Love in the Wild (2011) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Last time on Love In The Wild ah! At the couple's choice ceremony, I'm gonna let my partner do the honor of sending me off to the singles area.
I think I'm best leaving.
We're better off as friends.
Four people failed to find love and were all sent home.
I am completely shocked.
Tonight go! The strongest, most compatible couples, Summer and Chase Ken and Yanina And Ben and Michelle Follow me, follow me.
Really? Navigate treacherous and bloodcurdling obstacles aah! All leading to a conclusion that no one could predict.
There's been another twist.
We just went from ten down to six.
Three couples.
I don't know what to think.
Every time I think it's gonna be like just a normal ceremony, there always seems to be something that goes down, that's out of control.
I felt bad for Ryan.
We were totally blow away because this time, four people eliminated themselves.
I'm kind of glad to see all of them go, I mean, as mean as that sounds.
For two couples to go home was amazing because it made the chances better for Summer and I.
Those girls here, Michelle and Yanina, I don't think can go-- as sexual as this sounds-- as long and as hard as I can.
I'm trying to push more romance, but I know when it comes to Summer, she's goal-oriented, so I feel that I have to be more competitive out there.
I was not expecting the two couples to go home.
I do feel really, like, lucky to be with somebody that I care about, so right now everything's sort of like a bonus.
Are you happy? You good? Extremely happy right now.
So am I.
Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am right now.
Did you think you'd be one of the third couples left? Glad I am.
Well, glad I'm paired up well.
I'm glad I'm with you-- with you, Michelle.
Do you realize that we're competing with two other couples for a trip around the world? Now it's sinking in.
Now it's down to the last three couples, and I wanna win this thing very badly.
It's been you and I partnered versus everybody else, and we're still here, and most people are gone.
Because Yanina and I have been together since day one, we know how to communicate with each other, and nothing would make me happier than to travel with Yanina when this experience is done.
The fact that we are knocking on the door of winning a trip around the world Is Oh, my God! Awesome.
How was your night? Good.
Wouldn't it be great if relationships came with a GPS that stopped you from going down that wrong road? Ohh.
I would have loved one the past seven years.
Well, you guys are lucky, because in today's adventure, you get to use a GPS instead of a map.
All right, one of the first things you need to do is locate your GPS.
There's one for each of you, and they're located right behind me.
You will enter three coordinates that will lead you to certain items, including a journal that will help guide you through this adventure.
Now, of course, as usual, the first place couple will win a luxurious night in the oasis along with a special reward.
At this time, Ken and I have not been to the oasis, so we are really determined we wanna get there.
Also, I should point out that you might wanna try extra hard to win, because at the next couples' choice ceremony There's gonna be a surprise.
Jenny said there was gonna be a twist, and I don't know what to expect.
So at this point, Summer and I know we have to win.
All right, kids.
Get ready and Go! Keep going, babe.
Get it.
Start looking.
Go, go, go.
Grab that.
Okay, got the GPS.
When I found out that we were gonna have to be using the GPS, I thought we had it in the bag.
1-7? 4-1-7? His background being in the marines-- this was Chase's mission to shine on.
The coordinates for the three locations are labeled below.
You must retrieve the object.
The objective was to pick up an inner tube, a pump, and a journal at three different places.
So it's that way? Now that there are only three couples left, we need to win today's adventure.
Yanina and I have a great thing going, and it would break my heart if I had to go home tomorrow.
Ah, there it is.
So here's this.
We got to the inner tube pretty quickly.
We're gelling.
We're working together.
So we were happy.
It's that way.
Go to the left.
It's, uh all right.
You got it? You know how-- you know how to go? South--southwest, northwest.
We really wanna win this, but, uh, I've never really used a GPS.
Which way is it saying to go? You have to go in front.
That way.
I don't know.
I think I probably would have rather had a map or a compass.
Keep-- what the is this thing doing? I'm following you.
All right, go this way.
I'm glad you're good at directions.
Go that way.
It's--I-I-it's like I need to get, like, ten steps for it to get the right direction.
We are having a hard te finding our first item.
You, like, gotta walk ten steps to get where you're going.
And at this point, I'm really concerned that we are going in the wrong direction.
Where are we going? 104, 104 Back that way.
Back this way? Oh, my God.
Ben! Follow me, follow me.
Really? So he's, like, plowing through the jungle.
We're almost through it.
That's good.
