Love Is Blind (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

First Night Together

1 [Damian.]
Will you marry me? [gasps.]
[sighs nervously.]
I wanted to tell you something.
One thing that I don't believe in is roles.
Or labels.
I do whatever I want.
And what I want you to do is I want you to stand up.
I'm standing.
So throughout this whole thing, I have been trying to find my soulmate.
I see you as my equal.
And I'm just as strong as you.
So I want to ask you, Damian Powers, will you marry me? [sobs.]
I will marry you.
I'll marry you, too! - [Damian.]
I accept.
- I accept, too.
- Oh, fuck.
- [Giannina laughing.]
I love you.
I love you, too.
[Damian sighs.]
- [Giannina laughing.]
- I never expected that.
You scared the shit out of me.
I wanted to surprise you.
You surprised me.
I cannot wait to hold you.
I'm going to break this thing down in like two seconds.
So, I'm engaged to a man that I've never seen before and that is so me.
That's something that I would do.
I can't wait to see you, Damian.
You're amazing.
And I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
Me, too.
- I love you.
- [Giannina.]
I love you, too.
[uplifting song playing.]
When the world is heartless When you're in the darkness Only love can light it up Light it up, light it up Light it up, yeah Light it up, light it up Today, I feel strongly towards two people, but I, you know Like, I try to avoid that conflict as well, I guess.
I really want to be married, but I'm so scared of making the wrong decision.
So So, um.
my indecisiveness is killing me right now.
I know I'm confused in the head.
I don't know what's going on right now.
You told Jessica, "I can see you being my wife" and all this stuff.
You said that.
But you weren't honest to everyone else on how you felt about that.
Not just me.
I'm talking about the other two girls.
Yeah, you're right.
It sucks.
The conversations fucking blow.
It is fucking awful to be The conversation with Jessica I had yesterday was the toughest I've had, ever in my life.
Jessica was conflicted on what was going on.
She was going back and forth.
And now she's telling me she's committed to me and I don't want to be like Barnett: wishy-washy, uncertain.
Because I know what I want.
And that's Jessica.
Accept the conflict.
Accept it's going to happen, - and fucking go for it.
- Yeah.
[somber song playing.]
I can still remember To the night when I surrendered And we started spinning out of control I found my person, which is Jessica, and I've never in my entire life been able to open up the way I have with her and built this connection with her.
I can honestly say I found the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
All I hope is that there's no doubt in her mind that I'm the man she wants to be with.
- Hello? - [Jessica.]
Hey, babe.
Oh, God, hearing your voice It's literally the best thing Oh, man.
The first time I heard your voice, I just knew.
And there's no words that can ever, ever, ever That I could even describe to the feeling that you give me and I promised each and every day that I will love you even when times are tough.
I promise you to be that rock.
I've never been so certain about something in my life, and it's so hard for me to let people in.
And for you, I let you in and I love every second of it.
Jessica, you have my heart and there's nobody in this world that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.
I want you to picture this kid from Chicago, with his heart in his hands, getting down on one knee, and Jessica I want to ask you Will you marry me? [sobbing.]
Hello? Yes.
Of course.
Of course I will.
I want to kiss you, I want to hug you.
- [Jessica.]
Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
I love you.
I feel like I came into this Like, I honestly felt like God put me here.
I don't know why.
I was like, "This is so weird, what am I doing?" But I just want like forever with you.
I don't want this to ever end.
I'm so happy right now.
- I love you.
- [Jessica.]
I love you, too.
My heart's beating out of my chest.
Oh, God.
Like, I love you.
And I mean that.
- I love you.
- [Mark.]
I love you.
I just got engaged.
I did.
It's been 20 years of pushing off commitment, but it was easy to commit to Mark today.
Love is so blind.
I'm marrying a 24 year old.
Oh, my God.
I tried to push him away, because that's what I do, and he wouldn't let me.
