Love Is Blind (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Will You Marry Me?

1 I never expected, walking into this facility that I would find my wife and mean that, but here we are.
[exhales nervously.]
Everything has just been building up to this moment, to meet this man who I feel like fell out of the sky.
I feel like he was made in a factory, like he was specifically put together for me.
I think I'm just a little nervous about seeing her for the first time, physically.
I hope that, you know, her expectations aren't let down.
I don't think they will be, but, you know, you just never know, when you add in that physical element, how that might change things.
When we're in the pods, we don't have to think about how we look physically, because they can't see us.
So right now, I'm like, oh my God, what if a piece of my hair's sticking up, I can't have bad breath.
What if I'm sweating? I'm just anticipating the moment of getting to physically see him, and I'm a nervous wreck.
But I'm ready.
[Lauren chuckles.]
Oh, my gosh.
- Cameron! - [Cameron chuckles.]
[Lauren moans happily.]
- [Cameron.]
I'm so excited to see you.
- I'm excited, too.
I'm never going to let you go.
I hope not.
[Cameron whispering.]
I promise you.
I cannot wait to marry you.
I feel like this environment has allowed me to date outside my race, without even knowing, mainly because Cameron and I's connection was so strong that I really didn't care what color he was.
It just turns out that he was white.
Let me look at you.
- [chuckles.]
You're so handsome.
- [Cameron.]
You're beautiful.
I can't believe how beautiful you are.
Oh You're so handsome.
- You literally look like a prince.
- [chuckles.]
Like Prince Charming.
["Choose to Love" playing.]
I put my hands up, I put my head down [Lauren sobs.]
Lauren will you still marry me? Of course, yes.
I've been trying so hard To figure it out [Lauren.]
Sometimes you’re all right Sometimes it’s all wrong Sometimes you don’t know where you belong You walking that road you’ve been on You keep falling [Cameron.]
I'm strong.
[both laughing.]
You are strong.
It doesn't even seem like she's real because it seems too perfect.
I couldn't be happier.
How did I get so lucky? How did I get so lucky? [squeals.]
You're real.
Just hold me.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm going to take care of you.
But these eyes won't cry And you're strong.
When everything feels like A long night Take another look in the mirror And choose to love [Lauren.]
This is my first time kissing a white man.
I have large, full lips, and I was scared that the proportion was going to be like, "Oh, my God, my lips are going to be a lot for his smaller lips," but he is an excellent kisser.
- See you soon.
- Okay.
Honestly, our journey is just beginning.
Obviously, we have our emotional connection, and now we are going to be whisked away on a beautiful, tropical romantic vacation to Mexico.
I can't wait to just sit with him on the beach, and watch the sunset and sunrise, and drink frozen drinks, and take advantage of him.
It's a dream, being able to touch her, and smell her perfume, and to know that I'm not just in love with how gorgeous she is, but the person that she is.
I'm very vocal about the struggles of black people, and in the back of my mind, I am thinking a lot of my friends or peers will be like, "Wow, Lauren, you going to go marry a white man?" But, at the end of the day, I feel like I can still want the best for black people.
I can still want black people to win.
I can still voice my opinions about how black people are treated in this country, and still love who I love.
Being in an interracial relationship will be difficult.
but I feel pretty confident that we'll be able to take on this, uh, mean world that's out there.
Us against the world.
[sighs deeply.]
[soft R&B music playing.]
I was so wrong I was so blind [Mark.]
I'm pouring us glasses of wine.
Because we're classy.
"Wine" not? I'm living my best life Before coming into this facility, I was very superficial.
I had to be with a supermodel.
I had to be with a beauty queen.
Now, I'm ready to focus on what matters.
It's more about what's on the inside.
If that heart is beautiful, if your soul speaks to my soul.
Have you guys tried to imagine the faces of the people you're talking to? Yeah, of course.
I can't.
Every single one.
I can imagine the body types, based off what they say they're interested in, like their activity level, the stuff they do, their hobbies.
But I can't see their faces.
People here are falling in love through a wall.
It's a crazy kind of magic, but it works.
With Damian, I was like He joked he was like, "I'm 5'4".
I'm like, "I wouldn't care".
Like, I'm obsessed with you.
[Amber and Giannina laughing.]
Whatever woman you end up with, Damian, is gonna be one lucky lady.
To the rest of our lives.
- Cheers.
- [Mark.]
[women chattering.]
[men chattering.]
- [Damian.]
Hello? - Who is it? It's Damian.
Thank God.
[Damian and Giannina chuckling.]
I couldn't stop thinking about you today.
- Yeah? - [Giannina.]
- [Damian.]
You got my butterflies turning.
- [both laughing.]
- Get out of here, little guys.
- [both laughing.]
- Get out.
- [both chuckling.]
You know, it's so funny, we're going on our fifth date, I believe? - Fourth or fifth.
- [Giannina.]
We're sliding into each others DM's, I guess.
[both laughing.]
I love that.
