Love in the Wild (2011) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Last time on Love In The Wild.
Ken and Yanina finally won the adventure.
You guys came in first.
And the long waiting trip to the oasis.
At our one of a kind couple's choice ceremony In stead of the usual elimination, we are gonna test you on how well you know your partner.
What would your partner say is your best physical trait? I'd say my jugs.
Ben and Michelle won the couples compatibility test.
Well, congratulations, you guys.
You win the additional 30 second head start In the next adventure.
We're gonna need it.
And for the first time, no one was eliminated.
Tonight go! It's never been more important to win.
Because the first-place couple will influence everyone's destiny.
At the next couples' choice ceremony, you both have to decide which couple will be going home.
I knew that Ben and I um, would do well at--at the trivia you know, even though him and I have know each other the least amount of time.
I really feel like we have connected the most out of all the couples, so I really wasn't surprised.
Six people left.
Now it's sinking in.
Now it's down to the last three couples.
So we're kind of, like, you know, enjoying the moment and at the same time kind of, like, having that little bit of worriness.
Oh, well, I'm glad we didn't send anyone home.
I honestly thought that was-- I was so--I was in shock.
I was like, what? We all are very close to the ultimate goal, you know, of winning the whole thing.
But I'd never thought I'd actually be here and be with someone that I get along with so well.
I'm really liking Michelle a lot, getting to know her and spending all this time with her.
She's an absolute sweetheart.
And, uh, I don't really wanna think about, you know, the end.
That trip around the world right within our grasp.
You're hungry for it, Ken.
I can feel it.
Like, you gotta grab it.
It's really scary at this point.
I mean, you're talking about a trip around the world, and this is a girl that I'm truly starting to develop feelings for, and, um, I don't want our adventure to end.
Morning, guys.
I was feeling really really good.
Um, you know, we had won the trivia.
We had that 30-second lead on everyone else.
And it's just--it's a really good feeling at this point.
30-second lead.
30 seconds is a huge advantage.
I mean, I'm just happy it's not Ken and Yanina because if they had a 30-second lead, we wouldn't see them.
We're gunnin' for ya.
I'll take it for you.
You know as well as I do it's It's an--it's an It's bad enough having a 30-second Disadvantage.
A 30-second head start during the adventure is absolutely critical.
These adventures often come down to seconds.
Every second you can get makes a big difference.
Don't worry.
There's only tarantulas in these weeds.
How are you guys doin'? Good.
Well, at the last couples' choice ceremony, you were tested to see how well you know your partner.
Well, I have one more question that I need to ask you guys, and it goes to the boys.
Do you think your woman is a gold digger? I hope not.
I've got no gold.
I don't think so.
Well, you better hope so, because on this adventure, you guys are gonna be digging for gold.
Ooh! How awesome is that? I love it.
One of the first things you need to do is assemble your map.
It comes in five pieces.
Once you assemble it, follow the map because it will lead you to three treasure chests.
The first couple that brings me one of those chests will win the adventure.
Now underneath this tarp is a diagram of the area, showing you where the first two map pieces can be found.
You'll see circles on the diagram telling you where those pieces are.
Got it? Got it.
All right, now here's something else you need to know.
The couple that comes in first will not only guarantee themselves a spot in the final adventure, but they will also Get to choose who's going home at the next couples' choice ceremony.
Oh, man.
Oh, my God.
We really wanted to win 'cause basically, you hold your own destiny in your hand.
You don't--you're not relying on other people.
Right? Wow.
You could just feel the tension go from here to here.
You have to ability to pick your opponent.
I've never been in that position, and this is my time to shine.
So it's more to win now than ever.
All right, Ben, Michelle, you guys came in first at the last couples' choice ceremony.
So now I bet you're really happy about that 30-second head start that you're gonna get right now.
Having the advantage, you do feel the pressure 'cause you feel you've really gotta capitalize on it.
Feeling confident? I'll tell you after the race.
All right, kids, what I'm gonna do is have the other two couples blindfold themselves So Ben and Michelle get a legitimate 30-second head start.