And now he is my fiancé.
I'm so excited.
I'm happy.
We're good! I'm excited.
Let's do it, like - [Jessica.]
I'm excited, too! - Whoo! [Mark.]
A lot of people try to say you should wait until you're 28, 29, 30.
I'm like, but when you find that person, why wait? But next time, babe, Jessica, answer and then cry, 'cause I about had a heart attack at age 24, so My God, I'm I wish you could see me right now.
I want you to enjoy the rest of this day and we got the rest of our lives.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
["Adrenaline" playing.]
Feel my, feel my My adrenaline It'll never be the same [Amber.]
Being in love with Barnett is a roller-coaster The way he's been interacting with other girls seems so indecisive.
I'm not the only one in this, so I don't know, you know, what's in Barnett's mind.
And if it's just feels like such high stakes right now.
Even though I feel like I know who he's wanting to be with, and it's me, I don't know that for sure.
I don't even put myself around Amber at this point.
I just think it's an exhausting thing to be around.
Honestly, I don't see Barnett with anyone else.
If he does end up with her, then I was clearly way off.
Like, way off, about the kind of person he is and wants in a wife.
I mean I'm probably, like, one of the luckiest guys in the world right now.
Like, I have two freaking amazing people that are so interested in me.
But how can two people be so sure and I'm over here, like I have no freaking clue.
I have a huge fear of having this initial spark with someone and it just fizzling out.
And the intensity of Amber like, I'm scared that it's not going to last.
LC I know she'll love me and I know it may not be as intense as Amber, but it could be for a long time and it won't burn out.
Honestly, I thought about not proposing to either one.
I don't want to hurt someone and I know it's going to happen.
And I'm feeling the fucking pain right now.
It's the For sure, the toughest decision I've ever had to make.
[dramatic music plays.]
So I know I've put you through probably one of the hardest experiences of your life.
This has, uh been It's been the toughest thing I've ever had to do.
I've thought everyday and I've I've tried to think, you know, what my future holds and, you know, what's the right decision for me.
You know, I have to follow my heart.
It's, it's It's not you, LC.
- I literally can't even cry anymore.
- [Barnett.]
I know.
Like, you just don't have any regard for what you're doing to people.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have done this to me.
I would have never never let you get to this point if it were me instead of you in that position.
This is my real life and my real feelings, and [Barnett.]
I know.
You're not really the person I thought you were, honestly.
Have a great life.
I'm walking out the door.
["Leave Me Burning" playing.]
You, you, keep me hurting You, you, keep me yearning You, you, leave me burning Why the fuck do guys not ever feel that sure about me? Ever? [scoffs.]
It's not just here.
Like, I feel like they're always, like, scared and run.
Like, I don't know what I'm doing to do that.
Or am I just like Like, an unlovable person, which I don't think that I am.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Clearly, I don't I'm not seeing it.
I don't know what's going on.
Like, I'm just like having, like [sobbing.]
You, you, keep me hurting You, you, leave me burning You, leave me burning [Barnett.]
Marriage is a big deal to me because it's a lifelong commitment.
I've never wanted to get married unless I felt like it was right.
If I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this person, I want to make sure that it's going to be someone that I'm going to be happy with forever.
Amber, um you are the only one that makes me feel this burning fire in my heart.
But [heart thumping.]
Oh, shit.
Amber Will you marry me? [Amber laughing.]
Oh [sighs.]
Oh, my God.
- Was that "yes"? - [Amber.]
Yes! - Yes? - Yes! [Barnett.]
Fuck, okay.
Whoo! Yes.
[romantic song playing.]
Someone's feeling so in love tonight Oh, fuck.
Someone's falling in love For the first time I am not ever going to make you doubt that I love you, and I'm going to love you forever.
[Barnett voice-over.]
I knew that I had a spark with LC.
It's just the spark was stronger with Amber.
Amber look at me.
Look at me.
