like to go, boy scout? - Uh, how about further over here.
I realize we're in the lead.
I should be happy about that.
But there was more work to be done.
We're setting up camp.
- I don't even know how to open this.
- We had a kerosene stove, some food for the night, Which we had to cook.
We had a tent, which didn't have any instructions in it.
- Oh, hell.
I don't know about this.
I am not a camper, So I really was hoping that mike would have A little bit of camping inside of him That I didn't know about.
- Oh, you know what, this is like a really small tent.
This is tough for guys, you know.
You really want to make sure you can provide, Especially when it comes to outdoor stuff.
You gotta be able to pitch a tent.
- Here.
- [chuckles] whoo! - Corresponding colors.
I've certainly really never set up a tent.
When I go camping, usually everybody else does the work, And I kind of sit back and have a beer.
So I'm surprised at myself.
Whew! Nothing like women doing the job.
- Yeah, you know, the tent.
Heather kind of took charge, and she was loving it.
I was definitely impressed.
She's the real deal in my book.
For sure.
- Genius.
- Oh, hell.
They just come undone right here.
I did honestly think that we were gonna come to a point Where we were possibly just sleeping on top of the tent.
[laughs] we have absolutely no idea what we're doing.
- I think as soon as we start pegging it down, It'll start to take shape.
I've never seen a tent like that before.
We're really confused at this point.
- Excitement is not really the way I feel right now.
- What do you think? This just happened.
- All right, we're ready to go.
- Cream of asparagus soup with pasta.
- Did you wash your hands? - It's gonna boil, so it'll disinfect, miles.
- I was kidding.
[laughs] - What are you doing? Oh - This stupid kerosene thing is broken.
- Well, I don't think we're having dinner.
- Let me go build a real fire.
- Oh, god.
- I am gonna figure this out, sam, And we're gonna eat like kings and queens tonight.
- I know what camping is like.
I just don't prefer it.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo - Yay.
I'm starving.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Did your man deliver or did your man deliver? - It's pretty.
- I feel like we've been dating for, like, a year.
- I think looking back on this whole experience, I'll probably remember the camping night As one of my most favorite nights Down here in costa rica with heather In a tentAnd we stink.
You know, it's not really the way you envision The last night in costa rica with a girl That you're falling in love with.
Home sweet home.
Really? Is that how you're supposed to get in? - I guess.
- [chuckles] - I'm just so excited to do One last final adventure with miles, And hopefully win.
That would just be icing on the cake.
But I'm not gonna leave here And just be like, "oh, that was fun.
" I mean, this, to me, is not a fling at all with miles.
Like, to me, this is definitely Something more serious than that.
[laughter] - It's going out.
Like, completely.
Oh, dear.
- I was so adamant about building a fire Because I felt it was important for us To get the fuel for the competition.
But we're not in the garden of eden right now.
No, no, no, no.
- It's not gonna stay lit.
- The fire has embers.
- Oh I really think we should probably Just use that water for soup.
- Sam, you're really quick to give up.
- I'm trying to be realistic about it.
- What about this scenario is not realistic? - That we're gonna get a fire going for 40 minutes-- Enough to cook pasta.
As the night was going on, Mike and I became more and more frustrated with each other.
And I'm definitely thinking this could affect That way that we're gonna work together tomorrow as a couple.
And if that happens, we'd be screwed.
- Coming up - The only thing I see is up.
I don't see anything else.
It's just up, up, up, up.
And it's like my worst nightmare coming true.
- And later, it's neck and neck to the finish.
- Push.
- Go.
- Come on, we gotta hurry.
- We're almost there.
Come on.
I think we need to be realistic about it.
- What about this scenario is not realistic? - I don't think we're gonna form a fire That's gonna go for, like, 40 minutes, Enough to make pasta.
- Can you just, you know, help me out here? I need some help.
- I'm sorry.
I'll try.
What would you like me to do? - For starters, you can try to collect Some more dried kindling.
We're not giving up on this.
We need to eat.
I want to make sure the both of us are clear-headed, Ready to take on this next challenge in the morning, 'cause it's our last one together, And we want to go out strong.
All right.
Okay, let's go.
Ah! - Having the argument at the campsite Was the best thing that could have happened for us Because of the way that we were able to handle it.