So go ahead and do that now.
All right, the other two couples-- I'm gonna be giving you guys a separate "go.
" Okay? So the first one will be for Ben and Michelle.
Good luck, you guys.
Ben and Michelle Go! Good.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Come here.
Come here.
What? This way! This way, Ben.
Come on! Go on! Go on! Go on! Go! Ben! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
You sure you remember, Ben? All the way down and right.
And then turn left.
There's, like, a stone thing.
And a tree all the way on the left.
And there's a post.
At this point, I lost my head because I wasn't composed, and I misread the map.
We lost our 30-second lead probably when Jenny said "go.
" We're coming.
We're coming after you! There was one near a fence.
This whole thing's a fence.
This whole thing's a fence.
We're wasting time.
I know.
Come on! Go! Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm here.
Come on, Michelle.
We got nervous and just started running in, like, you know, in--in any direction, and it was just craziness.
Come on, luv.
Come on, luv.
Come on, luv.
This way.
We didn't take full advantage of, uh, of the time we had, and that's--that's my fault.
So we had to backtrack, like, four or five times to look at the map and digest it, and I just lost it all.
There should be one right there by that tree.
What-- look under everything.
Think that we got one and two in here? I see it.
Okay, let's go.
And you think you got one right down here? More.
Yanina, let's go, all right? I'm trying.
Ken gets really competitive.
Once they say "go," it's Ken mode.
He's just, like, a different person.
You know, he's a little tough on me.
This is our opportunity right now.
This will never happen again.
We don't get another second chance.
I know, I know, but I can't run.
Let's go.
But at the same time, I like him pushing me to the limit because we do very well like that.
Here it is.
Got it.
You wanna go back real quick? We're right here.
I mean, it's your call.
You said you-- okay, we're--we're gonna go back, we're gonna point to the two and we'll go after it.
At this point, she gives me that vote of confidence, like, "I'm following you.
I'll do what you say.
" It puts a lot of stress on my shoulders, but, uh, it tells me we're creating a strong bond.
Okay, so there's two over here, there's two down there, there's one right here and one right here.
Okay? Are you sure? Yes.
This is it.
There's one right here.
Book 'em, girl, book 'em, girl.
Come on.
Right here.
Now here.
We got it.
We got two.
Okay, now we have to read it.
Thankfully, Yanina and I were able to retrieve our two sections of the map first, and we were on our way.
There's--right here.
Maroon? Sweet.
Undo that one.
We don't need to undo 'em yet.
Yes! Here we go.
Good! Come on! Got it? Come on, girl.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Gotta read the map.
Read the map.
Read it.
We unfolded the map, and it told us to go down the dirt road where we were supposed to pick up a horse and go down a trail to collect three other pieces of maps.
All right.
You and I have the opportunity to win this.
When we finally got to the horse pickup area, Yanina and I only had the lead by a couple of seconds.
We were the first team to make it to the horses, and we took off.
As soon as we got to the horses, I saw that Ken and Yanina had just jumped on.
So at this point, we're talking, like, a 5-second difference.
Come on.
Come on.
We're in second place, and Chase was on his horse, and he had the shortest horse of them all so his knees were, like, in his ears.
All right.
Come here.
It's all right.
I made the mistake of grabbing, like, the biggest, craziest, just monster of the pack.
Whoa! Okay.
Can you stop, please? Stop! Oh, my God! Ben! I can't see.
Ken is gonna climb the ladder.
I was scared for him.
Come on! Come on! Ben, stop! If I lose it, he's just gonna get worse.
No, I'm not gonna stop.
Well, then go ahead of me.
And So because you guys came in first, you have the power to decide who is going to be joining you in that final adventure.
It's all right.
I made the mistake of grabbing, like, the biggest, craziest, just monster of the pack.
Whoa! Okay.
Can you stop, please? Stop! Oh, my God! Ben! Holy hell, I think he was a racehorse.
He takes off, like, hauling ass down this trail.
I think at one point I was even like, Ben! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop it! Ben! I reach the beach along with the other couples, but I had to wait for Ben to catch up because he was on the sleepy horse.