You got a really cute sense of humor, and I'm really digging that, really hard.
Thanks, I'm silly.
Yeah, I like that a lot.
My name is Giannina Gibelli, and I'm 25 years old.
I'm from Venezuela.
Caracas, Venezuela.
Growing up, I was always, like, the sweet one.
My mom called me her dulce de leche.
I taught myself English by reading.
My mom told me that she would always take me to bed, and like, I would have a book on my chest every single time.
You've given me nothing, but like, I guess, "vibe" always sounds like such a weird word, but No, use the word "vibes.
" Alright, so you've given me really good vibes, and I'm actually sitting on the carpet right now I'm literally so close to the screen Are you really? I'm literally sitting on the carpet right now, criss-crossed legs.
- Me, too.
- [Damian.]
Just chilling, looking at it.
Me, too.
What's important to you? [Damian.]
Uh, my family.
- Right.
- [Damian.]
Yeah, my family for sure.
But, you know, I want to carry that on.
I want to have a family of my own someday, and I want somebody to walk by my side, not to walk in front of.
I adore that.
- Yeah.
- [Giannina laughs.]
[Giannina and Damian laughing.]
It's become so easy to talk to you, and I've And I'm really starting to emotionally connect with you.
I'm Damian Powers, and I'm 27 years old.
I came into this process not knowing what to expect, no matter how good-looking we are, or what type of body we have, we all want to be loved, we all want to be accepted.
I want to find someone that just loves me and accepts me for everything that I am, and everything that I'm not.
I'm really hoping to get to know you more over these next few days.
I like you.
I like you a lot.
Yeah, I like you, too.
I know Diamond, and I've fallen in love with this woman.
I feel very free.
I feel comforted in knowing that no matter what I've been through, no matter who I currently am, that there's someone that just wants to weather the storm together.
That's what I deserve, and it's amazing.
- Hey.
- [Carlton.]
Hey, baby.
Through this whole week spent with Carlton, I feel safe.
I've never connected with someone on this level.
I have waited for this my whole life, and I can't waste any more time.
[takes deep breath.]
- Diamond? - [Diamond.]
Yes? Will you be my wife? [Diamond.]
Oh, my gosh.
Will you marry me? [gasps.]
Oh, my gosh.
[chuckles, sobs.]
- Yes.
- [Carlton.]
You will? [Diamond.]
Baby! [Diamond squeals, laughs.]
My dad passed away when I was a very young girl.
I remember going to the funeral, and I see ladybugs everywhere I went.
Today, I woke up, and I literally seen a ladybug, on the mirror.
I really thought that was my dad talking to me, reminding me that everything is going to be okay.
Carlton is the man I've been praying for.
And I think everything is going to be okay.
- Don't cry.
- [Diamond sobbing.]
I got you.
I got you forever.
I'm never going to break your heart.
[Diamond sobs.]
I just wanna, like, bust through the glass, and just, like, hug you.
[breathing heavily.]
Let's do this, babe.
Let's get it.
I have found my forever and I'm not letting any doubt, any insecurities from the past ruin this for me, because it's the best I've ever felt in my life, and no one can take that away from me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
With all my heart.
Oh, God.
You know I can't breathe, right? [Diamond.]
I can't either.
Like, it's a lot.
You've taught me so much in such a short period of time.
It just became evident, day-by-day, that there was no fears, just feeling like I could be myself with you, and no matter what I tell you, you'd accept me, and not leave me, because I feel that I've been left many times.
And I found myself thanking God for you.
You make me feel like I won't have to hide anything.
I won't have to be anybody other than Carlton.
I can't see my life without you, at this point.
I think God put you in my life for a reason.
I think you are a phenomenal person.
Throughout this whole process, we have been vulnerable, and you inspire me.
I'm like, shaking.
It's crazy.
["Paint the Pictures" playing.]
There is a future Find an arrow Point me home It's very touchy to decide when to reveal my sexuality to Diamond, because I'm just not sure how she'll handle it.
Going through this experience in such a short amount of time, I'm definitely closer, and I have to be ready to reveal this information.
I just don't think that I can do it right now.
I have experienced rejection in the past by people that I thought would understand, so I am afraid to ruin this.
My whole life, I've just been craving acceptance.
I'm going to make an amazing husband.
I'm going to be a great father.
Oh, gosh.
This is one of the happiest days of my life.
["Evening Star" playing.]
If you only knew how much I loved you Tell me I'm the one you've been dreaming of Hello.
What's up? My name is Kelly Chase.
I'm 33 years old, and the dating scene for me, it's just never been right.
I had gained about 40 pounds a few years ago, and I am just still not where I would like to be.
And then I'm like, "Kelly, someone out there thinks you're beautiful the way you are.
" I'm going to to sit down.
- [Kelly.]
- See if we can get real personal.
I'm Kenny Barnes.
I'm 27 years old, and I've had great experiences with past relationships, but there's always that missing link.
I've had a tough time with putting myself out there to be vulnerable, and truly be valued.
