Love Is Blind (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Is Love Blind?

1 ["Go Get What You Want" playing.]
You're walking through your memories You're looking for an answer Don't wanna waste your days away [man 1.]
When I heard about this experiment, I knew it was for me.
It was the opposite of what modern dating has become.
[woman 1.]
There's so many dating apps, and most of them are based off of your physical appearance.
[man 2.]
It's not all about physical attraction, in the long run.
It's who's holding your hand on your deathbed.
[woman 2.]
The reason I came here is there's men who actually want to get married, they want commitment.
They're looking for wives.
I'm like, "What? Where?" ["Go Get What You Want" continues.]
Wash your fears away Away Your heart is singing out You’re breaking through the clouds Go get what you want Go get what you want [gasps.]
- Wow.
- Hi! [woman laughing.]
I'm Briana! I really want a man who is going to love me for me.
Not what I look like, but for who I am on the inside.
When we're 95 years old, my boobs might be, like, dragging on the floor, but I need you to love my saggy boobs.
That was real extra, but that's really how I feel.
Oh, shit.
This is dope.
Oh, man! I'm short, and there are women out there that won't date guys that are shorter.
It's a bummer, but being in this facility, we're really getting down to what matters most.
[man 3.]
Growing up, I wanted to be like Hugh Hefner, a stylish guy who can have his pick of the litter.
But there comes a time in every man's life [chuckles.]
where he has to settle down.
I'm so ready to find a wife.
[laughter and indistinct conversation.]
Oh, my gosh, you guys! - [woman 3.]
Hi! - Hey, hey! - [women cheering.]
- Oh, my God! - Hi! - Hi! How you guys doing? - [woman 4.]
Freaking out a little bit! - [man 4.]
Yeah? Welcome.
I'm Vanessa Lachey.
I'm obviously Nick Lachey, her husband.
Ladies, welcome to the blind love experiment.
[cheering and laughing.]
Here, you will choose someone to marry without ever seeing them.
[women chuckling nervously.]
We live in such a disconnected and distracted world.
Your value is often judged solely by the photo on your dating app.
- Mm-hmm.
- [women.]
That's true.
But everyone wants to be loved for who they are.
Not for their looks, their race, their background or their income.
- Right.
- So true.
Psychologists believe that emotional connection is the key to long-term marital success not physical attraction.
So here, your relationships will begin by forging an intimate bond, with nothing to distract you.
Here's how it's going to work.
Over the next ten days, ladies, you're going to live on this side, and the men will live on the other side.
You're going to speak to a stream of potential love interests.
But here's the catch.
Looks won't play a factor.
We've taken away your devices.
The only time you're going to interact is in one of the private pods.
You're going to be separated by one thin wall.
You won't ever get to see each other.
Ultimately, all decisions are yours.
You can choose who you want to spend time with.
Once you choose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, - you'll propose.
- Just like that? [Nick.]
If they accept, you will finally get to see your fiancée for the very first time.
You're going to leave here together as an engaged couple with a wedding date.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God.
You'll move in together, see your family and friends, and in just four weeks, you'll be at your wedding.
I just got goosebumps.
- [excited chatter.]
- Is this registering for other people? This is arguably the biggest decision you'll ever make in life.
Will you say "I do" to the person that you've chosen right here, sight unseen? Or will physical realities in the real world sabotage you, and will you walk away from them forever? This literally is the first time an experiment like this has ever been done.
We all have to remember the central question: Is love truly blind? We hope so.
[men laughing.]
If you're ready to find the love of your life, then walk through those doors, because the pods are now open.
- [cheering.]
- [woman 4.]
I'm going first! If I fall in love and get engaged, it will be with someone I've never seen.
It's crazy.
- It's go time.
- Whoo! [women laughing.]
[inspirational music playing.]
[Lillie Mae.]
I'm gonna go on a series of speed dates, and find my king, because I'm the queen, and he might be on the other side of the wall, if I'm lucky.
The only weird part is that some of these women might be trying to get my husband.
Basically I'm going to be blind dating all these women.
- It's game time.
- Game time.
Get that wife, get that wife.
They can't see how fly I am, they can't say, "Oh, he's handsome.
" They can't say, "Oh, I like chocolate skin and beards.
" They have to rely on my personality.
It's literally blind love.
Good luck.
[man 1.]
Hello? [man 2.]
Hello? [woman 1.]
Hello? [man 3.]
Hello, hello! Oh, wow! These rooms are nice! - [knocking.]
- [woman 2.]
Hello? Noiseproof.
[woman 3.]
Welcome to my pod.
Yeah! Nice to hear from you.
- [woman 3.]
Right? - I can't say "see you.
" What are you looking at? It looks like a scene from Frozen.
I'm going straight for the candy over here right now.
Uh, I might go for the vodka, to be honest.
- [Jessica.]
Can you see anything? - [Mark.]
There's nothing happening? [Mark.]
My name is Jessica Baton, I'm from Rock Falls, Illinois.
I've had a rigid set of standards.
I would only date a guy between one to five years older.
I would only date athletes, because I'm really athletic.
But I'm 34 years old, and I may not find someone based on the criteria that I've put in place for myself.
I'm ready to start a family, and I want to have the most perfect marriage.
- [Mark.]
What's your name? - I'm Jessica.
Nice to meet you, Jessica.
I'm Mark.
Nice to meet you, Mark.
Well, let's just get right down to it! Tell me about your family.
Both my parents are immigrants.
They both came from Mexico.
And I'm a mama's boy.
[Mark and Jessica laughing.]