Oh, my god, the pasta is cooked.
- Is it? - Yeah.
I do feel closer to him, And I feel like we could take on this adventure together.
Well, you were right.
You frickin' nailed it.
- There's gonna be ups and downs, But, uh, we got through it And now we're ready to take on this next challenge In the morning, 'cause it's our last one together And we want this because it's gonna make us stronger As a couple.
[thunder] We wake up, it's the final day, And it's raining.
It's not a good way to start the day.
- What a great day for an adventure.
- Yeah.
- What do you think? - It looks like it's gonna be a little wet today.
- Mm-hmm.
- At this point, miles and heather can't leave Before sam and I.
- We open up the map, and what the directions say is, You're gonna trek to a lake That's at the top of this extinct volcano And you have to swim out to this island To get your next map.
This is gonna be all tough climb.
- Yep.
- I wanted to have a good five, ten minute lead on these guys.
Samantha and I, we're only 26 seconds in front of them.
I was pretty nervous.
Heather and miles were right on our heels.
This is going to be a very long day.
- This is gonna be tough.
- Keep pushing.
You're doing good.
Let's go.
We're right behind them.
- Everything is just completely muddy and slippery, And you're literally, like, climbing sideways, Because it's so steep that you can't take, like, A normal step.
- It was tough climbing up at that point, But we just dug deep.
I was very proud of her, and she held in there And just powered through it.
- The only thing I see is up.
It's just up, up, up, and up, and I just want to freak out Because I hate hiking uphill.
[groans] Let's go.
Go until you puke.
But winning kept me going.
And I want to travel around the world with miles.
Like, that's the ultimate thing.
Come on.
Miles, tough it out.
Let's go.
We're almost there.
- Here we go.
Down this way.
Be careful.
So we get to the top of this volcano, And the next task was to come down into the lagoon.
Looking good, sam.
- We're doing good.
- There's the water.
There's the water.
- Yay.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Let's just paddle out.
- The fog is, like, settling in In such a weird way that you can't see right in front of you.
And you have no choice but to just start going.
- This way.
Let's go.
- So we paddle out to get our second map As quickly as possible because we have no idea What the second map's gonna entail.
Then we see heather and miles behind us, And so we just start going as fast as we can.
- They're climbing up.
- I'm tired, I'm so thirsty, But you think, just step it up and get this done.
- Push.
Let's go.
- We see sam and mike.
Like, they are so close.
But I'm like, yes, we can beat them! - We didn't realize how close they were.
This is getting pretty intense.
I'm so pissed.
We were way ahead of them.
- So you gotta push it.
We're not gonna back down at all.
We're gonna pass 'em.
Come on, heather.
They're right up there.
We can catch 'em.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- You got it.
Come on.
- Coming up - Whoa! - My ankle.
- Samantha rolled her ankle.
This means they're gaining on us.
- Let's go.
We're right behind them.
- It's like, man up and beat these guys.
- And finally, one couple claims the ultimate prize.
- Push.
Come on, we've got to hurry.
- Let's go.
We're almost there.
- A first-class trip for two around the world.
- I just wanted to get that map and get the hell out of there And head back, 'cause we see mike and sam paddling back And we're on their heels.
- Here we go.
All right, you ready? "head back up to the trail and locate the road down.
Don't waste a second.
" Let's go.
We're basically running To the finish line at this point.
Our muscles are throbbing.
Our bones are aching.
We've got very little fuel left.
One false step and we could really hurt ourselves And that could cost us the race.
Watch out for mud.
Do not slip.
- Yeah.
- We're both tired but we also have A lot of adrenaline pumping through us.
Like, we want to do this.
We want to win.
How bad do you want to beat mike and sam? Let's go.
- They're literally right behind us.
- Whoa! You all right? - Ouch.
- Your ankle hurts? - [groans] - Samantha slipped, rolled her ankle, So we're moving at a slower pace.
This means they're gaining on us.
- Let's go.
Go until you puke.
- The aggressive juices kick in, basically, And it's like, man up and beat these guys.
Heather's in pretty good shape.
You know, I'm in really good shape.
We're gonna win this thing.
Let's go.
- My ankle's definitely hurting.
I don't want to let mike down, And I know that he doesn't want to let me down, But heather and miles are right behind us.