There's another one.
Kept telling myself, let's just get through this and--and get to the next point.
We gotta make our own trail.
Aah! I just got bitch-slapped by a branch.
It was a really difficult adventure at that point, but we did really well together.
The journal.
We need a journal.
Up here.
All three teams kind of went in separate directions.
It was hard to know who was first, second, or third.
Nice work.
But I felt good about our position.
The oasis or bust-- that's--that's my motto today.
Grab that.
Grab that.
All right.
Get your-- get the pouch out.
We've gotta go to the third and final one.
Come on, look.
I'm pressing it.
I know, I know.
I'm pressing it.
I'm pressing it.
Let me try.
When Ben gets frazzled, I have to kind of bring him back down to earth.
For sake.
It's okay.
Calm down.
I'm that fiery.
She calms me down.
I lose my temper.
She straightens me out.
All right.
Thank you, thank you.
Keep your composure.
I'm It's okay.
Here's the pump.
I need the coordinates.
Okay, good.
Okay, this says, "use your pump to inflate your inner tube.
" Hold on this.
Once we got all the items, um, the journal said to pump our inner tube.
So we finally get these tubes pumped up.
Got it? We get the pump.
We raced towards the river, and Ken and Yanina were right there in front of us.
Here's the river.
Jump in.
We had to get on the inner tube and float down the river towards a different trail.
Keep--keep to the back.
Just keep to the back.
I am.
Ben and I really wanted to catch Ken and Yanina.
I know neither one of us are ready to go home.
It's like right here.
There it is.
There's only one inflatable here left.
So once we got to the inner tube, we saw that we were in last place.
We just need to pick up the pace.
He felt short on the GPS.
I was really disappointed in him.
Let's go.
I feel like I let Summer down because GPS is supposed to be my specialty.
We leave the inner tubes and ran towards a trail to the next step.
"Follow the marked trail to a place "where leather scrolls hang from elevated vines.
"Retrieve one of the scrolls and continue a short distance along the marked trail.
" Oh, my God! Aah! Yana sunk into the quicksand, and she literally went from 5'4" to about 3 feet tall.
Aah! Yanina and I were stuck.
It was scary.
Aah! Putting my hand near a scorpion-- they're all lethal, and I didn't want anything to do with it.
Aah! And Aah! The couples' choice ceremony ends with a shock.
That is messed up.
Oh, my God! Aah! Yanina sunk into the quicksand.
Aah! Holy.
And it felt like I was a 600-pound man.
I couldn't move.
Okay? Go.
It feels like you're getting ready to drown.
It was scary.
I'm thinking, I'm gonna sink like in the movies, and what's gonna happen? Here.
Help me.
When we leave the quicksand, we see the scrolls up in the air.
Once we were able to locate a scroll and exit the quicksand, we jumped in the river And headed toward the next part of the adventure.
I think that Yanina and I complement each other on these adventures.
We're a very, very strong couple.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Let me get past that.
Before I know it, I'm up to here in this nasty muck.
It's really scary, and I couldn't move.
Oh, you bastard.
Being in quicksand is like being stuck in plenty of peanut butter.
It was horrible.
Where are you? I'm trying to Okay.
What's this up here? We have to get that? So we finally figured out that there were these vines hanging down, and we had to retrieve a scroll.
Can you get it? I hope so.
And I got the scroll, but by that time, we'd messed around so long, Summer and Chase caught up with us.
Summer and I run up, and we see Ben facedown in the mud.
I tell Summer to step on my chest and reach up to grab the other scroll.
And I used him as a ladder, and I was able to reach the vine in order to pull it down.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Michelle's tough as nails.
You're good.
If she falls over, wipes herself down, carries on, you know? Never complains.
Come on.
On these adventures, I just see different sides of her that are very attractive.
Pull that thing out.
We get out of the quicksand pit, and we're playing catch-up to Ben and Michelle.
What's inside the map? This is it up here.
When Yanina and I finally reach the rusty ladder, we climbed up and saw the stone building.
But we were supposed to use the scroll in order to decode a message that would tell us the next part of the adventure.
What is that? Aah! No way.
You okay? Aah! No.
It's okay.
The scorpion chamber was terrifying, and I'm thinking, I don't want to touch 'em.
Oh, my God! Get these guys out of here.
Aah! That's it, guys.
I was blown away when I saw what we had to decode with the scroll.