Okay! I'll make a note of that! My grandma had 15 kids.
- You're kidding me? - [Mark.]
- You know what I'm saying? - That's crazy.
I'm Mark Cuevas, I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Chicago, Illinois.
Both my parents are from Mexico.
I'll never forget my first date with one of my girlfriends in high school.
She had told her dad that I was Mexican, and he opened the door and he goes, "Oh, you're not what I expected.
" And that's why I love this experiment, because it lets you really dig deep on who someone really is, and not worry about what they look like.
So, I'm 24.
- [Jessica.]
I'm 34.
- [Mark.]
I never dated anyone younger than me.
- Really? - I think every relationship is different and you have to take things as they come.
I feel that.
Where you from? [Jessica.]
I'm from Illinois.
- Me, too.
What part? - You're kidding? I'm from two hours west of Chicago.
- Go Cubbies! - I was about to say, "Oh, my God, she's a Cubs fan!" Huge Cubs fan, huge Bears fan.
I'm a Bears fan till I die.
Every Sunday, I dress up my dog.
Her name is Payton Hester.
No freaking way! [Jessica.]
I dress her in her Payton jersey [Mark and Jessica laughing.]
and we watch the Bears.
You know what? I make the best Italian beef.
- [Mark.]
Seriously? - Oh! It's like I'm starring your name with "Italian" No, literally, my Italian beef is the best.
I'm smiling.
I don't know if you can tell.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy you're here.
This is awesome.
I came in here open to doing this experiment, but I really didn't think that I would connect with someone off the bat like that, and with Mark it was just instant.
We're different race, we're different age, but we're definitely cut from the same cloth.
Bro, that was awesome! [upbeat pop music playing.]
It's fun meeting so many different men who are ready to get married.
The quality of men is excellent.
My name is Lauren Speed, and I'm 32.
I am originally from Detroit.
My mom calls me at least once a week and reminds me that my eggs are shriveling up.
Like, no lie.
I'm just really ready for my husband, and I know that he's out there looking for me, and it's time for us to find each other and quit playing these games, okay? It's time.
- Hello? - [Cameron.]
- I'm Lauren.
- I'm Cameron.
Where are you from, Cameron? I'm from the state of Maine.
I don't think I've met anyone from Maine before.
I'm the only one you'll ever need to meet.
I like that.
I like that.
- [Cameron chuckles.]
- [Lauren.]
What kind of work do you do? I work in artificial intelligence.
When you say "artificial intelligence," I think about building robots and Yeah, I'm basically taking over the world.
- That's awesome.
- [chuckles.]
My name is Cameron Hamilton.
I'm 28, and I'm from Lee, Maine.
I always hear, "You don't look like a scientist," which is kind of a funny thing because, like, what does a scientist really look like? But, as a scientist, I'm a believer in this experiment that's removing the confounding variables of ethnicity, race, background, and the big one being physical appearance.
None of that matters.
Would you say that you're an introvert or an extrovert? I think I'm more naturally introverted, but I can be extroverted when I need to be.
- Okay.
- [Cameron.]
How about yourself? [Lauren.]
I think I'm a combination of the two.
When I am around other people, I'm totally on, but there are times when I'm like, I just want to sit at home watch movies and chill, and drink wine - I couldn't agree more.
- and eat food.
Yeah! Do you cook? - [Lauren.]
I do cook.
- Okay.
Would you make if we were on a date? Mm, I would probably make either salmon, - or I would make some peri chicken, rice.
- Oh, yes.
- There we go.
Now we're talking.
- [Lauren.]
- Do you cook? - Yeah, I do cook.
- [Lauren.]
I like a man who can cook.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
That's 'cause I like to eat.
- I can cook for you.
- So that's great.
- Yeah.
It's definitely interesting not seeing the man on the other side of the glass.
They really have to get to know me and my tone and my personality outside of, "Oh, she's cute, her breasts look good.
" [Cameron.]
What are you really looking for in a partner? Somebody who is supportive, someone who's loving.
I like when a guy hugs me from behind and makes me feel, like, small.
Yeah, that's good.
- Gosh, I want to get to know you more.
- I know, I like you.
I like you, too.
I like your voice, too.
You sound cute.
When am I going to see you again? Soon as possible? - I'll talk to you soon, Lauren.
- Bye, Cameron.
My connection with Cameron is very strong, and I feel like I'm a good judge of character, so I'm feeling more comfortable.
I'm feeling ready to just continue with this experiment and just meet more men.
How's it going? Hello.
Hello, hello.
- [Mark.]
Hello! - Hi! So, what are some of your biggest turn-offs? - Turn-offs? - [Mark.]
Oh, my God.
I hate, I hate, I hate being able to hear people breathe.
What are you looking for in a woman? In shape, and beautiful.
Oh, that doesn't sound shallow at all.
If I had to guess, I'd say you're African-American.
This is our first talk and you're already asking me what I look like? You're missing the point! What makes you think I'm African-American? Just your voice.
Who cares what my complexion is? I'm a woman, that's all you need to worry about, that I don't have a penis.
- Actually, no, I'm white.
- Are you? [mouths "no".]
I've only dated black men before, but honestly, I'm the type of person that I am attracted to personality.
Not saying I want to marry Shrek or anything like that, but if Shrek had a good personality, I mean [Amber.]
My name is Amber Pike.
I am 26, and I'm from Augusta, Georgia.
A lot of people don't take me seriously because I ain't ugly, so And I've actually had a few people tell me that they were pleasantly surprised when they found out that I can hold an intellectual conversation.