Oh, I'm going to make you the most stressed-out girl in the world.
But you're gonna make me the happiest man in the world.
I'm already freaking off the walls right now.
I'm so happy already, so [sighs.]
I love you.
Oh, shit.
- [laughing.]
- [Barnett.]
Whoo! - I already told you I love you, right? - [Amber.]
- I do love you.
- [Amber.]
Ah! [Amber.]
[breathing nervously.]
I have insecurities when it comes to how I look.
What will she think of me? She's such a spiritual and loving, kind soul, that I don't think she's looking for somebody for looks.
She has touched me without touching me.
And for the first time in my life, I think somebody's finally seen me without seeing me.
I want to just stare at him.
I just want to process him, see if he matched what I thought in my head.
I have no idea what I'm going to do when I see Damian.
I don't know if I'm going to laugh, or if I'm going to cry, or if I'm gonna pass out, or if I'm gonna throw up, I have no idea.
Oh, God.
Hurry up.
[suspenseful music, intensifying.]
Oh, my God, I love you.
Oh my God, you're so strong.
She is stunning.
I mean, she took my breath away.
Her smile was so bright, her skin tone's so soft and so fucking It's beautiful.
It's so different and I love different because different is beautiful.
Who knew I could get so deep? Ah! This girl brings out a lot of stuff in me.
You have really pretty eyes.
- Beautiful eyes.
- You have such pretty eyes.
Today I give you me.
I give you all of me.
- So, tonight you have a piece of me.
- Good.
- Dame.
- Dame.
It's interesting.
Because I pictured you, obviously.
I never pictured this.
I love how Damian looks.
I love it.
I can stare at him forever.
But my old habits would have been like "Wait.
Now I'm doubting myself.
" 'Cause I self-sabotage.
And I didn't do that with Damian.
I am so happy.
I can finally let that wall down.
Giannina She is fucking beautiful.
I'm sorry for the F-bomb, excuse me, but she is gorgeous.
I hope she's going back thinking, "He is a handsome man.
" [laughs.]
It's crazy that in just four weeks, Giannina is going to be my wife.
I am [whistles softly.]
I'm a I'm a lucky man.
I see you.
Barnett has chosen me to be his wife and he has gotten a whole crazy handful.
He just [sighs.]
refused to let me love him! [scoffs.]
And he finally gave in.
Today, I get to meet my fiancée.
[exhales nervously.]
Oh, it's giving me butterflies.
[Barnett laughing.]
Roller coaster.
Let's hit that drop, come on.
I'm nervous as hell.
What if she doesn't like me? I don't know.
I haven't, throughout this entire process, been able to picture his face.
I haven't been able to fabricate anything that I feel like is close enough to who he is.
I'm really hoping for a nice smile and pretty eyes, 'cause I'm a sucker for both, but c'est la vie.
Oh, God.
[exhales deeply.]
Oh, gosh.
- Oh, shit.
- [Amber.]
- [laughing.]
- [Barnett.]
Holy fuck.
- Hello.
- Hi! [Barnett.]
Oh, God.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- Wow.
- Hi.
- Holy shit.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's it going? [laughs.]
Did you know the whole time he looked like that? Like that's [laughs.]
That's my fiancé.
All right, I'm going to need this hand real quick.
I refuse to let you change your mind again.
I'm gonna stick that on there right now.
[Amber laughing.]
Barnett frustrates me and he irks my nerves and he drives me to the ends of insanity, and [sighs.]
I fucking love him.
I adore him for it.
Like, I love that he challenges me and makes me laugh.
And I love the way he makes me feel and y'all, I love the way he feels.
I'm just I couldn't be happier right now.
[sobs, snorts.]
- Oh, my God.
- Don't you dare snort on me.
[Amber laughing.]
I got something for you, too.
I had actually picked something out, so Is that for me? - Yes.
- Is that mine? [Barnett.]
Hopefully it fits.