It was a message that was covered in scorpions.
As far as I'm concerned, they're all lethal, and I didn't want anything to do with it.
Are you putting it the right way? Yanina and I had a real hard time decoding the message.
Well, what if we move it around? The other way.
No, hold on.
I tried to start at the top left of the message and then move the decoder from left to right, and I couldn't get anywhere.
Do you--do you wanna do it? Yeah.
Can I try it? Okay.
All right.
I do want a man that takes control, but at the same time, I want a man to know when I'm supposed to take charge, too.
There it is.
" Within seconds, she identified the message.
"Boxes within of those " "Go down river.
" "Go down river to blue post.
" The scroll tells us to go to a blue post, where we're gonna find a chest under the sand within 5 meters of the post.
Do you know where to go? To the blue post.
Come on, Michelle.
So Ben and I climb up this ladder.
We go up to this kind of sketchy-looking stone building.
Don't walk through that thing.
Oh, God.
All right.
Aah! And we go inside, and it is covered in scorpions.
They were everywhere.
Like, there were thousands in there.
"You are still" You keep--keep reading.
Keep reading.
Keep reading.
It took us a while to decipher the code.
Oh, for sake! It's okay.
Pass those around.
Try lining it up right here.
But Michelle calmed me down.
It fills me more with confidence, and I think I perform better knowing that Michelle is with me.
"Go down" "Go down to Blue post, blue post.
" We found a sentence within the code, and the secret code sent us to our final location.
We actually worked pretty well there.
We was both--well, she was levelheaded as normal.
The whole place was covered in scorpions.
But instead of focusing on the scorpions, we just went straight to the puzzle to try and figure it out.
Press it down.
Just keep on scanning through.
Start up here-- no, I already did.
Okay, we're moving down.
Getting the code was really tough.
Because the "go" doesn't match with over here.
The letters don't work.
The mud's covering everything.
It's really frustrating, because we know that we have to catch up.
If you wanna do it, you can do it.
No, I'm trying to just figure it out.
At this point, I just wanna strangle Chase.
Really not working together well as a team.
And, um, we're really concerned that if we didn't place in the top two in this adventure, that we might be going home.
There's been another twist.
An ending that no one saw coming.
That's out of order, that.
That is out of order.
Okay, we're gonna have to move it really slow, and you're just kind of moving it all over the place.
We have to work together, make sure we can see the words, 'cause you can't see them.
After letting Chase work on this puzzle for what seemed like two hours, I decided to take the lead and see if I could figure it out myself.
Put it this way.
" "Down river.
" Here we go.
See what I'm saying? "Down river.
" "Go down river to blue post.
" So finally we saw the rest of the message, but at this point, we were just wasting time.
The teams that were ahead of us were just getting a further lead.
Find a wooden box.
When we located the post, we were told that the chest would be located within a 5-meter radius.
So, like, just start digging around here.
Yanina and I immediately began to dig.
I found it! You did? Get outta here.
Luckily, I find the chest really fast.
Lift it.
But we dig and dig and dig, and it seems like that chest is not coming out.
We gotta keep digging it up.
What are we doing wrong here? It seemed like every time we dug, two scoops of sand we would pull out, four scoops of sand would come right back in.
It's almost there.
One, two, three.
Yeah! Good job.
We read the treasure chest, and it tells us to run to the finish line.
I wanted to win, and I wanted to win bad.
Are you okay? Aah.
Ken is actually exhausted, but he carries it all the way.
Let me know if you want me to help you, and we'll carry it together.
And I was very impressed.
I was like, wow.
Come on, kids.
You're almost there! Ah, hi, Jenny! Whew.
You did it! There's the finish line! Wow, that's a big box, huh? Wow! See how working as a coupl payed off? Yes.
'Cause you guys came in first! Aah! Yeah! We won! We won! We're going to the oasis.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Yeah, we did.
Look, right here.
Just digging in sand! I know.
We're digging, we're digging, and our arms are burning.
Come on! Aah! It was stressful.
Oh, my word.
It was stressful.
Yes! Yes? I just started digging in a random spot and found it.
This thing's massive.
I was thinking like a little, uh, jewelry box.
I wasn't thinking a bloody treasure chest about that big.
Uhh! I'm sitting there thinking, we are not gonna get this out of here.
Dig, dig, dig, dig.
We see Ben and Michelle digging, and, uh, we start taking off.