They're really shocked when they find out there's more to me than looking cute.
Oh, God.
- Hey.
Oh, God.
- [Amber laughing.]
I didn't know you were in here! [Amber laughing, snorts.]
- Nice snort.
- [Amber.]
God dang it.
I've got to stop doing that! I told myself I wasn't gonna do that until the second or third date.
- Well, it's cute, so - Well, thank you.
My name is Barnett.
I'm 27 years old, and I live in Canton, Georgia.
I'm excited to get to know someone based off of getting deep and down and dirty with them, emotionally.
I'm Barnett.
- Is that your first name or your last? - [Barnett.]
My last name.
But my real close friends call me that.
A lot of friends call me Pike.
It's kind of an army thing, but they also did it in cheerleading.
Okay, so you're in the army? - [Amber.]
I was.
- And you were a cheerleader? I enlisted in the Georgia Army Guard when I was 17.
- I did eight years.
- Oh, wow.
I'm so used to, like, running with the boys.
Like, I'm just so off-the-wall crazy sometimes.
Oh, gosh.
Yeah, so [laughs.]
I always go for pretty girls.
It's shallow to say, but it's the truth.
I'm hoping this leads to something more real, but this is different.
I have no clue what any of them look like, so I'm like [sighs nervously.]
I'm nervous, but I like talking, so Do you want kids, Barnett? - Do I have kids? - [Amber.]
Do you want kids? Oh, yeah, I do, but Wait, do you have kids? - That's a question, too.
- Not that I know of.
- I mean [laughs.]
- [Amber laughs.]
I like it! Okay, okay.
In the dating pod, I'm trying to see if they hang with my jokes and my personality.
Are you clumsy? Generally, no.
Lately, yes.
What about in bed? Well, I ain't timid, that's for sure.
I've never had sex.
That's unfortunate.
Next! [laughs.]
The hardest part is not being able to see facial expressions.
So I'm going to come off creepy to some of them, probably.
So, what's your name? - I'm Jessica, what's yours? - [Barnett.]
" My name is Barnett.
I like it.
All right, so I'm a big weirdo.
What's the weirdest thing about you? Oh, I like this.
Like, you would look at me and think that I would be really girly, which I have that side of myself, for sure, but I actually dig sports and I definitely couldn't date a dude that wasn't into sports.
- Ew.
I hate sports.
- You do not.
I'm kidding.
I played baseball my whole life.
- Oh, cool! - [Barnett.]
So, yeah.
- [Jessica.]
What position? - Like, what's my favorite position? [laughing.]
Is that what you asked? I'm just kidding.
I was a pitcher.
- That was amazing! I love that.
- [chuckling.]
So, you're witty.
- Alright, I see you.
- [Barnett chuckling.]
I see you over there.
I have a serious question for you around intimacy.
Ooh, yeah.
What do you think about dogs in the bed? [both laughing.]
I am one, but No, I'm kidding.
Oh, my God! [laughing.]
My dog sleeps with me every night, so - Really? - [Barnett.]
I love that.
Mine, too.
Well, I'm just I'm a big cuddler - and she knows it, so she just like - I love that.
Are you the big or little? What do you think? Probably the big.
- Nope.
- You're the little spoon? Your dog is just draped over you? - I'm getting a mental picture.
- She puts a paw around me.
[Jessica chuckles.]
I like Barnett's sexy voice and laugh a lot.
I kind of like that he gave off a vibe that he was a player.
We weren't necessarily getting deep, but there's an organic chemistry there.
- It was nice talking to you.
- It was nice talking to you, too.
- [chuckles.]
- [Barnett.]
There was some good voices.
I think Jessica had a nice voice.
That's probably the sexiest.
All these girls love my jokes, every single one of them.
You know, "Oh, next one laughed.
There's my wife.
All right.
" It's like whoever I saw last is my number one.
[indistinct chattering.]
I've been going on date after date.
I have absolutely experienced some instant connections, and my goal is to find out if there are any red flags, any deal breakers that are on my side or on her side.
Have you ever had a dog? - I personally have not owned a dog.
- [Aly.]
Does that rule me out? No, as long as you would never yell at a dog.
Who does that? Uh [stammers.]
You know, I'm here to find love, and it's going to take more than talking about dogs to do that.
Jeez, I sound like an asshole.
- [Barnett.]
What's your name? - My name is Diamond.
Diamond? Okay.
How you doing, Diamond? - That's my real name.
- [Barnett.]
I was gonna I heard it in your voice, questioning it.
So, which strip club do you work at? I'm kidding! You know what? I knew you were going to say that.
You're trying to lose points.
Look, "-5.
" Hell, no! Barnett, uh-uh.
Keep moving.
A lot of girls will develop daddy issues in the form of, "I need a man's attention.
" Instead of turning into that, I became my own masculine influence in my life, I was a big tomboy, like, I wanted to work on cars.
[imitates snoring.]
I wanted to build things and make things with my hands.
I wanted to be a bad-ass.
Hello? [laughs.]
Oh, my God.
That was so strange and awesome.
- [Aly.]
Oh, my God.
- [Jessica laughs.]
Who are y'all feeling? None of them, because it was through a wall.
I totally have a favorite.
Favorite, favorite, favorite.
You don't want to compare favorites? I had one guy What if we have the same favorite? I'm gonna fight you.
My favorite was Barnett.
He made me laugh so much.
He's really sarcastic and perverted, and I'm like, yo [laughs.]
