Love in the Wild (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Really know each other When it comes to intimacy, who is more adventurous? At the most revealing couples' choice ceremony ever.
- [laughs] As love in the wild continues right now.
- Oh, my god.
Did anyone see any of that coming? Both: No.
- The last couples' choice ceremony As definitely the most shocking by far.
Two couples went home.
But if anybody had any doubts about finding love, Then they should go home.
I definitely went up there like, [bleep], what's gonna happen now? - There's only three couples left.
You know, the stakes are just a little higher, And theresa and I really want to win.
It's a given that there's a future with us.
I haven't really had feelings like this in quite a while.
- Can we just toast to the fact That we're the last ones here right now? - Yeah.
- And we've had an amazing adventure.
- Six people.
[laughter] - I think miles and I absolutely deserve to win.
We've come so far That it would just be the icing on the cake.
And I want to travel around the world with miles.
Like, that's the ultimate thing.
- Six - This--this is it, man.
- People.
- Top three.
[laughter] - Mike and I definitely want to win.
I mean, we've come all this way, we've established This great bond between the two of us, And every adventure we learn more and more about each other, So we really want to be here, you know, until the end, And we want to be able to experience that with each other.
- Good times behind, good times ahead.
Congratulations on being the last six.
- You got it.
- Whoo! Both: Cheers.
- Welcome to the beaches of costa rica, folks.
This is your second-to-last adventure, And it will put you one step closer to the grand prize.
Here's what were gonna do, On my mark, you'll be swimming as a couple Out to that boat.
Once there, one person from each couple Will locate the anchor rope at the front of the boat, Dive deep into the water, And untie your map.
The other person in your couple Will be lowering a paddleboard into the water, And at that point, You're gonna locate five bags of coins Hidden within different parts of the ocean.
First, you'll each retrieve three bags from three old buoys.
You'll then paddle to shore and follow a path to the old pier.
There, you'll find a fourth bag.
You'll move on to the dense mangrove swamp, Where you'll find your final bag hanging from a tree.
Once you have your five bags of coins, You're gonna make your way to a local town, And find a bar by the name of coco's, Where you'll have to track down A local guy by the name of mambo, And you will exchange your five bags of coins For a secret phrase that you'll have to memorize And recite to me at the finish line.
First person to do that wins a beautiful night at the oasis.
Plus you're gonna win some fun in the sun Out on lake arenal.
You'll have your own Private little sailing adventure tomorrow.
But before you get too excited, There's something you should know.
Tomorrow night's couples' choice ceremony Will send two people home in a way that's never been done.
You still want to finish first, Because it will give you an advantage.
It won't, however, guarantee your safety.
Head to the start and wait for my go.
- I have a lot of experience being on a boat, Because, you know, there are 12,000 lakes in minnesota, But I'm not a very good swimmer, So I was the only one wearing the old life vest.
That obviously made me look pretty cool.
Really studly.
[laughs] - Okay, and three, Two, one, Vamanos! - Miles is not a strong swimmer, So we were definitely at a disadvantage.
The boy can't swim.
I mean, He's cute, but he can't swim.
- Come on, sam! We were the first couple to reach the boat.
I jumped off the bow And dove down toward the anchor, Where I was going to collect the map.
- Come on, hustle up! - Oh! Okay.
- I got it! Come on, drop it in! Sam dropped the paddleboard into the water, And we were on our way to three buoys, Floating out in the ocean.
- The adventures are fine and everything, But if you're not doing them with someone you like, They might kinda suck.
I have grown to like theresa more and more each day.
On top of that, she and I work really well as a team.
- Miles was out of his comfort zone, So I'm gonna have to step up.
I'm gonna have to do the diving to retrieve the map, And I definitely had a moment of panic.
- The tough part of this was that We were actually gonna be using a paddleboard, And sam and I do not have a very good history of paddling.
- Mike fell off.
That's, like, The one point where we passed them.