So at this point, we were in last.
We were in first place, but we still needed to retrieve the three final sections of the map.
So once we get off of our horses, we were literally on the Ken and Yanina hot pursuit.
They had a little bit of a lead on us.
Come on.
They're right behind us.
And now we have three different locations where the different pieces of the maps are hidden.
One was in a cave, one was on top of a cliff, and one was in a little alcove in the water.
It was our choice which direction we were gonna go in first, so we decided to go the cave route.
Yanina and I strategically thought going to the rocky cliff would be the best decision.
You okay? Yeah.
Mine took off.
He wouldn't stop, so I just held on.
From the start of our adventure, we weren't clicking.
I was a nightmare.
One more thing sets me back, I'm definitely gonna lose it, and it's just sort of building up slowly.
This is where we gain our ground.
This is where we're good.
Ben and I decide to hit the cave first.
Hold this and go.
Which way do we go? This way.
Oh, my God.
Once we get to the cave, we look around-- there has to be at least 200 scrolls, and one of these scrolls is the map that we need to pick up.
Spread out and open 'em up and see if you got a map or if you got, like, something else.
Slide it off.
Look up top for some.
We literally had to open it felt like hundreds of these scrolls to find one of the map pieces.
Hey, Summer, the way to do it is just go and-- got one.
Let's go, get out of here.
I'm following you out.
All right, here we go, luv.
Summer and Chase were the first ones into the cave, and as they were coming out, we were just getting in.
We got in the cave and, um, we was on catch-up, so there was no hesitation.
Watch out for that.
Right here.
All right, we gotta find it.
Gotta find a map.
Yanina, look out towards the water.
Let me know where we're going.
So once we got there, the cliff looked really scary.
I can't see.
Ken is gonna climb down the ladder to find the next section of the, uh, map, so I was scared for him.
Whoa! I am not that scared of heights, but, uh, the cliff was terrifying.
Watch out, baby.
I don't see anything.
Whoops! To reach the map, we had to harness in and climb down the ladder.
To me, it didn't seem too difficult to get that section of the map.
There it is.
Yeah! Ken is definitely not scared.
He just went down there like, you know, it was nobody's business.
He's a manly man.
I like that.
Oh, uh, I think we got something.
You got it? Yeah.
Let's go.
Let's go.
All right.
Careful, Ben.
Oh! I'm so, like, graceful.
I'm down like a cheetah.
Be careful.
Come on, luv.
Come on, luv.
Come on.
Come on.
I know.
Come on.
Stop it.
All right, be careful down here.
Use the rope.
Come on.
Come on.
Stop! Come on! Come on! Oh, my God! Oh! I have to take everything in my power to stay cool and calm and collected because, you know, if I lose it, he's just gonna get worse.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Will you stop? No, I'm not gonna stop.
Everyone else is running.
Go ahead of me.
There's so much at stake right now.
If you win, you're immune, you get to pick the other couple to take to the final adventure.
By winning this, you're in a massive advantage.
So when--when I lose my temper, it's more out of frustration 'cause I wanna win and stay with Michelle.
Come on! Let's go! Michelle's great 'cause she doesn't really add fuel to the fire and come back at me and escalate things.
Let's go.
Come on.
You're doing well.
You're doing well.
You're doing well.
Please stop.
This adventure was definitely the first argument that Ben and I have ever had.
We were not clicking, and I don't know.
I was frustrated.
You can do this.
I got it.
I got it.
I couldn't be happier to be with Summer at this point.
I mean, for somebody to have that kind of confidence in you in this situation? That's pretty awesome.
Good job.
Chase is a wonderful, wonderful guy, and he's a pretty fearless guy.
Sometimes you have to get to know somebody deeper and you can really start to like somebody for more than just, you know, one aspect of who they are.
It's really pretty.
Got it.
I'm coming up.
Got it? Yeah.
See anything? Look down.
You see any maps? There's one.
There must've been, like, about a hundred scrolls inside that cave.
They were everywhere, so I started with the ones on the bottom.