That's me, friends! Like, once you figure out who they are and who they are on the inside, do you feel like it doesn't matter what they look like? I feel like once you get to know someone, though, on that level, then they are more attractive to you.
- Yes.
I agree.
- Yes.
Before coming here for this experience, I definitely judged a book by its cover.
It was definitely based on a physical attraction first.
I probably sound crazy saying this, but in less than 24 hours, I have found, like, honestly, probably three potential guys that I can see myself with for the rest of my life.
Is anyone a virgin here? 'Cause, like, somebody asked me that.
Really? - Are you a virgin? - [Taylor.]
I am.
- [Westley.]
Really? - Yeah.
I am.
So, how soon is too soon? If right here says now, - and says the same to her - Sometimes right here is right here.
My God.
Every girl grows up waiting for their Prince Charming, and I want to make sure that this is it, that this is the one, and I'm willing to wait for it.
What's the most times that you guys have had sex in one day or night? I would say four.
Dang! - Is that a lot? - Lillie Mae! - You wasn't in pain? - [all laughing.]
Do you guys think it's important to go there sexually with someone before you marry her? [Barnett.]
That's a tough one.
- That's the rest your life.
- Yeah.
When it comes to marriage, a great sex life is important.
I expect to be pleased as a man, and I expect to please her.
But here, I'm trying to choose the person that I will spend the rest of my life with without even knowing what this person looks like.
That's absolutely crazy.
Does size matter, or is it the motion in the ocean? It's the size that matters, because there's no motion in any ocean without the thing that makes the motion go.
- If it's very tiny - Oh, my gosh.
Why does it have to be very tiny? [Lauren.]
Like, damn! Very, very tiny, or [indistinct excited conversation.]
- [Ebony.]
Goodness Lord.
- [Lauren.]
Oh, my gosh.
What kind of traumatic experiences have you had? You've got to check it.
You've got to put the snake back in the cage.
Put it back in the case.
["We are Golden" playing.]
We are golden Yes we are Hear the thunder See the stars [Diamond.]
I wonder how the guys are doing.
Wait, what do guys do when they can't play video games? [Kelly.]
"Yo, bro, I bet I can do more push-ups than you.
" - "Go, bro.
" - [Lexie.]
Oh, my God.
Fifteen, 16 - [Barnett.]
Breathe! - [Tailor and Rory.]
17, 18, 19, 20.
I can see that back just going Now that you're all tired on that, now let's do a push-up competition.
Yeah, I'll do it.
My name is Carlton Morton.
I'm 34 years old, and I'm from Opelousas, Louisiana.
I had a good night's sleep, I'm ready to date, and it's time to start narrowing it down.
Hello? Hey! [enthusiastically.]
You sound happy.
I wish I could get that type of greeting every day.
No, I'm just You're so funny.
I kid with you.
So I want to know, what are some things that stand out about me to you? I wrote my notes down.
I'm gonna get them out.
Your personality's really good, you have morals and values.
Love that you love to travel, 'cause I love to travel as well.
You know I've never been to Vegas? - [gasps.]
You've never been to Vegas? - [Carlton.]
I can't wait to have that Vegas moment where I'm standing on tables, partying.
I see where you're going to have your bachelor party.
If you'll let me.
Oh! What you mean, if I let you? Look, I've waited for the moment to fall in love for so long that I'm not messing nothing up.
I am Diamond Jack, I am 28 years old, and I am from Chicago, Illinois.
I know I am an attractive female, and I get a lot of attention from guys.
Being a professional dancer, it has led to some ups and downs, especially in dating.
There have been guys out there who only want to talk to me for my looks, or only want to talk to me because of what I do in life, and I want to be with someone who is going to really get to know me for who I am because, honestly, my mom didn't name me Diamond for nothing, she named me Diamond for a reason.
That's the thing with relationships, you have to be able to trust.
You're a totally different type of woman, and I appreciate that about you.
If you were like, "No, I don't want you to go to Vegas, 'cause last time this happened, - I don't feel comfortable.
" - [Diamond.]
No, no, no.
That's another thing about relationships: What's in the past needs to stay in the past.
I'm not your ex-girl - who mistreated you or cheated on you.
- [Carlton.]
I'm a different person.
I'm Diamond.
I will want my king to have fun, live your life.
- I like that.
- [Diamond.]
So, go to Vegas, and tell me all about it! I feel like there's chemistry with Diamond.
The way she talks to me, the way she makes me smile.
I am so anxious to dive deeper in to see if she's the one.
Would you want to go on another date? I will want to go on another date with you.
You're trying to put on your sexy voice right now.
[purrs, laughs.]
I'm not! [laughing.]
[dance music playing.]
There are so many girls that I'm talking to, but Jessica and I have that emotional, strong bond.
I would say you're the conversation I look forward to most.
- Same.
I - You swear? Yeah, I promise you.
- Okay, that makes me feel so much better.
- [laughs.]
[indistinct conversations.]
I'm making so many connections with all the women that I'm talking to.
Oh, yeah.
What's up, LC? - What's up? - [Barnett.]
What's up, girl? The person that I talked to that was the coolest was you.
I love that.
- I had so much fun talking to you.
- You're going to love me after this.
It's weird how, like, these girls are fluctuating in my head.
- Hello.
- Hey, Barnett, it's Amber.
Amber's scary.
I really like her.
I really like talking to her, but she's kind of a little scary for me.
I was the first person to actually fire an AT4 round, and hit the tank.
Like, hit the target and blow the tank up.
- You're impressive as hell.
- [Amber.]
I know! [Barnett.]