So one of the biggest things that I've had a problem with is wanting to feel accepted.
So that's what I'm looking for.
Did you have a favorite childhood book? I had a couple.
There's a book It was about a mom and her son.
- Yes.
- [Kenny.]
It was a little picture book, and it was like, "Forever my baby you will be" - [Kelly.]
Yes! - I'm getting chills.
Oh my God, I love it.
It was my favorite childhood book, and obviously I'm not a son, but my mom read it to my sister and I.
Oh, my God.
Like, it is 100 percent my favorite book.
Holy smokes.
That hit me pretty good.
Aww! To be honest with you, I read it three or four years ago, and I was going through a transitional phase.
I just started with the company I'm with now, and it's kind of like that moment of reflection, like, things are great, - but they're not where I want them to be.
- Right.
Personally, I have felt recently It's like I felt like I had no one to talk to.
- [Kelly.]
- It's like, there's work, and I'm stressed out about that.
Let alone, it's family, you know, stuff that's going on It's like I can't talk to anyone.
I literally can't talk to anyone.
- [Kelly.]
- Can't talk.
Yeah, you do, you feel alone.
Yeah, and it's funny Not "funny" you mention that, but, for, like, months, I have felt very, um, alone.
For like months.
And, excuse me for crying [laughs.]
You okay? Yeah, yeah But no, I just like - I want to give you a hug right now.
- [Kelly.]
I know, sorry.
No, it's okay.
I'm a I, I, I get it.
And, like, oh my gosh.
So you got me with the book, and [laughs.]
I told you I'm not a crier, but I feel it, right? Yeah.
I love when guys cry.
Kenny can get emotional, and I was just like, "Okay, I love you".
I've wanted a best friend for a while now.
I appreciate that you're willing to open up like that.
["Don't Change" playing.]
All I want is you to know The difference you have made Please, don't change With Barnett, it's just so weird, and it's getting hard, because I'm having conversations that I'm literally, like, I'm talking to him, and I was like, "If we do this, if we're together, there's something I wanna do, as husband and wife, like, this is what I want to do in a relationship.
" Like talking, like when this works, - I want us to get a couple's massage - [Jessica.]
In my mind, it's not even a question.
- [Jessica.]
What's not a question? - [Amber.]
Like that we would be a couple.
It's not a question.
I know the other girls have feelings for Barnett, but it's Barnett or bust, for me at this point.
These girls will be at my wedding.
There's gonna be a wedding, and they'll be there.
I'm sorry, it's gonna happen.
So, sucks to be them.
He doesn't approach it, or the way that he responds to it is not like It's not like a weird way like, "Oh, yeah, 'if'" He doesn't accentuate it, he was like, "Yeah.
When we get through this, we'll get a couples massage.
" That sounds pretty affirmative.
Like, all my cards are on the table.
I literally have nothing left to play.
Just waiting for him to make the moves.
Hearing Amber talk about Barnett, doesn't really phase me.
I know what Barnett and I have is special, and totally different from what he has with her, because we always talk about what life would be like after this, and it's kind of a secret between us that we're going to end up together in this.
The easy stuff comes so easy.
It's just Barnett or bust, that's it for me.
We have two weeks to figure out who we're going to spend the rest of our lives with.
I've got three people left.
Jessica, Amber, and LC, they all would make excellent wives, and it's difficult because I'm becoming emotionally attached to all of them in different ways.
What's up, LC? [laughs.]
Do you really think that you can find a wife? [strained chuckle.]
What do you think? [LC.]
Don't do that.
We don't have time for games here.
The thing with Barnett is, we can paint a really good picture together, like what this would actually be like, what an actual life with each other would look like.
I'm just really pumped to see what happens the next few days.
Why do you think you could marry me? [RC.]
I don't know, I've always envisioned myself with a guy similar to my dad in the way he like - Oh, gosh.
- [LC.]
he's a people person, everybody loves him.
How do you imagine I would do with your parents? - I think you'd be good with my parents.
- [Barnett.]
Yeah? I don't know if Barnett will propose to anyone, but I feel like if he did, I think that it would be me.
Okay, real quick, whenever I propose, What do you think about non-diamond rings? - Oh, yeah.
I love that.
- [Barnett.]
Really? Okay.
Alright, well, you gotta do it.
Yeah? [chuckles.]
With LC, we're very freaking similar, and it's like, what's going on here? Like, why are we so alike? It's like figuring out if I want to marry myself in girl version.
So With Amber, she excites me, but she also scares the living hell out of me.
When we get out of here, we're going to be all, like, engaged and shit.
"We're all gonna be engaged"? You're talking in general, or you and me are gonna be engaged? [Barnett.]
Me and you.
Are you proposing to me now? Is that a thing? No, I'm not going to propose you tonight.
If I don't propose to Amber, she's going to find me outside of here and whoop my ass! [Jessica.]
Hey, B.
Hey, girl.
I think Jessica is my number one, because every time I talk to her, there's like mad goosebumps.