Uhh! Chase and Summer were right on our tail at that point.
Here we go.
We got it.
And within a minute, we found our chest.
I am freaking out at this point because if Summer and Chase win, we are going home.
And it then was a beeline uh, straight to the finish line.
Almost there, kids! You did it! We were ecstatic.
We worked hard together.
We were both so super proud of each other, and we just--we'd take second all day long.
Come on, Summer and Chase! It's over.
You did it.
I'm kinda surprised.
You guys came in last.
Chase took a leadership position today, but I just feel like he didn't pull his weight.
And I just wanna remind you that at the couples' choice ceremony There's gonna be a little surprise.
I don't know what twist Jenny has in store for us, but losing sucks right now.
I hate to disappoint Summer.
Are you disappointed? Yeah, of course.
I'm definitely worried about going home.
Anytime you're in last position, you're in a really vulnerable spot.
Sorry about your loss, Summer.
That's all right.
This is gigantic.
This is spectacular.
When Yanina and I walked into the oasis, it was awesome.
Oh, my God.
It really is an opportunity for Yanina and I to experience something that we haven't had here yet.
I'm really looking forward to having some private time with Yanina in the oasis.
Nobody wants it more than me.
Are you ready for some dinner? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Look how pretty.
I believe that it's not where you are but who you're with, and I wouldn't wanna do this with anyone else.
To you and I our first night in the oasis.
Thank you.
The start of something special.
Thank you.
At this point, I'm convinced Yanina's the girl for me.
This is a girl that I've had my eye on from the moment I met her.
Ken is like the one guy that I, as a little girl, dreamed of meeting one day.
Like, oh, I wanna have a guy that's, like, manly man but at the same time has a sweet side.
He seems to be the full package.
Once we got back to the cabins, it was really quiet, because we take losing very, very hard.
It is what it is, right? It's whatever.
She definitely seems to have her guard up.
We came in last on the adventure, and she's quiet.
So I don't know how to gauge or react to anything she has going on in her mind.
At this point in the whole adventure process, it's just minimal mistakes.
At the end of the adventure, I was mad at Chase because he just totally screwed up.
I don't understand.
Kinda like one of those feelings where you're so angry, but what are you gonna do about it? And I need my space to kind of be left alone.
You two are completely geared towards the adventures.
It's frustrating when Ben and Michelle question the authenticity of Chase and my's relationship.
Yo! What's your lady doing? She's going to bed.
She's tired.
Beat up.
Right now as a team I feel a disconnect between Summer and I.
I'm really unsure of how she's, you know, feeling.
That girl's great.
She's just such a competitor, man.
Is she pissed off right now? I mean Go on.
Try and find a nice word for it.
You know when you feel like you let somebody down, but you don't know what you did wrong? That's where I'm at.
It's stressing you out a little bit.
It stresses me out because, you know, I like the girl, and I don't wanna see her fail.
I'm really sad.
I'm really upset with my failure on the adventure.
But at the same time, I'm not here to build a first place team.
I'm here to build a relationship.
You can see he's, like, crushed, you know? Right.
Chase and Summer are beating each other up, whereas Ben and I go into the adventures, just wanting to have a good time.
'Cause seriously, life is too short to sit here and--and not enjoy it.
Like, if we came in third today, I would not be mad at you.
Best not be.
Yeah, you did.
I'm not the sort of picnic fella.
But if it means I've gotta walk on the beach to sort of cement things with Michelle And I have a magic location already set up.
Twist my arm.
I'll--I'll go and do the picnic thing.
Ta-da! Oh.
I love it.
The more time I spend with Michelle, the more attractive she becomes to me.
You're awesome.
I have my moments.
They're infrequent, but they do occur now and then.
You did well, sir.
I did not think that I was gonna come here and click with someone so fast, because I'm normally the girl that kinda puts up the wall.
But I'm loving every minute we spend together, and it's--it's just-- it gets better.
Ready for tonight? I've been thinking about it a bit.
What do you think's gonna happen? I don't know, but I'm just gonna have a good time here with you.
That's why I wanted to do this.
We've gotta make the most of this.
This twist is making me really nervous for this, uh, couples' ceremony tonight, because honestly, I think Michelle's brilliant, and I've enjoyed every minute I've been with her.
"Ben & Michelle forever.
" I love when I'm with him.
You know, I get the butterflies in my stomach.
So it's a good feeling.