Trust me, a lack of confidence is not a weakness of mine.
- Are you having a good night? - [Barnett.]
- It's better now.
- Good.
I think Jessica could be wife material.
I don't understand how she could be single at 34.
There's got to be something wrong, right? I haven't found anything wrong yet, and I'm trying.
I know everybody wants kids and stuff like that, so, like, once we get married, can we go ahead and start or do we need to wait a year? Do we need to get to know each other even more for the next year? I could totally I'm not on a timeline.
That's what I was wondering, like [Jessica.]
No, look, like I want to make sure that you're not here just to start a family.
I want to make sure.
Okay, look, listen up.
I'm a fucking catch over here.
- [laughs.]
- [Jessica.]
I'm a fucking catch.
- I don't need your sperm.
- [laughing.]
I knew you were LC by your voice.
You have a beautiful voice.
A few guys have told me I have a great voice.
Dang it, I wasn't the first one to say that.
[LC laughs.]
If I had a wife, I'd want her to be happy, free-spirited willing to be adventurous, and I think that is one of the reasons that LC's been top of my list.
How tired are you of getting the marriage questions? - I haven't really gotten any marriage - [Barnett.]
Really? - You want to get married? - [LC.]
Sure, let's do it.
- Alright, cool.
- [laughs.]
That was super easy.
I guess we can go now.
[LC laughs.]
I'm LC.
I'm 26 and I'm from Tampa, Florida.
I definitely want to get married.
Who doesn't want to feel loved? Like, that's just a basic human necessity.
If you say you don't want it, you're a liar.
Go to therapy.
Like [chuckles.]
I'm not going to look as nice as anybody else that would propose to you.
But I'm the only one wearing shorts.
I'm wearing ripped high-waisted jeans.
I've never been a fan of high-waisted pants.
Don't waste a perfectly good ass.
You're so forward, Barnett! You know what I'm into.
[LC and Barnett laughing.]
- [Cameron.]
- [Lauren.]
Hi, Cameron.
Oh, I'm so happy it's you.
I'm happy it's you.
I was really looking forward to talking to you again.
I was looking forward to talking to you.
How are you feeling right now? Tell me.
I'm feeling like I had a few connections.
I don't know if I should admit this, but I felt the strongest connection with you.
Oh, I felt a strong connection with you, too.
Good, I hope so.
[both laughing.]
What was it that really drew you to me? That your vibe is great.
Like, I just feel a good chemistry with you, like a connection.
- It doesn't feel forced.
- Right.
So, now you tell me, what's the most important attribute of I guess that you want in your wife? Someone who's not afraid to tell me things that are difficult.
Someone who understands the type of person that I am, because I think that I'm kind of unusual in some ways, being a scientist but also I worked as a firefighter for, like, seven years.
- [Lauren.]
Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
I feel like I'm also a pretty sensitive guy, which can be good or bad.
I appreciate a man who has sensitivity.
What's the last thing that you cried about? My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
So it's just some of the difficult things with my mom.
I understand.
I'm really sensitive about my family, too.
Sometimes I just love my family so much.
I feel the same way.
Oh, my God, I'm getting emotional.
Yeah, I'm getting a little emotional.
Wow, gosh.
Oh, Cameron, I wish I could hug you.
- I would really love that.
- I know.
I know.
[soft piano music playing.]
I have never talked this much about emotions in my life.
Like, it makes such a huge difference when there are no distractions.
Like, there's no phones, no text messages, no worrying about what people think or how we look.
I mean, I'm sitting here, crying with a man who I've never seen before.
And it's day two.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- You look happy.
I know I do.
- I think I found one.
- What? We freaking cried together today, guys.
- [Lexie.]
What? - [Jessica.]
Wait, why? Tell me more.
[Lillie Mae.]
Today? Yeah.
So, we were just talking about our family, and then we were both like, "We're getting emotional.
" He's like, "Me too," and it was just like We were just crying about how much we love our families! [laughs.]
- [Lillie Mae.]
That is sweet! - I was just like, "Oh, my God, - I'm really crying right now!" - [Lillie Mae.]
That is so sweet! - I know, I thought so, too.
- I love it.
I can't believe I just cried in a pod on a date.
In a freaking pod.
You cried in a pod! So is he your number one choice right now? Yeah, he is, for sure.
[pop music playing.]
There's never been a time in my life when I've been able to really focus solely on finding love.
Here in the experiment, you spend every second of every minute searching for your soulmate.
How's your day going so far? I had four hours of dates! [laughs.]
[Mark laughs.]
I have talked so much.
I was looking forward to seeing you.
Me, too.
We talk about so much stuff, but then we don't ask the big questions, you know? Yeah, so, okay.
So, this one Okay, let's do this.
This date, we'll dedicate to asking the big questions.
My last serious relationship was with a guy who was 41.
At that point in my life, I felt like I was fast-forwarding my life a bit.
Is that what you're worried that I'm feeling about you? [Jessica.]
Yeah, I feel like you will be in that position with me, probably.
Don't let that be something that's sitting there being a block on you.
Okay, I just want to be realistic.
She's 34, I'm 24.
I don't care.
To me, age is a mindset.
Like, integrity is everything to me.
I'm definitely super Christian.
Holy shit, we're the same fucking version.
It's like, I want to raise my kids with religion, Christianity, and, you know, be very - Because that's how I was raised.
- [Jessica.]
And, you know, I have a tattoo on my ribs, like, it's a cross with my parents' initials on the top and bottom.
- My sister, my brother - [gasps.]
on an empty plaque, so when I have kids I can initial their names in it, and Psalm 19:14 going across it.