Oh, Jesus.
Hell, yeah, this is the fucking right decision.
- Damn, I'm lucky.
- [Amber laughing.]
I wasn't nervous at all, but damn.
I was a little nervous.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
- I just want to - I'm okay.
Snuggle me real quick.
Don't ever let go.
I'm not going to let you.
They're not going to take you away from me.
I'm engaged, y'all! Oh, my God.
I'm engaged.
Oh, my God.
You're so irritating.
I know I am.
I know I am.
- I'll always be that way.
- [Amber snorts.]
Barnett has put me through the wringer.
[both laughing.]
And I have no doubt he will probably do it again.
Open the door.
[Amber laughs, snorts.]
But I am still, and always have been, up for the challenge and it feels really good to know that he is, too.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I never thought I would come out of this engaged and definitely never thought I would come out of this engaged to that freaking smokin' hot piece of sexiness.
Holy shit.
It's literally the most freaking beautiful girl I've seen in my entire life.
I'm going to miss you.
Yeah, you are.
[both laughing.]
Yeah, I am.
Yeah, I am.
I'm so glad I didn't let my stupid brain fuck this up.
See you soon.
["Seize The Day" playing.]
Seize the day Make it never bring you down [Amber laughs.]
You go and do it anyway Ah! [laughs.]
Oh, God.
Whoo! [laughs.]
Me and my fiancé get to go on a vacation and I am ecstatic to get to see what this connection is going to be like in the physical world.
I'm gonna just need to forewarn you guys, you are not allowed in our hotel room.
Y'all got to stay out.
[sighs deeply.]
This experiment for me has changed my life and I'm 34 years old.
I thought maybe this was something that would never happen to me.
It happened.
It happened! Ah.
I'm engaged to someone 10 years younger than me.
I never would have expected that to happen.
I didn't think about the possibility of someone so much younger really becoming my everything.
But, yeah, I'm 100% head-over-heels in love.
[exhales deeply.]
Jessica, I love you, baby.
I'm going to make you the happiest woman in the world, no matter what conflict is in front of us.
No matter what adversity, obstacle You're my person.
Thank you for choosing me.
I couldn't be more thankful to be with you.
[exhales deeply.]
I found the one, and it does not matter to me at all what he looks like.
If he's a troll, I literally don't care.
I found full-blown love like I've never experienced before and it didn't come from seeing someone across the room who I thought was hot.
It came from really connecting with someone on a deeper level than I've ever experienced before.
[indistinct muttering.]
[dramatic music playing, intensifies.]
[dramatic music crescendos.]
[sighs nervously.]
[Mark sighs deeply.]
[Jessica sobs.]
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, shit.
[Mark sobs.]
That laugh.
I wanted to do this in person.
[exhales deeply.]
Jessica Oh Will you marry me? Yes.
- [Mark.]
- [chuckles.]
Did you see her? Seriously, like holy shit! Whoo! What? That's my wife! That's my wife.
Seeing you right now is the best feeling, I Is this the image you had in your head? I don't even know what image I had in my head.
- Hopefully - What was it? - I don't I couldn't tell you.
- This is better.
Yeah? I asked someone earlier what a 24-year-old looks like.
- I didn't know, but you look like normal.
- [laughs.]
- You look like a grown-ass man.
- Yeah? Is it the beard? - It's the beard.
We'll keep that.
- Okay, phew.
I won't shave it down, I promise.
I wasn't sure with someone that's much younger than me.
Would it be awkward? And there was zero awkwardness.
It was just like finally being able to see this person you've created the deepest emotional bond of your life with.
Um, I was instantly very, very attracted to him.
["Yours to Love" playing.]
This is your heart to break This is your soul to take This is your move to make [Jessica.]
I'm looking forward to getting married and creating a family that we can grow forever.
But I know when we walk out of here, we're going to be met with a lot of adversity.
I know friends and family will have their opinions.