Come on.
Let's roll.
I'm truly genuine about the way I feel towards Summer.
"as a couple.
" And I wanna find a way to make Summer feel good because I feel like I let Summer down, and I really like this girl.
First clue.
So I came up with a scavenger hunt.
I thought it'd be kinda fun to have another adventure Yeah? That we could actually win at.
So here's your first clue.
Let's see.
"Our time together is short but sweet, "so to make the most of tonight, let's start off with a treat.
"Think back to our heart-to-heart.
What a nice chat with an ocean breeze.
" Go to the ocean? The hammock.
I kinda wanted to take some time to reflect with her the experiences we have had together and the good times.
I hope you know that I do care, and I do-- no, this is so sweet.
This means so much.
Thank you.
Instead of being so focused on the adventures, we should focus on how amazing this has been.
Aw, you put so much work into this.
This is so sweet.
"Our first night was a real rough one, but at least the bugs didn't get the best of us.
" That is true.
Chase prepared this whole adorable scavenger hunt.
Every clue kinda brought me to a different place that we had spent time together.
"You seem to enjoy your time getting ready.
"It's sad so many left from us 'cause we all liked a good beer.
" I'm not really a poet, as you can tell.
When it comes to Summer, I think that we have great potential.
So the kitchen? I'm gonna make a concerted effort because it's hard to find a good girl like this, and I'm not gonna let it pass me by.
I think we're winning this one.
Well, you made a sad day a good day.
I felt a little bit bad about being poopy pants earlier, but he brought me out of my funk.
I know that this is kinda your comfort food.
My family has always said, you know, "why do you always pick these guys that treat you like crap?" And I feel like if my family met Chase, it would be like, "that guy's a winner.
" How sweet.
Thank you so much.
That was really nice.
Aw, check his out.
Our reward was a dune buggy ride.
I love the idea of racing around in the middle of nowhere.
So we were really looking forward to this.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo! Ken makes me feel like a little girl.
I don't know.
He's just like someone I wanna be around all the time.
All right, you ready? All right.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Ready to check out that waterfall? We walked up a trail, and we ended up at a waterfall that was beautiful.
Oh, it's nice.
The reward date was perfect.
It was a healthy balance of adventure and romance.
This date was a ten.
On a one to ten, it was a ten? Uh-huh.
I think it was an 11.
Tonight's gonna be crazy.
If it goes the way it normally goes, and the last couple is the last man standing, and we go into the unmatched, yeah, we're going home.
I'd hate to see Summer and I go home right now, because we're definitely building something.
I came around the world to the Dominican Republic to find love.
And I feel I've found it.
I don't wanna cut it short.
I feel like all three of us are here for the right reasons and the right situation.
On the outside looking in, like, you two are completely geared towards the adventures, and it's completely, like, result-based.
I was pissed when Ben questioned the authenticity of Chase and my's relationship.
Or maybe it's just slow-moving.
I mean, there's a lot of smack talking going on.
So I give him props for having the balls to say that to me.
We are competitors, but you're different with your affection.
We laugh about, you know, our mistakes and stuff like that.
That's just how are.
Ben and I deserve to be here so much more than Summer and Chase.
I mean, you can see that we are affectionate, you know? We are starting to, like, finish each other's sentences.
You know, we could look at each other and just know how each other feels about the other one.
When Summer and I lose, it hurts both of us really bad.
I don't wanna lose it, but come on.
I'm not gonna throw a scranny type into it 'cause I hit a-a mask with a coconut.
Come on.
Ben and Michelle-- they're an unlikely couple.
To me, it doesn't really make sense.
Chase and I have a deeper connection.
There's games and then there's, like, real life.
Different people have different dynamics.
I do not think a couple that is not hitting it off deserves to travel around the world together, so if things play out the way they should, Chase and Summer should definitely go home.
Coming up there's been another twist.
An ending that surprises everyone.
Going into the couples' choice ceremony tonight, Jenny told us it was gonna be a crazy one, so we don't know what to expect.
Are you okay, sir? My head's all over the place.
I don't know what's happening.
So Jenny told us there's gonna be a twist at the couples' ceremony, and my biggest fear is that Michelle and I get split up.
You know good and well that we're the most suited pair here.
I'm sweating bullets because everyone thinks that the couples' choice ceremonies are gonna pan out a certain way, and then just something crazy happens.
It's like being on death row.