I told her I was ready to get married, and I would choose her if I could.
If this place had no other guys, and no other girls, I would propose to you tomorrow.
You would? You are my yin to my yang.
I am so fucking happy right now.
Jessica, Amber and LC I love everything about these girls, but all in different ways, and I'm like, "What the hell am I supposed to do?" You got it? You getting married? [Mark laughs.]
Not yet.
- Not yet? - [Mark.]
Not yet.
What you doing? - [Jessica.]
I'm just a little nervous.
- [Diamond.]
Nervous of what? My relationship with Barnett, like - went somewhere I've never really felt.
- Really? I've never felt before.
We just started to talk really seriously, and he started talking in the context of being my husband, and I started to visualize it.
I've waited so long for, like, someone that I care about so much to say those things, and to feel that way.
He said he would marry me.
Oh, wow.
I had an awkward moment with Barnett, and I just never gave him another chance.
He pretty much associated my name with being a stripper, and so when girls be mentioning him, I'll be like, "Oh my God.
What is it?" I'm like, I couldn't stand him.
Like, ugh.
And then, like, I know the feelings that I have for Mark, and it's just a totally different relationship.
Like, it's amazing on so many levels.
Jessica, since the first day you walked out that pod, and you was like, "Girl.
" I said, "What?" "I like Mark.
" And I'm like, "Oh!" Just know, if you're asking me my advice, I prefer for you to be with Mark.
I'm nervous about Mark, though.
My relationship with Barnett, and my relationship with Mark are totally separate, like "on another planet" type relationships.
You know, I always thought my relationship with Barnett was just a flirtatious situation.
And now that it's developing into more, I have to see what happens with Barnett.
I have to follow my heart with Barnett.
It's a breath of fresh air to be accepted by Jessica for just me.
Not what I look like, not how I move, or my body, or whatever.
It's like she's accepting me for me.
And now I know what a true relationship looks like.
You know, I ask you you know, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? Like where's your mind at? I can definitely see us walking out of here together.
I really can.
It's kind of weird to say that.
That's what I'm talking about! [excited chuckle.]
I think Jessica and I, will be getting married.
So what's up? I'm sad right now.
Why? Because I don't like this situation anymore.
What are you talking about? [Jessica.]
I feel like I'd rather just walk away from this.
This is crazy.
So many people are going to get hurt in this, you know? I don't want you to like, hurt.
Why What are you talking about? Obviously since day one, I've been like, Mark, Mark, Mark.
That's just been it, you know? You know, our connection is so strong, but I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't pursue relationships like I came here to do.
What the fuck? I get it, you want to weigh out all your options and be certain.
I am certain.
You were certain when you walked out yesterday.
I definitely don't want to jump the gun, you know? It's just the experience for me has been different.
It's worked in different ways for me.
And I don't just care about you, like I I love you, like, it's crazy.
All the other dates I've had, I didn't feel like that.
The reason why I'm so passionate right now is because I feel that towards you, but if you're feeling that with someone else, it's like I will I'm going to be open and honest with you.
You're ten years younger than I am.
Like, it's, it's crazy.
Like I have created other connections that look like they could potentially plug into my life, you know? I'm just trying to, like, explore everything, because we only have a limited amount of time and it's like the rest of our lives, you know what I mean? It feels like I'm an option, that's what it makes me feel like.
God [Mark.]
I told you how certain I am.
I've never been this certain about something in my life.
I'm going to tell you straight up.
If I'm not walking out of here with you, then I'll go my separate way, and I'll go home.
And that's fine.
I'm just letting you know where I stand, and that the ball's in your court, and that's all I'm saying.
I came into this wanting to find someone, but I didn't know that I was going to have to hurt someone else, too.
So I think that's wearing on me more than anything.
Oh, fuck me! Yesterday, I felt like we both knew that we were going to walk - out of here together.
- Yeah.
Today, having conversations, as you said, I'm just like, "So you're playing me? So you're still weighing your options, - or what's up?" - Yeah.
Because that's the problem.
Because, like, I'm not just a fucking option.
I don't need my partner, age difference or not, to expect me to be a 34 year old.
I'm 24.
I know what I am.
I feel as though I put my heart out there, and someone reciprocated it, but then just ripped it out for no reason.
Don't fuck with me.
- Don't fuck with me.
- Yeah.
- [Mark.]
I'm a grown-ass man.
- [Carlton.]
- I know what I fucking want.
- Yeah.
Oh, fuck me.
I'm about to see the man of my dreams for the first time.
He assured me that I will always make him happy, no matter what.
I just hope that he accepts me for who I am.
I'm here for you, Carlton.
I will always be here for you, no matter what.
[dramatic music playing.]
[sighs deeply.]
Oh, my gosh.
I didn't tell Diamond about my past before the proposal, because I just always wanted people to judge me for the way that I love, rather than who I love, and a lot of times, people are misjudged when they're fluid.
So, of course in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, well, what if she has a change of heart? [Diamond.]