Hey, babe.
- Whoo! - [Jessica.]
The person I love may not be the stereotypical person that people would choose for me, but he's my person and I know his soul.
He is the most special person I've ever met and age is not a factor for us.
We're not worried about anything that stands in our way.
Oh, my God.
[trembling sigh.]
Holy shit.
This is your move to make I’m yours to love [latin lounge music playing.]
In this blind love experiment, six couples have fallen in love and gotten engaged, sight unseen.
Hi! - [laughing.]
- How are you doing? Oh, my God.
Their weddings are just four weeks away.
Now, they've seen each other for the very first time and they've come to this tropical paradise to help turn their emotional connection into a physical one.
Up until now, the only thing that's mattered is who they are on the inside.
Now, their love will be put to the test.
Will their relationships flourish or fail once they're exposed to the physical realities of the material world.
What the couples don't know, is that they're all gonna be coming to the same resort right here.
They started with love, an emotional connection.
But is love enough? [Spanish guitar music playing.]
- Thank you.
- [Damian.]
Gimme your purse.
Hold this.
It's cool because we're kind of working like Benjamin Button.
You know, we're working backwards.
I know what he values and I've told him my deepest fears, everything, but I still have yet to explore him.
So, I'm excited about our first night together.
I fell in love with my fiancée without ever seeing her and it's, it's, it's weird.
It's different trying to establish the emotional and physical connection together.
When you have a really strong emotional connection and then you're bringing the physical into it, how do you get them to become one? - Hmm? No? - No.
- No? - I don't know.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Damian.]
See? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Gracias, señor.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh, yeah? - I was gonna dive in.
Ha ha! Cheers.
The Grand Velas Maya Rivera.
It's a dream.
And I am here.
But I can't believe that I'm here.
I just don't want it to ever end.
It doesn't have to.
- No? - [Damian.]
It doesn't have to.
What do you think of all this? [exhales.]
I feel like it's a fairy tale.
Something tells me you've always wanted a fairy tale.
Well, it's just because I always grew up watching movies and reading books and they always described things like this and it's always what I wanted and the fact that I'm here Unreal, is what it is.
I can not be happier to be here with anyone else.
You have touched me in more ways than you can understand.
And I love you.
I really do.
I love you more.
- Oh, you're gonna make me - [Giannina laughs.]
- Pull yourself together! - I'm working on it.
You get me all emotional.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
That truffle sauce - Is that what that is? - You know what truffle is? I've heard of chocolate truffles.
You're sexy.
So it's looking pretty romantic in there.
I'm just telling you, it's been 435 days.
435 days since what? It's just been 435 days.
- [Damian.]
Are you talking about - Yeah! [Damian.]
So you're talking about 435 days without sex.
- Yeah.
- [Damian.]
And you've counted.
Day 325, I went to the beach so I can remember how it feels to have my ass smacked, right? - [Damian.]
By the waves? - Yeah, by the waves.
'Cause it's been a while.
As I told you before, like I will move at your pace.
The sex is not important.
But I do enjoy spending time with you and getting to know you more.
I want it to be right.
I don't want it to be forced just because we are engaged.
I just want to tear his clothes off.
I don't know.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Um But I'm just not hungry anymore.
- You're not hungry.
- [Giannina.]
- I'm not.
- What about dessert? I am dessert.
This is good.
This is good.
I hope this isn't hers.
[Giannina laughing.]
- Happy to be here with you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Me too.
- And you're pretty, too.
- You're pretty.
- You're pretty.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I am so excited for my first night with my fiancé.
Just to like, see him and touch him and smell him and just cuddle with him.
I do want to have sex with my fiancé, but, like, not today.
I think we should take things slow.
I love talking to Kenny.
So I feel like we'll, like, stay up and just talk to one another and probably just share some kisses and hold each other, 'cause that's something we obviously didn't get to do, up until recently.