And I quickly realized there were more.
Like, "try again.
" "Try again.
" "Try again.
" They're all "try again.
" "Try again.
" At this point of the adventure, we had no idea what place we were in and I expected that nobody else did either.
There's a lot.
Be careful.
Good job, Ben.
I was so ready to really, like, work as a team and get through this adventure together and get first place because we need that power really, really badly, um, to--to ensure that, you know, Ben and I can continue on together.
You got it? Yep.
Okay, good job.
Good job, babe.
Be careful.
Good job.
Drop it.
Right here? Yeah.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We're making good ground.
We're making good ground.
I'm forgetting something while I'm standing here.
Are you serious? I was frustrated.
I didn't know what to do, uh, so I looked back at the map, and I reread the section that told us to go to the cave.
Did someone take it? Okay, keep looking.
Ken sits down and starts reading the newspaper over there, and I'm thinking, we're never gonna catch up.
Oh, my God.
There's so many more up here.
We're so far behind now.
Oh, my God.
It's just in here.
We just gotta find it.
We just haven't opened it.
Finding the correct piece of the map was like locating a needle in a haystack.
It was by far the most stressful point of the adventure.
Oh, my God.
There's so many more up here.
We're so far behind now.
Oh, I think I found it.
It looks different, too.
Here you go.
Okay, let's go.
When Yanina found the map, I was relieved.
We spent way too much time in the cave.
We're so far behind.
We're gonna have to make up some time probably.
Finally, we make our way back down to the beach area, where our mission was to find the final piece of the map floating in a bottle.
Hey, Summer, right here! Okay, got it.
When I turned around with Summer, we saw that Ben and Michelle were about to jump in right after us.
I knew we needed to pick it up.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Okay.
Come on, let's go! Let's go! Ben and I take off looking for this bottle in the water.
Go out by the outpost.
Come on! Come on! Come on! I don't like to lose.
I really wanna win because I'm not ready to go home and I'm not ready to be split up with Michelle.
When I get frustrated, I start to lose my head and then the--it just all goes downhill from there.
Come on.
You don't think it's over here? Ben's insisting that the bottle is hidden around this first rock.
And, you know, I'm thinking to myself, it's further out.
We need to keep going.
So I just left him there Ben! Come on! Come on! And I found the bottle Ben! What are you doing? You don't know.
Don't get mad.
And he loses it again.
Stop it.
Let's go.
Let's go.
So I, like, Chuck the bottle and I'm like, "here!" Yeah, I think, yeah, she was still marginally annoyed at me, so I know I'm in the doghouse.
"Follow the marked trail toward the banana plantation "as labeled on the map.
"Within the banana plantation "are three partially buried chests.
The first couple to bring their chest to the finish line wins.
" For the final leg of this race, we had to go into this banana plantation where there was one of three buried chests, and whoever found that chest first was gonna have the decision on who was gonna be going home, and that team was also a shoo-in for the finals.
Let's go.
Once we actually got that last map and made it back to the beach, Summer and Chase were just reading their map.
We were really excited.
We thought we were still in a good race here.
Coming out of the cave, I knew we lost a lot of time.
The other couples had advanced, at least, a minute or two on Yanina and I.
I thought retrieving the map was gonna be challenge for us.
Yanina is not a great swimmer, but I've never seen Yanina move so fast in the water.
Yanina was a trouper.
Found one of the maps.
We located the map in the bottle, and I just picked the whole damn thing up and got out of the water as soon as possible.
Here we go.
Keep--keep going.
We finally get to the banana plantation where we need to pick up a chest that was partially buried that had gold bars inside, and Summer and I know we have to win.
I want it bad, because we're getting right down to the end, and there's a lot on the line.
Check around the trees.
Ben, I don't think it's this close.
I don't think it's that close.
This is dumb.
Ben's already acting a fool, and I am freaking out at this point because we have to win to ensure that, you know, Ben and I can continue on together.
Summer? Summer, where you at? Right here.
We ran through the banana plantation.
At this point, we have a good lead.
Over here, Summer.