And before I knew it, she gets the coins off the first buoy.
I was like, oh, we're in first place.
We got this.
- We're screwed at this point.
Dead last.
And I could tell she was a little frustrated, But I was so out of breath.
There's only three couples left at this point, you know? Third place is a death wish.
- We get the first bag of coins.
- But we are struggling.
We can't seem to regain our position Ahead of skip and theresa And they're startin' to slip away.
- Coming up - We're moving at a really good pace.
The only way to screw this up was to lose our coins.
- My bag of coins.
I dropped one.
- We're screwed.
- And later, A very different couples' choice ceremony.
Okay, guys, here's how it's going to work.
- Got it.
- The task on this adventure Is to pick up five bags of coins.
- This is my motivation right here.
- Whatever works.
- I guess you could call that Adventure flirting.
I mean, that's also us Making sure we have a good time.
We're kinda kickin' ass.
- We're paddling along-- - Ow! Ow.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.
And I accidentally hit sam in the head.
[laughs] [laughing] sorry.
She got a little upset about that.
I think that she realized it was an accident.
- I can see that behind us Miles and heather were catching up, And I was starting to freak out.
They're flying.
- Okay.
- At this point, we have three of the five bags of coins.
We're movin' at a good pace.
No one's behind us.
Whoo! We pick up our paddleboards and start on this path.
I had full confidence in the fact That we were gonna win it.
Sit in the front, like you were before, go way up front.
You're gonna use the mask to, like, look for it.
Okay? And then I'll dive.
So we make our way out to the pier, We have a set of goggles to use, and we're kinda like snorkeling On the way out to find another set of coins.
Finally find the fourth bag.
It's tied in like nine or ten knots.
You have to dive, undo a couple knots, come back up.
Dive, undo a couple knots, come back up.
[bleep]! That was physically the hardest part of the race.
- Whoo! Oh, [bleep]! We were making such good time.
The whole time I just had the biggest smile on my face, 'cause we were in first place, and it felt really good.
Haven't been in the lead before yet, so this is pretty nice.
- There they are, you see 'em? - Yeah.
- Should we dive in right here? - [indistinct] - Yeah, they're right there.
We're gaining on mike and sam the whole time, And we're gonna have to push it In order to get past them.
- We're still in this.
We're not that far behind, and, you know, Skip and theresa, we have to beat them.
This is a competition now.
It's game time.
- We're movin' at a really good pace.
We're about halfway to the last bag, And she stops and says, hold on.
- My bag of coins, I dropped one.
- We only have three bags.
- I'm so disappointed.
I was holding the bags, And next thing I knew, I looked down And I had three instead of four.
- And I'm like, don't freak out, Let's trek back, hopefully it's on the path.
Are you sure you couldn't have dropped it When we were paddling back in? - No.
- We're screwed.
- It's a little different for us, Not being in first place.
And I'm frustrated at this point, Because we want to take this whole thing down.
- I don't see it.
- Damn it.
- Miles, he's not a good swimmer, And, you know, I was the stronger swimmer.
I mean, the other guys, they were able to dive in, And I had to step up and do the diving.
But I struggled untying it.
I mean, it was ridiculous how hard it was to untie.
So finally miles had to jump in.
- I don't really have an issue with diving.
The issue is more swimming the long distances.
The hardest part was, it was right at the bottom, And there was all this sand.
It was just, you know, Frustrating that you're trying to untie it, And you can't really see what you're doing all the time.
- Miles did a really great job, like, when I needed him.
He stepped up.
- Theresa, did you have four bags of coins When you got out of the water? - I don't think so.
- Coming up.
- Where's mambo? We have some coins for him.
Where's mambo? Mambo.
Nobody's mambo.
We can't find him.
I need to find this guy.
Here's your coins, mambo.
- And later Do you know what position you finished? As I said before this adventure, You're not safe from elimination, And the next couples' choice ceremony is going to be Something different than we've done before.