Lounge on the the sofa? - Whoo! - Yeah? Yeah! Our emotional connection is great.
Our physical attraction is super strong.
So, yeah.
I feel the sex will be, actually, really good.
He's a really good kisser.
So, I think he has some talent elsewhere.
It's so good to see your face.
Like, to literally put like all the sounds with the expressions now.
- [Kenny.]
- I can put my arm around you.
- [Kenny.]
I can put my arm around you.
- Yeah.
- We can count shoulders.
- Nice.
You ever counted shoulders? - Counted shoulders? - Yeah, you do one, two, three - four.
- [laughs.]
I knew that I was going to accept whatever she looked like for exactly who she is.
And who I knew her to be in the pods.
Uh, but, yeah, I'm very much physically attracted to Kelly.
She's the most wonderful person that I've ever been around.
Her, you know, personality's infectious, her laugh's infectious.
Uh, everything about her.
Even holding her hand.
Can I jump on the bed? [purrs.]
- [Kenny.]
So you're already jumping on.
- [Kelly laughs.]
Shoes on and everything, huh? Expectations for Kelly and I's first night together is probably a lot of kissing, probably a lot of cuddling.
She's so pretty.
Thank you.
You're a pretty, girl.
I'm not asking for kisses.
I know, but you want them.
But I'm a-lookin' for them.
- Oh.
- [kisses.]
[both kissing.]
[Kelly moans.]
[Lauren chuckles.]
Being engaged is awesome, aside from the whole being terrified part.
But I'm definitely hoping that the physical part with Cameron matches up with our emotional connection.
This is so sexy this whole - Everything.
- shebang Mm.
- Rose petals - Mm-hmm.
Hot tub.
Me, you.
[both laughing.]
I can't think of anything else that we need.
This is it.
I would love for this to work out for Cameron and I because he's everything I've ever wanted in a husband and a father to my future children.
I've never felt like this with any man and I think that we would have a wonderful life together.
What more do we need? - [chuckling.]
- I know.
- It's hard not to be a creep.
- I know.
- It's really hard.
- It's hard, I'm trying.
- 'Cause now, it's like, finally - Right.
I mean, it's just, you know It's just two people in love.
That's what happens.
Yeah, of course I'm excited to be spending the night with Lauren.
You know, we've been talking through walls, and we really haven't had that, that time to, you know, be alone with each other.
We're definitely sizing each other up.
Yeah, I like what I see, to put it very lightly.
This vacation's going to be one to remember.
- Can I use your toothpaste? - [Lauren.]
Of course! What's mine is yours.
Now we share.
You know, your chest hair is not that bad.
- No? - I thought it was going to be worse.
You thought it was gonna be worse? What were you expecting? I just thought I was going to be like super, like I don't know, like bush.
[both laughing.]
I've never dated anyone that was white.
This is going to be, like, a new experience for me.
And my thoughts are that he looks good.
Cameron is very sexy.
He's very attractive.
He has a little swag, so I definitely want to jump his bones.
Why is my mind in the gutter? It's been way too long, y'all.
Good lord! I'm sorry, Mom and Dad.
I'm sorry.
I'm an adult.
I'm an adult.
Whee! [laughs.]
And good night.
[both laughing.]
This is so beautiful.
- [champagne bottle pops open.]
- [Diamond.]
Whoo! - Oh, shoot.
- [champagne spilling.]
Here you go.
I am super excited to be with my fiancé on this romantic getaway, And I'm so excited to make a beautiful life together.
Could you imagine being the strawberry dipper? [both chuckling.]
The things you say.
I just tend to say what comes to mind first.
That's beautiful.
I like that about you.
Hello, Mexican police? [laughs.]
- Come get this lady.
- Come get you! - She's crazy.
- Bye-bye.
They wouldn't touch me.
I had to pick the craziest person in the house.
You thought I was I'm not crazy.
Yeah, you're crazy.