When we finally meet, I just hope that I make him smile.
And I hope that he just finds me very attractive, and will swoop me up and take me off.
[dramatic music escalated, then stops.]
How are you? [laughs.]
Hi! [Diamond laughing.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, wow.
How are you? - I'm good, how you feeling? - Good.
Oh my gosh.
- I'm a fiancée! - [laughs.]
Can you believe it? Look at you.
Look at you! Look at you.
You fly.
- You fly.
- You look good.
Thank you.
- Damn.
- I was hoping you'd like it.
I know that I'm different.
I know that my past is different.
But this is what I've always dreamed of.
In four weeks, we'll be getting married.
My biggest worry is that someone that I am super in love with and want to marry, won't be able to walk down the aisle, because she just can't be married to someone like me.
I'm excited about my marriage.
- I am.
- You are? Mm-hmm.
You ready to get this party started? I am.
It's going to be great.
I love guys with bald heads, and I think I like the way he dressed, and just his whole persona.
I'm very attracted to Carlton.
- [Diamond laughing.]
- [Carlton.]
Whoo! Thank you, God.
When I was talking to him, expressing my heart to him, I wanted to know, like, are you here for me? Are you going to accept my flaws? Carlton has a way of making me feel like I'm the only woman on Earth.
He really, truly, loves me.
As of right now, the only concern will have to be our family.
Hopefully our family can accept our love, and the way it went down.
This is not normal.
I know a lot of families are traditional.
They want you to date, become the girlfriend We're not oblivious to the steps and the process of marriage, but it's not their life.
It's my life, and I choose to be with Carlton.
[upbeat music plays.]
You should be proud about the fact that so many girls like you.
You are a catch, my brother.
Who have you talked the most with on serious issues? - Amber.
- Amber.
Probably Amber.
What about Jessica? I think we shoot the shit way too much when we're in there, and it's hard to get past that sometimes.
Why was she your number one last night? [Barnett.]
Like, the feeling in the moment.
I mean, that's my problem with every relationship, every person that I talk to, I get in there, I want to have a good time.
How do you feel about you and LC, on paper? [Barnett.]
I think we would always have a good time.
But I think that because we're so similar, You're in the honeymoon phase, right? And you love talking to them, love being around them, but our job here is not to be in the honeymoon phase, our job here is to find someone that we spend the rest our life with.
And that's important, but Yeah, man.
I hope you find some clarity.
- [man 1.]
Hello? - [woman 1.]
[man 2.]
Hey, how are you? [woman 2.]
Good, how are you? [Barnett.]
Hello? [Jessica.]
I've waited so long to find the perfect person, and I think Barnett is someone I can spend the rest of my life with.
I'm ready for him to ask me to marry him.
What are you doing? [Bernett.]
Drinking red wine.
Let's do some fun stuff.
- I wanna have fun.
- [Barnett.]
Okay, what do you wanna do? [Jessica.]
Um Twenty questions? Truth or dare? Truth or dare.
Is it true that you still feel the same way you felt last night about me? [heartbeat thumping, intensifies.]
I don't know.
[dramatic music.]
Wait, really? - Yeah.
- Oh.
Ah! Jessica would be a good wife.
but after my dates with Amber and LC, I'm scared to have to pick between any of these girls, because I know all the qualities that they have, and all the good things that can come from each person, you know? [sighs.]
I don't know what's up in my mind.
I know I have connections, emotional connections with people.
And I don't know how to, like differentiate feeling good from, you know feeling the L-word, almost.
- I feel like I should go.
- [Barnett.]
Why? Because I don't fuck with people like you.
What does that mean? Like, I'm not playing this game with you.
I'm not trying play games, I'm trying to feel everything out right now.
- I'm trying to be rational.
- [Jessica.]
Well, why I don't know why you said everything you said to me, then.
What are you trying to figure out? My freaking heart, man.
Your heart? About what? I just don't know what it's feeling.
- I'm trying so hard - Oh, my gosh.
I don't know what's going on.
Now you're trying to figure it out? I know a million guys like you.
That's a load of shit.
There's people that don't know what they want, and that's you.
You don't know what you want.
- A million people have told me.
- That's what I'm trying to do.
Okay, then you can try to do it with somebody else, - because I'm fucking over this.
- Okay.
You told me last night that you were ready to propose to me.
That's insane.
You literally said that last night.
[nervous chuckle.]
I like you.
I'm not even entertaining this conversation.
This is embarrassing.
[dramatic music, intensifies.]
Bye, Jessica.
[Jessica sobbing.]
["Just Stay" playing.]
Say you hate, say you hate me Just say some Just say something Being married is the next step in the rest of my life, and it's If I don't start now, who's to say that I'm ever going to find someone? Like, any of these girls.
I look like a freaking fool.
I have all these conversations with someone, and then tell them how I feel.
I tell them that, you know like, they're strong in my mind, and I'm not good at reading minds [sighs.]
Just say anything [Amber.]