It was so disappointing to lose that bag of coins.
And, you know, we were a good five minutes Ahead of everybody else.
I was just praying that it was nearby.
I'm pretty sure we got out of the water with four.
- [chitters] - [sighs] - All right, we gotta keep going.
Wait, is that skip? - They're gonna catch up to us.
- Okay, come on.
- We see skip and theresa, And we come to find out, They had dropped a bag of coins.
Which means, essentially, we were in first place.
- Ow.
- We still haven't found the bag of coins.
We had to go all the way up around, Back to the broken-down pier.
We see heather and miles Comin' out of the water, and they're like, what's up? And we're like, we lost a bag of coins.
- No, man, I didn't see it.
- Let's go, let's go.
- And they're like, that sucks, see you later.
- As awful as it is To see that skip and theresa lost a bag of coins, For us, we're moving up a position.
It's so exciting.
Like, it was a total recharge, Burst of energy for us.
- It was a new experience for us, you know.
We were in last place, and then we passed skip and theresa.
I was actually feelin' really good at that point About our chances.
- Use the paddleboard to retrieve your fifth bag, Which will be hanging in a tree above the river.
So getting into, like, this swampy lagoon Definitely was an eerie, creepy sort of a feeling.
- We were actually making really good time at that point, So I was like, hey, let's keep going.
We may be able to make up that distance on mike and sam.
- Damn it! - I've been snorkeling now for like five or ten minutes.
At this point, miles and heather, they're ahead of us.
Deep down I'm, like, pretty pissed off.
At the situation, not at theresa for losing anything.
- I cried, but skip gave me a hug and told me it was okay, And there was nothing we could do at that point.
We were defeated.
We lost a bag of coins.
So we're going to enjoy our walk back.
Right? - Yup.
[laughs] I was so frustrated.
If I was only depending on myself, And I made a stupid mistake, you know, fine, I did it.
But I feel bad because I let him down too.
- There it is.
Look up there! - Oh! We know that heather and miles are right behind us.
- Got it? - How bad do you want to beat mike and sam? Let's go.
- Oh.
- Sam and mike, we pass them right in the middle.
They're coming toward us with the last bag, And we're going out to get the last bag.
We're makin' pretty good time here, you know? We caught up pretty well.
- I think I should be able to grab it.
All right, ready? - Yup.
Let's go, come on.
And don't drop it.
- Okay.
- Here.
- What? - Hand it back to me.
- Uh, at that point, we had the fifth bag of coins, And we had to head to a small, little beach town to find A bar coco's and ask for a local named mambo.
- Once you have your fifth bag of coins, You will no longer need your paddleboard, And you may leave it behind.
- Coco's bar? Where's coco's? Coco's? - Donde coco's? Donde esta coco's? Samantha and I are barreling down this dirt road.
We can't find coco's anywhere.
Where's coco's bar? Back that way? - Coco's.
- You see it? - Yeah.
- Uh, coco's bar, yeah! - Right here.
- I could see sam and mike ahead of us, running.
So we took off after them.
- Lookin' for mambo.
We have his coins for him.
Where's mambo? So we finally get into coco's, And we're runnin' around the bar, Tryin' to find where this guy mambo is.
Want some coins, mambo? - Donde mambo? - Mambo.
Are you mambo? Are you mambo? Nobody's mambo.
We can't find him.
- Mambo? Mambo? - Mambo? - Mambo? - Mambo! Want some coins, mambo? Where's mambo? So we finally get into coco's, And we're runnin' around the bar, Tryin' to find where this guy mambo is.
- Mambo? - Mambo? - We get to the bar, we have all five bags of coins, And we're right behind mike and sam.
- Mambo? Mambo? - Mambo? Where's mambo? Are you mambo? - This is it.
- Mambo? Are you mambo? - I'm right here.
- Finally, there's a quiet, old, crusty guy in the corner.