I knew that from day one.
- Why? Because I spoke my mind? - Mm-hmm.
- That's normal, ain't it? - Mm-mm.
You better be happy you pretty.
- I get away with stuff because I'm pretty? - Mm-hmm.
I would have been punched it a long time ago.
- "Punched it"? - Punched it.
Like, "leave.
" Okay.
Watch your words here.
Come on.
Chill out.
Carlton is definitely a different energy than what we had in the pod.
I don't know if he's nervous or if he's uncomfortable with something.
You make daddy feel good.
That's why you have that hat on.
You're not slick.
Ooh! You're not slick.
- You want one that says "Mommy"? - [chuckles.]
When I am a mother, I would love to have one.
I'm gonna get you one that says, "Do not fucking touch.
" No, I would not wear that.
Well What about one that says, "Carlton's wife"? Okay, I'll do that.
- You would? - [Diamond.]
I would do that one, If I'm your wife.
"If"? [Diamond.]
I'm saying, we still gotta walk down that aisle.
Oh, we're walking down that aisle.
- Okay.
- Ain't no turning back - Ooh.
- What you gotta figure out? [Diamond.]
We gotta move in together.
What do you mean? [chuckles.]
I have a big secret to tell Diamond about my sexuality and I'm so nervous.
Every moment that I spend with her, it's in the back of my head.
If I don't roll it out the right way, it could just turn into a catastrophe where she just can't deal with it.
I'm gonna get you a pogo stick so you can hop out of your feelings right now.
You know what? You trying to start something.
All right, so I'm just gonna go to the pool.
No, there is no pool.
I think this conversation's gonna get It's over.
Before it gets too deep.
This is our first night together.
[Mark sighs.]
I'm excited.
What number is it? [Jessica.]
And I'm the happiest girl in the world.
This is us right here.
Ah! - Yay.
- [Mark.]
You ready? [Jessica.]
This is the first night outside of the pod and it's freaking me out that I'm engaged right now.
Did I really just do this? My parents don't know what's going on right now.
I don't have my phone so no one knows where I am.
No one knows I'm in Mexico.
It's [laughs.]
It's crazy and it's tripping me out.
I love hearing the waves crashing on the beach.
That's my favorite thing in the whole world.
- [Mark.]
I'm thankful.
- [Jessica.]
Me too.
I love you.
I've always been a very sexual and romantic and passionate person, but I have always been missing that emotional connection.
I believe that now that I've finally developed that emotional connection before that, I think that Jessica and I can really turn it into It's going to feel as though I'm a virgin.
Experiencing something for the first time with brand new eyes in a first experience and I'm excited for it.
Ah! This shirt.
- Love it, love it, love it.
- I'm gonna go shirtless.
- You're going shirtless? - [Mark.]
Yep, going shirtless.
The person I fell in love with was a voice.
And now here he is in the flesh.
This is him, and I'm struggling a little bit, so far, in just meshing the two people.
We're about to get extra friendly here.
All right.
I would say he's not the typical guy that I would go for.
My normal type is usually a bigger guy.
Um Just a bigger guy.
So in this experience, like, I really feel like people can kinda jump in very quickly, get into a sexual relationship and then things don't go well and it can be very, very painful.
So my preference is that we don't go there.
[dramatic instrumentals.]
My whole thing is I would never force you to do anything you don't want to do.
It's me and you.
We started this whole thing just, again, talking.
I want to get to know you more.
I want you to be you.
I don't want this to be something that it's not.
The whole reason we're here is because we took a leap of faith.
- And because of that leap of faith - Agreed.
I think, you know Whatever I think we both agree on, yeah, we make it work.
I'm not ready to just, you know jump on him or anything like that, but I'm kind of excited because I think part of this whole experiment is we've got an emotional bond, it's not someone I would typically go for based on looks, so let's see if we can build off that and see if that attraction can really grow and that we can be as deeply seeded together physically as we are emotionally.