Found it? No, I'm saying just start pushing stuff around on the ground.
And I look over, and I see Ken and Yanina right behind us.
Looking for parts of a buried chest, okay? I see it.
As soon as we walk in, he goes, "I see it! It's here," and I'm like, "you're kidding.
Shut up.
" Let's go.
So we ran.
They found one.
I saw Ken get a chest in his hand, and that's when my balloon totally deflated.
I see Ken and Yanina run away with the treasure chest.
At that point, it was beyond frustration.
They found one.
It's okay.
Don't have a defeatist attitude.
At this point, keeping a cool, calm, collective demeanor is very important compared to being dramatic and overran with fear of losing.
Oh, here we go.
When Chase found the buried chest, that was the most pressure-ridden situation I've been in since I've been here.
Okay, let's go.
Because this is it.
Let's go.
Oh, my gosh! Bring it home! Whoo! Right here! Finish line! Holy cow! Oh! Mmm.
You guys! You guys came in first place! Can't believe it.
Can't believe it.
Our love couple.
Yay! I'm so excited for you.
Well, you guys know that you get to stay in the oasis.
Oh, my God! Yeah, we're getting crazy up in there.
Along with An even better prize, which is you guaranteed your spot in the final adventure! Yay! Yay! We're ready to do it.
You made it to the end! Also, you guys, I wanna remind you at the next couples' choice ceremony, you both have to decide which couple will be going home.
It's gonna be a difficult decision.
We'll see.
We'll have to have a talk tonight.
That's right.
All right, let's see those bricks.
Go ahead, eagle eyes.
Huh? Congratulations, you guys.
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good job.
Ah! Yanina and I are-- we're a great couple.
We're kicking ass right at the right time.
I'm pumped to be going to the final, and I'm happy we've got the power to choose between Ben and Michelle and Chase and Summer.
It's--it's a great position to be in.
Awesome job, you guys.
How was it? Was it exhausting? Yeah.
It definitely was a long one.
What part hung you up the most? This.
This, yeah.
Really? Yeah.
We had the lead up until, uh, this little box.
It was camouflaged.
So then you guys know that you came in second.
Does it make you worried at all Yeah.
That Ken and Yanina are going to to decide? Yeah? I mean, I think we're better friends with them, but we're also stiffer competition, so I don't know.
All right, you guys, well, congratulations on second place.
So for now, have a great night.
Thanks, Jenny.
This sucks.
This adventure was the most important one thus far to win, and having Ken and Yanina have this power makes me feel very vulnerable.
Ben! We've been through all that.
Will you come over here, please? This is stupid.
I was really frustrated to the point where by the time we realized the other two had found the chest, it was sort of just, like, knocking away flowers and pushing away palm trees.
Oh, it was bloody awful.
Ben, here! Oh.
I was just over it at this point.
How many times have we probably walked past this? Hey, girl! Hi! Is it still daylight? Wow.
Ben, you got dirty.
So you guys had that, uh, 30-second head start.
Did it help, you think? Nope.
No, not at all.
Well, you guys did come in third place.
Ken and Yanina came in first.
So they will decide which other couple goes home at the next couples' choice ceremony.
I mean, Ken and Yanina are friends, but at the same time, they've grown partial to Summer and Chase, so it really is anyone's game.
Knowing that Ken and Yanina have all the power, it's a helpless feeling, you know? But it's out of our hands.
I've never said I'm the most competitive person in the world.
I-- nobody has dubbed you the "competitive.
" You have coined that term-- I really rather not talk about this right now.
And So, Ken, Yanina, which couple will be moving on to the final adventure with you both? I'm sorry about today.
And I let you down, I think.
Out of all the adventures, this is the one where I'm sort of like the most disheartened and upset, and mainly just for Michelle, because there's so much at stake right now, and our future's in somebody else's hands.
You didn't let me down.
I think I did.
I messed up that map at the beginning.
I got frazzled.
Are you angry? Are you mad at me? No.
I'm not mad at you.