- What's the secret password? - Five bags.
- Slam down the bag of coins, say, I need this password Because we got a race to win.
Both: Amor - love.
- Sa-- - salvaje.
- Yeah.
Amor salvaje.
- Amor.
All right.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- So we've got our password, And we've dropped off our bag of coins, And we're headed towards the finish line.
- Mambo? - We see mike and sam talking To this, like, total caribbean, like, rastafarian guy.
- Here.
Finally we exchange our five bags of coins For the password.
- Te amor salvaje.
- Que amer sa-ha-ve? - Amor salvaje.
Both: Amer sal-va-hay? - It literally was like, am--amor--amove--amore-- Like I could not comprehend what he was saying.
Both: Amor salvaje.
- Yeah.
- Amer sa-va-hay.
Both: Amor.
All: Amor.
- Oh, like, love.
- Amor.
- Amor salvaje.
- Yeah, like love.
- Her spanish is brutal.
Heather would say the word, and I'd--I'd look at her and go, Heather, shh, just-- I got it.
Just don't say it.
I'll remember it.
- Amor sa-va-hay.
- You don't say it.
You can't say it.
- I know.
Then we head out of the bar And race towards the finish line.
[suspenseful music] - [yells] How you doin'? - Exhausted.
- Guys, You've slipped into the number one spot again.
I need one more thing from you-- the secret code.
- The password is amor salvaje.
- It is indeed.
Do you know what it means? - Love somethin'.
- I think it means, like, love is true.
- Wild love.
Both: Wild love.
- Congratulations, guys, you're going off to the oasis.
I hope you don't get seasick, Because you will be going on a private little adventure, Just the two of you.
A nice, romantic cruise With a sailboat on lake arenal tomorrow as well.
As I said before this adventure, You're not safe from elimination.
And the next couples' choice ceremony is going to be Something different than we've done before.
- I don't know what's gonna happen, But every day gets better with us.
So if we keep going the way that we're going, I definitely see mike and I making it to the end.
Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
- Ciao.
- I think that sam and I Are getting better and better at these.
And this would mean a lot for us as a couple, Because, you know, we're just gettin' That much closer to the end.
And we're thinkin' about the prize.
Uh, traveling around the world together Would mean everything to us.
- Phew! - How you doin', guys? - Tired.
- Now, did you get the secret password? - Amor salvaje.
- Correct.
- Whoo! - Wild love.
Congratulations, guys, but You are in second.
- Aw.
- Damn mike and sam.
They're number one, blabbity-blah.
I have my sequined gold bikini That I have been saving for the oasis, But nope, haven't had the chance.
Maybe I should just let sam borrow it.
I don't know.
At the couples' choice tomorrow.
- And I'll see you - All right.
Thanks, darren.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Yeah, screw mike and sam.
How lucky can you get, for god sakes? What the hell? Somebody else needs to win.
- Come on over.
Just look like you're out for a Sunday stroll there.
Both: Pretty much.
- So have you got the, uh, secret password? - No, no.
- Why not? - Because we didn't have any coins to give-- - We dropped the fourth bag of coins, and-- We just left everything behind and took a walk.
- Well, I mean, coming in last is never good, as you know, But it doesn't mean you're eliminated either, And we will be mixing things up At the next couples' choice ceremony, So there's hope for you yet.
- That'd be nice.
- Well, sorry it went down that way, guys.
- Thanks.
- Take care.
- It was pretty disappointing for both of us, you know, And she felt really bad.
I'm not gonna blame her at all.
We were both in this together, and we lose as a team, And, you know, that's the way it is.
At least we got to see the beach.
- Coming up - This whole trip has become Something so much more than I ever dreamed of.
The "l" word, I think, is not too far off.
- And later Which part of your body do these guys like the most? - Really? [laughter] - I just want to give a toast, okay? - Okay.
- To a completely unexpected experience.