Jessica, how you feeling, friend? Don't let that dude fuck with you.
- What? - Don't let Barnett fuck with you.
What do you mean? I'm just telling you, he's a fuckboy.
I just walked out on him.
[dramatic instrumentals.]
- Who'd you walk out on? - How so? What do you mean? He's been telling me a lot of things.
He told me he's going to propose to me, last night.
He told me he wanted to propose to me, and make me his wife, and he just told me tonight I was like That's what set me back, I'm like, "What the hell?" He is a total dick.
He doesn't know what he wants, period.
What just happened is is really kind of earth-shattering for me.
Your relationship with him may be different, but I think I know, but it gets to the point I know, I know.
[Jessica whispering.]
Do not let him fucking make you look like he just made me look.
I told her last night that I was, like considering proposing to her, almost, and like, I feel fucking ridiculous and stupid as shit for saying that shit.
Like, I'm not trying to be an asshole.
It's just, I can't help my ability to connect with people, and that there's multiple people that I connect with.
I don't know.
Again, I still strongly believe that everyone's relationship is different.
Maybe he's having issues, but he told me tonight that he doesn't know what he wants, and he's fucked up in his head.
That's what he told me.
After telling me he was literally What? After last night, literally telling me he was gonna marry me.
Maybe it was less of a serious, "Will you marry me?" and more of a off-handed, "Yeah, I would marry you tomorrow," which I guess she took more seriously than he did.
So I don't know.
[dramatic instrumentals intensify, then stop.]
[upbeat R&B music playing.]
Ooh, ooh Spinning like a carousel Ooh, ooh [Mark.]
Hello? [Jessica.]
I'm pissed, because I had visualized Barnett as someone I could spend the rest of my life with.
Yesterday, I was thinking, "Mark, Mark, Mark," and Barnett came and distracted me with this game.
So I really hope that I didn't mess it up with Mark.
He is just everything, everything I've ever wanted, and so much more.
What's up? [sobbing exhale.]
I'm so sorry.
I feel like such an asshole.
I just, like I don't know, I feel like I had to think.
I didn't know what was happening.
[sighs deeply.]
I swear, though, like, it was him, like, I swear to God.
It wasn't me.
Now I'm just like I don't know [breathes deeply.]
Babe, I was so confused, you know? And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's cut off.
Like, it is totally cut off.
I'm not seeing him anymore.
Barnett is definitely not what I want.
Baby, I don't want to date anybody else.
I know my worth, like a thousand percent.
Like, I know who I am.
I know what I bring to the table, and I know everything I'm worth.
And I'm not second fiddle.
Look, I'm real.
I'm not some dude, acting like I'm something I'm not.
One of the things my mom always taught me growing up, is that when you love something, and you let it go, if it comes back, it was always for you.
If it doesn't come back, it was never for you in the first place.
And I could feel it.
She was like, "Babe.
" She said "babe" like a thousand times after that.
Jessica's finally telling me what I've always wanted, and I don't know how to how to take it.
It's like I just can't wrap my head around it.
Now, I always want you to be 100% transparent with me.
And so, I want you to know that, like I do care about you.
And I get it.
There's a lot of societal shit, whatever, and there's a lot of, you know, shit that we would have to combat.
- Yeah.
- We just don't know what's gonna happen.
I've taken a step back a little bit from Mark, and letting him know if there are connections with other people, and I wouldn't blame him for wanting to take a step back from me.
Now I don't know if I'm going to end up with anyone.
["Into the Light" playing.]
Your soul's on the line You don't know where to hide You're running running Straight into the light [Kenny.]
There's nothing believable about this experience.
The "physical and emotional gauntlet" is what I've called it.
It's overwhelming, but in all the best ways.
I honestly don't believe that if, had I not gone through this process, I would have found the woman of Kelly's caliber, in the real world.
I know that I found someone that I can trust, and that's the biggest thing.
And she can rely and trust in me forever.
- Milady.
- [Kelly.]
How are you today? - [Kelly.]
I'm great.
- You're great? - [Kelly.]
- I can tell.
I've appreciated this journey with you.
I know that I need to be with you, and you're exactly the person that I've been looking for.
And I'm going to go ahead I'm going to cover my eyes, because I kind of want to just black every single thing out [chuckles.]
and just be with you in this moment.
- [Kelly.]
- Can you do that, too? - [Kelly.]
Yep, I will close my eyes.
- Okay.
I'm going to go ahead and get down on my knee.
And I'm going to ask you, Kelly Marie, will you marry me? I will, yes.
[upbeat instrumentals.]
Oh, my God.
Are you excited? - Yeah.
- [Kenny.]
I am so pumped.
[both laughing.]
I love you today, and that love will remain, but I can't wait to learn to love you even more.
I love you, too.
It's so surreal.
I don't know how to even describe the thoughts that are going through my mind.
I've found someone who I've worked so hard to think of and dream of in my head.
Oh, my gosh.