- There they are.
- So we just keep going As fast as we can humanly go.
- Whoa.
- Sorry I'm going slow here.
I just need to watch every step.
- Careful.
Really, really, really be careful.
- Let's go.
Come on.
We got this.
How are you doing? - Fine.
I'm good.
Mike and sam are ahead of us, But we're literally riding on their tails And we can catch up.
I know we can catch up.
Let's go.
Almost there.
- Go.
Almost there, sam.
I can feel it.
Come on.
- Let's go.
We're right behind them.
- Come on, samantha, let's go.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Go.
We gotta hurry.
- Let's go, go, go.
Let's go, we're almost there.
- Welcome.
- I've never been so happy to see you in my life.
- I'm so happy to see you right now, darren.
- Mike and samantha.
- Hi.
- You have just won love in the wild.
You're going on a grand prize trip around the world.
First class, people.
Here, let's celebrate in style.
Open it up.
[laughs] Come on, celebrate in style.
- [laughs] - [groans] That was the biggest challenge I've ever had to face, physically.
That was exhausting.
- Oh, my god, we won! - Yeah.
- I'm really excited to see what pans out for you guys.
I think you've got an amazing thing going, And you've proved that again and again in these adventures.
- We won the whole thing.
I'm speechless.
This is amazing.
- I'm still in such shock.
Like, really? Around the world? We get to go around the world.
- Around the world.
That's awesome in itself, But we found each other in the process.
I get goose bumps when I look at her.
Um, it is something really special, And I know where that's heading.
You know, deep down, I know where that's heading.
- I'm happy.
I really am.
I just never saw it coming to this.
Lilike, being here.
These are happy tears.
Just so everyone knows.
But I would have never expected this, And I just am so happy.
- Guys, you know where you came? - Yeah.
- You came second.
- Yeah.
- Guys, congratulations.
It's a fantastic effort, you know? - Thanks.
- You don't look very happy.
- Yeah, I'm pissed.
- [laughs] - I am, I'm really upset.
But, you know, what can you do? - It's just hard to come this far And not win it.
- Yeah.
Look at this as the option.
You can either walk away from this With an amazing partner Or you can go on an around-the-world trip.
What would you pick? - An amazing partner, anytime.
- Well, there you go.
- Yeah.
- You already won.
- That's true.
- Yeah.
- What was your favorite thing About the whole experience here? - Meeting miles.
- Aw! - I was just gonna say that.
It's probably the best part about it, you know? Glad I met her.
- Yep.
I think that even though we did lose, Even though we came in second, We're leaving here with something That's genuine and real, And you can't buy that.
- [groans] - Oh, boy.
- It's frustrating to make it this far to the end With heather and not win the grand prize, But at the same time, the fact that we made it this far, I think, is because of what we have together.
- [laughs] - I don't see myself dating anybody else besides heather.
I mean, I think she's amazing, you know? She's really the total package for me, And I'm falling in love with her, definitely, you know? And I think that we're gonna make it happen.
We're gonna make it work.
Oh, yeah.
- Taking these for the road.
This has been the most amazing, Incredible experience of my lifetime, And to be able to come here and meet someone like miles, I feel so lucky.
Give me a kiss.
It sucks we lost, but you can't put a price On finding something like what miles and I have.
- Me too.
There's that amazing feeling, The butterflies, the excitement.
I haven't had that feeling in so long And I feel like I have that with miles, And I just can't believe that I found it here In costa rica, in the jungle.
You know, I wasn't expecting that at all.
- This is where we started.
- Start and finish.
- The oasis.
- Being here with samantha Has been just an awesome experience.
I got to zip-line, I got to sail, I got to meet an amazing girl, And now I get to take sam around the world.
When do we get to choose where we want to go? - Paris.
- Paris is on there, absolutely.
I'm crazy about sam.
She's smart, she's beautiful, she's funny.
She's basically found her way into my heart.
I can't believe how far we've come In such a short period of time.
- I came here to find love, But I never, in my wildest dreams, Would have thought that I would actually find that special guy.
He makes me happy and he makes me giddy.
He makes me a better person at the end of the day, And he's who I want to go home to.
I'm so happy.
I have learned that you just have to follow your heart, And it worked out for me.
I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world.