And the last thing that I thought I'd find here was you.
- I think that what we have going on is definitely-- It would be stupid for us to not Continue it.
- Yeah.
We've-- we've been through a lot, In a very short period of time.
- I can't wait for mike to meet my family.
It's actually almost weird to me that he hasn't met them yet, Because I do feel so close to him, And I think they're gonna love him.
- [laughing] this was a great day today.
If I were to close my eyes and picture my bride to be, That's samantha right there.
She's got that face.
Both: [laugh] - So, heather, This is our last day.
- It's not our last day.
- Waking up in the morning with heather, I mean, it sounds cheesy, but, you know, You see her smile and it's like, aw.
I'm glad I'm here.
I'm glad I'm with her.
- Miles, are you packing Before the ceremony tonight? - I don't think I'll be able to.
I don't think you'll let me.
- No.
We have no idea what's gonna happen tonight.
I'm definitely nervous.
But I want to be here, miles wants to be here, And we want to go to the last adventure.
Like, we want to win.
Busy day ahead.
- You know, when you like somebody, it's just something.
You can't really put your finger on it, what it is.
It just kinda happens, and you don't want it to end.
So you really just have to enjoy the time that you have.
- [laughs] - you're funny.
If we go home, are you gonna miss me? - No.
- No? - Yes.
- Maybe brush your teeth? - [laughs] Oh, my god.
- Sam and I have a great run going right now.
We're two-for-two for the last two adventures, And this is a great reward for a lot of hard work yesterday.
This is her first time sailing, And we're fired up.
- Wow, look at the view.
- This is gonna be beautiful.
- Look at how cool this is.
What is our name again? - The "s" and "m" minnow? - Yeah.
- [laughs] We've now made it through seven adventures, And, you know, it only gets better and better with sam.
So the fact that I could spend Some time with her on this reward once again, You know, it's something that you want to pinch yourself, And say, is this real? - It's so peaceful.
- It's pretty awesome.
- Mm-hmm.
- This whole trip has become something so much more Than I ever dreamed of.
- Way more.
- I feel, like, stronger when I'm around you.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I plan people's fairy-tale days, And I feel like going through this is like, I'm having a little piece of the fairy tale.
[laughs] I'm relaxed and happy right now.
- Uh-huh.
- The way skip handled it after I dropped the bag Just made me like him even more.
I'm just blown away by the way I feel about skip.
He's my total, like, perfect guy.
- I really hope this isn't our last day.
- I don't think it is.
[laughs] - Well.
- I'm gonna be optimistic.
- We were given a little hint from darren yesterday That tonight's elimination is gonna be a lot different.
There's a possibility That the first-place team might be goin' home, The last-place team might be stayin', So I'm kinda holding out hope there's, like, There's still a chance something could happen And we might be able to stick around.
Yeah, I don't want to go home at all, because I-- I like spending time with theresa.
- I think we're the best couple here.
I think we deserve another chance.
- Obviously something big is gonna happen tonight.
Right? - One would think.
- Miles and I genuinely care about each other.
So if this competition is all about finding love, Then you know what-- we should be here, And we should be able to win this, Because we're on that track.
I mean, obviously I don't want to go home.
- Yeah.
- In the normal situation it would be, like, Well, skip and theresa are in third.
See you later, you're-- you know, you're in last.
But nobody knows what the hell's gonna happen.
- I'm definitely nervous that this could be Mine and skip's last day here, And we could get eliminated tonight.
Who knows? I'm hoping for the best.
- You ready for tonight? - I think so.
Even though we are in the first place position, It's been made very clear that we're not safe.
And me being as happy as I am with mike right now, I don't want to go home.
- Hello, how are you? - Hello.
- Nervous.
- As I've told you, tonight will be different, So I need the men to stand here on the left.
And the women can take a seat on the right.
Probably one of the most important things About a relationship is knowing everything about your partner And loving them regardless.