I can tell Ben saw that I was upset, and he kind of looked at me, and he was like, "I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
" These adventures are, like, real life, and I keep telling myself, if we can get through stuff like this, then everything back home is gonna be cakewalk.
Kind of takes a lot to make me mad.
You realize that.
Really? You can't lose your head like that.
I know.
I messed up then.
It's okay.
Michelle deals with me perfectly.
You know, she shows she cares a lot, because I-I spaz out, and she sort of, like, keepshn line and calms me down, so that's-- that's a promising sign, I think.
I'm sorry.
Ken--if he's a smart man and he really wants to win, I wouldn't pick us, but if he's a cool guy, and he really, like, respects our friendship, I would.
I mean, if he's smart, we're out.
At this point, not having our fate in our hands is really frustrating.
I hope that Ken and Yanina see that Summer and I do deserve to be here and that we genuinely like each other.
And we are back.
Come on.
You want me to cartwheel? Yeah, cartwheel right now.
Victory lap.
Yeah! Yay! Coming in first place is the best feeling ever, and coming back to the oasis just feels like such a great treat.
We really, really are craving that time together, so we were super, super excited.
I give you 100% today, 'cause you did all the work.
I pushed you hard today.
But look what happened.
We are happy.
We finished first, and we are going to the final adventure And the final adventure is-- with two people that we get to pick.
Cheers to you and I.
I came into this experience, and I knew that I wanted to fall in love.
I wanted to find the woman of my dreams, and meeting Yanina-- I think I've found that woman.
So, what are we thinking? You and I gotta decide.
What are we gonna do? It's gonna be hard if we don't pick Summer and Chase.
I mean, both couples are our friends.
I just like the idea of you and I beating Summer and Chase.
I think Summer is a great competitor.
I think she's a world-class athlete.
I think she's a great swimmer.
But I don't wanna compete against an olympian, 'cause I am not an olympian, so there's no fair competition.
At dinner, Ken and I started talking about what we're gonna do at the couples' choice elimination, and we were not on the same page.
I know that I could be nuts, but I actually feel like I should be competing against the best of the best.
That way, I'm proud when I get to the finish line first.
When I compete against somebody, I wanna pick the biggest, strongest person out there.
I wanna kick their ass.
I don't know.
I think that's bull.
I think This whole experience is supposed to be about finding your romantic connection and winning a final prize, which is a trip with the loved one all around the world, and I think Ben and Michelle are an easier couple for us to compete against.
Why don't we do this? If you wanna go talk to Ben and Michelle and Summer and Chase and just kinda see how everybody feels? Yeah.
It's one of those now.
It's a coin toss.
This ceremony will be one of those things where I pack my bag, and whatever happens, happens, you know? I'm nervous about the elimination because Ken and Yanina are sending another couple home of their choosing.
So I don't know what to expect.
Hey, everybody! Hey! Hi.
How are you? Yanina and I have to decide, okay, who do we pick out of this group? Are you guys an item? What bothers me is that everyone's dubbed us at the "competitive" couple just because--, everyone's dubbed you? Nobody has dubbed you the "competitive.
" You have coined that term.
You don't stop saying she's the most competitive girl you've ever met.
You can't just say just because you guys are touchy-feely and hang out and take showers together that you're closer to each other than we are.
Come on.
Ben and Michelle are just.
It's not like a real-life relationship.
You can make a connection in a bedroom for one night, but there's no longevity to that.
You're saying that people are coi--are coining you as the "competitive" team.
No, I-- no one said that.
I've never said I'm the most competitive person in the -- no, he's--he's done all that for you.
I have never He's done all that for you.
Ever said that.
He's done all that for you.
Because I outperformed a lot of people.
The one thing that I do well-- you're, what, the best athlete here, whether it's girl or female or boy.
I'm the best swimmer here.
That doesn't make the best athlete.
Chase and Summer-- they're not a couple in--in the true sense.
They're just completely focused on, like, trying to, like, trounce everyone and get to the finish line.
It's like extreme sport junkies bumping each other's chests and knocking each other.
There's no sort of, like, compassion between the two.
I really rather not talk about this right now, to be honest with you, because I don't want my personal connection with you to be questioned.