You are just this perfect person on the other side of this wall, and I cannot wait to meet you and touch you.
Oh, my gosh.
I have longed for this for so long, and I just feel like he has been my missing link.
like having that companion, and it's just, like, complete right now.
Um, I can't wait to see you.
I can't wait to see you either.
- I love you.
- [Kelly.]
I love you, too.
- Whoo! - Whoo! - Yes! - Yes! [Kelly laughing.]
[happy music playing.]
Let's go! - [Mark.]
Yeah! - Whoo! Crashin' in love [Giannina.]
Hello? [Damian.]
It feels so good to hear your voice again.
- Yeah.
- So, something, seemed like in your past, or something has happened that has caused you to feel that you're not beautiful.
Why is that such a fear for you? Because I feel like there's so many beautiful things about you.
[soft piano music playing.]
Well I guess moving here, like, America, I was different, you know, and then I got picked on a lot in high school, and for some reason I just felt inadequate.
This is hard for me.
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Hearing you talk is just, like I got picked on a lot in school, too.
I got made fun of.
I was tiny and small, you know, I was quirky and weird, I guess.
And it really took years after high school to figure out who I am and what kind of man I wanted to become.
You know, everybody's had something in their past, but, like, you've got to love yourself, and you got to trust, and let other people love you for who you are.
And if they can't, then, in simple terms, I just say, screw 'em.
Are you "uh-huh"-ing, or are you humming? I'm "uh-huh"-ing.
[upbeat music playing.]
I just wanna love ya I have definitely thought about the visual first impression, because I do want him to love me on the outside, too, even though we've connected on such a great scale, emotionally.
I definitely want him to I want him to love this shell, too.
I've always known that Kelly, without a shadow of a doubt, was the person that I was meant to meet.
She and I didn't share any descriptions of each other.
I can just tell that she's such a gentle person, and to me that means so much more than just, you know, some other physical characteristic.
[curious and dramatic instrumentals.]
[instrumentals stop.]
- [Kelly.]
Hey! - [Kenny and Kelly laughing.]
How are you feeling? [uplifting romantic music playing.]
She's beautiful.
She's perfect.
She's a little, you know, 5'2", short thing.
I can just bundle her up, and she just buried herself in my chest, and it's like we've known each other our entire lives.
I'm so excited.
I'm ready.
Yeah? Good.
- Yeah.
- Good.
[Kelly laughing.]
Kenny and I got to know each other on such an emotional level, because we couldn't see each other.
And the physical attraction was there, too.
I mean it was in tenfold, because I know what makes him who he is.
And he's just so beautiful inside and out.
I'm so excited for the next few weeks, and hopefully the rest of our lives together.
[happy music playing.]
[overlapping indistinct conversations.]
Hello? Hi.
I, like, really miss that voice.
It's really crazy.
After our talk yesterday, I went to bed thinking about you, and when I woke up, you were the first thing I thought of this morning.
It's scary to have this amount of emotions, so fast.
And it's not like me.
I don't, like I don't get attached quick.
That's the same thing with me, too, but [sighs.]
something that is kind of like in the back of my head is that I self-sabotage all the time.
But I realize that I do it when something that's too good to be true is happening to me.
Because my parents' divorce really fucked me up.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is something that I've always been afraid of.
I can picture my life with and without Damian.
But my life is so much sweeter with him in it.
I don't want to picture my life without him.
I mean, I'm scared, but [sighs.]
I know you don't wanna get hurt, as much as I don't wanna get hurt, and I feel really strongly about you and the way things are going, and I think I could really see something with you.
Mm-hmm? Am I falling in love? Am I in love? I want the answer to be "yes.
" I feel such a strong connection with her right now, and it's unbelievable, but there's always that fear of losing her, and it's a scary thing.
But I feel right now, we've built such a strong bond, that I'm willing to stay here to find out if she is my true love.
Thank you so much.
I'm the one that should be thanking you.
Feels like I've been here for months.
I'm drained, just emotionally drained right now.
Last night was really rough with Jessica, and I'm scared to only have a couple days.
[nervous chuckles.]
I just hope for happiness.
That's all I see, is just like whoever I'm with, just smiling all the time, and making them smile, and, like, me smiling too, obviously.
Because I just want a good life.
- [Barnett.]
- [LC.]
Hi! What are you getting into over there? - Oh, I brought my ukulele.
- Oh! - [LC.]
You play the ukulele? - [mock gasping.]
I wanted it to be surprising.
Are you about to serenade me? - Did you write me a song? - I wrote you a song, it's called LC Is my favorite initials [laughing.]
Every single person here, guy or girl, has gotten to a point where they're like All of us are like, "I wanna marry this person.
" And we've known them for a week.
I've gotten on a level here that I've not even gotten with myself, [laughs.]
much less another person.
But now I'm already way past anything with Barnett emotionally, and I don't even care what he looks like.
I never thought I would say that.
- That's the only part I know.
- [LC.]
Were you ever in choir? - [Barnett.]
Was I ever in choir? No.