Right now Summer and I are in a bad spot.
We came in last place, and when it comes to couples' choice ceremony, that's the couple that goes home.
Welcome to the couples' choice ceremony.
Please take a seat in the order you finished your adventure.
First in front, last in back.
Wow, we have three couples remaining.
As I've been telling you, there's a surprise tonight.
You've all formed very strong bonds, and your relationships seem solid.
Summer and Chase, you came in last in this adventure, but no one is going home Just yet.
Instead of the usual couples' choice ceremony, there's been another twist.
We're gonna test you on how well you know your partner.
All right, boys, stand up and head on over to the couples' area.
Ladies, I need you to move on to the back row.
Nervous, Ben? Yes.
I've got the worst memory ever.
I'm not looking forward to this at all.
All right.
I'll be asking you guys seven questions.
If your answer matches your partner's answer, you get a point.
At the end of the seven questions, whoever has the most total points wins.
The couple that comes in first will receive a 30-second head start on the next adventure.
Ken, Yanina, because you came in first on this week's adventure, you will get 1 extra point.
All right, you do not want to come in last in this game.
Got it? Yeah.
Got it.
Good luck.
Girls, what would your partner say is your best physical trait? All right, Yanina, what did you say? I'm not quite sure, but I'm thinking because I like it to be scratched every night, so that's my butt.
Your butt? Ken? It's not butt, although she does have a wonderful butt.
It was eyes.
Thank you.
He was trying to be romantic.
I think really likes your butt.
0 points for you guys, but don't forget.
You're ahead by 1 point.
Next, Michelle.
I said my jugs.
During every adventure, he says, "watch your jugs, darling.
" Let's see.
Jugs! All right.
You guys got a point.
All right, Summer.
So I said my booty because it's still firm, tight, no ripples, looking good.
Oh, just rub in your 20s, why don't you? Not quite.
What's your response? Butt! All right, you guys got a point.
All right, boys, this question goes to you.
What's the one thing you haven't done with your partner yet that you'd like to do? Alright Ken, what's your answer? I went with the pg response to this.
Uh, I said "get more intimate.
" Hmm.
He's right.
We haven't done it.
I would count that as acceptable match.
Good job, you guys.
All right.
We went to the oasis, but we went as a trio, so I think we'd like to go to the oasis just the two of us.
How about that? That's very romantic.
Um, I'm looking more to the future.
I put "travel" 'cause we've been talking about visiting certain places together.
All right.
Sorry, guys.
You know, the one adventure that we've been talking about to go on here, uh, was ziplining.
I feel it.
Yes! Ziplining.
I felt the energy from Summer Of winning that one.
It shot across the room.
Now I know what it must feel like to go through an adventure with her.
Little scary, huh? We're gonna win! So, Chase and Summer, Ken and Yanina, you guys are tied.
Ladies, this question goes to you.
What will your partner say is the most annoying thing you do in bed at night? Wow, he's writing a paragraph, Michelle.
I didn't know.
Was that annoying? All right, Yanina, let's start with you.
Well, I put lime all over my body because of the mosquitoes.
It keeps them away.
So he doesn't like it.
Oh, you put lime all over your body.
I was like, what are you talking about? Ken.
She does.
She puts lime on her body Because she believes it keeps the mosquitoes away.
I wake up at morning.
She smells like key lime pie.
It's wonderful.
I'm strangely attracted to lime scent now.
I have a hard time letting Ben go to sleep, so I put that I can't keep my hands off of him.
"Sometimes won't let me sleep.
" That's I tried to word that correctly.
All right, I say thumbs up on that.
It's sort of weird, that, right.
Good job, you guys.
We got two correct answers.
What about you, Summer? Um, so there's a lot of mosquitoes here, and when I go to bed, recently, I've been putting, like, a sheer sheet over my head, so I just put "wear a cover on my face.
" Okay.
I feel like it's two Taliban members going to bed.
Oh, my gosh! We wear shirts over our face.
"Wear a shirt over her face.
" All right, good job, you guys.
Everybody got a point.
Okay, we're on question number four.
This goes to both groups.
Who is a better catch between the two of you? Look at that smile, Michelle.
You're like, "have you seen these boobs?" Why don't we start with Yanina? Why don't we start with Ken? Now I really wanna start with you.
I think Ken is.
I was afraid she was gonna say that.
I think she's a great catch.