So I want to find out Just how well you know your partner.
The two couples that know each other the best Will be moving forward to our last adventure.
For the couple that knows each other the least, You will be heading home tonight.
Mike and samantha, you guys came first in the adventure.
That's not gonna go unrewarded.
- Okay.
- We'll give you two bonus points to start with.
Miles and heather, you guys came second, So you'll have a bonus of one point.
Now theresa and skip Came last, so I'm sorry, But you won't be getting any bonus points.
- [sighs] - Okay, guys, here's how it's gonna work.
I'll ask you a variety of questions about your partners, And then you'll write down your answer.
If your answer matches your partner's, You'll score one point.
The first two couples to receive five points Will be moving forward to our last adventure And will be battling it out for our grand prize.
The couple that performs the worst Will be headed home tonight.
Okay, now that we know how it works, I'm gonna go to the guys first.
This question is directed at you.
Excluding your first mandatory kiss On top of the tower during your first adventure, Where was your first real kiss as a couple? Okay.
Mike, I'm gonna ask you to reveal first, Where do you think your first kiss with samantha was? - Uh, it was at the oasis.
- It was at the oasis.
Okay, samantha, if you also answered oasis, You will have a point.
Let me have a look.
The oasis.
You guys started with two bonus points, So now you're at three.
Okay, miles, over to you.
Where did you and heather share your first kiss? - It was our second night together, in bed in the cabin.
- Heather, what do you have? - I said, second night, cabin three, in bed.
[laughter] - second night, cabin three I think is absolutely acceptable.
That's one point.
Skip-- - darren.
[clears throat] - Over to you, buddy.
- In our first cabin.
- Theresa, let's have a look.
- I said, in bed, cabin seven.
- Fabulous.
Next question.
So you guys, when it comes to intimacy-- Few worried faces-- Who is more adventurous? You, Or your partner? - [laughs] Okay, mike, over to you first.
Big man? - This is a tough one, 'cause I don't want to send the mixed message.
She's a sweet girl.
- [laughs] - But my first impression of her, and she said it, Was that she was the exhibitionist.
- [laughs] - So I'm gonna go with sam.
- Oh, okay.
Samantha, let's have a look.
- I am blushing, and I put mike.
[laughter] - ah! - That's gonna come back to bite me later.
[laughter] - Miles, what about yourself? Are you the adventurous one? - I put myself.
- Okay.
- Heather, is that the case? - He's a guy.
There's always one thing on their minds.
[laughter] - So with that, miles and heather have caught up To mike and sam, and we have a tie with you two couples.
Skip, what about yourself? - This wasn't a tough one.
I put me.
Exclamation point, exclamation point, Parentheses, skip.
- Theresa, who's more adventurous, you or skip? - Well, I put that we are both pretty adventurous.
- Oh.
- Has to be the same answer, I'm afraid.
- So that is no points, unfortunately for you two.
All right.
The score is still neck and neck between miles and mike.
Let's see who will break this tie.
Next question.
For the ladies this time.
What is the nicest thing Your partner has done for you while you've been here? Samantha, I'm going to start with you.
- I said lunch date.
- Lunch date.
Okay, mike, let's have a look.
- Uh, picnic with wine and sandwiches.
[laughs] - Was it lunch? - It was a lunch date.
- That is correct.
[laughter] Well done, guys.
One more question right, guys, you're moving forward To the final adventure.
Heather, what's the nicest thing This lovely gent miles has done for you While you've been here? - I said, uh, surprise picnic.
- Surprise picnic as well? - Mm-hmm.
- Miles, is that the nicest thing, According to you? - It probably was, but it slipped my mind.
- Oh, dear.
- Helped her through the bridge on the tether adventure.
- Aw.
- Aw.
No points, unfortunately for you two.
Theresa? - Um, On one of the first days, He hung out with me while I was getting ready Instead of going to the pool.
- So he hung out with you-- - While I was changing.