I love that.
That makes me happy.
- How many kids do you want? - Three.
- Three? I'm down.
- Okay.
I want two boys and a girl.
I like that.
My face hurts.
- Why? - I'm smiling a lot.
- You are? - Maybe.
That makes me so happy.
I'm learning things about myself, and I'm realizing there are things I'm looking for - that I didn't know I was looking for.
- Exactly.
So, this set of guidelines that I came in with "Oh, you know, I want someone between these ages, and somebody who's into this.
" The guy that I'm into - meets zero of those criteria! - Who knows? Today, Mark told me that he has a tattoo of a cross on his chest, and he has two openings for his kids.
Oh! And, like, I want to be a mom more than anything, too, and for me to know that somebody's ready for that kind of a thing I've never had those type of discussions with anyone.
It's overwhelming.
For me, that age gap had to be, like, the most real, crazy connection.
Love at first s - [LC.]
Talk? - voice? [Amber and LC laughing.]
I would have never guessed that I would've developed the feelings that I'm feeling in a couple of days.
Mark and I are really creating a true soul connection, but sometimes I snap back to reality and think about, what are my friends going to think, what are my parents going to think? Mark is five years younger than my baby brother, who's five years younger than me.
Alright, boys.
- [Barnett.]
- [Jessica.]
What's up, Jessica? - What are you doing over there? - [chuckles.]
I just got here.
Jessica, I really enjoy talking to.
She's just so freaking cool.
So if we were married, what would you want your husband to be doing - when you came home? - I like this question.
It doesn't have to be anything special, but just to come home and have you to hang out with on the couch.
Just, like, arms.
Even if you've had a stressful day, I just want you to look at me and be like, "I'm just so happy to see him.
" "You brighten up when you see me.
" That's all I want.
- That's exactly what I'm looking for.
- Yeah.
I work really, really hard.
Having something to come home to is, like, the goal.
I have never asked anyone how they would be as a husband, but discussing that today with Barnett, I thought was the hottest thing ever.
After a couple of conversations with Mark I decided, you know, this is my guy, but now I'm questioning that a little bit because I'm having these really intense feelings for Barnett.
At this point, I can see them both being my husband, which is crazy.
[exhales excitedly.]
[sighs deeply.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[men chattering.]
Being here is something that is so extremely surreal and unlike anything I've ever experienced before.
Things that happen in a day here may take months or longer outside.
It's a roller coaster ride of emotions.
How are you? [Cameron.]
Oh! So much better now.
[Lauren chuckles.]
I've been thinking about you nonstop.
- Obviously.
- I've been thinking about you, too.
I've been talking about you.
Like crazy.
[Cameron laughs.]
I love that.
I've been, like, trying to imagine you.
Obviously that's kind of impossible, but It is.
In my mind it's almost like you can see me, but obviously you can't.
I'm just thinking, "I have to look good for her.
" - But it's like, it's weird.
- [Lauren.]
You say all the right stuff.
[Cameron chuckles.]
But it's true, though.
It's true.
- Cameron - [Cameron.]
Yes? I think I love you.
I love you.
[Lauren chuckles.]
I love you.
I love you! Did we just say that? Yeah.
[Lauren laughs.]
Oh, I can't breathe.
[exhales deeply.]
Are you crying? Just a tiny bit.
[Lauren chuckles.]
It's all becoming, very very real.
I've fallen in love with her without ever having seen her.
Part of me does think, "Are you being rash?" But it feels so right.
It feels like I'm jumping out of a plane.
Scary as fuck.
- [Cameron.]
- But amazing.
It is scary.
But I trust you.
I trust you.
If we get married, then, you know, that's it for me.
- Yeah, me, too.
- We have to make it work.
We do.
It's terrifying, thinking that something that I've been looking for my whole life could possibly be with the person that's on the other side of that wall.
I feel like I'm falling in love with a stranger, but, at the same time, I feel like I know everything about him.
I wish that I could just kinda hold you right now.
Me, too.
You're, like, four feet away.
But I'm right here.
Yeah, you're here.
I know.
[dance music playing.]
Hey, what's up, Diamond? I've been waiting for you.
I've been waiting for you, too.
- I want to learn more about you.
- [Diamond.]
What do you want to know? - What do you want to learn? - Your true, deepest, darkest fears as it relates to marrying someone.
I like the fact that he cannot see me.
I like the fact that Carlton is really getting a chance to know me.
I really like when he opens up to me.
I think it shows that he trusts me, it shows that he is safe with me.
It makes me feel like these are the words I've been missing from a man.
My fear is getting hurt.
I have been vulnerable, and, in my past relationships, I felt like I was giving my all and trying to make that person happy.
At the end of the day, I didn't, and that's why I'm here.
I want to be happy.
I don't want to be disappointed, - and I don't want to be embarrassed.
- [Carlton.]
I've been taught to be strong, I've been taught not to cry, I've been taught to You know, I come from a strong cloth.
How do you think I feel? It's like, "boys don't cry!" Like, that's constantly conditioned in black men's heads since we were boys.
I know.
I have had to learn how to open up, and it's okay to be sensitive and emotional and vulnerable.
I'm a preacher's kid, and because I'm so outgoing, I'm so outspoken, people see me and they say, "Oh, he must not be insecure about anything.
" But sometimes, on the inside, I haven't always felt that confident, and I've always been this hopeless romantic.
I want to be loved for who I truly am.
Unconditionally, and without restraint.
Wow, that's deep.