Look, I didn't want you guys to get too heated.
I just wanted to hear you guys hash it out a little bit.
Both couples were very passionate about their relationships, and Yanina and I are gonna have a tough decision.
I don't know who we're gonna eliminate.
So let me ask you the question.
Which couple will be moving on to the final adventure with you both? The couple that we would like to bring with us to the next adventure Well, have you thought about our visit to the cabins last night? I have.
I think Summer and Chase are Not doing well as a couple.
They were just arguing.
They seem detached from each other, and I think we saw that Ben and Michelle are growing as a couple, and they're passionate.
Ben was fired up.
He was fighting.
He's fighting to stick around.
I'm just kinda torn.
Yanina and I were as confused as ever.
I was leaning towards Summer and Chase joining us on the final adventure.
Now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.
One thing I wanna consider is, like, that we're underestimating Ben and Michelle.
They're starting to work very well together because they're getting along better and better every day.
Ben and Michelle-- they've been progressing in their relationship, so that's kind of a bad thing for us if they become, like, strong competitors.
I honestly thought that I had this figured out.
It's kind of a dilemma.
I don't know.
Try not to be.
Ah, don't worry about it.
I do feel really, like, lucky to--to be in this position at this stage of the game and with somebody that I care about, so I'm not ready to go home, and I'm not ready to be, uh, be split up with Michelle.
I don't know what's gonna happen.
No one does.
Out of our control.
It will be right.
It will be right.
You know, I keep asking myself, you know, Michelle, if you go home tomorrow, would you miss Ben? I keep telling myself.
The answer is "yes," you know? When Ben is away, whether it's for five minutes, an hour, a day, you know, I get that feeling of, like, the butterflies and, like, being anxious to see someone.
I am gonna miss him when, you know, when I'm not with him.
I do hope that the final two couples is two couples that care for each other, so it'll be sad if Michelle and I go home, 'cause we wanna spend as much time as possible together here, but it's not the be all and end all.
The purpose of me coming here was to, you know, find someone I care about.
I found Michelle, so I'm, you know, delighted with that.
I'd like to see it through to the finish, but that's not in our hands.
Summer is a sweetheart, honest to God.
I hope that Ken and Yanina can see that the depth of Summer and I is more so than Ben and Michelle, but that's really up to them.
Going into tonight, you know, it's really still anybody's game, and Chase and I are nervous because we have a really good thing going, and we wanna continue to spend time together, so having Ken and Yanina have this power-- it makes me feel very vulnerable.
Welcome to your final couples' choice ceremony.
Please take a seat in the order you finished your adventure.
First in front, last in back.
So at the last adventure, I had told you guys that this couples' choice ceremony would be very different.
And Ken and Yanina know exactly what I'm talking about.
So why don't you guys come up here and join me? Hi, kids.
How are you? I'm nervous for everybody.
So are we.
I think we're nervous, too.
So because you guys came in first on the last adventure, you guaranteed your spot in the final adventure.
And you also have the power to decide who is going to be joining you in that final adventure.
How has that pressure been? It hasn't been very nice.
We couldn't agree on who we wanted to pick.
Those four people up there-- those are our friends.
Um, but ultimately our decision will send two of our friends home after tonight's couples' choice ceremony.
So sad.
All right.
Before they make their decision, I'm gonna give both couples a chance to say something, so I'm gonna start with Summer and Chase.
I love you both.
I think the world of you two, and I'm very happy to see you guys in first.
Um, we've been through this with you.
We've been friends to you.
We've trusted each other, and, uh, we'd love for you to pick us because I'd love to finish this adventure next to Summer in competing against you guys because I know that we'll push you to the end, and it'll be exciting.
Summer? Although we've all taken different paths, I want you guys to know that we really do care and love you guys.
Thanks, Summer.
All right.
Ben and Michelle.
I just wanna say, um, I've made a connection with Michelle.
I wanna spend as much time as possible with her, and, uh, but I'm not gonna bash their relationship.
I'm gonna compare the two.