- Really? No, I get my singing practice in the shower.
- [LC.]
- It's like where I That's where you really turn it up? [Barnett.]
Where I turn it up.
Yeah, like my dog sits outside and looks at me weird.
See, I don't live by myself, so for me it's the car.
Yeah, I like to make up my own songs - while I'm driving to work.
- Me, too.
And I sing to them in the car, and I'm like, why does this sound so good? I mean, I should get a record deal, right now.
[Barnett chuckling.]
LC, I like you.
Yeah, you're the kind of guy I could definitely fall for really quickly and know that I would have a lot of fun with, which is my most important thing, always.
That's what I was thinking, you know, we're so alike, it's ridiculous.
And we like a lot of the same stuff.
What's a song you know on the ukulele? Nothing, I don't know any songs.
Okay, well, all right.
- Let's just - You like Taylor Swift? [LC.]
I love Taylor Swift.
I don't know any Taylor Swift.
I was just asking, because I like Taylor Swift.
- You do? - [Barnett.]
Oh, yeah.
Have you been to her concert? If she was in this, she would be the person I'd be marrying.
Me, too.
[both laughing.]
So what you're saying is [Barnett.]
What I'm saying is Taylor, if you're watching, and I end up single after this, - [LC.]
- [mock howling.]
I haven't been vulnerable in a long time, and I haven't been open in a long time with anybody.
It makes me feel good to know that someone on the other side of that wall cares about me.
[happy, upbeat music playing.]
How real has this shit got? So real, I didn't realize some of the issues that I have were still issues for me.
Open up, girl.
Fuck, where do I start? [sighs.]
My one and only serious relationship.
This is going to be my future husband.
Like, I told him, "I think I might be pregnant," and immediately he's in problem-solving mode.
"Well, how are we going to fix this?" Like it wasn't Oh, God.
I just No, I got you.
I know where you're at.
I know what's going on.
I don't have kids right now.
So obviously I didn't follow through with the pregnancy.
It was the Oh, fuck.
- It was - Yeah, you're okay.
You're okay.
It was It was really the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life.
[wistful song playing.]
[sighs deeply.]
I was still learning what it meant to be in love with somebody, and because I loved him so much, I I had an abortion.
Uh [scoffs.]
It's not exactly something that's like I'm proud of.
After the fact, we were just talking.
I'm telling him, like I'm trying to explain what I'm going through, like, I'm having a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning.
I don't eat.
I'm not really sleeping.
I just This was supposed to be my other half.
And his reaction, he goes, "Why don't you just get over it? You just need to get over it already.
Like, move on.
" That is the last thing in the world you want to hear.
I need to know if a situation like that comes up, and an unexpected pregnancy happens, I'm not going to be [sobbing.]
I won't be forced to choose.
I can't survive that again.
Like, I just I It would destroy me.
[somber music playing.]
[mellow piano instrumentals.]
Deep breath in.
[Rory and Damian inhaling.]
Force the air out.
[Rory and Damian exhaling.]
[Damian exhales.]
For the first time my life, I know what I want.
I want her.
It scares the shit out of me.
When you're in love, you know, it's scary, right? It's something that's powerful.
As guys, we're taught that we are supposed to be in control, and for this, you're not.
I am nervous, anxious, because when it comes to Giannina, I'm afraid that she'll get scared, and maybe leave, because she gets scared when things are too good to be true, and when things start to become real to her.
She seems to pull away.
I am going to propose today.
You ready for this? I'm ready.
[inspirational instrumentals.]
I have fallen in love with who Giannina is as a person, and it is so much more beautiful than just basing somebody off their looks.
Giannina, I love you with all my heart.
Thank you for coming into my life, and letting me know what it means to live.
[sighs nervously.]
How you feeling? Good.
- [Damian.]
Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
I would love to hear your name again.
Your full name.
My full name is Giannina Milady Gibelli.
Giannina Milady Gibelli.
- Bingo.
- Hence, "GG.
" - Hence, "GG.
" - [Damian.]
So I want to tell you I've been figuring out what makes Giannina tick, and I wanted to give you something that meant something to me.
And I start putting things in this box, things from other countries, places I've been, and things I just That say it's Damian.
Did you get the box? - This is my thoughts, my memories.
- [Giannina.]
And when you open the box, what do you see? Empty.
It's empty, because I stopped.
I was like, this isn't right.
Besides my brother and my family, you've now become the most important thing in my life, and I cannot put you in that box.
So I took the bow off the box.
And I put the bow on my right hand, because today I don't just give you a piece of me, I give you all of me.
I am your gift.
Giannina, I love everything about you.
Giannina Milady Gibelli.
Before you, I get on one knee for the first time in my life, and I ask you to take this bow.
I ask you, will you marry me? [gasps.]
- [heartbeat thumping.]
- [mysterious instrumentals.]
[exhales deeply.]
I wanted to tell you something [exhales deeply.]
[mysterious music crescendo.]
[music stops.]

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