My biggest dream is that I finally find a wife who will love me unconditionally, who's kind of like that ride or die.
But I have a big secret.
At one point in my young adult life, I found myself attracted to just hearts, period.
Like, it didn't have a gender.
It wasn't about sex for me.
I dated guys and girls.
But I want a wife now, because I feel like women bring a certain, like, nurturing love and affection to the table that, like, I don't get from a guy.
My biggest worry is that I will find someone that I am super in love with and want to marry, and then, at the last minute, she will not be able to walk down the aisle because she just can't be married to someone like me.
What's up? I'm the happiest I've been in a very long time.
It's not everything, but I'm on cloud nine.
[mock laughter.]
I need a - [Taylor laughs.]
- drink.
I'm the type of person that can feel vibes and situations, and I'm feeling a shift in Barnett.
And I realize that, yeah, he's into Jessica.
- [Barnett.]
Is this too much? - It's too little.
Why do you leave so much air up top? [Mark.]
That is out of my control.
I came into this being open-minded to the idea that I could possibly find love.
What's exciting is that I feel like I've found a person I could spend the rest of my life with in a very short period of time, and that's Jessica.
I want you to know something.
I don't let a lot of people in my heart a lot.
Um I shut down, and I think I've always been like that.
When I walked in the room from the first time I met you, I knew It was just like, I was blown I don't know how to explain it, but I walked around the right side of the couch, turned the corner, and you said, "Hey," and I was like, "Yep, that's it.
" I don't understand why.
I tried to press the brakes, but you're the first person that's ever really gotten me.
You're the cutest thing ever, by the way.
- [Mark.]
What do you mean? - I just love when you get so passionate.
What do you mean? Ahh, I just want to hug you.
Kind of everything you say, beyond anything I could have expected.
Like it was just mind-blowing.
You know, my last girlfriend, I had my heart broken and stuff.
And, um You know, I had gotten cheated on and whatever, but it took this experience to really just break down any kind of wall that I thought I had about my heart.
And when I tell you, I really don't open up like how I am with you to anybody, like I You know, I God.
Um I want you.
You know, I ask you, you know Do you want to spend the rest your life with me? Like, where's your mind at? [exhales.]
We've come a really long way in a matter of days, not weeks, and like, I can definitely see us walking out of here together.
I really can.
It's kind of weird to say that.
That's what I'm talking about! Whoo! [sighs happily.]
That's the cutest.
I want to spend the rest of my life with a real partner, and I couldn't be more ready to do that with Jessica.
I'm all in.
- We'll talk soon.
- [Jessica.]
Alright, bye.
I think today was the biggest checkpoint of this entire thing.
- Yeah.
Of course.
- [Mark.]
Like, "Fuck, this is real.
" [chuckles.]
Like Things like emotions are starting to come into play for Jessica, and then, like, real stories were going underneath the surface.
It's all here now.
- Who's your number one? - Don't worry about it.
It's stressful thinking that other people have any connection with someone that you thought you had a really good connection with.
Jessica? There it is.
It's Jessica.
But Mark's over here, he's super excited about her.
Mark is a passionate guy, and he's excited about Jessica a lot.
And he's 24, and she's 34.
I don't know if [whispers.]
I don't know if he's ready.
I don't know if he's ready.
The problem is, I haven't gotten really deep or emotional with her yet.
- I've gotten a little bit - Now's your chance, man.
I'm nervous about being myself and and getting hurt, and hurting people, so I'm also I'm afraid of opening up and losing that connection.
Tell her how you feel, tell her what's going on, break down the emotional and give everything you've got, because the pain of knowing you didn't give it all and you'll never know the answer is terrible, and you should avoid that at all costs.
Just do it.
This has made me so open, I feel like.
I actually am with you on that.
- Like I enjoy how - I enjoy it.
Yeah, we get to the essence of each other and it's not like, "Oh, I'm blinded by his blue eyes.
" - Yeah.
- You know what I'm saying? It's like, this is really what I want, and laying it all on the line.
You tell me who you are, honestly, and I'll tell you who I am, honestly, and if you accept it, you do.
- And if don't, you're just not for me.
- Not for me, yeah.
Yeah, this has definitely changed my life.
Five days in and I know who I want to be my future husband.
I can't believe it.
It's only been five days! Oh, my God, I've had meals in my refrigerator for longer than that.
Like, that's crazy.
I've spent every second of this experiment focusing on finding my wife, and I think I've found her.
I feel immense attraction to her, and I've never seen her before.
I know Lauren is the one, and I don't need to do any more searching.
I'm ready to propose to Lauren.
- [Lauren.]
Hello? - Hello.
I'm happy to hear your voice.
I'm very happy to hear your voice.
Are you sitting down, or are you standing up? I'm sitting down.
Do you want to approach the wall? Yeah.
- Come up to the wall? - Uh-huh.
[exhales nervously.]
Lauren Michelle Speed Holy shit.
[exhales nervously.]
I feel so blessed to have you come into my life.
I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
[sighs emotionally.]
Will you marry me? [sobs.]
Oh, my God, yes.
Yes, Cameron, - I will marry you, I will be your wife! - [Cameron laughs.]
[sighs deeply.]
I feel like I'm in a dream right now.
I feel like I'm floating.
[sighs emotionally.]
We're engaged.
We're engaged! [both laughing.]
This literally feels like like a fairy tale.
You're such a beautiful person.
I don't have to see you to say that.
- You're my future husband.
- [Cameron.]
You're my future wife.
Holy shit! [laughs.]