I think ours is more romantically inclined.
I think their relationship may be more friendly.
That's just me being Frank.
Michelle? You know, I think everyone here is, like, striving to create that bond and that connection.
And I-I just feel like Ben and I have.
We're not ready to go home.
You know, I wanna stay here with this guy and-- and continue to have a blast.
It's really hard.
I mean, I've formed friendships with all of you, and, Yanina, you have tears.
I know.
I never thought I would be sitting here and having to send, like, two good friends home.
I can't speak.
This just feels really sad and I hope you don't hate us.
So let me ask you the question.
Which couple will be moving on to the final adventure with you both? Uh, Jenny, this is really hard for us.
You can see the emotion is sincere.
Um Summer and Chase are incredible competitors.
Chase is a man of integrity.
Um, Summer is, I think, somebody that Yanina fears in the ocean.
An admirer.
And, uh, Ben and Michelle, on the other hand-- I know Ben throughout the adventures to be just kind of the funny guy.
Um And I think we came to the right decision based on the right criteria.
You know, all four of you It has been a wonderful, wonderful ride, and the couple that we would like to bring with us to the next adventure So let me ask you the question.
Which couple Will be moving on to the final adventure with you both? You know, all four of you, it has been a wonderful, wonderful ride, and the couple that we would like to bring with us to the next adventure The couple that we think most resembles what Yanina and I have built is Ben and Michelle.
Come on down here, you guys.
Can you guys all step over to the couples' area? So Ben, how you feeling? I, uh, it's a roller coaster.
I, uh, just would like to say thanks, and I think you made the right decision, and, um, we're really excited.
Looking forward to it.
So, Ken and Yanina, I'm interested to know was their competitive nature a factor in moving forward? Yeah, absolutely.
Um, those two are the fiercest competitors we've faced over and over and over again.
I am relieved that we don't have to face them in our final adventure.
Would've been fun, though.
I think we would've had fun together, because I really care for you guys, and I really like you.
And I know you are, like, so intent on taking that little lady around the world.
I definitely agree with Summer on that.
I think that you did the best thing that was for you and Yanina, and Summer and I yeah.
Will continue our paths outside of here, so I cannot hate you for that.
So you both did find a connection in each other.
Yeah, absolutely.
And will you continue? Yeah.
Not to get mushy, but there is a connection there, and I think that it's gonna be fun to get to know each other outside of here.
We would have loved the adventure, but at the same time, we're not gonna stop our journey here.
Well, it's been such a pleasure.
I'm sorry to say this, but it's time for you guys to go.
Will you help me down? Thanks.
You guys, best of luck.
Thank you, Chase.
Thank you.
Such a please.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
Thank you.
Take care.
Stay safe, guys.
Leaving here, of course, I'm super disappointed, but this whole experience has been amazing, and I've learned a lot about myself on the way.
I am competitive, but I didn't come here to be the best swimmer in the ocean.
I came here to truly meet somebody.
Chase and I really care for each other, and we've been through a lot together.
No one else has gone through the things that Chase and I have gone through except for Chase and myself, and that will forever bond us.
When I went to Iraq, I had a girl that I thought was gonna be my wife.
She left me.
It sucked, and it hurt.
And honestly, I never thought I would be able to find somebody else again.
And to find Summer and to create a connection, I feel very happy.
No question about it.
Summer makes me feel really good.
She brings out the best in me, and when we go stateside, we're gonna build something strong, and I'm trying to find a way to make that distance between the east coast and the west coast a lot smaller.
It's--it's gotta be a cross of emotions right now between really happy and a little bit sad, right? Yeah.
Yeah, absolutely.
Are you guys nervous about this final adventure? Yep.
This one is going to be intense.
And one lucky couple is gonna win the ultimate prize, which is a first class trip around the world.
How awesome is that? Are you ready to win, Ken? Of course I'm ready to win.
I've been ready to win from day one.
So, Ben, you think you're gonna beat him? I'm gonna try.
I love it.
Well, rest up.
Get ready.
It's gonna be a good one.
Have a good night, you guys.
You, too.