That's nice.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Even if we don't get the point.
You didn't get the point, but you're falling more in love.
So sweet.
Ben always compliments me every day, and I know he thinks the world of me, so Correct.
Wow! Well played, Michelle.
You got a point.
Chase, what's your answer? You know, obviously, I think the world of Summer, so, uh, I'm gonna go with her.
Summer, do you agree with that? I mean, I think he's so romantic and so nice, and I felt like he would put me down, so I put "me.
" We're in sync.
It's a tight game, you guys.
Just three questions left.
Your next few answers are important to get right.
All right, this next question goes to both groups.
Between the two of you, who's more materialistic? Ben's smiling.
Ken's smiling.
All right, I wanna start with you, Ken.
I can be pretty bad, but I think it's Yanina.
She likes bright, shiny things.
Definitely not me.
It's Ken.
Oh! I don't talk about that stuff.
I'm sorry.
You didn't get a point.
No, we didn't.
All right, Ben.
I put Michelle by a smidgen.
Why? 'Cause she likes material.
She likes nice clothes.
It's definitely me.
All right, good job, you guys.
You know, it had to come between her, I would have to go with the girl just for clothing purposes and everything.
I put he is, just 'cause he's from California and the whole cali thing.
Oh, stereotype.
I don't know.
Didn't see that one coming.
Okay, you guys.
Only two questions left.
Ben and Michelle, Chase and Summer You guys are tied.
Ken and Yanina, you're 1 point behind, so you need to step it up.
Everybody ready? Ok, you guys.
Only two questions left.
Remember, you do not want to come in last.
Ben and Michelle, Chase and Summer, you guys have tied.
Ken and Yanina, you are 1 point behind.
All right, boys, this question goes to you.
Other than you, which contestant here is your partner most attracted to? All right.
Ken, you're up first.
He's a heartthrob.
Well, what do you think, Yanina? Is he right? He is not right, but I knew he was gonna write "Ben," because he has the man crush on him.
Oh! All right, good job, you guys.
You got an extra point.
Well, I've got a man crush on Ken, so I'm going with Ken.
Michelle? I also went with Ken.
Wow! Ken, well-played, son.
Well done.
I love you, Chase, you know.
That's okay.
These guys are great.
All right.
You guys got another point.
Good job.
Chase, it's your turn.
It's across the board.
Ken, you're amazing.
I'm feeling the love tonight.
I also put "Ken.
" I hate you.
Good job, you guys.
You get the point.
All right.
This is the final question.
Ben and Michelle, Chase and Summer, you guys are tied.
Ken and Yanina, you are 1 point behind.
You need to get this right, or else you will finish in last place.
All right, this question goes to both groups.
Which of you is most eager to settle down and start a family? Yanina, what did you say? I'm not sure on this one, but I'll say me.
Is that true? Uh, actually, I put "me.
" Oh, Ken and Yanina, I'm sorry, but you finished in last place.
All right.
I put me.
Ooh! Good job, you guys.
Ben, does that make you a little bit nervous that she wants to kind of make that happen? No, no.
I'm just happy we got the point there.
Ben and Michelle You two are currently in the lead.
Chase and Summer You are 1 point behind.
All right, Summer.
I put that we both are kind of on the same timeframe.
How can you put "both"? Really? Summer, you can't say "both.
" Didn't you watch the show last year? Well, we've talked 5-year plans.
We're both like, "yeah, you know, same 5-year plan.
" We're both kinda like I think yours was a 3-year, though.
Mine was 5.
All right, the winner is Ben and Michelle.
Michelle, drop your board and come on over there.
Well, congratulations, you guys.
You win the additional 30-second head start In the next adventure.
We're gonna need it.
We're gonna need it.
Yes, you will.
30 seconds will be crucial.
Our second place couple-- Summer and Chase.
Our third place couple-- Yanina, can you please join Ken? Sure.
Hi! It's okay.
Well, our couple that came in last place, unfortunately You guys have to go home.
I'm kidding! Aah! That is messed up.
That's out of order, that.
That is out of order.
Because four people couldn't find love at the last couples' choice ceremony, no one will be going home tonight.
You will all be moving on to the next adventure.
But remember, Ben and Michelle have a big 30-second head start.
Congratulations, you guys.
The next adventure is critical, because the first place couple will win the biggest advantage yet.
And it will affect who remains here and who goes home.
Good luck and have a great night.