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- [Lauren.]
Bye! [sighs.]
Tomorrow I finally get to see Cameron in person for the first time.
I get to look him in the eyes and grab his face and kiss it.
I'm super excited to just meet this man who I've fallen in love with, finally.
- I'm engaged! - [Lexie shrieks.]
She said yes.
[men cheering.]
Oh, my God! For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow Pick him up! I never thought I would create one connection, let alone two.
I don't know where these guys came from.
You know, Mark is everything I've ever wanted, and he wants to walk away from this being married, and it's hard for me to accept that he feels that way for me.
Something in the back of my mind is like, "Can this really work in the real world?" Our age difference is massive, and the fact that my relationship with Barnett has progressed so much in the matter of a couple of days, I have to see what happens with Barnett.
Hey, B.
- [Barnett.]
What's up, girl? - What you doing? Just chilling.
How you feeling? I feel really happy that you're my last date tonight.
I know who Jessica is still interacting with, and I know how they feel towards her.
It's like, is she telling everybody the same thing? That's actually a big fear I have right now.
I don't want to throw my heart out there and just like actually be, you know, hurt.
Don't blow smoke up my ass real quick.
Are you mad at me? Are you mad at me right now? [Barnett.]
Talk to me.
Oh, gosh.
I'm going through so much turmoil right now.
Why? Let me say something.
I feel like you don't know where my head is.
Literally, I think What? You just got done with Mark.
I knew that he had just left with you.
He was so sure of everything, and that scared me.
As soon as I saw that, I was like maybe she's just been kind of just She wasn't feeling the way I was feeling.
You don't think I hear things on the other side? There's multiple girls that really like you, but the girls don't think you're serious about them.
And literally, like, the military girl is going to kick my ass, I know it.
Like, don't make this one-sided.
Jessica, Jessica, Jessica - What? - [Barnett.]
Hmm? - What? - You've been high on my list since the beginning.
If this place had nobody, no other guys and no other girls, like, I would propose to you tomorrow.
You would? You are my yin to my yang.
I am so fucking happy right now.
I'm 34 years old and no one has ever said those words to me, that they're ready to propose, that they want to walk out of here being married to me.
Barnett just changed everything, and I think I would say yes.
- Um, what do you need me to do? - What do I need you to do? I'll do whatever you want me to do.
If you want me to pull the plug on those other things tomorrow, I will.
I just want I want a clear decision made.
All right.
Get ready for a miracle Let it feel a little magical [Lauren.]
Yesterday, Cameron and I got engaged.
He asked me to be his wife! I have a fiancé, y'all! Oh, my God.
I'm gonna be a married woman.
I'm so excited.
And today I finally get to see him in person for the first time.
I'm super excited to just meet this man who I've fallen in love with.
[suspenseful music plays.]
[blows nervously.]
Of course I'm excited to see what she looks like.
I've tried to just kind of leave it as a blank slate, so that, you know, however she looks I want to appreciate that.
Throughout this process, I wasn't focused on what the person looked like.
I wasn't focused on their race, if they were white or black.
I wasn't focused on, you know, if they're too young or too old.
But now that I'm here, I'm scared, because what if he doesn't like how I look? What if I don't like how he looks? [Cameron.]
She's maybe feeling the same way I'm feeling right now, which is a little crazy, a little nervous, a little bit nauseous.
There is a chance that, by the end of this, he may not feel the same, and, to me, that's terrifying.
I can't breathe.
[sighs deeply.]
[sobs lightly.]
It's just scary.
It's just frightening.
That's all.
As the diligent scientist that I am, I came into this wanting to test that hypothesis: is love blind? So it's a success! I've met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
And I have no idea what she looks like.
[suspenseful music escalates.]
[suspenseful music crescendos.]
Oh, God.
I'm 100% in love.
And it didn't come from seeing someone across the room.
who I thought was hot.
It came from really connecting with someone on a deeper level than I've ever experienced before.
Shit, I'm nervous as hell.
[woman 1.]
I don't know if I'm gonna laugh, cry or pass out.
Oh, my God.
- Fuck.
- [woman 1.]
It's giving me butterflies.
- [sobbing laughter.]
- Baby! [Mark.]
Holy shit, that's my fiancée.
He was definitely not what I expected.
I've made a huge mistake.
When you really fall in love with someone, the physical attraction builds.
[overlapping shouts and laughter.]
[woman 1.]
You're not gonna let me go, are you? [laughs.]
The physical connection is absolutely there.
[woman 2.]
I wouldn't change anything about him.
[woman 1.]
Moving in with my fiancé is gonna be another adventure.
- [woman 1.]
I'm always cleaning the place.
- [Barnett.]
Heard that before.
Why are you marrying my daughter? Have you ever been in a room full of black people? I can't lose a love like this again.
It would destroy me.
I was fucking honest.
I didn't fucking deceive nobody.
You were so confused a week ago.
I want to make sure that you're doing what's right for you.
Listen to me! Stop interrupting me, please, for the love of God.
[man 1.]
We're gonna go back and look at this, and be like, "Did I make the right choice?" [Diamond.]
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fucker! Do I want to marry him? I don't know.
Marriage is forever.
The stakes are high.
This isn't just some fantasy.
This is the rest of our lives.
White or black, tall or short, too young or too old [woman 3.]
I always wanted to believe that love is blind.
Today, we're here to discover if love is blind.
Do you take him to be your lawful wedded husband? [woman 3.]
I don't know if I can go through with this wedding.
[woman 1.]
I cannot do this! Please stop recording this.

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