[imitates wolf call.]
[inhales through teeth.]
I don't know.
You might have drank all my champagne.
It's okay.
Just bring the bottle.
This is our first night alone together and there is a little bit of awkwardness because you know this person but physically, their body, their appearance Seeing them is totally new to you.
But, that connection, that fire is just as strong- as it ever was through a wall.
My fiancé is fine.
Oh! I'm gonna have such pretty babies, y'all.
You're just going to drink out of the bottle? - It's what I do.
- [laughs.]
Like a champ.
- That's my fiancé.
- Yep.
I definitely feel like Amber's the right girl for me.
And I feel like our physical relationship is increasing our emotional connection.
So, if things happen, they happen, and I'm not expecting anything, but we'll see.
- Pretty ring, who got it for you? - I don't know, some guy.
Some weirdo proposed to me through a wall.
I guess I said yes.
Man, I'm wearing an engagement ring, too, - and it's a man version.
- Oh! [Barnett.]
If it gets warm, I'm sorry.
Don't you dare! [laughs.]
You're nasty! [laughs.]
I know you.
I can tell when something's upsetting you and I'm like, is everything okay? It's just that feeling, that energy, I have with you.
I've never seen this side of Carlton and it really hurts me.
I'm so confused, I don't understand, it's just so many feelings are running through me that I don't even know where to start.
You okay? - What's on your mind? - A lot.
[nervous chuckle.]
With you, I feel like I can be myself completely and I feel like you know when something is off.
Like, you can sense it.
Like, I really love you, but it's like certain things are, like, always in the back of my head.
Certain things like what? [sighs.]
Like the past.
I feel like there was no possible way you could Like, a woman like you as perfect as you are, as beautiful as you are Aww Hey.
What's wrong? It's just stuff that we have to just discuss because [sniffs.]
I feel like I've always been in situations where people have abandoned me and have, like, rejected me.
[exhales deeply.]
First off, you don't have nothing to worry about.
- Yeah, I do.
- No, you don't.
I do.
I have a lot to worry about.
- You have no idea.
You have no idea.
- In regards of me.
You could leave me at any moment, because I haven't fully opened up.
What What is it that you want to open up to me about? I don't feel like you're going to want me after this information.
What information? In the past I have dated both genders.
[dramatic instrumentals.]
[heartbeat thumping.]
What do you mean? Like male and female? Male and female, yeah.
[heartbeat thumping.]
It's a lot to accept.
I get it.
It's okay.
Like, I have my fears.
I have I have gone through the thought of Fuck, you met the love of your fucking life and now My question is, how do you know I'm the love of your life? Do you ever feel like you need to go date - No.
- another man? No.
That is the biggest misconception in the world.
The biggest misconception in the world for men like me, who are honest, I love people for who they are at the core.
This has nothing to do with it.
This has nothing to do with it.
Like, that has never been the motivating force in my life.
It's a lot to accept.
Like, I'm looking at you right now and - I'm listening.
- I feel like your eyes are so blank.
- It's a lot to take in.
- I know.
I know.
Fuck! [grunts loudly.]
- ["Zero Gravity" playing.]
- [sobbing.]
You slowly vanish I cannot feel you [Carlton sobbing.]
Didn't you know? [sniffling.]
We were literally four weeks away from our wedding.
Like, I love Carlton, but I was not prepared for that.
I may leave this earth alone, but I will leave this earth saying I was fucking honest.
I didn't fucking deceive nobody and I did one of the hardest fucking things that was ever done.
I'm not a hider.
What am I hiding for? Why can I not be myself? You can be yourself.
You can be yourself.
I just I just need time to think about this.
It's I mean, you just threw a curveball.
I know.
I'm going to - Go, just go.
- See you later.
'Cause you are the tin man I cannot hear you Where did you go? You, you slowly vanish I cannot feel you Didn't you know?
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