- While you were changing? - While I was gettin' ready.
- Instead of going to hang out with everyone else.
- I watched her change.
- [laughing] you watched her change.
- [laughs] - you're such a nice guy.
- Yeah, really.
[laughter] - Skip, let's have a look.
- I think I did something nicer.
On the adventure where we switched up, Instead of winning, I let the second place team go first, So that-- - oh.
- Theresa and I could go to the oasis together, Which never happened, but-- - That was good.
- Okay, unfortunately, No points there, guys.
Next question.
Guys, this one's to you.
How many children, if any, Would your partner like to have? How many children, if any, Would your partner like to have? If mike and samantha get this question right, They'll secure themselves a spot on the final adventure.
Mike, have you discussed this kind of thing before? - Uh, this is something that definitely came up.
- Is it? - Believe it or not.
Uh, yeah.
So I put two, with three exclamation points, And boo-ya.
- [laughs] - 'cause I feel that confident about it.
- Right, okay.
Samantha, is his confidence unfounded, Or are you guys moving forward to the final adventure? - Mine's not as exciting, But I did put two.
- Two.
- Yes! - Congratulations, guys.
Give her a cuddle.
You truly do know each other pretty darn well, Considering how long ago you met.
Congratulations, guys.
You can move over to our couples area.
You will be our first couple Moving forward to our final adventure.
Well done.
Miles, over to you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Have you discussed this kind of thing? - Uh , we have not discussed it.
So it was a random guess.
I was gonna guess two.
But I guessed three.
- [laughing] okay.
Heather, have you thought about this personally in life? - I would love to have four kids.
- Four.
- But we haven't Talked about it.
So I put the generic two-- - Aw! - Hoping-- - Not the generic three? - No.
- No points there, guys.
Skip, is this something you've spoke about? - This isn't something we spoke about.
- [lip smack] - So my answer was three.
- So theresa, Is the generic three the amount of kids That you would like to have? - I put two.
- You put two as well? [groans] - I would like one boy, one girl.
- There you go.
Now you know something new about each other.
See, we're all learning here.
Okay, to the ladies this time.
Who typically makes the first move When it comes to intimacy? You, or your partner? Now this is a slightly different question Than the one I asked earlier About who is the most adventurous.
Heather, over to you.
- [laughs] - Who commonly makes the first move? - Miles.
- Miles? Miles, is that the case? - Uh-- both: [laugh] - I put heather.
All: Oh! - What? - Didn't you learn anything from the last one with-- - Apparently not.
- Mike and samantha? Both: [laugh] - Apparently not.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Even if it's true they won't tell you.
- So embarrassing.
[laughter] - Theresa, this is an opportunity To sneak up on heather and miles.
Is it yourself or skip? - I put skip.
- The choices are me or theresa? - Correct.
- I put both.
- Just kidding.
[laughter] - We're finally on the same page now, huh? - Oh, thank god! I'm back.
- There you go.
One point to you guys.
[laughter] You're catching up.
Only one point behind miles and heather.
Okay, over to the gents now.
What is your partner's middle name? What is your partner's middle name? Girls, what's your middle name? Okay.
We'll start with you, miles.
- I know it.
I don't know about spelling.
- [laughs] - Hideku.
Both: Hideku.
- [laughs] - Hideku? - Is that correct? - It--it is, but it's just spelled differently.
- Hideko? I think I can accept that.
- Okay.
- Where is hideko from? - It's japanese.
- Japanese? - Uh-huh.
- Konnichiwa.
- Konnichiwa.
- Are you half japanese? - I'm half japanese.
- Ah.
Fantastic, there you go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Skip.
- Vilma.
- Vilma? Is that true? - [laughs] - is your middle name vilma? - It is velma.
- Velma.
- Uh, we can give you that.
That's fine, velma.
- Well, you let his slide.
- Yeah, velma.
- [laughter] - Congratulations, one point apiece there.
- Okay.
Skip and theresa, If you get one more, this game will be tied up.
And remember, the first to five points Joins mike and samantha on the final adventure, While the losing couple goes home.
We're going back to the ladies now.
Which part of your body do these guys like the most? - Can I answer that question as well? [laughter] Okay.
Theresa, over to you.
- Um, well, he smacked it for good luck yesterday, So I'm gonna say my butt.
- Okay.
Skip, What have you got? - It was between two choices that both begin with "b," And I went with the-- - [laughs] Nice work.
We're all tied up.
So heather, massive moment for you right now.
If you get this right, you're moving forward To the final adventure With samantha and mike.
If you get it wrong, Skip and theresa will still have a chance to win, Sending you guys home.
So, heather, What part of your body do you think Miles over here likes the most? - I don't know, because he said When he first met me he really liked my eyes, But I think he likes my butt.
[laughter] - Okay.
- Well, I'm a butt guy.
What can I say? - Yes! [laughter] There you go.
- Phew.
- Congratulations, guys.
[laughter] - you are our final couple - Whoo! - Going through to our last adventure.
Both: [laugh] - Skip, do you want to join theresa over there? - Good job.
- [laughs] Oh.
- [laughs] could this possibly Create the first argument in your relationship so far? - Yeah.
One or the other, and she chooses one That you don't even give her an option to.
- [laughs] - So, uh, you guys had a rough run The last couple of days.
I know that adventure was extremely frustrating for you.
- Mm.
- Did that cause A bit of friction in the relationship, Or are we, you know--? - Uh, To be honest with you, the-- The mess up in the adventure yesterday, I think, brought us closer.
- Good.
- Um, It ended up being a nice day.
- So is it fair to say, you found love in the wild? - Yeah.
- Absolutely.
- Well, great.
Well, this is the end of your movie, And the guy always kisses the girl that he's in love with At the end.
Both: [laugh] - Well done, guys.
It's been great watching you over the last few weeks.
Unfortunately, even though you did find love in the wild, You have been eliminated.
So I'm going to have to ask you to remove your bracelets And say good-bye.
- [whispers] yeah.
- Guys Good luck.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, guys.
- See you later.
- Theresa and I had a really good time On these adventures.
I am attracted to her personality As much as her looks.
She's just like kind of a real, Genuinely nice person.
I mean, we already plan on seeing each other In the future.
And we're gonna do our best to make it work.
And I don't really see anything That will hold us back.
- I definitely think that meeting skip Has made this experience 1,000 times better.
He's very positive.
He's super hot, funny, We laugh together.
I mean, I totally light up when I talk about skip.
He just--he totally puts a smile on my face.
And I think we were both meant to meet each other.
I mean, we absolutely adore each other.
I'm really falling for skip.
- [sighs] - [laughs] - Well, congratulations, first of all.
You are our final two couples.
So tomorrow, You're going to be embarking on your biggest adventure To date.
And the winner of that adventure will receive That romantic first-class trip Around the world.
So get a big sleep tonight.
You're going to need it.
- [chuckles] - thanks.
- I mean, it's crazy That we're the final two couples here.
It really is surreal.
I mean, you don't think Coming into something like this That you really are going to be a part of the finals.
I think that mike's definitely becoming my rock.
I admire him so much, And we're in it to win it.
- This is crazy, but it's more than that.
It basically means that we work good as a team.
It's a testament to how much we want this-- Which I think, if you read into it more, It's how much that we want to be with each other.
- I just feel so lucky And so surprised and I'm just so excited That we're one of the final two couples here.
And it's been so amazing to meet somebody like miles To make this experience even better.
- To make it to the final two here And have the opportunity to win the grand prize With heather, you know, it's phenomenal.
I can't think of a better way to end this.
It's like a storybook ending, for god's sakes.
If we could win it, and we could win it together, That'd be great.
I can't think of a better ending.